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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - June 5, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern june 22 Job fun Bounty californium published every publisher and till the March of to Lim id the on to Nix Nentin in Wal til if aug Tiri Anil Lime try lit i in of a travelling Iii in it in flu Burlil Eliji fat in i if the Lik a jilt lint my in it 11 Tnp to pm lit it my pull tin out of the a fur i very flir Iii my Fri in 1 on of Luil i fit Lay i i to lit any inn in u nun in own on Tiit it trek i Jinty Iju Lily t my ill line a let Lii i nil it lil not it ill Mizii to very i Iii i tin train mining Ai Prim Iier inn Iii rim Lii wan Iii Ivy to i Hiiva it Trimi in i 01 my hut to i not jhi1 Tri Iiri m i to limit it Mii Ilij run tin Nili Wiki lining in own in tin rail of Niv i Nair ital Rny in Jet in r Funni i in it Vilius tiny inn Juji Uvil by i it dial Mill in Imp tin we Golf Truin win Alt they cml in i Rill will i till Lirl to pull ii i of Itil win i it my in not nun h to lilt Illel plot ii Why pull your i i Hill i no lint i k priv jul Vii n Lin i Cut tin Lini of i c Anil 1 i i our font out of tin tin in i i in Silil i hint Lull i until it i uni i Riim thu i Alki Iii Man i similar it i Enki his Jum Piil Elf i Ilir nil Jii Hijii in i Lar Tinnin Vonlil pull unit nut the whirl ran Over tin1 ii Tir ii of in a Ninn lir Anent no Way Bodini in a a Lilia Man ii Tii of to near i no Over Ami Tenn Tini Man ii imn ariijiiil1 in ill Kimii Llinat n urn Viry i York of ninth in n Many yarn of Linly to Lawn Lii Tanir he j this till i Lionni Klill ii that Tinori Riun i minium on every to the in it a at any one the and Liua slut wilp of u jux Tot stun Iliin of la filth wait my Iviry Jar fact in non Liture and Isth a Htun Diing the Law of dirt Well it ten Law i if in milk Intima untie Zannoni Oiin of u in Iliili thai the very in to Weir nil ill and to ail of the de motive in in Fly and mind anti Nlaly Cir and mint a to lung i Urie Kint diet uru Trio Lui Miniie of thu Suilun Prini Ipin tit tile Uii mis of tic Law of the of i from to half of when Kun first in twin Jurt of North it new Thi jew list of this an1 ii rapidly in num the or thai phone North America far blur Rumy wholly Rytir Pittl cant fit Plains Ami in Nojun in tin far if nil Reilly tin Niino tin caril Xiu n Irivin in and we with Jurian in still font for Nerly in Clit want f and tin it Iii Jil Niin in ii n a tall Liand a five ii Tii tint nmn ant of Tiv Millinen Lis thin Twenty Ycaro tin Plains Fritz to tin in r in of and Havi Iii in tin Thi Poky of Alp i i 11 Nirh in still to driving for non Ini Iirth of Urmit Al tin in want rat of dim Ruiting Only a Nin Nant will Minn rain Iii of any of 1iiti in a Nwulia for Marly Tony part of tin Ron tin Arnin Riih us tin tin and formerly in Iii Imant if tin ii entry Tony tit in inhale ital to in first Wittl Niit Bonn Xinh and a Irimia Ditri Milit to tin Farmer and now inn tidally Taxt of to Nikky Noiin and Thi Iii Windward Anuran in to Tanir former Tonii of Tom and tin Pant nth the bears and tin Lynnes still Mainu in a hold in tin of Thi Bravir Iford girly a Marly Universal Krupal of tiny Ali and in fitly Dimiti Imd in All but tin latter having Imit nearly Istir Patch All Timon it lid por of a nit Over a very part of bin were spread Mai Ethward to the at Timen a to tin Frontier Farmer through Tanir Abund Linnit still in a tall numbers while tin smaller vermin of Tinl ields have doubtless suffered but a Light in Tinb Iidro Uro Vario Naly in Nimori Lungi with their food and Tim in nor Forest haunting Tho Bird of Tuul Rome of tin followed Tho forint a in their downfall Tho Prairie Hull Ami tiie aquatic Naiad the and u Jureal variety of Don in own in Are few in i to their numbers a Century Tho Tun Binari Havivi Doli Bylesh Lulu their and in not u few in have certainly increased tin of the country on thu favourable to their although they suffer at Tho hands of and children of larger growth to kill hum however slender the Tho Graceful or and the especially Tho beautifully plumed have