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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Dec 4 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - December 4, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern december 49 Bounty Sal Forman drugs a shrine and its every saturday publisher and Bow to control str horrible Hli month a Hoth Orn Al in Ftp of Tyles two i am with win of for information i inner two Tyler Niar Rwal wan the Only who Lutr Rawl in Lamine shortly in Fra Doil in in Hii Mii my i uitts in Luzny Fortis Man Man but in to no i to Mari Wolf than in unit 1 me Hwy a Jinn i Only two Yuan out of uie marring it ban protected and preserved my moral Tyler Tom Chomut the itt an a dark with n Iron whih wait off out Mould of him of not dam and looked much pm prawn Myu that her Nklan Tyr hot a Bull the wealthy of Var Felt in Ai ii Antil ill Ami it Lipan a before la Beacino Tiik enl i Jen much no Ojni formal than that we Holdom Loni with her before Anil i inn told or Tomt 1 lie Oij Itah atm Rcd not Ingn enough Kim bund until Thrno their though lie Wim Waily flu lie har he rare Iii to in Ali Ltd lick at i hi1 on in Wax in whom the whole win bowl an tin i intone then Minot in Ilin by Tutor Clem of flip my Lover Tux by of Riding in tin Nan rur with bin nil in Rel hut Rex in in Long i Hiippi shark the in of the will Ali always talk it nun or mom in addition to i Tea Willmart to add decorum i i 1real i on Tyler and bin Lortt Wolfn Ortro of hourly the Minin if bal ii Only Naglit Ninny in Bartnell wed illogic took in bin in ii j oink bid life of Twenty nine unit wan a hippy our Tylon Usk Placo two Cafuir Iho a nil of he j a flu Tyler wan n nirl Halljr out of bar Tiivi lir ii Iii Mian Julia and t i would by of new toll Tylor that in Wlbur lib Eliuth i i Lime my bin two Infix Hloros i inn to on their from Almy thu 11 Humon i Huri Uny and Pri Veitii i took t hair cur Lime Uhrik to i Anil fibrin to tin family their Vulto to in Oliac during Thi return no to new York at in rec Xii at of following acid Ruxi they Buck in and Rene cd Citlai Itma to the hid 11 family a Lima 1rwuuiui Tyler to look Wuh i of at our of Mimi and to Lully n marring with iut to int lick mid ill wan Well my i unix Bollik Tho liar ring Venn i j la Likit to took Pluira in Tyler Teluli it would Impf j Lilac Llotd the Ltd to it at him while 1v i la Rel Bituin Ilion with i a toil Nuil bail u Nii Nilor of Rydl Dromi by him it Iii j or Cclam a of n Hrinik la Haw i a Story to tin1 Ali lab ten of the Union Knob incl and from Ertah Parlia visit win of Lii by who it Ironi in sir to hot Neil 1 Hiiva Iirvin it in Joriel n treaty with an influential o i r Lull Parlin Daiil for i i to carry Aero Rita of thwart with mid term had when the Unis Ilal tier tiling Liat Bun and the i roil it f nil turn a Chat thai work for without in dial or ii ii part fun i 1 n the haul him in year Ilia i urn Kifori the h Horto forr our Aii Jikit and but thin a Iii i have it run Lnu buy in o Supply tin which a Inifi thin incr to Foro in our at mow Ilo von Cui Iii for Barint Fri of Trail Rosini Tiivi Fjell Fuff if i Havu Buli Nii Irh tin Nril tin Liilie in Wilf our publicly to Iliili thai Iii in Leif Only Lii Itilio fur i to jail liver and for Sill the Tunny dih Miel by Tillin Llull Cyril Tell la Abidin Liiri Jelv a cd to pin ago of u or tin Curi of told Tomt a Nui Kibir of Lipini infill Miami Titi Triin hint Lin Echt Loyf and in Ull known for tin kid mid a Yuu Lime thu Sihu in ail Narr Otich und thou mid until Uhny in Rii Strid to i Alt tin lib ii it idiot unbroken up Antony tin Inin m m of tin