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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1889, Page 3

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - July 13, 1889, Bakersfield, California The county official july railway time Jim to rival nud Dinar it of to null i no from is will and it Miulli hmm will arrive at Roo null dip dirt ill train will Urru us Hotl lit train rom i a will Guildi Quirt Sabbath Motho Siut tier vice m levelling by Ilia Lurilee it the Young Mclin Chr Lilliin Amud Liyu will hold tic or Cut lev tur void air men Dur Liiri tin help it at Hie Hunt of Wren in tin Iven 111 Winnel Liili with Hie Yull Lulf a Lynn wifi the All Iii Una void ii Iii Isle Are cordially invited to the Meltln Nii lira of Lull rent and lie Lient to cum Tran Iii until Lurther Nullis will unify to held on the lint Smith in id each at 10 Oclock Venem it hauls ser vice at Etc Flint mrs lip tit Terni in t Yueh Hirv Liu by till Only on in flirt sin Lay in Yueh Iii nah it and on in enl Sii inlay air t a artist services at it 11 conducted by thu i for ii Long time there scorned n Chance of saving fish the old Udo be Juat in the Tower of the Southern fell Ito neighbor Over the Way nodded to with Kern in Virlor total there Are Many mall loosen not yet and this table is Only up1 of lieu is to and Hill j thin Ireat to More win nil done by two hurtling and then both sides of Chester Avritte were soon on it be1 info a cume n Ense of Sun us Cave with the and went Down upon a dreary j where once were i oof so shelter and Ullh to with abundant foliage Fot j Grut Penl were Uchen j lined with shrivelled Trees und Sjo Etcil tire swept on until by 1 Oclock Street on the the Alley beyond Street on the itch Street on the Xot Ith und the Alley beyond venue in tiniest marked the Amiin Darien of a lire which destroyed 15 including every Butcher shop and place of Supply in the in nil us kill Iii 4h of i k11 them were it wus i teams lauded with n clean everyone worked just an can with thu which marked i Ilalue looking where Homes Hud once i Illy next morning came und under orders to go to every j ii Riiho und Liand Over everything Llma inn i Anvil co at j this list include Only Whoso who were a cued out in Tho Tiro and have Nince re built or taken a fresh Start Mil Krivitz Myrh Smith leonards cry thorns ice Lla Leys cow Nihil Law i arks Lum Lior real estate co dicta soda Nelsons Phol Kniph the Iii Rich North half of an i this is Tho who Linihan d so Ukiu Noil was proud to Call upon the Cornu Dittri fur us cd fur free of at ii meet Iii of tie ii ods were married out id Muke Ash piles Litween two barricades of the Loudieh helped in especially by carrying water und refresh ments to the tired and weary i such goods As were saved guarded by faithful a Force was de tailed for patrol by i hour was left it every House wore there was u and by supper cession of supplies for the needy is prom ised to Long As the want an Liru Ritli its at once ten Elered with Uilah hands nuyt Hizik that i Hake yield Sli Ould ask a meeting and this pro Jolt court on Bakersfield in m of was it once called to rejoice in of i Litkel i i i i Neil and o thank their friends for that prom Taud exceed1 Arick was chosen chairman a River Corr and others made Sli Brinn at on motion of Arr n committee on be solutions was con which reported As lol need us touches weary hearts with strength and renewed there is very time to Iii loaded with eur Tubley came in Liere will be no actual from Tho Many were while most hut Ull found u Bountiful table und comfortable resting one life it a shield would help herself and would re Patrick aged wan overcome by the boat und burned to death in the the following Are approximate and insurance