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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1889, Page 4

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - July 13, 1889, Bakersfield, California Tif what the world ban rail Omny n Horn to Roba what a lined Tim Cut Havo Ana youll that Ali Sugii Ott boy raffled Lind they Nair lost Courno in of Tunc Tho Buti Aid to will try and Kulp and conquer All obstacle i and this they the world to bar worn at Utt by the Young Oak Tuny need to Tho but to Planco when it and to new Herf length Ivory and in Lime h St Nola mrm in Tiu tempest whose Wrath whirls thu Tull Lnu Ollof Flatt a Man Mora Toralf tent m Tho right kind of courage in heft he to and docs Aud this u what heroism strive on Ullh a patient Ondic nver the steadfast of Pur poise will Deff at comes to Morrow May usher Tho grand Triumph Eben in Abo Intro sting and amusing Auto dots of Tho Hugo Thor Are a mid and enjoy a Kilt their anger snot tiie no Uirl the elephant Miry Well to the Hood of the Yogi no and old Are Novor tired of watching Obeso wonderful Crent Rob they Uro no know so yet so terrible in their an Elo Pinnt ran tour of Lingo branches of Trees with bin or stamp Tho Ulfo out of u Tiger with his great col yet Tho same trunk i trained to pick up u and thi mighty feet to trend gingerly Ovir Inci recumbent forms of bleeping or intoxicated so Ringo in Niy no an Elop Biinte skin in very Icid Tulve mosquitoes 11111103 him and a boating is n terrible punishment for Courvi Footh he in ele Plant Ivory Jio will Light any other Hugo yet i mouse ii Laid to Malco him Shako with apprehension and trumpet Vith elephants no i Ischii Ous and inquisitive they Calno open and enjoy their Sivh practical though so remly to resent indignity of to sunni Tulve an regards their nor Mellon la warm and and Homes and other animals Uro often Iho objects of their elephants Tiro pleased with Guy Delight in Sweet no Dainty in their and Rovoll in thu like an engl Lamun in ills they Panici Taco Thoft with Tho ingenuity of the artful dodger urn 111 meddlesome no Hutu the caution and cunning of r and the memory of when a stands about Turco feet and in not considered grown up until thirty years accidents to is Likely to live about Ono Hundred and fifty if not though delicate in its in elephant likes Piti Lity As Well us and it his meals makes nothing of Hales of buy and Gallons of ills ingenuity in try ing to Cater for him nok is and often an american Hofton lion Btty in olo Plant pull up a stake to which to was Goto a fee bin containing Ott the raise the cat nil he want put Down Tho lid return to my poke the Slynko Hack Inlo the same and stump it Dinon with ills Bis keeper i look us inno pontus n a twinkle in Hafl cunning Oyos Hho ived his enjoy ment of Tho situation Whon Tho Man stormed and raged on discover Linthe an incident of in Olop Luuis memory to have Oce Uroil some years when was exhibiting at four yearn before the was in the and on Yriate on being re Lowed from its u Luric elephant walked the town Hull hip Arn to yet Pullo House and protruded its trunk into the thu Piiru uld supplied with and the who Hud Boon in search of his then conducted him by Iii Lila on being Rolon Sod the break Ingup of Tho slow no the second Tho mime elephant broke at a brisk Trot in Trio direction of Tho and the unwonted Chargo upon Tho premises greatly alarmed Tho Tom former now the arrived on Tho and recognizing Herald onco Moro regaled him to his hearts the Olep Lenl then submitted to to led away by Hla although elephants will not submit to they Uro not to and at first Are fond of going through Thor tricks on Thor own in Homo Wero taught to Dimco by Tho association of music and u hot a Block and Pulley in now to tuck in Raini an elephant to us sumo various to and Tho word of command j Given of if it was doing Trio trick of us own Good treatment with form Nob is necessary in touching and any Robelio Sneska must to checked by Tho Thoy Ery out when sub and the Tronilo is then Over for the Kven wild old Phanta Are said to to easily taught when once most of us have admired Tho wonderful big tally of Buoh Clumsy looking Unlue Silti in Buli anoint themselves on inverted and so at elephants to thousands with their these huge front tvs i were mud to Bland on Thor Hind ice Fth with their for feet Noodle owls dangling in the Aii thou