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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - August 14, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern August published publlch0r and will to principle that flowing and to end of and were streams of this Arm country Taay be it Tai pm Iri oven More than could be i if we had Nti Dun in Coors at Bat they refuted even of Jaue we Retog Nero the fort that if the in respect to Tho claims and demands of mix j riparian Udo Etric by the majority of Fox a whose swung lands Ito to i in tit w of Tail i insely Square it Lin i per 92 fur regular firm insertion or Tri or per known in adv Snew for All Looe Reading Wittow 10 Ceoux court in us of to offered to extend the statim1ht of Carr to the chairmen and members of the Senate and Assembly committees on irrigation and constitutional i o Here o Exten the Tho property of arid porn Ca Juway so m to Furtta Tab them with All lion of the mute wot lil in tax water they might require for their grazing 1 now Ile tire to ski a Brief in r Sixl Stock and to Furnoh such water to Tho Ali Ali were Nitro to fora at Piciw than the com of the Samo kor Unco agitation for info pro in Tho Law would prevent Tho through of Tho common from ruling in Mich a Way a to to who of thu it Roach of the Llata for irrigation and other beneficial it Stan been urged that it Hon promoted do Only for Tho Par Pomi o it Vancik the of to plaintiff ii in the co of Lux Tho u Tho coi Munt font of thu i Perlan lobbyist Sinca Tho Citron Hemion and nulls sauce of pathetic plan Lintn of a Cantor Fox Soforo the of i Atli to thin the Daman Diu i Avo always hitherto disdained la boy took Tho View that to Natter involved Between ton Mulveh Anil to other litigants Wax of tin moment in Conj Parl to Tho Imp of to hint to Public would so flow it disregard it in this they Havo Bun mainly Correct lint As the plaintiff a by Conti nimbly harping upon this Ono thing and pertinently parading their alleged private Griefs no Paar i in a fair Way to finally mantis no Taro Nonio sympathy in yielding to Tho Ludvico of friends and let and to a shorthand at the Headquarters of the Kio Cuativo committee of irrigation in on Tho cd the following which wan immediately pro Tad and circulated to if Hunt rent Anil inn Lifari the mul if Tulili Irrig ii him from Trio pub Lahod Koo Uruu of Ito which Havo taken Platou def uru your joint As will is from various other that a studied Effort is being made to Cru Atu the impression that us irrigation in whle ii 1 Bavo taken and Bioh has resulted in Tho present extra Susslon of Tom has been organized mid advanced in to interest of certain ii Gatliu now Landing in Jura to which i and my a shims Are Sulci Star Lions Aro it Telly without founds Ilou and 1 do not hts Luto to Ebar Alterizo them it Truo that our in totes u happen to be identical with ibo so of lira Many to Bourandas of throughout who Aro con tending for Tea right to divert and use Tho flowing str Samsun ibo state for of lint it u not True that or or any of my business Havu piano set a song in Messura or a single this his shown by thu hum Toni Rouen with which i Wen for a abort Alt of Tho principal Nih Anres and my Ino Lii which Bavo been proposed to Tiu i Truia turn by thai committal wore and formulated Worly Tiu years and Warvin produced into to at is Lwy May Bavo Staoro Blu Modi Lual to in wit Paitl Cular enl in principle they or thu Liose who Are a Eukitis to defeat these Moas which Aro in to intervals of the a Tolu Havu asserted Day Tho hum irrigation committee Are to to curve thu adoption of them measures in the terhost of water As they he to to owned controlled by Hackin and no honest or Fairst Udod Man who Tus a Anit Ned us Jim main pm and Bills will give mix to Tow wit 1 Irr Falion Congimi Lteif Bavo not proposed Mur water system at they i Mew simply or it thud an ablution for us purpose of securing us adoption of and hmm Menh Ohleh will set Saido Tea Doo Riuo of riparian against in order to defeat these have Maui lastly foam tit to create in to Public mid us to Preciou and belief that Joule so before us Upun this s Between loot Sod b and to Furt Bor this in mar soil spit Oarl be Ami Haw them Mado Joor committee by senator of the form of j to owners of cull Way to staud Cox Whu parties in in Trtat