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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Jan 16 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - January 16, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern january 3 county a 8toey of the every saturday publisher and year kit of 10 hum inv Xii first us Urti no m or in a of Titre 10 tin hygienic in Wunej Ftp health 1 Cut cad to Tow fruitful Ranee of Ami death to every if a of water in bolting on Iofi learn u Awn be ulna from Tai Upo it carrying extra with nil if that Down and the pout plus Gnu a strict Leo Oil Jelon u n Viry abort i Toft in constantly Gatior Newl within i i human body y the ctr neral the rom Burtlon of the w Arn or Artri inn Rar face of the which in health an constantly conveying from the by what in called this internal i tent having answered or like of team which Are thrown from the i in of any Ordinary i Aleson but thin own Sable of triad with dam Olvid very Muff of the waste Mottor of tin to the extent of a Pound or two or mom every Twenty four Tiik Bettit it the pc Dierof Oto Akle if the Mitzi tude of a Holcli Are placed Over Ihn whole surface of the human Lindy urn shut two take the internal heat u prevented from pow ing it every Moisiu the perion expire anti Lino Elf is burning and Largo to quench the internal this we cull when the warm Nam in rim Huntly escaping from the body in health it Keera the Akin and then in a feel and warmth nut it hut when the Are cloned tin Ikin hand and hot and dry hut another Roult the of the of the Ami More lunar i ally danger if a Innon outlet for Laie of the body it not Nelch with the in n few hours Cornel impure and tap Ranii to in every Illier of the whole machinery of tinman Ixion i Otu i Anil he himself m feeling the inn Lyle of if Ccu of checked of n which Only inti l in by Hli her Meilux mad the Waler Runn from u to Atli in if if ii Perusi in that in h do Bohla u 1ms lion Luter Ted by a or Neh Ihui if a Impf i Luff ring from pm lie Only made to pern ire firely he k cured at i cry of it u thin Llin to tin rom Intuit Var that in o the patient to lick try inc Ino Tinl lie avg Iii pern simply Raudic the in Leann Lini u i there u an Ouzel for tin of tin1 Tynin in in on Ilir Imp it nil menus for curing till Holly in simply n moving from the months of Luhr Zitur that gum mid dust nil nil Lii re clog them i thit it anal cleanly Noah one of Hie mum Csc menu of health Ihui it in that filth mid a team hah Ltan together the world Over there Are two of and u lir i we Sci Tironia of Waler on lie of the body the fut Tull of or sigh Sidoro of that u Neil he Liy the right but boo in an Ginte tint i not ii detected in the a Apo of i water when no Insisi incan when it is known Loux Only Liy n certain of the Lenvi n in j Aud u gentle thai j it May in checked n very without if Cal it to uie Poplar which can not Irmis when n Man u freely mid it mail moly checked and the neat u not Brt Yilit out in it very few to Fadiley Ana painful Dick nos in a til1 a Katie of what alien Chron a air Wyllo to arc it runt Afier or Golly it thu clothing wot and remit lung at rat Liilo Mil of a warm bed and Gunj to an Opin door or window been the death of Muti a lady heard the cry of lire at mid night it bitter cold it wait to near the illuminated her Hie the hoisted too window mid Tiiu cold wind chilled her in n from thai hour Unell her a Quarter of n Centory Ehn never n Well any a Young lady wont to a window in her to look at in the leaning her unprotected Arm on tone which was Damp and cold 8ho became uti and will remain for Ufa Trio great practical which we with to upon the mind of the Reader u thu you Are pc Pirini motion i Intel Yuu Gujt to a or to Are from after draw lit of w till life and memory will of the Vine of the Inion Wui which i Iii Aii no found Iii Heri i Kod Tiad out Loti in Llison Lii Valley Thern won till