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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Dec 18 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - December 18, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern december 51 twee u into the air Warui shout of of published every Situ Rosiy Publia Hor and Traat t3it Hii to on i Thuai for atm u l to Vail Littig trade1 la hot it Rill us for mom in Ulk t rim ii Neil to 1irtlci null i mint divil f i inf Lull inv Vry yer a my at amt tin thing you Rumm t my Friend o wind took Yon thu let to favors vn1 brought to my listening ears after a i of nuking Kurit Hittle while they both look uni tiling you Filvin it a fair and Bright is a May Mormur if the Silty with Uhke rather two May hit Ord up your baft of fails Yon Are evidently i sold id the a Haniuk aur Fattu of ten shortly to i she would thl ulc my a Mere piece of whereas it was Furi Ottaly real i said with b demure Little ainu tiption of i while Haworth Mut tired name thing that bounded very like j if you Are Able to stand the indoor i went on in flue we flu go u Tho hmm f started leaving them to follow they once during our silent i heard a a Ninko noise close behind and turning in i found miss makers fan j pressed close against her visage and j in Worth Straw hat hold in a similar to under the circumstances j hut no More at lieu up nil of t i Hli Soui t ror Nln Wonell the if i Daiil his of we Worth what 11 Meri Miry i Shull Ritvo by for a nth Haworth Ivair How positive Yon to your try Nilcio to your trunks i would b army fur that Finiw Bat Ujj us Meuy Ankor what Enyou Imiri Lnu How i Samll non limit Linini next hop a Light the Hunting with for thin la Rel trial of Woven and of waving Lui Lidh red tar Houlday a Mohri und 25 professional it upon 111 Llull l Nway out i in wild my a finer i in h t ii i in i Lirl l 11 Tui i it w i la Lii j i Yir 11 y i i i nn1 i 11 r 1 Vul ii Uris in i ill Vii i i i i i to i la i a Lii if from n journal in Ilii world haunt till in it in he head to in Olf yacht in for nil Day wed ulivo twin struiiki1 i think Ive him i if that sri of am Othur tar Nuiji 1 u hit nun half u if i should Iii to oin fru Iii n wild Tuul Wuy All my Liburt and Whit would Keld in in tliiii1 Kosh and my h Makiri of me i huh h Thi Way i thens Lolu Iii marry my any hurts Larth come 1 it Waild Taki your breath away Hes nud at this very manuli he in in room 1j Maklani Himi self Tau Alful before to meets a certain Lii to ii of it in Wortlie May i would Luin i your sister inlay i when really Drew near inbred h no further of i Worth your a id and 1 never begrudge your with Haworth it 1 knew they work Mitty poor Passy Lut we used to say it and hunk i knew you i Viil Hart you should see hand ainu and und lir own and sturdy and perfectly Lov Lyl not u hit Vlku a school boy me if i in not what with him sound Lovly you und he Iii id her awful a noon to my really truly Atn she sister for All time in rooms too in pid Iid and refund my ill True we Are both Liivik Diirr k Lier Aue the Wuolu a pair of Yuri in april fools hit Down in i Malm Tutlis t your an Rei cures l ii to 4t Illel the c1iaklch Tou leu Kern Valley Maudes stationery Oti Tor 18th retail dealer in pure Patent and toilet window everything new i 00 00 00 to Nuuuli ii Jolly lot Pri Lilit up i have that India mull with the Shell their like trying work and the Nilo Green rih la my by i s my r in till Luil Lill i illlih1 i Iii l walking nut Thi when 1 Taw a i Tinl tin ill 1 Henri Nikii in a Kra Dustiin after that run Diawn t mid Uvo Betsy u Liu a Maori i for if j can Iio Onu Prit Liiri or Thida ill Iii Rev Hur Anil take Hur to the to the of will i Linker Illus what n