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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Jun 12 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - June 12, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern june 1886 published very publisher and f Alling from a at wit to Siuth in of a Fri i ten Ferri farm red Star Trade pm bit our w f try Adver Kinc 10 i l i l for l to j till Chok to Aji round in h it Lola la thai my dlr with Jim a of 1 my Iii no ally i Arnii no Wihr in Iii Volly ii Lett in an Van Dwand flu in Lily to fire 111 of half Lillin infill Wihl theri nor Ruel tin we How tin Ivill to Ali Thi rtt k mount inn i Wrin fully i an Mot Lini and up Flor Liko Kryml Nadir the hand of n thir inn no tin Siulc into tin Vii till Nadif n Nim Pittil Puntiri unlit n Turk Rind ii Mould per min to in Prii Fly ill Ali Litin of Atli into ii full in Liik to the of i Lif tiny of no filch any inborn link a left lift Hill ii Jal thin pit Nilmei of Tot Enlil inner the fix hint it Axl Iii la y Trull if pin up inn lir i ran from tin of Tolm Liiko i the Ami Wand it Newny in All nil tin nil the Iti Orf mild a Flint for approach the Ity in n sort of Lilack nil Dili Vity in limn it Rem Linti one if tin Brown tin Iolli Elim Ivai Bill Liiva in i and a we arc ill rely to Lei Mouth rights Wmk Ivo Zukus or a to tint Fht As Tilly nil i f Only Thi l it int i Siul in ill 1111 in Uji Inri Wale Anil i Ami l in the it air City by for looks id la of deep it n in1 Tunny in ii i ii Tunnel a Voutil in tin let Luish of inc Lar Lull pc wit nil attempt in Minnii Thrift ii mild that thu Linn and drowned the am in rain Down into tintn11 an loll k and Drain and a Tomik in donkeys Anil i Cowa and Priis Neil Cli Lukrich 1 us in okla mid Crow Hithon of More More ii May Iiah the word in Mil hour limn a whole travel in Iho or in Kurop for that mat kor 1 in More str Atija than All the strange lands i have Tho vory tuna a Elk Silty about ii that Ami at no your and prepares von l re sith Iii be Brown in attn in huh of Impi real purple this Earl a Minic a soft and dreamy Newm the pm in nil Day i lot Many i line my nov for a i i could help in cattle i work with which can not to with in in Selimi i carefully j a Titrud the Way the native Gnu Hosi j and them Larking after the i Ilynn work in Feal of Viii us in rattle driving often when Trai Jitni by i is tit by ground t of ill Bolvi i Well rms Oil lit after n Point of Lily turn Litile Over and the nil hardly ver Hurt from Sneh it i Viliy Liry Par tit i will now Ftp lain How do a in t of on n How h Wirroh his living on a born Tai a non dlr Zotik the my Ranii Bej int u Mitall Only admitting tin thru in Iii up with n n they ride on the Wlsh Lont and i wkly Lynn wll Bak at it for Kiriu Tilini falling the nun gits on a j not Vry Worth an Pricio u will Brouti born out sixty it v Yard in round Tinner Thi a Rancho on finite j tin other the rider his full pout tin Holder fit the Dhoti the horse hat a pain out tin tin How n coi Noliti imiincp4anlt by n Kiwor fill the Ralit Lic Liik spun Oil to bin Brinl or i tried Noti r a few quirk the Knack fairly which Many and Many a in of Fourno am not least falling in thin manner but with a Bength of n practice bal a lint with tin Trinu mid body inclining Smi what in turn re Wii co Ami u Tho getting out n fall broken will soon be natural Cor London in i urls 1arlmian authorities systematically the Kivow with on Inu Civile Mizl str cots when the Eai Ihen of this practice had is co Stitik in about Iii Fra Nix a Quanta tips urn in the of Wlbur in Dif Ferent Anil when a snowfall occur n of workmen repair to and Kihei