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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Jan 9 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - January 9, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern january 2 in Ouatu Calito Niau every publisher and i some newspaper Tow total of fall in of Mem advertising to Paaro 10 per to far payable adj Flatt 91 in Koovit la min him for All Trainr Tiffiny i noting 10 wite timely journal Kew Arr the fun shed the inc the Kaufman twin became wat fld to in a court room on monday went to Ranoull which we Mil in a draft of air until Hla carny to update out my and fort were my on in condition i had to go and in rail three in tidied in a Wysk from the of it we enough to kill any for Oreanor Mitchell the Gallant and the moot hot user thai Ever while in a Man of Fri Perallon in yellow the Tain sign of left went another Ixia i Chille 1 in a and died tin name Mph if while or while warmer than from no tronc or a Jie ated a expo us in to a cold or to n Damp or to a Inifi whether opon window or door or a in a violent Ulm in closing of the of Tho by which i Utu and Imp in which wore Makim Luicir wily out of the compelled to in exit through Polnor a liminal Ulm break through Muni Waltar Purl not in Natii nil flip idea u by lint the cold in unit to Illi Jura a lady shout into a a Mill Immi to Crom the Hal wishing Flat to gut an at a fruit run up the Bank of Hinnd on Relura to Tinl out found i Rolf much for it win 511111 hut then Wim Ullic on the and the h nil Rod to tin inor flux lie incl u roil which Al tied on her and wll Hin uie year so died of a no Ron Man Cru working in a Garden in a Moon Phihal Down in la Ali jul of Chr Home Ami fell he Wol up Chilly in a Mallun of tin lungs lol Owid end Ufler two year of in consumption a Limon Alsip on if one of Huhn w n in lend a hand in Ioni in i mid of rout to i with it Wip in til he pamper my Reily Wurn h to real on Joy tie Imiri itis from the n Alle Natur to to found him Elf an i in Al ill in Iii jul Inch Lini h h i to Eil inline and to Wai ii he ill until Tut Ulm of iwo when he liar Ely a e to Horlib e Down to the wharf on Etu Ichen a Ialyn Lur nil Ilay found Hen if unit Wurtle of u inv in Ronal uracil Rea in Liik in drive to town in n i v Luiei the ride made her u but Idle Wiir Inid Herit i up Liy an Houi when Nhi Curneil h in a Clink Hill ill the Nile Fui Iii Imit Mori deride Day chill limn Feiore at Midnight incl lion of thu Lunan und in three inti Ithan Lind the Ordinary of Eon Iri Ifil a lady of a remit Energy of Iochi her had to Titke Hei Shtir Lur tour thu Kithen win Ami Here a draft of air through it win n thu work Wax Dunt warm Ami want to her Chni Nhor Puiul Luibil Down on Iho hed to rest Iii Wai rup Calind Tun Iii Day in Len fifth Day he Hud an attack of Limp fever my Tom end of tix Nio Allm Haigh Ohlir to Ivard her Clu Inaxi Oliy to incl Harnell a Ulterino ail the Mure intent Nymph him of Coin Romeil a Ipoh at Jriek up Highland morn Liik whorl breath und falling a Oiin la in race from her in a Nielli Ulm exr Arm of the Tod window ill to Itten t u v tim me had a and Iii Terud la Herr Era of in the Xvi Nandur of a Mil Uliules of women lit Alth and Ulfo every in Ono of iwo in Llie Maelvin in n warm Kitchen unlit and Alivn throwing i he in wave i on a bed in Wilhoit Anil or hash in a room wiil out a lire or by removing Iho outer cloth and or changing the Doceti for n More com Moo out in soon As they enter the infuse Afler a walk or a the Rule be avar Matilt logo it mice to a warm room Anil keep on All the i lit Lonait Lor live or Len null u perfect y dry in All weath if you have to Ami ride on any to Iho Roduik j a correspondent of Al has com Pluid am Inu Retting to Tho total of and other Perlo Ticali ii every part of the j and he bring i the Tola Numier up to thus giving one to to his Many for Leif