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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Jul 10 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - July 10, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern july publisher Fla vim Frt nut urn Iff m who win the of the Young of published a it watch of the prime in in i r of that and Ilves that following de a Tatum of harem we do cover in the Center of Tho Hall a Jonje line of with so Lynx of i yet Chii Vino Twenty ii wild with to lifer opium eaters Story in vim Raul Ufele Atlle opium or death i thin Brief was fairly end of a prominent druggist on by a Purson a nit i of Xum to the or i shop of tall very i Minim in ult i f won Hii who come used of the who died in k of Kunt lit die fairest of the Daugh of the Munem princes of the tributary states the Neon cohort own Fielde Runny until new ii nil Indian Pur Hamod annually for Imrem by afr its from Vitant conk and Liu were Nir cred year and sing porn for in Kungl Lodi woman Fhi inuit mid Paru Tagu to Crown the Kerr it French women offered Zhitni Fulves for the hut the kurir would not accept hunk i Neil Cut if k of Lunf f r Flktti one Dufini Chi l with Ili Ivea inn Hiu in but which a Muslim loan Urivi nil Imin hid i Urmit Liioi Iii i j to detain Tomt Jit Alm of cub win new York a i whoever with Tho rally in More Uhm with Iho Pem whirl of thu or acc acc would not Tho doctors with Lwi Iii and with death june like the general of inti army some must to to Ravi Tho and to 11 Battle to Corinta up the killed and in Iii hol Liteh to khow a Good Tinwell known firm of formerly 01 to lib recently a hit of experience in hum i Timve crawled Over re hot harsh agony during an opium the very thou it of my buffering freezes my and chill my i was then enting Over thirty Galna of of Muir Jow did you contract the habit axes Miro bin legs Carea broke me id my doctor prescribed opium the Way Ninet Anthul of Casen when i determined to i found Rotim oot do of May be surprised to he two fifths of Tho slaves of morphine and opium Are physicians Many of then i we studied our a Ahab we found out what the organs were in which the appetite was developed mid sustained that no victim wan free from n demoralized con pc nth it it innit Nihil a few town the my with Liy Slof ii nil on the North by now in Ali null the Ikirt Luni in limn time Cru in doomed him la ii ouch Riim Rii Imit inn Nike Tho Rocky Hills upon up ilk i into mud nil in Hon fur Cabin Jokhy Brown Atco into which Thnora will room Riovo nil Olmuth in tiny ii her com Iho modern the Onu Cut Fly Nuil Tho a Thor an of ii fms ill Liisu Llull of the if Tho doctors Hal to shed team fur every in Fountain would soon be sex Thoy and Dott Kuosu make in hut it is All for Tho homebody Linn to to edition of Elioso organs that the Hope of a cure depended entirely upon tin de Gree of which could to imparted to i have seen while undergoing compelled to opium no to Deaden the horrible Puin in i Marvel How 1 Ever i do you mean to 1 that you have conquered the habit i u j1 i hectic ave it in it bloody r u or my Kory fire than to Roukh Tho Rocky l human or the grief of Tho loved onh i lint Hlll Tho family is n part of 1 Tho honoured to Are drawn to him an to a Friend in i ii in drawn to he Suim a Nonh nym Pithy for his ills tenderness the much Vii tint but it in Tho right j their add rushed Ali or attention to indeed i to you object to telling me How studying the matter wit i soveral opium eating we became satisfied that Trio appetite for opium was located in Tho kidneys and our not object was to find h specific for restoring those organs to the doctor is Homo Inu who Onno nigh a car caul Nundy hint arc Niban in Grumt of Perfit of Imus in to an la the of modern Darrhl not Lihsiu in prepared for Ifil thru fun mail nor he Lidbom know dec of hit Tufly they worn a to ill Ami they work with Conn to an ground which it fitly and canted by it on Rcd any Thlik but it Dexl Pablo loin on for any hut wern ring and guru ii i Thuy ulv Tui ground they foil Iii it nil Hilll tlirli1 As or it Liiv a n it it not Iii Aukum in Llanil u Ollil Llillie Liu sure suling u Anil with front our at very Kii built the ecu la kind for Tho nearer and Darar to although 01 mortal Lindy and Tolj Morton bodies Uro Thunga than Tho whole world with All la w Tho work done for a curtain and became thoroughly on Ita scientific Ingrith