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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Jul 31 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - July 31, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern Calm july Gem Bounty making mexican a rival of the a abort time Thermal Boynoff Byj professor Alexander Graham Holland Paft uzmed every saturday Werb thrown a of great 1 his cd Schetter Bare n publisher and excitement by the appearance of a strange i of Man in the Myat Eriom in Clad in a Linen carrying a i Gingham and wearing one hex i not Lon if in gathering the in t tire population him by Reavon adv Mosimo offer which a m 10 regular to pay 5 Rich for within a Given when two a Tutow Ami Well formed if a people join in conversation in a room in firecracker m Lari re a a flour barrel had made a very remarkable which thay think la quite important As the transmission of the tones of the human voice to broach the they Hare d covered that a falling Jet of water or a flame of burning in a room reproduces every spoken and every sound it and Tjart Ftp tee Maent in advisor for til a taiga 10 menu per Belles of the it Haa very an along to witness at us this year the changed attire ant of the new York society Girla who Hare attended the co Tumea whew not concealed by an in gullah coat Hare trl Krugly Mann Bili in Cut and standup with edged turned slightly Cuta Way having exp owl a Small expand of shirt regular mens Cra with Little Homey plan and cuffs with link Eom Cloteil these Cost Lari re As a in the schoolroom it would not have created near it much excitement As More than Hall of the went i after to noon and a grand Roundup was after i shool Boieri Tho who haunt j played hookey joined other Anil Tho result was a Urr Ible of i the Mynter Lona turn Nurer kept his 1 and paid 5 apiece for All the Able Bodwid Junebug which had not maimed or wounded in the excitement of the at Nightfall to went bark to the City carrying a Rlyn Box full of Tho fluent Juno in the while All the Little in Evanston revealed in j the Strai Kfir with a penchant for Juno bugs found to occupy a Little room on which la strewn with Brica the sporty Ladym invariably visited saddling investigated the the and on that Ware to run with Aram Longly e Oua Tore Potot one was and loudly criticised their ke1 on some Cotton and Dell Noily shaped claws and where did you it these the 1hey Aru mexican aint and Aru Worth Money f Haven you heard about the Gold that miss a Outon wore Bock from they Aro Alt the i put on the Market which do county the Ken ulna under a of secrecy ill let you into but it Dos ont mutter i you have in with that Tho Man picked up n Juno font crud it in n ntci1 and a this with the ant apparent j on a table wern a Mill knowledge of professional cent with Gomon another Noliti milk feat urn of that Rae a Haa trip manner in which be to Liaty Juru prevent had indulged in rotting upon Boneu new York so Slety began to consider it a thing to attend Iho race in feminine unit Nibert Havn wagered Siori or lean on Thi up till recently it bos not insert Cutuil Derond Good form to any morn Staknis upon favorite Tikiun thu always Den Trarlu Lovea Ami the toothsome lint nil amt in and at thu thu Spring Young and matrons could be Neon on nil making books Mong themselves or sending obedient swains to tick he for tymm in the Brunch and their Ptah Piiru when they won and their Chakrin Whan they lout won in noway Tho Cullef Mph of ill Temton among them Golnik to thu won the of this that borne and thu amount of their to util or gains of their return lunch la of Cottave an important feature of a Day at Tho ind thu in Tun who Dilvo Over from in fair in Jami an Iii lit Rimini Pajtli in Novar near Kolni no when Wrvel on n conc top after a Lii hey and with Tho of it Only party of fro non and Chicken and of an alfresco re Pait such of a Couch lunch no particularly enticing Niibu the trip to thu not Complete to to of most the society girls who attend without n visit to Tho stables to inspect the winning und frequently when one of them Young ladles Box won any Conald arable stake on any one racer Sho Doos not to Olinto to kiss thu Micco tul by your it will