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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Aug 21 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - August 21, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern August a mtg flirtif0rttiati Otumfo Polky Timohy i and Yser Hli j 10 Burmm pay Aba Flani or Kunh pjs Al known to to for til lots dotcom 10 mate per the Tower of Tel me about a nor in in on Hanifl for some of or piled the Patel attorney to whom Thi request writ you cant ban any notion of the phenomenally a Trungi that Winic that the want try Jikit a nth the of Pitt Coli j no Nunt fall Over in my chair v fur the reporter who in n hurry and who that Tai lawyer wan Branch 00 into a a font buckling Down to Thi ill rive you menu Crank win j Hornas who represented her Riff w a native o to Jurn had a Rerp Foi what he called he Vankeu Idu Tully Carrl Ril a Sample bottle around with thu in Ottle like that in which the fat Lynn and it had a tilt red Cork with a pc tire on it of a Man will flying Over Tho Thi waa of a to of satire of plunk for the great Posl ton of Lam ranch talked about us Gigantic feet or twice Tea height of the designed by Engineer of tha i with let to on its sur arts and to inc Thobias said hit elixir would Maki Date Orston the chumps o nothing it been attempted since Tower of and scientific Progress May per Mit of those whom dispersed of Tasir impiety to carry out Symlar As us workmen will soon begin digging us foundation of the a description of the plan will he of the base of Iron is composed of four of fifty feet a and diminish ing the which Twenty feet these four pyramids Are Sepa fated from each other by a space of 800 for stability they Are anchored in two hand Rel and thirty the ground these Are a alts by a gallery fifty feet this which is covered with will is a sad Tor the Imit Story has a covered with to fast at Tea in melt a with and from Torraca us a position will be lighted by Cloo will reach the dome by Means m Var of these Ilka the will is a Laos in tha four and to pm go san run times As High the column but not Osi top of Mont the eyes can its barium or Foo and com with the tue lost in the Asid us wandering through us will All seam a continuation Tea depart menu of Branca will is Sawr have been no a of us i us ear is drawn by a Cable Aud the to a steel so if the ssh aka us car remains facts Josd to that is us system for toe sum in addition to tha four in totes and Lav Chw Spota am Roumen will be us Lalaah with their Pluto fitted up with a Meulio to n will a Rantan ded by a Kex Impo Melbla can be Toto Jamb Speert two Vaulta to a Tab Dat Tolou of lilt of the inn and l to follow stars i Narty is Pero Elved from the willbe placed in study will lower win form an 1m and when there is a tin the Tower will be bar lightning and not eel Anysz to produce this is Salt to Condo for a distance of lightning will jump to Tho wit i con to us constr Netlon of this r will Welgh about a1 very us failure of the i to it y for at tha will to oscillation Elf Tel time with an Imp Otu sirs qty fast n Ami a of w Cranas to a Piura tha Tower will not Sway Moru than four with a wind too a second a of us Ito Imide a oscillation will not be morn than six the Oso tattoos who be very slow Beau so of us gnat length of the part which Al and it is certain that it will be in of Uto Sla Solty of the mortar is the wind plea Era grow nut i tin human indy inti Thi Dosu to Occam plus thin wonderful end Wim two ten spam soul every third and four Tea at the end of each As at extra to make it More i to wanted to dispose of the recipe for with a Royalty of or every pair of wings that growth fellow was such a queer Genius that took in ult an interest in and i tried t find out of what to made his finally i he confided to m in Tho strictest that it wot composed of three Prattt of do Tail Oil three of the extract of boiled Duck three Parte of Flerl liver and one part of Moon the latter hoho collected by brushing the surface of the full Moon with n the Moon he infuses Inu the the Ewe Nee of eternal gave me a bottle of his and i still Havo it in my of Loco closet stowed away Tiik human Ono of the Queerest i Ever met in August of last i was sitting in my office one Rainy Day when then came a Knock on Tho i Conn and in walked a elderly Wolti a red a yellow a Goatee and leading a lit tie dog by a the stranger seated himself in a chair by one of the win Down and pulled ont of by pocket a stick Ai what looked like Ordinary it wat covered with a Chamo Isskin pull chair close up to he proceeded u a bosom the greatest invention of be yanking the dog up into hit Lap and patting it on the Bead with Oil band while he extended the solder to with the is it i spotting him for i Crank right Tho human it will solder on amputated so that Yon cant Tell Treyve been Cut a teaspoonful poured on the neck of a decapitated criminal will cause Hli head to stick to Tho neck and grow than again an naturally though it had Nevei been Cut 1vo tried it on wove a