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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1889, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - July 13, 1889, Bakersfield, California Kewn july j interstate i president Sposaro Iri eared Bosforo the ital Road commissioners und read Static mint prepared by lie committee of Leta Liston chamber of Depre Cating interference with the Competition of the Canadian roads with now York which discriminated against i mis ton in favor of new fit Hail that the american lines Tulip dealers in the Vicinity of Listou that it with not in the interest of trunk lines to Foster anything list Tho Trade Channel from Chicago to new and if the Linns Hud located Dib advantageously it was to Weir Milur the substantial thing Hie witness wanted was the Zunli nution of Hie pres Cut to thought tin Privily of and his horses Tim in full Trull up Twenty the Nir tin ice Joy Oros As Between Canada and tin states should to exactly if Canadian Competition were eliminated the new in child Trade would Tho new England roads Are largely de pendent upon the timid Iii As u matter of tin wit Ness thought it would be a pm id in into let Canada locate her Tir mint in ibis in Case of if we have the Termini of their Rolls ii would no to of much Iurii in e that develops in Canada Willie Lor be j in Benefit of the Ilii Ted spare was Fri in not a were that Tho Bimini Kumf the heal us Linn Isilie Hud been largely Hince the adoption of the Interi Lite of inc acc lie Hud never seen univ Evi Denra to Hibib Stantial the St lenient that the roads recon a on Dizin bus Ines the in Jirred in com petition with tie american if Tho Canadian Roach could be under the regulations of Tho inner Sale com Law it would la a came to new although new i lied with president in Oivin the Tun Liu siness association the Kulil the american lines should to but he was i racist shut lieu out Iho Cunn Diati lie Nhoi ild he ill favor of be i peul fit the Commerce Law rallies than to cd Tipul provisions to the Canadian there is u Inu Vinent Sun Hernard Dino to enlarge the Walcy Reservoir by building a new dam Thirl v feet higher than to old with the View to sup Lily water for the san Jacinto least the Western and Northern Pili in Ilmer Lydnn of ii Midi with four seated self Jas Are ordered from a Job master famous fur the of his horses and the skill of his the Hells of Tho teams Tinl la Al Iho door the company envelop themselves from head u foot in furs the women tie Orenburg shawls Over their two couples take their in each u Tho As May be readily it is not Ohaco Liml Pon orally presides Over this but another Little pid who is less Wise than Tho div or anthers in his hands Bis bundle Speaks tenderly to my Little Chico pigeons Start through to empty decrees below Lily Luckas und Puy Klihr with Ujj Miltor Over the whiteness of fees in this Limpid atmosphere cold freezes the As in a Ohleh no of Tho Pacific coast it Cielens o tin week h a c n dense 1 r i Hod Navel nine of Lumen is paying a the ush Shinen Roll of san Joaquin county foots up for Farmer Hampton of Cor inc fold sacks of wheat last saturday at Isaac ii a Pinner is Ideal excited latent news Dow 4l4 Iii 1nlll you How of Gutter Ili Eil at last i k Sailer Iff Rald rays Tho list there Tiht week killed Oil All the Hies in William hugging of smar Svile had i a Libut on Friday when his ii ill was bitten flunk Gibson of has a to show you How liable to j make in islam Omo women snid prominent police Ollie in this 1 will cite to you a few instances of j the they sometimes give us us a result their Owtis und i twin irrational manner in Viruch they will Nikati charges against Bui cent i which they can not exe ii with their our i items from averages seven i Shirou n of m unc five minuts Iho into stalactites of it Kuhm in heal bunds with iiiieker1 cry Tho their voices broken by wild and joyous the who has previously for Lilied his stomach with innumerable trl asses of administers Stout blows with his Knout Over the Bucksot his and yet they Aro giving the maximum of Speed that can to expected from their they Loo seem to jut intoxicated with their own the equipage Dies along Tho quays and crosses the River the mean houses of Tho Fau with their poor Little vanish out of sight behind it Liko Trees Lake