of which Jcj Are tin of Lute h Frankfort tin one the Cir Culaton u the str liner 1 Wirich or Uriu real Isnain Poi of Wii i h w Arr i Puii Ahmel Dally while Irwin of i i of which w Only Are Nlaly with of which Are at 110 at Al at and 7 Al 1 the oldest lick ii the Oak Meta i Tirrit Pili Luhcs in twelve Hundred Newa a pcs in pub in of in the it the aunt my journal of Acta i i Nive Asarum which Ift u in View Wilera with in Iriart of Hie Worril each of Arl Clys ii printed in native j Uin about of which it third Are Jim has Only of which Udo Are pro Ltd at Petersburg at several of these Jour Aro in three dolt Sireni Ian and thire an Ako four Pabli shed i tire in two in latin and two in several others in to huh tartar and upward of m Wiital of Whir h lofty four appear it while ii ill Ami Holland and there Are Ourfali in of which no fewer than appear in but in hum the Only new papcum not pub adv let to Are Yon do Turbo at night and broken of your rest by t sick child buffering and crying a Tiu cutting Teeth if so Send it once and get a of Hyrup for children value in it Wim Topoor Little Sii Frorer imme it there Iii mistake it Curea Durten the Utopia cd Kiiren wind Tofte Wirf the reduces Ami fives too to syrup for if very plei Isnit to the acid is the of to oldest find Best female in irked and i the and in for Gale by ill throughout the 1ricc a baby my to her a for Ilin re inf to Hul she them Ca Floela it Pla Tiri in Innone Rizik to the Public Flat h our Liim hoi and now prep Reil to Tori Nimit exit str work than All Mirk a and in i Kern Valley 00 00 00 a i h the to Mph Tyml Pollito Baj Beau a feature of nation Oli Hiob the Atlie Nuu i a lot a Chudej u Cut Pic ii wan of him Calvd Lue Tho Moisiu of a Caa Duilio Btu and always will u justly 4 of the Carn Ter of a Man As i upor ant Are p Pui in Rural Georgia at uns the Tho make up a Pool to Bur a which u and Aux Notini is Thun with at forty Usu the Quartara in ins Oral of Prue Ami Bido the att Ixer Soto i 1iu j of ii h the More dotting a Man tue More Bod Neva e lie b Wiit live warm or co d us More Bolo tie the m re Nuu Servius a i warm he i Sulu Trio Piort Zicai 1 will to u Rait Cir cumin Revfi utom Lelov the pow to tic Funta Pouzal n in the forgo in of Uip of o of in Tuitt new Iiona by residents at the treaty ports Are the an o journal Lih hed at the Hen Iao and Tho jul published at and the government Lourna brought out in i Oreh last there arc three Ukwu paper published in French in Cochin Hina and one in Toni ruin i a be Iii do Tonkin the rent of the credited to a appearing in Wilh the cd Eplion of six which Are Publ hed in 1eriia Africa ran boast of Only you of which thirty appear in i Gyp and the in Iho colonies of Khz the i idled Lutes pfc miss about of which Are published the oldest in milk the Hoison which Wax lira published in among the i filed Slaton of Roach then lire no fewer limn Rio edited Anil published by the oldest of this he the which who Bronchi out at Ivanc Nico a boil years Canada Iii u Coni Izier Able proportion of which Are published in i Rench and in Siuth America the Tine Republic with sixty Australia has 700 nearly All Piibe shed m and the Sandwich Island of Ulrch live urn in and three in the native out of the period urls Nuin Cratil Are in in in i in ish and in i tin i v smoking has Onia Sulci a thai Small have printed and kept for which read smoking allowed in Oiin Dollci a who ller Tho Dimaul for them the Bank i the men who make Anil carry for Hii since Are Molly All addicted to the vice of smoking there i Komel Hijii about the smell of burning paper and poor tobacco that u excessively annoying to some men it almost Primm to and 1 found thai when i printing these cards they had a ready now nearly every lawyers and Railroad Okic has one of them prominently if i could have patented the idea i Iii ight have a Poilu us Mil it i sin Foi Hie