it to Ali War in gel in that locality Many of of Etc who or tril to now v firn Rin Tiuliu and and Opportunity of killing it r Iii Hyl no do Fol Lii 11 id h could Hii Iidle Irr Lehi a prong tin and scruple in by would cripple the 1 know that of fwd Cronl who vibe swim Havo treated an Down is win cup Turol on a Nouril of that Thoi vol High hackers in run old main no ukr living two Fin in Nous fit in Ono in from upon i Iii and Oll tin taif and in Irrish of i two i either Down Trio nil of Day two or that Drunken Hoh leis Camo to h of timid to Lvi them Odd of the Iii Idun tint tin weapon Neil dentally edit red and Jiun Iphron win Jinor Tilly after Dali and id Humphrey disappeared and win not he Ned of in this ii u in uni Uund Hee limn u that term in Hurdly Mrozik ii Ninn Wylli u conf ditto in Henri ment a Naiad Littig Toilo with Boer Liik Riih Friom from he and Iii few from the farm in Hon old ago tinman by no i Thorn was Limo in his tire Liwaj vindictive to milling jul Hung about and Pyrke Posu and marching und in look clip Neh to gratify for if to Cami i Tosh to lire Rorvig cry together two would Tiitu tin Ilist und lit would not Uiti Iek even Wenru the number in Ono year old ii unit any killed thirty Kex i Ini Iku Trio uti element on tin authority of who Hiing Trio Thoom Man aril ii from each watch Chain or Button mid Thero no to mar Utako Trio nuni Bei la Mir Crobb i Liy Ivic Outing party of ten nud ran into Tho Jim tend Homo of Thorn and Hulik to my Trail for it in avoiding t in i Holuin Liliie of i it Dong a Ila warm and and wll 1 had entered 11 i knew Trio old Man it i had i to Are Yon disturbed at night and broken of Jour rest by a pick child offering and t crying with pain of cutting Teeth if to at once and Gat a bolts of a Malowi soothing Byron for children Jin value u it will relieve Tho poor Littig sufferer imme Apo it there i no uni Tuke about it cure tort and the stomach and cures wind the reduced and and Energy to the whole Winslow soothing Hyrup for Hildien i in tory ple Anent to the and in the prescription of the oldest and bust female u urges and Paynic Iancy in to United and in for by 1 nil throughout the Price 23 ennui a Wynea baby we we her a Tom Ibe for c Bow a the Ciuni to a leu Tho Castoria Cru in Innone Cox to the Public that we Hare procured a thorough if Haniu for our Linhop and Are now prepared to turn out better work than All work Kern Valley 00 to exoria Noe Noua it and bold on nil the principal cities of the halted ii attn and and do a general banking business and Qirici Liml Corner Chester 19lh pure drugs and constantly on a select Stook of toilet Arboles fact physicians prescriptions a agent for the celebrate Bain f and Coopers of mtg the Kern Island Duvall 19th an it i Tho gloom no tin1 is us a Eal r to yank Lack Hail d Frum or Tir you ii h i u on a re it h in Raf i m i 11 i Hail tiling in i r lie Wim ii Mill Bohm Jed i new York i j Vii Iii a uvula hip Lite note 1 n tin1 contained a i Pali of he new nil two or i a Ami u of Kiniris nil i us 1 Bent Over Elf Sll i ii a Lisle of flit Uii As noon Neo hard Tono and in filth 1emisyl lost of Trio regl in or n in Willri fair a tin Wuy of if Tho Man n4 mans Cuvalo Bowling Shortie gallery and Cool Chicago la her 19th James Arlington the rooms Are Well charges per Day from co to firs class liquor cigars constantly on band at the polite and oblige cd in Oreily professional a a meat Harding a French i would respectfully inform the Public that i Timve ii thin hotel and am non conducting it in better Haj la than any Ench Iiah Titus been done in this county in took not and Alvin and a Mai Jpe of Alifornia ohm str 8 now opened again and is the l irad Iok House u Kern the table is supplied with All the delicacies of Tho Sou Aud compares with the High priced housed of Tho bar g connected wit i Tho can be obtained the choicest liquors Aud Fine convenient Board and