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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - February 20, 1886, Bakersfield, California For Jed k Why f y if i i i Mirt Arr hokum my Witmer h h f j f if Tiki him Law the Ife up Kef a Jil Iari in no intent the of Are of thu t Large unfit or of the i it j out tool a Tai urn l of Ieuv i p or Tor bum Bur it Wal my my or Abtam my Cor by h weak that Virv in i i re t Ifni by inc it of tiny taif i ill Fth ill i and to to from of Guillies 1m gift anti Glutinous Bilir Eitt toy from the a Bis Pacult sole proprietor of this Medicine Flat 9 Floris the p contain on i Mill All tonic and put Rativo Oconor Nial purgative and up Hifong Siverd Phi fill Sii ii and children affections and in congestive avoid c Luster feats in Askin for theg Essihe gdillie5 pills prepared by Paul land with it to l n t k on the Rill bit tar nil of blog Firuta str till Tow Ami Ciiab j very Mil r i or foil Wiki ago Law Youthful Viri of it Mai to gel into Whan up inner Kcal i a w Rev id he Hoo it la cd tits Anil Llie Iii ii Llic pure of we ail Irrl to Siler to a of Pic map of Winch Wuh ill and ii int or gift Tail of Nikl at Nat Utitia in Limal t t Mainil a i Iliev n 1 f i u very a tarty to y Ilia if i ally on i j h c ital i Al n n tra w w a into Tho f a i t in a to v 1 i r i Ikumi in a k i f t Ful did pm Lair ii to in uie old Dju t it Delic Lul a Iii Ute d i h Lii i it Irbid tie n Ira u in tin us Uil l a Short Ali Ian up from Llie t nest to in of inn and bronchial in Lite in often implicated to 4iih to a april it hepatic fi1 k in a Core of the in treatment of i Sii Moit liver with i the elite Kern Josd 1 1886j notice 18 hereby that the following filed no lice of intention to make anal proof i few port of Bis and thai proof win be made before the Superior in Riga of Kern county at Bis of Hoe in on april baptism Hora Mead entry for the Ece t on town Alp 10 Range 20 he the following to prove his Continuo be upon and cultivation of mid Viz Josoph Pierra bar Beneditto Ardizzi and Duvid of refs w i f land land at do Eck notice is berk11v compliance with Tiu Prover Lanui if the act of Oong Mih Appod till Junr act for the mar of tim her i Ilie Button of Frederick Diero when we kit dress ii Kern tills Dav Nln in this office nil Uppole Stiim to Purchase the we of Nevi and nah of in town lip s2 31 of Tho All perform Lodi ii hit at Larne claim Ali Erato Fri h present the a kids at office within fitly from the first publication of this piano organs fir Iho import it la Man it uric Ilmet to Tat do not or quatre on Icli Flana inn the predanic Minh duo to for 19th cooking by Mason a Hamlin Organ and piano Yoke Catarrh Lif l ill l l la it i Anil k Ilia All no Oikun Way Down for run than n a it a a tier perform Liiva for it Skik or two Tiu Oniu nth Fri cml who wat Atio it in it Oil dont to trial dont do dear Joni r unit lower Button to leave the Iii i Liu Uon of your Onia Tivit really very in i you know Liat i Ito Jim want 1 you u All do Over in Imi Lahd i it for Don k you i very Iii Iii who wih Lii Lui Urcis tint sited win on Ood and now nil air Ity of Luikim Wear Ali Ulm Wui Mconie of Chi it Thi f course Tho Fui Lilon Uil emt in Lemdon Husnu us lev Oxford supported it during the Mai and a few took i up after they Lial dropped rom one of them Prus our got a in in having returned 1 of 1 in n Nior in of i to Aurli tie it it Tho Wii old ill Toimi tin from the Iii us to All Tiu Vaul of unlit Llin Iceni ten to whom Tho Knovel of the of the Erin a try Xix in weaving round i Klinl of it Nikl unit to to Ouitaa Ono More Effort to Liuio it Aan tons up in to Ohleh of the Grout London Dpi ills Slot ill Hij applied