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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Jul 3 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - July 3, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern july 8lowing turkish published every satuk04y publisher and Tut town link Tux inuit or Tow written Ujj u Rontril Titor l who heart front lips of one of ordered to perform the 4 fire Tho Amstand to any1 u it can not be Jon it is i my ii a Crim to have Fiill ii into it i attrib owl to i seemed advertising Ami very do much Tor Flom interest you h after n Short is known n f Fol Iii Fco i r nerve in running an of fifi if 111 of i n and Terry by mat i Cau us my More about Thorn anybody and without waiting for my in str it Otil Niimd you five heard of tin that was in do of Tor pet och during the War i tin of Lacer who Bow up Iho turkish time fixing his by upon if to Rvivle my thought it thin friends of xxi resident Arthur Are very much j of course by is not to die he i in in the hands of a very particular play a j his doctor not Call it it Riith i no it in i that lie is suffering from am every ice Bourn be takes a and everybody who Jom time to time Many other symptoms Nova mid tins symptoms thu should know Are really Sec Sidary to physicians say that Opp Rythma that medical skill can do for hims not so this is n prominent one Boc Tesij is an exp resident and yet tire of banners Foffi front and the in frn i tin tin i i in who h lit till it Lxi on the Ham Vlin i hit in Hii Fullr i and Art Voith u thy tint i of in in flac m will Bill fuel in Tinc Louii j ii Tuut inc m Gnu Jinvit in Balliiro on tin i the i thy and knowing i flu Bantu Ink 1 i the who Ivi u Fanto it Smidl litter foil to u rim Chariut oui of Hovi 1 pm ii it to non i Puli h Nitek wild Fiul him Millu would Coin killed to it tin i ii Iii Liin la lilt ind the throw Len u of into of Lii Rte tin Naif Iii to mitc n Mich i Kial Lii it til ill ii univ n is in n Ini i to Tel in Iii who Neil n j cd slim Rel nine whim Iii Liff in Iii ilium Fly Juci inn i ind Ltd tin r wan tin ii train Niv irly i it Lenvi thu and j went tin no Chinu u no Lam try the Way Wim to Nelly Tuffuri Iku itn1 fran Lily Adnil Towl that it to fraud of lib cant Ifo in Hon of Illk it ii Kost and j my Vicry Trinu 1 Litton to to Nikki ill Luis a id up i run in Loroni Otiva forty Nillon hour for a 1 it would Innaimo in it Curn 1 it it Little Tholt tiny Moll who run it on will on Iwho i Iii Iii red Nunnly the Zimni tank of Tho Lilliin thy Milij j not lit tin Iii Rhinot How Dell inti u Mill knows Jim j Wenru the vat my u this that Unn Crim on 1 hand thu Lar finite with Pride upon Elfi powerful and nil in to know to Iii Fiji Ilij of Rontel which will i Unco Whir a Tutol to Nikutin Trinu or pull had 1 1 Only hid Notri Tuth of Annj not in Nult tin weak Pray upon and unman it in our my 1lwiiiuchltilmi i hut Tho unf1nrit who Wax inn n tire Man by in Carnol Luis it and Tiki Nuich it Homo with Hind on Iho Ali Rollo Iho Nui Chanut dish in Gritu Lilik Hin Chi that Thi Hitzl Kuhman netting up preparatory to leaving her after which we Moru careful watch upon mane vering was difficult with nand Laiks on every Firu to it from uni taken by we expected in a Truk from thy in much stronger Force and bet or armed than but did not receive wharf upon we resolved to tent our to pc upon their 1 was ordered to command of Thiex int that wan to undertake thu at that Timo wire not the Arm which you know t was much More it Krit Deal Moru uncomfortable to we Hud to place it under Tho Shiji Nuil Light u f started out in the an her Natur Ron Dud by vim Plains and in the silence of my men i could rely upon Almy wre Resolute and full of woh to be n Anil us our mandir Shook my bund at parting he com mended me to Thijn Ireon to must j succeed or in thu should the Turku discover ii there was no i u Wili to Lio a trial if would revolutionize the i loved my j profession and i would do my the i Kari in enveloped in fell we made no advancing with exceeding at Huit the turkish Squadron appeared to the the Lay in the front her enormous form shadowed in the Calm water Lic fore i i for my we approached without thu noise of a rippling j the Huyth were few thai Wum car Elch in them my men rowed silently now 1 now we were within Twenty Yards and Hud been we knitted Tho Miof the a 1 placed the torpedo Uniker her 1 tilled with delirious i shunting take care the peril Ous task had been performed thu sailors bout to