Iho place of houses the More deeply we penetrate into the islands now we Glide Over vacant country in absolute to tinkling of Iho Bells and the Ripples of laughter Uluao breaking Field of com that Mill indies Heine Woodland seventy two pounds j hour last v Sooja Izill bus sued for Daman Lui culling him a Ihie and i boy named to Schick hurl Kami pert in Ted with a Hillel ill last lie May save the 1ied Keik i dropped Lead at inc stud inn last lie was recently from Kansas Francis of Columbia was terribly birr Tad on july lib by an explosion if an armful of Snake a i 21 Yais w Iain a few Days Ngo a y envied a Irue store on mime Riuli Artt Al on a she went few blocks o missed fro Buck to the the purse on i am sure i forgot she goes Back Iti St Supi Ciuti map of a rooted be Man tells be ill in or Hud her 1 led it a Wirht Itaipu and interesting gleanings various the Delik ii Hay que Eloi will be in Tulej the Amer inn i Flitman have Urain Defeated Ihu London crack the Horlin warns Ier Muns against Relief int Paris of us overload of russian the wheat yield of Kansas is just double that of last la has been chosen to Iliili Ament in the division of horses in i Imber of i Ulitin of More Uip idly Ihu last Livleen it lie unit she Mil 1 she d pocket Ami pointed to tie clerk had the Atlanta is than any p the next win its sunday school convention is to by held in the tin cd states in Kulish Capit Listh Are purchasing min ing property in the Corillon Ilii Loicl of new a dispatch a now York Bank has h tied the Lovern a Clit j opium Angeles of Iho will Render valuable the silence that bus gathered Over the from to acres of Choice lain now of Little a runaway motor blurted Fiona Coin about in when hoofs of Trio horses strike Tho pavement beneath Iho thin 1 j Ner or when they bound Over a projecting Block of leu on in of i on Anil attained a ten Ilic t1ie nlv11uln Leigh and Speed for a but the Brau Emun had jolts to Shiow Tho traveler slowly chocked the but bad not so1 woe in to Iho Ono who is Tulk cared control of in when another motor i lug Iota inn Cal hols sure to bile on its Way to wit i cars also tilled Llis cruelly and then the with was overtaken the front cars did not realize the Faith hat a runaway was i Hind him until Ore rear end of his train was run about Ono Hundri Cound fitly peo ple wore scattered Over the Many Nario sly injured and All More or Collar Bones were shoulders dislocated and arms and Leys Samuel was killed lie jumped from the a after considering All the evidence in connection with the Johnstown Honor the coroners jury finally rendered the following verdict the jury of inquest Impan eled to investigate Tho Nimse of the death of Ellen Wilile on the of Niter hearing do find that Ellen came to her death from and unit the was i caused by tin breaking of the South Kork we further find from the testimony and what to saw on the ground that there was not a i Hyicient waste nor the Dum i nor of proper material to with stand the and Here we Lind hint to owners of said dam were Hie in not is Oxild Luis been View of Hie that a population of Many wore in the by hold that uie Ido by taking inst Tho late Iii Rah Kuns of Merco 1 county left in estate Worth there Are no i the Money to to the i Farmer Lirou of Walnut san i Joan pain has u held of Tomt will to Over eighty had gels to the says the cult Farmers in Washington Yolo complain of Tutini boats i that no up und Down the ii it Selling gelling the held hands miss Delia daughter of a i Tinchor near a dose of that would have Kille i her but Tor the timely arrival of a the revived Napa Unity comes to bund As a Bright six column icel Linit for its news Ness in inures Sec Hill and Lia Iun Are Tho matter was at Oneo reported to Tho by the irate the pocketbook Cen Laincz f i think it Del Eytive Jelnek who was do tried to logic into Iho Tito reputable Chitu lady was sure the clerk had if committed her and would belie to nothing i cabdriver Harris of san h laughter redouble at Bis the arrested and the Lindle Bro Lieis Al san was it Igni the i Lillis ictus Iii to swear to a David Foley bus gone insane at Santa and one physician gives it us Bis opinion unit the i inv troubles Woro Niimd by working Huishi add in the hot Kim a few weeks the Merced the pub Lisher of this paper is for he bus a on everything