state All Werkine Many Attao the he Htu behind one of Tho tin Lvi it Lemk in Southern the Church wan founded in on him the of a Temple Bald to Bon that Tocy Vale in a Pond in Lair than most of the very commencement of Kotman his it Ron Tim Thi which Man Bollt for his Orin and after the Battle of prawn Teri to one of bin bin at adorned and desecrated with the la Lunoff Tho pict ure of the holy the to Lief last of the was presented by Cathy inn of Valou it probably can front the not on considerable Arr Nio to Havi and in a h us place that Winsper Hon Littler than Ninny that Are More frequently it la not on Liovvi that celebrity nor it for thai Readom that to Call attention to it i the yearly Monte Veri liw u tin most it is certainly the nowt of All the fes of Naples and the which surround a number of Aru connected a Villi tie poll Krisnak most of the devotees Orang their own prove hons Wim and if round the Mountain toph and rain Trent Niue it in generally Belli veil that gome one Luis Broth Imbt up thu ducted the crowd info rented have to be of Smied and Pockette turned inside and if even the of a Musty i Are in mud upon any he plied in an uncut voluble so far of cellar with respect to the j a Ortity of the Mountain to Lurk carefully All the Torii Attini out of their hair at the strange Iule an told round the held fires of hav Liik Nick acted to do have been struck by inform they could Reid Ali the holy there ecu Trully a touch of i Hijinio Riih in the Way in which i ice a Torii arc and yet a half j belief in still Olive and i other vegetable Olli Are other and More pleas Liik stir run my Phiip u Tinia the no red Star Trade free hmm Emiti n atut to lilt 1huklkr a French i would respectfully inform the Public hit i have him hotel mid am Eonden Ctina it in better Tun such Hui acts Ever been done in county no i Piid Traunig the required menu of Lionel i for thid part of the country better i i i have refitted it rooms in Galtes everything first on ii by thu Day or week reasonable fisc liquors and cigars be pkofkss1onal 4 tto Knya German re cures neuralgia rur pain i Iii i null Kiktavi i Mill at and Tut club los True leu Kern Valley 00 00 of and Trtol Uli u the uncultivated country nun of in str with which is Annilly of unit and president of Tim Ara Dimity of at Cut that Obure wan no run ii known to 1hooln or t scientific inquiry Binil to War irk Are Ninny in Thiis use of Ilea Illy Liere dirty millions of people in he who uie und to Iii arc Many of Khoii Suins in thin country who Are victims of mor in Blosi oin at the time of the if the of a car or Carriage by Chance that any Marriageable who is it will land n husband within to crush without cutting to the if Are by to prudence of their rents or in other unkind trick of Fate they Endeavor to meet each other timid the crowd is Chiist Kintly is Rendle of the and Hun they Lual a buy from the and tie be i ought and Soli on to All cilia of Tiu uni Teil h and do a general banking business Lii do Counti oct27tf us Rock ii no Kinli Likhit to differ Cut Broom to Isle Are Rincon Ijuin Bev think Uliey Huv Niani Keri Iii of Ali Sci they i have Kemp Tom it what Call Malar i und other when in reality u in the in the huh teen i for this Liiri Lilia u that i in 1 Riely by Tigirt which Ion Nln Niani Dan Moroun i l lick to Ltd a Trinity Onn that j f ii tvs Siml liver by Whit Stephen Kava in i Oulu Kii Liiv Ami Vei this is regarded As n kind of if the Are overcome and they Are ruled in the course of the it is their duty to return on the vol und untie the it ii Mill to Sec How Many brunches thus United remain Bow