but Tortu Nalolny Tho Dutily won the and forties found Hli tolf of the Lull Luin after Luta Kilnk to Bluit in Hud to be ukr keel that very lag and will you of Tillon the by writing three Coli inn on thu will you consider 5 Guin icons u ii Olumn if plotto let thu Cony to Neil in iia rapidly m Lin Vlug returned u ins and to write 1orbes found that he incl b morn to Linin Elliree Colum in of Nuller to Anil Back to a Plain he lie Tui Iho Manit gig Utji Tor Chi ital lilo follow ing Brief dialogue Folio Ved in your mull in trenchant a Uruu Laylus his linger on lilo of proof lie Tore i1 Orick us it und null it was will Well Tonko m Ucli of to blah of an you care to Iho Nixt Day for to Tho in ii in Wai he Llanil in re Mility my As u War in i Iii then i in Torii Iii i in Llie i i u r to Ift i tit Cihlor in i win Rofu foiled by is Noil i until Tho forty d it i Hie of i Mon t i Neisy Lynn Ivin a Iii Vemel of t in ii Iii n of ii Cecii a do and the Wor Tivo u i out of the a Biel Ibry thu i b Willii thu result of Mieir a Iii Ufler tin for Tunn the Oil i Ili in Petit m act urn Lime tin i u in i Hen into Clit Eriv spot Guion in in Luis Oto on in own five in i infill w Iii Llie old uni continued to wry in i i Iii note Roo j Ali of to Ingroup to Asci its own Winum Ami Thoy All went to pm i flux Lii slim at in Igell i l i i nearly nil the open Lions of mull a e now carried Oil by d is Liru hued into Bli Clos uniform Lii Almli Nii Iii y two u he f in Liolion or the of Llie ure Lien fed into she but Ting Lili i i ills iwo leu Mut Clio Hitu round unit bin Uwi Sixl n through per Jilin h u ure into hindu on u Docili r Eio ii feel n this tin me Rollie Dippert Ilire n by a Mehmi cil Anil then in twin in thu in ii in i Are for milk inc und thu in Ali of us Clini is inst in in us no estimated Uny i every woman and fluid in or nov Iid form of n in in of Mil Hii Iery Lor their Bill Nevi to e lint a in Neof Ucli Liery Iliili u largely red Itil the inor Eltiy cried working nver the Pron to when Oil fining which run n t lie Eon in without i in 0 cleanses the Mays heals restores the senses of and a Quick a positive Cream Balm a id in Neil it Lili in i tint1 or Ai and for Orrick or or keys to As far a the introduction of fruit pests into the county from persons purchasing fruit try i ire not to accept such Trees from any stir Bryman or unless Aucul i nurseryman or agent produces a certificate o from the county horticulture Lois Secretary of by order of the redemption of county War rants land Institute Hay fever in Urit preys Ciuci of to Hick Rel i a fall Galt of and a Krufal Fayal Clynn and for the Trent mint of All Uro ulc our Field of chronic Nanny and and kidney or Blond and Norv our Here or it wet for without it Ifni tie command Fri or Send ten cents in Stamps for our which gives All Norv Oiin Nett Triine and nil morbid Condit Loim euii8cd by Voltl Hull Iol Anil porn Cloum doll Lary 1raelleea Aro speedily and permit gently cur Cal by our 10 in or Radl n f onily a nerd without Tho hip tube b without without liar l and Loo la Cut for in Irti mrs under Mir Wittco to Hook Fortis month in Addi Tiss worlds slain and wholesale liquor Toca Shuebu Kkt is i j notice 18 hereby that All on Tho Hospital and District Road funds Are now payable at Tutu off lev and interest Chamu if not within the Money set apart Lor the payment of above a Eccl fluid warrants will be applied to the redemption f unpaid next in order of Kern Ornic at f notice 18 hereby Given that in compliance with the provia Inni of the Tot of Congress approved Ontl Tlell an act fur Trio Miu of Timber in the states of and Washington Vinyard Whone pent office Idreas is Kern Hae this Day