Hullt Lierni Dinkel Sitiel Kern Valley new Kern Valley old Bull Dlin nud ing kindness in such u time of j town the procession of calamities now sweep ing our Erin Tinnel tie and Hood suib at lust Fillon i Iii on hopeful town and i overwhelmed it with the entire business portion of our rising Emi j prising every store and other place of 1 Iii siness the i Gunt j Southern hotel but yacht Eniy tin1 Pride i of our people und admiration of Ull be 1 us Well an other elegant and costly structures in to Viise of is today ii sickening ruin while a few of stir people ure turned line Bess and dip Tinte into the shelter less such u visitation at Uny time is one to Kun Uiles und falling land i Mii i nil Tel is Ahkii kill Tell vex in Clim plan Iii Gullli f Tina it june 7v an i fur tin str of Iii our Binn in Liis ilium of Korl ii Only of of tills in in Thiol Iii i sworn for i Eipur Ibuki of the sw1 u m 31 und will hint in of in now dial Tini Tinl for limn and to Lii Iliili Laud nud i Al in on 1 la Ottili Day of i hindi Nick u Isnar 11 Jolly nil of lining Kini any and All ulv curly tin land Oikuen a i u is Iii Tilty Oivin Tuiai fill full settler Imi Tullid Lillee us ills Tinnil in Sll Nikiel us Mil unit will lie i Kern at int Kei i ill Al Luibil Klask i in Iii Liun i i is i and lie nil ii Lii i nil us i i Kirn u dirt Luis to Mil w ii Lull Lilly ill tin Hui nud i inn jul new the Liili r and i Iii lit of l ii take Iii in Rule null Lii Lenni k till Lloid Iii 1 in in will Nirav tin Jill ii Fri jul tin ii Mill to the Roplo of Sam apr i i Genera merchandise 1 itlitr1 full u y line Imam till hit i 111 111 i ii i Kern county cat fornia lung ill Llull i u it ii Holmi Mill 1llhf in of until Himl met Mil i d land build ii up oilily us s Cimi is Ami in lint in Ali ainu him in or inf Ilia tiny u n special land Lichtor Iivo Nup find twentieth Corner Chester Viii Chhim Kiu Hubrith Itu Rutt former Hito dwt r Ili Lii 1 do vim n Llu Iii Ini unit on Mill Kii Riis inn i the Southern in ruins Worth of property goes a up ii list of losses what the insurance amounts no assistance the town to be rebuilt in removing the debris the erection of temporary dry pm a Tel Niit Licinit to i Kielc Book Anil i Wilry Kikin docs to i hair Hii Nilsa unit und Mil Roll Blizil Cyinth bit blur Kilby a i ital Burlil elks Kira f Furril Niini by Arbor owl is k bul Nuu und Iki iry tiny a in link Kiili Igitol i Luik in Litaud of tailor Booth nud Kli Uii Inlall Ivury dry Uro irks mud provisions nineteenth Ash i 1 nineteenth und k Jold Elrga Cor Ner und k hotel Viilu Chester Uve Between nineteenth und twentieth nineteenth und m meat Bor urdu upon ii tin opening of n must Promise i a Neath Ihu 1 yet while i Wal we lire nor i Iii the und on people for it of Miken there Loii lir Honni Jimh mull of taking ii mail by euro Klov that ruin Tom uses id our present Uli Rution Hhill Uris Ion Mure Irown of to jul with the Voiht Row month of u Evilin try of Prodi Tivo clip Suity Hii port our no ran Nee no reason fur but on tin every incentive to to Rudot iwed Relfort to build on pity in most Hiibel initial and Prooro Iwic form und to thin end we pc do our with unwavering deter that to on Farmers und Lwood us Niu Ritins who Ojo mind their he his of provisions to the needy Hugh in our Heartfelt thanks lire kind people of olt irk Notick is Ilik Kinin id imiller in Lii nil Iii ill Iii la Ulm int lit until put in of Hun raid n 111 clerk of Kern Conn allot am Lilime intend the 11 Ali nil Misilli to prove Rixi Diirr and of Samuel Char Lex nil of All Pikull did to Len till Pikr Ilam us 01 Hinh of Liny Mill Hillal hindi Lii Law und tinle Itula thu limit the Ili Izilor Why Mich Ruif nut he will be Istven in to nifty at thin und place to Snail and la