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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Jul 24 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - July 24, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern july Bounty a pleasure City by the the causes of up sighed every saturday raw Down it magical City of the Worl All Holiday a perpetual Ami u Ini cult t of lit the our readers Are familiar the tact in Brights the kidneys Are unable fully to remove their allotted por Tion of the waste matter of the hence this accumulates in the blood a a publisher and it perfect Antun Ribor i hurtful and often a a fatal the 8u a Leaf from the Folli of lungs or brain at length giving Way on Thiwa Aro its a find us it under its Trimai Panny still More familiar Are they with that Wayoff there fin Cleli Aud depressed Harj it our the Breakers fringe aovirti8ino one Cut Lotrn 10 Itow fsr fir Logil toil Fittrer Tuiner or in a Lam Money in for kit in Kim red inf no Teea 10 per the sons of i when 1u height the Bonn of Malta bad in City of throughout the and numbered Tea by the in trere expo awl to i8w by Frank and the order Yean Tutor nut i untimely it was nothing More nor Lew than a Klufi Ciuc at Tiu and original who if Rutell to in not known and the nume of will probably remain for err in Cral Dowl while the work which left m band will Post Down into history tins Niedt Marvett Lii hoax of the nineteenth ritual wait from the pen of a forge in Hurth place u con ended to new Home Ith origin to the army of Walker which in ism or preparing a raid to Jim the Inland of Cuba with to Lucr Lxi Ita Rico to tha of not no human in run Rah Wmk intention win t divert thu mind Dulu Tuio terrible Ragnit of yellow in Tho Nouli and at the i Trio Almu to Fumu for tie Benefit of Tho epidemic certain it u that of enormously Parijo Watro of bonded by Tho order each a car for Charity and did amount of Good thu turn no each year on that account bin to Charity and do Vernon worn undoubtedly both thu of thu organization and tooth wern Nerval Only i Sll Tiu fallow weighing Only to Laid a prominent Citron u the or Lur nut Many yearn but i inn foil no much Dmitrl not my intern berth that i actually throw fat and a critic my to Mirt at to the of to this Nii Tildor there whim Noth Liik in Tho order which workd upon All Ith Public were of the Nosuum thu mum Bern aim inbred in Long and White Rowan which the of maim Beld Well in front of Tho White Wiik u Ink front in thu Cro Amii of thu Poci Illier it yen which ovary Onu known a Tho maltose Over the Ivul a Hmil Oxton Dol with to think t Iii Iku kilo ten thu lilo Nulty of the wearer Suvo two for Tho which Wero of la Nikon Tiu Elihu Goyim Aud White on thu Block i ii Ali fin Quimio of Tiu Dinul Willu we Cal Torchen lakh tvs thu mid the hummed to Tom Tho of uni ital Lole Ronty wan thu Kivon not glib Numi of thu Interior uror Klinkh wan Over allowed to come to the Public the fun which Tho mini mini got out of thu order in Ihu in Pitt in fact the initiation All there la order ail tit it was Tom ten Utu Ulm Milu of Tho Tun ceremony win Oom Plute with u uti blurt of which must his Vul Coxel the of the inventor u thu thu outward Tvan kept up far tin Tho candidate wan Blu to from Tiu beginning to the end of Tho Wlizlo Corn but thu candid nut Una Mot every turn with inexplicable which half maddened and half frightened where to Etc Neoto thu umut solemn and Imp Milivo to found Only a Ai when to had Newton to expect that finally to had Como to the Togo la thu Procci Liivik who Rte the Al scr Winona of initiation to Iho Ron Levi Weru la food from Uvah nil u wan Tradii to himself an others Tut Mma very badly bold tiie of the the Valley on thu Bottom of us was been found near Tho extremity of Dampier Al out Rhu North of new fur a Din of Nix Lengum slowed a depth varying from or More than 11 Vul another my Aby of almost equal though not of the same him Seei i Ilu covered la Lall Tomlo 18 North and Loux tudo