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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Mar 6 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - March 6, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern Marot 1888 10 county californian every and year aovcrti9ino chm 10 for regular tort Rizii and Flint Pur ii it is Foj liw known Fry in it Turnr fur rim tithe 10 in a Start Nikul Fjug Nirry Ever Here a few rain Nauib people Admyra if Tal Rort remarked a reporter i two were boys Gettino Entrance of arcane Why do you you might o n Bete f or a Whita and keep you will Aen that will Muko you it few after 0 and the great army of wors Cini and profit clonal men were hurrying and Curr Itig to fro of their Way Home to partake of Trio a great Many of Thene people would through the which Al Tho Entrance la lined on either with a few minutes observation Sonvi Nettl the reporter that nit one out of either mule or re the temptation of surveying her or ulme Elf in the people that you might think would Dover for a moment care to Aee their Imago to e Ted would come along and not Only them Nelves up in thu hut in the How win which in most eel Well on a or n gentleman Gorge Boualy arrayed in tall in Macula Ibert cutaway coat of Rwy fact pattern and Light watch Ilion Nee what he will do lie at figure Onu Tuuu leg h ill Ali tug downward to make it net out n Wren Kashow ing in Bio Oil and with in or of to vim i Lilii mat about right in his up and knows it Lucri in a flip girl the Wili car Quinly not ran mistaken Mips her in Root Utica under w hut of hair Tomt will and fumbles it u Limp Ami Roll or at birr Lair not Tomt the Mill Ioor a Oft urn run our it tin and her am faded i 1 but he Inkon inti Thill great truth Lallur Anil trios to Heller her still v la i i hero non n party of ing dinner Dak atm Ilo Ami Pom they will hit of die half lint Oik ref Ralph from Ahti Corr in the actor Jiuu bring in n chunk of from ii t uni line rather jauntily Nell his in Tirc i hut it i ill in urn la lilo Tif n Oiler tuition bin and till who null Tili Gucila Liy ii toll of Trio ims allowed to i cum Forward in a in Iceni up Iii Latch bin More c it Itic a lady upon Ilio Liviu a gun Nuiji it her run u Lowel it bin Ali rail which Aua Nii to Hutc he ii out of position givtt4u Norv Imu twitch at the Dainty cd no and Buck it her Iraln Graci ii by Down with in Nir of Falla Focion and Hill con with All who Rich or Lilick or while nov Juzint your neighbors of any he it n conceited no Happy i ution 1 oking at Luttell in Tom h it you Chhoum not civil u for to nil do it joking it it not time that Middle aged people were setting up their Bannura and blowing their Little in us world they have the alld work of fighting to White the Young folks make the and go glittering about the life really an empty work after Are the the Fate omit of the Tinnent relish of All the Good Fol a tvs Given tall of these crowded into Tofu thirty years Loes Man whole hair u work lev love Pablo namely or hate lean fiercely than the youth whose lip is barely furred with Down 7 Kleam am the Young in the literature of Are credited with All the Nita no i aft Mott of the Power of Haa it not Jabren Good Deal the fault of Mfd dec aged Hocti and romances that thin thu rawer a Coati Elmitt the slipping out of Gran 11 and us that to Nelda nothing hut More time to conquer that i Young Saint he in or omnipotent the Young hearing thin into their from to fancy that they really Are Happy and they forgot to count up what they Bare they measure their Power by what Thoy dream they can do Landing with out stretched Handa the hazy stretches of at n Man has Trami cd Over there Thoy arc no longer to he hat Mink deep int the he known where the Best paths Lio i Baa climbed the punks and Brut had the pure Sci evenly Airm there he hag lost the clan and the Blind daring with the impregnable Milf Confidence of but to be has if found out hit work to holds la Well in to Baa the Strong the which comes from tried skill experience and Long line ii Irun Teil there id Romance in hit View of life than in that of his the hut there is it i till Clit Lurence Between the fantastic Ligou of n picture and the Sun which Waring thu i local and the Corn Ripe and Between the tin sword in Tho actors hand and the keen Dagger which to the in As for All novels end with marriage the tha the real Ity of the we Aru belongs to Sidillo sinks into Gray Monotony of habit it is the Young whose love rinds utterance in in in at Best a hellish monopoly of the beloved one it is the Middle Agod nun and woman who quietly Fiir Ulici Day by Day every Hope and urn Evory Talent and it Isle which gives i them identity among men who become j