Uller Eudoice in ii Klinl of Luil Nib land i Iii nuke inv Kii Iii Borgwardt Cormir he who Hingh Ide nineteenth lie tween k and Hilo declining Anselmo us Oil Emliy Beautiful City never in tween j Ninon tenth old in 1ont1 of lace Chehor i 1 Walterh hotel nineteenth Tellert of int Neur Ninf Leonta und k above j hoses Iowen i Corner venue und Toni to lint i Iii theist Corner Rii Ehtor venue und Kigh Topulli i hotel Hile on nineteenth i Muy your Over taken by Sneh u the same with Tho addition of in the Relief with full Power to appoint and Tuke nerd action in might be deemed the Tower of the water works was ten dered und a excepted us u Jhuti fur of contributed and win Leld Scott was Hippo ind Liis Tilc Krum wus received to the Jln Vor of Liliker shield u is Willi profound regret that we Leuin of Vona Grimit and we will take to Render Mitch Ussi Tuneo in your hem of us the of Ixos to this the following answer Wii sent to Aru deeply grateful to tie people of a Gilch for to Weir prof fors of but feel Llma no Tiki Tunce Fri ii without will to i Alsen Fliam i Mill i Shi i ii Tori in Akk Kiriy i1ivkm thai till uni Neil ill lit Listl lilt to it Inki him irime in of Ulm hint will Lirk kith i us jul Maui ire in Lilleli in of in m hi1 in tub ii fail Owlick to it Roxy Iii Iii Mill cult hut inn of nil of i i any who to protest Niri Ihil tin1 of Mali or who us nov in lit Tiu Enlil Tiro Iriqui of Tinin Pitlor Liy Init Ilion to Nul Ivyll lie in Lvon tin to nutty us lir thin unit per try to till m Lull Tohl ii of ii nil to Piror in Ruh Nithil of Bluit Liy land notice Ciulik at Ullh i Natick in Nikii Kiriy he ten thai Tiik Linrud a Lehr in inti Liim la in und mint mild will a hindi Ihrk slut Llu Kirk Siti Timbli ii Xis fur the sic it or in Ril Dilaire and rail Ali i tinn of cd Winil nil of kith any Irmin who Oisin to tin Hinsh if Uny Mil Lii Mali shrill a nut will in to null ii Lime und Phi ii Lituss i wit Insook of Kald ii lir Ili Iii Iii Rrell Lyhl of to lilt null in Laid Liy Jii Ilii i i no Rilke Iii Why ii i tin soil Ltd i in i hint if Lii unlit la Hilli the in stir Lull at j la Ali Lulu i Iti Auk i i Parad Lio Oil lion of the most wonderful discover ies of it the in the Nervo und und draw out All of the impurities which Lio within ii nukes u Ziern quient of recut in Tiptn und nil Dise Oes which Cunlain in such ii pins in the Shoul in com and Ull full Dyrce Liilie with Eiith the Natii Dino Oil is a Pinsl Ivul Diuble Linrose Lleni ending Whitt no other Lini Anctil will it will cure it b me and a bum Spavin and inuit a other diseases Hicl have Mimmi strains and sprains this liniment cat be Ulii Ucil us Drux und by big Cal fur Tuker shield and Kern Ilice per Al tents is Kehs county fur Tiik Fresno milling gos roller flour in in Markru the Trendo Nupp Luerl in to and in ill Iorns we non Niiro that to have Len mind on Linsui Hij and Pono Nally Nih fid a Lou of in ninildvti1 ill Iii lir Orillis run ply Mill Liao i Pru Vlma Niimi win in Ulm and do Ilner and Iii nil Tho impel or it Hilt Ulm Hantl Dorii told were in inti Ulm Limuti witn1 air inn and Nui and phimvnri1 won Hii Ami Willow Ware Rinki third Patent meet 1luin Yuu thit and Hill Dunk in Iho Enrit Ulm Uhlly Rinh two minit 4tioes lakh mid nud in nil tin1 Tui he key Lii dry Fanoy not Lam hid Ltd in nil tha now and Farl in Kunlun Brillh Timur of Tali Iraln mid of tin no wit i in Hind a Lull Stock of Alrh in fort Thi fill Rorn Linn it Llumi Wicklin Holli Giulii Nuu n an i trinus nil my out of if rim i in ilk Iii i luivi1 Haiti in Ltd Thi on Iurii in Lull Mill Louil Honl int Lily Komi Ruml 1 two i n july it was sunday in nud very quiet on the Many Resu Leuth had left thu week previously for summer camping in he and of those in mrs Biilly