to lid i ready today to make these in order i which i have to tar Minarc pending litigation Between them and without conc Dlug that they have any Legal right whatever to the water of Kern River an riparian the land of All Tho riparian claimants referred to wan obtained from the Ottato on the express condition that ibo owners should take the sur plus Waters from Tho land and thus reclaim it from its swampy they now Proton against Baring such Waters Lakin from the land Una preventing the possibility of in being to we contend that not having availed hem thu Laud Power med by my Bali Nam Assoc a and la until red earned by desert 1hn Galloway of Ohleh Aro part wan taken out of a Tver prior to the int Italton of the Mil of jut or Haffkin it Kern Liko Many streams Winch do wis into Tho of California from Tow carries Dursik Tow flood a anon a very Largi in Fly of while at other of year the volume Macli thu St or about which place thu Carlo Way canal was Ukon has do Vidal St is riots times into different thai Channel St one time Bastron in one and at another in a different dlr to at a Bah Tho flow Baa been into Batna Twu Sod Nuro in dry Tho War in swallowed up in Tho arid soil and deep Ami not reach those at nigh there ass been in Over flow from Kern and ukes into Whit is known so Linen a Vista a Low to xxx of Laud extending from Buena Vista Lake 1 Claro Dunco of forty at Ehrean High Tara overflow into Liia swamp Hax extended to Tulare which in Cunnis Rahly lower than Tom upper end of tin Shuffo swamp Given to the Hulu by tax United Staten under hit provisions of an act of of known As the Arka Mua a wimp land the condition of Trio Concession of these lands to the Tato was that they should by sold by the Plato and that Ihu should Ini used for draining and rude Midk the to Tutlo of Miller Lux and Cox a Clark to the lauds owned by if they Havo a valid was delved from us the la Tho so called Hla tory of which is Woll known in that portion of us a Tate and i from any one rom Tho various statutes which have been a sad by in regard to Miller Lux brought suit against Huggin and and the owners of the Galloway and other and ditches taken out of Kern there wore Many persons Are Given in a which i append u thu Wen ask Cal for to restrain All of Liti from diverting Tho water of Kern thu alleging that they were riparian and that such diversion was an enter Forense with their riparian thu use was and a full investigation into thu facts wan had in the hip prior thu Case was argued by Able it was decided by Tho by prior judge in favor of Tho defendants and Aga nut Miller Tho of Arger portion was obtained through Montgomery thu curious Mtmann Oal to Liu of i Lett it feet Bat to Rob to Wawior they attn Aptil to show of Ihms Antl riparian to ibo plus inuit in i Bomortino of rip Ian to Tofor Obj oot Tus it my to mite re nothing to do but Lotteo onto Tot Haikin a and to Harry into the for t i two Bavo to my of abort am us of Auwood of Inch tact determined Tho Prott Mion of Miller v that they riparian against it was fun mud from the Ovi Donco that Irro no natural Wattron Wirso Ili Uina Vista Uke and Tulare it Wax found that Tho lands of the plaintiffs wore pure and and that Miller a Weru not in nor in riparian Ai already this Coso Wail to to a Spremo court on Appeal Tho dug mint of the Superior judge Wau reversed on and it was set Back for s new trial in Tho lower this suit would not Bavo attracted any in snal and would not now be to sub act of popular but for to other act which i have mentioned that in to course of their decision the majority of the in Digwi of Itie a promo court took occasion to announce that Tho riparian doctrine is the Law of water re this in Tho Colloway canal and other canals and Whoso owners Wero Urru located in strict compliance with Iho provisions of Tho civil which authorized and permitted of too Waters of Tho flowing streams of thu Thui statement of Tho facts connected with to Sui of Lux of a lagging it Wiloh Aro matters of should dispose of to assertion of Tho riparian its that Tho irrigation Notomi in which is now Al traction so much at Tention to California bad or has anything to do with that As to question of fact be tween Phooc two 1 wish bore to briefly notice no to of the assertions made by donator Cox in respect 10 Tho controversy