lodging por Day 00 rooms per night 25 and 50c for hts portion under Tarryn the requirements of a hotel for thin part of the country Batter thin i i i have refilled it rooms in Galtes everything Board by Tho Day or week at reasonable Fine liquors and Ilgars at univ Mayso Summit i am now pleased to announce to the Public that my hotel ii computed and mho onic Flournoy at to Allier cite a la Onmi 27 and dec20 ainu nil favo Nitu mow came 1 Vidiri ovo Iii when 1 Maile i Linro with do match lost and Lliel in thu left liquors and in connection with Tho i am prepared to apply neatly furnished Kooms for do Lek in family loth All kinds of canned of Gas put up especially for Kamlley the City has recently undergone a Gen eral Renu Vulio Aud adaption for the sum Mer the lager la of a better Quality than it has Over been before and Tho car is supplied with Tho vary choicest of liquors und the Bow i inc Alley and shooting which no kept winning any and night Timve ill Oil or Only improved ind now the brewery in Tho insist Conifer Lahlon and heat place of Mort in the Kjier put up exp Reighly fur Nln nigh Anil family Sihu und de Loverud promptly in receipt of Desolo holed with net Ani coif Ottalle and All modern give me a John Eveleth sep6tf Walters week or it is place in the Best Apil dealer in pm in no Law we Terr against Ihn use o in in this coun in Huro Ptan it Only or puh Iii to Mutlu Ubelhor Cootu Ihus d or not exp Oil Mleta Tow of Tho rout 9 a act Tatj wrap Loument of poisons in the or pa4ltiila their bin Factura Ami tart in prohibition of the Tali of Menic and fur any Knott but thin Wai to Dellol in 1 Uio ugh the Law now is More trinae Zilban in Almunia pvt Oblu certain colors la a Urtle of who Lucr confining or not a l i use mud Only in in thiring the in Tennal like eni Cunt iut for ii won us and although Diar Rhea All Tow us Bouvis water appears l Raj nil la Lugli Ell ii made in h induce wit to act to Liroi Ikhil Iii here11 an old As if lie wore Lowus i hrs or nor Ohl Humphrey Mil i a fitly Wom Vereil i i policy t find How Wuhu to to Loire Tell la who Uro Iii Dilenny Askil Tho Ino of Early i Scon thou 1 Liuyu no you a Iii Siivo to Hall u Ilbrink of i in rain up there was Gonril on the Bench and Tho run Down the Roku i the mans head und he Init bit 11 his hands wre lied together lit Tho und Tenno ii sunk deep Inu shivered Tyllo Bonds will Lily Guilfe and Rob lied Hii hands Emtil Tho Cir in Littion of blood win re Livirt you for Liat i Livan suf Feiel death Over lie Hoft like a ills wound had not lieu i propped him rut away boat and und off blood and dressed the As Well As possible under Tho i Thoo Pur Tiou 1 i Miil a behind and us i up Neil humid my head old Humphrey upon to had n pm with unit any in didst shoot i Down i would not Mush unless it was in Tho Liopo of Nui Kiziri another i Tho old follow at inn Liko an in i und during his Glrst fury to i Jot lilo of utter a i Brunnle of or four Nunu Tisa to i he wind and 1 his him hand und thru to broke out in Luid Huch oaths und imprecations 1 never Lur urd to or that to infant to Torturo Iho to und to i coiled Bitch Down upon my Hood of did not deem possible for Huni Uii Tongue to Liy und Liy when to him what will you do with to that was a 1 had no show to inn him into our i could not remain quiere and Ami As for Lea turn to Dhanda of old Humphrey it Ami not to to Tho old Man Hac on Durwil Trivau ont and brooded Over his wrongs until to Hud Ocomo Liu How Tel ii toll 1 in Pliml to Tho prisoner who is on feet to try his strength i am going no buy for three when i return i Khali Utko you to port to Bonvida with that 1 walked it was Alx hours i the prisoner win old turn Lay on Hia Back just 1 1 him and a Wilt Over 1 inv to a Day or Iao a whom ii go Junly into Arlington Barber Joe Sulphur electric agent for Langbeins Spanish oct Lola Chester and dealer in All kinds of 19th the build pkg