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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Mar 13 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - March 13, 1886, Bakersfield, California 1 Kern March 1886 out tag Sau Forman free mason3 in of Hati Ohal and a Footle Marine to i a Biira the cooler breath net in from Tho direction of the River we set out once to Complete the circuit of the City of on the Gold coast of Afri Wai a father up our by a of Ittis Lumc while our Ruile propped to Lead us nor our where we could Tyml lodging with a i tribe a i termed of very people them Par thu seemed very to Mes or Ismul Pauli fit or i in Hli state and that they orly fun at Tankeo Tho new York Hlat Orical society was up full entertained recently by the origin and of the word j n a q n it r p u b l i c a n established w the were a Dollar in the followed an ingot into the Connere the ingot Baa in Iti with la Lugg Lions of treasure and about ail the Rompca there u of nomenclature of hum in pm Worth of prepare we by be for the ctn Tai of a bar twelve to Cwm two wide and half an Inch it he a varied and Rotter trying it in on la Way into Dollar shape Tun tint in us Collet a depart mint wat full of exr cutting and Mill Tbs us an Iron Ali Zotigh sheer Force in tie flu of the Art flick Clad on the ingot that which i in v it i bad followed in mud Between Iho of two Rol and slowly went Chr oui a Procco of Down an Iron Throat twelve it he to go through thin the i a dig incr and by the narrow ing of Pace which Tea ingot Paul by a Alit Eiith of an Inch each it u Lien twice Len Loti Gili j and to reduced in thu press that when la the Middle to two which Aru i produced am lint the thai Kurnz of a Tea rolling in Arlt a Hunt j to the Metal which tint us of handling it and a to overcome which another trip to Trio Furu Acu is re of Koine we Doii Utlex a Long Judae thirty p Chine which wan working i the room rum bal Cut on in the which the Vui torn look ice at it Miliny Polecci itt Lilai shh lord r Oil told 111 up in i Rnell motions different from us of i other lie positively assorted hint could and although no of could Hob them when they in the yet they must for they took messages Down to the const and brought Buck the 1 doing the bus inc in a few in the night lie ago dec ared tent then wow n tribe of these men up on Tho Canni bal coast of Appo Miu to West of the we Wui ild give no space to recording thik gabble if Fiji int had not made it i worthy of try question if they had no other they Are Kroc now we i that this confession Carimal some a comr kit Lou in our had that our with the a Mystic brotherhood Hod been Abou Alde but to i never initiated into this Riu Here was an Opportunity to take another degree the dividing distance win soon and tin co Yooy of a Chuchu l they prove to to to j on industrious Ruthei above the Huin Laird in and were As a j Mailer of fuel n cup cd trials proved and an by Billon of work showed them Well up in would assign in Kunzier who lived ii in and with whom Yan or Yan Keo the Terni stuck to la old Man with whom Tho Harvard students of that Day in up Livre and fwd came in Eollo so ainu to mean foolish or wonk in Titis sense it was applic1 biter to All ii on american Philo to Totomi to ii Indian it was not i if one the Riv Ami the ii fairly colonial he would i Irving that the Yan pm and tin Jutel Naii the Thrinh Means to hanker and the noun Bowling is perhaps Liuia Ive of Contin Wipt in Tatj Wail it f int most and new am Maine t he Niel Nail a Lily in to of Hmer air Hud popular in England e Irlvy us Tumlir the name of fms and tit new England Iii appearance Ial Tilk Mir cling Iii Sii Carm to in French and Indian be of the Hii Tih a Lychard shut an army took the rattling time fora it of satirical verses on their i and ridiculous the Haiti in meet sailed into Boston in Ilia with Hie military except per year in Poa Tige the weekly National devoted to a Coral original Miller from Trio of Agricia Tiern and other of the re Lii ainu to the Furni Iii and planting an Luj Vocate of Iten Biletn review and fairly the Aeu of am tin National per year ill president and la Clatter 18tb uole9aleand retail dealer in restaurant Iii huh i Titti Riih ibid said bit jew ton train proved and an n by Billon of work Shwed them Well up l contempt in the Craft they claimed kinship under 1 a dispensation from the Baek beyond their Jiu they re wre working an scheme practising on notions of the if lecturer it it Teu Furgo a i pros of Lico and tue Post id Este to inform the Public that i have the above and Livili rim it first clans Llen Tarrant and i dtc2ctr to pure Patent toilet window prescriptions accurately Arlington the boom8 Abe Well it Argei per from 80 to firs class liquor cigars constantly on hand at the polite and oblige log Attu Dante in Over Mahdi no Junel of professional