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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Mar 22 1884, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - March 22, 1884, Bakersfield, California Kern Masch am on Tow a Biog of great Day Road Fraro sym totem pm Rio ism full of woman and an elevated railway Deal at Homo about of Tea system of Raf War Bat it has pm Esh Bonpart Nunt opens independently of m a mexican to Tamte Brigham Ward in Pioneer of these ancient cities Hare Only one Campo veritable oops acre in Point of the of several Hundred fears Hare been disposed that of Aldrin were in the Bright woman win Tymir and talk june and no a train loaded and onto the Swetof the Quick i have looked indians Repta teat with Faowne ded very there is nothing what Down into Many freshly dug and All and a balt of Umuiwi Clouds of the annoying delay that Wuu Are in Lar mint Al Tho same sides a from Ivl tha mount air shows getting in and out at it All done perfect Sandwich of layers upon layers of i metes of now a Brilliant and without As for crumbling and bin of coffins which the non Tyro novel troop stretched you do not give them up until you Spade had cat looking like huge tace thaw arriving do bother of of Chetek Eulad or old fashioned nor i entered a Little Church an owing a Beik to cake doubtful near the Bat torte of Are not called can to f toll my hero As to the gathering and Mem Bontag said by a priest from001 but they Era very plainly new retd in a together of Bones on the resurrection porn at ten left of to doorway so Xii different at each and the but these Good catholics do not be fact Coald am Bidna Italy painted Lodolo can always be called to from the Liere in they drink the body is of no he Ofaf a drown and at Hie Tel t stood tie gut nos Are Umoru Vannu after the soul Baa been safely armed with gnat and looking and look very but the Pori rated through Ami no of solemn in Worroll Tom station Nam Are More elegant twi cry attaches to the Clay Cali let after throng covered for which is but a Vitae Swai is when the time has sex Dusty floors and a few the War an an Tuiet our baggage was taken i i Rod for which Tuo Gravo was the certain la fat upon oddly dressed of at the station by an elegant tomake Here a with her Tately wearing a stove plop for a now if the time has been at her ipod her and a suit of dark Blue made up in the ions enough and the Lime there is lit an Gray headed eyed Long Coa it in null like a Tav Orme left to shovel out but the three months and keeled Bride his battered a went to a a Lieuw the vast majority in which to de and near erect and dig but they All do consent my insufficient in obstinate and while a Blanket with Tho suggestive Home excellent Hawthorne i Are sometimes not Yot quite on fell remarked that in think tally from a pair of naked at link Over he experience in England Lay in tha Tho ringing of a toll the indians at too door fact that he haunt offered thu High Chancel Way teat their and their while Ine Eime was by mod and loudly you Perez filled curb 8 ill pau8 thy Crau the i Tuku in los i i a at tha end of the Proust an 1 a walked to their at the Ami tha boat opt n to be Oil ural with in the Cen tre Pliura a tall Polo Hail been at top Werft on Ono of which Hung Bare of and skulls with capillary ado run still clinging to in walking through Tho Campo Montos Ono comes upon at every railway sections of Tho to Stop there b a a Bloof shrouds and broken coffins at every left room for 4 menu a step boy take Core of your i but this is by no Means the worst of it in every has a capital Jthn rear of graveyard is a smaller in in i mrytis not Morely Liko it which one with weak nerves had Bot and plenty of it Ter not Tho drat is enough to tie a Kington Naihe booms Al barges Par Day from 5010 83 in connection with the hotel we Bato elegantly tub nihed Roou in Brick firs class liquor d cigars Robt Sentif on band it tha polite and oblige cd in Bach if Krant station has its Tho strongest Man forego dinner Kerry restaurant in a rum shop there