i Robaly Holu on Lur for thong sporting Mil Den to embrace the a Ickov but Thim far Mio thu Lino it the in Consi Quinco of Tho adoption of huh Etu tout Tho Nuar thu club Honvo Moru or us thu Upp Nar Anu of n Recap thou for an hour following the from present appear Micah Tho the evening the Gas which Burns above their Heads every word they and sounds uttered in the Vicinity of flow ing water produces to a reporter of a local paper professor Bell showed a Glass upon which appeared a spiral Streak composed of tiny Little Shade placed together or far ther apart to make up the variation of in the surface was one of Depres Sion and professor Bell represented sound when the plate was revolved upon a Pivot and the depressions and elevations conveyed to the ear by a there was a repetition of the conversation then recorded As Dis Tinct a when it was the undulate surface representing sound Waves was produced by professor Bell says that if any one will go to a water pipe and turn of the faucet so that the water will fall in a Stream to the that water can be made to report the conversation taking place in its and a Stream Register every sound within hear ing of Tho great object of the inventors was to record by photography or otherwise Tho vibrations in Tho Jet of water which Cor respond to sound Waves the result of words spoken in the Vicinity to keep the considerable j voice on bottled a it for any length of and when called j mexican there cant to let Tho record any Bug that Ever buzzed match those 1 Boll has been the 1 sold three of thorns today for i or liquid of whatever kind it May and the Man that got them Wnenta me in coloured with dichromate of to make u contract to f no one but i if it Scro perfectly Clear it would not an him with them Ive not Bonanza because the Light used in photo Tantin graphing would pans through without resistance and no record would be made on the Tho water is coloured for Pho and Tho Jet is made to fall obliquely on n Tho water spreads itself on the Rosh Pinto and Rune it is the water so spread out that is to in photographed As it word spoken canuso the Jet of water to the vibrations in the Jet cause correspond ing vibrations in the him of water As it Uto the he Drew Forth a pad of inn Ibn ditch cd it Over Tho Gummy and in an Iii Tant there Wai a writhing an j the Bodkin hid Dave to had Waahid u Joti Sebuk la i Gold i Iii Milivo continued Iho in gazing at Lih Handiwork Elmir thu in Lento and when i Kimku Tho article i ineptly dip thu Wonga Anil in Tho by the is prepared East Olally for this it to be very Lino and just no the inanimate Pecl Menifi Aro Mode by plunging Tho whole body into Tho it kill them instantly and covers every cock of their than i put on two cents of Gold dust and they no practically they will last a life Elmo with proper Aud when i put them la front of Jow Eleni they think they Havu struck a magnificent Plexco of jewelry work until they bundle the weight Galvea them away ing a Buckshot in every and then weight up to Tho i dont up Poi crazy will last j much after Tho Folsom Boom but Prai Licuan might Iii Cly Miusiu shia Tiivi Bug will become n in feminine portion of new York noddy will have a Rico course and of la own lobe Donu crab Ami a Bright and Ruddy faecal boy himself on to a Sun Cath car at Park Puco and n him about huh i ilk it to Tho pay in not but uie Aru dont you know what overs Aru Wilri when a Man gives you half Dollar and thu fun Rug bin armago in Only Thall i had a Noiin give my Dollar the other Day for it Lif cent hum you co it wait to Hon mid to Lold particular not to give it to any body but and la told motto was sex per Tang and would Wear a rib Xii of her and it any Loxly cant for the Meriu Zigu who didst Hnott a Blu right ctn 1 not to Alvo that town Vogli i got up to urn kids House shr Fai Iio to Tho my but Nho Wun n nil Hulk and hut mrry Blu 1 la Tytul tilt and hat was and 1 looked right Sharp at tier nerf and mid there Mill ii Kotuc Eiliv Makishi put her Hnud up to her neck Nuit mho mild to a and Nway Shu Canto Back presently with u Bluit ribbon and n quart or in her to about u a of Tho my last wok were its Only ii Oclock 1 and Ivo Nigado m York breilk8 nil on