a a tto Knet and Bakersfield Alvin to Tobey and l practising on the superstitious notions of thu and in icily pocketing no Small Hull some Means of rapid corny to time at Himin Myrinx out i Wilh and when Rin thirty i order was Given to carry a they would put Olf the time of carrying Oslyn but would set in motion their acc ret Fri Cut at and on the Day when they declared the Omen All right in wild ii by thought the ignorant native in one night bark i they Cru acknowledged to la Honey and faithful in carrying Money and and were the for the Renli Lents in till Money Truus actions with the we did not them but very much astonished our interpreter when to saw tin received Liy them a lie Ever a four re Gard cd employer an a or Oil Tot 111 up in n i Laraut ton Imd of mural Jacii healed in a for inc ail a tend in a draw nighty r mind the Iii m Uko a girl witling out ii he umithlin1 clanking us Lucr Liui h in Reilly i Urli Imp of win in in in la Iii by n Usu uru no fun mind Wall it mowed in u a return to Lii tie i Tho was we Weir Iii it ii n Lii k for Culibr put Wilh Envoi Viii in a of Utomi huh Iii inn fat fish n and the incl like from to ripped into a of ii i Bottom wat ibo Iho who Giitl and us Atai Loury f Roi i Tii Ibe Mil Injo m i Rhino Liin Ilir cum a ii in its or 1 Illus null Tun Lilii in ii Nuu a rained on Ilich Nodi Lulo k u id like incl Ling dollars Linn ii w the foil iwed Llie in into an adj twin n Boru they Weru Pun Gil into an acid birth and Blun Plymel in u revolt in my with u of Lizul Tuc Rii Alliey turn and More Dollar like every Hij whisk Hurt is not nil crud i and tones of Yun knows i Lulu of thu history of bin con silly and Sims for Ili a non who shall a Suimin immortal i ill for Union with which in Ilni i Tinl Onei of tin Lirt Century of Valinti Waii i will command tinhorn Kiiji of Uii of Amor Kimii a Iii s fresh from tin wilds of Tho Southern Wynn Naviry Man bus n record of j knew him whim by was now he is i with in Lui tangled extinct craters All Over a Plai in left ear Touhl be to hold a Pun it ills hand had not it if t n thu pen May mightier Ihan Tho but i have no words to describe my feelings int a Patch on Iii to the great North Cape Rocic Ennu in i am not m when i saw his syntax and hid pros Ody All Ivroy and specifications on ill kinds of work furnished on Short office of mid James French i would respectfully inform the Public that i Iovu leaned huh hotel and am now conduct Iii it in better allo than any Mic i hunlnei8 ban Ever been done in ibis county no person thu of a hotel for this part of the country butter than i i i Havu refilled it rooms in Galtes everything first Board by Tho Day or week at reasonable liquors and cigars at the Smith a torn Els at Moe Chester next door to Matrod Ronso order for jobbing and Given prompt u at a Lii str in a the great a f i so yet to was Ita ii mar win we had left All winds behind Anil la was u scene of solemn thu Tea of Gipsy the slight two i not breaking the surface and in front of us Tho Arctic Ocean stretching out Luiu at i of the the most perfect of summer we landed from our Little Ihu sailors carrying our and to see Tho mid night huh from Tho Cape our Cap Tain assured us that in Twenty three via ii to had never been a night like j it Wai us balms us Lia Sun Sun danced High the we Drauk to the incl it i Sony 1j coup Nevice i Wilh a Girasia to Burn Holen in our gowns and and my husband actually Iii u cigarette in tie game Way and a Mukund Ami proudly wears a great Hole in the top of Bis fell hat that he burned at o clock at Iho North Cape returning to our no one Felt like to the Gen j let Lien All Lull to while to indies i Gat m the Bridge in thu 1 Bull Unity of nature than in sue Iii the in in Iho Hui unhappy fish taken from their Ulory Hsii Sirut and human i thu and went do tour nest led ii Kim nil fall to a of n i orca for it u Core of Viii by too Iii for inmost i in and Ali eclied in of Tiereo and Maii limit in Low toilet Tuey lowing of Urrico in hut of nil thu i room i ii most loomed Tho Kocol digits of Tinc Clu press h cum at tin Luru of immunity to Onu the working of tins thai it Ilo no much nil tin ruled it Uli Ouid do Litti ail who Bufore the prow had in tit Puia thou we in placing ple after Liri Ghi Silver Umus Lulu i ban Al thanni a Leomi Tho two of thu ugh climb culex the Buuri i on the Pilot it on Luo Oune to Placo Lew we t o in Kiama Jovo it with a pressure the Vii qua piers of Iho of i Lirty Riovo Blu Atli and thu Silver Between received Ali or thu Silver Moo a which drop from ibo 0otu Are Kolluri Uio Iho Coin pro e Pic of the Treasury do Arlio i Luul to dec do upon Ali or claim to to the con Sclenek of thu tin jury is weighing 1 he visitors saw i Lulu draw into us a Thuy u them for Gav ii a Clouds cute u it and then it into Ono of Tho two Noddle troughs of n Row of if Tom ooh cum o had