stood on its Lucid Irith in bind legs raised purpoudlcu1 placed on Thoj j wheeled round or balanced i themselves on Tho Sld Ologu and gave Otho evidences of wonderful Neutral nod Buby Olophant Are great one was Tiiu Glit Tea flit i at fan and a were made la Tho ran port of elephants by int of Iho Ordi nary of the Eurit India railway was ii Tod fur Tho and Tho win placed in the Cen Ter space of the Between six a breast and and so Anred in addition anklets on the nil Hind United by transversely and and further by fun diag Niziul Iii Orinc Clining passing in nigh Grid lashed round the Corner Pil Hirs of tin Tho lint elephant having his Bend Luck thu Opportunity to remove with his trunk u por lion of a proof of the truck it win therefore found needs Sarto put a col i r round Llu neck of Trio with n vertical Chuin leading my cured Litho in thin Wiy u sni res Siil was Niide us inn Dooh find Tho animal darning no signs of or making Uny it the nip to Fri Many Intel voting Ulm far Ninis elephants Buve been of the air rus going Public Long Benro Lam Lute jumbos successful one of known As was u Des Perate when in one of Bis he did As much mischief us u to use a showman words lust big into the air and Lear Iii Down and lie Scivil Vith the of a menagerie to i am one of his a kill Btl Hilliii Inlo the Fahle in a he killed two n Ell a couple of 11 hurs Ami u he would i it in the eat Ell it Lii Willil Shelli Jim ii Sample the life on of ii Toni out fur the Ulm Lii popular i ran he a trip n Long Chain Vilh an enor Moith in end to i Iii Marh legs and hold a Man Tonii run Mil in night if mid the elephant Iii Sunlly after the trap was so far As making the Chain und Houe to but to kept right Anil would have caught who was u had the latter not jumped Down Inlo an cellar of a new and ran up n narrow Light of Steps on the no Poselle Tho elephant jumped Down after him As easily As u dog with the big Stone behind the Lono was Large enough to stick a edged against the Walls on each Side of the and Canada wan hut it was u dose shave for the they managed to the Savage animal with Moro and then went to world to con Quer a the account graphically describes they wore out Hie lulls on lir cd if Buckshot Inlo his trunk and and heat and tortured hint fur Mill he Hov led in Token of the moment he wits he gave a yell of dashed out of the und started to Ivory one flew for his but and Tony up position under cover of three All who ventured near tired Inlo Bis head Only cheeked Bis wild and whenever lie thought people were on the Oiler Aldo of a stuck from to tried his Best to topple the Hay Over on Tho Light went on for und during which time to had not bite to he wan too angry oven to Lake any of the buy Cru Siml him and not u drop of at despairing of saving were exchanged Lor heavy mid soveral big builds it put an cad to the Glrst live elephant Moi in Lon Don was in the reign of Henry and the closed their shops und Doii died Hel Holiday attire 111 its Hon King had a private men Digerio in a incs Park in which inns kept the elephant presented to him by the Kiny of it con sonic hundreds a year to keep this besides the Wyne to must drink from april to u gallon the ail Ether celebrity win huge elephant i tragic end during a i j strange Alliek if mental abort atom kept All London in u ferment for Sev eral if we recollect a show elephant in London was the Miiller of the Glrst elephant Horn in a Large weigh ing heavier than though not so was recently on View in where there Wug unite a run ill ids being to powerful und in no Worso than Uny wild Mill when la one of their sudden ills of ungovernable Tho amount of killing they take is heavy Rilles that kick tremendously often have Little Al tet in stopping to mar wild and in our in oven ii ill Oil failed for u considerable time input ill end to the career of u mud Hamberg a list of Hrick destroyed by Rise of the what Havo Yon Lam that exclaimed eur justly and Ivha printed Miles from tiits u Little too thin that Muy to Tell some Elm Peuler from Keld lers but it wont go Down wit i your aint a dated and Miles from in going to show How to make a mop of u dood Leville editor he threw Oft his Klc lid Over the editorial and made u lid cd grab at the fright used in moments of great emergency something Elko inspiration comes Al limes to Tho assistance of Hurd pressed a his antagonist lunged savagely it East