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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Jun 19 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - June 19, 1886, Bakersfield, California Bakersfield Kern june 1886 Calif Orwan a horse stalked by a every Itu Roit and hum or in v r i advertising Bat no Tel aim known lir Ino in for in Mil a diag 10 r i fro l Leaf aii 1akf a night kit or or to i it was on Board this vessel that 1 heard the following very interesting Story j the now who i More he Milf an to what took to is the declaration of peace this j it nil tie apr gentleman Luul been ordered to slow by him and with a body of artillery on a further b up the owing to the tremendous month month and year Force of the current and the difficulty of faction in Alwayn filing mire an to the Channel nil Lici Zulty v f the i hic til for iry Panli jul orc Mckin Struc Tii ii Don n tit fell swept out i nil help to r ii the in Thi Iii i 1 n it in if he Fot flt of Ali Jun tit in ii k Lio Rei Viii t by Lii f j0 in u our Garrtt i i lift fool Tofy it ii of Fth Han i ii Viiar i ii t tit r of r r i i w thre Lilly tit i it i n i j i 1 1 v r 1 11 i r i i i j f t i 1 1 r i t if 1 1 fluff f Alioth it t ii n i 0 ill la 1 t ii Iii la j to t i i t in i Luil to of Thi we inti f Hili i ail of Len Idiu is tin Liurni u u aii to the i to i i of Iii lie him o f f Gritl i Dix Tain Witter Fufil t f i of i the v in nuo nil 111 i f til it i and it Titi not in thit the f f t Inonu Tho Halo at Alt count Tomt Ullh 111 to d r in 1 feeling i last the Flo r been and or Wiki Deuth to i of Lor list lie fair nud Olid Khy it nil in of ii the i Rutnik raid i to the of Takh i tar in if Ripe run die of that Bali it of the no Palm at and Tii o ii i a wording i Tii in t of Liiv a trend Iii in Niji Nonini paired Point Llen ctr titty Tiivel 111 it of Mutt any i by tin be of the of our May pc it i Lunil fran Hhill ii Eusi of Ilia Ifni third Blunt n Mill who by Iuliu Lii in or the not of i the cry to were in n us rip run ii by ii Junction Liny not him ii i tin of vow id tin Iii with s Teotil a Parion Arnm i ii it r an till mtr Mii on the i t f Tii 4 nud to lint lir Niu to Nhinh the Willi in b that third uni since Ley Are in the in or Uiti in i i v Ulo polio y of Pru Ilie l Kir Liellei of 1 Ful Priit Ovir inn in Uii will to b f Acu of in 1 i v 01 n Prev Psi Ali 1 i i i ii Iii Siliris in i warned Juilio hit i Joti of til in Tell nil tie ii to Lliel which Ali a Loloi Iii lit Aill of to Rilli Iii 1 ill ii Simic Ali v lit t in Ihk Abi unlit ill of in idiot in four i out f in Invar no Nain Rizin n n stub lib such 11 Jilin or eci clan Ray in in a Hull Ali whole prism Puiul the whole people of the the four he through Judy Okiu to Point out n Etil Anil Dimal Rong Hurh they would Nice Linsly allow Hute Irlean m in torn who was the govern of the of Pul a sketch of the prime of the and ivs the following do of Inshuren salted to an Ocean Steamer it was Only Pon Noble to proceed during the hours of an the Rhodes of Muht a con Proa Chwi the vessel would be moored in j if Muny deep Walfor till the while thus at during n very Lark one of the ural cry through me act nud was instantly f Iii it at 11 Speed that rendered the fax in in inuit quite out of the Al rat thins in the Nair no one on the could observe the the for the country tint and and i to hmm Tjung Itiat the if lit fortunate to effect would to tiny Krei from the there wits qty of water am More Fuddie r Jiju h1 he Wius ill Iii it contentedly on in which Niimi up u n Wenj with Low sub it her him i Liv and binoculars were upon Limun More nor of than a a Linn in vain did f prey use All its running in ail Ler cover of tie to sprint tin horse no Guys seemed his whom j in by it the into the Center of mint her j there wirl in Only aunt her horse can for Feu human Heli Jii would under these at i thu time Luul j mini Swift Uri with j to Ditth the with n Force that seemed to menu instant Hon