Many lie withering what once in untold Lorius n or a Leas an m lie 111 n a Olar in Iii Lilliey Anil liver Cuil be Millera Floii u Nuvy revelation Cal eve ii ruin a tied i it they High Haiti with p up Ali he ambit a the Parent of and on All Miodu o work Farsi Uhd on abort for jobbing and Whittin the i the paseut of Lusotti Iii or la Van prompt Tia Cleatin nine out of ten a by spa to atom Ilino Verv of tin Pinter you Good Hii Piid inter Furth with the brain and Hloi Nach Cue of the of prominent Hin Ptonis of a weak a trite j the gastric in a disturb Aimee of tin for years i have tried to con nerve the inv Mir Vinci the that Urt irly ill the note the and Yott Ron Tore Eiju Ili Tuff it originate in Brinni to the a most re Hogue of tin kidneys air i liable Nie Dilim for tin per poke Llatet leave orders julyl8tf declare in thai e 1 Emilii were Over Ilin Uty Olibbie a Vonlil Ishup liver Kul nigh 1 Poison rom tiie blood Ami Ulm Heidi ii out six cell to become dil Tivel Uitz a Lii the Emini it authorities Iii Lilly Mainii there is no to in Aioli the Kiln eve and liver to nil the full till of Al air use of Tuu i Hills ii in an us i Power a for if in and one its he when lie thought Wolf on he Rotili wild an i Lii with Bis Lori help on Hli who to thut the worn an that to bettor by he part in that won la him Early f Thi the As you calmly replied if Yuu to 1 Klumill ave you the lie do rect on Tho Litant and the next morn Iii 1 thin u us Guntru Clave Lute and n Ilia Al of Tibt the Public morality of tory Rii in1 i of us i you Nally lil in lev Iomini i Well Ami h alter Yon Pill him n a ii ill Dihins the nine Mill liquor what Hillier Hie Pov Vei could be stoic Iacoli which is far prefer1 Able to Mineral and powerful though they May for us Lime Zierl u Supor Ilii upon the j Hoo ii to and the tone of tin hit on the restore activity to the operations of that nil important Ulm their in sound Ami a Iii nyquil state of tin a whole our i to the action of the Livchi ail How Tiu in of i la i Niue irom to Tho Farmers of Kern for Twenty live years tin bus come out Champion Ilion with every mowing yet although every Viu the luvs of u it Mhz moping Liri is Einbu the inc key if Ikui Ami half i in they prove r on test to be nothing hut worthless j a dinner cannot afford to Perii Picut in machines und o j for the privilege of Droiun so Tor Linbi Mittit j of and but he pan fat turd to an improved 1 foot i m Inch by a vet it tin Low May surely kidney and n it tic of dior 1 Tal Kiiu with the eminent oct Illint of thin Tio Hail Tui Tali tit Imti evils vrho Tann Liim for Eye tre Unseul were afle Cuil Kali in Nowman j test lobe Thi Best people by in in Mililli Lifet Mieir Price of at Hight Noor a thorough of Ireat Niimi Wii Tup Vtha Liev ii Icil More a pair of Eye Ilii Kittey in tin a lome always of the with Wii h others i the or ii or i audit or Kurn we a Mun Narf human who were us Enlil Ait i pro lushly journey ing to pout us us Ihu at Ltd Block with the Var noon t wit inc Lou to n on his and jul owl out of n m two and two twin ten the wife Luule to attempt to help nor was Hizy think her gut Nway with Hie and Nicot stud out and lie Tom Otler Whan us Vyvarn clerk vrho to us attain Arent Jou to soft re with Yam an Salui Tho corps in unlit of this 1arin exclusive to i Wah troubled with chronic Clit Arr Ami s the part j frat Hertik in Trio Bend wus deaf some it a elects tin my disc urges from the and Uii Abii with Uin Nilli the Thi second bottle of Elys Cream Llam a vast sub Lustid 1 was omit client not i add our the Minny in favor of Klys Lialia As a mite cur or cold 111 or it is in