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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Jun 26 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - June 26, 1886, Bakersfield, California21 Kern june How 8aroou writes his Publ Trifo every saturday publisher and Ali to a preparing to of first Capoti bin principal a whole do matter what it min we a in a and in to it what perfume in to a Mutt be Well it should give a a Frame of the id of Ami wit Bitil it a no matter what mar be Laoo plate and of in gel per to the botnet men around even three of that hard i Tiu in the Cane of Georgette worked out two rach and it i Yeti i ten i v a Arm for a a Kiir wll try Nuion of inter i being per fond Ftp the it tit of Thour that i not to n Teh inuit through Var lot i Lii Wity from the ins Kiihul Tiff to the end i Vam Iyun about weeks and from print medical there in Little doubt that the of tilt will Imp the u Christopher 31 to received Hon in jury jfe win fond of Haik Ikenn it one evening Eliut nine Motif i to wan enjoy Lynx a quiet Imok in Hon and while rend ing fell in not Way Tho which to nil held in Wim and Trio hot fell from the upon Hon a Hurt and net it on urn it nmn Linrud for a and i his Tho two Hod Bacn Doreen led m joined to thu work of writing the play in writing Plynn Kordon has a i which in probably unique with he begins with principal personage Ami Riun out the whole of or her i in Thi important a canes of this Chan utter ont the hat of it which not Pat in Tho j of leading la not definitely i Given to thin or that until his i other part in written out in the name he always Hli plan org i Turnt 11 to Little Allott of and these he afterwards copies on to an a Rule thin first draft in covered with j Era Miret and interline Atlon to that Dej Grey that no one hut Sardou Blini Alf Cati i pot Lily maid them j when writing Sardou Alwoyn keeps in 1 View Thorn who Are to interpret him he j Well an Tho who Are serving As his mod very often the Pera Nageh of Hla domed Levi Are drawn from real he also keep in flew Thi defects of pronunciation of who to be in thu lines written for Sara Jacobs o cures Pitt at Asu ii Jokull till ail Ruis tour lbs c r flip san us a null Holm in the Ond then it Bret i tort Fannie and Tho Tho won the fro had reached contain very few words in which thu let and Horn at the burning cloth b b being a co Monant which he rolled River on the and Al Nelly Miu Hiwing ills Light fun to the i wider Vruth Terry Fly ii jul it Loo kit if the could iks from tin nit Trou Olu the pain nit mid f Ron the of the wound it us ii Triu would have to in amputated to the shoulder Wim tried for a but it not any Riml Erlna Benefit doll went to u to rcom Luxl Tini lifer Rire for two her pretty Trio with utters with much diff Linw Tho Llu Minnii keep the Kut Wimch have a great Knack of making their Winter you feel Noti Dikof the cold in those when All doors and wit flows Are and where the rooms Are kept irm by blk hidden in the Wulla to Himlan and non ill dre88 inloo1r1 which contrast oddly with and wraps which they lift no Dat and eve Kamso sir Nituda into All myl for of City hah recently Ages Idip Triin for to sum1 me r the lager in of n Tutor finality than t Lias Ever been Ivan re and the Zitur nip Luil Riih the very Chollot of the Bowling Alley and shooting which Are kept Rusniok Day and night have Alto been really improved and now the brewery in Tho most comfortable and Bent of report in the Beer put tip extra silly for Hunio Riib and family no and delivered promptly on receipt of of the Consumers Elmton Baebel shop beware Clyl with tax Nice drawing in every the Niit treat Zient the upper portion of the firm from thu Tel now to the should or could not in Tim put Lent wont Bohunil but could get no aka hitch u a Rex of expo Ltd Llonch in the wound that thu Pun formation Wim i w no Tiitu of exposure when to Tho Tyllo Tor a walk or drive he and Tho Antiseptic which Wini Ukon did not prevent the absorption of the to Toomim matter into the thu a daa Garrow condition of Woodpow Olna wan it Ito grew pole mid Hla Attr Singth and and