near the Tortola group of the a Lulu la Tho went to aah Mariua of abruptly from jul Fath Onu to a a Cpl i of Toru than tour Aud Helena a ii Iii no deput of yet Coin of under of the Pri Mitau a Tulius the of thu men thai menu of All no Del Klyk tute but lao Yoni re Premont Only i Lotut Aniced and there Over the a Huck of i and Leor to Btu h Many Luyun Spacai us it our Topur Rapouy of Tho North Ameri Cuit were limited to the or of american railway j Feux Al a now Himl of now hear of the of i lumber front Tho pulp of wheat and and other Vrue table com Blued with wine of the mixture la formed in i noun ruler of an Inch in and then together by powerful making if m annl Tho and much Raore j of Kix Flen Motif in with a of a Loci Bluett break in a Nhi Wery Fri Hon Tho and it n i Chint Ayiku Olowu j a h it Lenni like the Lolet re from u it and Tho duct mi1 of fill through like u City la Trio it that new York should have upon to slow to appropriate and Uichi thu for years and i his a trip of Upo Kirt might an Well lain in Ronld on Mii As a few rot Ritmo Olowu now and Anil lard deals thai a Lla Cir of taxi thu who thou Fhi anything either of reputation or i Jiunn her in those i Linof anal numerous Linos it Down nil Many coma by private Over thu i Nooth Rind Beautiful Lead i from Lii City f thu very margin of thu j Jar Lehton at in the full tide of thu land of who re Folly Ovir Dre Tunod of in Tho line of Aro you fond Ril Hii j Tinclee footed Tho j or Tho Roi irime lion of the to nay nothing of the rtt Toly j Giitl thu Mettle some Hwu ii hero j you Hun your Chunnu in Tho Merryjo i Only 5 mul you can mount i any on ii of richly ii Peri popularly known due to a partial failure in the Normal action of the liver and in Lith these the body to a greater or less sex thirty years it was discovered that animal substance develops a violent Twenty years later the poisonous principle was Crystal free from Emit it Antl 1h70 f just scr discovered a somewhat Sim Ilner pol Hon in the muscular juice of healthy and also in their later it ban been extracted from focal All these Are poisonous in a High de some resemble the venom of tie Anont poisonous that obtained from healthy when injected in minute Quantity into Tho reins of a dog produced Universal slow and death la fort five in 1wi Nutler found that such poisons constantly appear in the excretions of living and healthy and even in the the term Lenc Maine l in drum us do Pretl a thu name of such As Are can not Excel this wonder developed in the living they Aro there in very Thirsk Fickli Vicil to lie Normal products of Bod ily As much so As carbonic according to they accumulate in the blood when for Virlous reasons the the Ulm thu digestive tract fall to eliminate in u state of health we resist incessant not Only by elimination of to poisonous but especially by and Fly Aryl incl i Rizik to Tho Iris Peri us in Tho says the Hom ural no of u bin if you want to Byln Liko a rocket through Fhi air it you want to hold your Iii your Back hair Falls off in your Jiuu thu Elamenu of wind Anil urn Niit Kii Rido Down the switch Vutci a heat lit tin top of thu Shuth Diawn Tho piano Likia paper the Oculi a printing Pivni Yon Hylin up another Elko a Swallow on the you Dart in we again Illuv a falling hour and up a file Llyn a kerosene fed mid your lilo in for another i cents you mount i Eli Phanth and in in us forent parts of Tho i Bel Uvo Thuy in rvs Luru onado in Ono of bin Ami in the Indyg Terlouw recon fix of his you can Liny Caramel Ami Sweet Rihou lil you Caro for Kuve ral a tufted cows stand about any milk la introduced ton ate decal and surgical Roumal greater part of poisons Are vory and by Tho vilifying of constantly renewed supplies of Roxy Gnu in thu Normal state that they a burned in Tho perhaps also in Tho and lint let any whatever diminish the Access of air to tin or let the que Unity of portion of thu Bunzl corpuscle which has such Annm nity for oxygen in Chlorosis Green Mack Nam and and