Ushii Tii Ellin cd a Troia Ulm the buyers Ociot lulled and i each a if318 l stir Ali or picture gives Ali Oriale stir act in Oil All Kotoun for per Dinul or Ain Tler Telia How to and exact cont of very tit ii you or Timve Tun Roitt Alii Al Cauca from tic nine ecu of we will mall a copy Kaki to any and receipt of 1o to defray exp Iuie of u near from Montgomery Ward k nov 1 or a the fatal rapidity with which slip rat folds und coughs develop into tue in ladies of the Throat und ii a Sli uld Iii ill every prudent person to lit a hopi Elioud u Buttle of nothing else trives such inline Divite Relief and a Vovulis so a cure in nil of this Cirii int of the Muino medical porn Iluccia Lin of liar u in inv Lubuk fur of Llie Lair Oil and the Juine opinion is expressed by the of who tin nervous debilitated men or Pliml i Man he in the Badonna in and i Krial i much it of the us Ion mid to out to Ami Ilerd Ber at the clerk mum Hod away Ciroli i a War in Thiris Flat of nth Riim Umily mud ol1 Tny of Icrene vol Utah u for irent mint of of tic 11 ail it not Only up anything Roll Clink even Tinmu Etc Riuka bronchial und pulmonary avers Cherry pectoral not a new claimant for popular to nil but is Iii olivine which is of maj Relief acid nervous Nav intr the livid of the think Ken eruption Luxor vitality and Aud All i vrho live come into using a duct it wan Kindred fur Olbort first offered to the Public which i Ivlo i i i i i la Antoini Rua Rasuid to Rwy u with full kid to Ivill not live Aix Thonol i Froby Voltaic come Lei Titus Ami thai the entire j Gjalt i i i Buckens Arnica the the world hrtii4i Ili Orilen Imi Iliili in or Thuv of Milf or in of tie Ziy Wouita Tun to live Lii of Voth lit the intelligent phys Rinn Kimwah these Are Siut thu arc not the Iii lev loins o o the till Eye or or of Mich but the Kiil Ley ill till and or Vuil Ami no pan in the Ullins l is not St ran go that the inti who b or Warner in his a a Maul pay Irinete in its ror Warner thu Mies arc ions Unity whim the news Euc Lutc Hin monitory fur Ali us advert Imrij cult nth the Tinct Tui y Mot its l Ioji Wev Tion is to n Cun Utu study he arc Tinli re Appel Chita Iii and port Virly or it u d la give or Riff Iund 1rict 26 for Sale by the this place of resort Jyh Iskiw open to the and without doubt the fluent place for a Little u Tho the Bowling Alley made of Maple and in of the utmost and the shooting gallery is also vory thu Vury bout of liquors and cigars imported and will always be kept at lie and to will by spared to by a new attraction which ban just been s Largo Organ which plan 20 different feb flt the liquor store role for John Wieland j it str the Best Beer now in Trio Ruar us will null the Maiuu by thu Keg or but ail Drobb All orders to Ordera by mail promptly attended Clienter Ostli Holesa Leand keta1l pure j i Patent i toilet window w t took sky am of to fun Onmi chore Tiu Termini i a Mouth the Sui a vats Jar uni cd of the Quad Lii Tho Bruni to u and tinally Thiol from the Goveri Tinett b Bill at u Clu Tago into Ernier bit a leu by Sui Hwy Hon Iii in Little pc Vcra Mil Chi Ilu Utu of of pm Litif firm Stirt is u Iid Truiti deut our for Thone j j and Only Bott at to the but Loury i Tom i the n Dol a his wife would i of the a positive Tut liniment nil 11 Courim Cuta quicker Tomii Audi but live Tvett try u Voo i Agat for i the Kern Island it tall 19th Street Bowling shootib6 gallery and Cool Chicago lager Alio All Favorritt brands of liquors and apr9 Ion Liwaj and Leei 19th car Latefi and 8addlf Motouk Ruady for animal broke to Hay and Grain for Tho very ii there not to Bous hold in