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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1889, Page 2

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - July 13, 1889, Bakersfield, California saturday i Clarence and to to heartily boar or 5bpervhmhw think of forgo Wear of Jan or arts Ornul june Ryffe Lor Favora Ivy which Means j alone this Issue is enabled to lie published j i f on after this week the of Deco and july 10 Bortl entire establish Tont will be of there being no Hosin loomed in wit 1ms been known us the pm tie i will Djit mind and not a Hoard Lilac on Che Titch Avenue terms Ono i us Moushi rat isl on bleary each vertical Vori Litile re Lyral each vertical Thini Zartir Koch ventral Pic Ballf Artuch Vert Iii the your Porti of Inch Char cud Hill flare 20 per cent and Dellona on Leary 1200 the water local ii us i so Weinch i Iii of All claim in a Imiri Iii mid to Ini in i a Hll Urney i ill of a Noimy lilo Survey no tin kill Kutui Inird Linn Al Lii Mill acceptance Rinilli billowed f37 go or Regii apr Iii Kern and ind Hie it nerd Elj t t i Henry Miller to town miss Alice Morrill of Cru Villa Oil i Bouc to Monterey on u 7 00 1lie Bourdon kid cation commenced its la u Houston monday and devoted the week lumber company Laid to the examination of Public until pictures of thu re Iii of ulker shold for is us 10 and hero being no brim Iii the known by the Money at Ventu Rrt the Tun Crai will take j in t Ivic Pipii lilo tame Roqu tical la Advance for nil place it Stuek Dille lunch at i ill toiuor1 con Linini until in i in Eimil and mini Nii Uiti furniture t our Arlom i a the county official March july Milf Oil entire business portion of Underh Stelcl in u mass of to those who Liuvao not been the terrible effects of the Ihu following re Mullion wan Intro Cus Woll of Lii Fin Khi Liy Al und Pawid n Foxtail in bin Eye und with obliged to pm to Keri Villo und have Davidson ex1 thut nil Bills by made Weil ant Solomon Ollor what linear Jewett return my from la Weir Reni Olmre with without Ilenich immediately us Kajii re ruining uni Lar of Ini Lih inc of the mid we jul Jiin licit exam Iii by hints the la tit Nohh to by Udoji bled and paid wag where All lieu web thut of Van and the i m Nuril Umcil by a Iii in liner our buyer Wilri Ctm for Parault and it 1 c o l 1 i 1 1 1 f o 1 c 1 Wall Llu Turo to 1 1 o Tell jul Ujj u Callol icily 1 to will sell Cut steel nails Al per our Llu of Yll ref Iizaki Avak i Hull Larj uni Ronnii torn to Vii Llou for it Inise urn Upton Tineil Ajkins Kuks county of Studebaker farm header backboards and Labolle and wagons Buckeye till Lileks on Oboyle Broth e Galtes ladies and gentlemen furnishing liar go line of to to ii enl iwo a Cuoio new Toek a full a Nicil caskets Mill Crnish j Tonnini in u cull in Lilly i Lotic of Titan Wiidik Ikic Kivko in Carload lots Herod tie Murio Nln in la by new be Luud Lii Hunnie eld Silious Nihil he Mannl by pc Mui Purlin ninth i Anil nil Road urn Bertlin uoti lied to Reiml to on Tho ural Mon Dikiy in an nil Carml no Urt in fierce fire which began in the dolt he build so mob Iii Nelte und Sturk i the in Elrar of worked on Public id on thin but an Indiati dict idea of tha of Trion to be seen on every a weel Haker Flold justly Laid claim to Immink most Nikont pro Kre wive town on the ennui it is to Many unthinking people a Inie Holmi whether or no it is not u town of the nol Many it in could survive to Ucli a but Kuker held there Are not Many Towie trick in like Ynve Rebold i Iii Ike ii that would not Requiro from Nai Libora Whoso Turni ban not yet but Baker Nuclo thanked them All and taken rare of the original i luxe of tie fire and sex Nelly where and How it will very a Skoly never be it burned with phenomenal Lorene he and poured into ibo windows of the Southern hotel in u Tow once this bit Ildith g Wuh aflame the doom of the town Wlms might have had Tho people realized the danger at the time Tho South Ern blurted to tour Leitt for the ensuing Nuich in Iligir nope Clivi Bills n i a and n i the Coroner jury