Between Bis Lux a Mil and myself and business he stated to your nomm Luies that Miller a had offer i to Compro Uisu with us if to would Agron to give them our fourth of Tho water of Kern and that to had refused to make this it i Truo that an offer was made to us to com Romino if to would concodia to them that proportion of the an has Beau Tow to Woro Many Orlinm interested in Trio canals and had been taken out no Kein River above i Loim Rutn and Kern and Tinioso of whom there Wero soveral Han had Obi mud Tho right to Tho of inv water of Kern Rittir by appropriations Mado in Confor oily to Tho Laws and customs which have prevailed in from Tho Uarl Tut Settle ment of Tho Millar a Lux and Cox Clark Hail not availed then Sylvua of Tho Privi Ickis granted by these Lawn and and had no Leal right to Tho to hut in Onur avoid to Woro willing to Liaku Tho Couce Iliou Doug added by without thu air having Obj ind to consent of others Simi Belau duly saw and offered and propound to Cou so As to allow Tom flow of the a Tenius Buena Vista i Offu rid to Tutor Uit Uia contract to hut but i was with ibo that they do Mindil to Lobo water should to measured not at Tho allow a but at the Point Wboro Iho water would outer the Buena Vista taboo of some Twenty two and far Twilow the Points where us of the waiter for irrigation have Boer i shown that this would be wasteful and Tho soil u Tea hot h Loo River bed is deep Tho volume of water that would naturally to swallowed no by the Laud would so Rcd Ueo to amount fors it on old reach us Slough that the conces Sion which they demanded would that not Lew than or to body of Kern River should to sent it u about forty inks from Buenav Isu through Tho swamp lands of Lux Aud Cox to Lake fall Miller then proposed uni Llucas visas ant Kern lakes should to converted into an aril Reservoir by the construction Tow Omni of uni at Samiu it cd Monte wars has pending in of courts of and or Hijii still Pond in favor of Lite Iju Uon of Tuo court anti rely Agati us cikim4 of la x and tamamm of Ivi Uri Twy took m apes to to and noun it Baring of Tow in that Umi my to the wow Coort air a trial noun us Enid Tho Date Jinn of Tow Kiwi were not Rijia Judora fun tend that iks u not a wit no Ini to us of Kern if riparian by to swim it not it Volmary in ibo to Btij a attn Mwau us riparian but by a mijo Niv of oat that Tow in climb we web Laur to Ritia rum is to i guat Bam to doubt but thai will win jail or a lox in uni in of thu it but to com m4 in in memo tit and oleic stud to began St to would destroy is Labio uni Aud Mako Tho county Tieso so called Ultra Are mom deep and Breed they Hail in Boon Lisle in a swamp Aud am As to had purchased thu from How who had bought them Swami lauds front Law it was our purpose to re claim the soil Aud convert it into Agri cultus to effect of Wheeli would have Tea cite mitc and Tuv counter proposition we Oft Rcd logo into the at Tow hrad of Kirn River a construct Liere Lake Siten for Bieh had already Bacn sur Voyrd Aud reserved by Tom and to to litre Stora a sufficient amount o water to increase to flow during uni dry in Kern in order that ibo Inith retch Ksn and Iki Tua vow t lakes Ami Tho lands owned by vol Lar a lax and coi a Clark to wore Aud offer Tel to defray Bill o of suit storage flu dual i then of Rcd town tent Ahtl u known u live 1iuuevr canal a Betti control enl and we ii in Tyler a Luis swamp and wit Biu i Row Mileo i so give Ihrig of much a a had and this could by to tour Wili Iorii uie wit few to my Vosoff Siax vows of lha to to water for for which they desire they Havo no i ight in Law to the Virtor but Iven if Tho Law As they As a matter of fact found by to court before which to was they Aro not riparian their Aro not non a natural water Bavins s defined and they have no right whatever to the water of Kern be Cacao it sometimes runs through and spreads out Over Ribeir swamp i have Beard a great Deal said about our not being willing to Compromise with Miller Lux and Cox to Itse assertions i Havo Epli cd that to Havo been anxious to Settle the contrive by so Lar As those gentlemen Wero con and that we Wero willing to Mako any Torince within the Bounds of reason to Dove wished to do this so that the irrigation or animation which has been formed All Over the state May not Btl that we Aro in