their ours with n Taw vigorous Strokin we Wero out of harms but Hoo ii a sudden cry from thu ship pierced the guards Wero madly run Liik up Ami Down thu decks shouting in turkish torpedoes torpedoes the turks had Hula idea of what this fin Raul Flirl Nutof death could i but so paralysed with alarm had Tho ofll1 Dot n ships in All walks of life who and Aro likewise help victims of powerless ago a will known gentle Man was about to enter upon Lustre commercial his medical adviser quietly dropped into his office i one Day and told his confidential Dork Liat Liu Mould Vijh Miil in arid that he to Sottilo up Bis Busi Ness at once thai Man is Alivo Ami Well yet Viven up As incurable with the same Minaai that is killing Arthur stir reporter met thin gentleman yesterday and in conversation the i i Iii Ruurt he Haid i 1 will to re irritable institution in thu of new to by the editor of the new York the editor of he j Lin Llano and i of i lie Troy if a Rivurs cure taken according to my Wii Icli cil Reil yours i ingot i cure ii Oral Chester Arthur of from which he in cures neuralgia fifty Lilia Anil 18th Hole Salk and ise Tail Ueal Elt in Puro Patent toilet window proscription accurately Finice of Anil a pc Arlington the i Tooris Are Well per Day from 60 to a firs class liquor cigars constantly on hand at the polite and Obligis g Ukiu Lintn in every Harding Jannol of now i want you to he thai we in not to Niaud now but do know from per Sonal experience and Ficini Iho expire ence of Many Lioi hands of similar to Chin Stop tie of Tiu Many a Man Yum throw Yjih life with one kidney of Peop Havo lived a majority of their Iii with one they did nol have a new do nol Tunke new kid but if tie kidney is not consumed Loo much we can atop disease Ami pro Long life if taken in this Oiler comes from proprietor Warners Safe of this Warnor also said my dear there Are presiden prominent men and women All Over the Cou Wilry in lion 1 personally know have been cured of such As general Arthur fillers by our Wiir nera Safe to Tho circles in which they they do not cure to Warner is interested in j Arthurs lie Mausu lie is personally with Ami Bluit it is a shame Liat any Slot Iii to allowed to in under this operation of Cert that our u t Cable was allowed to Kuldo out of i Raisku without a when far enough away to avoid the Dai Ikner of Beinin in i applied electric an instant mom Ami h volcanic exp Tofilon rent ii air an despair Pmj cry Rose t heaven the vessel and and Crow Wero swallowed up in tin believing Aryai was the Liht Experiment Trawle with the said Tim passing his hand abstract a 1 edly norths ills j u must Siivo been i terrible scene to i said were there Many on Consumers beware Thoro no imitations of Trio Clil rated aul old reliable Pace Tho Genuino hns thu full dealer in fast july it Tab and kinks of canned cigars liquor put up especially for is c e on the tin dont the ii Lilb you Ore upon if Aro not on thetis a Kurtok about an fact our awful May be unit that Only Wii Uin Uruu Utku any Miuor Oiin Amsco quivery they air to thu thu Tim when u a Luuru it but very few in the in think of buying of in Priti Lainily Truo of if he Quinnis i Lotty known us Ili top int Wii i my Owji Lucuil Tami this h a my in which the material o tin Lute Cut pm nor null to Alvo mint i n Philo which luvs Lubly the his Lino of the plus lout with Toimi Fitt Tiu is i Hihun Minn Tinl Niue inc till whith Mai to of the Ulon combo it toil a Tver the by of thu by in ton unit facial Wii it new vory Wulw i i in ii Flor by Oil Sunry Ami without Winch Tatum the a humbly Otic Hirvo nut Bur of Kobs not nit to variably titty very to Nitoiu a plug Tuul the who thynn to Worril Llull Tho world much i tin Hubli Riiff h Kkt Mintry on ten of Hor n Sottini Intel Kizik boat us i oium very fair Sirini Tyniw or other thu Cuil Orlynn that meal it better Una Lotus than humor Tuv sex l n in souk All of Tyml finds Way to of Pkt no to numb tint onto us Orinic Wal a jew Ami Kulli not Anlo Thun War no Rutur Vasilu an in Luu View re Tkv n Iii Rizii Bun Vii Phi him four h Iii three cd iwo on Aiu inv a of to Juke Tiitu Ivi Iii i Ami he will no suit j How Cim i know wild rather i destruction mid Loath Ore i Imil tuber in but nol such Iloa Truc i Tion Neil us Yiu nay i say Tho i Anil on aft Noons one sees the Licu nyint Kon unil of thai Nrma walking Chiwu us Ontic with his four Lith lilo in lev hair is quite unit Mui his Mii Starlic is almost but his quart is Yousik to wears n Rel