targe number had Ridden out on one or other of thu Tunny ple sunt country the North half of the Block on which the new Southern hotel him been was occupied by four newly erected wooden building two residences and two a gun thu Breeze wan blowing from tie and who were not it Church or pleasuring ill the country were considering Tho desirability of mid Day when somebody mini Neil the and Ivory lady ran toward Tho newly risen frames of the first Comers the casing of the of the Olsoy residence twirly the Lumen it Firat were not very Lurge nor but somehow they had the Hull Murk of in two minutes the ii ouzo was lapped with Alibi two re hot Anna stretched one Oast und one and to half Block of u new und Reudy mule kindling surged with fervent everyone Tho Southern they were for through Tho win by Tho and with every Nook and cranny in rushed the und the Pride of the town wan then the great ton guru of twirling now bending Down to lick up Homo Aglet pud now shooting straight in the now who Illus with the might of a mattering brands All Over to Weir entered into full Possession of their a Tongue of flame jumped northerly Crosb twentieth Street Ami licked up Kurc Liers but it wan fortunately stopped at soon the build logs a Romh Cli Estur and it 115 fast caught tire and speedily tie North Side of net Eiith Street furnished n Block of Brick and Wood structures just As hot and just us doomed a thu wooden pyre which i Inland then the fro jumped i Tho other hide of nineteenth Street that enough went Over to make the Block from hire folds Corner to Tho Arlington a Iii us of Dia Buli ical and then not lips Block and until on the North Side of nine tenth Street wan four which proceeded South from tie South Ern Down Chester Avenue Lor four working backward and and every an a Little girl wild the pest is no to nothing Wert Noiin Eyuind fam Linro mls million and Kii Dulury und Arlell Lluu hit Ber variety Tor fail and ii Corner Chester Venno and Twenty first his residence on Smith Side of seventeenth Neur Chester 1ergiisrfonn Resi mat sons Corner Ami i at fullers Liy Mok Luines Alex mud it ugh Murrell i Warlock it Hoyle dry Kishim mud i r a Trixi Tlush mud ii Kern to iffy Lui Tii bum Iii Luw Law Iurilli Mui Lilc unit oboe la cur Lago Burler u i Lorav Buber Law Pun dual Chur i Kiru Library t due Ijuro in dual i Mona la Noull Law 1 Knuyt Yuttal Toni Frauli Jcj it Nalimu Uli iou Imp 1 to Corner Mills and Urt iry Ami misses i and Maud Arick were appointed to constitute a ladies Relief then came this Telegram july to thu mayor of Ankor Sileli in behalf of our citizens 1 extend sin Cere sympathy and if necessary Len aficial Anil if to can in of service in assist ing you to again placing Laker shield upon her usual prosperous please com Iii Kisk this was answered As follows july his Corner eighteenth and ii while Able to take care of our destitute i needing no Aid from the peo court i pie linkers Lold Are deeply grateful to residence Corner of Sacramento for their kindly i seventeenth and v Hin puny and generous Proller Sof assist i Wilkinson k North of Twenty first soc Elury Relief of la Owighton the Jio Ople of Tea Thipa at once col on Chester near water j and transmitted through i i und this dispatch was sent in Thomas orig m return Kight i to Titan Shipu Al Tho Imti Nens of Send their stick is Nikii Kiriy i Ivan Thaten com ice Ullh the provisions of tin1 Ait Uiol All Ait for Lair Siik no Timber lands in the suites of and of county of state of Bill ibis Day tiled in till i Leiher sworn for to e Emu the of and win offer to show Llma the land Louisel is Mure or its Timber or Bun Lur Ilu mid la claim to sold lid tit sister and Uei Elveros this it in the Soth Dikiy of si1iliin lie mimes us w John