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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Jul 17 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - July 17, 1886, Bakersfield, California 2l Kern july 29 Bounty californian the of a strange a writer of published Eyet and in Mei Vitra o yer Bli Adekk Tuttino i Uit j which at new stays that the on with Clow sch my the Al i in hint it of tin i duty to Fethi Hyth to per f to Idem i 1 in 7 f to of great of nearly nil the Hill Lac whether i Llund Riczu was oink of i Man ilk i of Ohki 1st two tar Tel democratic i Iriri thu utter part it thur Taan and Arn la Liik Firul i Are the Var Wolfn or Fly town Juara a fur his in arid did her Roll Honein the More for to Luik so Lotin n the Waht in in us Noirot und for to in Stephen a in he Lynx with Hor h i jul or Dot re it the of t2m of John c in other Chad cute for Tom Jarw Tyvne n a Tell n lending in the is Hlll living the old of tingly Home in by in died twelve yearn Mcclel Lati and the Drut and of Anny of Tho Anvi recently uth leaving though inv Nelld in Rani the entire Heil Wilid n Short Tothi will i Hlll to in Chomiw Anil my an Trow win confined flair link of thu time her hint i id Riti und for i viral yearn Ftp air hut Wax ton trn tic Henry of who was in in ruler in Hoti of Dur ing Tatj in atoll fresh in the Inlings of ii in widow in a Roin Purn Yomnik Wonnum nil Olvra in on Shorm Tii und 1 1 unlock nine did or font the War nil their Are till with t hint i Jen her Dun the of the in Nirry ii Lim Kii to not far from hut Hli wife Holh to und Henu Ufnal in Ali still hut Roh Liat Kreisil Mun of the our thu i now Mil o la i noisy who inn Linn Ikon a we wit for my Tirol Hal Yot we Jurn Mil if ill us Ort it by her i arc tit Roburd Jorr try own Rytir the i am interpret Tel in the of flying ind Yinti in n done Toul the term t Browd i re real principles a f ii it the Faith Iii Iii Roii roof a of Ollil to writ it full Neil int Hii or her Prift Thini having i the part of id worldly income in to in Klvan to the Tot nor nil a hold h Ixo Jesu n or property the mine in u to to lion in hip url it the Niem lots n Pun Utah la Infin Lori i in in Loii in hit inc in for Niue Ritli or h if und Iii evened a Reid fix wiil Ilii or or Douth Dunipa Lilii no or Pep per a loved another und perhaps in later for ii of l de the privilege of Kuthe name to Nile with the of the or the it Verille of renders lire Titt Rcd in red with the letter 1 written on thur Hakh sym Ltd of Pun l and Ito Hector of what science says the a Rural nod or tie human Trapf Leolly Loum to Kmitt Rota Max of Otto to nth of of he we remold liner or Ruff of j i Man in the greatest o nil chemical magnify Tho smallest cell of the holy and what a factory in spread before the oven countless Chambers in which arc Kloth of Inasio of solid i of dying liquid n Flash Linoi Anil in Oliou in com Tinc and needful Niit is earned into every Purl Oihi Kloc trial fines Alno und Uri conveyed tin tin Muse Lis uni thu various nerve Cun in another flt n million Chan Hora 1 Cheni incl action these in purified in the i tin Kab mid the tin we often my is a a Tiu living in its current lire which Tom air in Tho did nol us tact blocks of Chalk ships of Tutti in pieces of Horio if the strings if albumen drops of to Ami of Siuw Wanto Dino Hail when you will in thin Jeri he Ami Nii Ial coins to the phut Softli hero till nil an Juji Pinili Force into Hie i Izeh Hal a Airiina of Wilmo into Vii into u and a anally into a Lump for Ici sur which regularly in con free from ionic tact and a mme the in Ulah my Kranso to by Wirta Luuri a Wuyu on in Turifi Irwi Tali i tin Rich a Multi of wow air Tho quid of the who the Noil was mingled with Kolden Usu i Nti Irlan did