the it whispered around in the last and it has repeated at thin that we Woro at fault and Wero sunding in to Way of be and that finally we would Compromise and abandon to people who Aro making thu i Havo in variably assured he people that to would Mai Nuin on Sund in his contest whether we bad a us suit or r whether to won or lost Tho and that we never would stello u to Trio detriment of Tho armers and Tho in Tho different arts of to but that we would Nso very Effort on our part to Compromise in such a manner that there would be no surrender of he right of the people to a from Uno of n offering these propositions of to have always said that it must to Mado with a Lew to helping the whole and that we Rould not Compromise the principle because we were in the and would remain so until very Man we protected in his rights As an a drop Viator As against riparian Inere is another and a very important matter connected with thin Contention botwen Tho Wamp land owners and which is per input not Only to this Caso which i Havo been but aug to Tho Farmers in other a i is of Tho Kern and Tulare take Ikimis swamp lands of Miller 4 Lux and Cox Lark and they Aro a fair example of in Ilgah when the Snow is melting in Tho and Iho hoods come these Ulo lands Are covered with and there is 11 ten a heavy Low Iii Lobo unt when Iho dry season comes these Waters disappear and hero in nothing left but which become to Ignant and Breed malaria and Ucb water i unhealthy and totally unfit for but these very lands Aro in the heart of he great Artesian by a comparatively mall expenditure of an ample flow of water can be healthy and n All respects suitable for every Domestic Pur including watering str Sec or i have taken the trouble to compile from to recent memorandum report of Tho state Engin a us Tomeu of the numb i of arts sign Well which Havo already Boon sink in sevens of the counties of this part of Tho Tiu which in of great interest in connection with the pending controversy Over Tho Waters of the i append for Thoy do not who or or ditch water for Domestic purposes in any of the Cou Liis of the Han Jonq Niu because to Groat teat it and causes sickness for men or every Farmer either has a flowing Well or surface Wells which Cost and be never dreams of using either Tho water or canal water for drinking or other household the soil is a Light Sandy and All the ditched and canals Aro necessarily built with Little if out with much fall they would destroy the with this slight fall to water stagnates and grass and weeds Craw up in Tho when this growth delay a it makes the water unhealthy for Man or and it is Well known throughout this Valley that cattle die with Over where they drink this for Tolx Reston a huge number of flow us Wolls Havo been and Tho flow of these Wells will Supply five times As Many cattle and people As Tubero is feed for i Havo tried for two leu yearn every conceive to plan of Gnu Illinik water for both rom and from Artesian the coot of irrigating by ditches in from five to ton cents an As Tho How is so Largo that it can to spread Over in extended unt irrigation of Largo tracts from Artesian Wells is a costly Tho flow of water to Iii too limited Lor Tho purpose hut to la adapted for a Lull of Scudo mainly devoted to fruit culture and to purposes of colonization As cur ried on in Southern Artesian Wells give plenty of water for household and fur Stock surf and on experience of twelve Yoars shows that to death rate is materially reduced by Tii Ukiu Wolls Aud obtain aug Good Puro water for stuck and family this custom is becoming there id no riparian owner that cannot get Wells at a very Small Cost for All household and Stock Tho riparian St Havo induced members of this legislature to Otter Bilu to Pav riparian owners for their which would Cost Mill inns of which neither to Puoplo nor the Tatu can afford to the people of Southern California have strained themselves to to twin utmost in buying building and appropriating water so that there could to Homes built the taxable properly of to Southern counties has been doubled and and i lie increase in far in excess of any other counties in the this is Tho result of Aud yet the riparian owners claim the right to Uko to water for their took or Domestic purposes though it would destroy uie irrigation system of