intended leery in the my Pirn ii d with is to to made Minc nuut i jilted to witness the Fine de1 by the con out he received and left that the Neil i heard like the sound f dip on in Ord the j Ruuti Lii of the Orost full i Rind to the re Tjw the he Munk Back tied into the whence he our of a la Vernen for an Mai pave the friends Iii even of can lie firm of a him porn the Captain Hud Iliili Uliase Yiu bites rather in gift tiny in he nud would we enl it the Mere touch of u human but soon became the Fust Friend of it Yogi no they would Roll und Romp together on no races no off the and often ii leap in tie name unless the Rouk Lemai of the made it nudes Simiry to Transfer the conch to the near hum pro fess j on j a k front lilt hum t incl 1nliot Consumers Ostli Deal limn pure Patent toilet window accurately lice of nil James Arlington Tritle Kooms att Well per from 50 to 91 firs class liquor cigars constantly on hand it Ilic Tolito g in Tioy flail pig a if is and is tin Lini Liny Lin it i f kit ii the table there Are imitations of the and old reliable with nil the Dili Iocim f Hie Mil min Pyrih Wili tie Linh priced Hunt a hah Xvi Tell Iii the to Al birr can Mill the full genuine has Tho Pace Fine d Mil ii French info Ltd the Pic Blair that i Iveli this Lioti 1 Neil Dpi now it in better Sajle than Uny Pacli Iii Ever in Ell Linlie ill to liar ool Allty no pit Miji the Ripi Vrumink of u Hoti 1 Tor Purl better Sluti i 1 i have Rilli Leilith rooms in Galtes everything first Hoard by the Day or wed it Proko Nahlob in ten the attorney Bak jew 1 to Toxey aft i cotjn8klobatlaw Alvin a took mkt at Kern Summit am now announce to Iii Tulliu hint my in nil i til Ltd it it Clim Tir Smith tt01iievs at of kick Nixt door to coif Orvalle and on the tin dont be you Ere imposed upon if the initials Are not on the Tiroui Tho in Atli Forniti of n Parvati he Hon no Enrid by the i Over in the of the Hall n 1 the Schooner encountered u violent common they that Lintline of with skins of which havoc with a portion of Tho Jiro Muirty of the i r Citurs in years nil Phi Seal Pri the ring Ink Aud in the in Irlue of the con Lubby Aniblo Yunnu Xci to yet hut come j the was put Uhink with Iluk Purl nil of that use does nut cannot Auh Piid it my Board Wpm mvj2giu j than that thu owner Bank of a at any property in Witer Ilowit the Ibbil Tho doctrine if nut Inni Uil Pilunt in the Tulloy and Pkt o the roup behind ing fur a moment Tho for proceeded to their plan of Roliff a Gauitt rep Muu Ludi Topoly o of flow inn water for in n far milk to the Joi Ludm u Priblu 1 in and permit the liking n or Tartu property by of Rondi Hinn j Liuo for a Public and the Ripun owners property in the water of no it Vatu univ on phys Hunt of Diu Rompon Bation to him be Tikiun to Supply Job printing of re cry neatly and promptly the Gali Zoraian Maklani efforts to overt not the Fatt receding Chance of while with bin Tho How it would Aud in the pro postilion will unt of View Tho con Tho Opin Ion of Buttico Loki itry nud bin three Trio Slowin Naturk in arid Koruna Bio by cent Ouary Kaui cd Down irom Spandau my Xian to the Public that sue i uru open to appropriation nud in to Fruct Ify thu i Batik own Eric do not and tuner did own the water and Tomt it in the height of us Nail Ltd nud to propose nil who wih to thin Taku Jilin element of a turn buy of Pust front Noffo it ii cum in int thou in Jiromi to Ostl Untim an my live Thane out of Loi nud u a Mamilu the of the Muir incl i n Patli Ovilur fiction j of through to Irvin nut with i Wiiri went Iii with ran la locked Over Jourd by a Iveth or Iii n Twenty Ilia and nude Niu covered Anil in Wou lil have been worse i Slih Yorimi Pelits of their i than to lower u but the heart this ii lower Liui Luik in j f every Niue on Board Krutik Wien k he t us Hiitt their b Thoy Hei Iril through Anil darkness this i one of inner jul Inird Rcd Holitik a final of their poor who Henlly with on the ends of their lingers they