a Ofui Palrang glance ii Ronal the ills Eye fell on something lying i the table that Hud hitherto escaped his us u hash he ii and brought it Down on lie head of his Lor Otic Brief Nin ment the Gigantic Frame f in Man stood and then wit ii a crash that Snook tin Helper of lace from backdoor to n Uig Posl in front he out this unsightly said bugs Lon to the Ollic Miami slim came Rimini King in from the Heel room to see what Lite Ami with the aspect of a Mal time was too precious to be u on Trilles the editor of Iho Hood evil Velper sat Down no Inglr Jig Iii und resigned the work of writing u lurid Al Len u of Van Simpsons millinery he had knocked Tho fro Clile faced Man senseless with an Caf Mcd Tariff on Gladstone on when i Glrst rend in detail Tho life of i was profoundly in Promod with the moral Elev Alioti and greatness of his and 1 found myself at a loss to among the of any age or or possibly who could be his in saying i mean no Ilis Para Geinert to the class of the men of my own Craft and in my own land find my of 1 i have found no less wanting Oiler men of love Utu of ii Mira f name among those who sem to me to come Neur oven to Lull i will shut out Tho lust half Century from Tho f will Hen say unit among Ull the sup plied by history for Public characters of extraordinary nobility and i saw one higher than All the and if i were at a moments notice to name the tallest occupant for i think my at any time during Ilia Hist fort live would have and it would now upon Ilund ii tonne letter to Blarney that Low globes of the fruit sunds in Tho and about every body Haslam Jcj the is usually Digap most when they bite into in initial have i hair Nisi ill made up for the Lasle of an or piquant Ihno Rof ii is in the nature of u disa Greenblot Ami the fruit is at once set Irv i As Al Shad i lie Eal ii and really to ii c Ichini is in most instances an a Jii ind very few of Iho peo ple i no Shaddock and eating is u habit Wijn but bad to Lea Iii to like another for the it 111 in favor of the Sli Niikoe that it is impose hic to by of a Shaddock whether it s or an unripe Shaddock Imas Litie Yalile to the taste us a Ripe one s and it Ofton that an experimenters Glrst so Paddook is a Green and f i sour All Shaddock of Iii the color of tie is a Pale Green in its Pale and this enrol Lilllan after the Shaddock Alln Imil ils full which in an Whito from the n it Brimhall to Oliai u he Quill to Onieh it a Ink or Tuo of Sualo thoroughly Riim u it hat Ullin Liioi its full had Lioci is on a tree that nit Ilau Orange like an they Gnor very thickly much Intro thickly con on have Licon playing Louisiana i state suggested the reporter our whom he was exactly hints just what Ive been talking about a Little Romance i Drew the whole of a capital Louisiana was not in the Deal it was my i Hud All the Tho first thing fido did not croup bridal tour Wiir to Purchase a Tickel in Tho la Luisiana state won an approximation 1he next Mouth did the same and in the last r sex Kirchh Rommi irix doing Tupi i Havo brought Ugai Tiht Tho Tity mini cominis Honch Foi heres you last february wllc1 Tell Wero c1 Thole of a capital i in Slud Ulm for heur and to in Trio when what Iii the True Ulfo Mill Iii luit Hun Naipi Ikid Rhey Aii of May my wife pulled out finn Neil that Racli and we have got the Tom Var ten of Trio i there were two other men won com any no till am than Era i hav than Niy i a Little i wig no r e said a with live or six on tithe Twig did ii l look Strong enough to hold la Weir a actively Small tree Wili Ottin hear Ris Imury As two thousand Shaddock at a they grow rapidly and easily wherever Orange and they Are rapidly coming into favor with the pub blown South they Are much liked wiil every body eats lint in the North they ure lost i in Misc Aro Luen Hundred or four Hundred barrels of them sold Luro in Islington each the set this Heas ii have nol their is unit the i Wiinie As that of the and they no packed and shipped Junt As oranges the taste of them is j Llu As the Tiisler for Toina to a fruit u Slort Tini an m Lido to i Eircel in Tho City and several to you to quit work and go into lignin cos of some j i urn just wailing n Good i for not Tito ill get and then i May think of taking Schofield in a Young Man und hides with his wife it ii21 Folsom this slake gives them u Good Start in Yalj two ago miss Amy of fell into an unguarded