that he owns except his wife and and he has u pastor on Euvah of combined intoxication of the Movo Seiil and of the cold is at its on Moro Tho voices of women nervously und sometimes u deeper voice murmurs in a lower tone Why faster would to Bol Ter that to never arrived of Tho we do the White with slops in front of an isolated it u sum Urlando or one of to inns of Tho mib Inba of famous for Tho i troupes of Litho Luns who Lodge Tho party Biros a room decorated u a prom Piunt of Mendocino died at his ranch any thing but a luxurious manner four Smoky u few und a Champagne is brought and Tho Tsiganos Tho choir is com in that county in and owned of land on to the combined harvesting machine of of ran across loss Obj Hoo and Jiro Perty he Itric Ikang of the posed of three or four men and i n of Laylle snakes lust week and Tho or ton Tho men Ivor top or the machine and was done into mince Tho expression of Tho j tranquil dignity of Ali or with the Willows a their aquiline their sad i and Pru fund they Boom Disla Muf lilo Iii is of the breaking his to would gladly depict to women i traverse Pool pied us in some Masteru Celebration of like Lorth until in but Iho Tiuli compels us to confess Winn to the presence that they a dressed shabby ally i in the town on Tho cd Slot Lenory of Toiuo Olej Torch la had tronc in for Tho observation of Bod ii ice Cream no loom us u the City of Juacin Tuoro in Tho ios tiny the Olive coloured complexions by South their 1 soc rotary Knask Lias ii Rcd n air Sulur of which will be rent to man1 and us onto of Railroad and trans pollution companies ii Calls attention to Trio act of of May looking the suppression of con1 Toni oils the boundaries within which i Texas Ever is my prevalent and pm Tilicks railroads unit no cattle Aro to be trans ported beyond the limits of said i Limrick exempt in accordance with which provide for Luparat fuelling and watering for such with sanitary Regabi Pai Tod and Tho lire of Thor eyes beneath their painted Alono betray Iho Indian Oripio of those diff libero of to the Lender of Tho choir tunes his guitar and up in very alow at and then gradually quicker and Tho jriv1 they Uro seated in a bodies and Facos and confection Arieh Uro to Romain closed on that by order of the Uii Rinc till reworks display on the common at a the if the mortar Jayini into to killing two persons Illet Anllo and Zuj Brinn who cannot the Yul Cju Sayn the ii dial june apportionment of i he county school Htiek Inavie a full and thorough and he was As fully satisfied Liml it Ivas not thu Olcick who had the them was Tho woman wanted Tho Young mini but the Smicer re to a Zalfo the to advised Huer to advertise her loss in the that boy Jasiny and wll do i Waul to throwing Money after stolen Money for was this tin detective looked at Tho lost and found columns of the paper Ami found n sum of Money correspond in with to same Timo and 1 place As the ease upon which he was to called Al the address and sure it Ivas sure Uncertain woman s purse that bad j pie Iod up a few Afler Sho t dropped it la tin to advertisement in the r after the and the saw t that woman is ashamed to into thai 1 would if 1 had Uele i in Iho Nurfus unable manner that she another Case of a newspaper head More pocket picking at Tho injun was nipped in Tho Bud by lec Tivo Cuddy and Tho i incl Jan he Constable at Iho Union Sla Lioa theothor Sho was stopping on Iho rear car of Tho Irain Goins when the her Rock Lbook falling to the Cuddy at Oneo picked it up and followed the lady Ialo the no sooner was Sho seated than Sho Dis covered her my my to clot has i much Ami All the Money 1 ticket and every thing in Jed Tho for Xinliu in Momii going to enter into Tor Iho Bon flt of had she Hud Limo she soon have distinctly passing Thoj very Man and fooling Hilt Tho of Licois stopped Iho second act in Iho and present ing Iho puts to Lulu ruled her Day Thoy Hail round tie woman l looked suspiciously at the Olliee in j Jilin but looked As if Sho would Beli ovo any thing aft i Sho found Hor Money nil Chuio Iio Many eases Liko and can an Oll Loci he if Jie a wrung meal in Somo really circumstantial Toronto a Munici tidily it has paid the boys for Gopher tails at the tale of in cents a la is estimated now about 1moi Peru ii went a turn or less injured by the Iii