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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Mar 20 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - March 20, 1886, Bakersfield, California 21 Kerh March 12 a in of before the a noted breeder of fancy which he used to exhibit at the National exhibition of the United agricultural lie was a member of us executive committee of that and became intimately rear Iljoo with cot in now j studying Hindoo spiritualism i Olcott we then with the new it thed every saturday and Forli a Wotton or to at f 1 Fay in err All muting in run pm a curious old mexican a to of a of a Palillo it Tate in Joiet Jam to or e Mytr seen for the Waitee tiresome were cont routed Long before such vehicles had icon thought the Baoxiu of Ami More Ell for Welch Are Tua Saljr and Riding unfailing Delta let for some of the a Teri in the world Are obtained from the surrounding Hills the ouly drawback to unalloyed enjoyment la Tucio otherwise re full Days u the fre the Light Are called awl even Theno Blet Slegt in for they Kosp vegetation perpetually at u and Render dim an unknown of Alula queer quaint Market and car jangly Grote site old churches it ban Good Fortune to Tuvae of Bear of the All the ancient Stone have shaped with and having been built in Days when eur cuts served fur Foru and Pla 01 of m Well Ai for Pur Poms of Wor ship the Public laundry of a hit of us Alumisim to which no pen can do it by a huge Pavilion of Ali Elered rat Wagon Immanu Stone and Erim ted in urn Tunur of Tho at if Wen tin chief him n pm of m it in among Tho lower who main up tin minority in thai of rail in incr ing for an i Ali rules of in run illicit is an an Iii us duct us through Ali principal Tiu re which Imi inc Kiwi a Frothy Olvir fro a pie few it Tho roil Tami in Liliu f la 1 to if pos die an account of the of John mag to i a Rymond managed to himself admit uni into the a its of Volunteer which bid norms spare nil be we a witness of toe i exaction Welch the Brave old zealot was Kap at deaths door while col the Terral companies that might Hare a Batter View of the i Olcott flattered by Milf that by feign til after a which closed the per the reviewing o Iii accompanied by a Large number of military came Down the be saw with some trepidation that in the rear was Bis old Friend who was a col one of the Irginia without any command but the less Whan the colonel came opposite to where Olcott looking vacantly to the he halted and looked at As though be remembered Bis Bat the Volun ukr gave no sign of to subsequently admitted that to endear ored to Sii tint mul distort his to Bis Relief Tho cok panted and in a few hours had it named he Citi Zens attire and was on his Way to sow i had munching his Lemon the Gratl panted old i Tell to Quot h to pars tar it adj human remarked Grilj May with Gray around Bis who we slamming in Madison Obj the on either aide of about ten feet we a pail with Lemon drops heaped on the which is your stand inquired his the Little Man paused and East a Wither ing look of scorn at the i owns pm Young that my it pays Ter study human Ben that said the Little old lowering his watch him the Man indicated was Juat passing the drat pall of Lemon Lorao shrilly shouted the Little warranted to euro coughs and Only live a half the As he Post of Lemon scared Way out of Tho Corners of his he seemed torn by contending he faltered for an and seemed on Tho Point of stopping and turning As if fighting the temptation be passed watch whispered the Little old Tho stranger walked by with a firm tread and u determined look on his when to Earmi to the second relay of Lemon drops to tin almost staggered a look of resignation swept Over his jamming his hand Down into his 1m hulled before the Lemon i the let to old Man was already on hand to wait upon when the customer in Oral Republican exempt per year is thib weekly National devoted to Georgl Newt and Orison Al Mettler obtained from Ibe of agriculture re lating to the Fannir and planting an so Vopate of be Pablian review ing and dirty you of con Frera and the National per year in Prai Dent restaurant bet Teu Furgo express office and the Post acc Young u d c Ilu up id every Driy of ill to in Uia nil mid Asih v by no Over Iho their ii Iii 1ilim foil lilt twin i Tut Zmij l i in and Cinn Root Miniie it tra Liioi t i hint of tin i it Diuver Gitt to f n Putin Dright Lirosi Jim Ilromi Over us kilo Zidur Anutt i to Iii Wiit makes a w w Ere it Oal will thu Itoi Iro of he Lien i til Icli u e i Liu Oil v r net of tiny ii Ali hint to win return Uji Tiu u Lelih i of lit hat in tint m on tilt Ort i work the it Lilu cup cts d i mid on i lie Audi Vilii Gnu j Junior to Liliu Iii Vii us in of i i Iii fur a until of a b y is trim and ills Syi Luni bus no n Rcd Oyum la Stram of ibo Strum of cant and str Llie sting of pm Ami Troub thu hungry of world Iii not begun bin Liu Hoidn no and to Luko Oil and to Jour ii his lit i build us up Syi Tom of