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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Dec 25 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - December 25, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern december Calif tonian Ivory publisher and Oil hit advertising rate to i f r care of the to m the Rel Surv live i Ury Uli Ould not in Tom of him Kris own or Shrub or a group i in done do nil the a a int feature i t i i intr Iii in other principal l 11 we Iii of i 11 this into vlejikep1 i l it u to Iare for it Wilm found her n Platton u h ill where Hie u Alir Illg it to i he i ill it Nln Bunch Izo Cail a Fin i i till edgi1 of Thi Puli Mil Kepi Well use the ii i Risku i in Vito keen Uneit hoi Iii be v k f Irful i Olaf of tiie fat intr i i i it u ii i lot i it ill la in Tell a w the of t i alld i i giving to Lleni i my Many fit strut in old i in Ilik to no nit i Len i on though him of Piliper Ili lil mini 11 Lii him rent in t in in i Linn i no i i Nea Niht until tin i ii 11 10 Luli ten of a l Iii i la Sill Ali ill i 1 i 111 will in f of i no i in fora Large it feet ii my i la ii i 11 will i ii 1 i Sharii Irr n i ii Mil i1 i i i a True Linin i Pluri in rint4ir until twin Monument it to in one ran Mil afford in in ii i i or Lynn into u Hiu k i u Tom Dpi Aalst ten Laving out it Pnra Luil of Liu Mill so Amer and Plaris for with Simiu for Irvi ill own pm will Chi larger mid tinn Llor lot undid this from Chi i thurn Fortu Ity of the ground is retained and i in Rich and Are Laid together kor the of the Plai d h mag Mil for ind the a Louse far a n thru i will plants to fir mrs he Enlil have i Iony i mho Iii i in n Shrull Slioch lie Mimi i i Iii in Many Cem ctn est ii of nil i Cullim or a i Impi ipod in ii in it ii town nil is ill lid by line the for Lovill ones ii Friend us Ali Eltive and feel mkt Ali ill Kendrid Ai i to mean in Ilo in they wish one Antii Tho Dollar a Hsilun m the a Loetery it them Public loin Are Apt to precut an in Anil in id Tillin Iocim Mencil that we Dan tit to arcs set Villi nut lie allowed i the in nut Tomt Tho Klyo of him Stimes should with Lher would trial inv the desired Elli it Thom Naylis oni clude i paper it ii an us Ritt from of their John warder in Rex and to the Fitiuta thou of Ctm Terles Titio should a Curit and m and i in cell i i Lerl i i German school it Ali i Elmo for girl i f to Jtj at fresh or l not the d i Tiff an the it lira h 7 half in in t h i Virner or taken Ini the the the of Wilt in Ronit no n cup of dior to of the delicious lick ailed k Iii ii Many Hith Borth Tenil Lttie Iti and Iii to her l Timkiw r n Intro i h i her the it be ill thu of f i if tier r the in of tin join n vol in in int no Naif Hillik it Kither learn the Leno him the of will Lam Vand it pop lox that took him doubt about the doctors not at any had not Ascot what was the that Nofu blow to now that he was it by pop Lily i had of from this last named Raffl Letioa he by intend for Ami tied f j obtain no from any flow of blood which resulted Hyvl his to habit of making and this ave is face an unwonted of Well Rome Lerm by All who knew him while the haemorrhoids last there win an outlet but one while Over on Stater isl he a Young doctor who had made a pc Claty of Tho Handy of the und he took Vanderbilt in hand und cured then the the Kiim Ruine Otis distillery went on at its and the Cru Nam fluid than his heart could data Post of it was in duct ant newer Vulors of his arterial system till Ever where there was headache became eccentric in in memory was his a Pihtla fulled whole out of violent were frequent and i remember Selim him daily at Saratoga three years and sometimes huh face was As red ii u and to looked of if he would drop detail with apoplexy at any the and lancet Are not popular with this j but it deems to a no expert if the millionaire