ills a Ami takes it her Ingle on mint part of in signed to the Wall Prii Dencen in full Al acct Only when the of vehicles has my Neil in Miili i Clenity in two or three in is so far advanced to u of l he i diets in Iii the Salt ought re free from and potion 5tjs acobs practical Carriage Anil paper hanging a next door to the 011 19th my15tf German re for pain cures i pts at Ami dra Lencl Consumers beware there Are imitations of the celebrated and old reliable b Pace i j the genuine full has the face nil Puiul and in t Bil Doverjr Oil Tiki i Mifton cd Luikmil in n of Thuro n never n Tii Miorin in Iii Vii Illi Ieni no Blue m the Sun or of hut Wuy the it Thi Itile us tin nut Lent Tho two Nelll it find Farl Ltd Tufti other the world on the tar Mivy purple of pm find of thai drive or Patiic in u Hind of ii Painter cos to ii Ivy Bill Lune Huuha blowup in the so Lime til might a Blip Ritli Hir ill in a Lille pen on the they Hiu int Wutch Tinei and Ivinity other thai shh to Keri fran Ihler and Urril on Trio lion no not t Ripen in Kiln von Bee n Hern on Naviry a Iii up and Tell you in Ymir that All Lluhi Luln non 111 no inn Ami their Here ii mull Iii Ali do Hart on mirth of until Viry Letl be Dun i Brink up tour of to Lulu liven for the two women Irli Sihu Ninell Ami my hot on the Bini Piip in Muir at no Iii in mile thre i in 1 do not in ii hut a Tui Al Krit idiom it the Lutile grind i we Luke ii a Lett till Ull i in i n in of i in not pm theure mild nit Slid h vial am up Matilo flu Lillar in win i Tho la lieu by i they with Ludo Luro in Iii Rich Valley Uii i n the jul Rob i Ireth mingled with the i the miii0 the wit in Ftp Tho Irivin i that Clell Pitfor the the Imsu Lioy Tiuch i the hut Thuy the us Tiv we and Ulm in Hie Lull Little used on the Cin Pluy Ini itt of Milt in tie Way indicated is found in Elfeel a Csinsi Lerable Economy on pre Vious Frnnk Illus an with hut i soon found there with not to much f i author from the not Emineth of wait Kolin Hlowie thu Way of the old nipple ills brain very with Only an Ocon Ron us he five him Ono More i a Mike Raul i Milln Tullue to the Public Whiteb seems to Ingulf cheap Tynni of wild rends these a Vicli in Mill which should to Neh Hilliii there in sen below the we abut on tin Mirance it would Havu Lii ii to hit upon n More Gnip Hii or one More nicely to the k Ihn Veim in ii ill mall on the tin dont be you Are imposed upon if the initials b Are not on the tag Job printing of every Dir option neatly and promptly executed at the California nil 111 i Bej executions in tin hero nor an in the of ii simple Tleiji us much the instr Meni ii erected and Trad on u Dummy to that in works Kosmerlj the i u Ile Neil was often tortured Anil torn and be always encouraged having a look at Olfan inc Knafo j a he approach Eil the now the knife is the victim in in or three a noise touch of Ami All in Detroit free a whim Iho in he hopi Tololi on either Hevle f n Uli Uii through of the of Ruwim the hot Voudy Uto it Jim the in Cut of Ulm Umu inh All Tudor uie full a not of Llic suit we enter Tbs of it Jatico Joji Ijuin Mellor in clip Rajjo Haw or Tim critics coup Leniu of Manlel 3 in Strait of Arthur a new you Emu Duppius out of the Wick a Tutor tin Una Juh Rii ital who know Arthur the picture to i an i Ollun sort or of n full blooded Irr Ndu Neil no in in n class of forty at the i Tutalo medical he is the first of he race to take in a course of med Icile in thin his oru Nyul inn Iii was at and is now a successful Pevc Titiner Onontiyoh is of Pun Mohawk Anil Liis Elween i the Ami Tho sky lie red Nion should certainly Liml i health and j Mont Duiker