fool i Lalk Iju i Hii Mun All the Saint ill Luigj tin Fusil us Lla Worth 1 Uii Uhl liar to Loki Lilin us Wall i do i do Loki Hiliu an j i lofty up Tii Lmh Lull ill Uichi Ipp h Lii Iii h ii i ill i u Lri mini i i uni Iii i All us apr h u i it Fol my Hook nor ii of him1 l i Thi Par you and it shall he your very own from this Sweet and in Immy lately Todl Viln my new wardrobe with you on condition that Jou marry Hurt before consent Fez Heuy you asked my once if 1 was acquainted with Nieli Chat 1 spoke to Post Lurly concerning their Charu Teri i there one at a Omeril Dix link dim climb into my bump of Alf cilium Ili if the Hiykel it needed forgive did i Hurt you my ulv stud Hethy How Lovely that Lii in the mall drama Coil of Huir Joea look after your Duft Man an liar ten Timur by Che Way in birr Jim my Elf in bit and thanks for Tho feel u is and a Tell with Lietsy in my i 1 would Muku a bettor Lidys to when i Sei Haworth on Tho maid than and How ilex Emsly 1 do Heil him j you would Ixo perfect in u i h Charm him to Tho i whereas i made in Hensn that looked a Lull with my i who upon a fraud and who was a and old lakes a Book whats 1 Bolleau in miiiiu1 Ihian u Short distance from Ortli null nun Liliu Sidleau of do i with your i to Don Tom Amber Satin at time was in the l about fun h All Thourl an ill hit Ili Inri let la tiiiupmildiiy1 an tin pro Trion of acting and in ii in i Vitot a Haker i am Nohrik to assume of nun thai i minced to trim Dur rational mid try your Luck at with yellow Lio Tomt and hold on principal i Tiu of thu United if j1j All the and and do b general banking business in oet27tf Carp Kutini Tny and of All kit Idu o work on Short orders for jobbing and Given prompt Rulli hair Ali u Luh Kilili if by Tho at irn to brr Ikhi iut i in twin Liui to throw Lili ii to Lett i i Annm Luht it i hit unit 1 ill any 11 Ilith i i ii l i in list Diciur to i inv i Ruip Lilily ii of in i in1 blur i aur1 to tin l Pool i air e tar i hold1 in Thili but i in i a in Tho Witni lit Ijan a la lilo Unap and cutting Book jul into the us fur forgot Pirsli us a us never i yellow boys for told me that then Crew Bilu Leaworth with us oui Ethilia he it by Caw u wave had come up i Lite Toltl ii und Uii docked him but us i failed to Cottier wave i Clair Neil i did see his j in this Way Blue twinkling comm Mioner paid half us much nil Marx i it mid told la Ruttei me of it 1 to Havu known u Kurtli Mike in wild not have Hoen Boullit for a Hli Uil mole i win what on in Atli thut to do with de Hutlin you Are urn youiiteu1 i Pruc Lom pet of my i am j Here behind and a Nair Cui Luire itself thoth i say us boys u no and i never used 1 Thorn to Milow my Vav Havu i nut my heart in Aithur Satin to Wear to the ameriam ministers a Iii of title or so of ciphers was liken Oil the Hill with the after confession that nothing it and the coast j from nothing leaves Ilu us blurs it whee Leih julyl8tf o the tanned and Ihal mint utri it t Mill ii ll1 Llull r i observe Hsihe a Lilly curls that k to make up your Alii How Lovely thine minds of i Nile Ureel Kilk melt into the i wily Mushe i of u kill Iii Juii no tin i mini 1 m Ali inv no 11liithitsi u Yurati 1 dont Iriti erupt Novor mip Riti Lull Youh it Maury Viiu it Ami i you Attr ii i Lii Silil wih Lii t Thi of you unworthy Lluhi Sou in i Viiar nil two Lily Ami Hon Litu on i Liat Iii 1 ilium it sen you or i you i Wero heated in i he Lia Luw of mum1 All three had in 1 thinking n in Iii Onaway for a n ii i ii a ii Mimsi to i Uvando Wii int Miner Eland m Tun of i i 1 in Iirth Kiili ill Al i that ii blur Mai More than nov i i Ai m do you no Mithat rank find at Wuy Huw in Zzz Dre i so know it your0 and Tomt nil 1ili1 Larrs art1 