would have found re Lief by resort to those standbys Tho ust still somewhat used by Hilum Van in Allty Holiday goods free from Maudes stationery the great Ian r cures or n Ihn Jill i u Iii nit ii Ami h ii Inbur t Fri a i n Rill to o c e All All into the open hum open to a Oil Alio it a i ure generally silting in Talfy have Ali Wintion to tin n Hie or Iii in and would in death to sit with door and tin mine time Lilly for Lull of obtaining few Gnu Lisle of Sparn Moas do the heat in and a taken at i Oclock comes i ii the first Llotd the Call n and i lir Epieh Boulli Iii Inhern the Misup is made in horse Rad in i Etc this is sue i he meat or Hacif or Ayi e in with the in i n the dil firant Furtini and of Long Mutton in i he i answer to i Inu Hume meat u eaten with i Iii i 11 nil 11 Anil in schools unil Millie l icon rail Ayr la Thum from Anil f ill nil Niilo of Wii Houi of any Wail which is agencies in a writer in the Temps furnishes some Zitur Estlick information Matri in Oneal agencies in the of Thisu Hymen Al qua established shortly after Tom a evolution of there Are Over in Paris Are others the latter in thu More open to though the former Are occasionally caught making and one who had Larre of 111 is near Tho Liah just Iwen Enid damned to two years imprisonment for swindling Tho writer vis lied Neveril of the leading lie Hays that during thu eight months one of them in Mak Lnu no fewer thank Tho majority of them Are kept by who appear to make a Guiod thu male clients Are com posed chiefly of pensioned Dos missed und Humble employees while the female applicants May text classed its elderly fallen women or enriched the extraordinary number of fix unc Tion Aries in search of wives in attributed to the constant of governments these unfortunate themselves suddenly thrown out of and forced to maintain u curtain rank in resort thu matrimonial agent us h kind of Many belong to Good but impoverished of course adventurers of both Scius Aro numerous among the candidates for Matrimony hut that Many bout Ludu matches Are made by to Louie appear to to beyond by udder to sentient Livo Long and Happy lives forever after is n flue halon to decide Chicago if e cures sir pain Lull e Fol bulb ill we b a 8 it a i inn i mud tilt null la Iii Kern Valley hit Iii on j nil till us tin Sutiri Ami d i general banking Businofsky in in truly ill of a my or he tvs Iii with u vol i Tim Hixon m Bollock Anil till la n of i hours interruption i Hen lire in with fruit in Hes him Mill Jain or Honey in Tom sup of Mill cake i ill ii shut of Tim Iii or Kin relish con Ili Rin u h tinier is work at Lmh of Ems Rollery Ami airy Are to lie h Mill he unit i have i i you Tinl n their or Plain wort Tiv no Inemise Exi Eishi a o in n illness Anil an fast Tunit in is the Kiik Uili who his Noii i there fur i Viii h Ami arc for the nem Day do their t of of Peculiar of prisoners to any Union or thu 1 Siw illustrated when i was confined at Joh Nhonh Inland during tin Wen very gloomy one and Heling with out Nown did not know How Long we wore to kept in prison nor Wonit wry to he our Many thought to might he held us prisoners of War even after Tia War had a lieu we brooding Over situation a fellow prisoner entered mid Bald he had n queer Drouin the night to he Bald 1 dreamed i a narrow court with a Long Row of under Eliuh tree was hit tint an old Gray headed one of Tho old men Rose from his heat and hobbled Over to the next old Man and asked if he knew How old those Korty years said the other old Man they were planted two years after we wore put in As the dreamer this Tho whole prison bounded and he never la Nisliet telling his lint Nuny a Long night after Ward Many a poor Fellows hard cot haunted by thu memory of those old Gray beards hitting to patiently under those Atlanta a Wolfl Lerere us kurding there Between the ple