Siim Uii anti of town ten to the of Nim Lern build i buy Modem ships of War and learn to it would become the on it could the Commerce of the strongest foreign nation without danger of italia for u no shipping of Wilto the Iii vision of a Hiil Dou Stitik of equipped with the list of arms would As the French have found practically Kree 1 Mik Lurli Iti nov i writing of malaria in new miss thai Iii Hick ill tin valleys of nod tout and its tour have in ii or of sos of malaria within the last Lucen years in some places one half of Tho Alle Olid in a Millie up to Trio to had not us three a year of intermittent fever for upward Joo White labor skilled and unskilled male an of All it Unco by Hansen employment Sanfrancisco j thu phone soil Altol the Best Hull in Hie i Ila let or in m it the and 111 the Hizir it Lunsin incl 1i fresh Iasi of i White ill of what u by Halls 6t Chris has formerly with made suitable i Ianeks taken a Long lease on thu and and solicits maj17tf Cir ills Ostli retail uealek1n pure Patent and toilet window prescriptions accurately office of Anil Doc Arlington professional a tto Rifaa Bank toe rooms Auk Well a Liangfu per Day from 50 to firs class liquor cigars constantly on hand at the Polito and obliging in or ii w a a incl of the thib delightful piece of report in now open to the and in without doubt Trio Lineal place for a Little recreation n the the Bowling Alley h made of Maple and in of the a test and the shooting gallery is Alno very the very Best of liquors and cigars imported am will always be kept at James French i would respectfully inform the e Public hint 11 in Vii Tim hotel and am now conduct Iii it Iti Lutler a talc than any such sikh Ever bin done in this county no person the of n hott1 for Liis part of the country bettor Linn i 1 i have remit led it rooms in Galtes everything Hoard by the Day or week at reasonable Pino liquors and Cigar at the a tool they and Counselor Law Alvin counsel Matlaw a to Tominey and Kern to Tasiv Chester he and i by i in up i red to a Leaf Kern Valley capital 00 00 exam All Hanoe noun it and hold on Tho principal Cit Ion of the a itch and do a general banking business in 18 now opened again and 18 the leading House Kern the table Issup plied with All the delicacies of the Noa and compares Wii the High priced hour to of the a Bau in connected with Tho where can b obtained Tho Thoi Cit liquor and Fine convenient Board and Landsing per to oudh per and 50c nov mtg Syso Smith a torn Kyd at Oitice ohe8ter text door to stat Hub Riall Onuki left it the Oalif Obrizak Offet will oct27tf Chester and in All kinds of Carriage tried Iii a icon la fall and Osu Nijiu my Oon a Difuro bonding thu Eolior the Kern Island hair renew in i k i in in lilo in t Ili Wiur Llort i to i it i Luitel n Waii in Hilr Lviv in Lull ii Al Lull Ulik h of h i Nih i of my h i i hi1 ii 1 1 i i Iii Uri Anil Annh us iut two m i t i i ii t i1 my Birli Ai i Mirmil to cirt Lioi i Mai ii in r i to Tho trial Justice in n Iaroli ii i Dii Uty was on to decide n ease Tweti two cite Pius of equal the evil Toyoe was Alnut equally after Nurki Imenit by Tho just Tiro Saint 1 sit hero Ulias judge jul As i fail to it Fri tis 1 14 and it Auger Tirman lit itt tin1 Nastri Cru onion in no vol but it ii ii inv the h i Iii fur c in i Catir into the i of ii Kimii ii Ilii in l Invar to in no i ii to tin u Erik ii Ivr of Dii in i u an Lui nral find in it it Nikit tin hair dry am in ilk tin com i in with Buckingham Dye Kob the whiskers in Fiir mint prior to Ull ii ii n natural Iii Vii of n id Xiv ill Milani Walii in ill ill i in Mure of Ilia ii any r Luicir or u mini