Iron in the Wintish War Ollice has determined thoroughly to investigate the of Shellh with explosives of a higher Power thin the pm Plov men of which has a hitherto been avoided Dii Sci Ounla o the danger which attend ii their Anscel that a Shell charged with gun or any of the Vai Ioui coins Ounkis of the burtin1 alongside an Iron d the annul and ret Lur the migh lest War ship a Conley pliable u for a old wooden cup Nln ilm Donihi to arguing away from the Lii Wistor 1 you Thi name of the company Lur the Fri Rudly and Hearty re Coplion thai we in your Dulrich Havo found hold in in a Good remo Monsuru and let not Troa surr that one of my Poopor lir Kuot Rieti Filiip and him through hit it Larrr Flurr to not Tho Allair is made out tinman did not As Soldier Rix Lher As and Aro or All i occupation Tinl Midorl t j i pome time Udo the ire slam t on Vii Minini the by fat of watchmakers found Tomt Perth a Vimbor in alte cled with Short which result scum Ltd Lief that the us of the Loupe was an r pro to Tiou no Winil myopia site to costly tinnitiu1 01 the of Lifty in a factory i who for without Uinn a worked the line parts of and of Only iwo Wen 8liililly i from this Cohn concludes that an Industry not to the Eye while the fact that his Este Itic examinations among am to evils Hud slab listed an Artia Giro i a inn of 5 per j and lithographers of Jet cent u Iclal with Homes to the on Lusion i that and drawing Are More in urious to the Eves than Lua constant of the visual j in Cunt Ilion with line Scutio wire and bold on ill tin of Tho h it Anil am a general banking business n the Kern Island Divall 10th Bowling shooting gallery and Cool Chicago Ebeb ainu nil inv Ornite lir Amhof liquors and in Cornier Tion the i am to Sipply neut a Ihl Iod rooms for by the Wickli or it the Tek in Aprl a Cimpl Kkt assortment of All the latent Vulykh of Wall looking picture frames Etc jobbing and repairing to Infin Good it alb and at Hurt notice Metah and Wood caskets on order it in All bran clix give prompt ii to none in Southern California dt8lf Blacksmith nine Tetula Bortol Adobe of i of like White Lul of of in Uit thu Hank ii the later awl Niilo relating up Tiroui Moi u the spin banknote a 420 Bank u taken and by in Guiou meth Oil the Aoi is split in alld raw doctored Aud half is Posack us n genuine the work done to Arus Seully in Yukil Caos Pijl in b it lira to i Kilerl Ute fraud Al of now work nod repairing done on Borl dealer in and Corner Chester Ami 19lh pure drugs and constantly on a select Stock of toilet articles fancy physicians prescriptions a James to est kor now Ope i again and is the run i House of Cru the table lib cold Tate Bain Usu and compare with thu High priced Holmes Tho and Coopers sheep 19th b connected with the can be obtained the choicest liquor and Fine convenient and looking per Dikiy 00 Tooms Pur night 2fi and you dec20 in family Lola a3b All kinds of canned cigars liquor put for family City has recently undergone a Oen renovation and adoption for tha bum Mer the lager n of a bettor Quality than it him Ever been Lefore Ulm in supplied Wajih the very choicest of liquor unit the Arlington Barber Joe h Buli Hult 4 electric agent for Langbeins Spanish oot Loly in Cable rss Kairait it Elwen a co v Oliue and the p horseshoeing a slut and Tatu faction give xxx a i desire to inform the Pui Llic Llma f have Ope Nul the above und Mil run it As a fit class Kitfu Durant and of Lei i dtc20lf in Tuk Arlington constantly on a t the lowest Market keeps constantly on hand and cipro adj give me a Karulf chinese employment Wah Hung Brick store a 11 kind of Foro inked abort and at Kupari 1 Meed farm Baad a apply to Wab Baton oct j6lr Bau iov4tf the Bowling Alley and shooti1tg which Are kept sunni ii Day and have been greatly improved mid now the i brewery in the Niht Ulm Bent in Iceni Mcnort in the Licer put for Hiil Norih