filed in office Hin apply rating to in role the 8wh of Nev Andresi of in town 9 Annpe 19 All holding any Advent claim thereto Are required to present Tho lame at Thia office within sixty Daya from the Flat publication of this dpol910w final Preemption land february Thi application for commutation of District Kern you will please Takk notice that i Intel t apply to the governor of Tho Tito of through Tho Board of state prison directors of said at their next re ulnar for a of Hon Tenet of Onn who was in the Superior court of Kif ii on a plea of Cuilty of Ondov Tubor with to u Uinn of Nix years notice is hereby Given that the following named settler ban Flud notice of his intention to make final proof in an port of his and that said proof will be made be fore the honorable Superior judge of Kern in Hin the clerk of ids at hit office in on match Preemption claim for How to of Section township 82 Range 33 he names Tho following will Eiurby to prove Visconti Nuotio residence upon and cultivation said Viz John Jeremiah Shields and Henry All of Kern fun Lime sole a Anta for Kern can qty for Hie celebrated Sperry i Villuc i Lei Iliff lout it Ullh exult Kef fever and a i11 5 Tho treatment of Nuy i Lions Jinis of of Trio us i diseased pee liar to 1 07the Trade mip plied in in Anticich to Ami on Liberal land i Kern dissolution of notice is Hubby Given that the Herot Foru in stink to can the and carried on at by Kern under the form name of Hirshfeld it la this Duy Diazo led by Mutual the Nfn Aid form will to Pond noted h Hirshfeld and under Ali Ellem Init not Ciruli fold a who to Kolleel Trio debt due the late Lii Iii and Limpid nth the in 8 p e c b f 1 o s 1 Tho inv Liik hotel and Lina of la adapting remedies for Tanir and sold to hot r u i us an a has imported from France Percheron Horii Talnad at nil re incl Iden about 70 per of All horses parity of blood eni Deit in Tiu Percheron stud Book of France by Ped Legreca Rel on stud Book of fran Tho Only stud Book Ever Pahl lived in that imported of Ini lire often nirl i Rii Iid fur Shippin r in u Migkin i o or not of i Nul Kuer Aruty Otic null Intro army Aichu Turc us n Tiu in the Iitto when i think of tint placet stud to Hud Lollo in out in Miskei to i bad ainu la Barrous Weru the men Wawro crowded together like a Herd of whim Llin Rule in Nuy build and the exceptions were Tew and far Teie in nothing of the kind Tho Bor Ruels Are nil every Niqui room to to v about the an High hid the it firl in the rooms enlarge Tom col i lugs Trugli Llie Lulu linux All Well there no cheap paper on the Walls o hide Llie micks Ami flirt bul Tho Walls Are a Clcil and the moms solid Iho houn1have Llie appear Lusilo Al of and Iho of t Ami Eon veni euro car Tho Niue Usu Lair wide of i i v i i i Hock exch Liv Minsio it very of Bonds or of Bunh a thug cont lib 1iiualeriils1 Are of any kind ice Imp rowed Money Ileal Girlic them is termed Hypoth cation a Good delivery of of or Iniel arc in Knees Pahi be Ristock is in transferred Miloni happens Len t lint Willious to water la o in Cream iti Ijuan icily Nind impair to pass a Divi Skud is not to it the n in know in a i i in r where s in air i line i Miniee addressed i Triem n dark Inlo tiling in t be n team for of Ninn Ca 1 hot w Tor letters Hiji e i was m out of i k i be Liiv Orite is Bikih to be to America took on Hani la posted Brood Mare too intoned stallions uld enough for 120 two years old an Rogn Tilini Pron Lille acct try by Al Ella gent by Hitri that Bow car Mil bred an Small not record Al favorite prescription la Tho of this vast it is n Todtor Nilvo nil impart Al and Stren Tetli to Trio and e us if by Ajeti or Axce Milvo infill 1111 ii natural