on july huh Oil Lii Vul Norman mini that 1utrirk us Ovinell Rume to Ileal i Liy tie Iii burned in tie lire by the Jim cd Lintel Wim s s und Una my k i Jun stir Shnol in Kiln and i a Cunil Kilili Kurtli Piid Mizhi a i Nanilei Amy Kurth went to Sau Kranci co mon1 in to the tuba Ochipa 02 Mlou 1 i id Taylor and Fin icily of Woldon Moo been spend Iii Tho Piht week it the hot Spring Wil Kwh Bur Komi Ali Iurco Iovu been stopping Loo on Erad Han Francisco on thu night of to which arrived in time Lor this week in Hoof the Janelle to to printed the Wilh Bire Pafco Willious exception dry goods and fancy goods 1mua Ai will Tinin in ring Thievon Liik Wiik ill Prera to ill Ovi by Mill Lilii Imlay Lii Irin Lio Ollo o Niv Attlio Ani Vurvin hindu new sly limit suits kill the it Evv Wiar in on silk wiil Ruil Kui Silli luts Lillta in to Kiln Tiu to till Over nay i i in in just f Choice fit in if u broken suits and remnants at we la not Cut lint Mark our Tooch it the lowest Poa Siblo unit tin inc no Dov ution h for kid i r Oboyle by Smirt Idad by Hal Viu Wurn to on ii Vii Road to run tvs Xiv it a Jerrill Morton Angiol and John i 111 i m report i l Jiro Prieor of the j a Public Lorod a printing Ruhh from and lilo i Tunnel Niji Irinod unil r Jound Road Dick rail All a Nili of on unil Iii Ilu in Lue u cull Lic Fiqiri no Ruth on every u is Lindens to he Hick of it now the danger was been by u very of who saved their i to blame tie lire depart did their but the fire depart of new York could not have stayed Talfie programs of that cry wave a single there am Ivory now and lion which defy All human of no matter How powerful thin Wuh one of them Tieru u not a town on to const better Able than the Oai incl lots und Home hut riot u single no our went unfed thut or wont without the tire was in unmixed we Hud u wooden we will now have b Brick and Iii Riib the ruins were cold surveyors and work Scro on the ground determining boundaries and elea Rizir away Dehron and i reserved their cont nth in the late agent for Tiu Wil Thiru Safe and scale is in unil i Iii Al ready taken Many orders for new nates from our lending on monday the Hoard of ordered u warrant for drawn in favor of treasurer of the Citi Zens Relief for Tho Benefit of hitch Hiipfl Crerar by the lire us were really at stud och and above the Kurth was Colebr Ilid with a How race Between the Notum beads and the the hitter carrying Oil All the glory mid hip a general round until Lii inor at 10 it third met at u an a Louid of Luiere lie aug no Lai Minirth suit Plourd and met a u Lioard no in Legurdy to i lie Horonia f Tiu ivern Valley ii in Orcil unit the Kirn Valley Hank to allowed the nut of tint Proax Ureth Ilin treasurers of lace and thu of co of the county Surveyor Tor the Inin motion or their and the Hoard adj onried until loin or j Row it 1u july Hoard Mcl it 10 an a it Ouid no there being no to Lionard adjoin Mil and met a a Moari i to Liru Ticu to Trio incl or we Tii Intille Luln la balk in to on thu run Niew of link his Louir own Ilij ii la Iviry Tut null Puiul mimic in Willi Kkt full Makos i Terr i tit Jaus Umi of licit wins in to Llila clock it Liluis Ali it Skull for a Lull who Lull 111 Iii Piliro fully Hill Prinne Ahev i dirt Lilc who Fth Linn Boon Loti t 1iur a Xinliu i Ciu Tinl Toivi Lii Bakersfield inc intr in lit Huin Plith fpi1 nit Dinkelspiel a co Ninet Kunth and k up was Lizul by the indians in they Belling pretty full of ditch Liev Onule n bail Oli of Only two be ing badly Cut about the head Ami should pursuant to Call by Lei ill Oliver Frank Hook rub a lout 160 met at Hie i wednesday night to Oil Multi the ii estion of removing cd Tir nil her of preventing it Doin town Buill on its former Ina g re Hor liner was Eho heu Chai nmn and Itoi Wilkie nun Anil Hue Krous were apis olnsted i committee to learn from the upon Price and terms they would hell their and the meeting adjourned to Meil Tiu next Ali Urszuy evening the Coniku Ilton re Imir lid unit Hie cd lose wanted Lor their twelve Herman Ilion held with added to the Anil it was