and family use and de Vered on receipt of Teclo Chester and Draleu in All kinds of Cariap Trindie a please Call and Exa Mim ioodi1 am Liu fore nem Linc the rooms Are Well charges per Day from 1 Solo firs class liquor cigars on stantly on band at Tho polite and obliging attendants in even French i would Hespect fully inform the Public Tomt 1 have Kami tins hotel and am of conduct Iii it in in tier Tolian any Bioh i finess ims Ever a atm done in this county no Erson under Stan the of a hotel in this part of the country Butler than i i Havo Firlit tobit Union Sheri Ani left 19th carriages and Saddle horses a Vuyo ready for Anion ill broke to Hay and Grain for the vory Cro to for a Good Square meals to oudh open al1 All oct24tf Arlington Junel of Harding rooms in Galtes everything Board by the Day or wok at reasonable Fino Liquori and cigars at the Mayso Summit Jam now pleased to announce to tie Public Tomt my hotel is comply stud Ami filled with Nei aos and All Modem give me a John Eveleth Peg of professional waiters 19th tire building and Fuh Nitshe of thin hotel in entirely new throughout and no better Cun he had in Thih he Cecial run be made for Board and Rotim for a certain length of meals 25 Beds 25 the City bakery Huttu Cluid to the non Vul where French Liru Iid Cun us Widyn to mid will to delivered Tocu Tomem every Central j4mes of the cent Tal 1 Iii Unnik to Chr travelling thai the hound will he Soiu Lorti d an u firs class hotel in a manner to meet the approbation of All blur Hud the Timble will in supplied with nil Merlint hid the too Hingle or in in m the the Iii Imich been Weium Leveil unit in Lotc French Tulare a 4 to Tokuei and Alvin attorn it and xxx Start California Okmar Mhoo flt Flournoy at to h Hall liar a office302 Yoomi it and april Lewis a attorney and Oalif Wau pious to All left it the Mauro Miliav will in Medicine t 8u11cbm it t f the in gone tit of the Boval colleges of Phy Tolani and in Len user of or Mia i medical drug uld of physician and Jacob Asher new building in cont Hunt x Oil on the might approved pm nigh fur Heull i Inu it Imp Ull the Cou Vun Iii cock in their a not improved it has accommodations for one Hundred the t he Spliid with the heat that can he obtained in the Tho Hunt Cooks and Ruttum Lanith Aro for persons from thu Southern part of Tho visiting turn re thin is the place to leave the it in the Point from which roads radiate to All part of the offering routes by which it May be Best and Rosl the Public whose in will find the charges reasonable Rucj Jacob Borgwardt Mccord 19th ceal Kiu in veal and All of salted Home made Bacon and and everything found in i retune French Jean we Hebreo Tully Call to the attention of the Public tint Thia Hole hat a fit thoroughly refitted and is now Art pared tobacco Imodale travellers and Boarden Utler than the table in Par excellence we have engaged Tho Best French Cusk in the part of the a Good bar sup plied with the tout of ported French and fed Yard Conns ipod with the Piso s cure for sofa by tit Mitsn on s sumption a notary room new Bank vis Etc tinn Given to Content Canon before the and state land physicians and society k of Keith of at their giant la Day evening at ing brother in Good Atun Diimig invite of to ill Nakeil a w Riczu every tue idly m their parlor in he town visiting Brothern invited to and it Bak Einsfield 2w f t x2t Irie Eligi on tymm diet of or next preceding Lull of a juju itch meet then Hull ovary sat urday Vini Tiisik and in Irwin in Grothem in Kooi in vied iust1ce meets their Hull monday in Bach work of american legion of Honor Letoe Council the Drill and Bird Lii Day Futach month at Hull at band of Hope hand of Hope no 1st Muesli a the Balurdo evening at 6 8 t juli4 by uolb8ale and retail Kalib in pure Patent toilet window accurately office tit mid Wocl
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