Trutling Jym to Hurdmun the Ini Viclet it nil outdoor sport to the in 1145 to uis i c if Ilko Iho average Amer Inu boy he plan you Emu i Iii Miu Ciui in t enough Coli t on Wuhu i the h if a 1 lit Nonu is by Nipton it Kajii v who from brain weariness arc usually very and easily Given to imagine that they arc the nub acc Tai of organic Lac our of the Inch an softening or people who con Anil medical mini about i Clr mental or cerebral condition Are Seldom 1 am hound to contest that Long cont ind Hornin or debility might end in Hinc Lhing there usually a marked deviation from the straight Rovid of of which the put Lent is he Nolf perfectly lie Lucr bin friends be so or not Liu Doea not Foci he old be greater to can not nettle no Long Ami 10 Well to business As he to lie can not grasp Vulcu lations so to taste for any kind of a hotter intellectual or other which necessitates the least degree of lie would Fain work As of and trios Burd to do to but the Power to continue it it docs not really sex in the and be is vexed and Wor and rendered worst const Jii Cucu ills memory assuredly a Grout and shh intellectual arc re Ducco to a lower Obb than or they but care nut Occam Iusally and die away there to use homely no stay in the nervous if it can obtained for an hour or greatly to ref Reali people Sulla ring they awake arise More by Duful am More full of strength alas the to Rel excitement blows it All Man gave vent to a hoarse there All he they Apo thu first lot of Lemon and got Post afro Thoy has made up their then they Bate to turn and that Nelden the Case agn Insl i put this other pall o1 Juicy drops up and along Thoy Cornes jilt Wyllo the nor months is aware run from the sight o thu other Lemon most men can resist one but precious few Kin Sta two in rapid Ivo doubled my profits since i began study in human Chicago i desire to inform the Public that i have opened the Alcorn and will run it is pint class and Ovater i Chester i8tb a wholesale alb Betah dealer in Are Patent toilet window prescriptions accurately Effiec of and Doc dcc20tf a Brand new Itear Good Bear stories no so scarce that the Reader Stoulil not treat this Oil Luj Plant Harry Whites Ido of Harbor Point was out with a fishing party at Bear and happened to stray Lono up a Brook about four Miles from Wyllo in fishing he caught so Trot of a vent he rave and captured Young and started off for Camp with his Tho latter did not relish his new and kept up a squealing that Madu Tho Woods and specification a on All Kinis of work furn hed of abort orders for jobbing and Olven prompt leave orders at wheelers julj18tf Chi Home White Side Hod barely started when he heard a crackling in the glancing Auw Young Bruins a huge Black rapidly bearing Down upon Wilto Sld took to Hla i and to facilitate his night dropped in sue1 Coss on his fish hat and to to and i but Bruin cared for Nono of u 11 in o ill in 1 1 i to or the general Rule is that n Man can do i Only two things the f o find he up Hyrc thu to Kiep it the general Rule is Slick to your stick to your Slick Olick to your and dont go Oil thu mighty men of All profusion have far tue Man of one Lcou i to mollies a Man is prepared by through a variety of occupy fur some great Home Allf s i men got prepared for their positions in life their Tiluy Dis updo atm Clit to they graduate at the University of Burd Tho old pools Uncil to Livek of a Mau t getting inspiration by sleeping of mount it in not the Man on the but the Mountain on the Man i thai brings Man to Tho position for which intended the difference about conditions a life u vol so much n Dlf is in uie Dilt Urence of tin endowment of men with hint great attribute f stick to a Tive Uesi conc Enier All your energies into our do not be afraid to be railed h Man of one letter have one great idea Almu a Hundred Little things and Carno on like an after Many to crts he concluded i would be Best to drop the cub but what was his Surprise and terror to find that the hear in offspring without recognition and continued thu mad i it was gaining every and once As Whites do slipped it Traucht a Mouthful of his in Tho desperation of Tho moment it of cured to him to try the effect of and taking a newspaper from his pocket to lighted it and thrust it into Tho boors Tho effect was Tho hear wheeled about and what Oslo continued his dejected journey into Liap lds Mich i the r now permanently located in fld and him opened Lii next dour to the pout where he a Una bitter prepared than nver to take Latort new instantaneous that terrible the other Day a Young housewife left her Home in this City to spend a few Days with several lady friends in j before going she provided a Good Supply i of cold edibles for her and told Chris the formerly with 1 us thu of in it Liu to if thu is g to Ference in friillfulnes3of occupation As a Livili Oulu sprint Lect Muld not run Long i Tunheim for j should an Man who i tos Pruc Call swinging which is not ibo hubris Sti uld be