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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Mar 22 1884, Page 2

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - March 22, 1884, Bakersfield, California A of Tho Jim Pott of army of by of urn did it to far for la painful Towt of the Moit o Ofir it to of t to grimly no i Onger Tomber of Tami to a of use Jii Noimi of Ilio Tom been it a Safyer by Mil her nth Bawd on that Boll to mrra Tato Blun men by Wyllo be a politic m fete for Luw pm pad it at to of Hli Folt or at it it their not four Tomci to hmm of floor in twice in a Mobly and Tiro Urmi to the i Ltd Alwayn with Cruz let to hero ill of Hia Serouil a Mobly Aminti lately adoption of Tho now mad the of tint Lyates of orbit Ohio it wifi Iuler Falt Laiful if no Loyal my Ruhr Laboured to perfect to put it into to Tho Conno of and Tho for it gt4h Thiol too to pm w Prinus and in to your Hanood litre in Tho and from or Tell to Eppolit unsent of get roof inter Hev cime for Tho Dut lot of it motion Ltd of Tho club lot i club Lublin now f rut bin Lilling of in tha in the lower of Thi legit and win to req Neit of those who support Oil Tho in while chairman of hid Irto ii wrote Able Reposh on Vrioni on Tho Tinoi pow of i of of Tab a its in Timit know tto it a not tha it Dow of pop mar Girt Entee film owe Joffo Zajf in hers they were invented by fit Jutt styled Call twill by to bpm at infinite for Haroom of making the people great and have to the of improve any no Oral aed Odoca to Tojal and general Como Abonit Bro orb the of thews nod Good men who arc worthy of All Honor and should placed above the Are m kind and that by can be left to to do in they circumstances the Public Ronld with nothing Bat fair and font Road treatment at their they Ronld to promote and Cher bin Tine Inte Reato of to and Kulil Puu their in Norn mittens toll and mental Torturo Lothert and while they have Are willing to continue to do full Iho Rondii belong wholly to them and they Are entitled to All Tho thu no turn of of thut they uru capable of in flow of thimm Trutt no form of vituperation too Strong to apply to who would Embi Rasm these Good and Wise Public and private pc by of to re Truin them in the execution of their Bedig tint who would to so Are conium and Only in he uber 1 Eiger Batons will be of i pm Tolu to girded gum of my t of up Toa will be height Art of Cigar Reuters to Tea at the meeting which on Jibae of the Coo Dilou of the the Bojeri of san won referred tar id appropriate and feeling Tafee Albin bite crowded them oat of to Etc Tufeg and All Tobii a Veunes of they nay the parents of White children in on midst have retrained from Tom Abi Tilrey in such can but their in nral parental the Uinn ners and Morala of their and their repugnance to Iii positions of Laius clarity with Huinh the vices and of the of to the Allie Gila two lift Friend of the great great to Flat Advance Canle from the Prince who sad would to photo invited minister to hem in their High handed iwo lift Coo Rae to detrimental both to own and of the in Lap port of Titi it brought Fermi try Tunny in connection with the Hajj Fly favourable Noti Given him by Tom Kate Ordunio in refer aug to Hia East upon him no Little and he waa heartily in who come among Wile oar for prudent jul Jive been kept aloof from term Lea and pm with to a bib they uru by Auto to other Iii pit of have Iberi Multan Thoy Havo been Purl Twedt to grow up in largely Reorg site our Hoot 11 Mil nil uru Anfor Tuu utly ainu flu butt which wan Antral Ltd to state in hoi wrote the petition to president artaur on in 1881 which admitted to Tho Tenud it nil a approved Akizil by that it wan Daft Llor leading nil bodied ally Tho View of thu Tot Kan on thin suffice it to that it la a Docu Nuvil which Iio Barng added to or Yukou to inn Public both pm j the Pool la Many Impo runt am of to beat a in the in a Gustivo career How on the right and to Havo olten watched bit curio vol la in treat m he battled for Kojuro Agal nit which every and corrupt numb it attn not in too deeply hint in net now in do Benato w it ool Enloe of judge in to important robbery Wom of it in upon in the Ary nuut nil he Rui Ruad Illint rating them with auctions Nuil unfounded that nil its tend with Nii Glod astonish Milit and Dis gel at their ubi Brlity Ami that n Man liven so lost to All