White men who Hod their Heads Cut off in and i restored every one of then to Hoo in less than three i Hod an engagement to go to Persia and sell out my Stock to his Elba Tho but 1 thought i could make Moro by coming u and Here i do Yon want of Oan 1 get a Patent on it i told him that in this country criminal were Hung and not and la a i want to give you a quiet talking manager of a leading wealthy boil to do Attar a a Una waiter today of your us do you Irr asked Tea with Tome of Hare spoiled three Good wallers toe replied manager firmly and you gave the Jum Teul away is a that was intended either As a tuft or As a bribe to the Man to you More food and butter Iofi than you Pat no matter wont us of inset waa us lain to us Kitchen at to Luis and to it that Ursry guest what is Sbott std to and mow so you got no and Faaafe in that but Yon did Jolt a Ami i a customer to Tiu he pay a Walum a month u us to Tesa with if to much As your Buu Tiave the Ami All your pc to by of a Good looked Alt in Luat Light u re Slang without a Hydu inn mini a Coa Utai myself with is Mot son people get the Mega Cut off they didst usually want them Back its a splendid thing in time of to a general with a bucket Ful of this Salvo can restore nil Hli wounded to Ulfo and strength in in Twenty four and on the next Duj b army will to a Good a it was on Thi Day i Humoured him by pretending to under take and i got him to give me the to Capo of his a list Okho told to it was made of two parti concentrated cd tract of civil service re two in Refl real cd two of Tiu essence of a comets and Ono part each of terrapins too urn Brill Handlo stewed Type Metal and pulverized cerebrum Phil Ito told me that without n Smilo on hit looking it Moho solemnly and earn Estly As though binding Ino with a Small pair at i wrote it All Down just a to Gnu it u and 1 told him to come Ngann in two years and i would Havo bin Patent Roady for i expected be would gut but hoho just smiled Hud bowed himself and a and he let thu dog disappeared in a gust of Satis fac perpetual motion is the Wisp that draws a legion of Cranks Uneas there Aro some very amusing at ump a Mado to obtain this one Crank came to to not Long ago and showed what to confidently assured me waa a positively certain scheme for perpetual he had soldered two Waterbury watches to a therome and around them All he had wound n piece of India rubber Ono end of the string waa fastened to the Spring of one of the watches and the other end waa tied to to Spring of the other he claimed that the com Blued action of the thermometer and the rubber string kept the watches in Perpet Ual and with a Horseshoe Magnet he proposed to concentrate what he called the spiral of the two producing Power that could be transferred to any kind of it was a crazy i afterwards Learned that the fellow waa a watchmaker by and that he had escaped from an insane Acyl no in another Crank came to me with a bos full of Gray powder that he said would cure disease of the the powder nothing More nor Leas than the pulverised Arbea made from burning old shoo wan once visited by a Lunatic who declared that be discovered a certain and speedy euro for and and skin he showed me a Salve that he said was made by boiling w in a quart of to this a had added some British Oil and some extract of he offered to Al Low me to teat his but i went away a for eau anal i took a Attaya Dar Shuttl into a ammo juy decidedly est Haftl s retard of my old Damuc one of or Sam Btl Oom the tinkle of Glass and the it boned Clatter of Rulif this such obtain in a Well conducted ratan rank were keeping up a certain rhythmic movement yesterday in a lunching room of the shop Ping when a reporter stopped a moment no the you seem to doing a thriving Busi he indicating 00 he the rows of occupied tables before replied the letting his Ere wander judiciously in the same direction do you know Young Man that i take in enough off that crowd to buy one of Maya Little peae blow jugs this la the time o Day when the god bless come to lunch with and except the pleasure of their pretty faces and soft my Reward must be treasured up in for certain i dont get it is this a straight Tler queried the experienced in telling you sober the restaurant Man replied with much earnestness of take that lady Over for pointing to one sitting no nil Halfway Down the and is Only one of dozens like her every she come in Here three Quarter of in hour ago by the she and her Little boy she walked through until she found a table unoccupied and took thu table accommodates but Ixl love it barely Houija one like she had the waiter bring a High cd nor for Young took off by hat and used one big dinner Napkin to pin around neck and another to Lay Over filled the other two chairs with her then picked up Tho menu card and began to study i could Havo told Yon what she would order at but it took her fully five minutes before she confided to the patient waiter her he Back in less than three with her bowl of consomme for herself and a Glass of milk for of