Llu Wilsn weirs u Sac coat and u Jill but this in in any Ono inn Lonuel like Olse it in ii do or May not Ihil is is Kph in in i in was in and is Inch Liki in in society us i wins in the Llo is Nui at the front no often in la not inflect his social i which Aro spilt a As pressing mul us he in Litany duties his to Levotion in ills him it Ali Civit ills not Lino 1 Hii ily to Iii Liu this Winter he has Khoii at Home More Ilia Ivor to Eaith of his wife 1 hut she is Tiu twin Well ii jul he la j soon to Public Moru in is a i Charmin in to so him walking out with Liis Bright throw of them in Wilto and one in n Brinwon and All in rules his Cam in 1 int Lumry Iii Kuks Tho i by Xvi lion Sapir the j powerful cat Hui Whit i Siivo no curative Rallius than Liat a flee civic for kidney we Usu Worllie is Yuuki Iowa Eilson so Ioctl Savi if you doubt Tiu Ellice by of War tiers a Tiff say the ask your friends and neighbors about this is asking but they can Lull you All you want to we Havo kept a Hlun link Bosforo i Trio Public for four says Iarj that to will Yive to any person who can disc Puto the to far As we of the testimonial i and none have done Mavuro Jeneral Arthur a poor Tumble to be loft in the hands of Bis he would use that As Many thousands of others Havo and Iet a lox absurd then for Puoplo to Day Liat everything that can to Donti is Doug for Tho lion the Ono Flaccoe Uhul ret Nody in the world that has or Suidt can cure a Case Liko has not used by j and and Sci Job printing if every Ikun Stiim neatly and promptly executed at Tho californian far Flers Only the hand Laired und Llanil Fiji shed sack Needles with 1 in Prico As Conrd incur fur or order from Hie Mann Market St of inv worthy of a Wise Tho Hibit of Iii nine in powerful ii a nut Vilote to malarial i was hip Pill this Pru Tieu ban Una Arnono a i Wido not Only the but i professional Meu it of but Hus Tettis Slot Rich bitters us u and Botn Nii nibs to tute for Tine on o this Ciango ure most import now of Over Ami ago Hift Trees me enrol formerly their Eom plaints col Orcil Ilo Cari Only two or lib Civit pocket with a Tho remedy a mutually to produce any Woro a course of j por silently up thu West i attacks Mui prove nut j Vii knit ill Fauvor of this a Peilin ail Houyou Lipold Modi Jiuu in of no Ous but pop Itic Ami Sutlif Tetory and Tho we Oulu it Proietti ate very my sin o ii enily 40 in ill parts of this i Ivey As the Hel blood known to medical Sarsaparilla its and its Powers arc enhanced b tile extrait of vol Lois Ujj Lii other your Blond of the Iii or u d k and is ii and by and Amin Ilalov Fllch or u of Art i of lit Tho limb when to Lull i or Tiv Fiul that we Fri 1 h foot u Hill fat Bui this thru in Nuu to urine i Tori 141 n it is a Dell cult Hilik to bin Leuly Stop a i Hho Kii Iii at Lull if you pull him up Yon Aro i nolo to throw him and Butak Iii i and it Ami most particularly for my a hero hordes Are Al times run fur nil to train in or Stap by command of Intuit i my in from three to urn Tho annual i am iriv int now cd cry won i in the it in Ziy Nail by simply Nelling to a Attr Cirii Whf ii anti Nihil full 1 can Stop Ini u n co onion att Liln Iii it forty five on the Emo Thost paved itching ski us cd u thin dipl input in Tho you would hear of fewer j if were trained in this a Pontic alarm its Thev Cin Brivik the meshes to Hijii v i re Coli Amin a halt far than a Driver can bring Tup i it of owl v cure for piles in cull Sci yet ill the Loiuis nine to the in id i j Olllie Kali Uyn n at them by pulling on ii if Tho Nijiu it i Lim i by a of i Ami u of he a tie non Lulu i Cit Rah with sulial Loulo t Nui Youv Nuvil i la will urn Iho am Well ideas with Klun Oann Kaki ii the Ebay of Hur Malih drink ii sni to some exam rated exr online to tie of an wlm a Redublo for pus ii a act Mcl i j or All hit at Oil till Iii it Kif it that 1 wove it i Javk to which Towe u of that Luv but Uever and to Lvi the of ulcers on in King tried to Tompt him with every Kiihul f from in o without Orleans live u will nut Jill out to Ludzko of Edinburgh want keynote to u Couch c jut a cuu Yli runs in the proved u t fur hts Rivers auary right i in the duchy of Pituc Suomu mid told by ins of Liili ipod who Low the composition a Kirt say Liat Elic i for tin Triin of i in blood ii will Iii the of ills s it oilily for a who has corrupted blood to attain Niimd ii Culish and of tin de taint i v tv11 r Stem must i include not Only lie removal of corruption from its Ridrich Luimit Aud Liliu