Morvil noime us to give them it door nut apply High Peculiar treatment Only in Railroad Tho Mimo a Antiky matter Iaukea up other Thoy co nut usually of Nitro user Tiomi Strung Ruito it Likely to be without i of truth with and Dellit aloof Ihirg Montor Login to pors liitle nud convince the prob ably Hoy have never Yot changed in or inclined a Render to regard with inv or a thing it Iwuh to far from it they and intensify confirm thu opinions com in Croidhe opposition and multiply thay Giro Treiul for their Occam Loimil ponchos of Huu Lieb of Aud a certain Felicity of for Intro not for if this i a any in our nud what buy ure doing in Tho Wity of Mak ing Root for White labor find lilting und girls to eur their living Bon Giitl will Urgo upon other employers of Aud it in to to hoped Flint they Jive a will inc Riino in scope mud sprung to until the youth of the Santo Aro n useful employments and thoroughly any in Odil for tint tiny Thoy Waukon any Iii to they Melv Souto mid Strang thu Aud Moru la rely Whitto Vor they Tho truth of what we have imperfectly a proud will not be disputed by any o thu Ary Jimut in this null very few incl being Tho Anoni Lotu Punturo of to Infin Zivco by this to bold that it b to at this Timo it prop tit to Yivon Munro to bit at Tention to the we careful Nad audio into action on Tho part of indicated in Tho Kiv Eihorn proclus Nitsou Corr ii out to Iho Thoy will prove of Vaul Benefit to both nud the pc Iti it will smooth Nway the and difficulties of to the oar it id court Linn when Oiler did that and Hii Talfy Render Content thu other on Tubero u not a Man in Tho of the Standard of who de sires cinching or punitive Tufto in no design to for past mis Yvedt Init things cannot go us they Havo done Natch and Security Nuutt to bit for the there is to Boli Evo that the railroads Nee work on the Denver and Bio Orondo Railroad commenced at the buy of san Francisco on the 19tu the Eastern nud Western ends of this Rood Are to be brought together he soon a possible completing another Mil by the two is Wallace is at or three mans meetings of the demo my of the Dietrict and by Railroad corp Uii Osconer who Roachel for the fair nets of his views on the Railroad and nil other stating that he Bud no ways cons noted him on All doubtful Points in relation to the duties of Bis office and the Conne proper to it in probable from the facts Aud arguments adduced of both sides that judge Wallace u qualified to net with judicial sprigs Tautui on nil Public do ing without fear or favor exactly what the Paulic Good he is a Man of mature wide ample information of every subject use Ful to u Public Aud a Learned Aud Able wilful he has an Noble in imbed Repa Tiou Aud very big Hes t Are now Tordahl web notice to Woyetz lived the practical ener Getic Man would be More highly App re than All the polished Diplo Nutten who have to nor Vaili of ill Terefe Meh in common tween and a Little Zuur Coors is Likely to Lead to warm personal Friend in the lapse of n few months Sargent May be influential it Berlin fur snub a in in to us Cut u thu legislature is it con it confers no Honor upon he could have been influenced to accept As bin friends Al Oaly by the desire of doing Bis duty As n citizen by serving the state in the can thin should be hailed with Satuuu Cioa rather than the importance c Bav us our Laws fru mud by men of Krowl Edge nud is too obvious for of of the people of Al Dorado and Alpine Ata enily districts have filled their vacancies in the lower House of the legislature with in to not is in pm Tow Al ext of in Acton Lioe with the Mew or Tablet to a worn mint i nil property owned or held in to a Tomii to Reft Tsitlik to neg i Cohig Muff Mich suit mint to the full primly of Titi lie Hundred Lolus Hue mid to nitty of a All twi Tiik Venuto Umi has Bere torture of n in tie or tiny name on i lie ral it or who have Kuroli Timil Raul to into Ali Len Ihil ast year ate n que Miil to Timve the Muer ont Nutis for Tiu Luin Ciliate Nile Nilon is work on us i in Hull Linn iter Rdv Briti Lilun Kumiyo in Tibia ipod at thu asses is r poll county Rimp Lenl to three d Illus is now duo mid mar Ablat Nin affire or to m Noii Evtif Iaeli nil very a Lull Tow and new the pre nuut Groat Dudacy of such a for Zuibi Tobii with tie idea India that or orc of a Bone fide Tho Fresno of the gives its views of the