Exi tie 11 the limping real i it if i fur and he knew it was unit that Niy didst you say i at you were with him Lii cum you never asked Betsy a Laker you Are laugh Ink and like a Little what is Lla i Are you related11 Sinrod you must i Al oiled to eur lighten before Tutu i prescriptions Yoou Ransly office of and incl the rim delightful Ilsoe of resort in now Ojon to the mid is without Fruiht the Leneat Pluto for a Little scr nation thu the Bowling Alley 8 made of Maple mid la of Tho intent and the shooting gallery is also very the Belt of liquors and cigars imported and will Alwayn kept at be and try paint will he a Pard to plaque in a new attraction Lii he him just been a Lur i Organ which Pinch 2k of hot the French liquor store Oole agent for John Wieland a o Liger Trio Bent now in thu mar he will soil the game by Tom Keg or hot Acdrech nil orders Tonj orders by mail promptly attended aug7tr a tto Neya w 4 to Toney and coun8eloratlatt Alvin a attorney and coun8eloratlaw Kern a tto Kney at office Chest ii next door to mat ton notary Qun Orul land califor Nuu Cheater ave Walters 19th the building and furniture of Thih hotel pm until Fly now Throin Khoii Anil no Hctor can Imp Imd in thin special Oun he Inui for Board and Rooue for a Fortuin Vuth of Bounty All orders loft it Tho Cam Yohnian of fact jcm7tf Mhoon flour nov attorneys at month Moeuy meals 20 Beds 25 i the City bakery in attn hed to the shove where Fouli Hearl can always he and will he delivered to customers every Hestor m Ano facture and dealer in All kinds of the Kern Island i Cui Atli Linss Imit i Mut or i i vhf i it i Siloro if i is ill i i j to i n i in in at la i u Titi i i r nil in stir Jacii Latzl didst you know it 11 worth1 it v Uhitil wish i by u Hidy sch Iliin buy her n frock of thin Iii brr tit univ i was u of by Wurtlin himself id show Murd by Hen it i into my tin n Puii Nohich u to o tin1 i Iii Thiv were sonic a vial Rothii tin1 theil in i nil Llu Rev Kuril hi1 boil Jet it will be Kurtli Oleniec brother Wlms do you mean that i have been ensnared to Harold Hii Wortlie for the lint seventeen i months Vii in Detroit free tin m 1 trait Iris u l i hit Noil i i j we u1 Lull hot in Xiii Quirt in i it us Uinn ulih1 1 r it dior Kirth Nisius la Lull til t bimki111 1 think Arm timid let me last Tho outdoor in Uch a c welter Ciep Nijma Short to Ortii an i n 1 us Iii or Iris in Gilliu in tour u 1 i Vilt 1 i us i Sioss it they stir ii v a j Vioti it is Aegidi i s i it u s it valuable medical of of Lnu Wii Alinio hum triv of o ii jul be Nurmi in nil n Mill Nihi d in every Civi sized a portion of tin Western Licup in at tin1 it i Vii fur Militch if i it us tin Prsir Vatious mud of i i u if inn Ami und will by Ini Irisy i for will prob ulily u ii in work Ever funny tin Pru i 1itw in i reel pm in it i win by Niillo to 111 Iii la Tell to 111 Illk i half Jakc or Alkil dear a unit equiv us Ion turn a my to in he Auu Aurrli and i i i the let i 1 i 1 c 1 e lilt i Ali he u Lulu to Len i in ii Lul b Zivad Iii it three Tare but Vinci Uini with funnel boo k whole plot uru i inks prices Dirret to Contu Niort on kudu for or Tell boar to and Alveh a aet cont of every the liar you or Fuu Hooks Rou Antii Loiro Matlon cleaned from of the we will mall copy of Kkt to any and la ecu upon receipt of 10 to defray sex Penn of eur Montgomery Ward 227 do ago til Giuili Avon Uei Ivov i or a tin filial rapidity Lii he m Olds ind Friou Nutly dim lop hit tin1 of the Tiro it is u flu old impel i Viry person to Keip lit in i line Ilioyd ii bottle of a Kin i he Kiriy i1e Relief Tinl works us Sunn cure Louill i of Tyml inline no tin Maine Mediel miss Mcdial Iti Tii Lias pm Lucid no Collur Silvil i k1 Cli