and a result of her she sued the town and got u verdict the Cense was by in hut on u second trial the damages were increased to Liis also but recently the supreme court at a Brooklyn sustained the verdict and added for miss alloys is unlike cry that any More up Poula will be Lii Ffinlo of the Peculiar things resulting from Tho Public school Cyl town is Tho effect produced upon the handwriting of Tho a Man who Hus received within Tho lust year a Murgu number of Kotlers from fair Young und fair old has i Ney never to ways Tiu Prtrt sulcs of they a Crit tin Iii Iii mid a rent hip of Icv purify the Utia Pulati Lam 1hcy they Tom Ilion Laid i the big Waln Tim ten in to Litho Milf it inca Neil til i Ini or two at night for a Wick will their Power Utida i chid Irrish Iviry baking most perfect contains no Lime or i have Analysed prices Cream baking powder bought by me in open Market and have found it free from Alum and ammonia and containing no deleterious ingredients of any it makes Fine Light and i can recommend it to All wishing pure and wholesome Louis formerly state san january ill in i til lit Hiciano knit Lilii Luu sonnary Lut y milk Lumen by ii to ibid Iny to the treat Valiqu of Siulc of u Kij Niy a Iturri Tom 1 1 Novim Tiit i favorite Lloil Tindill i in Crun indy kill Siuy Neil nil Trio he Peculiar to it in runs Tiu rum lilo mow Anil re Tiu a Allent to Tiu of us k Kiv Ulutu ii Ulo at to wild 1 act ii inform that 1 l i i n pm Tive remedy noticed that Thoro is almost Buso into Luck of individuality in their Chi two butt Milf my Julio letters of All seem to to formed upon Tho sumo Model they lire Ull of thu sumo and upon Tho same and Tho the Are nud Tho in Aro dotted Tho same painful now run n try h looted with Jyh Cir thur Liia Ilu Trout Rte or Jimlu Tiomi club Stone an Ute Laura Sii til la Lam 1rtinor a or it Turin is the editor ill the person who was 11 raw honed with red hair und a freckled lie had u baud like u und was Crosa Tho Tho will tar Ami Nin Jiri cuu it Why nil Roll with a of smile Kulir Lucy ii let ail a moult Ohio us Billy up Puiul Ilu Vuu flu lips nil i id Villno not Riihl Tho jul ii rash inn am in h was a bins Rainy Ami Tho wild Guana und u Mph Nihls in Thor that what Bugan Tho two Oil they Nile Thor Trio and Hitti of Aik intakes u Man of general informal Iii in almost ii Man of Genius to he u or Stelni aug have some Tlach listened to Trio Knockdown of one of Thusn of the in favor of lib real ill and rarity of some bogus Iii lilo of until to Are All bul persuaded against our reason that in was a the accomplished Auto Ioner has be Cullis spells by Means of which lie sex rites insane spirit of compel Iliou mining ills Llo nods so Nili Al he winks suggestively at his Hammer an u Spanish Domi Aher ills Len Larry is his jokes Are in j bin Good humor 1 Llo manages to lend a sunny aspect in the dingies goods and and Whie the Bun shines his in he is a great Ulm should Luke rank with eminent minis Tern and Ami the Why not docs he not understand special and Cun he Mil lib1 Wilh the plausibility of a and apply soft soap with the skill of a r who bettor than he human nature or How to upon us weaknesses Llo is a Chiu Voltl of private Ulm to All und with n Tinct and i mho which the shrewdest politician that Ever angled for till loaves und i hires of Ollilee might lot no Man find fault with Orbo condemned by for Hull by disbursed unwisely under Tho pressure of for it is of ten overwhelming and irresistibly Why advice is ii it always gives a Tempo airy appearance of can never to vory even when it is most use ossuary or Al u not Baum Gnu it Thyn in open to unix Pontod or convicts us of nay fault which had escaped our but because it shows us that we no known to Othern in Well As la our selves and thu of Grioua Monitor is persecuted with net Bocacio his accusation la but Bucauto to sum ii that superiority which we Aro nut willing to Grant Puiul has dared be tinted what to Deslou to the do Nero of has a very of tails Leo Prev Alonci Nad Ulanio advice can not to Given but to that will hour n patient unto nor la Noe Etiny to the of All Luno who to Iti duly in odium a patient u not to to Hud and Good Eon sol that Here is a Fin tune awaiting the Man Wim had enough to Wilant a they uru Ici the Rise in popular Ami i would not to surprised if they should Nim to to us much eaten As oranges the is a native o it