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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - February 27, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern Calm february m every Sfetku Flat publisher and one Haj i ii l f r pm to in the taste pig cof neral the f Mold will ii 111 Twira in la nil in from Murk to Kenarny the for Flaur Bun Ilii Lope of it t it ural to navigators of Ulni a a k along the water front Rill of different of the Saint of Tho n of the Norelli country a lion of tin and Heagle of the Kif when in Fly Relief hear first Uno into port 1 a wooden Olar Bair for a line Yin Wen Royal the ton 41111 we u bloody Ami the one Pew Wax Lio Illy i of the Mouth rur lol up i Way indicated that Bruin fully the Quill croup lift Renud it a pah inc Lanwi to Kok natured Over tim learn Alp Africa a Pireh Tau draped a Thlu it so Black and milling thai u would lice tin Fortune of n minstrel Rou tiny puked in Uio theatre not Many to Kiu Tern Monarch win Lith tire it pier loading for Der her big bowl prot win Poi cd la Douin Wing and in the net of Alt to a crooked word from nature Damn to of Tutt Are Uci no lion twin in own from cat thin Lalog Arnad Taro la of amiling e what would u Black i into Bam nth the and Gold and Itsuo in often on Iii Lia roly Turc nitty Agron Harp of incl Ilia and Umpai of tint mus oui hid Lirow of lilo Odd Aru very u or riot majority of Cru to Lii in not Ilii Nior to j Gautry of tin Munir Unur i i i to love for or or in m Allup in in Nihil for tier win in in i a Moil rut Llin i her Trio Patriot o ill u us ilk 1 1 tit wild in t ii 111 i lilt rut i Anil Ituna Ili Iii likunismi8 of la Muritu i Ulun an Tioy uni iti Ilic a Tio f the Huju Topi Sunj cited upon ladder gathered a or from to Cir to Thi Nava from near by Fri i on thir three to n on we and ii in of whose w j ii tit the c i Inirio open purely in Uraih Rcd gracefully forum being the Moil Nui part of the though Only in such m a surf had tin red hot Miu Barl sunk tin lops of i i flu hued in Ali in the dig the Vikt the dance and i be eyes of All present Fri Juwil upon the Little in i at our feel of lilt to make their Tarn not were fifteen who ii arched in Al Gie in Tanto the cig arc and Tiri a rather monotonous walk around time Carvel pillar of Tiluy were hideously painted from head to and naked except for u tunic of Reddish cloth worn about the Kah ii in won a Fox skin dangling Down be Himl and fastened to his tunic arid carried i a made of u Gourd covered with a Pik of dried All were provided with Bank ii containing sacred and i won soil sikh of Antelope hoofs about their i i r 1 Iii it i air i not n if elevator i tin ii 4 if in a tip from t ill i it nil fill into Mph hippy thut Iii in i till the whole him Sikri Mii Ilab or with i if who to him a nod or a upend l ii thir will 1 Ai to what Little fellow who Elmo re him us become of u duty i if Slerk and Thi Day Lump a or t i out tim int re Luminous my file to lie ill ital Ullh Len Bukmir to in in in n by inca of tin u us nil Lirl Kwh hint in to it Ikje Lou co of Wii Ltd or tin Ikuyo Datini i Iii Neil inc Tilori Anil Uio Guniy n re to Lett Hun Drain of inline no con Dilu and Nizich facing priv Siinto Larrv thu i ruin it Nii Tiu it nil in tribute ii Tom Lull Tun key can Ilo that if in Only Tho thai to Niaudo the Clear Ali Iongi Rich mow i or err Tun t in tit vim of Tui outer world in the t tin will to scr i Iio Imu at ill Mann h Oil enable tim in try the local us i Uther u cuu Terni Licaus to any narc merciful to mro Lacu Nul to know of no proposition flu Kotul Moi Ibali this units i in ump be lilo Stu Emo to us Retric liar la for Iho whole of Aow urk Liy to of Falln Are la Rojc True mtg clout thu i or or have Fri Hume i the aunt an ii Pipirs from Ciruli aul she will Hunt nearer in to Meior Vii at scli1 unborn in sin1 i a s did Hunt uni Pular thai h in a n Hurvul of luxurious True oration lit that of Tiu it Talon Micro of while lit Luton mar bin to Llue prots in tin my und upon we Iii Tui lust Aurtis of to of pit rising i their Uri Hick dirt planned the Bod room the turn Usu us Pussy Gymme u in 1ompuilun vaulted ruling Abonit tin Iii with Troin our Iuno Ida in velvet t Neil the Pauu it u Cin Rioh will Hunt in he lion iti Tii of Austria to Yurij and on o it to Ironsh in in ii Milan with us in birr v n i that tyo of he i Romul Jialu Glaw to r Ivi is r i ii i Mooci r him other the wanted tin bin so that every step produced a Rau Liinar sound the Bushy hair of the Nain wan filled with Eagle Wilkum Tnuva Iii fro t of where i