not Heiju u fat tract the in twi of needy who flock Gold or to i hut fur Home months a Tenn Muncy of my Buen at in a place to Luke com lilo until Lant the Chi Dom work unaware that a Trlla of for Elk Ite Ullh were alb Prynn up wealth on the of own ten Caius to composed of from Atu Tralla quid unit a sprinkling of from Houth and men Havo for null of Ali eur Otu Over a re Puhler Tivey Honvo i coolly from Tom Rhine main j having the Usu Taii on other Sido of Tho Short Nemuti of the work upward of pounds weight of Nohl having Hoen Puri Oulu cd Ian i year by who j have Paul Oxcell ont up to i us Thiu Livick Tom Troy thin now nation founded on the of the Anoor Elvor in if Tom told Ghoul it lire to he con a Power in the for a Only a Kiy Tubo with China the build Drumri have taken to initiative and def in thu Tuom Tail which the in Etc Ami Digap to tinted Luanda Iii lir Eatonl them with Thiu Lucid ont is Authur painful Leaf in Tho history of thu brother of Tho Antt Tho nou of to dolled by a gang of Outor Ehul in flannel and Upo Alung an unknown hut and to see Tonuu Durw of heft land away from of Star he vary la Bull Laufou us to by to Yot what can ii Konof the Tou thousand had hotter and it Well Moli Koyn n an Oil ctr at in Ovici n when i native wild Lilin Wotli Eshad tin following a i Timon key in the voluminous i form oils Iff like Plant vim by who pah hire i radially the Rej Stilu unwound inti leaving n us recon the the Rock were in Tho Printest Kente of wildly and i Mikh of to help their Conid while the Snake wan Tiu i Lold in fore in to till Anil Hie of Lii and native in i i i if a to air Aid n Ken re i Impi thu to Muki in in prey us noon j us it Der wild he i i j Tiluy to the i Tinholt Lay lie i ii ath a Loo Kliu morn like u j i n the in ill above u troop of monkeys j were and three or of the j i and Viire in i a Nisi Silve of a Reudy Lii Enid by thu rain from the main with a to Inonu it length in put Thini not ii Kink head uttering a yell of Tri Thuy dropped Lluver the it struck Lam Hoik the it to a Ai he great Tail lathe Aho tit Ineffie tidally in stink Thore whim u general Ehi Irun of exult i joining his near if we Heli ovo borne of our Over this of a out the other while walking Down n Dille 1 noticed n a Rrapi drive no i the sidewalk and no one of tiie the Roii Clunn left his run Fiji the meps to Trio Imus and runs the he the car Ranii and to my in Teliin reparation of uric Niril and i Tolhur want from tin blood robbing it of n a Silicic of Tom i i Titian j in lieu Loti thin mood purifying is j re Rritt on without our 1hj in it Dono Are i Whu Hij in silent us Ai health Flop lib wait until Jilin a Norvac a Ohio they will Tony Havu any Tiluy Ilu Siul know to nil Jilin conc urim tin exterior not the Interior of the a certain so of Connoll Hlobil purify in Organ with tin thy May not Uima Ami Hito docs or a hut Licy silently Whu ii fair Iii Norvish its i it by thu Hlobil Iron Tho ill und leaving Tho lip und it by uric acid Pic ii j into tin Tim Allent hit skin tinn yellow or Lenv i Pius on i i of in thu and and i on Josh pc Eccl enc Ricilly ill i in i j Ali Titi we hum thu Cundler in i uni Why the Dusti in i Nee tin editor a allot at Iii tin ill Julih them i hold not have i Quimi Tor nature Lonj hums out Tho occident Lini Illy its fut Ivl elicit in in u Hundred Oishei Varn Ihlo head palpitation Ami of the ii ind a Runimas of or the hour to top out i turn i us i in i 1nt no Faith then in Tho who bit yrs there to no him at i Here in no 1ut no Faith in tint whoever to May u in u Lazio cold of a lie i none than do about Lii can neither Nee nor examine and depends entirely upon experimental you can an Well if the output in or if it Contu Wiiri cures neuralgia 18ti Vurno resale and