that it was the Only one that could be relied upon in every Case of disordered kidneys and 1 thereupon begun using it supple a Only aide Huff her Pluck than Tho Fum Fly for health in a bigger thing than Money or and there Are hut lawyers who would not take a Case against us us readily an Ono for there Are two hides to litigation hut Only one to greatest difference wan observable in the children As to their capacity to lift their Llmott and adjust their some to null got fully Over the i May say that the most of the is to get those organs first into Good working for in thin the Upu Titu originates and is and in them Over ninety per Cunt of All Oiler Huu Iau ailments Oriu the last seven Reafa this an acknowledged scientific truth among the medical profession Many of of the inst formed have Luul do not a know grown too and had no lift about while other let ten thai irk who would nut ult act inc Nat Llrath work icon to la Light and i hero would tall girl with every on Iloni omit for a fax Orlov Ilia cur lower Nuu in lower no Rouchl by trip Ilour in their Whiteh my on an a duct level with Tho room i Aji to the it id Roll Cecil troll i there in Woutat from Tui Dorka Anil from the strips of tin my of of ennui a bricks Siml Boink of the hopi hit Aru Pilot null in Inis of them no Lilick Itil by Anil still other a in int Tel with Uhuru Tini Shihi for build link inn Llin Liml nil there rarely to Hitun Imoh Kruml enough for nil Whu tin1 roof of one Lumu i Wii the of no ten until a us Elf or Hill or Rock Ian Ichii nov ind with of ovary nil Whitn from Utra Luht nut Uki stiff or Well and All that would to Ober Pablo about her to her prejudice wan a certain consumptive pallor a if Situ had not the vital strength to keep the activity attain would lie seen a girl of a mature and Intelli Kurt a face an a and adapted like Many other american faces see la new York to inspire re Indge and knowing they have n i other their code not allowing them to use they buy it upon the and proscribe it in the ii oven As i said the opium and Liubita can Nover be cured the appetite or them to routed out of the kidneys and i have tried with and As result of my studies and 1 can say i know nothing can accomplish this re sult hut Warners Safe have others Trind your treatment Many and All who and almost wonder for its highly followed it fully have computed and Subtle thin several of them who did not first treat their kidneys and liver for six or eight As i advised completely this form of treatment is Al it would in presently had no Liu Fuli of but Watt Short from Tho knew to the and x i Iii i i not evil Lieut a Over command Tho muscular length and j ways insisted upon for All Teti Loii to distinguish whether treated by mail or at the love Aher to had looked at Therio Giru for land opium Institute supple Hau an hour i the teacher How i mounted by our special private treat Ninny i them to said it always hut Ono or two wore born in new Wilson stands Verv High when York thai a w to Horn of for Lii Over Hift experience a Only lint that Thi Apt scholars another proof of the wonderful and con i i of it 111 null it if Trio Kivi in Hyluk on i Pini in Lii Immi he trl in i Ilia a ii in intr Llull p to i my that uld Audi Xirau pan no m Iii nary said of to Linin his in to till l lit till i inn hrs i Mulnik Alx iut tar or with Ilir fin tin1 Hul in which tlu1 Ivainer Uli Diuver ii Lei Vav Tiv ojicl1 for i n of Alpy thu i Mitt ii ninth to Iii Eivis that if Many Tomt civil in new Forur cult Vattol Wim Umoru Manuc Riim thu ii they Jiuu at int Viii now there Nam puny fit and la Hummer they in frugal Luitz to Trio n Tilou unit to wlntci4 i entirely the in Vera of knit town Oai Ilia am n Ulm Cal and Tai Boukni Iii has Lonu in jowl m Rcpt Tullin fur order Atul Laud Iwu ted at a in curly uni Ullian i kill out Clio in Ingli at the of vhf Noboru la Sun or Nicituk now so Infra of Uio new save for on Tttus a card of around Tho Lii a the Alft acc caution of blows from of Tho con Ilo us vast Ploog a narrow Lino Uto Kunt proper term Twat Lor coughs fully mule will my that of win uni Ouw Iho yet r with of Lam Eft Cwi org try into Lunt Quinti Conli it it of Trio Humi i Allutto now us Tho in i run w or n u la Drury Iii ill Colin ill Wiki in Lias into a Nril to pm Luis and microw for that Putti Iwu has jul to a promo Lupus Puiul Vor hurtful Uso As a Nehila has the demand for Iii thu form o chit n