Tilly Julin it Iliad nil of Kern any Anil All Raul Mutik nov cosely the Uthive i air lid Hinds lire reuse need to tile their in this Unur before sold jul Ali Day of election school nut Lee is hereby t if of late of hint Ull ele Ethin will i held on Hie do of it i sub my lord of Lux to Riidu int the Hansu in mild Ingild u Fil nut i Iii and Sivits 11 will to false for tills tin sum the will in Iii till sell Lull fruit i inure ill Lii url Tiitu till to Lundh lire Van Juiyin jus Iii a thick i notice of Sale of real Larder la is Iuva i Ulm Ali order of of Iti ill nut be ill Lillie err of till Lul land i ii Vilyn for it irk of All s1ikki Hick up Woolli 1cio to Profili at u we would hint our Fiill Librn for Ohhi Plisik i Riku Liy ruler Uuie Uri h my Othir Lionet in tha m in by Tho Una urn in Iho Ilo Sini unix Emliy to tin Ieuv on or run lie nil Pupil lit Short it and a Lihong Ctm a Harris or in Rayons Ulm f to make Liberal Nam Coc on and buy produce Al highest Market at nil Tell is iikiik1iy ii1vkn that Tiik i Allied Zelller 11111 Illeita of Lutei Tiou to Ninke Lynul proof in in port of huh am that Keld in Marti to fore the of the Ftp Virlor court of Kern no on july vex of Kahn Heinri Cuil or the of and i of All he Nanich tinfoil Hnvlik to prove Lih Ronli Iroini Reiji Letite upon and of mild John Hanoi Alvon of Len Kraii cd turd to Nom of liar pm Fiir Leih of nil of Kent any pts of ii Kalnit the Nellu Winnee of Nieh or Ivhon Gnu Lvi of any under the Law and regain of the Interior my Mieli proof should not Lull k in us Tor i nifty at i Unive Luekil lined time und to Rosf in inline the a Lenihen of Hull Ehi Ininns and to Nulli r Evl Denre in it Inlall of that us Init led by Jullyn notice to us John of k Llie f Tine tale us ller Nuin Heil i it Louii in duly Pray uni fur in Nyler of Kiili of All till ill of Hilld Dute for it 11 Ord Iroil Liv Chi John in Ulvin Tom if hut Uhll of Ulm nil in excl Bill Lilieni with Tinnie Isminy Nihin noun the if Temlin ii ii tills to the mild ill the Ull Iluf Tuii Iii mules in tilt Mitt Sun in the Lull of Culloty of the mime fur of us till mild Cpl nor in i Hii Utility of stale it and Mill of the kit Atuf Jubal Lulli de filled it Kern Imu will ill Miv m Mil Lumen Muny Idlitt univ Iii i Lui irk him the Ullh die Blued so Kiln Eihud i Lial Shinil proud fur inn Iii sni Lerini Frum Jimlu 1 Imi ii Hlf i lined the Ull on i ulna by u in tin alike i inn the nil in Hinnd mum it t Hail i in the ii Thunich Wib Smeil Rit the Dtreit Luikim Tutiven with Ufton Bittle of i am Hilly Eun Virril Oil a to Rinrin fur ills nuts a Mimi Cuitti arid mall or Ull Medl Iliili fur tint utne i i Hank the Oil is Sevenuk thaid Lilal ulan urn i Ufal ii Only to i i the Lulu red curl of limb or any item not int stir incur Viallon Ahung he Ull i y Diverl Lellier of Lii if Luelli Ivil bbl in la Luil i wus Iii lipid wild u Wawi in Iii Ulm left Ami Liv vis Liik the Iurii Lunil Tudi Hlili Urr in the Illier it he Iuli Vly lit Rcd june tills is to Cert Ltd hint t have Bihn lilt Luetell with a to the simile of the Baek in a year or and Euld ii nil to Olluf until 1 Imd the rur Ullene Willell will dire full if Yull Lolynn Antoni i had the la my knee fur six Infin Slih Euld Kil no and Ltd until i Smeil the tar Illse which will Corn the if you will Tollow dare Illus on Ollde nos is in certify hint i ulivo Mil the Imi Nusi on in Yursis fur rink Iohd ii tins ended Hie and will do so h applied a eur Ulni to and Dimer lev furl her information about Ioil Lime Vireil letters of limn by to John Honti Toti july Kern county nut Riim hereby Wiur mint la Tho Ord i us tin Lionel if at Kuril that a county of Sald Cuuthi will Rei Ilvo Vealus fur Tom Imrehazi Tho Hundy us sold nut Mitiu up to in on buy of at my