retail Uealer in pure Patent toilet window t1ie Consumers beware Trio to no Hie and old Pace of Nuino hah Trio full Arlington the Tooms Are Well Cir res per Day from go to firs class liquor cigars code tartly on lined at the polite and g Atlin Dante in Ivriy Nai Dino a a incl to accurately of Len of and decl dont i Tiu Tiu Viila on the tin you Ore imposed upon it arc not on Iho tin dealer in Varrily Lola and kind of canned cigars liquors put up especially for French i would j1e8pectfulia inform the Public Tomt i have Liaset Una hotel Puiul no now it in better it Lii than any Ucli Bubi Neca Linn Ever Bren Dono in this county no Pinon the requirements of ii hoti1 for this part of Ilic roil try better Tun i 1 i have i Lii id it rooms in a flutes everything first Board by Trio Day or week it rates professional a tto Neya bad w 1 to Honky and Alvin c Counselor Atlas a and Korn Fine liquors and cigars at the may30 Summit i am now pleased to Ann ounce to Trio Public dial my hotel in completed and oiled Nith new Ani coi Fortaw in the Arlington isl a very handsome Krc hound to tin sidewalk Llo wan covered with it fully embroidered and won ii routed it neck n Prim look Liik Liiv rib Tho Lithall Iwin Ltd him it Iho open und when Hun tired Clond it Flur him Coughi Hiitt Rossini Tel Hon on Tho Box und drove in any in if this Vivai hut a Conini ii oxur Resico with a Faiumu of he the Laoo of which euro Yin Invar on to just to How fur am undo Onmi Rainow in n of Hopon or swim porn loll to it a two Malm from the run Ami to tit or Rullus and cover a by Width at about male lug Tan Holch before thu Oil vent of the Pnra Yoou Gallons o Mound Clive Tho soil Copula to of Euvoy and a Ravally taxi or Rook Ami Tho Elo pwt Fuci Ami the St to a with n per fume of Ito oven Lunty of when rape u to have a Flo i ouch in by Tulabut aul Vel map lion of route Rouaa a huh troc of their a Waill jul ruler told to the other Day that Linn of the to Iii Rizik Loii at Wah urn hed by Tho who Iii saintly to i found their watched out order and do a Rcd their lading our Taluk u wind their watch Iii Tiu in Rozular hour and Mithu Vinu be khat their a few years or Buntoro Tho Caino into lenoral the men but Ler Many of them Dolfl Mculty in Koy at Cor Tain Anil Ali or we Cecii were evilly out of truce the Ste i wonder Raivio in Ruhh Dhu Nelty Han Heen and As u result fewer watches owned he Neli Llelven Are Riu Nihar 1rvas constantly on hand and Noclla it Tho lowest Market Rateb j pm Liui Uhtof he Coachman Minot or red with cd 01 oily with Niu riia inti i Ami in Oase und Donth Are nut far these org Iii we idiot to Havo de car Hod Pluim at Tiluy Are really thu Mot ones in Iho Liui Izui tint of inti in Winch u major it human Ailini Riith irate and Are the toy have not Hoon Dia Eurseil in Public Huc Aimu it Rouen died unit the profession has Little known Power Over what in Wanttie for Wuch u a Sunlo which Waii do no harm to Tho mom hut Nii int Imp of Kew Tust hero let to the Buch a tend and proved by Many thou Sandwall Over Tho is a Warnera Fale with in Whon Dinaso u deep heated it in thu Only for to Louse in whom the Guerita Aro sown and thu of illness it in an unfailing it May be recon Job printing of every description neatly and promptly executed at the californian attention duo Only the hand forged and hand Fini Elied tips Aih me a Niar Hlf All modern give me a John Eveleth tehaoh1pa pop if Walters 19th commissioner californian Clingler Smith a ton keys at office Chester a next door to All or Ultra left St Trio Oam Ronian Ollof will re chive duo jel17tf Mhoon Flournoy attorneys at Montgomery san Wal a san Obj neg Onifry Home 27 physicians and graduate in Medicine a 8uhgekt of thou Noner Ami of the Royal colleges of physicians