found thu would ill it to Bung by la to trough a the left cud of the h la Bud found it too heavy it would left it la thu right hand Tho con Vlot e with ill tin Tuua this 400 times a Inin ule All Day when u in mania the Chin Scinco mule in Mcroy towards a cry Dollar Enuton into Zuconi to thu ext tul of us one Grain and the amount by a Rich Uio in allows u Dollar to Moru u u impossible to thu to on a at uie far cud of thu Totoiu the Fullton of do Lars ski lib to be us Woith in Wong any 10 Char in Tun tour or Dimity i thine there with me nug Orit Busy Aiu Oug Ibrao Dor to tilt count lha output of wed of two Ira ouly i it Nice life real adj Routle they no All and if any place whom Thorn ur1 it in the Yuxiu Nicarry their live sin hands Nutof Thoy carry other Peoples lives in their bulls or their or Down Tho Back of the i Wium Liu you to Como Down la emf thank you very ves id Elko to introduce you to an old gentleman As genial an old Mau As you Ever is to a texan but bos so kindly natured a Fel i am Suro youd Liko i in ado Hii lint very Peculiar to had just to Cumo up to to and your names i sir that my they Tell to youre awful you dont toll said Thoy Tell Ino youre awful i think ill just Tho old gentleman leave orders at wheel Era julyl8tf 18 now opened again and is the leading House if Kern the table it supplied with nil the delicacies of Tho compares with Tho High priced Bousch of a Bah la connected with the whore can be obtained the choicest liquors and Fine convenient Board and lodging per 00 i tooth and 60c novl4tf All orders left the Oak Fornum off of will receive due Home the photographer i in now pkg Manenty located in and Iiah up Ned Lal try next Ili Iov to Tho int where he now better pied limn i intr in Taku latent new instantaneous chr8s in family Ittah an1 All k1nii8 of canned cigars tobacco put up especially for of Wimily Summit i am now pleased to announce to the Public that my hotel u completed and filled with new and cd Ottalle and All modern give me a John Eveleth te1iaohipa Bep Btu Walters 19th who unfit attorneys at f 220 k Hall Luxor now City 8on Wal a san m into Omer Toomi s7 and a notary room new Bank attention Alvon to Content cases to and Futato Laud jn23m physicians and graduate in Medicine by Robt it f Tho Queens and of the Royal colleges of Phu Iceni member of medical Feld 19 the building and furniture of thin hotel u entirely new throughout Ana no butter can be had in thib special Arrige Mopils on be made for Inird and re Jiuu for a curtain Lonath of Chester and Tho old gentleman in a genial Way stepped Back a Little and i i want i walked up to him and i handed him my thu habit of chewing gum causes Cor said you try that Tain juices which Aid digestion to How gun of yours cant unmixed Wilh any injurious sub it broke him nil and Hes been Ono Tho habit of chewing tobacco of my Best friends Over Cost blown also causes these to How but twi acct Francisco the tobacco Chewer either expels them from his Mouth or swallows them mixed Short tulu of with the poisonous of the i j hot to informed that Smith is a Nee you have your Hoti Hook Trail Henlly appearing in Iho direct Dot Down this iwo Uty years ago if this to i know not my sex Iho Rule that Southern Tomci were thus far Havu stopped Short of thin and it u not the Rule Loftt and valuable Southern women me not physically Annuli equalled in All notch prc8ent engaging inv mind is n any physician who is a Well informed some years ago i wan to 1 an he ought to be will Ell you that this is the circumstances will this change is due to the habit of the following incident i chewing gum von Tuny you Ono afternoon Tho door hell of my Rosi j May even if you but i am Tho faithful Bridget Iii Sunu telling you a Plain fact As to Southern attended Tho they Are As thin and gaunt of they a stood Over and go they will remain until does Smith reside Here they cease to Chow tobacco Aud to an to does Chow m i was directed to this part of the h i formerly with hade suitable Oha Noeh and tit Hon a Long Leahi in thu and solicits 01i1iis meals 25 Beds 25 Thrity bakery in attached to Tho Buovo whore fresh Brail can always he and will be Dolivo Rcd to Uchto Luuru every society k of Kern of meets at Ali or Castle Day evening at sojourn ing Brothers in Good standing battled to Jun Ltd m manufacture la and dealer in All kinds of Central Baker Moor every tuesday at their Patriot in the town Ului Trig invited to attend t in the Arlington and Bakersfield 4 xxx stated meet Luck on Thun Day of or next preceding the full of the Moon of each k eei8 constantly on Hani and Bella at the lowest our kit Rales Carriage trip Ifni a specially please Call and Exa Mim my of on and before sending data liver a Nifte 19th Jimes the proprietor of the Central Nonoi Muir to his thu trailing that the House will be conduct id us a firs class hotel in