thu plate and runs a Ray of Light is Pun cd through that film and through Tho Plato ton Ronsit leu Tablet the sensitive Tablet received the impression of every vibration while Tho speaking the Jot keeps Tho him keeps pass ing Over thu the recording Tablet cops and the Light pan slip through Tho him to Tho Tablet makes r record of Tho speech fur More accurate than any verbatim these scientists do not consider their invention per but they Are at work improving now York an int Donl or Imperial Henri ane tit the difficulty Between Zola and the French govern Over relates an Inci Dent of thu mime sort which befell himself in the time of the the working Delegate of the responsible head of Tho sent for him one and informed him mint them one passage la a vaudeville of his just sub in thinking of Bury matted for examination which could not possibly be allowed to one of the was represented in a particular scene As exposed to the jeers and abuse of in assemblage of and was Madu to exclaim what in sur can one give Thea foul dim cues Vou no Uki remarked Plant to what a very serious matter it would in to permit the utterance of such words on the hoards of n French How exclaimed Tho other i boo nothing in them offensive either to morality or to Tho con Iti Tutch no said Tho fould expression in a direct i tumult to one of the emperors and the author had to substitute tvs Dimic i Dies for Tho words in which this uncommonly keen critic Hud detected u Rofloc i Tion on Trio Tran ii among the upper classes in France then is a notable stagnation just now in the marriage the Supply of mar girls being altogether in excess of the what Aro the causes of this Tho Figaro of course makes Tho Republic Young men of Good family him no longer anything to they will not Borve so form of gov most civil service appoint Menth Aro now entirely closed to Tho in i Tho aristocracy has not taken to a in England while the bar and other Learned professions Aro French no too Wise going to gut n Patent on Tho Thero Aro Good american dollars to old bugs Aro in great demand just now and Tho mysterious Man on Street is very Trio american Junebug la certainly to Trio insect imported from if the Little boys of dont Corner Tho on Goldth tors will a Ohep in n Lew Chicago without always been thought to to a Dolfl cult and Ono to to classed with chaos when Tho Board is removed j from us Morphy and others Havo Yiu Thuro Aru a Good Many proofs that it has Boon jul that i Tho author of a Typo printed in Cincinnati More than 1 Twenty live years composed the entire work without i of except that part which showed imposition of Jaii ios for Many years editor of the new Haven in his younger Days used always to turn Bis into without inter vening paper Horace oreo Loy did the Simu and it u common prac i lice with Thurlow j there is when Tho practice is sex anything of inherent Dilt Mculty in except How to it up the mind constantly upon Ihu after a tract co of several a Comus chaw Uty is u enough Callow but Hoa to fearfully do you i didst know in what Way is can Pluy do to give their daughters to Idle Aud Mei Many of never go of at Thiv u no to fort of thought to that Tho Young ladles a Urcil to or themselves Are entirely free or Publ tvs Havo been determined j Tho French girl of the period is too fond by and Tho Only danger a compos of luxury and and does not Cero under is in having outs or to Olavo Tho parental nest of roses for the a fluent or verbose writer uni Agios and trials of married usually will see an in adopting i when we were Young folks were thin Wyllo a whose thoughts j Ess calculating and know better How to slowly will Havo Timo enough to i to we re sometimes deficient in fore Youie Ohe has a hit wed great co lick Wight on fore to cant part his hair in thu mid a too Deuce you us nubile Fri in hit Dufa Willy Clinnly a Good you Ilia Why Ilo Tuou ill not Cholly trying to in Tii Mii Tell to Whatu the Between that Click unlit to not fast and i he Tut the Point turn them Puiul ciliary their it a doubtful whether any time u thus att Tho compositor works More i in country for one reason or this f Reju Eutzly but in the present of division item ploy Euta Tiu editor rarely gets to