of Trio vital Ifni r ail Over the i Tiv that this ski Fri til ill i itly Oiler i1 Ali rough Niazie and in lilo red i made by by Iulius Bunirt Lulu up Ilio Reimiro Lime in Fri oils Hatif Binello will be derived from of than of veils Are Finiel Abun Dant Wuthe but the Nilly i reparation that ims blood Imd proved worthy of the Vav Orlton Ayers prep Auto by Ayer sold by All dig gifts Price f 1 six bottles for French i would respectfully inform the Public that i Havo leaned this hotel and am now conducting it in better style than any such Bimi Nozib Linn Over been done in Thia county no person Trio of a hotel for thelit part of the country bettor than i i have ri111 toil it rooms in Galtes everything first Board by the Day or week at reasonable Fine liquors Aud cigars at the ran 30 in tub Arlington Keels constantly on hand wills at thu lowest Stirk it Rutch and Summit i am now pleased to announce to the Public that my hotel is completed aug oiled Nith new an Comfort Tilg and All modern give me a John Eveleth a pct professional a tto Uneva Bah Calk w a tool they and coun8el0ratlaw Alvin c a attorney axe Kern Culi Fomia can tar Smith a to honeys at Orrice Chester Nuit door to a Nettei All or dire loft it the Cali Zobkian offrim will Roc Vive due jul17tf Mhoon Flournoy attorneys at month orrery 8nn 4 san Montgomery and Poona 27 Sprz physicians and Walters 19th in Medicine 4 f to Iii Quoon and my Noyl colleges of phys olans and Flor of Brit Ltd j Moduli drug Almb Iid nug cigars Anil give me a snarl Ltd Union Linro Anim 19th ca1uuages and Saddle Hornik Dwayn ready for Anini Alu broke to Hay and Grain for Trio very City Bakers Lei has undue Buunk Trul the building and of thin hotel is entirely now throughout and no Batter Caubo had in thin special arrangements can be made for Board Ulm room for a certain length of meals 26 Beds 2o the City bakery in attic had to Tho it no where Freuh Broad can be and will to dul Ivorid to Riih Tinera Overy 11111 a Oen Lur the the lager hot h Lii tit than it i Iii Over Licon before Anil tic liar Kiippa Lipil Riih thu very the Alley and shooting we Icli Ankit ruin Ink Cihiy Linin Kreutle Iii prove and Uii the Iii cry in tin night Anil Tiht in the Ucer nit up for sul Odim mid Fuji Lily Riiho and be a Rcd on receipt of of Boe Awaldt a cooed 19th Central James Thuc pop Kiecolt of the Cental respectfully to Hix hid univ Tjing that Tho ipod by will by Cun Droud As a firs class hotel in a manner to meet Trio approbation of All Rug Ulyir and Tum Pijut Trio tulu will he mip phed with All thu Muri iut and the sight or in Aro Furoli thud in Tho Best the Homic Imp Breit Roui Odowl und Jan Lotf French Jean we Call to the attention of Trio Public Towt thin hotel Bih Tii Trio roughly and is now pre pared to Ira Velere Aud born Der bettor than Tho table in Par to Timve engaged fro Rioli Ouock in Tho a outliers part of Tho a Good bar sup plied with the Bent of cd Yeruand Ira ported French and feud Yard Ocane Tod with James society k of Kern of at their Castle every wed Tim Dayco Ninga Coloura ing Brothers in Good standing invited Jan Ltd to Baskell o w inert a every first third tuesday even snot of Emory invited to and bakeh8fikld it nod Morli sikh on of or next preceding full of Iho noon of Tracu meet by the tar Hall big ural no visiting and to Muluga Broth guru in Soodul Candidg Justice meets at their Hull monday Over Inge in each week of ame Vilcan legion of mi8 Letoe Council in Cote tiie first and third Tiu Day Caoli month at 1ml 1 at band of Hope Jeand of at Trio e Ohn Roh every it 3 Oclock alms pm Blacksmith and nineteenth Harcot Opp unto Adobe All to thuds of now work and impairing Dune on Short a Lamkuo in aral All of Home made Bacon and and found in a Firat Clau b now opened a Alk and in the Cru the table d with All the Dolica Cien of the and with the Gigli priced of a Oak in connected with the Litro Cau b Btu sued the choir tit lieu Cir and Fine convenient Board and lodging per Day f 1 00 Kooyum per night 21 and 50c Riv Lotf r Tutti Phil Izelta for 1k la 702 Stark it sea Jav Jordans museum of Anatomy Market Street o and leaks How to How wonderful Yuu Are apr Ivan 211 coup Altu Tion of Ifni manhood and All die Kaaea of Eleud Tot horseshoeing a prices the lowest and Batinga Cipun upr2stf give me a advertisers can learn the exact Costi of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing Rowel Bend 1o Spruce lock Tor Loop ago
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