or a Alliff of the weak boar air clip Siulc and file Erntson of Trio Jialin Ami in Lii Torjul and few Siule it promptly relieves nil in ecu Nautica and of nor vouch i jul in either we would bog to announce hint have Ini died of Penni oui immense Anil pm so Nelly Alec cd fall and Winter sch Nihil land i january notice is hereby Given that the Guttler Len filed Noloe of his Inu lion to make tonal proof support of and that said proof will be made be fore Tho and on february visit Jesus for the twi Hio Tion Lown chop Range u Iii amid the following wlm Ebarb to prove bin Ilmic Lanei upon Anil cultivation of Nail Viz Patrick Oil air Lii Mandini and All of in Honni r land w certificate of e certify that we constitute Biji Nehu i i thu town of to Only of k in Ihly la principal of in Namis Ilin diled it the Lull Nairn und Upo Tivi Placen of Reni Daneo of nil its in Nib a lire sinned Price or 0 1011 bottm3s Send ton in sump for Ile cos Tiea Tiso of Uia Cabes of Illus worlds dispensary medical 003 main i l Bun a we ii Lue nil Iii of envelope been extracted ail Llu Lirui inc o Lici Alu of Post anal is u line in drawn Aioli Oji Vii ii lest Premin co icon Viilu is in a tour is an Zhuli As the re Dice Boiman to if their not record us tier Only u i will nil Al at Grade a rfcs i cannot furn lil with Vyrl fled by French of in number Anil Venoid in ii Percheron mini Hook of Loop Gilill tent cd Watn Louic free Blea of on Cal Capo North Wulpern bar Bili Riib us Zzz ton Coli Tipa and Hillous promptly cured by pierces pm Cabana 25 Cynta a by i i a i i Iriny Tsan and dive with Iii to study so Lam in Lini Eneil Luis i Iii of a e r i to a lieu i in tin be Lionnil Fiill Iii up Over i her our Sci mind who could a die i Ollee Loil u of and real in Ura Yunim Llie the great English lit k Truiti Ilious so raise Iise Cla Iii Rel for know Leduff of in u he to Tinct he link i Jilin in re lored ii Hok in the partition Elise Krutuil ills next door Neh Iorii his by the la Strugs fowl Nihro Iii us i hindu Iii rail Over he b oks until he 111nainr famous s 11 Kearny treats All chronic and special a i Zilfi loto to it is slated that fifth i 1 the i rally men of Pranom to sub los a a Cir Purifor nor Voitik i Khum Ivd i Wituk it nil nil Tom Terri till Jemetz of lot youll Ifni ii it face me in Maun in ii Ivy of Lansi Nolan trial ave Nimi to Boci i Iii mini of North in Pinhead in Llie Aid Albir that lend to insanity and to 7ho May be suffering Hosi tue Stales hut Jim com c k f the a evict Biclel Terro Tho Herman Over Timmi bus ple Teil u Al a Wen ail the to Orlus thu tie thy Earth that a i yet Utti the Chatt Tunk a depth of were the heal was found to u veil Tui if Lent peril us Oslo it it that would boil 61 a tsp Ali of Tunit luit Al Liblit Niue Woi tit a a a Impf t i am for Lucasjr ing d Takt Mccu Uio Utu Kiev by crib oui of mail u Kuig Tullon Ita principle w thu known to Vevah Lui tins Tuil u4c Lim i tulo Yoou i isl i i Lue Liilo a of tables tie of Arvor to trait off Quilo y it Junco or height of to vow win Kmit in u Tup a line fur Lluria in preference Lav u it tee style of of is widely Dif ii Iii Iroku ild heavy Lum tit e usual Lor such Pur new such slaves us Are 1iipuhir in will probably be 1 so that la i Lei Anil Chihi Reu Enier u in i Toul in Nicter or Iii u us Lilac a up for it ins sup pistol Iba Tants survive Bill Aud inter of sir Iosim study it to inv Tiu Diug of Ltd evil longevity Aru Oug sir John bus kept workers of Ami i Ormi ii Fusun Tor a Van while two of the must now be i and he Hopes to keep i lie a in fora Cou Superable a n Ourel fur Jav round for Niniver ornaments All Tinl to lie of lad an but Wuich in a tally ii ill Truin a i Rau