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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Jan 2 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - January 2, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern january pm lined xxx Loo israeli who Ecru plot an important official position in the col us hrs Iirth written for Trivau circulation Aii interesting paper on us etymology of the word Oulu i that that spirit Wai first Dii hit tilled from thai juice of the sugar in i i Abadom about the year or advkmt1simc Arl tual name to planters of Flo dimm rtt pour j Colony Jet hic us the new liquor kill at a comparatively Early period it wan Allied a word which end per 1 known fir in to for kit i looking at the m Young Altru Anil the it feet of to wiry Uttin different Worth the attention Ulm bin Bosforo Pton of that from the Cut kill height and watch Fleet of it who look at the fat traveler who arrives to Amir Ottiali value of lie by Bat and to now in and about Witban exp Painton of Light in Tho of tie Eye at once Over All the of the Tirion in he to die in mind for in but he no of to remarks that the scenery for and him a Madona it in of a then tin Dominic Rhoul Dummler in Long Aki Ruilt Broil Lolli metro with Liaf a of his waved his hand Over tins whole Row Wuh the nor of imparting la formation to the thai is dim Lii Tuaoa that in Elliut in i lilt we Uri in York it in Gigantic in us follow him away noon Ai they limn Carmil it u a rather buttered looking to Utulo Man reclining on the Edge of tic what to lust in a Panor Araa of Liu Iron Fly people am if tag u milling on their lie Iii Obi the of tin land the faint Rel ten of or Thi Clang of railway train i uniting up from four or ovine Pirn tin Nhu Ilow of which i martial off in Puu of and Grain and the gleam of the picture full of or tet 10 Ramu Voct la Inuko adult not sort of View that Reri Sirrs nothing Ull a he y and in Wmiko Yoi inn Alrh in Suilin around Ewh old Trad Wain n exactly Inu for Irh ool r Tuo for Kimii Lutc Maun Larling the r i i exp Ewing Gin unit rap Mac Over tin or it Rii iut c their jux it Lair Lifavi inti Niy loll Aiu Irli a Aalst Hul Ilioiu Olimi Murt Ruaplo Urbo Jiichi oui and in an Ullio 1ruily Layw they Cru Inkin it Curli Ami if Thoy act any View at nil of the i it u Niri Ciril in my the i there u in ill t lev Urc pretty Phil if they Roll in Well am Hoiu lovers court How Hie every is in Ulicni Hutc u lilting Down now in u my ing to i wild her i i Ami in Stu till on i Mck n h u looking up us tier i ilk four it n d it Lium Lim Young Gan Lamun Mitt the a exile world ton Charmin girl who hat in Tankil bin with Uyco in it i to i a appreciation scenery that to Hie i Lily Lierer will forget View All live if the Young lady asked to when ibo Lunie pitl Imi Ible to half at of it m tin fat hut much inon slut and Felt the at Nitin in with him a Hul this in coven kind to her has one away Wilh u Primo of in her Henri thai nil and that life would la very poor without Idia of a Groit Quarry or in hit Library Trinity there in mama trip containing a of Liari Loea about tin in the writer refers with spirit in which or Wilfrid could hardly fail to the chief thay make in thei Alund is rum Hojian kill and tote b made of Mokar Canon a and terrible carte thinks that it about tote year bul Hon waa Cli Penof two of in Sylia Bleci but the first mention of tin abridged word in any Public document Iri kit hit appears in ivc been in an act Fia Xvi in la prevent tin wife of both Brandy and rum in the tipping houses near the most frequented highways or roads of the tie word however occurs in certain orders of the and Council of As Early As at Tinke Birnida Omen a cask of Rizir Zibull Ion wat roof located on the ground that it lit i ensured great and drunk the governors Neuron but Olli ordered tin nine cask to be sold for the Benefit of a wounded h who