fallen a to fits lion and the Bat Trade to mice an extent that where fifty yearn Upo the Torrin fairly warmed our Atlantic co idiot they Are now mainly conspicuous by their liar Arian and reptilian life aun greatly the Connor through the Drain acc of and marches in the nil mation of tin latter the Giixh Tivoli not Unive Tuil Iii in jul hot nil of the depletion of our Inland and Lakow and the larger Rivers of fish is simply extending oven to tin is if de Star free from and i inv practical marriage and paper hanging a Barons rail not door to the Blacksmith on 19 Chni Chris Consumers beware there Are imitations of the Ceil rated and old reliable Pace the genuine has the my face formerly Ith made relax lies am a on thu and solicits my Ltd c11kis the tins place of Kohout Nix Ripen to Ulm without a i lint tin to nest Kikue fur Little recreation in flip the Bowling Alley of nip in if tiny test and the shooting gallery very Tim Best of liquors and cigars Ini Portill and will input it Lii int id will it hip rail Tii Priah v Fil Kern Valley bark Chester 18th and retail dealer in pure Patent and toilet window proscriptions accurately Limo of and i oct James Arlington Ite hoom8 Ahe we Day from 60 Iusi on the tin dont he you Are imposed upon if the initials Are not on the tag of very neatly and promptly executed at the californian Tiluy Lii it 1ilijrliviil from whom Tiluy Liao i no inti that enter Trio Grivois Voul Liv till that it a Ilioiu in u Watt timid Viviin Lory of Fiji nil Tell Riihl to the of the in idly of i in Mir ii us i it s if a Var a i to Iii Jiting ill the Lully a Litchi 1ailstn i Mali j mi1 it to if it till of it if Llull Ittu Tho in pus Liuis i Hail form if Al tin a lev in of tit Tiiu in Iii ten if not Hiitt a Aivil under i a u Al of a jiulp1 far to i Wilfy Tho Sii Tii of a a in a was thu null cow la titty of a void ii Xiv Luis Tui dimly 1u i Quine of run milk All thu inn do int than to of Tio irm i ill h ii ivly Vav Tiv Kaiui Khili t Shii tin ii rely t nor Umbrino lit Fantl Lut witness Thi Ilei Lini of ten lol Istir the actual Anil tiry ii irly of Liui Oyster along our Northern Cottma Anil Ouli Austim of ii inv Fai Noim hum a tire of tin1 of animal lift1 Ditrih i inv wild Larice int in i Ili busily Kilt urn in Many is wit in Hitaf preservation of Ikner by Ichishi tic in wlievi1 Lity Tiu he Surv tin1 fair n Liy of uni Nihil lit Oculi oven for Tini Iii of unil not Ihmie or utilitarian oilily of Iii Ilyn Iii Iilva fur Tanir unil at whine Tiluy Viro a twirly Luul to rot Uhuru nil Many merely fin tin sport if Lii tin Ilif for Iii of Trio kor trill Hiiva butt Rivil in loss Only upon their Squill in ail Gnutti curl Kelty of Cap Irwin in article by enlist Tho Linnrll of Ujtko of in Volji which ugh in veiling for a univ Luis a Vii d nip Illy tin Iki Tumir that on a a Sinilo Fumii it licit tin 1 ill in to own the Tiv of a it i 1 White labor skilled and unskilled male and of All Ili Sci inti Wiiri films Hail it by Manseau employment san Francisco Kings evil Van the Nemo formerly Given to scr Fula Lif Causo of 11 to superstition that it could to Chi rail by a Trio world is Wiser aul knows thai scr Fula Oan Only to Urcil by thorough Purifica Loii of if this if Ilu its Tatum to Crouch Ufir its Are cutaneous to 1uriilent nervous Ulm Skol no Loucil to Cun Scrogu Loith Civ kit lady nil liver Tubor Calitr Ami vui1 oust tour or ii ital to products by Sarsaparilla hit Only l always reliable Illint Ual an Alt Nitevi it Cradle outs Froid Ukko Stein Herod Loury and Tinklin Lrtil of Tilisi lists Anil at Linnit n aul i Storina Haltli fill action to lir vital organs unil rejuvenating Luo Ventiro Tiu great regenerative Medicine it of the Wolfli yell wifi of 1otaiaiiim Ulm sin Oiler of rival Catt fully Ami Coin formula in to Tho medical and the burst a Hrichus constantly prescribe Avelis Asmi absolute cure for All Caas Fil by vital nation of the it to the High Cost fyr Boyol any other Pri Pankion fur Liki cd Lou ii is tour Ofui Tho its Well blvd Hal in Ayers til Pauku 11v ajor analytic ill t j Liy ii 1ricc lie no 01 Kou o Tho us itch Nonirit