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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Aug 28 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - August 28, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern August 35 Smrati from Psi smed publisher and one Jewr us aovcmti4imo one w Lii we per n or or in str per each Par Al Untamo Kra rvs in ill i i1 where the bomb there is n certain Alley on the went More can Iwori every Day in any other Mirll Culner in a few ago no a Natl this unkempt Ali Cyan thu Entrance i to u was always partially choked at even Dutt by several i trucks thai in primarily to make it the worthy place is on the evening j of May 4 us Leaden Ehric thu their Anil it Proi Vised a platform firn the it u that bomb waa burled on american i of people dully spot and stand Nho tit vainly endeavouring to j satisfy Uxer morbid a great majority of these people an front Tom i they consider the Onn of j cloth Many of to Lodge by the of to Iii of Theita the bomb wan thrown chiefly fur purpose of with another attraction for country fervently ejaculate it burned with a nasal twang in bit As he Jed woman mid two overgrown Hilt is tin Nuarl ipod a them fill i thrown that nor Boom right Bruni that air Little Lane inter Iho Jill Vir main the spot with yer own Elim the i Ivy limn Ami the two Weru my ii with thu in Ralty of t me an the folks All tinny Fritton in Ianer i bubbling Over with Adit unit u in Anaed Ter a every Lul when i Hern Lieut i Ritko nid olo i ill inv not Lii Tew Atid an i Cirini the there Are Many who Aro not who thu Thoy arc who arc Pming through thu and Over no minx of thu big they him a to take them and Heckmen Witri not Long in lug that none wan Lou High toned Blase not to Wuh to the fatal spot in Thoy him in thu lint along with the the nil the it Cyk an nil one of the tint to take to thu says Tho place is one of Best in Point of into cat at anything on the a Elmr and Sutter for tit he in it me to know what Uinn la about lha darned old Alley to internal old with silk hut there the that go All to Placo Over i pull no at Tom nil Aing heres the when the bomb was then Waits fur orders to drive Ive had thu Attr nasal Tot of old Fellers with silk wide nil Bald patches Tou Evtif set on an i pm to the Plant they mix into the they alts mid Anlu a Way it their looks at the Alley in then at tha or Back at Tho 1 to Wake up an drive hut now let pm sit them Chartty i have noticed that of to Iii Cote Frixen Tho Ramlau i Giuin Theyra unday afternoon fewer nil Mort City than on Nuy it lick in the visit of Tho am and ror with Louir a a ruin Thoy loudly Don ounce the and nil he by Orcas lunacy Fellion with Hais Inu Uli talk to to further in a Furet Tuii Anil then Swap Aro Confin etl Purtic Tiute Many Well Mami opposite Iii Ulley and Kauv it tin Strtt or a few nil thru pass Teti dunce of human kind Lovett Tho scan of Blom hed 11 nothing but u still u for Vii and even Aru Xiam lint in hol Ruml a ainu the spot where the Lover of nary Queen of u to lost hit life to Lii Viilu Rutm Keith or Jan pro Nix in hta stronghold on the Delaware nor Jan Bra Las the re Nymander of fort had such non roof Strong reasons for calling their Settle the Manta Sweden the people of Many a town to Minnesota the immigration to the Northwest from Scandinavia has been beginning a few years before the War of the when Minnesota was the main Bunting ground 1 of the Sioux it continued Small j and True Trular until when it began in a mighty and since that time it has continued without serious interruption until now there Are in this country More than swedes and Norge the great majority of them being residents of wisc on Nebraska and for forty years previous to the War they Bath until cold in Teri came at the rate of from 100 to a since the rebellion a Many As it add a few word 4 on the of where the to through if Rutth or oxely plunged in of daily Spong Bath luf u tint Tel Vanir untold to the let a not lit frequent colds from the victim of chronic Regin tin practice