will to an accumulation of aroused High stanch of thu nature of put Alucs and la Taco the a Enoltt to in obtained from whatever can excite Tho functions of the thu and Tho and from what Over on Ergeti respiration and the making of Good Vul Ushii Hole in Tho a Little Buhl Ril thu and a Luyun drawn it fresh from the udders i youth of kit Luihn upper and Penis units it with a Wink of aii Pulhuj to Day is gone by when robbery and Man and horses Are on j court favor gave place and position to the Whereon you can Canter Over Tho and into the if you one of perfectly unalloyed rapture and in Chicago journal Field mid Juh Tico Stovin Field wan in new York Tho other in thu Oll co of his Orier Guntli and Cyrus to Compla nod of he what is Tho matter with you1 Bald groaned Tho i do not bul Uve i will live thu year 1 feel that 1 am Fulling very Why dont Yon go to Kurosu for a rent i can not Atford the von Tho re hero Cyrus lilt a Bell a nervous a Meshoyrer his employer go Ami get two Pas bin Ger it ctn to London and Ruiru via the Junall in a Tow moments Tho men Sanger re turned with Tho said toss in Tho tickets to the souk Aud relatives of Tho whether it far Tho Foll pcs or competitive sex classes an equal Chance with Tho Amu Young Chiou of nobility Saul to me Tho other when we Wen discussing the serious it All comes of letting the cads and tradesmen Soith in gentlemen Haven a it was different before those cursed now there but anything for us to unconsciously he admitted Tho whole Case a gentleman ought to beat a cad at of Ghent he lie didst answer for a unaccustomed to exert Liis brains beyond the mental Effort of nettling what trousers lie would Wear before to went out in the or if Hla hair was not too he Una then he thought a bit with a bored and said of but who wants to go through an internal grind like pm in like it we cads Aro Happy stowing and squatting in Loon Over a Book All but gentlemen must have out door the Toad cur germ an re i a cures neuralgia Roi rain fifty at or Coon and Tui cuablc8 Tou leu Consumers beware Thuro Aro imitations of Tho celebrated and old reliable Pace Tho genuine has Tho Fufil on the tin dont to you Are imposed upon if Are not on Tho tin Chester Isth Arrao resale and retail Uealer in Are Patent toilet window accurately Olloe of and decl dealer in family loth and All kind of canned cigars liquor put up cd socially for family mvx2gm what exc eau Iii Vul you got now Snail Tho it is very kind i of but 1 do not Foel that i cur stand said the sex Pons of the Cyrus it once Troto out a of credit on his London for to Tho order of Hin us tossed tilts Over to How do feel about Kozuh now i can in to under the Justice jumped three in tha to i am 1 shall live for the next fifteen yearn and Down Ulius unum Ltd of of Truro custom is More prov Lent i u land Thi Iii m with Kooly jmj Ali in Siil nut Only a Siuro Anu but Noti Winou Trio Blind loss is in Tom Pupu finlly in Siitia Verlund and it is customary a live u ilnint1 is Tuku to Rule a Over Tho a factory is Tom of a to whom n Nuutt was thu fragrant put of Trio of Hin us a tunic Laizik to Liu Hald it Only Law Ruhl to Nak a Over the ipod ii Iii close to his eyes slowly to repeat the Bleik Liik or Niiori a Mut of blow Tiv irom on which to it co Tiuliu by a mercy t wait for Yusiu to us ail Tel at the Imio of i Iii has been of Tor Trio past will won As Tom of in pier to to Mono in Spito of Tho Low Nolc Ujj now Nihil dim unit it Proll Ulilis crop than taif Roar Only no Tonii Haj in but tha ii Uii Liti of Tao augur Cane la iric tidally really stand and that just where it All Yourk Korit Lemen wont Stirk cods the people i refer to As gentlemen Are i thoth called to by right of birth in King Job printing of every description neatly and promptly executed at the Oali Romian nearly nil not cockaigne London a us Louii drummer i tent arc pretty hard with the Moulti said u Chicago Alton i noticed one Tho other Day kilo Altig a to smoked a great Deal Mill appeared to enjoy