of the Noth and Tho people of the Ami on All kinds of work f Irwin Ltd in Niort for jobbing and Irvin runt whelom Biily Lotf my Khz Uvinka in Lii Ami and 31ii Over a of Hull pc Muir Oil Khz direct to on nil Gobi in for or Toiv to and act cnut of Tlattlik you or have fun a Rou Liichi informal inn Gnu Iii from of tin will mull u copy Flikki to Uii jul Orch Llull or Cilot of to lir my of lift Lirar from Montgomery Ward 227 k we Birli new the is 01 is nun open in the mid in without u Mihi the Lino St Jilane fur a Little rerun Tiki m i mint the Bowling Alley is made o Maple mid is of Tho latent am the shooting gel leery in Wilsn very the vary Bent of liquors and cigars import ii in will Lvii is i kept n inn in i Riih his birr to to Luaui my a new intr Littion which him just been Neil ii i 1 Oik Hii we Iii Luyi i Effim it Piccon fill it the French liquor store Al out aunt i0ft r Iii in now in ten Gnu will the Hai Iii by thu or hut Rili to Iraln Antii by mail promptly attended iiun7tf the Kern Slanc 19th Alrec Bowling Alley shooting gallery and i the usual hour for we Iii j South regaling sports Tho latter Wor Sti of Nuat and vegetables or i the the former the Lush ult my Nair lace t Lam u her i a should lie Given turf in shaded i l 11 a Iii Lori part should he and wept in in Anil to itch in t Munu of Iii Ami Ltd not enl to he ton Hudge i i no the Vannu tiny a 10 or Plum Siai or Virk m a i i an iria v Lex lev i i Sortini m Ihachi nest he Iii Judi order to Lut that Ilia 1 Tiave a that tic v nay a utter Little filtered h Iii it if Jusuf l an m inures is Iuva Luk la uni Iilva a the a tiny Usu Ikiri Pyadie of bail hell it Avih of Iii us Iru i tin in it is in Ludmun x r lir end and Hutter to Calliel in of the proportion of Ali in the it is looked for n to i As a alter i ppr to the summer the girls go n a in the Winter they study until i when they have Ami to is a whole i Theta Aro no and Friday evening spent in or the win i Tfrila i Irving ii Iven to ale is often t he it made to i from Tulili i 1 i in eng the in this Section of country you can not get a Man to pay More than or at most for u fishing whereas up North you rods und reel that Aro perfect works of mounted with the richest metals and embellished in Tom most lavish there Aro rods in Tho North that Cost Foo und and possibly others that May have Cost to prepare fur i like that with Given to ire ident in the where the in Little concert Lishi Ogrod is neglected and most h makes a pleasant the Fowlin piece u the expensive there Are plenty of men in who have shotguns that Cost them Fiou or in the j they do not use them very but Home neighbors they take them out Outi in awhile and i look it and cherish them Enrit is an Art connoisseur a Hue Pictor or a Diamond collector a rare i tilt thu tier Lur the in huh i leave 1 i it a Ilijin y do nor the Iii Ali f1 t Futory the itt or in ate Alii four years her at the age of ii if already blown As an Tinl p t hut to i 11 hit a wrote inn j Henry Ste Munh who Wales Over the Noin de plume Fri id Ney in n literary at the time he wrote it was written he was to clerk in the new York surrogate i with but Little Leinore at Liis com says a writer in the Lionton in to he used to come Home fran i k l fret up it Vul till it was find to to to Las do i tics his wife up with hindu him n cup of a Cronk Colter und him in and twit with him while l in weeks he Hud finished i i which was in stun in Juvelin the j hours of it and s in the i then he has Bis i id now devotee Jiu Days to literary Chi ago private in a id Turc on the i i i ii Iuit h a Jav Linell Viilu i of delivered a cantly in said the justification of music Lay in it Imper of enriching thu liner mid utter of human if soft und melt inspire to the ill effect u not the natural Siut Tho private it the Timidi dual listener our rent the ii Eraki Ornell in n 