stood wan a Bower made of Cottonwood and in this tin Nimke Tomt to in used had ised i laced u Uli Ort tin e efort the ceremonies at passed the stamped sharply on the ground and sprinkled it handful of which a was formed tie for the Bower and a nine dance which cont sled of u slow movement of the body u so Luht raining of the and the utter am e of dog like accompanied b tin sound Rien by the the her Hor r r j established to j the National Republican i i nept 00 per year in the weekly National to quiral Anil Nuriu Lynnl mutter from to per Trofil no and a Thor Thi n latino to lit and planting int i an Hon Blimp n Rizw int Fearrl Ritly and the of Anil per tear in postage pre aident and in Cable restaurant in Lipresti optic Aud Trio punt o too much kick he Mother laying band on the Brugh Thih f Igor Uii in Varu Tii u i Iorii Luoto Aro tug Roni a Lew devs to Many Wii Ilio is usually but Market in the of awol Anil the fur Tvr from the Ood o Iho four Tii in a lilt e i Hriar Iho alter u n it 111 Ntonio Renji in iu441 of ill list mild Tun up to my mid at of Elute a nun i he Nooi of of Clive i our own Brux u by tic Ini thou which Piwar of cover i Laliotis if and whom of variability u i caution i ill ii in for Usu of or to in Siy t i chief nit auction which thin no called which k us ways Erlven by in nolo ims i the unison with which thu per formers the action More vigorous tin the time and at length the excitement caused the men to raise their to u key that in a Roll Anil Weill an was at in height another numbering Over lofty in filed rapidly i Ito the enclosure and begun it brisk March around the yellow lined Dinar which so Many Iii Nurs have been held during the unknown Cint Pirics that the Snake dance has been held they were dressed in nearly similar style to their bul their faces and bodies were More thickly instead of meal und Ilion carried wands made of i ital f edit these were Tho chief of the and Tinli was bailed with rapturous by the finish this or they in Lino of Pumie thu Glrst now boisterously dancing and and lit wild chant and slow lifting of the Lipec Teclu now pro sorted was weird in the Tho Hal naked and painted bodies of hid men contrasting strangely with their rudely made Ormi Mills and the thrill notes of the song Ris ing High non Vitae plaudits of the Tiik Hank and Iii is Iitto Ili Ince ii gain in at a give tim i girl the Mem min of tinsel ii 1 Naile it Rush for the Bower coi staining Ilia and in a moment catch performer Hud provided himself with a rail ing biting Orns Ping the hideous rep Tih Hal Wynn Bli Teeth and holding it termly thu Diu cur Bojan a slow walk around lir standing in Limu there Wero lofty men thus in a Long they Bugrin moving nlowly1 about this open each stakeholder being tended by an Indian who brushed Tho Ioctl los Brad with his Eagle Feather As the dancers paused a certain Point where stood a group of Indian dressed in Brig tred and with their hair festooned about the bends in curious they we deluged with sacred now and Thena Nuku got away and caused a general Stampede among thu he Kors and often a Man was severely bitten by monster that to or fully half an hour the hideous sport went the dancers growing ovary moment More excited and the song of thu Nusl party while before us wore i thu twisting forms of thu lashing i Thiu Nicles around their captors necks i the spectacle j was Barbaric in the blood Rudd Long to look disgusting to i think them Wenchu Ratiu snakes and Iii King them were Tho i Iizumi Vei Tommis known in the i Piru caught luring the four Days i a recoding tin unit Tindal cd Coin i Only to Ikpi trl of a religious ceremony of j after Tindal it ended thu snakes were i thrown tog other in n cd Union whore j they a Vitril and and later at a n second Rush was made and again Carh Man secured Ono or More which he held in his Anil with i which to ran rapidly Down thu mesas i i narrow Trail to thu Valley where snakes were Tot at j of Hurr about volumes arc condemned every year in thu Public ninety Livi Pir int of works of tic i Werc Cir Marly to rat Tor nid bul Thiv Are now n and mils they of e Glicr in of Ira Vii or urfa Romeul Ula Cri a Lii the Utti i i after buy is til covers Lut Tho Hill l1 Tiiu ust ii a kit in Mil it crime arc c cab Ink Ici Livi to l he it res of of Thi Shrives Tell Horn to got und in shall have he said he Tomor Corn and hut on Tho Morrow the ii Thor Eamil Ntxo thu store and his Oyes Weru Rul and 11 mine Leotilo to began and then broke Down and Bald no it went Tho rounds of Tho Storo like wll Firo the