but bomb thing about thu attracted my at Teuton Aud i Watchet him pretty it want Long before i got of to his Little a had a piece of Briarwood pointed up to look exactly like a Aud there was a deep Holo in Tho end of in tots he had packed Lon Cut smoking tobacco and was Purling away in great he had the thing so that to could reduce Tho length of on half when no body was Beu to had Lla shed his smoke to pretended to throw the stump out Tho but in reality held it in tha Palm of his hand and finally tipped it into Hia you see he was too proud to smoke a pipe and probably too poor to smoke Chicago a Wise taif habit of quinine in powerful As a antidote to malarial qua once dangerously this practice has under gout a not Only the but professional Meu Bat not Whol of but Hostetter stomach bitter us a Safe i titanic Subrati Tuto for tit Vernio Iowa Tho you her Quencez of this change Are most now and ague sufferers Are cured formerly their complaints were Farmers attention Uso Only Tho California Viand gorged Aud Iland finished sack Needles with Cutter in Epieh Needle Price 50 your dealer for or order from to Uia uti will 818 Market St of not can w or mid re menu it free from ii natural lumber year to but this Klmle Tjin prod god la a single Cal Ueall i keynote u cough i Curili in Uhi cum Cut and the Bureau of statistics Westlu Irthum that j Only for this time or half in Tiki or Aro nearly Eli act j ii remedy eventually willing to produce in Uptou us unto uru not Mora Liuzi head in a Tofu Cilitti Quittn i Cludus to Kivini u Heni of them on hit i tin Aud interbreed Komeot them with u rid Nitro Tito result of expert u but Oil butt Coqui Derubba Ait Frue hour Mux Rotl the Jailer of Chi Hibb county jail i it to Liml two of hid were every Daj or investigation showed that Alii a Viii been done a piece o go w from a Small url Emu thaw a 1 Ulp tilling you How tied 1 Cwm Itogni we Tow it jul iry lax 1 01 your of i or Eup to Silil ski on to Rel i of ukr Norco will tic to and in s Liko new i urn Luo Lii j Atul j for croup Cou Maliu in Aud tiny except Tho dose were a of Tho i Blenkh up worst Lut oks Ami prevent their the Evi Duco in favor of this Peter lug specific and Roii Sohnly Medicine in of to ambiguous but posit Ivy Zuj satisfactory and Tho Scur Cea who acc it proceeds Aru very cure Lor piles Aru Fri Quelly by a of Xvi kit in to Loum Ami lower put of the Law Paik it la he he a oui of to Mukluk a or at Muju Siut at to Liui uric of a like producing very duncret4he getting u a Cuoq Ivun ii Ohidy j ogee Lotta of pile Aeu dirt cily i upon Tut Porto absorb aug the nine tin Irtoli the Yuwako Niaj icing bold by a pretty woman fear of when she resorts to Falc hair mud is source of con Stant anxiety to the very pc Ivons from whom film most desires to Liidi ii Yvaniuk of her charms tin i he ones not Likely to ii Uiko tie lint Llmer u no a Cimon Why Sliu a Licud not ill retain Ull tier Beauty of Liilo him her lit lot lick use Avris Haiti not Only Wil Lar Lis Iii cd Iii to Bur n in in owl the in and looks hint arc turn Luis i ave no Truilly will a Clairn la their or latino fran mrss i brilliance of Aykes Vitoi Cuns hereditary Halil lit years of had in ii for Sorn in oin loll it of stain Vrcon cd i Fri Tel soon by Caius Ayers Hail vigor not to by Lintl Laiful of the roots Mill cd str a Pochily Resto Cit to original color turning Cati Ichini of Hud her liner Kidd inv flu Nickil by during to late ayats Lulitu Vitou restored it to its Lulu nil ted Nii Ulf it bin Intro abundant Tuan it Hail we Scalp diseases which cause Anil fall ing of to inn arc All quickly cured by of Intok ahle Luil Iluff of the Scalp of scald heart of Tetter sores Rifet Scalp disease and Tor fill to of tie Roob Ottlie ii May in incur Najle Bald u Rem Lily cured by Autma hair a toot luxury avers Haik Viool i u per Anil in effect of making the Imir pliant Anil by ail Arlington the hqom8 Are Well charges per Duy from 50 10 Lis class liquor cigars distantly on hand at the