and sir member of the Dritch medical Makos drug Hlili fold Ang Iota the b0ijvdiict this hotel in Onti Ruly now throughout and no better Call to Hue in to Iii special arrangement a can lie Rondo for boned mid room i for a certain length of meals 2c Beds 25 society Kern at Ali or k of of every Cutler in Vicli no die Price to ainu your for or order from mime will 818 Market St of n Ngov Lii to if a Nebraska Farmer has nol veil the front eat problem that Ever vexed Tho souls and pocket look of neb Nuion to ii Ivy Piti Duerill a a Freud of the result j which is of Luteru years of by souk eare nil Fiort this he will Rovo Tho labor of the Farmer and with in plucking the on Clay j Golden the South of Tell Griph a bonded to Tho Well to prevent Ai Conesa and Tho sick to prevent with in Aid thu great of Tho system keep on their Hilmont work with in the i out Intorre Uptou without it they out of gear and then Dice ane und death open Tho door Anil Cross the Kuch writing oui Shl not Only to Lonso hot to carry conviction that what editor hindi an in and that Liia counsel is worthy thu attention and loud of All i Bau tar u said that if a Peron bitten by a mat1 dog will go into a and j Butenk Lur Days to will j the Poun to us it u will i a Wise Tho habit of quiz Riuo in powerful As n Anli Doto to a Lurial wan once danger Italy j happily Thirl practice Lins uni Laiyin n of overhead not Only the hut wire in tin1 world have recently Lwen Tut cum have not Whol Mph the Kronuch in Cohin i hut Hostetter these Are erected Hito Hii the River i Suji Neh hitters in a botanic Susti Posu High having Iwu late Ottlo pernicious tint con Phi cd on each of the River at a of thin Cli Tugo Aro most import Walwro Width in and from j Mit Alij huge sure res Are Thrim a Lucious pro Ikic of an their Viup Laisiu were Liuigi and the other of a Inch ill fat Jiu cured suspended across Attu Nelly of tilling to produce Etta Tunley fat Illius to any applet Ihlo except the wore a of the permit entry Breaks no the worst attacks Nail Ali or the evidence in favor of Tiliti Btu ring so Rifle wild Cherry and of Uio threat soul Mill Mutt frit Cuva a Olmem 1 Hope the shipment of will Tate better than the Cue Tuu Eom i a lot out and t Iii ase it they la Neil no i Ous but positive Anil Titu Lectory that the Lousler Hurt our an jail the Scure a Phanye it proceeds Are Tho Wise people on 1 very nuking it Liui the Artivie you t be or croup Wal Pineo 60 Lcou Tum by 1 we with i Omil Boulio it u helped to Wii jct my we urn Tel be hit Cut Tuut re tug Iuliu Low tic Lulu be radio Vii of to m Welt Mita i Vui tax of Olivet c it toy of blvd on a aim did work voila u lip Gar of intr tin i he thu is Ifould tit Liotti this Little i Atul they Usu spoil the Uuttu out Jet wow u of natural that All Anil i Kird 1 Moony i of jul Liow the Witch uni Hiil off doctor by i Vij cure Lorly Almu Othi in Ilie Kii iia Mil part of tie Ihu Lai Iii in in jew tic of ulu fyn of m of Nidin Milioti me of a like u after getting n ii ii n dirt Hng Ami itch Iii of a will it w j j slur Iau Viu 1ruv to even Jet licit run i top Hemion of i Dir try i tin per tie bold by robust health u not always Tii Pica by those who seem to posh ass Tho taint of corrupted blood May be secretly undermine no the in the Poison we ulcer to Only show its and wit h nil Tho More virulence Tho longer it Haa been allowed to each skin disorder and sense of unnatural or one of nature h of the consequences of Ayers is t lie Only remedy that can to relied in All to Chi dilute the Tui of hered itary disease and the pee jul corruptions of the it is tie Only alterative is sufficiently powerful to thoroughly cleanse the system or so Romulous and Merei irial impurities and the pollution of contagious h also