manner to meet Tho approbation of All Reg ular hid thu Lulu will to hip plied with All thu Markut and Hingul or in Uro Fornix lipid in the Bent thei Mner i shh Bouti and Jun Lute Kiln meet at to Cir Ball every 8at urday visiting and Mir journal no Broth re in Justice meets to licit Hull monday evenings in each week Coo Oaut u k new of u Tho Itiat Ity claimed for i to Woltti Wilh heat up her Dot Truclio for i he Hal a Ivi not to by Thol or if oui Bai urn Calioo of of Juliua into ibo to jut Ihu blur i orca i Ca a mutter what in i Awro to i pm trip in Tuo 4ttd Eccl a i ump Sicri us in ill a t a Iff w not in Vii to Haven sold any of tills so called lose less powder since the 1st of when the game Law was said u Well known the Fellows who Are always desirous of breaking the he wont and whom we legitimate sports noun Call pot have no use for that slyly of explosive about one third of the Tho explosion of Black have no doubt it is employed quite Exley when the thou Imp is prohibited by a Ian Muy shoot All the Birds within a few feet of a Farmers Aud to occupants will notice thu it makes smoke Liun hid no the pot Humours can Usu it without much fear of Detec i col Lino i j Ocean Racca have been run Between an 1 English Iho and the Iuri an american Accuu aboard Aud Uio latter has Tho cout Cui excited j great Deal of attention of both sides of Alu Utie after of what Gnu tical value Are such trials of Salling Cru i Are an in the of of Little or no i with any improvement in their construction or is of thaut most moment to All who navigate the i or the Waterways that into it Avo no use t Ivo it makes u government e Oiso Chi cd by to John s to and of to who w in j no i i Yow with Thi multiple Matlou of elevated i in All allow ing to Kuk into All of bed Aud and get if vows of the Cort Economy pril Licot by their in no Longcr be that on half world know not Bow the other half Shuro an you was directed then you know whore i May find him i where an Tho Side of which Side both i am looking for a govern tonys and it was the puzzled after expressing his thanks to the amused resorted to j the next door on the a words the with the and to to is it to thu next door left of my dwell thai to so ends the Short Story of to 1 my country to of it is of Samuel Francis author of the words of our National sly country tis of that Oliver Wendell Holmes sings in his Tho theres a Nice fellow of excellent Fate tried to conceal him by naming him but to shouted a song for the Brave and the just read on his my of Smith still resides at Newton Cen which place he Bis made his Home for several Tho author 77 years of though in appearance resembles a much younger he has a Large full head of with puffs around the ears n pair of Gray eyes mid is Board that h entirely his riven up Al literary with the of comic Wiig the which torus to i Horieh Alwayn ready for animals cipro give me a Marlitz carriages and Saddle Alwi broke to Hay and Grain for the very bes prop Borgwardt Mccord 19th dealkb8 in veal and All Kimu of dccl213t or 00m White labor skilled and unskilled male and of All at by han8en c 110 san Frankp j salted Home made Bacon and French Tulare of american legion of mib to Leto Honnoll meets the drat and third tuesday oven Luga of Cush Mouth i dlr Hall at Jacob Asher band of Hope band of h Viry hater due at i Oclock at the reside ecu of of k near the school Mahb this new building is construct of on hit approved fur health ind ii Hau All thu modern Oon atm Zencuk in their in provid it has pm Toluba for one i n i n red with the Bent that can be obtained in Ihu the Best Cooke and attendants fur Peru Onu from thu Southern part of the suit aug Tulare this is the proper i Lacu to Leavo thu it is thu Point from Wlinich Koch Road Radinto to All parts of thu offering by which it Way be and Munt Couve Nunley the Public a Boito Patrou Uge in respectfully will ibid the charges Russo liable Jacob City has recently and engine Agen facial renovation and adaption for to life bum Mer t the lager is of a better Quality than it Bas Ever Toon before and thu Flar u sep plaid very choicest of liquor a und Bowling Alley French Jean e respectfully Call to the attention of to Public Lilit Teliin hour ban been Thoro Mikhly tilt til u now in pared to tra Vuler Mill Bonfi Vaerk Letler Hsii Tho table u Par we have engaged the French Cusk in the smooth to which Are kept running Day and a igbo have Ahio Buo Krumly ii proved und now to is Tom nuut come Orlabdo and place of resort in put up exp Runly for Rulo Otic find family Imp Sud live red promptly on re will and found in a ported French and food Yard com filed with the Jordans museum of Anatomy Market of Asp learn How to Dia Eami and How a trial thu Are private 311 to Tom of manhood and All for mpl9ljr county maps and Babbs Field 1m Joh by
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