the much Bias itch amt Cau Huo Mako Klee in Ihu Tim engine in Tho United pm bibly in America is in of Trio William 1enn Hoso com of Tho tub is i feet 8 inches 1 fool s Wido and i foot s inches Tim wheals Are solid Licki of 1 Dixit 8 in diameter Aurolyn Otyis ii Miti inches Tho Cyl Imura clock la not to with an riches in with stroke ibid he so Point Hilt of no left thoth Fame stand Lutc voyeur toil by a timely it Kiwi Iov cough and Zirott Oriynn know to tidy Crump Aud Uron Catul tit Kitfu of in you of bold internal construction Lumo an in Tho hand engines of the prawn with air Vaten Vay free from Foxton 25 German re a i urn r or rain i at on comr and Uii Tiol Tus curl by Tou Ilik Consumers beware there ire imitations of Trio celebrated and old reliable Pace to leu Dino Hau Tho full Pace on the tin dont Iki Tho Ini Liotla you Are imposed upon in arc not on to tin Job print Nimg of every description neatly and promptly executed at the californian o i bit it bilt by either Newn Ivain i or of Tho wis to j Ftp ii by the in april it nil the took Tho Nasuo of Jollu in Oil Kusmie it was kill j la us a Natl a Juilfs Century of n i Rittvo when Otic till we Trio i trouble a with Chiow Carrh lok to had tar from Iino proper treatment far coughs Kitore Utu Bolln of Ely it Arvani tint rider Futlz i a cons Luns w so Lul tar of wild Curry u he of a flour Farrr Thiol of Kija Othot Jilm a Lor com i Waitr org try Inta Tina Ohio coat feb b a nil Wadid look thus u one 01 Ibe meets Kim Aad Abb now of us Price so Ornta Tud to junkies bold but youth and love balanced oar a Weso Reform the habit of administering Quinito in Power Fittl As a antidote to malarial was ouch this practice has undergone u wider not Only the but professional men have not Whol of but it Lmh no a Safe botanic substitute for Trio porn vicious Tho con o this change Are most import now fever Aud none Suo Ereis ure their were Only for the Titan or half Iho ecu indy event Biilly fail log to produce any appreciable except Tho doses wore a course of the by Brela up the worst attacks and prevents their Tho Ovid once of Tor of this Sterling specific and Hii Snebold Medicino is of no ambiguous but positive and satisfactory Tho tour pcs whence it proceeds Are Verv Farmers attention Uio Only the California forged and hand Fini bed sack Needles with Cutter in the Eizoh Needle Price 60 ask your dealer for or order from the mum Waltl 818 Market 8tsf Kings evil the Namo formerly Given to scr Fula because of a superstition that it could be cured by a Kings Tho world la Wiser and knows that scr Fula can Only to cured by a thorough Purifica Tion of the if is the do Settino perpetuate us tint through generation after among its earlier developments Are cutaneous to purulent nervous and Phy Sical if allowed to con so Romulous in kidney and liver tubercular and Vari Ous other dangerous or fatal Ore produced try Ayers la the Only and always reliable cure Lor Fique ugly by a of igla in the loins and lower part of the j Iii us the pit Lent to tap Twe he Koine inflect my of the or cig Buring at of Are of Tuu a like pro curio a very Gettig warm u you Mann Ilc Bizik yield once to the application o item Tekoa pile Bicu Dir Ettli upon the parts absorbing the allaying Tho and tale Cine f so the in Bunko Medicine Tel Luv s Ual an alterative that it eradicates from the system hereditary and the Kindred potions of Costa Gioio diseases and at the unmet time it enriches and vitalize the restoring healthful action to the vital Organ in Aud rejuvenating the entire Tui great regenerative Medicine is composed of the Jjck Nunne Honduras with yellow Attl the Iodides of potassium and and other of great to carefully and scientifically com its formula u generally known to the medical mud the Beirut physicians constantly prescribe ayes As on absolute cure for All diseases caused by the Vitia Tion of the it la concentrated to the High est practicable far beyond any other preparation for which like effects Are and la therefore the a Well As Thebes blood purifying medi in the Ayers prepared by Ayer a analytical do ii by ail Chr Ukuta Price six for dealer in family 10th and All kinds of canned of Gaes liquors put up family