went Iofik like a Ull hands were Way it the she in thin Zareni while reef Iii ropes by Vonil sailors noticed the the prime in Nieter Tony stud ribbon dialling in wild excitement about rat Iii on Knees in j the and uttered yells that sounded statue wide mis Hilepo Rupent to his i Liko mis wern to Tho cries of hits drowning foil Isle studiously j at last the Captain himself heard those yells from the Stem of the most of Tho women who Eom Powl the hastening thought that he heard a 818 Market Styf Haruni of the who died in were Hal no in the but the darkness of of to Cutie Titi fairest of the tin Ughi the prevented him from recognizing of the Sli mexi and princes of j the dim object Keck Erik to clout the us Jaent tributary states the Queen i the Wake of the an the ii Iimura Wiki own i storm abated Thoy Send Chetyl and hallowed i idl Over the but Only the howling of i an old tomcat of adored Thor the j Gibbon had joined his Felix i Ittoli Ami kiwis canned cigars tobacco put Cit Tlly for Many Choice and Indian airs fifino tally for the Royal Imrem from und i in Farr Sers attention use old m Mil d an i sack Needles Willi in stir in Hie Eli adv your dealer Lor or Hitler Fiona the Nunn Kings evil All modern give my a John Eveleth we Milf mums were offered year after year at Linau Kok and Singapore for an English tvo Iurii of Beauty and Jire Nagir to Crown the French women offered them Elvis for the but Tho Kiny would not accept i oink a Trainer of in parts there Are numerous professional j thu blowing hi1 i Tho United the it flounced Mil re nisus n amur anti Ali jew ult cd Call Uruu tit apr Pitr or u not that by itch Kulu n at far in by tin it today Liy Lorenc Milit to to judge Unis Xiu Zaic Titt ii i tin uni Iii n us Lifari tile ill Tel i Row real Watrt out Tho Ani Ouier Ugal stint i not that it actor out Gnott a Copot Tif we Tali i not and which no by and Arn Tohl by1 the tint rum Uit Ward i of loin Kiil Irlar bi1 j May enjoin diet Union o vat i Muthu Public Lam above that it i Sci the water in a far Mij it nov Hill Arpin Opl Liin of the if the div tors had to shed tars for every the Fountain would soon be sex they and Diaff nose and but it All for the Sot Nelmida Tolx Knorl tired or Lonce Wou lil not the exp ariment with die Oxe and Rte Lenuit with death just like the tre neral of an army lights list Tea some must be to save the and so after a he to unlit up the kill Danil Ivel is Happy if he killed i More of the other aide Ihan he of his he liken to Sidh ii i xxx bit Lance even though it u a blood Tel it lord bigger tiling than Hii Nihi Muf Terins or the a chief of Tho loved Viii it Stine hut still tie family in n Piirto of the family an inn Rel it Are Thim As to a Frisini in Anil for Tendon Iuka May i in it the th1 doctor la near or Aud dearer to plus pc Unity than tin Ono ministers to the Ami Tho other Tho us Are bigger Lima the whole world with All in vast mahi fiery is at work for but the work ii ii tur is Only u Side show in the family doctor n higher pome than the faintly Lute for Titan or nil Luin a Kuiv nut take n or who undertake the education of any Wiifred or four legged or make a specially of their Charlesi vary with the desired Grnde of the Trainer of per onners charge francs for i kindle hut even for f francs Buburu in tutors will undertake teach u Dop quite n number of they keep Sample that could Klee a nip Lancer Points on his own dancing a and turd playing pot does Iris Kiili wafting hand kisses and favors with deep is invariably imparted the tin Lynors do not like to divulge their Liu Ginetis and wish to avoid trouble with moral la no charge in made if the Pupil Nho Uil prove but exports take Pride in denying such Postl Iii to tvs them time Ami they will i user take to train any for gunned creature gifted with api Tite and two Ipen Nottier irume of an Kiihl italian variety us Reid ii us Ore fur there to hut Only Uduc o the of the order has Buei found in yield tin pro