to slim Muniratu with Cut shul Leo and Endeavor to Arringo terms by which the Cli Ilich incl Csc to in regard to the Liri Tomchalk Anil Kkt ail in pure Fatuet Anu toilet win prior Letlon amour Citoli if liw of Nail bloc Elf the City brewery 1889 Spring and summer 1889 olt Stock is Lola Fri never ii Bah tin1 Prev Ilioof Hill in sort for Lovvor i atv13 s in tin1 a losing Hal ii thut it oily tin buy in lie line of n than Fri nine Iii Whir i our irresistible to Tyriw fancy Muslin and Merino underwear 11 of 1 1 Luff Mill i m inn i of in fraud inn Kasey buy a Okiw upon Noton Olai seconded by it is ordered Bluit the Hii Iii Olive Hundred loll non he Doit died the Relief Lor Tho Berunt of the in poor of the of minty and the Anil dior in Dir Pettid to draw warrant thur for on the continent fund of maid payable to Ircia Durer of Hviid Aud the Leonrd Mulji Ernid until Tomor Row no Plourd to till at ii a Hourd of n und there Biln Northi the Biourd und Itil is u Doi Iril of in Oneal in regard to Road Wiamer of diff strict read Kimion of k s Hill Roco Ivord und and upon motion Haine la i Titre to of Ned a utter of his Loicl Petit Inch of Hill unil Herbert a Wuhu in King Liliie pin Yiuyu i Witul hah Uail till1 inn Lull i mult1 he Iii for thu Lilleh Rutigl Rectorick Sturg and shoot ing Wolfli Arek opt Iliin Puiul i Iii i Vili Kintly inn Ouw for Tho Leonrd prix Nedeil to in Lent for with the following to Tho Southern la to room and Kitchen am to to und in Iier hips n Joy Iii 11 will Bein running Iii both be made to have the Duple of the of copt for certain in Structure Willi in Mont life from Hintho Eldh Corner on nineteenth to the Arlen plan Corner mid Down Heiter Avenue to Trio a solid Brick cd will be construct Oil As soon As men ids do of nineteenth Street id to be rebuilt in from Fuhs Connor to the Woll Surgo on the West of Cheater ave a Topi two Brick blocks Are at once to be that in place of live Brick bust Nch As Kaknis Leld Reutow eds will a Avette substantial Bride 1 while the place has Boon cleared of there Aro three i which demand attention is the time to establish a i Grade for the City of Tho proper system of Solo ratio vital and it Bli Otilde now be no fenced i must be some Way to of Tabuh and if there big any Loh Way i in the name of that plural a re no let it to Fol veil at in lying is a process full of life and and the Rebull Liik of u whole a will be an exceedingly bus it in a ure some to and fur dil Breut from Tho even regular during taxed i Aud in comfortable it mind and body and to shall wearied Community for the next six but it is healthful work und Tor we shall boo from Lay new and bettor town arising the ashes of Tho Timon will i Lively Money will circulate freely Lillo there will to Rouny heavy loads in be carried mud Doub Lonu inn ii of the Iuliu j Prpa purity attend and fire Oit old makes Kok Hull and Ile hurl Swain a hereby j to till Kii id Vaea pc in a Neil unil thai i lie ii voiding to Law of Ihu Senle of Luinis Iii a Cociu Muhln Iii n Isinski Ilii 70 i and Tho Ito ind until loin i Row at id i thi1 Lii am put unil family Lam cd let Nii Iril Lar wiry in o rur Orl la ily no re of Haggin after the thoth is Tiu fir Hale und Louic to null of Liy Leal Iii actual Mill Lith and a Puiia to Lomuti on will apply to land or and Offir thu genes fun ref siting Good Anil Munif map Lutc Stock in Liis Wotli the most Deb Kadle our bus Neil it Tondu Ltd on the one Price Cash and consequently we Mark nil toads in Bedrock we cordially Ivilo Southern under Southern hotel Hilly 111 r2l Balew i fire Marks Many wants in a Community nineteenth go to clock wheelers general real estate agents and fire Lump out with ti1k fire in the Loi Ototivo Lleni Ninlin Trnini to san Kran Clico sunday and with a member of thu lorm of in Horg a fire is now to Brivik Down u now and comi Ileto Stock of All kinds of cents which will in sold by i Jumi Khok at their new Bland on Tho old at Low int Market Priloh to Trio victims of the James Joel in talk Sikl Simk of Oiin Lawn rom it Lor Lily uliuri1 of unil