of Liik a every com Inen clix with tej ild water in n warm not and following the Spoor Fig with friction that will a Muce n warm glow Over the Ami then Tak n Rel nuts walk in the open Serif Yon do not return with a Good a for having of Ghiare free and Chester 18th temperature of the can Horn with the Dally told apron gang of n Bens tic Throat 01 Luigi in will often air cult satisfactorily if Nerkitt fitly acid Conlen Tinsly Fol tin ant breakfast sponge Isth nvoldc1 by the Wink Peron and the one Whoso Long Are already thu re Icelon following might not to Strong enough to prevent colds which might hasten fatal j another use of the cold Bath u to by calling the blood to the the lunge item Bruin it relieved and i conies in it is on this Prin Leple winding of the leg in a cold wet Eda Cious in provoking then in still another use of the sponge hath must not be passed Over it Par excellent for thai Anil by the Modl Loii of Nick Sailor of alcohol it i made mid it the same unit i it 1i thu Only form of Bath that can be Given Fuji stricken by the Layman and when soda or rum been care being taken to Sfung i Julie to prevent wetting i no results can except in the Whit in Good Hou Sirk one Wuy to or melt the House exhibits of the Vari Ous cities of tin United states Are upon vary Rood of Nulu they whisk but not to the out it Jimi Erifilly Many of their Iru i had u illustration o this yearn i Wuh a director in Odd Bank Anil Hui an per noun Friend in another and to of ten com pared Ono Day we were passing a certain Tisl Ami my for Loti remarked thai hint Man doing a nil had n Deal of Enterprise that he de1 pm Lump Large and and every few Lynn at he and he he Hail accounts at other j Banks i had Tami watch Liik the Mau j referred to fur some and the remark rather interested so much so that 1 inquired More Tut in when those deposits were the last one Hail been that the same Man had drawn within the amount deposited out of our a couple of latest i returned about thu name it continued that Way right robbing his account in Onn Bank to make n show in of u bin Cash business it wok very but As you it kept up appearances and him Good credit 000 of them have arrived in one Illinois has of mostly on half of the number being in Iowa Are about equally divided Between swedes and Kan Sas has principally White Nebraska Baa the majority of whom an of the same in Wisconsin there Are mostly True also of Dakotas Minnesota Heads the list with about most of whom Are Ute balls takes men of Middle who remembered that boys the picture in their school books of a norwegian killing a Bear suggested a Conn try and a race that were then a Remote from us As the Soudan and the sudanese now will be amazed at these but they do not Tell the whole the scandinavian has liter ally taken Possession of whole counties in Tho and the civilization which there obtains is that of with some mod locations and rather than that of the United in More than in any other the swedes and norwegians Hare impressed themselves upon society and at the lost census Tho native voting population of this state wan while the foreign born Voten nuts Breed in Only two other states does this condition of Nevada and the foreign born voter predominates in every congressional District in their smallest majority being in Tho and the largest in the in the first place it May to said that As a body the scandinavians Are industrious and they Are More Clannish than the and More Doolie than Tho Tho great majority of them follow although there Are Many in the not a Tew Are 1 possible engaged As sailors on the Grea and several thousands of them Aro carpenters Ana of a scandinavian the Man and wife who own and operate a farm in or Wisconsin will hav daughters at Domestic service in some adjacent thousands of the bes Bouse servants in Chicago Are from the families of scandinavian Farmers in the thu the close Economy which la usually practice b Young and old of both Tho absence of up reeling habits on Tho part of Tho me As a the tendency of All to