is and Tho Story goes that u naval who ate and liked them there Homo some of the seeds and planted them in 1or a Long while the Trees were valued Only for their Southern people got to liking Tho and now Iho taste is spreading All Over the they nip sometimes i on account of their i Lart and Thura is quite u general j impression that Row on j Vine Southern Llie Story for want of a bettor f them that of Trio Navy Captain who introduced Tom fruit into this Shaddock Aro also grown in lower though most of them Como from Thoy Are sold on Tom fruit according to Al from live cents apiece to three for a Tor very Large fifteen cents they vary la As much As oranges and Llie Sooil ones Aro very the bad if Are very those Aro the and its to gel Ling Green it is impossible to Lull whether a Shii Dock is Ripe or not with out lusting a Stock company in being to i Ivolou Lac sold Fields Rice Ute Din covered in admins Tho Island is going to i be tin Linest Bailie preserve in Tho United the Experiment of Rais ing Kurlish Pheni hands Lias but a the Alifi Ruvii the wild tin key have increased and Deer hire become to numerous As to injure tin Island i the san Lii Nero says state h irela Uil has ice Billy received specimen ii of Side Haiti of Alumina Thiim it is in the Mineral form known As an Iron Alum heretofore reported from atol Gasta Ami Pyramid in i Hene spec Imus j were in Large deposits in the i incl in i Iii Isamit an honest when it Mih Tor Best no ways ilorco8 Golden medical Heel ii he it Ink Liy fur the Cale mid gives the Best satisfaction to bin old Hon medical discovery cures All from u common or or option to the worst Henly or Jlou Gli in by blood inc by this Deal waiting Valeera rapidly Lietje under its i has it us Potency in in run sore so Romulous i sores nil or thick Tuil if in linear ii Utu Riciki ii n Alm Cul 1 ii i eyes of disease for will be promptly for Wen spin in Svere and Kindred Alt Elisii sold by i or ii Liot Lles for White lever of the is arrested und cured by this r of the Iii Ces old ii Dieal discovery is Llie Only of in Flint is Mitin Focil to Lici Zelii or in All s rec Mim Nodi or thu Money paid for it of so Kirnos of u is no Chii client in firt l my nil Iii i v ill Ilia i ii Anil ii Ali Lar Neil it is i Malm Ami in ii unil i i thrown Troin Blini in u Raul Neil inv fur limn1 Iti in u Yungr i Viii in to und Rich mail i in pc i it til thro Isikli Ulni Mituk Niy unit ill Rulli m Tiu fur Salt la Well i for All i j int i i Gilill r Austin numerous to lob to Ohl Diun us1 noted with u sinking feel thrown away upon Luno who urn till Tho of in i i Blu Plank Pius of Boeza Wutzl ing that Bis Culler Tomlin Tho Only doorway affording in exit from bin and that want u weapon sharper than a Brush within sight him toll with in of an it was Rotor Bod in their own an Ulof thorny King James Hunting one Day in Iho a violent tempest and u Church being the his majesty took shelter and sat Down in an obscure and Low the minister had just mounted the and soon the notwithstanding his Plain bunt ing lie commenced his ser and went on with it logically and in Lilly Hill at suddenly Starling olt at a to commenced Iveigh most violently against Tho habit of und expatriated on this subject till Tho end of bin i after the Ermoli was Lam King i had his to which to invited Iho j when the bottle had ciliated for a says Tho Irby didst Thon Loo to from thy i if it plenum your was the you look Tho pains to come no far out of your Way to i hear i thought it very Good mull lion for me to step a Little out of my Lex to Incel with your Liy my exclaimed and thou Wilh me so As Nevei Moa i it will to Remein Broil that James i was notorious for cursing und Sweari i a manner almost verging on anecdotes of the Nour san in where hero is much Clarno kind and j covered by a Thiu layer of i Iho is tried of blast ing holes into which to Plant and Dai Dykin who has tried of u new suit and cd euro Mil ill just step ovum Lollio Hank and a ills Nilor i jello Sci mid if youll of Timu me ill follow one of papers of a Young miss i u City school contained thu question which produces the highest Type of muni1 la Unmil Iak Ablo characters Ai Unur read the Temperance Hartford i miss Ili Shurly Young and rising from her you ill Iii can Ali Trie i uni y r it until unit Hilly lilt their und Rikimu but hobljiiih1 klic Cor a Larrt Ami Llu i do Hilk n All that 