Chester to wholesale and retail dealer in ure Patent toilet window prescriptions accurately Fulco of and decl in the Arlington j constantly on if a Calls at Tho lowest Market rates steeps constantly on hand an1j cipro Asj give me a marl4tf Union liver Ani 19th Sallr Loeb and Ruddle hot Heb no Way ready for animal broke to Hay and Crain for Tho very Bon City h a be gently Onde Ithone a Gen enl Renvoi Tiou Aud adaption for the Hutu the lager b of a better Quality than it Ever been i Eforo ind thu liar in tip plied Wii i tue very Tihoi Cut of the Bow Lime Alley shooti1ig which Are kept running Day Ami night have Alto been greatly improved null now the ire jury tit Tho Nifiah comfortable Aud Ben Iliicev of in the Beer put he exp enemy for Halbous Aud family note mud Vered promptly of receipt of of Borgwardt cooed 19th veal Mutton and at Kidd of i salted Home made Bacon and and everything Arlington the hoow9 Abe Well charges per Day from 50 to firs class liquor a cigars constantly on hand at the polite and attendants in us cry Harding t Juno of French i would heaped fully inform the Public that i have Kieu hotel and am Monr conducting it in bettor Atule than any Inch airiness Baa been done in this county no Wrabon undo Stanla Tho requirements of a hotel or thin part of the country better thin i 1 i Havo refitted 1c rooms in Galtes everything Board by Trio Day or week at reasonable Fine liquors and cigars at the Mayso Summit i am now pleased to announce to to Public that my hotel in completed and riled with to Anil Cuford taling and All modern give me a John Eveleth tehaoh1pa to pot pot Tuiele Cunrod in a tzar by the Only one la the world u Tou and Lui Prelc Over xxx to Bend Framp tur Xiu Nehm Eta Curie Tor in Walters 19th the buil Pino and furniture of thin hotel in entirely now throng Hont and to hotter accommodations can be had in thin special arrangement can to made for Board and Roo Iii for a certain length of meals 25 Beds 25 the City bakery attached to to above where fresh bread can always to and will to delivered Hocti Tomoni every Central James Tilte of the Central Repec Louhy on Nonnon to Lii Tho travelling that the House will by conducted an a fies class hotel in a manner meet Tho approbation of All Reg ular and transient the table will be hip Pard with Sll thu Market and the Wei Jold or in Aro Furui Eliud in the Bent to Iio Ubo has Boon Retno Dolvert duo Jan Lotf French Oal w a to Torteya Alvin a tornet and rotary cd Watt Smith it tto biters at Omott ohis Nta nest to Vatlak n All orders left to will receive Doe Mhoon Flournoy attorneys at Montrom Kef graduate in Medicine Bajro Katf of Tho Queens Folh to Cyl colleges of member of the Mcdoal e be8peotfull1 Call to the attention of Tho Public tint thin Hoto Yiboon refitted and in now pre pared to accommodate travellers and better than the to Tho in Par we have engaged Tho Dent French Cusk in the Southern part of Tho a food Barlip plied with to Best of of Gurgands imported French Aud food Yard connected with James now opened again and 18 the leading Housti of Kern the table is supplied mob All the Deli Cariee of lie Aud com pares with the High priced of the Well stocked Batt is connected with the where can by obtained the Yuoi Ctet and Fine convenient Board and Lio dking per in boo Init nud 50c Joe bake museum of Anatomy Market go and learn How to avoid and How won Drull you Aru irl Vuk 211 Grary Luu of int 4iwl All Din of crud if i professional Bah w took net and Calv jew san Munt Gomry Ito Otti and physicians and k of i Ime ii at their Etory Day even Gal ing Bro Bora to Good standing to Baker meets every tint and try mob in and Aht bakei18field a baled Mouth is of to Tindal of Ken 9t moot at theh halt every urday 0 monday events ii 1ft ouch to or text Tor to toe Council meet Thiafi raft toil third Evanl goof each Mouth at i Baum Ball at ban0 of hand thu Church eve Vav sunday at 3 a wish Blacksmith Nineta Eib Street oppo Siw Adobe All kinds of abit work and repairing Dene Short a Price lie it Fenland npr25lf Mye me a advertisers can learn the Escat Cost of any proposed Fife of advertising papers by 1o Spruce to fiend fur
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