polite and obliging men Daita in Tveit French i would respectfully the Public that i have Kasou lug hotel a by Oil conducting it in bettor than us incas has Ever been done in this county cd arson Mukta Nirla Tho Requiro menu of in this part of the country bettor than i 1 have re lined u rooms n Oates everything Board by Tho Day or week it Rean Nablo Fine liquors and cigars at the in tub Arlington Caps cigars in give me a nor hts Union Lher Ani feel Static 19th 3auhiaoeh and 8addll ready for animal broke to Hay and Grain for Tho very Beul City has recently undergone a oem eral renovation and adaption for the bum mor the lager in of a bettor Tommy than it ban Ever Beni find Tho bar in supp lion with the very choicest of the Bowling Alley shooting which Are kept running Day night bar also been greatly improved and now to brewery Tho Inlet comic Retablo and Ben puce of resort in the Beer put u expressly for to Louis and family Hob and d Liv cred promptly on receipt of of Borgwardt Mccord 19th Bakersfield veal Lamb and All of Home made Bacon and and everything found in a Fino Una Bho nth Reijer Carat k c bom Aawar to own Nudd Only the Worth Eon and Bur beat bump or pamphlet Tor ult to 703 Bulut Juno of a professional a tto Neya Bah w 4 tto net and Alvin 1 tto Kney and Kern Jjo taby Cratter Smith v attorney a at Chester next door to Bullion Mijso Mhoon Flo mov Summit am now pleased to announce to Tho Public that my hotel in completed and lied with net Anil coi Fortaw and ail modern Chvak me a John Eveleth be pct in Medio mite but Rofelty it of Tho quo our and Fth Loyal Roll gob of physio Lens Bur me Berof the Brit Lih led tool drug h Walters the building and Lunn Tuke of thin hotel in ont roly now throughout and to bettor accommodations can to Hod in thin special Arrango ninth can to made for Joanl and rooms for a certain length of meals 29 Beds 25 the City bakery to Tho Bovo whore Fruh Ireail can always bound will be delivered tooth Tinera every Central the Poi Bistok of the Oen Tkal Gnu Oncea to Trien Duriaud Tho travel bag that thu Hogue kill to conducted As a first lass hotel in a manner to meet the approbation of til Reg ular and Raimi Pitit Trio table will be supplied with All the Market and the single or in Aro in tie ent Trio ii Riiho Hae rom doled and Refah Uhd Jill of French Jean we respectfully Call to the Atto Tiou of the Public tint thin Hota Iwuh been Theroi Iklody refitted and in now pre d pared to accommodate Travo lers and bettor than the table la Par exc Willence we have engaged the but French Cook in the Hou Thorn part of the a Good bar Blip plied with the beat of imported French Ano feud Yard connected with James h now opened again and is the leading Huau of Kern the table Saup plied with ail thu of the comp Oreg with the higher iced of the a eau is connected with the where can by obtained Theolu Cleat Slid Fine convenient Board ind per 00 lion Ion per Kight 25 and oot Noel Ltd Jordans museum of Anatomy Market go and learn to avoid and woo Irful you priv i 211 Geary our Ulta Tion of Loit Mau Bood Eimear of Send Lor St the Mont comeby ban a con 302 Montgomery Fly Jimiy simians and society m of Ken at their Outle every 7i80 Solon a n6 Brothers in Good Tau Dong invited to baked moots Evory Fitt Famid third evening o very visiting incl iting k3 and her stud a Outing of Tom new of or next preceding the Attu of the Moon of Ken meet at their Lull every i our Aing in Good Unsiog Justice meets their Hall Itou Duy evenings in oath of american legion of mib Council meets the flirt and Laird Tuoi Duy of each month at their 1mll at 7i80 band of hops band meets the e Church every at u Oclock Mich Blacksmith nineteenth Street opposite All kinds of Kow work and repairing done of abort horseshoeing a prices the lowest and Hatli faction Ouan Tecil apr25tf give me a can learn tie exact Cost i of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by new Apapas far
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