Lute of the rather less Tinati by lie the of out Earth hot Insil to plied t a one of Huron Itu Mihills will priv Balsly von Ivul by the of Iree crop Millie mime win re wheat would tie the bin Aust Iii supt Fiti a Krove full Olivo lives m nearly iwo than Linyen of Oil Lauri in inf Tho name formerly Given to scr Fula of a superstition that it could to cured by a Kings the world a Wiser and knows that scr Fula can Only be cured by to thorough Purifica Tion of the if this is the do Incuse 1ierietuutes its taint throw Irh generation among its earlier symptomatic Are cutaneous to i 1urulent Surv duo and 1liy Sicul if us Lowed to con so Romulous Ca klan of mid Pitr tubercular Mill him other or Tutu Urc produced by Ayers Sarsaparilla la be and always it in no Elli it an Alieni Lvi that u erudite Latex from like Aud the Indre in Porto re of Teh and at tie quae time h to Rillies and vitalize the rest Riim a healthful to the vital ind regenerative Medicine composed of ibo trend ii ilium lurch Ullh Cyl now the in titles of and Oiler at Rndt carefully Coin its Fon Nuti generally known to the us dial nud the As a in Arlington on Hani ant o tin Iii duet Walters 19th Ryphe hu1ldixo and 1uhnituke of l thin hotel in entirely am no Hetler Mil ii Iii id in Titi Pei in ran lie Malvim Sumril Puiul i Ruih in a cd ruin Lenin Ali it Beds 25 cents the City bakery to tie a love Ali pro in no All Torfli left it the Oft of will due jeli7ll Chooh if Kurnov atto1ixey8 at Montcio Mikhy san Wal Tuska a 8nn j1 Puiul Ami it to in i f Hie tiie Eiliv Neil Mill Muir prof thu by nine Meilien i Iii dries h Lull Katf in to k of of Kevin Mem it their on lever in Tiv Cut Lingat Itig in others i Pood to injun in cirit Ditrih Cipi Anil to text Cave me a Ina Rhth Union Lauri am Fecil 19th oof i 13 Calinia Ciko Aki Nahum Kiuly for aim Init Hay and Grain for lies Boeg wahdat Moori i 19ih und veal Ami All l owner or of Virv now Wui Wilsall Litfia Vivi hair in t Urli in it Trail it tile aridity our lieu w by the the in Liui u u Annie in or it private Lttie v who Fri Tho Iii Luicir i Iii tin Tiu it null or a absolute cure for All a turd by the Vitia Tion of Tii it b to tic far beyond any other fur which Are Annj therefore the tit the beit blood Oitai in the Ayers Ayr Ai salted Home made and Bacon get mitral tames Koril Letort of the centka1 i in Rieu Llanil thu tint thu Douai will in Tonji Irbid an it firs class hotel in n trimmer Loime the approbation of nil Reg ii Lar and trim tit tie will to up plaid with nil Market mid or in arc Fusil Mlod in tin i tin Lidiko ims been Irli Klud Jai Lull French Tulare Nakeil Merih Exi by Pirn Mill Luril evening of Vimit liar Bill huh Iii inert of Jackb preset i i and 224 i Tali i in tit Lull of Mooti of or in Al i me Keun Tiki lit Louir Hull to Surv Jacob Asher lmi1k in Millie snort a Pinover lies ill Mil i Linn nil thu Lii Mirn of Oiiver Erie ii in to Weir Iii int it Iwuh bit curb drum Kindred tie t Lilu with the Tami Cui Lilii Iii in in thu Bent in Urei Koi Ironi Ali Noii Hern part of tie Viii it 1 huh in the air Pii place in pm it in tie Fiorin nun i Iii Nuli Ute id it Rin by which it Nikii Niit i tie in n i i Elf Lull will hut tie Nii Argiri in Jacob French Fortice jieet8 Mieir Hull Muni Luy Ivani sikh in each of uie Isican ijc010n of my Letoe Ineetha lie Al flt Imd Tii Oduy i ice i until at halt i till at band of stand m Itil Inex every anti Inlove it 2 Duck it of year Llie Hal idol a on k Hunt Blacksmith itr6ot Idolio All kind of novt work ii Iii d lie of Jean of Anatomy Market to 1vtk Call to ti1j t Tom Liiv Hein Milit Lii und now in 10 Iii l Delluci Tymn Tho table in Par Vav Hie Lien a Roeii Craik in Jilji Iii Lii n Purl of the a the in o r Anil in por Leil Iii ice the i horseshoeing a mid k pr25tf Javk a a advertisers can least the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in America m papers by address Rowell and 1o i Rufus fur
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