attic themselves to the save As they Ca better their condition in the am the kindly and helpful disposition Wulc they How toward each Are All hav ing the effect of lifting these newcomers to Independence and Tiirik Council they have their own most t at put florists and Tuk Cuales toil us vsteiole8ale and retail dealer in pare Patent toilet window prescriptions accurately office of and Duel Arlington professional cards attorney Bah the rooms Are Well per Day from 50 10 firs class liquor cigars Conan try on hand at the in Leta Ami obliging attendants in Uvey w a tool they and Counselor Atlas Consumers there no imitations of the i reliable Pace Tho genuine has thu full Pace Chester manufacture a and dealer in All kinds of it Juno of French i would respectfully inform the e Public that i Hare Iii mix this hok1 and so now conducting it in bettor Stylc thin Sny Stich has been done in thir county in Ponman the of a hour for tills part of the country better thin i i Havu nil ipod it rooms in calves everything Board by Iho or week at reason Solo Fine Liqa Orn and cigars at the maj80 on the tin dont to thu you arc imposed non if Summit i am now pleased to announce to the Public that my hotel u completed Tuc filled a tits new Anil and All modern me a a w Alvin and coun8eloratlaw a to Toney Kern to rotary Chester ave Smith a ttouney8 at Orrice Cubster next door to c All orders loft St Tho californian Rill Rota to duo Mhoon flour nov attorney a at Montgomery 8nn a Sari 302 m rooms 27 Sprtel physicians and please Call and examine my of oils and Buforo bonding Borgwardt Mccoord graduate in Medicine it s f Tho Queens sa4 of Royal collages of panic tit a Tahr of Brit of 19th Aro not on Tho tin a Mountain 1ath in the path is very Steep and gains itt Way with loops backward and Forward on the Flea of the at the head of j Many of Tho turns the Eye looks Down Depths Over which the head of your mule with a sleepy indifference quite Hull Clent to shake ones coming up the path Are indians with heavy of earthward and other their almost naked Bod Lei streaming with Tho beat of their j scandinavian mutter How almost the poor is without is Church boar their toll and take Good care to to out of the Way of descending they say the reason Indiana ride so Little on horseback is an old decree of Tho Span which made it a capital offence for although there Are Many of the methodist and Baptist and fifty newspapers and More than half of which Are published in Chicago in their native sep ply them with suitable no Aba less in veal and Sll kinds of Walters 19th drug 10th Vii Copal salted Ono to do and the fear Tingent in their though thu edict has Long since been hut it is Raro to see h mounted Indian on the though to often drives him pack mules 01 t Hap annl to be in Ono of the of the Hospital porno time my a lady the other at Tho hour m lha Brlit Ninx of the Short the children Hail been per Parl for step it was h Iwa Tuul sight to to Little in Liua in cuu Anil on and now t Lay me Down to and even Buntt Ful to leu Thorn who toe we to Row lifting their tiny la one poor a Lyllo by in Zutaut Corker set up wet Tang cry i Waul to to Home i i want to go a knot u of pilots at thin Haa just completed a design for an additional or auxiliary ships the which will be Conslo to in convert aug a portion of thu after lower Purl of n ships keel into an additional worked by Tho regu Lar Ltd Der it is a ship much More readily than the present and would to of Groat serv ice in changing a be motels course to avoid a collision or any other similar Lovello says that he was led to make thu improvement by considering the tact that ships Aro at present so easily i carried and no today than Thoy euro 300 years were so very much j Deil people from the great Northern pen and where them is not wealth enough to support a that functionary works on week Days it the or it Tho Bench the same Tut other and Pru j pares for his sunday labors during thy j singularly and the scandi notwithstanding their Large Are not their go Inge