project of to Leo in Elway company of an follows in our Issue of yesterday we put blushed n letter from one of the Dirc Torh of the projected poodles Ruil which Garo Many Points interest Rul Tivo to Tiit Wulw it Turat to looked upon to project Gaspin Cru now convict a Tiit do and thut a year it will be Complete 1 at least its fur us this if not to thu Southern of the Tulloy the Stock in being rapidly and so fair is to proposition rebut Leo to sub Sci Kern for Stock Tiit toy can to to advantage Tiskon of the Tho line on a bib Tho Road is to be built bus been a hauled Koniuk what from its original Congiu in consequence of n in Muir of Wralty Mun in the upper it Btl of thu full by Tukina heavy iut rent in lie eur Tho line will Liow Ott oud Down to Tulloy of the East Side of the control Iaci Flo us fur us putts Iii thru Gli Tho Moat to Binkly settled part of nil Sau Hus already been sub Haribed for by Citi zen k of county to build and tin Road through people own ing Lii Uil along thu line of Tho Road should did and further Tiu us tar if they do not care to Stock might do us a Tauy Are now propos ing to Viz Grade a Cert Iii amount of mid donate it to the its they will to greatly by a Coupe Timir Lino of Railroad Iown the san Joi Toniu Valley would do to re Luce thu cast of transportation than Al the uni Unmil that Ivor i to Hope that the 1resao county people will give the abject of Tho a Tiu Stu Ilwitz careful Pelt of the w been potion Lurly o lit jul doubt Fzli w no of it of Acler Aro of rigorous Imd at Ilia writing of Brno four of Ilia we Taack 8tm in Matott for the Voth Tuott be Dishun Ciatti Halil Lottor oot Miof t do not the extra Tho find Joie Mercury speaking of to extra says what Willbo the limit of Tho Timo and expense of Tho extra session of Tai legislature to Couvee on tliu24lh is a question that deeply concerns Tai taxpayers of this As to extra session is not limited to sixty clays in of us provided for the session tray u Teni Lud to Tiit and Waltl Welcome Tho hit meeting of the next Fri Ulrith Joti Dilious action on the part Elf lne of both do 110 of Iho legislature the people a Oil Usu to ubi udon thu uror Timte Are re Torud to their for nor policy hitherto the journal therefore there will be delay coarse and us the two Speake lit Rue o tha and Lieut unit nov error the office under u right condition Public Bonti Lieut it is thu the narrow debris of Thul Tipre Vuis thu flush who usually a Piru to Lioti urn thut should stir up from Putli no Good can be even if proud to Lutill thu Ltd Glt a Minlu bet uru Lection Tyty Are but Blu to Faiuu Lawn o thu Aluir u thin Lead to Etui lit Igntius mud ill Tho Public i id with too Nuch of their work is Vin Blu in to new there were men of honesty und judicial furn eat in the con but not enough to prevent it Rory doing Many foolish and it suru their i tit of Railroad Legi Elution not to enact snug Laws us will compel hem to dwt fairly mud justly with thu mud give them thu benefits to which they Are to titled from the Yuri Una great Clisch Overie mud Uve ution of Noil Orn times that Mako up but will Embt trass and pit Uiha them or Tho Mist knit Iid policy they have tin Wialy such u Man air i Illance would in a cry diff Reut ii Mead of aggravating the evil from which we lie Farmers should look to their in in buying agricultural machinery to Tiik the Fol limiting null known implement ii will n cuu Nizni the b in the All of them Impink in n two Nln 1he highest honors in every comp Ettive ctn Fht with other machinery Adriance Buckeye so reapers Are thai and most tie be Odoni of Iho the Schuttler Wagon the in the tailor Siauss isei Lre in Luimit Dwulit tie bed Utike the Hodges header in he Lien mid Sialei in thu is Lionly Nul the Gold medal separator and any of non no liar tires mrm but Mill do morn Wirk in u Tinius than of Tush Tiiu Zouell also sole agents Fob Glidden Brinkerhoff Patent tin1 Finnard la sri wire Ufilio country Colub Iurii Piluru Billyj hint cd the Ilowe Mai Donni Tilmand Siniuk Oculi in hib Siil for hardware san we Ltd find i Way to remove Llie i award to the people to rights Justice to which they Are and and we Tuut min of Imperi Vitue and Charu ctr for tie Ohhi ability that a tick men will commit Gruic j do or prove in too Remote fur prepared for destructive in Ali unsafe who Ita Are calculated to stir up Tho worst passions