10 or wkly Titt Jurof York i a a Tacawy mount Tom oft Uumo robust health in not id ways Emlyn by those who hem to the taint of corrupted blood May he Sce itly the in the Pozun will certainly show its and with nil the Mure Al Rillene the longer it Heen allowed to Purine site the Kraeh skill disorder und 1111 of Ipiniu itral or h one of not Rem of the of Ayers Sarsaparilla is the Only Rani Fry that run he relied in id to eradicate Tina in of hered itary disease and the Yii Erial in eruptions of it is tile Only alterative that in Mill Cinelly powerful to thoroughly cleanse tin system of so Romulous and mercurial mid tin pollution of contagious it also Neu i he poisons left by diphtheria and Meurlot and enables rapid recuperation from the Olifee Blemont and debility caused by these myriads of cures Ai hued by a kits s in turn and there is no a limed at All of thai will not yield to whatever the of this wherever from the Murvy of 111 Antie to the Veldt sores of Snulli this Ivin Edy of lorded Healis to the i lie re re by whom l even Shenean die wit i in their perennial of remark Able cure where All other treatment had Chni Cople will in Well to Trust nothing else than ave is nuni Erous Erudia Nii Ture an to Public us he Neil i Lii Oulu ail dirt the patient with of Many cheap and with which i 10 while i in coining inure dip mailed and Dit Tiuli of some of l he mixture ii much hear in a nil that onh indic inc that can radically purify tin vitiated Lull Hal is Ayers he Ayer sold by All Oriiz lists Ricc m six unties for Chicago i i Alan All j i liquors and cigars i won and m stame 19th St and Reid by for Ani Iii in Niibu Hay and Grain for ii a to Oleneya 18th w and Counselor Law Kkt ail ure Patent and toilet window Yoou rotely Nice of i int Doc Walters 19th Alvin and Counselor Law Horn a Touney at he and Fuhn iture of this hotel in entirely now am hotter Oak 1m Hurt in special can he made Foi Board Anil rooms for a certain i kith of meals 25 Beds 25 the City bakery Luatt Rchrd to Tom Bovo whore Frens Ruad can ulna you to and will to do Liveret Luciia Tomura every Chester and dealer in All kinds of professional he next door to notary Gen unil Lund Chester Avo you qty All Orlif loft St Tuo office re Toivo duo Mhoon flour nov attobney8 at Montgomery a san f omce802 Miil Goiner Kornn 57 Anil and in Medicine a surgery Cariap trip mini a Lenso Call examine my of on and before 19th in veal and nil i Riidu of salted bog Battery sax Ideiil Iii giving i Tine cd inuit i no u to i i ii i ulal engelbrechts Sampler o Home made Bacon and Ami found in a Chester Bel express and Posl office Kuspit a Complete of the Shim of muarantei8 work and 11 a Refeil ainu dues cleaning Idle England nil am ii Pii t my Block he fori Kun ran Teil or no Jyl Olf Mati Kwh Conro agents Edward Aschermann Al Cis Battery san i 12llc Central proper i i Iii 19lh Street up Lacopo Munroh society k of j03tx Kern k of p at Ivory wed neb b00d f is Jan Ltd Baker 42 n sow be fit every first nil Piilua i j my l used by evening of Brol hem invited to and on this inc a of Kelt i moot it their Hull ovary Bat urdu visiting in Jour ii Broth orb in Good Tankink n0 81 meet8 their Hull monday of Loningh in ouch week of amyl loan legion of mis i Inocen the list and m Kiich Aio Ritli it their ill it band of Hope hand of 11 of it k Jhn Racli very Hundy at j Oblouk Minn Blacksmith nineteenth it ret Opp Ouita Aduso Tuble All i Iulah of new work mid duo on Hli Oit horseshoeing a the find Uura Milci d oink my a Ruih of Tiik Chin the 1 f in Sill uial till la Blehl Wili d firs class hotel in i Milliner to Nitro the of All off a Nur Aid Trini Iii Lahlum will i applied win All tin und or ill thu t tin ii Anil advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing Rowell 1o St fur to Lugo Iai
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