Cuco to 1 Ali i Iii Lii l no out m i Ink in a regular ill us c in fulfil invt Livni Lekli do Lush i of ten kind Hivatal ii Porcial Ilvio and treatment7 will in fur any nut Iii Trinni Rill Mist in trials nil fully Nillionis cos i Idun ignation and 1rice i of Tuoti Matix toll or four the any i Ortii receipt secure Oburr Atilin and in priv Uli Uhi Ili if f 5 a k Mintie m i Kornj Sui Sample bottle free i will Besom on g by i Haiti my ibid k1tttikt 1 in All nip inn i All of Lii Iii Aiu Llin Dili l by 31 a Bot t his fur Pili i am flu l Una and tart i m Saltby will do will to Avail of Tho Uri aunt Lioon Ever Laid at Hie liar if minoring us Pisney will forfeit for every of h ii nil Weisik Naii or Privan do Hoesr of kind or character which i undertaken arid tails to Middle aged men there no Many at the of thirty to sixty who Are troubled with too frequent evacuation of accompanied by it smart ii or in Ninh a weaken Inirio the system in a manner tic Pat fint can not on Esumi Nizik hut urinary Irp Riith a ropes Climont will he Ami f albumen will api or tin color will lie of a who sub Elm ii g to a dark urn torpid a Tii Iri Ninny men Lindie of this ignorant of Lam which in the noon of Iii ind weakness will a perfect Nurs in Suali and a j Mahiya pm oration of the office 10 t 4 and 0 to Sunda i oui 10 to 11 Limo Nuh and Call or address Spinney 11 Kearney ban jaoi27tf comp Wiidik Tom following Complete lines a triple and and imported and cigars and in nil the shelf and Granite and arms and crockery and wooden and Willow drugs and Patent youths and in the Flatual gents and childrens boots and ladies and misses shoes and in All the newest dry fancy ladies dress in All thu new and Ata Honable fill Irico gents1 furnishing goods hats and of the newest we Alio always Kolf p on band a full Slock of Tor Stock of All sheep sheep Wool Etc Pirsli n Hirshfeld Hidook Liilo Ryan i til1 state of i county or on la Nulli Duy of in the year Otie Khoii Hind eight Liu Sidrid and Aifoi a a notary Public in and for Tom county of 11 Rhin Nilly Ipi Burcl Hiim Feld and land office at Jii nary i notice 18 1iekehy Givin that the following lint ii it tour d Nome of Iii Zuten Loii to i ukr linux prion a in Pottol and Tomt Kuril proof nil Buba 1iire the in prior judge of Kern Donn to it bin Onich in on february Enka Honich fed for Tho he of Mcliton coffin lip 211 Range 26 Bilibin to Ilia a Emu mend Enlil 177i a Jilin Tom Kwh of and sw4 Oleu of Juaiil action he ii hints ibb Al lowing Rilin Ruth to Niota bin Imilie Iurii and a Altita lion of to Inird an Drew Obi Ipoh Ray and o i of Thiol Kern and Rendine Neur in Lott known to me to be the 4ii1ih Allinio with Iii incl Ronnii and hint Liev the ure Piilini ibid to thu Mikno lidded to nil Urt my Imus nud of Lucial heal i a f heal Hie lilt february t 11 a fahd i int s to caly fib Ninny 1ltoposals will 1k be sealed by the Bohrk of tie Buard of super Ihorn us ii Lam Herkt monday of for the Tutti ii of n Oki tract to repair und i until the 81m Day of tie county in Din Trout cum Moncion it Caliente and running on Tiu tahe Road to Tiu end of mind and known As the Capitule i wid Kurn at Culi onto and Ruu Nizik bin it up he Teba Ochipa Grade to rec idea old toll at Iho Wilki Nihon Placo and run Niue Down to the mind Ridge on the hid when to embrace nil the county mud in Haiti dim Riet cd Cut Tom Linker a Good and sufficient Bond in tin Ai count of Price to acc Mimney one Tho Buard Rou Orving the right to reject Board of 9 tie in Tua Over in Jordans museum of Anatomy to Market go and learn How and Bow dirty yen ate private Tiou of my mood All of Send for mpl9tj Patent Kein your Linen where you put uie moot under Borim