is served with the and the two have made a slow and Hearty she finished a few ordered a Finger took one of the it in scrubbed the boys face and wiped them with the other and in now pulling and setting herself for i Cau see from hero that the Tablecloth u plentifully sprinkled with milk and fed the boy some of that must be taken off at she has used three Large dinner has occupied two More places than she pays sat in the restaurant nearly an and her Check will she fee the Waltersr that too silly a question to in not done with her he added under his As the lady approached Laden with parcels and leading a 8yearold boy by the that just the i she dropping three 10cent pieces on the Marble before and will Yon be Good enough to Check these parcels and this umbrella for i Shant be go ing Uptown for a couple of hours she thank Yon very by Tho you May give Moback that largest i want to mend it by that do Yon think that Stull Clenty secure for an of Prosol parcel i think so but i can tie it in another wrapper if you it might be better i shall to much return i May Send n Meninger for the will there be any Charger red Star Ives from Job Memec and Foiter Jose from Dow own do afoul the of Ulm Tom Kuhi Barman re limn i of Rel la i i n Buk at do mum too Iloh Consumers beware there Are imitations of the celebrated and old reliable face the Oenn lne has the full Pace on the tin dont be Tho initials Xou Aro imposed non i Arlington Chat or 18th Vuole Galeand retail Delehin pure Patent and toilet window prescriptions accurately the rooms Are Well charges per Day from Al Hilo 52 first class liquor a cigars onion tar on hand at the pol to and oblige log in of fit off co of and Doc Chester Rren Cli would he8peotfhlly inform the Publio that i Havo leaned Thiol hotel and am of conducting it in better 8tlo than any such in incr Iirth Over been done in thin county no Persou indent anal Trio requirements of a hotel r this part of the country bettor than i i have Roll Tod it rooms in of totes everything pirate Joa Rdby the Day or week at reasonable Fine liquors and cigars at the and dealer in All kinds of Cariap Traine 4 a Call and exam inc my oot Xlyn and prices to fore Hon Dine Borgwardt Mccord 29th Are not on the tin my22om certainly thank the proprietor and the reporter each Drew a Long breath and looked at Ono an York it oof marrow or Tho fashionable Fop just comes a near to having a now idea a huh Iralu and it is that his being exhausted by frightful you to might to eat viands that will Ilia whim la that beef inn new will do him Kish in unit the is that grilled Bones Are in the latest Viiu of Funru at swell the Linh is com posed of exceedingly cheap it could to sold u Low but if it was the Oil to the Price la i at the concern famous for be Iii thu costliest in tin vitality spent or one who pretends to lie in that condition after a no kit of drugs Atid drawls into Tiu drops languidly Inu a or duri in Pleil and a whisky cocktail while waiting for the the Are served Baru of Aud browned by partial incineration on the and with them come a few slices of White Tho have been carefully cleaned on Tho and the enter taken up Ono in his left while with his right houses a narrow spoon to to mar which to spreads on Tho new York Job printing of every description neatly and promptly executed at the californian veal Lamb and All kinds of salted Home made Bacon and and everything found in a shop a How the human system Evor recovers from the Bud effects of to Gnu Seoul medi Cines often literally poured into it for the sup positive Relief of com and other a the mum beef done by bad is scarcely Lead than that canned by if they who Are Counti Pattil or Rheu would oftener do guided by the experience of invalids who Havo thoroughly tested lips pattern stomach they would in every instance obtain the Iest Aid Derivable from rational this Medicine u a searching and at the Samn time a thoroughly Safe de Rived from vegetable Poires in Coupe Quenroe of its off Umof pure properties m a me Dimil Stimus Lent not to found in toe fiery local bit Tew and Stim Lonu often resorted to by the dyspeptic and cure for Are frequently preceded Leoso of in Ibe loins and loiter part of the causing Ibe Petinot to in ppm to Ash Clima of to kidneys or Toig Boring nympho a of indigestion Are Uncasa Wessof a like producing t very do Arembu after by stung is Aloe Juno item tax film had at to the Appu Easiod of pile Quieti my directly noun ibo Usu absorbing toe Ibe Intel Mhz and reflecting a per maa out Prue 00 to Beanka med toe bold by b j prevailing 165 had by Wisd few Recap lated ten tsum Towl will Jakq hit my Oso Ima of my flt no Niy Tomb Farmers attention Only Tho Oal Fomia hand forged and hand finished sack Needles Wilh out Torin Tho k if i Nordlo Irico w Anil Rinir dealer far or order from the Manuil 818 Market Styf a to a till rapidity with which slight colds and coughs into the gravest 01 tin Llinat Ami a consideration she mail every prudent tint in a household n Busic of Aykes Chucuy nothing Glovik no