prac Iovu ent Amber As has of wit been said the Man who gets the is Start u not to win Amity Orst but Tut who is film going at ulv in t Marling Iii titt4t 9i u i and Plechy of Kraal la let k Xiv in for sort of and to will to prepared to do Iho Belt that to in him that he could help himself whenever Star Wade suitable changes and he was he took lunch Down u taken a Long tease onto and own Loik n if it is Bard to forego 4 How i much hit Dur to u to item of on a the i top in just because every nerve u Uultt Little More and Trio tension will get Din Roui Aiu us in old j 1 say again Gul Oit at thy fuel i ing of hut matter if another Aldu thu Hill if a huli very Likely if if a she atty Havi greater practice and or a Light running i in Many t there is a curiously graduated scale to be according to the of going up and Down the novices Are Bumpious Thoy scornfully refuse to dismount till the machine Rush Back on a sleep Aud they plus go Down Bil at a most reckless rate the Nauy accidents the older rider Tho More As a at especially going Down the one knows what the danger the other neither Thitu nor until Tho smash when the machine or the Brake a to the work of Leto if inti Lecul statistics show that from no j to there were on Uio new Jersey coast i7ti wrecks and other involve of property to the value of and a Tola of live of this ado vessels and All but fort seven persons were rescued by the men of the life saving stations in seriously to while the property saved by them atop peach Lotif in r Ranee by Izmir dug j amounted in value to that Poutou in Al games found in a by is to say the average loss of Ufa per year whom people who buy illicit for the past thirteen years on the new game of no acan a end put Jersey coot has been but a fraction Over to us trafic in Poa Hod thai the tier while previous to thu Stab be to have no Liam not of the present system hundreds of lives Aud millions of dollars Worth of property were lost annually on uie new pc Rwy and Long Island i of in you a Lyal of higher or was Askdal of us truly it will guv or Tho rising Geo Tiou of to u deity into of the in Tolli Hrubco to Trio exact pm Tiu Tho without which it in Foo Lub i attempt to rub a Thoy Aru Aud proves of a Ujj Iwuc to Low or the Busi Thau they get u i from Otto Otil us Cert who Ara living out of Proa ecu uie Long have no for the Pitiot of fact us built no a Ucb int Luici on tac fear of capita us is lob found in be fact Tuai or Law Umu for time a ran Gin for the employ meat of in a sour us Bank Are in Cru nut Iii if fur t Aud us by rapidly Liliu feature of our by inti to a lip before town and went Home in the evening for As he tolls the he found cold cold cold cold cold cold and several other cold but with All that he was not entirely and hunted High and Low Tor something at first he did not know what it but finally concluded that to wanted he know there Home in the i but he could not find finally he concluded to Telegraph Hub for he could not live without accordingly a Telegram asking whore is the a Refl was Tho wife received it in Tho midst of a i number of and it frightened her nearly to with Tho cry i know j it is bad news i know d is i killed she fell in a faint the ladles present cried from and a most lugubrious Stene presented itself when the Man of the House happened whats to matter Here he husband has been killed and she has was Tho do you know to she got a is it to Haven opened it imagine Tho scene when Tho sympathetic creatures read Tho in about an hour the reply was sent Back to him you mean its in the bread under the where j bid it from the Cincinnati and solicits malt to Ohi is much photographed miss Adelaide Nellson in her probably thu most photographed woman of the it interesting to learn from an obviously Well informed source that when she died she bad in her posses Sion a series of albums containing a copy of every photograph of her which had been and that Tho total of these was exactly Large As this total there Are at least three ladles now living who can beat in the Case of one of these Tho phenomenal total attained la within a very measurable distance of keeps constantly on hand Sells at the lowest mar e rates and Caps cipro and give me a Call Karulf lit until a Aew be aeration had grown up at As Tropie by whole Aalo would str Tatay tie demand for game a depopulate to uie wet Iod would be a fraud As a Caus of Tho idea to so that we cannot Cju chive Bow Auy Man could to it who a our Loum Quinti ainu of a lapping Isaiaa a Rizic Tiuli in that Bis and Ortence that Oil Unity u in Evory walk o mtg of but Wuy 9i ail u Wiat c u t Attu u a beekeeper having been told that a through being repeatedly stung by i bad become impervious to any in Plu Asani be ovation when attacked by i to Experiment of his own Liu kept a record of the number of he was and when he be to cease feel lag the effects of the the result we thai All sense of feeling bad Abca he had been Sung Urty within a few j Whitehall times