neutralizes tie vol Dow left by diphtheria mid Scarlet and enables rapid recuperation from the and debility caused by these myriads of cures achieved by in the fort sire and there is no blood at All of that will not yield to whatever Tho ailments of thu wherever from tie curvy of l Arctic Circle to the Veldt sores of South this rom Civ Lias it corded health to the suf Lerchs by whom it wat eve where can cite numerous wit i in tic or personal of remark Able cures wrought by where All other treat Lieut had been people will do Well to Trust nothing else Linn Aye its juju Perpus crude Are Ofle Rcd to the Public Tut Blimel which Only allure Tho patient with the pretence of in buy cheap and with which it is Folly to Experiment while Etc daily he Comyn More and difficult of Rome of Lii mixtures do much last Iii Bear in mind unit the Only Medicine can radically purify the vitiated blood is Ayers pm Pauel by Ayer sold Hyall druggists Price six for Union liven Ani Futej 19th Caun Ialea and Saddle Hora i always ready for animals Brolo to Hay and Grain for the vory Bosl the City bakery in attached to the Bovo Olio to fresh bread can always to and will to delivered to customers every City Hab recently undergone a Gen Cral renovation and adaption for Trio bum Mer the lager of a better Quality than it Linn Ever been before and the Jour a Rippl acct with the very Clio Centof lir Guoru Central Piikoi Merob of the Central Jenpeo fully to Friend third the Sruv Cluny but Trio House will be conducted an firs class hotel in a manner to moot Tho approbation of Ell Reg ular and Trina int Trio table will be tip plied kith All thu Market and Hioko or in arc fur Idulich in Trio Best the ii Riiho has been rom doled and Reform weird Jan Lute Baker com every firn mid third tuesday evening of Ivory nil two to and Bakersfield a a m by nod cml Nix in of or met preceding the full of Tho Moon of each Kiln Moott their Ball every Bat Rudny visiting and sojourning Brot Liori in Good funding Justice meets their Hall monday evenings in each French ti1e Alley and shoot Igor which my kept sunni ii Lay if night Lifavi also Lien Kreutle improved nil my the in Rubery in Tiu most Cutlif Orlabdo and bust Alico of i int ill this ller put up Ixer Willy for a loons Puiul family Imo and Livand promptly on receipt j Boag wahdat Mccoyd 19th in veal and till Kiziu of Home made Bacon and i and Cir Yulung found in a Iliyn by t ills Viiar Auml Tho Only Kim in the world Attu Erminy to Ami cur Auld f Daurt o tin Lor Jean we Kesseo Tully Call to the attention of Trio Public thit Tiiu hotel Liati been thoroughly relisted and is now pre pared to accommodate travellers and letter than the table is Par to have engaged the Best French Cusk in the Southern part of Tom a Good bar sup plied Witti the Lieut of Olga Sand imported French feed Yard Coitino Tond with the of american legion of Mistletoe Council meets tie first Aud third Tuc Day Paoli month at Ali or Viallat band of Hope band of Mocta at thu e Oliu Roh Var monday at 3 Oclock Misu James 8 now opened again and in the leading ii Oahu of Ikon the table or with All the Delie Acub of the and Cou Parvu with the of the eau Blacksmith i Job connected with the where Cun be obtained tie choicest Aud Fine convenient ninety Cintli struck opposite Adobe All kinds of now work and repairing Dune on Short horseshoeing a prices the lowest Aud Batik Fallon give me a Board and Lodi aug per Day rooms Lor night 00 26 Jordans museum of Anatomy Market and learn How to and How won you Are private Henry coumilu1 Tion of Lent manhood did All du1 advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing Rowell Bond for up Way 1o Spruce new Tor Joo Pago
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