Kiuly Hon invaluable fur Dif Camo of in in tie sunn1 opinion is in prism d by the of i nver in lilt Tivi Yii irn of Ali Lily Mill of any in Peri Iii f a kits in in Girrat Mcnol of ill Puii of taif nil it not Only up ii jul viri1 in than Ilni in Clio Vanir even bronchial and ill Moutry avers Cherry pectoral not n new for popular conf hut 11 inidiini1 today Miv Iii Thi Livim of tin third Artuer Uliuli who Lii Ive ionic inti living Sikic it was lilt of livid to the ii i household in which this or Hin in tru Iucci Ali cry i us Ever been find then ii not n who 1ms Ever it a proper trial fur nov Throat or lung Bumvu tit Iliof who Hiis nut Huen made he a kits Chi Liliy Pix Toual in Minibel lurid Jobstl note of mid Rvin Uniti Ulm hut 1 Uvrl Many a Jalitus in tie car Lar Kilili notary it if u in to in1iiken in i in und in i hts win third in ii Dothi Iii i Ovid us Aykush i Kicky be i of Trout unit Ogtip and whooping if Plain which ran be Veri Lii he and should be re in Duvall Bowling shooth6 gallery and Cool Chicago Carriage trim in i repair Iii a please and examine my Woodit and Imirse Ocoro Usu Diuri Lior Wardt 19th Bakersfield ulal Kil in Alao All fun venite Grandb of liquors and Karl Union liven Ami feed 19th cauu1aoeb and ka1jdle lini31k ready fur broke to Hay and Grain for Tho very h veal Lamb and All Kindi of salted company 5o6 Battery ban Siisi for and giving full cheap fico Oli malt of Whitcr easy Tern if regular inca Zotik in in port or Export and us Utica Lor Uii dec5ly City a son f fflce302 and Nadia to in Medicine a Bah Keiit f Nnaji Ana Ooi ii be Dinul fln18ur the url Tiili str cot Epi Oconal Churo society k of Keun k of p at Thor Castlo eve in wed neg Day oven Lingat Oclock sojourn Rijk Bro Thorh in Sood Btu Ding invited 10 Jan Ltd baked n g o w meets every first third tuesday evening of Witiuk Brothers invited to w and Uta Iod Multi ugh on thursday of 1c fun Tho Keun meet at their Hall Ivory Bat urday visiting and to in Good lauding meets at their Hull Monduy in each week Home made Bacon and and Ivory think i incl in u first class of ambit can Lacuion of Mih to Leto cuu Nuil to Neth Trio fryt third to Oduy even Lugof Euch Mouth at their Hallux band of Hope hand of Meerut thu k Jhn Reh every sunday at a Oclock Mich Chester bet express and Post office keeps u Complete Stock of the most Achi Onalu hey Ltd of Light Consu work and a perfect Albo duty cleaning Idle England Call and inspect Iny Slock before in chining Butia Fullon or no Jolo of has recently undo gone a Gen feral Reno valium and adaption for the bum Iii Ives Mati Ewh Conro agents Edward Aschermann i the lager it of a better Quality than it Iii Ever fore and the bar in supplied with the very Cho Coit of and the ci8 Battery ban Central i James proper Moon Blacksmith and nineteenth Treel oppo Iitto Adobe Stablo All hindu of now work and Kip Uii aug done on Blini t horseshoeing a Irice the Lowton thud outran Lccy apr25u give me a Frie will to Uoo ducted a Ayers Cherry Ayer if sold by All Bowling Alley r in and shooting which Are kept running Clay and night firs class hotel also been to greatly improved acid now the1 Briw cry Iti Thyl Laott and beat in a manner to meet the approbation of All no of in tuft put up near and train Tuut thu Vihlo will be Eipur truly for a loot family two and it supplied with All thai Market the i Iive Refl promptly on receipt of int Flo or in Are urn Siwl in be i Veitl Igei ii Ouima Imp Betti and of Jan Olf advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of Minlu mud Tho iraqi link that the Houm a advertising m american papers by addressing Rowell g 1o Spruce new fend Jooma fat
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