Hite Aie u uie Gold fur a too s some quaint there to a Monument at to Daniel boons and Hla the Mem orial having door put up by uie state of the inscription says Daniel Rebecca beneath the Square Shaft lie the bodies of the two pioneers and in Bas Relief of tablets Aro pictured Hunting com James b now opened again and is the leading Lious k Korn the table i supplied with All the delicacies of the Soa and compares a adj the High priced Housea f Tho 8 Conn exited with the where can to obtained the Ali Piccat liquors and Fine convenient lord and lodging per Day 00 per night 25 and 50o Arlington the it Poms Are Well per Day from 91 60 to firs class liquor a cigars constantly on the polite obliging in a very Hardin a i Jonnel of French i would respectfully inform the Publio that i have leaned this hotel and am now conducting it in hotter a talc than any such has Evor Dono in county no person Tho requirements of b to for part of the country better than i i have re Tod it rooms in Galtes everything first Board by the Day or week at reasonable flue liquors and sign re at the trmj30 professional a 4 to Okney and Counselor Atsatt a to Abney and Lotary californian a Honter Smith a at office Chc Ter do Cir to a i son Summit i am now pleased to announce to the Public that my u completed and tilled of vhf dealer in family Ittah anti All Ken do of canned of Gas Liq torn put up especially for family Chester flew Alj comfor Talili and All modern Qiyen me a John Eveleth the Hachita pop gtd Walters 19th the building and furniture of Liis now throughout and no better can Bolil in thin special Cun to Madu for Board and Roo Aitt Tor a Cortlan length of p graduate in Medicine a Soj Boullt it r f Tho ii Obib Anil f the Royal Gol Legum of phys Loans Antt def Hepnir of the but Loti Edical drug eld log i flt Anupa Cturner and dealer in All kinds of Camail i trim ii meals 25 Beds 25 the City bakery in attached to the a no Oliero fresh Ricail can Alwn i to and will be delivered to Cua Comeru every a please Call examine my Good and but pro Rendink an j feel 19th carriages and Saddle Hornych Anayit ready for animals broke to Hay and Grain for the very bes Borgwardt Mccord 19th veal and ill kinds of salted Centra James Rilo Pickton of tue Cental Nunn nuts to bin Friend stand the trawling that the House will to conducted As a firs class hotel in a manner to Zinool Tho approbation of All Reg ular and to Mikut thu title will be hip Pard with All la Market and Ali or in Are Murnu Siwl in t treat the House Hau been remodeler aii Jun Lotf French Tulare Jacob Asher this new build no 18 Lonb Trust de on the Uio it Pluim fur health and it Linn nil the modern Condon lenten in tji Pir Mimi improved it Liia Flat Olariu for on Hundred the t in supplied with the Best that of be obtained in the the Bent Cook and Attell Aiolfi Are for Persona from the nout Bern part of the vim Iii Tulare Tivix is the place u leave the it a the poin from which Good Road Radtke to All parts u the offering by wino i it be Bent and Moat conveniently the Public whose put Romgo in respectful will nud the Clis Rytti Rea notable us Jagolto French Jean White labor Mau of All Forni bed at ones bar 4 Sanfra Atiteo Daniel is a growing Oak Down lit ten that Oak once Felt great dans for that worthy Cut into the Wood Tali lettering m Boone called a bar Vuk pub this Home made Bacon and and everything found in firs class Jordans museum of Anatomy Mirtest of and Leah to avoid and How won 1 for Vatn my go Oinita Tina of All Dis of Bend for be ploy we Call to the attention of tue Public to Lii Hott Bat been refitted and u now pared travellers and Boarder better Robsn the table is Par we have engaged the French in to Southern part of the a Good bar sap Ali Jed with the Bent of ported Frueh and feud Yard connected with the All orders left it Tom Olfer ill duo ji17ti at Loannys at 20 i Mcalli flick it u son Wal san 302 ii Cleome re utri and 28 a notary room new Bank the Nylon Alvon to font Cut or ooh lir u and Futato Laud 23ra physicians and society k of Kern of Neeti at Ali or Oatle every Wedow Day eve Tungat sojourn ing Brit Iorg in Good standing invited Janlou Baker Leeth every tub any at the he town Bro Tamra n and in bakeh8field it xxx stated meeting on thursday or nor next prepping the full of the upon of Bach r Kern it Flotat Fher Hall every Bat urday visiting and warning brother in Good standing Justice meets heir Hull monday Nve Uings in each a Vrtik of american legion of miss Lethe Council meth the first nod Ilerd Tup Day each Mouth at Huir Liall at band of Hope Jand of ii la onto every at 2 Oclock Al the of on k near the Schnol him City has recently undergone a Gen feral adaption for tie bum dior the lager in of a Quality than it wish before the our in d very Al Iolcust of Lii Torii Bowling Alley shooth1g Day Ulm m which Ore kept Alivio brewery if Tho nut of i in Ulm in in it of 1 county and of Jay
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