Oft lie in die of tort the Linen of Iii into id suite no Bonds lire us Nixt inn Ian to of Tutu roof Kern in net to establish n Nii Sfurm Myn Leni of comity tile we Avail Onri elves of Hie to return Pinr thanks to friends ill ral e a Herb they Lii Ive Heslov Loisl Many and shrill u Iuyra Endeavor tit n of tins Iii by malt nut prices Altu to tar Mir he lowest possible pro und sign Fri Ardizzi Alfalfa Grain if Kirn clash it Dulity Nurtdin Nti limit Iii von had Coso and lox i Hild Aiice in lab of in land thin de court a Mikkii i Heartfelt thunks to the citizens of the i he Czipa for their generous inner Ikid la Rinvil appear Kuik Lor on Mil Day of it of Ald at Roi irl it him of Rule he a prior i Llu court Holm Ali tile Hunte of a Riuo wily nil on Lei not lie Ura Titial to Dili mid Ruik Hel to at pro tile i Tii Ueli of Lelih real i Lule the Hviid la Erinne inti us Hli Lill Seei and shul u copy of thai air Ike in us Lei int Ollie u week Fol four tie Kitan printed mud in mid Kurti k i the hip riot Alvin attorney Liu Tud july land april i if Avind St Kiskil a i by a Klimt Lluy Klit fur Lili Llouis Coteal nil of riw4 of nud sic4 of of see re in Kern with ii to Llin eur of mild entry the mild Turlieu Are Lin Reby to upper us s Laud on 111 Secretary it Elief this Resolution was passed that Ihu Iii ots ago treasurer is to Honor no drafts Southern hoj the Relief exc Cpl when Hivner Liy univ two members of tie ticker us Haiti ass Ami i or by the chairman of the indies this that we Herchy t or Ini Dorse the action of the hotel j Imuro in Tho Commini coition Western the new hotel him set ii ask former North East Corner nineteenth and m 1 in the Fresno j ill la editor a filing report of Iho linkers Hon eng exp Kaii n Ati Ostal in Sotir of the Lola does Iri it in Uhlick to Ihu spirit of our iwo Plu in the prediction that Kern Valley court the town will not he hut that Hai Ounh every indy will Movo i your hate in i or site of Arlt Miklon Liller Nitich Runth near hit Shields Corner nineteenth and k in Khz at jul Ali i Etc the in Akk Kiriy i Ivan that Tiik i incl Iii Hill lit Lillie Hind of his in und in Mii hurl of Liln Liml Aid Lull Thirki nifty Lirk Kirn it nil fur ii sk1 ii Hii Minix llu1 to trn Virbin and Riith Nelun of mild Abri in John Clarki ill of Kuril any it Hijii Tiu Ilii Lrich to in Fullil thu of Miili or who Gnu Ink of Uny m Iii dry Philaw and tiny Iliili Ili Iii it in Irlar univ Mili a Linold nut Hilll if Viii us Annily us Mil la till mild und to Ullin in Niit Lii of Hull nub ii Lttie by a land o Cal at fled ceo freight rates for rail Goodo floor to Day of it 10 Inu Iid and i kit stir Nodi rub re raid land i Davisii ii Ken knt Nikii at Tulili Ull Luu Walter k Loyd bin Lei Winbor Iii Iii i Iii news it Mil Skul t n m it in a drip with u of mid to ii Urtle uru Hornby la null c1 Alil tin1 no f no 10 ii Lork la trl Nihil nud firn Atli Bald Allind ii bin n taxpayers Totzk is that Tiik it us h i of of Hern nil Llouel fit us to Iii of at a flt k in kit Kiriy i Ivan that the Illihi a Ollry of in Tui kit ital in Naif Quirt of Tiu i 1 itt Tulip Hlll Jimh b fun la in Tiute if Kirn it Uit Kiank incan Zillini fur hunk u of 2fl it Iii tin1 full owing to Coll Noih Khlil Ciocu Timu Ami cultivation of unit jul Liuti Klin Alx nil u u Kern any Jyh Lidji who in Tilrum i rothut he Flint Tom of or ution known of Itzy nub fat it Lul under do Lute Una Roku in of attic Only Flor Why in of vhoiil1 not m lit will in it Vii in to inlay it thu Uuttu of Kull Piid to Olla for in Rildie Ottil of dint Mih Iii Tecl by Laud mock at Jonh i Notick is hkiik1iy Tiik Lias of his intention to must Knitl proofing Hup Puri of one Dull hrs to Syable in t mini Kut Eskuri Twenty attic hint to nut Hie us Toni and hour