Nown that Little Jake and you would have thought at that to had be ii Tho and to in Small proprietor of Uio Hoarau of the people to Orveil of their their Good a dividend that will arvo him better than Money in the land where hit is they Overy Ono of Beautiful Flowers to Little Jit Koh funeral to covered with the from those Howo wish to Hod known that to was to we might have Insul hered to his unto or a Orlaph saved his employ isrow Bald with sad hut there in nothing to he Well with Tho and it h no longer Outen with but Outon let to Ide Hibe to inform time Public that i Tiave the Adolf Aii nil run it an a Flint Echt Hurunt kill i c Epter 18th retail de Alebin pure Pate it toilet window proscriptions a Courntey off co of Anil Iliili Arlington the booms Abe Well charges per Day from co 10 firs class liquor cigars court Nutly on hand at the polite and obliging attendant in Ere if professional a torn eat coon8elobatla1 ha11dinq Junel of dcc26lf cwt Eram Broil wealth and in Turki nov York him Mintini Boron Rich Jorty Pelno mayor is Tho relict of the Pill who Windis n Fortuna in Patent Anil loft Hor mar ten list cd was by her Hus Bunin which to in fido ill dry Anil u Jam who la Van in n film Homo on Turk Avenue Antl Roc Elvelt from Hur Host Minim estate which hour an a Dow in Worth much of the income of which she sends to the Holert to lot is Worth made in John the widow of the Princeton col Ege in Worth t Stewart Ihly an estate Worth but sins like a nun in her White Marble Palaro on fifth Edtih Rateb and on All kinds of work Furu Inrod on Short order for jobbing and be pairing Olson prompt leave orders it we Celoron july hts Home Hansen the in now Iii Manenty located in Neil d his a itch by met dour to the where lir is now and thu might us r or Luk who Wood Htit Tuiofu John wow und governor morgans widow a Worth Sov enl Clarkson potty re widow has an in Annan income from Hon and cd win who owns in Stu it is on of the richest Waldo a in and counts Hur wealth by tons of Iran slovene husband mad in and to has left her Tho Victoria and a Shiro in Tho fifth Avenue and marshal the eighth millionaire widow of a mining talked of while Arthur with in Tho White House As Tho prospective wife of Tho Chris Tieuel formerly with Hafi made suitable of Hanieh and taken b Iofik Kuhr Nuth the Bho was a sour a woman of j of Van Garish and Evo present Bho kept Tho Gurla on likewise Tho Boya did this Peculiar croat uru of her Collar it was Laden with pickled things in Jare was creating am oink thu neighbors ller Anttio it was crowded with Nam plot Hung to dry by haul they Wou Labo useful who knows in by and there Tho people of Tho town Thobal Zetur Watt an for nil her Post Tho doctors Hod in from Tho place god bless the ugly spinster of Van Garish face ilor by Siples from Tho Dattlo kept Down Tho firebrand and solicits miyl7tf Chi is and join plot Tomt Weru bursting Lod underneath Hur Karat of Louir cools Ood bless Tho dear old creature although tier Tongue waa today among Tho people w Bho la their petted Incus i Iii f some books not Only with y u tie o by n of to add to this fish in the Arlington Block constantly on hand an1 thu l i a Lex Peiu using co f in is re Ltd Tull certain popu l Clion ure so they and visit each i air i the Nul Hority for the Story shall Clu hits ecu trained to leave in Couie to Uio whenever it u called or to Ali wit in to w Atli hurry to i toil o our Mil Biu inc and in i car twin to Clr a r Tiv i in to Viu lied jut a now varied Hud to u in Uchio i a b Tofu pc i of us a Miry Tuu i it me con Uon my i much new Kouw of India do Tho French in an his and blaniey8 methods and influence in civilizing the inhabitants of Tho Congo said he admired Stanley great Force of and ability to choose men and Awe them with his one of the chief products of the in in India which is obtain Able in any and meets with a ready Sale for telegraphic for the a Friend us wests i hear consider Able complaint about the Cost of House a Taiping for Young i know of two couples that have rented a Homo they titled up a Kitchen and together hired a who is also this they divided the rooms of Tho each couple living As distinct from the other As if in separate and at Lees than the Cost of Caps cipro Aai give me a liar hts James i 8 now opened again and is the Ica Dinu Hoine of a Lii the Swipp Lloil with nil the Dilka Cirn of the mid compares web the High priced houses f Thi a iia71 a Cut Mectch with Tho we arc can he obtained thu rho Cut liquors and Fine convenient Conrd und a gluing to Iii 00 and 50c