Lunil no off girl la urn in my Al carefully it nil on Liim Wotli Ami my look of Yuul of Ihu Julif California no poisonous fire an oa8k1tt1nu kinds of Elk Wouk Donk with july thin Mpr Niue the a quo the Clit Wiki filled with to Rende office at Blacksmith of tie Roar l men and a i Onku Loni and Walter uakek8fikm w Imit and of tii1h to Witul at holy now Tinl no but Tir in Insil in lain he Elul in ninth for Sumril Gnu Rimini for n Rural a it Ikall of u5 Lutri twin it waru Fri ill Bronil Iki unit will us Llull Virgil in Rill Lumoria uvary i Ute Uroil to thin Central Richard a Polk Phoi Kikto of to Iii ii spec fully Cuti to Uli Nua Lau travel uni up bold hut Hoisun will by Cutuil Euleil i a in n manner to Nival i Iho Upp Rubaum of m Ruu ular Btij tru Pilout i Wuoti thu Uble will to Nupp Luil with Ull the i no kit unit us lust lib or to Cru la Tho ool Shii How Burn Anil of hot Trench att known of tub Cuhlic 18 Akk plact ully cull cil to the act that thai in been Thorou Lily ant i now tru mukti mid bettor unit twin us in Bovo Onui Winil Tho bout Freish Cook in the Satiu Ern a Nood Jupi Illel wit Hue Oln Arii and in pored Froeb we in a minor Uteri Motlon of thin popular Otlet Oak found i Blip Dili in a Mill Miro fill it a Loti in Inorio Sattl Al Oil of try mid by Cou Viu Ecil of mlle error thin in a Halo Anil Cillo Iuit pin Wink la usury All Ollir Luru Soforo in ii Huncl Lii hit nut Only by Donoro Yinug the but Blui notion on Trio Ioil Novnit a i Ralph condition of Ihu null Bovit Wiloh tiny old of Wool la sure to to in incl by Anil invigorate us thu it a Natii an incr Ciao in Wool Ilia Moro Lluu a n lilo com of i if von Waul a Koil Ilia to Culi Hornli ii in Trio Anil la Nib Ulutolo j by tavlo1i Han Aud Lor mile by our and shoes i cant be beat a or Width in misses Ami childrens Allut greatly reduced of 1 n8yl Kern Valley 00 moneys afim this now Milton hot Springs 00 i ii Luht and Soli on j Ihu principal thu United and a eueral banking business l and 0037u Cash stored in to Adobe Lilu Ming Corner of chador Avonzo i Fth on us the to Tad run Ruth to kit Lve Wilshire fireproof safes have saved to the merchants of our City everything of value Knort stud to protecting in Ivory ins Tunco Mak Iii in for our merchants to adjust their losses with the immune of com of will As Prosor Vini All their the lending Sauk Ern Aud Apreci Altug the iraqi one he Vlco the w1l ki1iuk Hacks Havo been to decided to Send this a july Wil Shiuk save and pc Alk Kan Urnel Rmon Trio Lii Sikors and merchants of having had your Vul the and Neofes Luke at Tuo time of tie late tire which destroyed Ivory bus iness Block in our cheerfully testify to their fire defying and state without hesitation thut m Cane they Hart pruned True la their Trout and Suvell to us Liobis and valuable a Muou ulling to Lou Hunch of Kahn Val lev Fai Iii South Ken Homsi irelnd it auant 1 Toh the celebrated Kaiim Wagon Liger it yer Polo site City a plug 0v 11ksokt in 1 Cool and to a Ltd ibo oho Liml of Laquon flu to Way be Pivk us a Oahu Lang f 0110 Purceli Zalug a bite will to Nult Ilia own intercut by Ilu Cint Ilia Oracle for Cne of the old and no Fuyii relic blow Offick Wilshire Safe and scale 804 and 306 California san Kuttan Cusco a o o if s apr vhf nineteenth they object unit in of Jeliou has Beim Rulilo by Rit Nln Ilii Ilam Lollio lint i have icon Iii to will Kokat of the Haku Akk urn ruled to Bakon fled Latoc Juit la of Thea Courne j i i jury in i tick and now have on baud Buie fro Bablot about Are Umici Ai inane Nallian All the gooral Lorai in Halm Flold put lokothcr1 Ever carried Al one Theao a Hooili were bought Al a Low it Ihu an4i could not Cornali Tentle Aik the enor Raoui Palcon Liat Liat line am compelled h Dix a not stand to reason Jim o mum 01 too Aii Weru Nara Urc u Zurrica an an of acre tide Upolu compell Llou with an excl Lva Mph an i have the if Yon Hare Conru Ilion to buy hardware no where you can Bur Wlms you want Al a read table non Houm Friml Ihling Lup Nii on own 10
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