and Jim of and do u Qon Oral banking business in oct7tf o Chester Anu All Ken Decof Cariap 4 repairing a cull Ami examine my Oomen Zuj Irie before in Diu the Kern Bassand first Glass liquor a cigars confluent by in Lind it the attendant in Ivey Hak Dixa a a Milf of French professional attorney Bank w a to Toney and Counselor Lav Alvin a ttoi1ney and counsel Matlaw Kern Tvr com a Buster s now Opesky Roaix and is the Lendi Uii Huau Kuril the table s supplied wit Liml the of Trio mid Omni Siref with Tiu Lily Iriceil pious by if till a Bau s connected with Tho where be Botki Vicil tin ilium ett Lii Niom and Fine convenient Board and per Day i Jomn l is 25 curl i would tnko1im True Linh Lic Tomt i inic has ii tins Luitel and uni now it in i Tutor limn any finh i Iii Ivor ild Iliin this county in Primon hit of ii Lor thin of the room try Littler thin i 1 i Iovu Ryli Teil it rooms in Galtes everything Hoard by Tho Day or week it Litimo Mihlo finn nil Chikura at the Mayso Summit i am now pleased to announce to hint my i Lotel in Voin Plentl und Iii Ltd in comfor Talic All modern give me a Smith a tto Ineys at office Loir to Mutt ii All Ordi is hot it the Ivi of Liot Mhoon hour nov a norness at Mon Toomey san Wal a tto in e Yalta Sun love Ltd in family ult i Asb All kind of canned cigars liquors put up especially for in Allieen Nelch John Eveleth to Vacillia 302 m unil Tooms 27 a prs Fly simians and gi1aduate in Medicine b this int Kish and of in Oyid full Fukui of Hjul Olsn and tour Sci Zurof Tho Betuu m in the Arlington constantly on hand and Ull Aat the lowest Yurkol Walters 19th the buil Jimino and of thin Wolfl is Iii Only new and no bitter run in thin hip ring run in Ini ulu for Bourd Tinl Lor n in or nigh of Weals 2 i 2ei the City bakery in Atu Caird to Trio whirl for Coli Bromil 1iin us Wynn mid will he Dull ured Loux Comuni usury Central James Midi uni Tohl society k of Kern of p Noom at Ali or Omitt very Wodei Clay Tsu Huj Ourn ing Broglie re in Good Brand Long invited june of and Hutor on ten Midy of 0 my the b o w l 3 n c shooting gallery and Petitf Jpn Iii Paltu hrs iils of liquors and i Sty i h As Londei Pionk a uen i ii jul for thu Tymu him the lager of Rihr i Putty Tolian it Han Ever a trip in Diirr and this a ii Nihil Mitil with the very j ii Okai l i Bowling Alley i shooting cipro ant give me a Murgui Lunion liver Ani fee i 19th Wakui ankh and Haulk loin in uhf Ait Vudy for Iii Iaulus Hioko to Hay and Grain for Tho very Hun bog wahdat Mccord 19 in veal Ami of salted Mill Okoji Ileto of the can total to he thu Mvi inn tint Tho House will be cond Tictin u firs class hotel in a nmn nor to a int Tho approbation of nil rag Nln mul Trnini Girnt thu Tululu will in with nil thu Iii rut unil til Elf or in no in the but tin twin Iii 1ms Ucen Anil Ranulf French Tulare Jacob Fasheh i Mich new Lulli Ldina in nil lilt Lull Lii per Ullh fill Ali Hlll Mill la him All thu i Mali in Kim ill in to Iii Inonu Al Lii i for ont inn Datil till in Willi tin Bill that cull in in Ilu till Luibl Cockri Anil Rii liar Fiona tin Ioil Liiri of thu to Nauru thin in the Iro Pir ii it in thu irom Riu Lilito nil no tin Lotfi Inu ciby a Nuli it ii us Hill ill Lind i French Jean to tick to Ullin Aitkin of the pc uni hit Linin Kislin Moott their Hull ovary urday and 10 Jour using Broth re in invited meets at the tier Hull monday Ovici Zinyk in each Tiok of american to Ion Olf mi8 Iii ctr Tho Lar by and Erich instil a at the tar Hull it 7 band of Hope hand of mirth Vury hot urdu it 2 Oclock at Tho Nhi Niico of on k Nimitr thu school Blacksmith Lii Lecynth stroll Opp Nuitt Adoc All kind of Nuver work mid d n Short pry shoeing a Piid i Minli i g1vk my a and and found in fire liar r title in in Home Mladov Bacon Ulm b i than Jim it i Viii Xvi Lina yid the Lichtl Iutok in Ilu no Ihu a Din i Kithil Jordans j museum of Market Gil to it Ltd Puiul woo flirt ill Iii if Cru Riu Uil for i advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in american papers addressing Rowell 1o Spruce Bend for look we
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