interest no Thule of air event Pir pay Able no bids Mill be me itch fur i than the free Vul like of bid and All liner fit Nier nid on imn in the Date of the nil in Hal line Stales Jod All Beu pined by in in Tho Oneo of Unpei Misuis in the Iilah any of it Iii Uel urk when the sold prune ii la Luik her mid Iligir Oliie 1 Pru Punili mid Isiord hurl ves tile Ali Tell Emiil inn and Ull Kern july a Linly land lakh at july t not Iii w Nikii Kiev Lileks that till Ful Aihini Liumei has ill id Lollee of his Ini Tillon la Muke final proof in of ids and hint said it Ruff Miilu Iii fore Ihu cumin la clerk u Kern at in attn so i ire Emiil Luti Lor ibo of will fat of he Nanius Atli follow Lett to prove ii Euzill Nicolls Reid euro limn Aud Eull Vallon of said Loury of Kern a in of Kern any Pertoli who usares la urn Teit Akl Lillet Iho Allowa Neu of Sinh or who Kun ovum of any under thu Law and Ihu to Stihl huns of the in Virlor Why such Prool Lioi ild Mil ii will in it Vnti All Tui itty at Tho Ali Vaud Putteti to of Hald and to offer ii Deneti in Ribin that of that nub milled by a Lyulin John one Milo of from Bakers Fifeld Kkt Oil Sliv Plonley of Houghton u real estate and Insi Granoe agent not Ahik Eisen Stewart and Lii att Nylon Alvon to Loon luit did Valush for Len film Ami Munoz i lung on real Kitaw Hnud and Levuli and Tiuch paid Lur torn Iru Kirly for Ami to Chester noir Nonit Wilh no rate i v real 1state horticultural land brokers general land notary Public until convey Mibb Kahn in in the a1itk Ilioiu Ulm Iono Crick Ali m Ull Aakon 1iodley url in on i Ninlin Tiuch in Imp fully Lii Wnm to Liker no they Ouw Pru Toht Uny Ini Jiaw in Lukl Over their until they Are tie Init Lowill copy of Rii Holu Tiki in a doped it u Miuki invt Iii us thu Cit Izumi held on Rattli will the Hlyua Tiomi irom their very truly in apartment 01 nineteenth lie tween l und Opidi Oslo i Forsyth Chester Leehner masonic Secretary of the Ulack Smitti Iruh Dent of the san Francisco Corner of Hoard of Keller sent a Vertial message nineteenth and that to would at once mend monies now on hand from the Johnstown und re Lutle funds if und in Littell us 1resi i Dent of the Lioi Indof Trude a Juilu proffers in kindly Romall Over the to the Coin Mitelle and to Arti cow tacitly Coli Ink letters of the warmest sympathy with Hearty offers of Mai Iraik i sutured Here und there throughout at residence on the town ure Small lots of and i Southwest Corner eighteenth and to ui1 order mud by the Kii Iff Smith a Chester i committee to this Ellvert All Lone door South of Kern Valley Hank i wherever a hold by i other Side i Broni lit to thu of Tom Bol the Shade Lief committee it the water where 1 Ponto Iii they will by Kim ded und delivered at residence of Host Rittir Uny time to the Southwest Comer seventeenth and 1 i he eight a resident Deu Wihtol Huerb Stu Ubiaru i Tihin Tuio Okurily to Side of seventeenth boarding How of on h and Checter i mild on us 10 a Loek the Ilia Roll of mild to minty in Mimi year and will Tuii Hunlie in Frum ibid today until nil Busl Nim pre to Lilieni in and not inter time Ihu la Lilli mull Jay in Murk of Linurd of Puperi dentist Iii und ilium will ii mile office in i new Over Kluy wll Lowi furniture Wolyk cold fillinc8i a specially do tie Fure the cd Linly clerk of Kuril i slut i on Anu us a Hack Pipii Netlon Lur the ii he names tie Kuliu Vilik to prove residence upon and Cal thatious Julin slut All us i any Rij Mitiu who Delrin to Piu Teal ii Kalns allow anti of Sneh or Wpm Konuwa us substantial under Tun Latiin Irttie hopi of Hie Luhr Lur Why snug Imus jul Bush be us Opp i Tumulty at thu to twin Anil to of said Cal input Aud to of Lur evade lieu 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