had Home claim upon the pubic or i Lav is Points out that when of speak of us ruin if really u survival of tin old a Cymry annoying a trawler stopped at a toll Gutc and Ait ced the if be Hod any Cool turning to his non fetch me tiie one loaded with hold on exclaimed the i meant no harm then 111 let you traveler Rode wondering Why the question had Ca nihed of Tamsi he stopped at a House and nuked a Man if i could Tell him Why the gatekeeper be came 1 can Tell lie has to carry water about a mile and a half audits always warm by the Lima by Geu Honn with it a very one that coins along l got to hears Nisi Fri in morn ing until the Mui who kept the Gate last went Era y but this fellow Hetemi to stand it belter lie is rather even Tern tiered mid lie has kept i tie Gau several be has Only killed in is and u i kept that Iid the people annoy not i Only had to Knock Down Ian and slab another out i 1 Tho Gate a week i Why Don t the fellow n Well Bixik u Almu Vodd men have asked me that i you d belter to Are Yon diet tabbed at night and broken of your rent by a Siok child suffering and Irvin with pain of cutting if so Kril at once and get a Bott of soothing syrup for children l it in it will a Liete the poor Little sufferer Imlej upon it there is Lio it Terv find the stomach a Iii softens the red ctn nine Tono and Energy to the whole j soit Biff syrup v very to the i mid the preen Tiou of the oldest Biti Jile nurses and Jav Seinim in the Init and is for by cedi to a i Tjui in Garo her when Alwi Olaaf to i Ului Lua Iho care them ca8toiua i i dealer in and we take Elf Iii in to tie Public that we have procured n lurch my Tor our and minnow prepared to turn out Limner world than ail work Kii Mii Kern Valley i Fofi no agent for tie Celet rates Bain and sex Infange i10ught and on i t Prini Pil cities of the called i and and do Genera banking business n Coopers sleep 19th the Kern Island dcc20 Bowling shooting gallery and on Karl Fly Chicago lager Auu All i Cornu strands of Dexter 19th first Clara turnouts saddles and bridles for Salt i liquors and i i with neatly furnished rooms for a la i m it r i nce a Gnu grit nut the by built n tire unit ice of a pile of Nunci i had ton the heat spill tonic of the Aud in the Mannow within one of the Eraki a c of Shin ing Iii Vor that Anil Thun euro i air inc Corro Winch v ilm id on the flail mines Aud to Inglr i i with Tell Al i to Tali Jojn Nirri t m Railroad term in of i to lie but Iii death Cut h tin enter the heavy part of the work a Doug by n us now american of Wirra iat the Pirn Mimmi formal o Len Iii work Iho we Mac coolly Wen i to in Binaird Ali Troni Koyrun Una though lir worked time l p Hen ii in Lynu igbo Liht the Elm in of is i tar barely i Sou Stait Lionil with Ery will bring Forth Tiu precious Sicul to optic Las in Well m number of Wols Iii Taud to Vale that if us run wonn of is and i tire to Lur posit on Ioni Zatic they Are aim is my dear i not envy your be Iii Bor big i to nut Repine bin Iii you nut of the i filed the sen and the with a wearying on heart Anil glory und Fame does t Luat Ion All u my Man coined a Farih like a Mower und is Cut he Teeth also att Hadow Anil con Timieth the j Juki that is new doth it not pass into Tho sail and dreary Tomb of Tho Cir i week or or the embalming Hiinds of the place in cud Man to Morrow there u Hope of a tree if u be Cut Down that it will sprout and that the Lender Branch thereof will not Bat the aug to All Sang i Aud applauded with re bounding do we lift up our hands to ibid and smite the Man who sing eth v 1 or t i j lint yesterday tin word of might i have stood against Hie world Tod ii Tho i smiling clerk looks up from Tho Register und Gays i lure fully Sample Julius i am int Parl it Iri ill Host dealer in marry within a Weir Triin of Odd u for Mil there Are now cd Twu for it Irma u extending Cia Milf the verb to if ctn 4 Oil u