thou Tuortu Tubero by Boru some Ulk about the monopoly of i am for the appropriation of the use of a and whenever it is not used for beneficial the person appropriating should lose and forfeit any right to us Waters not so Aud i think that these Aro the views of three fourths of the pc Pui in tue Southern Conniee it Groat Deal More land to be irrigated than Nheru u water to irrigate with at this Umu from the natural flow in the and i do not think it would be just or right to say that the people who have been for the hut ill icon or Twenty years appropriating and using building up Aud inches Gnu taxable should not Bavo a better right to it than thu pc Plu who Cema Aud Yut n Une owl the Supply can be doubled and trebled by a system of aug the pop la bailing should Lugo tue right to Trio water that Urey Havo Sud have the Rita by to turn it out whenever it u in time a him Ratfor Vira will be built and Tea Waters m the dry and to lining and Are los for All useful if the riparian Doc Trine set is it should to in the interests of to people of the still those who re quire water for to thestle can Buin All that u necessary by digging either Artesian or the water in to Valley is comparatively near the and it is the experience of All that irrigation of Tho Lane rapidly brings the water near the and an the cd Nutry u to facility for obtaining water in the Welb is i respectfully submit that the legislature should leave ont of consideration to issued Between senator Cox and his associates Ani myself Aud my the contest for a reformation of Tow water Laws of Iho slate is not involved in the litigation Between ii there Ware no Galloway if Miller a Lux and Cox and Clark did not possess an acre of land in Kern the Issue before Tho people of this state would not to less and would not in any respect to differ assuming that Trio a preme court bad in some other Case decided that to English com Mon Law of riparian rights was to Rule in Cali this role should be set not in Tho interest of any not in my not in the interest of anybody associated with but because the present welfare and the future Prosperity of this great Bute depends in Tho highest degree Pou ibo recognition of those water Laws which have heretofore obtained in the which were the Laws of Mexico before California was acquired to Tho american and which Art the outgrowth of physical and climatic characteristics and no Tiea of the vory memorandum names of defendants against whom water irrigation sni fat Bavo been brought by Miller i Lux and their in Kern 31 any of thews have been sued soveral Iii us Dallas e m Jno p r t James m Chan a Jaa w p Maggie k p d Kern diver land Aud canal 8 w 8 l g e j John c Ezra Kern River water irrigation Thos liar Tolo oin canal Anderson canal Gates anal Tiena Vista canal James canal plan Knott canal a w Mic Mol Lundall medium irrigating Canol j r we b Harry j r r l m e t a ass u l t h u Hub d g j g g w Mordi a h a j p Kobert Lloyd Geo f Goose Lake canal Pioneer canal Tho James Dixon canal r m r j g w c p Hugh a d 8 w 8 w w Jno e f Hod Philo d f James i Dixon canal Simon Emma a h w estate of Jesse Clara c a it butter 0 t we Francis m oar Bartolo o t j a e m g w t a r b w w Jno w we j f j 8 8 b Hen b h c n 8 f Jno g h a Solomon 8 m m p p j m f p ii Jesus t p Geo k l m c j p j j h d a i a rum g o c e j by Liz co 4 wll soft ditch Karn Valley Bank the incorporated companies Tofoi Dinuth rep resent Ndini Orau Stook Noldor who Are Irilua tors and actual to this appended list of the in Tho Hau Juan in Vanloy and san Jinx Nardito and los Angeles Asiu thu report of tilt Batto Engin por up to since which limn tin buy mow Nye Botu of which Fresno of 10 of 80 v of 25 number of 101 total flow in u Kern number of 36 total flow in 34 san Burnard Iuo county number of 409 total How in 24 500 f them 409 wolls228 rein thu town it Hun under s municipal Are kept cupped consequently the co 228 Well contribute to no part of to said Gul on of flowing Lou aug Loti county number of Wells 45lmtal of u of Tho foregoing Wal la Oro not flowing consequently the total flow a no Givon Falls far Short of Murcson Ting Tho to till Afiouni of available water in these it is Intima led that the flow of Lubo Al until Ilure to sufficient water to irrigate All ibo iinds in Southern them has an amendment Lulu