on Sale in of tin Elioso Urit by thy put for Tinl comp avd of the Grunn Liwen of Tho Soofi with a alight impregnation of nmkiuk1 Mich a cud us thai coded Power of Warners Bate cure Over All Ili Guiaus of Trio ii jul and the diseases by of Tocao we May Tomt it is very altering to the proprietors of Warners Safe that it Hub received the highest medical endorsement after persistent it in admitted by Solan Tau that there is nothing in malaria median for the restoration of those great organa that equals it in we take pleasure in publishing the above statements coming from so reliable a source As und confirming by personal experience Whitt we have Timo and again Public slice in our we also extend to Iho proprietors our Hearty tar Foughi ure Jim Tut and to Lam 25 free from at Ihu Javiara am Thi Shah Lam took let cow Jacobs for pain Jirm Trab j at dec Lotrn Tui Guiaus jul hmm us Consumers beware there ire imitate onion Tho celebrated and old reliable Pace Tho genuine Hue the full on the tin ont be he you Are imposed upon if keep constantly on hand and veils at the lowest Market rates uni on inc in dial Tom Job printing of every description neatly and promptly executed at the Oalif onigian to Iho proprietors our their fall duo Aud Tho du1 sir ii Eints i Ier Vinn in a j of nil at Timos Trio a Wise is Vuich of that have for i Bidden Manv now yorkers of quinine or than Uither of Iho dim Jirs or ruin it Moru York Itow t 111h inti Tho Mirror and Farmer Whitt a Tiff i habit of quinine in i 11 it 11 in a i Fri i to Imu victims to Thi Cura powerful by n antidote to malarial thu drug for we our Jianko Pronsky which Lipply practice hns undergone n 1 wide not Only the but professional Nion have not Whol of but a Lostetter to touch Liitt ors Tut n leu Iii a Bali Tuu for Tho you Dikiy fun Iii ulu to develop a larger j of thin Chinigo no most ii port promo by fever Ami none stuff frers Are Hubb Liik ail handling the cure formerly their complaints were will and frequent milk j ouly the Tiu in or half will tend to bring out a grunter Liow eventually Fui hug to produce of milk Many dairymen Maki a practice except Doneit of inn link Tho udder even while Tho calf a of urn of Tho ii the Hura new up Tho u n Jewr Tulik to oven How Ivy orb their the Ever Schave a War udder in Tutor of thu Sterling All out of shape by this prac1 stud is of Oua Aud and Tho Nour Coa whence it Prev Eden Are very Farmers attention Ubo ouly the full Cornu hand forged and hand Vinuben sack Needles with Cutter in the h Needle 1rico 50 ask your dealer for or order from to Diann will 818 Market Styf twin foes to life incl their Prim try symptoms Union the Maul of minor human and h Host of speedily from mutually aggravate each other Aud assail at once Tho Liolu machinery of foul hour Hll Louh kidney nil various skin ure among the and Multi Dun Caunce by Duran Gumrot of the stomach and a thorough purgative Medicine in the first necessity for then Tho cathartic effect Nixt be mid in it mild just Kulli Clint to prevent a recurrence of Anil at the same time Trio kidneys and stomach must be stimulated and to of ten of Keu for Yourk Hou Howello Coil Shiak with Tho Cook about the Winnor for a As a a come cd Una it will How much ought i to cure Lor o w by ii m it Ili ukr Ami Tioli All of we Kun kit i Xiii my civic for Younk i fancy ten Yards will alien Geule be or tru Vij in Jinx Jet a Oshta Iota m it Romor shirt and Bavo b Iii Ile tru Atao u Tow Umi re atm 1 r arc frequently by a Mew of Hui Julit in Tho ail it Twer of the note of Tuv Kunu of j Ilia i like Pix lacing farm cars and a of u r Sci tit save your doctor Clieve your b come uni ii Dina and Toi Spiten by Timroy of film yield to Okiw m ill Aspli Eavion of Bonk of Mil lax unon Llorin lion pile i rattly rom cd for croup and drop own it Chial Chur in of Loup in allay tog Tho Iuie Ura Ottee ainu a i n our Tat you a Notreda of it aant Price 60 at Hartm Tua i Pitco 60 Gnu and san Lei sold Bunko med Niue by Ayers pills accomplish this restorative work better than any other they arc searching and yet in their Pur Valvo they do not Gripe Tho and do not induce a Coet Lve re As in Tho effect of other they possess up com hepatic and Tonto Job the highest medicinal value and absolutely cure All dog Axex proceeding from disorder of Tho digestive and Tho prompt Une of a Kab 7 Correct Tho Mist of Averu the in Liuis which Nepal act of that condition