is but u All manner of things la you and generally i did of while fran certainly on Roa in the Over the Bones with Ilia umbrella a Llew Nhep was drunk surpass any Ijo Lundn White Bukuli for a in bottle to All Day until death by Buffoon think we know in picket i rhe a ups Are carded to this enamel House or o knife at hit a than but Are up sad out on Tho incl Lort until Tea annual cremation Calm owl with the Otlmor to Ono of for containing Comus Thoy Are burned and in the blazing Slit Rry or port and go left for Tho win is Ixo Wal Chat the tha Tux thu air to car offering these for there Pabrial Shatat Noho will on Tomt Onn of old worm of und nothing Dodo on the and Al Trio trying to Ful till his contract in a a jtd8 country in thu flow presided Over by a neat and tuly who ool Goicoa must have been an to this were Onmi is Blini of nil Olhorn null the strongest la Quot with Tiu my lest Platco every Stop reveals a now i Tel and Billel Rulo of apparently no hero Are scores of Well preserved still Clad Mil tinier ashamed to Oil do it j Hal full of Tho which failed to Complete moved excl Lilly about no secret of it in it with grave Clotho in which Donly a 1 k in King to much of it is done Liat they soil a wind of indians by to liquor which Cave ii Wir to infants and children without morphine or what Given our children Rosy what cures their makes them sleep tin Licone and out of a Wboro the Ofiu Clui of Tribo were our sex Pence is inn Iii great attention in to thu Rall nil i Liikane All inn oct for a Cov irm to Tho Way at for and in of half Tho Tirzu of our known Rotor from i jul to font Ihli innit luny Tho Vuitton Cost Toiv fuallut4 in Bli hair and Arr Fud Tho route a Grado in Branhof Kava Many Imd Hie i scarcely Ever Frau when it to Gato Tho xxx Lii Bavo their Gay i scarcely fado ill Chat Herod All about tiny boo leather enough in half decayed boots and slipping to Start a shoo women Combs und Othur paraphernalia Skull of nil und piles of Bones in Tho Corners of Tho Walls higher than a nuns hero is a Skull Ima Tod with Gray hair another with a Long i Black Tress which doubtless Loving when babies and cry by what cures their kills their but what Quick Lar cures sour indigestion but Farewell Tho to morph no Castor Oil and Anil Hull pm Tori have facilities Fob pub Ibe people of Kern county with Ibe Fine set v dry fancy goods Centaur Solute Core for Ruen Matin and an instantaneous and bodies Styk Over with fun Buis and kept of copt when to Ilici Ono wants to hands caressed in other Days and another bad Buuts us Tillow or Gronic Rossillio its Normal condition h to pm smaller shilling like or worn Dpi Al n in trip or tunnels and Bridges Are evidently that of a sometimes Tho or All a Devil Jover in Many places ivies no is enough t give the and All Weru Hodows in their land other Allm big vines and at Many in any of liar atmosphere and we it Lons Tho cultivation of Llosent stimulated by i americans retire from Tho lorm in Tho hanging Ian Uelva in two per Allyl pril8cs offered by Trio Lias do termination not u Dio in whatever boy Ugan and Tini sign to a Art crossing Tho at we nov stations is not and tracks through the country in a Mico Nehk and that Sla Thow Arnold is an enormous egotist perhaps Nettls no special but an incident which occurred at Cambridge j on thu occasion of Arnolds Reading Tow to is Worth As illustrating his chanic sort of waving to liver Hran Rhos All thu Willii Anil Kooping a sort of time to Tho with Ali or look from the car window half a Day and after Nfn my nuts of Ono tn5 to tick except an Occa Lar positions were taken for Tho the whistle scarcely Ami for nearly two hoi Ifa Urach of blows except at the Giard sweating Indrani flow Over Trio is ready by blow track Batwin Long of Oage Mocta Jinx who Solo which to carries in i think know we leu i i win Uja and am Suro nobody to Alicw wan plenty of a Goole tiny to and of for that new York at the Eirl of the the con conto hero a sum inspector j Tandi Wirf parties rut and formed another ions j of Castle to a journal