live nil works to sun1 n euro in ill of this that Rini Ilcent of i lie a lain he Delcul jew Lyral nplcnfi1 pm Liard no Ollor pull i Lequir it fur ill Cann of if Ihram tend q the Opi Uinn is fax Prokich by the of i Havo never in of or Mike Tif any Ion of in to nil Lulu can a Yenn clip hit for of of Throat nil u not Only up i in we err bin la inure than nor thine in Roll Cvilik even if men bronchial Anil 11 avers Cherry pectoral not a new Flavin not for popular conf but n Istl Irlue which in Lilay a Vang the of third Sci Nillon who Liao vome into being Sluco it Gnu first of Leml to the there in not Houn Eliol in which this remedy bait oct Blu in Irod Rcd where its Ever and in Rev in not u Perron who Lian nver it n proper trial for any Throat or lung Lilc of who Baa nut been made Well by Aye Clos Chelby pectoral in nun Berlew cured Obat Nalo of Var Only and even Scuto and Kavc Newny Pat unix la curler cd want of Luln tonary it a Ute lunch requires to be taken in Kun Tell la pleasant to the Ami is in every Worre quiere Aro us there b Noth Bic no Good Ait Ayers cd Kory pm Tobal for Trot meat of croup and whooping theae Are All Plain which can be Ter Tod by and should be n Ayers Cherry Littles i Erical fluid Price reduced to per Twenty kill Nix Mixi mail uni Wlliam Lull Lului Lului to Ulvi limit raid i Illust Kumley a nourish or of woo a certain cure for Littles Patent powder dip Sii Xen with inc Venott Tho ii Tom in Lumi Iii a Fukuki Liuro i Liu int t dip to Ivity flu inti in 7puimi i kunju tic i in to clip Gnu Iii Urei 17 cons Bell 1uc California aug i he ban something Quackenbush safety Cie Toge we 7 tto Canto Sut yet a find to length of 33 about Cal forum regular by or Long and Short them rifles Ore of e to Quick to oper Sod reliable in every the Are accurately and can be instantly detached for packing or carrying in a Small the Workman trip and i huh throughout Are the and each a flt thoroughly tested before leaving our Send for our illustrated catalogue which shows our air Stair Nat and Bank nearly All of Are Well known in the markets of us address the Victor Iii from filhe Only Beal and Stofa Roscer in Bra Rabi All Harding Jonnel to Tansy so Summit am now pleased to announce to tha Public that my hotel is completed and lied Nith new and Comfort Alile All modern give he a John Eveleth Kop def professional a tto Neya Bah w a took sky and Alvin coun8eloratlaw a attorney and Horn it rotary Boesler Smith it a attorneys at Comox next door to Matron cub Walters 19th the building and Iii nature ol1 Thia in entirely now thru ghost anal no bettor can ii had in this apr Cine can made for Hoard Aud rooms for a certain length of meals 25 Beds 25 the City bakery sat Tallud to Tho Alvo Linro fresh a roil can always lie and will to Dull Rod Yocub Tomoras every Central Oak All orders loft it Tho off lot will receive due Jub Lotf Mhoon it hour nov at obeys at month Oseby ban offlee803 Robotti j7 and physicians and in Medicine drag it an guff society k or Kern meath St their Esstle every Day Evenio Gat to jowl ing in Good standing invited is emf to rial Iuliu Itou of the Cental Nimni Inch to Lii Rio ugh and film Nisi Piug that the Hougui will he conducted us a fies class hotel n n manner to in cot Tho approbation of All Roc ular and Trail unit Tubolo will be with nil Tiu Morkut and he Riti gift or in Aro furn Eihud in the Tinius Ioimo lion a com remodeler and Jsn Llma French Jean we Kepko Tulia Call to the attention of the Public Towt thin hotel Liau bean rout led Aud in now pre i Jared to accommodate tru Volura and Borucm butter than Tho table u Par to hard ung Agud to Best French Cusk in Tho Southern part of the a Good bar sup plied with the Best of Zigurs and imported French Aud food Yard Donn Iotov with Tho baked w Teeth every first and third tuesday Cuenl Liroff Ivory visiting invited to and m Butil on Thuri Wlsh of oath Root hot tl10 fal1 be of Buott Ali or Hall every Bat urday and sojourning Brothers in Goodu Randiuk Justice meet8 at their ill i it Zimdar Evonol Nib in each week of Amei Ucan legion of Jib to too coi Noil meets the first Aud third j no Idov Iii Inge of Pooh month m their Hall at band of Hope hand of it eth at the e Chyroh ovary Huwui at 0 Oclock Mich James in Aud Lovely Wilh and and nest class note forint no ii Uil 19tb i w us wrong in now opened again and in the i Adios Lio Piui Kuro the table it supplied with Sll Tho delicacies of to sea son Sod compares with the High priced Bouses of the a bar is connected with the where can be obtained the Eho Cucit liquors Aud Fine convenient room of too 2fiaodfiov Nothof jobdaf8 museum of Anatomy Market go a baby How to avoid wonderful you Sre Blacksmith Andt Niue Leonui Street opposite Adobe All kudu of mow work and Bep siring done on Kliott horseshoeing a prices the lowest and apr25u dive me a 911 Geary of Oniola ton of Loit manhood 4nd Sll Dis Send for advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing Rowell advertising 6sod
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