would inevitably All irregular term in the action of the Well of constr beneficially controlled by Ayers and for the stimulation of digestive weakened by Long continued one or two of Aykes pills after will do More Good than Ehte leading physicians concede that Ayers pills Are the Best of All cathartic and Many Pra coition of the Hgt at customarily prescribe avers tbsp arb by Ayr it Analy Ueal Vor by California Cheater 18tb retail Uealer in ure Patent and toilet window prescription amour Netty office of and decl dealer in family 10th and a kinds of canned Llanon put up especially for in the Arlington Wuu Caps and give me a Maruf Dpi of liver Ani feel 19th pm ullage and Saddle Oriun Alwayn ready for animal broke to Hay and Grain for to very City h a8 and Euvone a men Cral renovation Aud Allup Tiu for the bum the lager Beer a of a better Quality than it ban Over been a Iford Neil Rio bar is suppl cd with Tho very of Cigna the Bowling Alley and shooting which arc kept running Day Aud have Abo been greatly improved and now the Brewer u the Moat comfortable and Best of Rcw Ort in Tho Beer Pat no fur i Loolu Aud family one and slivered on of Arlington the uoom8 Are Well kurni8red car Sci per Day from 51 60 10 00 firs class liquor a cigars constantly on hand St the polite and Obj gig Atod Ilonen in Troy Harding a Janol of French to Tully inform the Publio that i have Ira Iod this hotel and am Low conducting it in better Atlo than any Snow in Neil Hai Over been Dono in this county no non indent and the requirements of a hotel or this part of the country better Thutt i i i have Refl ipod it rooms in qalte8 everything Board by the Day or week St reasonable Fine Liq Nurs and cigars at the Tyso Summit i am now pleased to announce to Tho Public that my hotel is completed and filled filth net and comfortable and All modern give he a san Buot Gomer Boomi 27 physicians and Eveleth the Maciupa Popoff Alica Walters 9th a Pooing Arrango Monta can by Mode for Aud Rooma for a certain length of meals 20 Beds 20 the City bakery i attached to the Bovo where froth Ireail can always be and will to delivered Soufl Tomoras every Central James proper Thuc piiopj1ietor of the Oen bal respectfully to bin Irion Draud the travelling that the House will to conducted a a firs class hotel in a manner to moot Tho approbation of All Reg ular Aud transit the nth Ltd will by ii Pleil with All Tho Inar Kot and the Bingle or i Aru furl Hucl in the mat the ii Riiho Bibb been remodeler and refurbished Jan Lute French Cal Jean we Call to the attention of the Publio tint this hotel ban been thoroughly refitted and in now Ore to travellers and Bordern bettor than the table u Par Udo Olleno we have engaged the Best French Cusk in the Southern part of the a Good bar sep Allied with the of Sigf Sandim ported French and food Yard tonne noted with the Borgwardt cooed 19th via Bejil in veal and All of salted Home made Bacon and and everything found in a fint claw James is now opened again and in the leading Home it Hunt the table inn pulled with All the delicacies of the i and Oom Parea with the Higby toed Houma of a Bab Conoe eted with Tho where can obtained the choicest and Fine convenient Board and lodging Par m per and no Ruth Jordans museum of Anatomy i6t Market and learn How if vhf avoid and Bow wonderful you Are Prival ail weary co Naulu Bend for professional Bah w and coun8elorattart attorney and coon8elobatlaw Kern rotary no californian obese or Smith it n or Noe Iii stub next door to Kat ton qopn1tt l Offill Jite Celivo Hue Jeb Lotf Mhoon it Flournoy at month Ireby bin Medicine a bib debt and if v h the society k of of p Sussi Vanl Evory baked o w meets Etory first and third tuesday a Voong of very Vigil Tang to and bakeb8field Hustad on Hondar or next preceding to befall of us now of each Moat every urday Al Swift and of Roug Brol hurs in Good standing u8tjce meets at Hoir Hall monday evenings in each Watiek of american legion of 11ii Letoe Council the first and Bird tuesday Ottn Lyngh of each month at Ball at band of Hope hand of nieu at the e Church every bin at 8 Oclock Hiob Blacksmith nineteenth Street opposite Adobe All kinds of new work and repairing Dona on Short horseshoeing a Irick the lowest and Bati faction apr25lf oink he a advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing Rowe 1o for
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