and coming Aro All quiet their proceedings All Thoy do As 11 Siguro to any the in the a Illch they Are no turbulent or if by any Chanci during a political Campaign n few score of them can to to Marca in a they Aro a do Ranuro in their deportment a if they were in itt a funeral not Given much to indulging in it in no Tjun Dity or and caring Little for Bitch o them As Hare an appetite for intoxicant to Are Mai rifled with nothing weaker than Al Coholic but the Bibl Oil scandinavians must to comparatively few in number or else very circumspect whup under the influence of for the police records have very Little to say about Ono Peculiar thing about these two Kin Job printing of every description neatly and promptly executed at the Gal Forman insult of Europa la the Sublime contempt in which the swedes profess to hold the nothing hurts swedish Young to Mimi More than to be taken Foru and she is not slow to rebuke the Parson so the by veda Are generally fairer and taller than the wont were taken up and from Many a cot it thu ours Intoy Mik 1 Kiivit t thu Nurte nit i a very hard tar you to Bear u but Peet u her tidal a lust and toys White Avvis time for such Aro Altro to nil tint other la lilo the lug very Fiti Virtly ail evening no us to Cam p n tonging for it the Vav u by Tut my Art to a Llover Tho human Ever from the bad effects of thu Uichi often literally poured into it for the Relief of liter com other j who Aro Apt to be in a the mischief done j Stocky and like Many of Tho j bail Uku Licquia Leas than that i swedish girls who have bad 1 Cut quid by if Thoy who Are i benefits Good Home training no highly or Rhoun prize by american and they would guided by Tho of Tho Anglia a Laa Nige so easily 1 of Pitt Luu who Iivo thoroughly with their fair Lihi Aud i to Luu Ipoh they j it Isof Teu Ditt cult to rec Llumi Thoy i would in Viry Iuno Nncy obtain univ a wed i ski Aid Der Ivalieu Iroku in Liouns Tai Suimin n him Hlinik and at thu time n thoroughly j a vol it Gelavic and in of Ith dams of n Tihin at not in Tim Fiuri Louil bit Civ what b True of them is True of Uick bark of huh is Regalli Micir Flag jul a he Nodi Novian soon of every Trace of his own and Pei tit uncut by us anybody with to greater ail Oferl Rock Ottil to Ami by i or a turn 1 in the in i stat an old Bill that ortday i Sald to him attain matter with Yong Cint you invent for Uny the Ling sinew Youw in this you never from but if they it bad Law i want to to on the record to Ejrup wild Cherry if tix to Trowt Ingn Siruhi Ira Tbs Sod ii u in Toto to a twp any hard t to match for i by always Tjw cough crimp and win in thu Kilimi in Cine it u Tbs or Matt to hard and f tin pm by Fik i Antony no with a Tiv 1u Kluj Hilu i in Vav Lynu to tuis c a Ual for us fro i a tire to potato did it can i or Otler Urius Clil Coultry Chi licit cure for in be and part of the patient to he of the or wit thuring at of indigestion Are Farmers attention Only the Hind Kurt Oil and hand finished Needles wit Cutter Eich Price 50 Aili Yoni Lor or Kidir Fiton the Notum will 818 Market 8t of the Best Italy in thu mid hair it Iun till m the ail Htiu Eulalin Chr i Cir re Nihil to Honl Ahful u Stop tin of Tho Imir its inn inv run and restores Frex Nihn of to ii mul White with not thu Folly Ului Uri u of done by Halls to vegetable sicilian hair Rekeweg Iff 311 Franklin fur n Rittu Aliuk if in the foam in r Oft Rapi Tlly int quite hot lie Ftp Haik 1ik no we Blu flit it look Brown and thick we Iii Nhu n of near War Luul Marcoly any liar nil a Bluit of it nil nearly Halls Luuri lie Newm Topi i in falling nil i Pic him n luxuriant Miciul til it Brown and Fucili at lie Ever i a Vii of Nihil tiny remt Iii fit i of Halls hair it Kilnk my a Tiki nully and Rrt nud Lorti final Turtlf Lii Tun hair be Kewei ii Vlam for Luis and Owci uie natural color to and Teray hair us Kekk Iwler to Youthful no Injia Louii sub ulans enter into Tho of Ciatu am to ii not n its vegetable Rindir it in the draft acc Lirlin to tin Wulp As to preventive of Dan unnatural