lag of a it Elk Lahona on the Washington is ice Ruiting its police Force from applicants who have been Hoiu discharged from the Iii in and Teller link hot of the first National hunk at in Short e bail duct red the a vein of Iron nine Miles in length and an average thickness of Hii Venten bus been Dif covered near hiring Long Trio natural has Ami my company bus contracted with Miller of to lore a Well feet the Chicago and Alton i Iii reduced the rate on Cuttle from Kaunit City to Thih in the beginning of u Likely the race War has broken out at Asbury Over theol lots of the negroes to ride in the Enrols the White the Lirt live months of Tho year show u net increase in the our Singh of the kor Lington and qui icy loud of the interstate Commerce commission is in session at looking into the Ella clog Canadian 1iicillc Competition on american i Inonu in Klug son Oil Liene Rai has passed i first Tuno of ordination for the hopi Iii i Ien Cral Hearty of made n Savage attack governor Foraker in a speech at a grand army picnic on Tho the act of the Michigan it is Ronqui rouble How y horse adapt themselves to the military ser paid Captain Cox to a very artillery mini knows thai they Uain the Anglo culls und he evolutions than the As a to Rosie thing they soon a uni form which is about Mesa Pic w til Imilie Slop or the Simial if Llu horse did not tile Gull i the in Finley Linin would to varying distance Between the arms of the ice beige in the info utry unit the Caval artillery und Tho commanders nine their escorts i Tho in ice the will idol Luscus preserve their Ali Gumell As Well As the j i shall always remember one illustration of this Trail which i Mil iced at an Cecil in and critical period of a hat i in or h to isome of of infantry i from Beinin Mirin mid i quickly mounted the Cinno ners on tin guns put in shul Ballin a dead Gullup across a sir Eteh Mea Itow Iii ii half a mile was quit Nueil to Siuli we were half neros t held i Noli 1 the and Lor a ment 1 was lost in the of the i ciydmc1 was plying whip and Iho guns were Rock ing and i Over and Evi by rucking Vilh foam and Lull of lion Aid was muscle As lie Jill oped Forward it Cecini to Nui a straight line drawn along Tho would have touched the Heads of the lend horses in front of Tho six that was an Mirll Llory one of Tho most thrill ing sights in the evolutions of War it is surprising How quickly they icing the alter we Hud been in service some limn my Flint one asked me what Call that As the Huy blew some u pretty question for you to 1 hair in to inner do Yon know How to March i Doal he Bill my horse Al Tho Glrst not of tie feed or water Call be blown and there will be u terrible i eking and i la u terrible our horses and those of Kov mul other Hall Erles broke and there was a wild Rush among to artillery no n to get horses in the a was excitement and Tho Horsen were hard to hut when i ordered the bugler to mount a Tump and blow the food Eul Iho horses All made such a mud Rush Tor our but Tery that men could hardly got out of the Way quickly comes to a Burse hortiviti4grioulture experiences of some of on most successful fruit Burdette on a Uli Lill Lilly Cirii Cernin this which is Little known Kcal line read the lol lowing at the recant at City the Lonnel is Goinn Woidy Kimwan by Tho Japan the Kolwoy Lupan Plum Dillis Tuum the Anil the True Plum is enl Rolv Dlf Al a Hue of the Lin ride i was voted that the la to Potyra known As the and the Keley Japan Plum simply As the Kelsey a on the popular Tho siesta is Tho Short Sloop and fifteen minutes Worth it is Ono of Tho Best Dally lot time u Busy Man or woman when you in vet time Lake a siesta it is about we and died slumber the Light varied by startling i Treiul and Buddon Modie motions of Iho accompanied by compulsory silence All Iho which is Tho rest of Tho insomnia is sleeping wide Usuke in a slate of irritable la is Tho common lot of actresses and literary people who a in need of rest or Nap is Iho pausing rest teacher who is just far enough ton Pheur and wide i boy wort that All things Aro what Thi a Dodo is Tho n Effim Bozo s o Doug in Wendy love or whirly of u Man who Rocs to Bleep with h eyes wide open while you to Lex info upon you a Glassy hurdles your blood and i what you Woro then to Zukos up and to ii inc i Ivriy from