to plug lab their chant As Boorn and Tho reporter Otio Man uniting n big boy Elchler hold up a Lettla German boy Orer of the in fran of the this is Tho offers boots and hats and Caps miss naturally into Stoj in Tho Nian who is soon to Leo Turo Suimin lir a Camo Down from Concord to hear and after to conclusion of that the Story Thomas Wentworth u mild to Arnouil that was and suggested a Misi Kinerson is of Tho slip and speeches very furnishing goods at living be of Kern Conn to examine my line of boots and and my Roano Nohle prices in outs Furnin profess Sio a Toben Balran Itlay Law Jonnel of Harding bakes Fields Milton Hall my is 1 with the Bart fhe tax let special contracts mide with time Del Ltd h is Wott ban 0am James now Undell no st in Tho Plon and Homo for their was a snobbish air i understood that to do fairly Wii Ixl with oiled Ocraman and he wife who Comno about sral to Innet Mouw Ulm their years a Friend of mine is Ropo a news Little nephews and nieces so Indian j told Thorn to Fantl to and i would Sal them inn English Frioud assures me Sav in a Imir ten in Jijin no jut 4 right when they hour told uti clo Liatys Sulci a swell but Hal Down ii Llano Hail left Little children behind Jit a fwd by nearer Tim i Pliay would nah Lynx into us Thoy Wera their and wanted to say to has terribly disturb Dafter hide ugly big i Quillun Lun Koltnow if i would look out for them on thar inc Phi hospitality if to is to i it in not i their us thins to know those of i i a year a Little follow Moat Diauto of Tow Solai a Crow followed in s Yean old up to he standing of those whom to cow Judi to know Kew Liliy and for two to Luis and mild his Parenta had him he is u in bringing he interlocutor up with n Jerk to i exactly what do wore fun now a look out for fruit Nell for win Rodstol now a Ohlow a Remaro your brother st i mull it Ami Thimi father could not afford to tend for moan by that Taroj pre Cisily Liovvi u that Hui Imit Ashti so we will Como by in if Tood in an Uricar Aud Olur in the Jiuu Wigan to Sint in mind tip years and a half ofter thu arrival of for my own in emits whole family were i shall always to a to myself with bows and and it seemed strange to to to Seo Ruso Luttjo that win n lie Imd what i Meudt new Camo the cd Wing and a Gnu ii of talons going alone w Cintli singly to meet try a Lively 1 Nso i Hunting Olivir the father u now mayor of Ono tiie american or uie run Wuy a Ami a Nolti of our Ivenus Elko some with the average ago of Tho Nittlo ones h to atop Ami ail Guiou to creep who limn Alonco Nuil crawl Lua Flottm tall Mir tie about t although to Honvo i quite h number coming Here alone who Are the j Between and but Robin bin the cont ii of to the Load ing Bonce of the table it supplied with ill Tao delicacies of the Tea and compares with the High priced houses of Tho a Bab is connected with the whore can be obtained the choicest liquors and Pine and Oon Vinlent rooms Sobule Metli 85 cents Beard per any Board mid lodging per superin i tuft Piil nral ii Wigint in tid at 408 Mason to Ihk pit in ii will the Sims fac Allf until Iligir College lately destroyed by 11 Roll i cover in and if t wan suit it Curt i Tomt 1 did not Call him a us anted there Ani to Iii and to think what his Book on Lik to is making copious notes and partly for this reason wis buil to Acturo in Sou Iwin Tho it at after Many from of the erring to to boy he Hrut draw Tho Moat Concession Bis managers would consent the men Furino a Nurmi i to no Euvon the Tho youngest i Avo Ever Ito Wax an in ill Al on which Bung the if 1 do not greatly underestimate the extent took not after having a War Hoyt it would be better for the children to come of Arnolds Lio will und that the Tho Ami began to shoot their for Tatj Sua captains Are ten majority of Puoplo Naver he urn either of him at not getting it in this def Whan Thoy und children on roof Thoy Nwodo u Cut the Polo Ami Board Thoy Toko them to their own Cabins the i it ail at our Aud them Tho Best to eat and i air Nixt flu Nakel and girl Camo from and