Lotf m i k a kit in family All hindu of canned cigars Tobago of Jii Perrt put up for of Wimily Chester French i would respectfully inform the Public Tomt i Ivo leaned thin hotel and am now Conlin Clink it in better than any Anvi Nezih Linn nver been done in tills Oon Niy no Pirson the Requiro menu of a hotel for thin part of the country better thin i i i Ivo Runi cd it rooms in Oates everything first Board by the Day or week at reasonable Fine Liqun Rii and cigars at tin 1 tto Kney and Alvin a to Tobey and Kern rotary Chester a attorney at office crib Tab int door to Malison Bounty All orders left it the Calico Jinun Othyl will a ocelot due jelil7tf mny30 Summit Jam now pleased to announce to the Public Tomt Ray hotel in completed and filled new Anil coi Fortaw and All modern give me a John Eveleth the Hachita in pot Walters m and dealer in All kinds of 19th the building and furniture of Thia Hutul in in truly now throughout and no butter can be had in thin Hue Iii Usu by indu for by ural Antl to ouch fur a Curti in length of meals 2b Beds 20 the City bakery in nth chiral to Tho shove where for Coli Brit ii in Alwynn to and will be delivered to eight Omen every Flournoy attorney a at 220h Mcallister new City 8nn a a san m booms 27 and alg a notably room new sink vis attention Given to Konfrst i Ipoh before the u and Hustu mid ia23m physicians and bad uate in Medicine 4 bub emf vat f Tho que with and of the Boysil Roll Pych of Plu Nio ians and me Piir of the Brit Ivy mix Licul drug Feld i flt society k of Ken of til mooch at their in Kyle Ever Day evening at Boron up in Good Tai idling invited to Jun Ltd Carriage tribe Lin a specially cull and Exa Mim Niv of Nelv and Bufort binding Anil Eek 19th Cash Vageh and Saddle hoi hex always Rudy for animals broke to Hay and Grain for the vory c3o Central James proprietor of the Central Nunno Neib to the that Tho Home will be conducted a firs class hotel in a manner to meet the approbation of All Reg Ulyir and Antn hint the table will be supplied with All the Market and the Pingll or in Are Furini thud iti the Bent his la the Ioime Liau been remodeler and Relura mid baked Meeth Tiv cry Tum Lily at their Virlor in omit in Bro Berb invited to o t for a Good meals to of web 01in a oct2lif Boeg wahdat Mccord 19ih in chinese employment it a Only when h Man u Albu Lucily Nul a a Wilc Lorom but lie to a he no Telly a wooden come among other imported but Tho Wood by chemical been Mado As Sou leather while retaining its original tints und covers Hwi Ihetu the White thou rom in of Astrakhan appt to Wau or fur or or will Wah Chung store a 11 kind veal French Tulare and bakeb8field a Elf ruled Inlet Ink on thu May of next preceding full of the noon of each Ken Cut at their Hall every 8y islet mourning Brothers in meets their Hull monday in Enoh week a Kubican Letoe Iii incl of legion of meet mi8 the first and third each Mouth at it Clr Hall at Jacob Asher thib new building 18 cont but cd on the nout approved plaint fur health and it Linn All the modern Coo Vuu lenten in their Ipoh improved it ban unit Lang fur Ono Huud rid the t in i supplied with the Bent that can be obtained in tie Tho Bent Cooke Ami Tieni Lanyh Are for from the Southern part of Thi suiting Tulare this in the proper plaice to leave the it in the Point from which Tood Croudu radiate to nil Purle of the offering Rontch by it May be Imbt and Mont Convent Cully Public Linoa patronage in will find the of urge reasonable Ulm Jacob French Jean arid All Kindt of salted we Besper fully Call to the attention of the Public Tutt thu hotel Bat Bucu Clit Ltd and in now pre pared to travellers und Bua Derb better than the table u Par we Bare Eri Gared lie Bent Frt Noli Cmike in the a Milliern part of the a Good Barons plied with the hem of ported French Aud feed Yard Donn Tokel with the band of Hope band Nieten cavity Himin Rdv it 2 Oulu of at tie Rabid Erie of of k near the Nch Iol City has recently undergone a eral re Novation and for the sum the lager in of a better Quality than it bin Ever been before and Tom bar in Iii Lii d with tie Eho Icett of Lianoru Auto the Bowling Alley and shooting a which i Are kept Rani inc uni Naglit a Iii now Tufi brewery in the Riim and Bent place of report n Zijic liter put up pre Sikly for family inc Vert prompt on Igo Uil dec Lei f help firn Eliod at Ihrl sex per t oct or Home made Bacon and and Avery tiling found in it s cure it n m p t o county maps and baked sized Tom maps Fob Bale by
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