which thin invaluable remedy once in trend urn where in us has intr been and there in not u who Law Cuti it a Projko trial for any Throat or inn Tiline of who bit1 lint been inane by avels Ohk Kuy in Toual in Curneil of chronic and even Ucille und cd Many in tin mail scr Utam of Iol monary 1 is a indie Iii that Only to be taken in to the und u in i every a Titre is nol Liinar i food As a v in Chou Al for treat went it croup und whooping Urc All Plain which Cau be he any adv Rind should to re by i Ayers Cherry by Ayer it sold by All company 5o6 Battery Han Suin fur circulars and k full information cheap i nude Linn climate ii bitty of water envy Urnia Rii Enlar no or Export and to of ten ilec5ly City has recent la in Deltrone a Gen eral renovation Aud adaption for the sum Mur the lager is of a hotter Quality than it Hub Erer Bee be Foriando Tho bar in up Pitird with Tbs Vor oho Coit of liquor the Bowling Alley Jasd shooting which arc kept running Day and nig tit liar i been greatly improved and now Ali Bertrury a the Moat Core Fordable and Lieut Vucic of in a tar put up for Hal Wadk and family me and de Littreil Giro autly on of of Alvin a took sky and Kern 4 Broil Rev at Ofick a ii it door to mat non Gen Zirul bund Onuk ciilirovnimr1 Chester Avo Acou rotary of Cleof und did Walters 9th the building and fun nitrile of this hotel in entirely new und o hotter accommodations can to had in Teliin special con be no rec for Board and room for u certain 1 of Fly of meals 20 Beds 25 i the City bakery h attached to the shove where Fridi Ruad Abii always to will be delivered o Cus Tomoru every Mhoon flour nov attorney at Monta Olehy a Sun f 3ij2 57 to Hestor Andrac Tyrer and dealer in All kinds of harness Carriage trin flu c All Ordi left the Camf ozinian off iof will in Celivo due physicians and Gjuul Zatk in Medicine a 8ujigeuy Queanh and with in Iii of mid 8tir Mai Crof Tho Umich medical 79th Ikhi Dunec 17th episcopal Church aug kit society k of a Pleat Call and examine my goods and Baford Noi Dilk Borg Wardt 19th in of p their every we Lei Kluy Boio Iun my Brothers in Tood standing invited to k o w inc Fth Ivory Ili ird Tuch Duy of Ciupik of every Vuitink a United to 5 and huh cml on Tiu relay of each lul1 of tto of veal and All Kim lit of salted Kern moot it Tsitir Liall every hat urn a visiting Anil to i Rothch in Good stun Dizik meets at Hull monday co Singh in ouch week of legion of Mik Jonnel meets ibo nud Thiru Linw Duy Fucili Soulli it Luicir Laily it Home made Bacon and and everything found in Piru Miami band of Hope hand Ineetha tit the Chireh every Bunny at a Oclock a inn Chester bet express and Post office Epert u Complete Stork of the Mowl fan Bionillo Yuk of Nurk Iitto uru Tululu Wurl and u ainu duh cleaning Ido Ingmand and in jct my look before Rimutis Duclion in Rantel of no Jolo of Natl lib Coonro agents Edward Aschermann Chris formerly Uitz my labor 818 Battery san to 12rni Central Blacksmith and Ninilo Ianth Bertet opposite Adobe Bulle All Kuida of now work and if pairing done on Honit horseshoeing a or Iurii lift Lowstan hpr25tf give my a a Aiau take a Long Tome on the v and solicits Bea foam of dby karq1 Thuc proprietor of the Central to Anu Frincu Miod Aravt lib that the Bombe conducted a a first lass hotel id a Maci Ducr to meet the approbation of All Aud trans int the table will be with ail the no rut and tin Dio Glit or in Are f urdu Hwy in the beat the Boane but Beau Rumril Blesi nod advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing Rowell newspaper Stiver timing
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