who life drop by for love As for we suspect a much larger Sham c into u mans life in ii Illi Agu thu i Ever in the Glrst Clever Joung americans with cd As n Aru Thoy Are not Content with their rep ital in unless it incl act n misery which they can nurse and the in past this he is to take i i cup of life which Cuch Day without stirring it up to and thu Ilin Man every grief is immortal the older one knows it will end in a month it n the Junior lakes plexus Are in in in oven in Friendship in n feverish this older known where to find he in and drinks it 111 Levi Turkaly in if youth and old Titch non won All to Praise of tie poets much is left to be said by common Scutio of the Golden mean of two strange boys come together they proceed to get acquainted something after whats yer name Tommy whats Yourn Dickey lots your Dada name Ole Dan an the dogs names yer dog Yaller Kope Hes spotted an wears a oot a knife to Trade yep but i lost when find it ill watch read in third Lus Trade i assent my pop wont Low my feets the i chased Terbanc Kernest that i saw three Doga fighting at one i was in swim Man six times in Day i had two Teeth pulled Las that i Cut my Finger meet every our hired girl most Burnt to the National Republican in Pottage year the weekly Nasonal general news Rig nil mutter Ira tue Dpi rement of agriculture the latin Gap or nine and planting of us fear Lealjr and fairly the you arc Orrem and tic Ami owl president and into our House Ono an my a brother in that aint Liy Mas got a Alstor with a Glass an our baby got four tenth Ana Lump on its head what makes it cry nil the can your father play the fld Dlo maybe i Aln got a brother who can turn a Han Spring an walk on Why dont you brag who a Braggin i be a dont you Call to or will you i will you wont f will you wont Rao if you dont you pucker your Mouth at or ill smash Yor if i woh a girl id Wear a Walt till i a Fitch you Somo an ill lick you till you cant put a Chip on your shoulder and ill Knock it you you tilt her i will if you darn to i dare an anybody Cronl take a Danio steal Thoro it in now lets see what youll Tho not instant both boys an rolling in pulling and trying to Chow each others from this Elmo on they consider themselves Well a and Tako it for lonely int first in each irate Restan Rait Between Firgo a co n i Presa office Aud the punt Killu ii i it run i three of the j Hevr i Vii in Init at tin Lio Rutm in Lluisi the tier Oli jut tin Lilno to anther m Inch i Ion Typo of Trot turn jul they Pur dts Hokl but took Mich not of caring tunic run Mininni s that h Ebay will do Novino Butl Nesa or lakh us of thu Region Ink lax or Oil style Ami two signs in Tho window of a dealer in surgical appliance f in new Vork read old Stylo Ixia and new style they show that there is a fashion in Artl Loial Tho old style leg consisted of n Eliol wooden slump and which was in be fastened to to remaining Par Tion of the member by a Broil it was of the same style usually exhibited in picture books and on us opern the now lug was Iviline copy of a human and Light Anil Ann cutly As Comfort Ablo u Sci Polo would Hubli town wat in thu country i to to Plaitt la Prcic Niy Oudra Rowl to Iii Prociw upon thu Vankeu Ronit Lulof he family to 1 Havo that inv afro Pron Ignont upon in Tho Anil Riih of them the on thu j i desire to inform the Public Tomt i Havu Crk cd the Alzuru and run it As first clans lust Anent and of atm i dif20lf and on All kin4e work Fernl Ghod in Short orders for a Royal jobbing and Given prompt an who was on a theatrical tout in now on one occasion Mindu such an impression upon Tho King of tha maoris immediately after the to sent around to Eny to would like to marry Tho proffered Honor was politely but firmly declined with but Tassalo could not to brought to understand that Tho refusal was he Rioual i Hellevang Tho motive to to that to was i a q already provided with four to prov i i posed to Honvo those incur Brancs a Tui kled forthwith if this might alter the Tho enamoured Monarch i la greatly surprised in finding thai not oven this proof of affection produced Tho desired leave Ort stirs it the clerk Home 99 the i r now permanently located in Neil Han of card Oakry 18th retail dealer in pure Patent toilet window office of and decl Arlington the rooms Are Well a Barge per Day from to to 10 first lass int for a cigars constantly on band at the polite and oblige log attendant in a Fiji professional a took not Alvin Jonnel if James 8 now opened again leading hone of Fri and 18 the the table is supplied with All Tho delicacies of the sea and compare with Tho High priced houses of the a Wem stocked bar up connect cd with the where can be obtained Tho choicest liquors and Fine