1vimian 1 in ii Lull i Ioor lie Hull or Iid Frlj ill la All Iii Tuil Chi i i the pit of anti v 1 Chat let i Avo 1 liar to Llu Ltd Lor Wiiiam i u tith Litt Tom Tulit Yuul Una i to Niimd by a big show Saih 418 front finer in dealer but of the Minli suppl dry under our Wall stationery Bod and shoot in unit lir pure me Deluci in brei and giant Lottei of Ether Jodi at lowest air Cut Lor Cash Send la map Tor loll hit by ant and learn How to cheap and Well at Small Coil 82 Yean in Ruinen customer to every county weal at the Many to make a Doli Clous biscuit or fur cow bf1 Ano Palmer reys 105 a Vancisco a i us Ostli to k of we Rico Kut plaint it of High of Vannur of ii Hunt of of Star of Tom Circle of Harp of to Elioso buy of the ii Minn Priit nil mail he Titi omit Nijiu Nippur with Yter plainly and 4 in to Iii mail you Tho lint with in of Zutl Fleming vim mall lit would Liko t Tuil ult i All in Jull Ioil und Star Oil h Chichester English pennyroyal pills ass or Lufti i Al no Jet Ilia la Funk if u out Lor Rili irn it oies Imell f Nix i Mill ii i Iii Liri Inion in Atli Iii null Lily of Lur Ilii it i Iris Ului int no i Iii Lildon Oul Sibih h Jin a til unlit in so choir Nti ii of icon till Tell inn try scr invt or d of h Ulm a tick i thu Orison Liviu Vikra rpm Elrod quilt Vilura i no on an a Iurii and drum Tho ilor Low of to Tho women of Illinois mint he about Good us Thoy make i writer in thu Doroit Loo Omot in Popi Philion of Abonit in 11 with it in bal von i hint slut Only none Torii Iio sons of Ihn Ike until Jull ill huh i i to Umil Iau Piik tit v f Neil ill v l hox Aroon Tho wrong undo of the i miss i Portial us set this Arjil uht almost mule convicts in Tho Kimime Planco thai on the Lyvo s01u met in Root that Iho of you Lirles bus fight Luff Llo Ciao Homo with und u Black if you can Stop he i wish von would 1 to and Yon knew it want v dont know what you inc ruled to you Tow his Ted White Pap Crl you Boardl Ghousi out from Iho Shank of u starved Mutton youre a cured to und you know 111 Ive i Hud Phi i Why should 1 deprive you of it miss ill asthma cure by return full circular of Moodys new tilth system Cociu Tiaw a Kab decl Lunati aha it Souli buil Luvot flock it Bidot Muiloc until Itai Iila Nup Pleu act i Ruiru Matin Iiara Ellav uan any imy of orill1 can fun try und i Auckly learn Cut Anil Taku j Uty in i any Hylo to Liny it Castro Tor Lily or adrtri3a i Moody i a i cure fits i Lurton ii 1 Fuoau n rain incl t k Lilg i us Tom Bik cinc Tor tilt Ull Jull of thin i we Noli nig to in and u Una riven Ben of Vullen dyc1it a i sold by r e to Linin t warrant my maj to Cuni i wont tit Hamm tit hers hire i in no it Watt or nut Evcei Tum n it Iii Monoa Fura Tettat Butl a Hutu f Hij Inta Ilu Kiir Rahmal in flow Klins ii it jail Hani to lie 11 01 an Ili Baoe of Ulitt or f hard Funru Totsc ii Vunt Illy Civray Antti i my Kwh Volt i i to smoke a null Al ii Rak Una Pleni in Iii Pic tul co an inti All no tobacco Bismuti u in mild Lutlo i two Yeii into Ami thu old Youv 0 head in your own Ink off Havo i Dot iof nuked in Illinois out Imbor Tho pc Nuvolo Onci a Vonly to or that ninety night and i Cru u half Pur of evil Doorn Uro of the i1 i m und but and our tvo of pm Auu of Tho isl u uni to n of that i if that Doest Slop him nothing i in i Lii we Obj i Kili to Iwler Vav Siim Uil Ullola Fiji t lil Irdi i 00 a Momii Chii in my work link Tor who run Nir Nuli u Llu a Olioli Louir to the my a Ivy in Neil Joll Chiin a Gnu Mriln s in Iii it mull be the Spur o Tho hut Elmo go j in mind to nil frailly Ltd Aro Elf Elf o Ai ii d o v Anil Llu printing Pross i Maulfa tourers on be Turing Union or outrun to a per month and Ekpe Nitti the 1nciflc land and loan i in stat of Ai t Home flood Dun John an army 01 who Linn Muir curl Moro Ihnn any mini in woman a Ani Itlen Ink ii tick la thu Tiu Uriel uni ill Nikii silos twirl milk Ida an Sulilie y Miciul Uch it unit my i n Ali Ilicia no d i had in la Hill i in Lay unit Urmia thu lower iwo Tun o my und Muiir Puiul cold la Tio wider i which we in Iii v my Home it i void unit Uki in it kindly t Hirina in re mtr blood a com no Uci limn Lio Uili Liitt it Virlom hut not my us them iting ill i Ili we and Jit Honya imn a Lily Ali Simgh tilt which no from Lam off Gaul Llie brio talk Alan Marlu cum in Var Usu Uri Siuy for kilo by All 115 Fulton of i
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