Japan to califor it is a Beirut ital Liik to the height of i the leaves an id uht twelve inches in thick and Ami at certain a oils if the the Are Piodi ii in nine Tai or spikes Al a lend of the us while and in the Irinel i Peim at the of March to lla1st of Lor in ends a Odd Zicai Iii Sli iad in Llu tree until the lib of the fruit is yellow in Ironi one and a to in ii and containing from or it a pc Tho Mouth Waldo open and till ii id minimum the a Timir i opera Tor nor inc Liko n Homo the tamarind and a log him on the Wilb a collection or the nil ii a Loop in Church with to Dou Bead mini Ling Over Tho Back of do by exl the a Opial is cd tip runes to sing Trio last u few to ivc brought in in the whole mine Cash per acre than any Olur thinks it remotely Purpich in r by kept to to Uible m out of Talco or Thiec during Tho Len habitually across Tho Middle j of land died for Mali Iho tree is Irown from coeds which Terui Ingle slowly but leu Dily if planted while it is Ulii Truw n from irs and and can be Crul cd and budded in the und which Are closely re hid the is not known us an Mchard life in and the single Pur Brief i Ajmer is to Call the a to lion of Southern Cuik Omia and of u set Whilo lying like a Login 1 Tho Ute Tiido or prayer Ihu Suh who is yourself up against your kick him Black and Blue Iron Gas Withers to crowd him out of by is Tho sound Sloop of boy i to Maku Torr Flo Nolson with Tho no the nor Heil Cit iils Vlis to vain of i hinted in i am old it is Perl ally Hardy in inc from Mariu Coli Only in the a Ohlust it in not was to pass u now a Luerul lion u m a modification of be the presence of the police web Neces sary in the Cortes at Madrid to restore order Simonn the Spanish Sti Lesmon who were in violent i North Iun More Wah Dine in con1 Stitis Tionel conventions of Tho four new mates yesterday than to organize and elect Tho working j Silack has appeared at eighteen Miles rom All business is suspended and churches and schools Aro a lire Lolik the Dock at amid cheat it orig limited in Tho boiler room of be 1iiul and 1ucilic Coal Aro Condou Vurnin to i Vecaro u reduction in Dnton to know Ichini thai is j my bul in Dopf Bis duly nobly and to in hip he enters into the spirit of the Liki human ii us fear u and la is singular Liml it his mule is shot do Ivy he will turn to look Al him am seem a ii Imi in Rny once by a Pirc of Wheeli split his Skull so Liml Odd Side Wai the drive1niiied him hut to walked up by this Ido of the run and wat Ehod Ihn and when a win lived would look a wily in the direction of the on my an if la sen the effect of the a Shell would by i would calmly turn and look at when he to is Tho Sweet Elope of Iho Luxor Long who never Noso a to Pun Tuato Lumbar by Medon blood curdling w utter oblivion for about ten Iblis culled yawning by vory Pollux f Marc their Beun Laiful Early Blosso and us h Bat the Trail is mod Ili therlo my reply Lias been tote 1 mockingbirds Ami Al Aler Hnin Wilh the Fust in clog tin Ica the Carliest und pea h i oin pmed mostly of and arc eaten and relished they Aro hut two months the earliest near or Cmil Ains a juice More Delico is Llma found in any other for two years past my Cook into placed on my table Minco and pies with Al t on half lint at my Sug to fall off Tho chair and youre olt by knocking your Hood of andirons is what is soon past theol whom to Wuntz to got if he do Wuko till sumo time the next to admits that to was fold the hands upon Tho q Tho Bend la thu folds of a snowy boo Duers in the victims of the mine disaster number these include the of whose a lofty Bope has Lee Tho seventy firm had a Sham Thev lost s own team Hack for Nin polished by a Zvirik but one Side of unit Ion to ran in his own place and Cylinder and Crown i Rullo cd Bucklo the Cusson with Iho is Lakier vhf in pushed to the spread of Texas fever and Lyl Lull another Hsihe he has i Lilied Rai Hoail not to Iran Puryj Looker us Ihn other sorrowfully Cuttle coming from certain Whitfi in was Huron mid and j when in there i was no furl her for him to Lay in own and the sir Only uss Erscil i hat in died of u a few j Lola 10 Shapel climbs and Jelly the and nose who have Trio Figuro Slobod Oyos to pass the in a Mist of pleasant a roam and tracing with i to Droop Liko As i i Iid occasion in run up to and my Lisl at the