convenient Board and lodging per 00 rooms per and 50o nov uhf in family French i would respectfully f be pm blot that i have Ivanou thin hotel and am now conducting it in better a tale any such Hiya been done in this county no person under stairs the Reni Romelna of a hotel for to Iii of the country better than i i i have refitted it rooms in Oates everything Board by the Day or week at Rino and clean it the Mayso Summit i am now pleased to announce to top Public that my hotel ii completed and ailed nth new Anil Cufo Ralile and All modern give me a John Eveleth a anal Kern Qia Hornun Chester Smith a attorneys at office of Nisrin next door to mattion All orders receive due left the Offlio Jomwe Flournoy attorneys at Lawi 220 h Moalli Alor new oily i Atli All kinds of a Uit Vanl n Tho panic Motlo of Talap Oaing of Iho Rivil u very after a Tush a Curr til by whip a ticks to Lutow Urief lofty Vir Cular Hai Intuit by Birds of Wal Cluj to Levour thu Llo Furu taking Una Liro a dog is brought Anil to ainu to into thu Eyt of the to us travel uni ilu4 of Iho tha Vint illicit Alm nuo in Tho tic Noreata an almanac years found in is in the British it is id to to Tho oldest in the it was found on the body of in thu Days Aru written in red and under each is figure followed by three char1 of signifying thu probable state of the weather for that hike the other Egypt an it is written on it is written in but a not in its having been evidently Lorn before ils owner a Turkat Tho Vena Tock then called tip the Iso of elder walkabout of Tor Homo two weeks wince Tho who is an honorary member of the prepared u Possum fount and sold tickets it Twentyfive Canth per Over fifty coloured men wit Down at his fes Uvo Board and ate of Tho lie claimed to Havo imported direct from everything passed off in the pleasantest but it was discovered next any that elder Smith had substituted Musk rat for Possum and perpetrated a Bald headed swindle on ids confiding country complaint was at onco lodged against him with Tho Secretary of Tho brother Penstock motion was promptly seconded by shindig and Tho president said do mosh uti prevails an do Case am Token from do it seems to to Dat elder Smiths crime am one of do blackest Ober known on do records an Dat it Calls for consign am Dar any Way fur us to git hold of him asked Way Down i Doan speck Dar to Hov him arrested Oberon a an tried fur perjury or of Dat sort1 queried elder i Doan Soo Bow we i reckon do in do uni Bounce Dutram no flan so Werry consign about to Kin lib in Hopes Dat do Sneor May drive him across de Ribor before do Secretary will Cross do name off do Rolls an do custom Ary Blue Ink circular will to sent to nil hotter in Preil than Ever to take i now Fot instantaneous half it Chris canned of Gas liquor a put ouzo Catly for family Chester the formerly with has hade suitable Chanuel taken a in ii in thu manufacturer and and solicits Ohi ils harness Carriage Trimani Iii a specially v 1 to nut Soufl Tuzii i a was called on in China re i gently to decide Between to mothers As to whom Belu Ngod in lie Drew a Chalk ring of the placed thu baby in Tho Center and told the mothers who Ever it out must be thu from declined to pull at thu Ami was awarded a lady from Michigan a very pretty Story of her Little buy Sho took Hila Ummer fur in Limo to Iho the Ellow vim greatly 1 Wuh tin Highl when to no Ovi Uin Steamer a Proa h jus was oxur Torrau to Incus of the come but Ami theres live taking a Ball Lioy cd lot in a pack of cards with which two Char mme had been poker at were found eight Sis Tinl showing Puiul Iho Llic in i were each sex of their be drop a match in a to m loft fortnt1 at Tho you drop a a after you Havo a ready 1 pair of Iron non k Iio Iuit n Coll it u known Tomt the climate of wits much Mure a Thitu it is and i lie nine thing stews in by True of Many Oiler countries u tin Plu nut slowly cd Leroug upon another of in cold honorary members in some blog for Jln a correspondent enclosed to the Dublin Mali a Cony a copy of an inscription in medieval latin from u Stone discovered during Tho excavations now proceeding at Cork near which stood a Church dedicated to a Saint and missionary known to Tho chroniclers by Tho name of unc atus the inscription is of follows i Mabilli Febes too foot bub Kab Ako Nosch Tux vow Innman upon this Tho journal observes though not versed in an antiquarian it offers a translation which May suit All Here it is 111 heres a forty busses in a Row Saye they to w a tie in of peas and tub Arlington k eep8 constantly on hand Hells at the lon eat nine act and i York a to piety u la la Alakl work Tui fur by now nil hitherto Forb Simun if us t i Ucli if late years the census in Germany