when to wan admitted to the Han Anguin about two months i coven he Hewl and earn with n fur Bon his and Iveth Felt Boot lined with Wool or which arc drawn Over the Ordinary boots and and up to Tho Knees he next himself in a top coat with a fur lining and cuff he burls Lii in a pair of fun Gerles Glovola of Mali Ken or Bear thus and with the Collar of his coat railed All around no that it in Flea him a to the the Sumlan a poles Only Hla Onoto the cold air and he taken Caro frequently to give that Organ a utile Rob to keep the circulation a stranger who la Apt to forget the precaution would often get he a living with hardly Lotta thou u it for Tho Cour Power enough left to Rafan be Uayan toe who will Alwayn there Are imitations of the celebrated and old reliable Pace the genuine has the full Pace and Boon u do admitted Takon to stamp out Tho blood Contu which Wen Orvn tally worn him if they to tils now measures Etna help him to chafe it Algor Only with walking u Tut to Moblo the Bat hardly k in hubs Ian cities o Nion during and Tho Patton began to Rethe but hardly so for the cover to got Stronk enough women of Tho lower order Wear knee and hta body was free from the Boot Siose of the Hropko Epling class sol it won determined by Dom venture out at All Thieo of the arts the att Aning surgeon to Mako a new up1 to crazy go out in the sleighs Ore per Ann from the Tiesh of the patients by no Means pleasant vehicles for nervous awl to haul up thu wound by cover1 for the Kalmuck Coachmen drive with Hen thy at Brut i ilium at such u Terr Lluc Picicc that they fre quintly Foit Dan Aniball pleven of hash taken from Var ious Parta of Hla body and plied in differ ent Spoto upon thu run Rhu Ulster in in Wal Long Mattor of to determine a paper which will withstand an in whether Tho Tresh could by Quavc Sunlly cat without rendering Tho Wal Liik the armr Lenl was Halo filble Imi made of an Asbestos the Little Leom of and Indan Little Zimm and Akin United on Thi in Likam totem minor Wisn i twi voral Ileayn and without Tho of of any other than u icon Vury thing had on that no soul ten i ints to infill old More part of Tho which in cover j to nth up n Large portion of Tho Arm at one time with the Abs Wab Tho put Lent wan lint put under the in flu Inco of an Thun nil the Cinat Iclal tvs site the upper Arm we with a half until it lipid profusely and wait entirely while Tho Arm won held away Frum the two incisions were to Natl about three inches apart running up want from the Small ribs for about Novom at thu lower end of then u of Roscitt was and then the Atrip of Llesh Wom Dow Eclid up Frum the the i full length of the making a in go won loft United at thu Tipper thou Tho patients Arm was brought j clone to he and this Hup was Laid coated of one or both Law in combination with n Liln writing Papor coat exl or 1m Progn Luxl with Tho heat Len the effect of forming n thin Glaze which will Combine with the a Boston Tho thin coating of Wilt May be applied to Tho paper with a Brush or by Means of a and combined with Tho Asbestos body by Tho use of a Cement com posed of or con Taining silicate of to which should to Addil a Small portion of on the tin dont be you Are imposed upon if the initials Are not on the tin Job printing of every Dentri Timi neatly and promptly executed Al Tho californian Over on u set the Tho Folbe Flutot or Callue paper May to United by being subjected u powerful the Luk Uewl for printing or writing on this fireproof combination May be an Ordinary containing nitrate of Silver if Othur solutions of Metolli May be when paper so prepared and written and printed upon in subjected to an extreme heat the thin Hur Faco la con armed or leaving the metallic or part of the which Nan penetrated or touched the thin legible of Tho Asbestos thus prepared is of to used for the most important Iegel instruments or other written or Farmers attention us Only the califor Lii if and forged mid Hiluid min live sack Needles with Culter in Trio Eich Needle Price by Auk your Imler for or order from Trio Manu Cor Bonatch of i Tho raw Llesh on Tho Arm and l primed