and unit it nut make the Lnor dry Auu like cow Iii Index Nilli Buckingham Dye Fok the Home made Bacon and Anil everything found in a Firat Milass Lii Tift of Lull the building and furniture of thin boil in entirely new throughout and no totter can be had in this special Saran Lumenta can be Mode for Board and for a Corurn length of meals 2b Beds 30 k or Kern o moots at Thor Oasle every wednes Day evening at tag brow note Good standing pm Ltd to Price reduced to per Twenty Gill rms mixed with Colin wan r will make twelve Hin and a nou Luher of Hoe a cart till cure fur no Littles Patent powder dip Ilia cd inn Antly with Prev tenth the Fly Furnin in pack Auu Ihire in Hull Lcuio to to Ivity mid m a 7pouml tic i in Hiipfl Irinel to dip one Hundred 1i per Baker meets every Viront and third tuesday eve ninja every visiting Bell 400 California Ngu in Han something Quackenbush sixty milk 7 tit Wensu Silt yet for the City bakery Izat Rchrd to Tho ii ovo where fresh bread can to and will to delivered to customers every Central Thuc hopi Wietor of the Central Renee Cerully Ninio Inich to Imp Tho irn Velini that the Hoime will conduct d an a firs class hotel in a manner to men the approbation of All Reg ular and Traci Tifrit Tho table will to will i All Iho Market and the single or in Aro Furni idul in the Best Tho Homo Lisa been remodeler and refurbished Jun Lotf and dare infield Tot Hulond moot Liim 4111 thursday of next preceding the fall of the Moon of each French a Ken mob Tat their Liall Haw urday Al suing and so j in Good Randiuk Justice meets Ali or Hull Mon div oven Inge in each at of american legion of hi8 Totton Micou Tho first Aud third tuesday Tush Mouth Hall at in band of Hope band of v Iii mob at Iho e Chii Roh Corr at 8 Oclock Mich Jean in t your Katf crts to Lului t i Umil ii mkt in Tuc Mill Vita but Cut i Bate t i i Ihk Rij whiskers in four Nui prior to All will per Tami n at rat Brown or he Rockir pro Uewl cd Uzuh in Cuil will not Mill thins with which h in of Moro a like convenient of Tuuu Rution ban any r of gel Valr or Buker Ron Law it Ilo i Timmy Uff cml 1ibr a Kilt directly length of 33 about 4 Cal Moo or the regular by or Long and Aholt these rifles Are Safe to Quick to oper and reliable in every the Bartoli Are accurately and can be Faut Antler detached Tut packing or carrying in a Small the workmanship and Fiji in throughout Are the and each Rifle la thoroughly tested before leaving our Send for our illustrated catalogue which Alto our air carpet foot nut picks Book and deck nearly an of thew Woodi Are Well known in the Mir Kurti of tue our Bdl address the we respectfully Call to the attention of the Public that this hotel has Boon thoroughly Roll Ltd and is now pre pared to accommodate travellers and boarders better than the table is Par to have engaged the beat French Cusk in the Southern part of the a Good two sup plied with the Best of Oiga Sandim ported French a thable and food Yard connected with the Victor it it iliac Pilot omd a oreo to the App Calioo of James b now opened again and in t11e Hougui the table Sinai Iliad with All the delicacies of the sea and with the High priced of Bah Blacksmith nineteenth 8 tree t opposite Adobe All kinds of new work Anil lie pairing done of Short horseshoeing a 1ricci the to vent Sod if give i a for hts the tip awl to electing a Corot Price so just Cit bold by or like ii Bijj by All Iki Akra in from Only real and reliable to All repairs m arid juju try done with new and and Workman ship note fruit arc build it Fly Donl go the wrong in connected with Tho where can be obtain ipod the Ului Cust Lii Uorn Aud Fine convenient Lolard and Lyking Pur Day 91 m Lipoma per night 25 Aud wac Jordans museum of Anatomy Market r10 and learn How to Ulav nid and Bow Wii a Fol you Are 1rjvah 211 ovary ii Vaulta Liun of Lott til Din Bend for Nep Loly advertisers can learn the exact of any proposed Kneif advertising in american papers by addressing fend to Spruce Tor
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