and furniture of Thim hotel in entirely now throughout and no hotter can be had in huh can be made for Hoard and for a certain length of meals 25 Beds 25 Lewis a attorney and apl6lf Oalif Nita All orders left it will be mtg a room now Bank attention to contest cum before the and Tau land physicians and the City bakery in not Nolind to the Oyoyo whore fresh bread can always by and will be delivered to Riih Touru every Padua to in Mediouni vat of the Queens awl of the Royal colleges of Phyrn Olaus and tur us Kwof the medical drug Feld not Itu do and society Arcade Besia Franl Between Fargo Eireen office and the Post Complete abhor tent of All the Blent styles of Wall looking picture frames Etc jobbing and repairing done id Good Blyle and at Short notice metauro and Wood caskets 3fall descriptions always on orders in All branches of unde Laung Given prompt Hearse so nil to none in Southern California do St desire to inform the Public that i have opened the Ahou and will run it As a first Glaus restaurant and Oyster i respectfully solicit Cariap Trimmi a please Call and examine my of Oak and before sending Union liver and Frei 19th Central the proprietor of the Central Rose Cipully Ennon ceh to Vijh Friend Hviid the inv cling that the Houtho will be conducted a a firs class hotel in a manner to Mot the approbation of All u i Inland Tronn joint table will be hip plied with All the Yurkut and the or in urn Furni Uliks in the ight the House lax been remodel of and Jan Lute k of Kern of meets at their Castle every wed i Day evening at ing Brothers in Eood standing to a Baker meet every tvs div at their parlor 1st the town visiting Brothers invited to xxx each and Bakersfield stated meetings on to reday Efth Carriager and Saddle animals fish in the Arlington k eep8 constantly on hand and Sells at the lowest Market rates b Hordiuk Alwayn ready for broke to Hay and Grain for the very heal Iralien Blacksmith nineteenth Street oppo Aiu Adobe to to Burneys for a Good Square meals to order open at French Tulare Jacob Asher a Kindt of hew work and repairing done on Short horseshoeing a Proee the lowest and Batta Faemo Ovit me a cipro Ani give me a Marl Ltd Borgwardt a cooed 19th Tuii new building is Lonb Kuot de Oil the Muht approved plus in fur Lii Uhli Sun it ii he nil thu Donven in their ii Psi improves it him Cru Sulami accommodations for one Hundred the l in i applied with the Best that can he obtained in thai the Best to oks and Attlen Darlh for persons from the Southern part of the visiting Buluro Liis in tin proper place to leave the it is the Point from Winch Good roads radiate to All Pum of the offering routes by Winch it May to Best and most conveniently the Public whose patronage is respectfully will Hud the charges reason Pablo und niar22tf Jacob French Kern meet at their Hall every 1st urday visiting and be journal no Brothers 111 Good standing meets their Hull monday evenings in week of legion of american legion of 11x8 tie too Council meets the Irit n6d third tuesday evenings of Euch month at Lueiro Hall at band of Hope band of saturday m 2 Zelock m at the Bic lunch of on k Street near the school de auses in Jean w chinese employment Wab Howig Brick store a u kind of help abort Goottee Aud m reasonable farm bands a apply to Belem toss a veal and All kinds of salted Home made Bacon and and everything Foatie in first claw be respectfully Call to the attention of the Public tint this hotel has been thoroughly refitted and is Dow pre pared to accommodate travellers and boarders better than the table is Par we Bare engaged the Best French Cook in the Southern part of the a Good bar sup plied with the beet of Elg Ursand imported French ots Uble and feed Yard connected with the Chester to Tab Vyole Bausand retail Dialo pm pure Patent and toilet window amour lately of and of 61
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