of the Promod mid fitted into j destruction of which by fire would entail considerable and Lead to Vii Nolous if not cause actual Trade when thnh hh4l Ikon them huh Al ill a Cotton of thu inc Orui i Ingli kill str tit Tho tint Nin Nigut u and i town Tho upper portion of Tho of the Uisok Trio Ultsh win thick it this Ami inti Lulux u Freo up Uinins yet palpitating tin1 Hisari it put the Ullin Lilik of Tho Arm mid let Ltd into Lioa the two to new Wen i Tut Teutul into position by a Conui Milor in Only Grant says that his mexican War experience and hta West Point life were of service to him in Tho civil War through what to Hud Learned of those to whom to opposed my App relation of my enemies was certainly uitts cd by thin Tho of natural disposition of most people is to were run Over Thiol clothe a in Maunder of a army whom they do not know with almost and into re act to that nil motion of Tho a part of the Tut actor thu whole wound i National fur and Moat of Lufty uncivil with in i press of the clothed the Ether waa Token off the j with such but i had known und he Koun Ron Vyred loan Recd Luttio from ulna a mid Tho Hemore Huv was him and knew that to woo and it won Junt Well that i Felt Trio Nam was kept tic Curtly to his torn und the wound was guv fully at it of not thought tint the from Llie ult to to till in the Temh on Tho Arm but Fulir it n inn Huld and a u it Tok red and Lido Khi hits of new Utah lira Hihl out in every two Dilyn the Tsulis the two la non to thu ugly the us in non tin i to Trout ind ail to it perfect Ami wet then a Luxl with in the operation it will to to blur thu to Hap of Tho in Only a Little in thin Hart no injurious Toh Anu now prawn to the Muslo will us Soti Uhm until it to Iview Cov Tuul to will us in Vlf ii the up pc Scally Anil Nuich Trio it us Arm has to and the us i ii Ltd to Iii Vav Iii Tulita ill week with a Gnu new York i lie Tau do you two that route Organ rending a Dally a near of Enow the said b Friend to to in i Oak Park train not Long invariably burs nil the bad butter he ran i expressed my sur prise it such a proc Iare when my Friend and ships it to you will never what they do with it take nil Tho Wilt out of it and it Tii Tho of spin a lots in Trio entire sup ply of butter in and Rolund is bad and in differ m they want for their spindles they Wavu Send to Memi tar our rancid j tool it Runa hair in i setup Duvis is Iii byrons Mil int found the exr i with his hair in i sync was but that Lovely curls win produced in this building Lur was on vain of Uusi i u girl of Niwore eau old will 818 Market St s a the add i into and la nil rapidity Irequi Tilv Malailua lie u owl dentition i prudent person to p n Joe h Sulphur a electric agent for Law Beins Spanish no Lolly Conro agents Edward Schormann Milwaukee b 18 Battory san make hut Youk pianos and organs of the older trend Lar next Hondo on the count Koi Iler Low and Ull the City Kiili or Hooper South end firs class fireproof Brick torn and Kirn Anil ban Frau George of oils Token from Trio mid from the of the and free of Hora go it eur unit advanced and inti Bruneti at lowest Tulip hour full blood of is works Lilii 1 Mich in Lilly sure u Eun in re ulv Iurii in Iii in i inc a Throat Natl ii the Smili i ii i 1 j1 b Tuila of i i Uii to a uni inv 1 i ill i Riker Ioviti t r i avers Cherry pectoral 1nul a Iii fur pm Pihir inn u Liidi Oisiu of i thin v to inv Iii Viilo it was tint Olti Rii to the tiny i gift i in in Niev Luu pm n Irtoli Iii when ii be Hii n mini a Lilli Iio Jilin it 11 Iiri Ipac Liny stir unit or Laii i ii maj Lillo of who not Liv a Kiis Elf Kajy Toi a l in Iii of i Hijii u Iii my Liu of Ziniti Onur con i in i r it j in every la Iii win i i is Luciile Ron r tin nil milk ii he ii Ayers Cherry ii Ayer will hand the season at tue 18sg old Chester for the Grade for the in file l Grain 10 Callego for san bag 310 California cd ctr Virili Hole Salk and in pure Patent toilet window prescriptions accurately office of and Troel James i i now opened again and is the lending Ioimo of kith the table Iii Pilod with All the delicacies of Tho sea mid compares