i Utu by we think think a ii perhaps will Ami your rail Loo Wyuta Vou hear inv in Tiv Oraa i King Iron Uitti h us it i a for Cui fur a who my turn 1 ilits without lie to my dual struck by i hiring a recent severe Thunder storm in i Celia two men who had taken Refuge under a tree we refilled by the i Jodie wer hand Tel Over to Iho promos Florri of the und it the last meeting of the no Ideiil the result of the autopsy were suited Wilb reference to tin current notion thai in cases of hts us Suruk by i girl under v tree an of lilo Iree with its Una to in Lou Iii Iii one of Tho us Der consideration such figures con d be traced with Aid of the i Riugi but that Palm leaves on dead bodies were did were the elect of the pleasure by the reference to the Corpse Iron 1 Oyd ii Calbillo n rupture in the which showed that lightning ii Publ of literally ten rim living org is in tin same Way As houses or of the Inamori Tiou stones Ai the washing ton Monument Are rabidly put in ome of arc nearly and hawing machinery had to i in Umid to Cut Ott the front in a slab Michigan sent a huge Picoc of i about one of which will lie the work of Chisling us the Budts Iralu b u the Marbie rapid in Laid the Casl Anil West doors Iri Hie Winter of Lui Bue been chiselled Oil Aud tin surface polished this work has shown Lii the Marble in the base u crumbly Ami instead of being Tinoi Tho crystals Are from one ii Alj to three quarters of an Inch in i and Are oin etl by what a jars to Imas Limey f Mililli i in there will Toon to of Contd in san fran a unique Hexhi Hilbun of life Aud m a urge there will be Pairodina of scenery for a while in the a Numor will ply their a of has Whu All is working or air inc Shuw probably the Village in which was no Yuliy would in Koizim Tok people of Kern Dimity that i no nun running tin in Ilmi Laos style under nil own Ami have pit Schuseil i Iii tin now and Ilive Ulm u in Rise Niin Liei in Kimii i Orth and Luik his in Nikitik Call and see for novel of in family Wib axe All kind a or canned cigars put up Earth Jaitly for family the Arlington Basbet Joe Sulphur electric 4 comply to of All of Wall looking picture frames Etc jobbing and repairing done in Good style and at Short notice i Metalic and Wood caskets of All Alan in on in bring life prompt Neon to to none in Coli Fornix cure Blacksmith i tract Adobe i All kids of sew work Dune on of Rock cry Uil taken from the of Fui id a Merlier thu it oct of i a agent for Langbeins it Lola Spanish Corner Chester Mil 19lh pure drugs and constantly on a select Stock of toilet articles fancy physicians prescriptions a James is now opened again and is toe leading of Kern the ii Dupp led with All the delicacies of the sea and compares Riih the High priced Iii Imp of Tho a Bah pc connected with the where can be obtained Tho choicest liquors and Fine convenient Nard and lodging Pur 00 Koonch per and 50c no vhf City has recently undergone a Gen renovation and adaption for the bum Mer the lager lies Price reduced chemical fluid to per gallon of a be Tfir the Quality than it liar is supplied ban Ever been with the very clip cent of Lianoru und the Bowling Alley and shooting which kept running Day and night have also been trently improved and now the Urc Wery in the nist comfor Laban and bout Ilisco of Rennirt in Tho liter put up up Hehnly for he Loonet and family into and delivered promptly on receipt of decl Henter and dealer in All kinds of Cariap Triin Nim a Pleane Call Aud examine my before funding Union liver Ani feet 19th by carriages and Saddle Horych Alwayn ready for animals broke to Hay and Grain for Tho very beef Twenty will Latte of Al Neil mixed with cold water to All dips and for Scab in 1ctrltin in Ami d in a cold it Init town the Chur cur of the Aud in Laos treat Healing Nui Latiea in cases of Kokut and in Aidt blowfly in Bucks la death to ant8 and All apply to Bell a