Feu Cue tue it mid w Dom 6 Ono a wow 8 in 18 Siu plea Worth urlus the Mirror is no would you make it Tell a sweeter tale Magnolia Balm is the charmer that almost cheats the to Proult living at we would thai our facile ii Kornhi Plutt Gooda by Railroad Are by any other Bonne in the coun oar Jonoda arc a ripped to in by the r Load our Are in the Cloit proximity to the and any order can Ben hipped at Short fit notice and without extrac Barge for drayage and we also make Liberal advances on Wool and Bay All kinds of produce at highest oath Market we Avail Coroi of the Opportunity to re turn our sincere to our Friend for the Liberal patronage which they Bave bestowed upon for beae last Many and Iball always Endeavor to Merit a Contin acce of the by maintain Long the lowest cola tent with fair and a snare any and All of finance Boad foil the Boa Ltd of Sukert Solts of the Conoy of Korr do ordain an Iol Lown fib Attlio Load poll tax Toto Day and Huch loud poll tax an May hereafter be shall be do and payable in lawful or by commutation us Micro Snafter pro on demand by Llie Load overseer or Intond Conradi Chloner of any Ruud Detriot in the Pernon liable for Road poll Tux in this county my comm nut Huid tax by i for Mitis two Dayn inbox on to Radii of any Dietrict in which said tax May be under Llin direction of the Load Sleator or Road Oitim Mixa Ioner of that provided the labor to Eon Mubi Naid tax Hal by at the Timu demand in made by the Hond overseer or Load commit Winouer of tie or immediately Kidi mince Sciull take effect on the filth Day of the following Idem born of the Board voted for of the foregoing Ordie Ace Limrite and attend Hoard of feb3td land land Jinn nov notice 18 ii Beby Given that hot Lair Linn tiled of her Init Oliou to Inuke final proof in of liar Aud that said proof will be made Lilore Tho Superior judge of Connie it bin of lace in us Daubara hymn Stead for Tho he of lion raiike27 Sim a snub tie following i Meme to in her Continuo us residence upon and cultivation f Mitil Viii in Jonathan Jumon on Illuk mid Henry All of Lillior Fiield and ror idiom land i january notice in hereby Given following Couraud settler ban 11 Ltd notice of intention to Wake final proof in support of a and that said proof will be made land on March Herx for the of Lection Towie lip Range 24 to Naitoh the following with puts to prove bin Cunti imbue Roe Deneti and Volt ovation hid i in Patrick Orren Mirry und twin Ami nil of Kern land lamp january f Notke in hereby that the following named met Lar Baa filed not Loo of by intention to make final proof in support of lib and that Naid proof will be made before Tho Superior judge of Kern at bin office in on Starob August lome Aiad for the of and be a Caiiou torn Alp 82 Range 31 he Nanilei the to prove bin Niit Lutour Reni denote upon and cultivation of id Frankln Michael Mareus Hirshfeld and Hippolet Jon All of Tcha Czipa Job Tollye and Orrid near Naid Amy o whom it May Domino my a Genci i leave r to Mari hic Tnyaa Mairit at m Peru and Angeloh Bute of he alone is to nigh my ban land land january notice in be Ireby o1vek that the settler hied notice of bin to make final proof in an port of and that Laid proof will be made fore the Superior Jit Ftfe of Kern at Hie of Luje at Kern a March Bichard Home Lead for the he of and Wii of and Beu of township 28 Yajiu 81 to Ibe Fol Lonius Job fainting of Debony tin neatly and promptly executed at the Oahu onigian of Milid to Niue Bilu a Braa and Edward Ai All of Kern ja30 Reward i will pay of Foo rewai1d i ii lion that will Tom convict any killing or Aki Alliie Anjou Ray Aoe p of
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