ass Demoa titrated a rapid grub eth of the a id a inc Wue in the with exception i m Prussia and a few of the Atn Aller paying from die born Tho business of painting Tho huge signs upon fences and barns which Neault Tho Eye in All Parta of the country is in Tho hands of a few contractors in new Vork and one firm in new York spends from to a year in this one and on half to two give me a Nur Hlf u ibo drum Apt lived to on pro Hijji jul it to thai now up in hour out it fact Luo to Zitur of suit up u a the Troua to Cru w a Itji Dlug in a Ljuca Ami in in i Urt loth of v t Cut f e re a Loar cd writer in Ono of the scientific jul death t hanging u Iho Moat humane method of pulling out o i tic world Luat has yet Krouti numerous of of and careful com of re mired for the censor 1 to carry Trio feeling to the i he it not Luu Pang Yucca aquaed the fall u very and the Timu which u it of he own after Bri Gitig up at the of the in other a Matt who is Hung hit of a second after the line u cents a Square foot for the the bigger the sign the Many con be reaching 300 feet in and the biggest of All at Ohio is More than 800 feet Long and contains Only one not so Fanny after 1 of Loci employment office paper for a a Western Farmer answered and the Young Roan wrote describing himself a i wan or Ludg Brick store with a Long Bank account tbsp Rwm Kaiue on it a i the he is now after the a evil or u cult for fraud and and in Walters 19th the building and furniture of thin hotel in entirely new throughout and no Butler can be had in Whix special can be made for bar Dud Roux in for a certain length of nieal8 3b Beds 20 the City bakery id attached to the above where Frise bread can always to and will be delivered to Chis Tondu every Walter All kinds of Lovae fall and Qoon and before bedding and Ian it Itil ornery rooms 27 room new rank vis am a notary attention Given to coolest Cobb before u and uts to land ja28m physicians and 1 graduate in Medicine sub Ewt a i f Tho Quoos Anu of Ali Koval colleges of mom Zerof the Bnting medical drug fold aug Lotf society k of la cry Ani feel 19th cabhiaqe8 and a addle Hor Fujii always ready for Anunali Roke to Hay and Grain for the very Ben Central James the Kopi Petou of the Cental Niibu Nnoli to Hix Tho Irit Velitis that the will be so a Hes class hotel in a manner to meet Tho approbation of All Reg mid Trun Nickit thu Tulilo will by hip bed All Ilio Market and to Hiu Klit or in Are Stirni Elivd in the the ii Uriba Hab been Remoli Leloyd and Reform ubed Jon Lulf 00 to a Dies for a Good Square meals to Ovedee open at oct24tf Kern of meow at their Castle every wed Nus Day evening it 7t80 Boj wire ing Biot Heru in Gaud a lauding invited to Jan Ltd Baker Merlh every tue Duy at their parlor in the town visiting bothum in Vitta to and a Kentfield xxx am hta Tod Lien Titika of Thor Vihay of next in Cudipp the full of tace Mapou of each meet at their Hall ovary sat urday Violt lib and j lurking Brothern in Good stand Ink juht1ce meets at their Lull monday evening a in each week French Tulare Jacob a8her Borgwardt Moo obd 19th in Nehib new building Job led on the moot approved plan for a tilth com for it sub All thu modern Oon Vou leu Cen in their mint improved it hav fit club accommodation for our Hundred the t in impelled with Tho beat that can to obtained in the the beat Cooks and Are for Perom from to Boullioun part of the vim id Tulare Teliin in the proper ii lace to leave the it is the Point from Winch Good radiate to All parts of the offering route by which it May be Bent and most conveniently the Public whose Reipe Louhy will tied the of Artu rom Nablo Iod Jacob Ash of american legion of it Fly Letoe Council a ctn the irks and Euch Mouth it their Hall at band of Hope band of no by hater due at 2 Oclock p at the n bldg no of of k near the school Mew French Jean veal and All kind of salted Home made Bacon and and everything found in first Hun we respectfully Call to the attention of he pah Lac hotel ban been thoroughly re noted and in now pre pared to accommodate travellers and better than the table a Par we have engaged the flit French in the part of the a Good bar up Pii Edwith the beat of French and feed Yard connected with City brewery ha8 undergone a eral renovation und adaption far the the lager of a better Quality it Ever been before and the Jour supplied with the very Ohio Cost of Llenora and the Bowling Alley and shooting which Ara kept Nunn log Day no Obi Alto Tipp ii proved and now be arc jury it Iho Mout come Orlabdo and but place of a wort in Ilia Beer put up exp Euly for and family one and live Rcd promptly on receipt of county maps amp Fok Bate by
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