Anim Tirikou its for like Isth Bowling shooting Sallery and Cool Chicago lager Alito All fax Ornic Brandh of l liquors and City has kick Tia Unoki Toonk a Ilin iral renovation and adaption for Tho bum Muiir the lager in Fai wily Lola and All kinds of canned liquor put especially for in the Arlington keeps constantly on a Hillh the Lopont Murl iut Romeu and cipro Iii give me a Maruf an j feel 19th Callol Loeb and add he her Rich uhf Iyih ready for aug uvula broke to Hay and Grain for tic very Bee Boeg Wardt Mccoord Summit i am now pleased to announce to the Public that my hotel in completed and filled Nith new and coff Fortaw and All modern give me a John Eveleth the Hachita nep6tf Walters 19th Rue ant furniture of Al thin links id a airily Chw and better Chii bit Hud in to Lii spi Ciul can hindu for Board mid Rozum for n cart Iii of meals 25 Beds 25 Cento the City bakery nun had to thu above where frit i bread he Wuyu to and will be delivered usury Central of Tiik Centi Ial Ailinn Nirh to bin thu travelling that the House ill in Cund Iichi d of u firs class hotel in r manner to moot Tho approbation of All Rog film kill the table will be supplied with Ait thu nine Kat and the Hinkle or in Aro Furnoh lipid in tin the Luning hah been Ruusu doled and Jan Lulf French Tulare Mhoon flour nov attorneys at Montgomery son Wal a san ojbw302 too my 27 and april physicians and nth i medic ii of Lico Fum in Medicine a 8uhgeky qiueii8 Neil lol Ligeh of physio Lang and ring of the British mails drug Rinh Bur i flt society k of Kern it their ii Hal Day evening at ins Bro Thura in Road Onur Trilk of every a Tinei a Ojonen Nakeil 8 g w Portor in Brothers invited to Jacob Asher 19th is veal and All of it in Trow Sui Sui Ai Enild by All n u of a better Nua lit than it ban Ever if Orr and Iho liar is with Ilia very cubic pm of liquor Eadd the Bowling Alley shooting Sylo Cli Are kept run Nick Day and night have a Vii and now the m the Nina comfortable and bout in the Beer put up exp Renly of Sale Iii Ami family do m receipt of 1 of salted rb1111h new it Ulpino 18 conht11uct de on the Mont approved plan for health and it Linn All the modern Uon Vuu Lenetti in their Muni improved ii ban Lim Clani Lor Piip Bim dred tie big Polind with Tho Bent that can in Obleni died i the the Best Cooke and Alieni Dunlo 1or Vernonn from the Southern part of the Kimting Yuhiro i inn in the proper ii Lee to leave Iho it b the Point from which Good Road radiate to nil of the off using routed by which it Runny be Ulm Init conveniently Pii Blin whole b Ali will find the us org ii Ramonable and Jacob French Jean Home made Bacon and and everything found in a Jordans museum of Anatomy go and leaks How to and Bow you 1rtvaie jul of easy if tuft All Din feud Lor Vve respectfully Call to the it attention of the Public Ulitt thin hotel bar thoroughly remit led and in now pre pared 10 Saccom Iodate Rurel Cru and better limn the table in Par we in pc the left French Cook in the Init Linin Pun of Tho a Good bar up plied with the int of sign mail imported French mud feed card too noted with and Takejih Field 224 f u l of Kevin moot it Ali air ill Overy by maj visiting uni go b Hothorn in go Oil non ruling meets at i Hull Hull Juon Duy Ovet Linkh in each week ame Kuoan of legion of and third in Cudny of each Mouth at Louii Hall it band of Hope Blacksmith incl Cucuth bar Csc Adou All kinds o new work nud impairing Short to horseshoeing a Orioen Hilou Clit mud if give me a advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing Rowell newspaper 1o Spruce new Send fur
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