and Donnea to order of Ihu 24th it is pleasant and then tote plus Der will an eight dolls org u mud Ugto Tii Milroad but it in More of Jimilla the contrary to every our t so Rona dimming Aud a Proal in Rimona a Nevor read one of in Rorsi Rohd articles without to Ronga this part of the Btu to the Meilves to oar burning uhf Fulcd with Mere Uter Tiona Aud Numa ported alleged by u Hiu Amer be Tauten into popular acceptance and Bat they Oak work stronger i Utu in n direction thu roue a than a majority of to of either House can earn fat to Unity naturally expect juju in to hurry to Long us there in n Dol Lar in Tia la n Amplo of thu of the Beautiful Weiho Crecy the people have placed in the following a from in article in the Sacramento see on Tho necessity of the preservation of our Corosu us n Security against Dou Totive to Loon and Droutas along the Bou Watera of the Sacra Feather and Yum River it Tho Morin twins Havo Bucu denuded of their ouse grand Foredt of Leav ing a waste of Bare und rotting Stumph to Tell the Story of destruction Tui waste that Haa been going of without interrupt there suit has been to remove the erected by nature to protect to valleys from Midden Tho Grout Snow by Tush thut were formerly held in Cheuk by forests of Timber Are now in it unprotected from the warm Spring mud Are precipitated upon the Viil Leyria in the Rhnee of budded Anil Huvers but for the Kleist auction of the forests of the Sierra the melting of thu Winters Cle posit of Snow would a More gradual jul not Only would the Spring Freabe dangerous and but the water Sipply of the Rivera would be prolonged farther into thu Bummer am to the material Benefit of what bilk been Dune jul this direction Carnot of course be but the hit action Oak be Prevet Teil from Boom aug Luied of shall be allowed to go no for the evil will in the Coutino of time Pluy Wuh Ofinn Oreata coming u pro p Latu Milicer Uto Oda and if my Tell t Neveu vie of t Tion May live to Wunce to full in took of Pilto of u is a due Geruus no in or Stuky meth ods in pc the Rui Roada within the sphere of than Eit liar Oiron de or a Cannon with Torop Recd with at Hani one of the defer Woof new to throw a Shell Tom explain of no cause for it in probable that for the to Alofoe of the year Gold will be exported from this country to in this taste in no Tiu for alarm a the Aiu out but will he exported will Rod action Voluen it to Obieto aimed Mil will Ottly destroy it whatever it to it a it prove the or to i hitherto formidable Waw at to Bare is now More no tint can Welt of outflow of Gold Are of a temporary they Are first it Twity and the lain it cub Matudi acid second the and o twin by Roll on account of be Ohio which most Back May of mid to Date thu Woald ivc gone Forward for mint Tea full in the inor Tage of our o pork and on Aco Woidt of tin and German Decresie it Vauder Bili a now Waitl be Worth o inn tonnes and ten re Uto Rod to something i like thu former especially now that twin evil of Hydraulic and the thievery and corruption attendant upon it vegetable sicilian hair the beat is the safety i Economy it certainty of Good results i these qualities Aro of prime importance in the selection of a preparation for the of not Experiment with new remedies which May do harm rather than but profit by the experience of buy and use with perfect con Lonco an article Winch everybody knows to be Halls Lum rom web will not disappoint inc Pailien by Hall sold by All not in Hill no county at Tulare Jacob this new building is cons Buot my on me Mim Puim for Lien la mid it i in nil the ii Stern Cou Vun in Aluir Iii Chi improve he it ban for one Tow t tile is supplied wild the Best that can i take great pleasure to inform Tho people of Kern county that i have had several plications from parties in san fran Cisco to Purchase my mercantile but i filed to make Sale on account of having too much Stock on in order to arrive 0 at that end i will continue to sell my goods at a great another reason Why i want to quit business is that i desire to in Vest in other property Here and plot to have enough to attend to without the i have been with you thirteen years in continuous confinement and i think it is now time to have a Little More too to obtain id in the Best Cooks and Ortii for Pel soils from Ilia Southern Pirt of the Viking Tii Luiu this is the n kudu it