Joequin pillars climbing slowly toward us now Doad aha had Ono of photo Liolio Ulutoa which Sho it a a picture by Evans of a 10 by 15foot in a Fow own Gnu bad reached used to play on Board for the Amuil nut of i Canvas of Custer iut of it bad club cowl the bag of fruit a the happen us to to a lot any Man who chooses to Toko a Battle about greeting Hia and the climber opera singers on Board and the child amused Lou Tuett to i Crofean and loudly Tang of them so much that they gave a in Cert Tor after saluting us people her Benefit the night before tiny arrived below for a be out Down to and Tho Little girl found herself Tho we Loti fell wit i a Udud lowered the Happy possessor of fruit a Aud then Cao Wdowski a lev Tho whom Tho inspector had gathering up to Ami to been holding by the hand Duruk thu coi merry Bunmi formed a Aud Loquay now began to cry for bit dinner and went Kin plug awl dancing out of bring be kind Earod Ornu started for a Tea ing to a us strange Fatle Izui of the Tau rant or aught Kun a wow Stampede for Tufi the old again trek with As i away Tho Faiia Daylight Only i said an editorial caning paid in no Bay and evening Autt cd Litta nil Mylo for by Mattson Chester a Cero for his Subj Xit ctn do 1 know it a thrilling and Ono that stir the this Battle work but Emoru i would Cote rum any War or any event of War by either song or 1 would having said i i Given utterance to my in Julice Aga Lattle of ethics by which i wits Ami tree u of blood Are if not 1 am me to Tay Liat Avaiu u Ulmos Nett Italy the Mosteit of t to Xiuru hero Ami Torso through Tbs be got Long Oil Flat Deal Uii Iri ii All Idda of harness a to Sou tha of on Tow White the twant Tofu Tiauw Tuo Butlo has pity Lucuil a argument anti blew tins on Tho Tau few artists thu him Raro nod ill like grim terrors for Anouar year Taw i pm not what i do with will or Toni in usual quiet to tit few a it us to Yumul the looking itt Over argument i rec Fin you Bai tet to Vurnar an or Call bin a liar Aud drop us contre mite half in new rom ant no Limtt Paw so Toro than it us pen Brawly to Kund and the Man Bas of catty at it is Nottle pm Tuit uni ukr is a ind Peji jul a is i Bun Auau it i of cudly to of in Fri prawn thing to Tuv in Tiu 4aam or tint territory of Tofta uni lad of eaten b Toat of Tinaro will tilt of War in which i god Vau mens Piluri but Cheries of each a i oui night before re tiring the of a h Jet Tibold taps at Bis octet do ugh Dndr you my dear lit Tow reply Wui Cli generally comm All cheerily old Man Asha for Tan i thought you might to the weather to was a curious old to to cwt in Cruft twos a Dalto laudatory or Planse and examine my Goodwin before sending Cal Iii in Camhy nineteenth Amdall Kij Cdo 07 canned o1oars Everett House Rel of the so Dion r door i Ifill Debra James this Well known and popular House in situate near the rat Leroid depot at it in a desirable stopping place for Tho shippers of Stock and the travelling Public the table of Ihla House will compare with any in this part of the it being always supplied with the Best the Market Choice liquors and at the prices jly28tf m and of Floe at dakbr8fielb Central House u1unbi of on Moo of Iob Roatti the Rev of in Millee the prop Bietow of the Rose awfully Amin Ornoco tools friends and the tra Raling Public trill be Cou Duoto As As a firs class hotel in a manner to meet Tea approbation of til regular and transient tie table will be in plied with All the the Burket and Trio single or in Are f de in Tho Best Covle the Home been re modelled and refer nisted a team we people of the entire county to Call our Fine Stock of Cimfe Xeo eld and of the latest our Are we Call to th3 attention of the Public that this hotel Bas been thoroughly ref fitted Aud now my pared to bowders better thao the table of Par we have engaged the beat French Cook id the son Tiern Par t of the food bar him plied with the Best of ported Prenot and feed Griva us a electric and Tot and cold Baths Usper Hajtun Qto Jln Stosl w
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