prison of for Tho a Napoleon of in Firdinand my is state meat Uhny Uro Cleu Jig of Violoa by a to transport such cattle at reg1 Lut fund was pissed ibis year Beca in the at to beginning Tho accent is i Tomt in was Ibuki Tibt Best i Selling Typo in Tho printing Union and cold and these it i the fund of the next school in the Art pc on uproar India Footit to Tho son Elji meat boy Aro Liko Sibyl of Bryon at the Elmo it Jack ions control of themselves und fought in dead Chu tred me us inti went More or Lum i of the whom they do not secured the adopting of an ordinance making it n Misdemeanour to ular Little by Litlo their voices leave a Borm a hitched on the Fink sectors will Bej Hesomu Cuil w in into that i wus Tho Glrst Man to he found violating it Tho not Iid fungi in of Tho prison a con genial Over which in is Nurieh Hiiro mime Oil Leo with killed Canadian Ini lers have called Iho brigades worn driven Hack mum meeting at Toronto Luke Tho fallen of Leois hut no Hail nut ii t1 i l flj11 so ipod in Romish John exl rentier of Muni i the and i toll when to first wont then to died suddenly at Winnipeg yester ply in wan u was put la Tho welshman heart i in was of scotch Kee of Westmoreland ii is charged that these men Scro brought Over by the Ini Virsal federation of uhis workers in vie Littlon Oft lie Allen contract labor the Case will be referred to he United states do Triet attorney at 1itlkluirg for incs with tin special purpose of As Ierta Hillik the ii Rudisn circumstances at tending the immigration of these Tho soul of Tho old rays Baa us cum muted in Liesa songs nil Iho wild Nim and Meiu unholy of us harpers superintendent 1orter of Ihn a Climis in offered the position of expert a faithful child Luibov Bih Ichill to ult for the of slut the i la a hat rot tract of i iks Oji this combo Kurono mulch or do in Dublin near thai of miss Cornbread Kllc a term of five they Uiva on fourth of Iho the value of which is estimated in the least it f per Tho Iff Rull says Doug he when u child Falls and bumps Hla and two Olhorn men picked und running to Holp i fort live tons of Chrome Iron Ore it Iho immediately concentrates his inc ill he Wmk two llah by Tho Lederail Irand jury it fur election funds committed Hist is Ong god in Nerving and other e to Tho 111 Olhorn words to is a in Iho Alderman who Gol his him for tins Llroy Divay surf co Road Gett us Aldor magic in bin Phil Cal he ivus a Dor Man when to was sent to sing bul Wardon or Iii dolls to thai to in even Pei hons have been in to looked Lino his nostrils Woro extended his Yoh fairly und by clutched Ihu bit with his tooth us to Ouinn Hoening Liko Tho and i Kyndil Laflan flying to looked Wii is ll0 of in very body Guvo him u Waldo and i to Tho infantry thai i would Alvo 100 to Tho Man who would catch but no Uit tried urn Lio in Ming Yut for us i k inv Rul in divers of Tho a Man in Sedalia stole a ii Lobo for the of getting a term in the penitent lie gave us his reason for so do that in might us he Hud been running Abuisi Tho country for three years and Hud Crown very Albert resident of the of liar Eineo a Fionch a Mann will Lugo her Husli Yuul it to is or chivalrous u in ruin if he is Eon Nannt mid u dutch it he clues not disturb her ease und com fort too much u Spanish if he tics Volt stink to Tele mental Fucus los upon Bis on to which is three obliged to Supply with a hold in annual Pilot him in top bodies and his baud up to judge of us i Wei Polnow Ault of month j11 s to nil v1 to Adams Otann Arbor and tools it into u Largo and painful pitching to Tho to outgrows in that will begins to pity himself Whon lifts up his voice and Buglo j hut now weighs Over Jiu Hilo had Nio Lher keeps her sympathy to i in which two a pot dog of ignores Tho bump and draws Iho Childs eared unit la subterranean out Lei has been opened which May Drain Iho lakes the shocks hero proc Ednd by a rumbling humid and accompanied by a loud explosion like a nut Olf below National Oduca Lionel which i wreaks vengeance on those who incur to 1 Anam ban the Oiler under he is us Presont St Listi Ulii o Tho into style Commerce coir John chef of the a Lureau of labor ban been offerell the position of punt for the collection o Static pcs Tho recorded thu p for the state of attention to Somo thing Bright and Bis mind fans Tui