is thu Point therefore i wish to in nun Winch nil and cute to m puns of by we of it May by nil Mike Conrin Lainily thu Puro Ngu is will nud Trio Cli Aryis Resso Imblum Jacob Coop is sleep do Jln powder the Milieu pit and Roost eff chive cure for Ever used cold avoiding expenses of Cost of dipping about one cent per prio3 per for circular Suud apply to Beale whole Aalo san ruur222m press on the minds of my customers and friends that i am compelled to sell my goods at a every piece of goods is marked Down in Plain prices will give me a Call and exercise your p4ul land i Manli having Ueen entered it Iwuh Cross Ugi inst Kiihn for Lilure u cum ply with 1 w riibii0ulinre entry Xvi Mlinor upon Trio Onwu of i no Union Man slip 31 Miiko 2u in Kern j with u vow in tie of ii in nah Giyik unit said John Ai Tilliy wish no Var Chilli valid tie unit pities ant j Baiev to Popai it this a Loo in llu28tli of it 11 Oclock 10 squid and furnish t ctn Ion kind till Ikuto mii22td Mir Chlof j i land Murli i a complaint having keen entered Jacobon m and Genevial commission 10 Davis near san personal attention Given to nil 8alw and lib eral advances Martn tin nil at Low of mai228m w at thin null in by i my against i Joseph f to comply with of 111 entry in upon die next of 31 Rui Ige 28 in Kern with h Viust to Tux Cunell Niini Tif bid Mij us Lfting Llma did Joi Epli Hisil Xiii Iwuh never Yulii Val til or Jan Iii re Snir Tim suit parties Ashen Liy Hiim Munnt m Dpi Var it this Ntboe on hid 28uiluyof it 10 to up Pond inn Iii Nib Titi irony a nine said Lulu Ltd mii2a id grand Ball to to Given by at the town Hall great air Uuro destroyed ban been in n in to City of new York Iuo very a Law has Bucini made conferring the Power of appointment of the Duyor without con Currence or on the part of the Board of aldermen a Little Souaid Ernt Lou will show How Diao Strong thin roust prove to Ward and All the Penti Fetoai Clown Eoanu acted with easter april tickets the of governor by Tilford died in of use mob of typhoid a disease to Whf a Strong Are to eject in the old cities of he Sacramento in and about fifteen years of Moody of flt j868j j v210 san a step Aud All Osbur of to beep for Cash and tones Node on notice of the Cizin to Lumert at land 1 Murib a complaint having been in tested j at High Lenni tid und Klub Tiu limit Emu Mph for failure to com by with Luw he to twin la Ron ure entry 391 Oito brr upon of haution Tiwi Phliip 81 20 in Kern with a View to the cancel a Jiuu of a civil Nitro Conui umut alleging that Iteld Jumei Cinilia Bug never Oul Tiv Teil r plan Teil mild the until Prili a Are hereby to him oar at Liln office n the 28tli any of at in Oclock to respond to and fur lob testimony Mcnno ring Anid d Christy agents Fob established since Corner fifth and town Ono san Post office Addrisi care Box entry if your to this old and experienced House if you want it Well Liberal advances made at Low Bates of interest on All in band and to come for a full Supply of shearing Wool shears and constantly on Alno agents for rollers celebrated Abarim a Hneidy cure for which la specially Glycerine Harht Dan Sulphur Antral in ii Lihn liitle and Leaf whole Isle a Vail dealer in fruit Ever Peen grass and Sloyer All of new and offered in iou to unit por a flue Atnori ment of sheep men attention shearing will commence at to old spa Grue of orals Between baker8field and a Deneb on or about March the and dipping entirely be very Best shearers will be and we will Endeavor to give entire Otto Fotioo to All War hts ext boat 07 Foj Loeb Oboh Ebeb Abedoy Al Abr in Liao novem Nunt Ondrei to Rougny he so a or thib the debt and billable for dvi8en w ban f Garden and Green House aug Mido Botie and so till in Mexico and life Al among the by Frederick and the or gut pop nine work of a air Liik of Putin of to Krutiy from to Bio Ornite 16 sub Large Cuvo Sidoine of Nunry 700 App to seed 817 Wshington Street Han jadl28m free we will via by null a Annaple of hew the Only child of of tit Toto i Oli Romi ii ii und jail ii a round of w for w r Una i t j v on april Beautiful of receipt or ten to Tow with and it need Lei to say fix of incr pay for i Utlaw annul my they doted upon they we on to boil a f to with Stefl Allik to Temide ringing on i Jun Subu removed w of tart for Home Toiro of for
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