wih Trio of thu a Cak connected with Trio where Cun he obtained Tho Tihoi Cut liquor und Fine convenient Hoard and in drink per 0 Hoopii 50c no vhf Traler in family 1qii adj All kinds of canned cigars put up especially for v is Tiik Arlington k eeb constantly on hand and to Tell at the Lowrant i Trot rates i Anred inti Ivy l to t Elt t k f Uta Onia in the Woid a con Uii ii rur la cipro an give me a Maruf Donlon Weri an4ftej 19th and always ready Auxin Milf Broko to Hay and Grain for the Vury Ben Borgwardt Mccord 19th do Altitia in veal Anil Alt a ainu of salted Home made Bacon and and very think found in a Eliop Jordans museum of Anatomy Market an1 How to Jam Vul and Huw or fill an Ivi Vuk Kiik Lynn of 4in All in of for Arlington t1he rooms Ark Well charges or any from 00 to firs class liquor cigars on Hviid it the polite Mil j in cd try i1aiid1ng a Jeinel of French would a respectfully inform the Tomt 1 Hugo Loa Soi tins Loul and am now it in Bettt Hlili than any Inch Iii Finch Ovir been done in Thia county no person Nevi Hairls the Requiro Moalc of n Hoti i Tor Liis part of tic country bettor Glisn i i i have n tilted it rooms in Galtes everything first Board by the any or week at reasonable Fino liquors and cigars at the maj so Summit f am now to announce to b the Public Tomt my hotel is Toimi Luil not tiled Mith to Abs cosh forame and All modern give me a John Eveleth sep fit Walters 19th and Fuhn iture of 1 thin hotel in on tidy Imp throughout and to lie Lei Eun in hut in thin special Cun lie Nudi Lor Kird a Iii Jiuu Iii for curtain of meals 28 Beds 25 the City bakery h Ivett non cd to the where i toil a Iii and will he delivered Central the of ti1k cent ital to his Irionda Hud he to Iveline that Tho hons will be a us u firs class hotel n a manner to meet the Eppro Dialion of All rep Nln und Tiu Tululu will with nil the in Prkut and the in in Cru in tic fount the ii Riiho Iwuh been Rouimi Nulud and Jan Lute French Tulare Jacob Asher a Vii Nellu Ilung 18 cont Hunt id in tin most Aji proved pm Nair for Liu Uhli it Siuk All tin modern Reouven Ncik in Lilii Muni it him Flint Elum for of Hundred Lii t Lijo is Hiripi Iliad with the Bent that Eun Rbt Nini 1 i Ilie Tiu Bent Mil attend ankh for Peru our from the Mill icon part of tin Vini Tiisik Tulare thin in tin proper ii Loco to Lingo lie it Tiu Point from Winch Jond Roi Ulit radio to to till of Ofle rink Rontty by it and might the Public pair Iii i will find unil i army Jacob French Jean Call to Tiu to Uttel Tion of this Public to lilt Tell la hotel been thoroughly Rel tied and now pre in red to accommodate triv Oberfe and Hitler to Iii tie Luhley in Jar we have Uri nuked the Bent in the will Iii Jimart of Tho a Lump Juliel with the Impi Vigo Rand in ii tic French mid of Ltd Yard on Neitert with Watai ail in Hoiu by professional a tto Neya Bah w a tool they and coun8eloratlaw Alvin y and Counselor Law Kern Clit scr Smith to Toneys at cites Teit next door to mat Bod c county All orders loft St to Zalit Boician of lot will receive due Jeb Lotf Mhoon Flournoy attoiiney8 at Montgomery a san i mtg Merv Tooma 27 ways iowans and in Naplate in huk Geuy i i a Leith and of the Hoval Coll Kob of Phi clan 8 r morph roof the Brit Ian medical r loin i0lf 80cibty of Kern of p it choir we Dimi non re Bio Hunt in food Tau Dunk invited Chi Ilyf Ila Keil b g w Merib Xvi by firm third to newly can Limo of every via stink Brothern to and i on Blini Pluy of Kehn their Hull every 8ai inlay Al giving and mourning brother in standing Juht Ioe Meell at Iligir Hall monday in each week of american legion of ugh no mootl1 Lulu i Liard Euch Mouth at Iligir Viall at band of Hope hand of in Noeth every Haiti Rdv it 2 Oclock at the remd Hico of of k Noar Tui Oul toilet Blacksmith nineteenth Batroot Opp Quito Adobe All kind of now work and Ilc Puiying Dune 00 Short horseshoeing a Irit iut Hie lower Tuzid Bulin Falion give me a advertisers can learn the exact of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing Rowell Nown pipe 1o Spruce tend for Iwayo

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