itself upon o object to Tho exclusion of e being thus put h 1th out Iho Pale of his the Absi Blutau Soccro tiry of the Interior to a hour co of Puri and is child u spared Tho or tin of Bhoi Diimig Tours and Tai Iron ibo of drying Tho child female sex which to was allowed take with him la whore Sho wits cared fur by thu guards Rind allowed to Soo her Mintor Sho inn Hod a num Bozof Uddin Lions la family no of j fior chirp filly going Ostir the rent Rob of i Hindley of inc Kip Reno court of the Pilsl riot of Columbia has decided unit them is no cruelty in Docking u thin in if his displeasure in italian if to la dreary and poetical a dim Ltd if to thinks that Inna Tivo country is the brightest and happiest on on Rah a us swim if to spasm All westerners in Ini sortable barn Rubhin an if he succeeds in ingratiating he Milf with am court arid the aristocracy in lean has plenty the i Monu says a gentleman i now Vork pm Tho has reversed ii decision of the Laad con whereby to i utter held Cautella Tion the divert land entry of Martin Mchendry for u tract in ncctiun1 in Pomona informs us trial Only live inv a us nearly All supplied have passed since that to with Tho Al Darmau wanted Hai not had fresh Truw Hirriam on his to keep All thu litters at Stag but table Al to Alro says that he the Warden Tomt lie a Propri Iho Estima Teil of life at Tho Western Union Telegraph com puny at Detroit him notified the Hoard Trade unit the old Chiiko Hoard of Trude Saline manii Reb act by stimulating to incr acc arid Thoy ought to to used on Tho Young crop for thai und should not of Tho Chicago will noon the Atlin to Thali Iloma ult Hoigh no Lillei in it looks like an Ell on the part us to company to dying inn let cling no of Tho Tuire Cost of funeral in iils but thu whereupon the for avoid George Modoni Sci by cutting his 1ovorty and drinking was the for to the civil service lire to be posted in Porto Fllch and custom houses and in Deuart Morita where the Morvice Whon his Isle overed j Nom hours boy in Minu tie Man by pulling Parl in the Jug of every drop in Tho the Diin Uff a Lett drank of und of curved Tomt of Tuc mod to by Tho tic to join the european he will Convoy Trio remain a of the inventor to Tho shores of native it in Amain publicly toil that 1re Cid unt Harrison will appoint attorney Oen Onil Lulu cla w the supreme Zeuch in lib n seventh once rope unto hand Huki of Hla habit Orlondi now in the be poor Ftp left sampled it cur eau lie Sipinen of must Zuhdi Cato in favor of Lar the if our of Inion of Tho Iii la of this Jelly to Cuil Tornio i by the experiments of May to not have in Lime n new Heliin dilating Tho planting of loquat thus giving employ in Brooklyn Jii int la enjoyment to a Mountain twin Nib Alleyan last Vitok visited Henry hubbirih1 Hoti above the and the Tilljr Aioli thus Lellah of what they gardens Lilloyd with Chokio of to very Best kind fruit Trees of every description common to Teiria Cruzii Iuit a Orriff of All and in fad everything Tubo Fui ind on a Model water in Abun dance is and All Sev Orul Large ditch ii tilled with water run us out thu Enli Rii Anil in thu whole Pluto can la irrigated us a is Range Tho Pluto Tho fact that not a scale Bun our Cudlin Moth has Over been Konii on he and there fora Tho Rooh it in Pii Feit cult i and boar Lobbins is Beci Riiho to minor a fruit Iki Xor any contrivance for packing fruit to Como on in ranch for four of Iraq Modlung Soto Jojn of Aldonso to the the uncut to Intuit grow on tie and Besl Deh having in abundance of out and Hurley to foil his Stoi Lobbins also holds sixty tons of wilful in a year for which to i Iii a Market at Lii Pir Iino ii Ukoh Anil barns adorn the and a Moro Beautiful spot he Luis my la Trio noun Ai Zikik iia our Arbor iriv is a Public acknowledgement of our it nonce the Boll of liw Kurtli for Dop Walon that our our annual in Aro not conf nod Loul Elsei Flos crimes Are As certain of overfly do Tacij Tibt now human nature of How lip its Radical eccentricity Iriti Tanoos Ore reported front All a Octlona of Tho and insanity will recount for Many of thei Tho Largo majority a imply indicate with what life if Thoy wore confined to who Aro ont Favrod in a hopeless l to Long continued that heart orgy Are that would Boom 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