ban Fri Cuco Brook gift and 10 Plauge and we will mail Jii free a Vila Moi Pic Box of that Pant of All y leaving us the Olivcr Ilay hit Niay until in those use who did invent a both of All Etc inn a i and work in or All be time Loami Naitil not we will car Itu i Stone Uro for Bow who at i j give a go to Buivys for a Good Square meals to Olidel open at oct24tf Arlington t fast class liquor cigars instantly on hand at the polite Ami obliging attendants in Boe Wardt cooed 19th Dalem in veal Lamb and All kinds of French would respectfully inform the Public that i have leased Tuth hott1 and now conducting it in better a tale than any Ficili has Ever been done in this county no arson under tanks the o a hotel in thin part of the country better i i have ref Iund it rooms in galtes1 everything Louril by tie Day or week at reasonable Fine liquors and cigars at the Summit i am now pleased to announce to the Public that my hotel in completed and lied Nei and Comfort Alile and All modern give me a John Eveleth be Pfilf Walters 9th the building and furniture of this hotel in entirely now throughout and o better accommodations Caubo Hud in Liia a Julial Durrang Ninoth can be made for Oard Aud Rooma for curtain length o salted Home made Bacon and and Emyl whig found in frito Law hotels i i Rooks Abi Well per Day from 90 Junco of Harding 4 Mayso meals 2b Beds 25 the City bakery to the above where Frueh Ruail can always be and will be delivered oct Turners every Central James the proprietor of the Central Stupec fully Niibu Nicch to bin Anil tie travelling thai Trio Houlf will by cupid Titi d by a fies class hotel n a Mannor o meet the approval inn of All Reg ular and tin Bible will Iii phed with All tic Market and the in in Tho Bent the hoi inc Lian Bocen and in Lotf French Tulare Jacob Asher thi8 new building 18 constructed on the Moat approved Ali Riih for health my Ithan Alltha modern convey ii Cut in their Moat improved it lira club for one Nin Rcd the t in suppl cd with the Bent that can to obtained in the the beat Cooke my attendant a Are for Persona from the Noi Thorn part of visiting Tulare Thiu the proper place to leave Tho it in the Point ram which Kow Road radiate to All Parla of offering Routou by which it May x beat and Newit the Public whue Patron use a will loud the charge Rouno Nubelo Aud mar22tf Jacob French Jean 1 to Tokuei and Alvin a Tworsey and coun Kloi Kern of War mhoon6t Flournoy attobnky8 at new Tfir san Wal a san offlee308 Koontai s7 and april Lewis a attorney and 419 Gali Faragia Bounty All orders left m tie Calico bum will receive due physicians and in Medicine vex c f the Nec nil Imd oath Krysl colleges of mid Lur Monier of tue Ihmi Ledi Osl drug 11 Moti Taug 19tf physician and Baker 0 w every at parlor in he town Vio tins Brothers inv Ltd to k and Butch meet Wiiki on thu Rodar next preceding tha full of mean Ach ke1cn Alen Tat their Hall ovary sat Urcelay visiting and our Nung Brothers ubt1cjc at Huir Hull monday in Macb week we Call to the attention of the Public tint thin hotel Hae been thoroughly refitted and in now pre pared to accommodate and boar Erk better than Tho table is Par Oxboel Louie we Hare engaged the Best French Cusk in the Southern part of a Good bar nun plied with the but of Cigir Sandim ported French and feed Yard connected with the society k of Kern of meet at their a Atli Wenta Eveni ngut Goiburn my hot lieu in Judd vat diag i vim to Jan Ltd of american Leo Ion of Honor let Oft Cui Noil meet dint nud Bird evenings of Yueh Mouth at my let band of Hope Isa nil of no 128 Menual the in Turda at 5 Ostli to Lebalnc and retail in pure Patent and toilet window Yoou rotely office of and Duel chinese employment Wah Hung Brick ail kind of clip Niue Jirld for nihed abort notice mid at Esau Nuble Cree cd firm h apply to was oct 25ly
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