tilted to uie to iut no capital to build these wit Bont amendment it will be Imp Siblo to get capital to do 1 May to in conclusion that she future agricultural Pras Purily of thu arid portions of calf ruin u de without wasting Iao by permitting upon to facility with we Kolbo people ii w run brow go burning 1 Aro permitted u dive and to flow it Rte Cut thu we Lun ten of the Al rents for Bru Bitton offered to Wii Traung fur Elwir thin Datum to by done if swamp give which am than permitted in Onur to Tui just n is unjust Antn Verajr i offered Derd to nay w i own Iov i Ramon my it is to bin Gallons the will Supply Domestic of a How Tho uni Gnu of Yatuni Ever rec Ovorn fro i to bad Tho Piui Sodus Modi cites often Litora Liy poured into it for the Hup positive Tolof of Livor com Rhau mutism and thur is a the Doug la Bud Modic Inua Iascu Rucoly huh than that Maui hid by if they who Aro weak constipated or Rhou would oftener be guided by Tho of Pori euro of invalid a who have thoroughly tested Hoste Torh stomach Tiu would in every instance obtain thu Speid Lent Aid Derivable from rational medication this Medicine in a searching and at Tai Uii Iun time n thoroughly Safe de Rived from vegetable and Poh sob in of its Bukin of pure property has n Medici Tinl sum Lent not to be found in the jury local bit tent and stimulant often reported to by the dyspeptic and cure for piles frequently preceded by a sense o weight in the loins und lower part of to Canning Iho patient to Hoha fume affect Ion of to old Libya or at symptoms of Iuda Jesuron a uneasiness of the stomach a like a wry disagreeable Afler Gottung warm is s common bleeding am itching yield at ouch to the application o Rohon Kos pile which sets direct upon the Paru absorbing the tutors allaying the int Eust and effecting a per Nuu unt Price 90 the Medicine bold h 8 Bah Keu Lias used Elys Creim Balm for Catarrh in Bis family and commend it very a lady is recovering Tea sense of a lawyer known to Many of on says he was Cund of deaf i find that Elvis Cream Balm is All that Els med for 1 used it for Catarrh and earache it Baa done me my sister also used i and it helped very a Good Man Are using it out with Good is wealth Means i Denend the keynote u Doug and look beat of outta snap in to cures Straf in to Bron Bitis Priam re Duse gives Relief in Eutevy Tsie Sqq Price 00 few bold by Eyrand not comp Teltz a be ice tar free from eni Tttus and at Dusio Omarra Judd the Riu Uleu Germa for pain at duo Aista Akl 7urctuiui8 Vou Klin Consumers beware there Aro imitations of Tho celebrated and old tillable Pace Tho genuine has the full on the tin lout to you arc imposed upon if in Are not on the tin Job fainting of every Denoral Etlou neatly and promptly executed at the Oali Zoraian Farmers attention use Only the California hand forged and hand finished sack Needles with Cutter in Tho ich Needle Prico 60 ask your dealer for or order from Tho Xianu will 818 Market St 8f worthy of a a cd m i in o Dir Iii nearly 40 in All parts of Tho bus proved its Effi Cacy ii the Best blood alterative known to medical cad Cadadio i a extracted f rom Oak Aravilla Tho Root of the Ken Dino Honduras Sadhu Purilla is its und in Powers lire enhanced by the out ninth of yellow Dock and still Trio Lodi cd of 1otuskium und and other potent your blood vitiated by derangement of the Dij Restivo und functions u u to lated by scr Fula or docs it contain Tho Polton of Mercury or contagious of Tho United who know Tho composition of a us nay thut nothing else so for the Purifica Tion of the blood is within the Rouge of Ami v by Tuo of Iii remedy in it shut pot lilo for a Purton who has corrupted blood to attain bound health and prevent Truus Mamlon of the do Uruu Tive taint to v effective renovation of the by Stem must include not Only the removal of corruption from the but its enrich ment and Tho strengthening of Tho vital Sci i Adi c All Over the testify that this work la better by a bus Sarsaparilla than by any other that corrupted through Dis Easie in made and blood weakened through diminution of the red corpuscle to i made by avers Niider Vilic no Ond building Rulfer Tislow up the by Sacui require time in serious but Benefit will be derived from the use of a bks More tipped Fly than f Roro any than for which like effects Are Media in Fuu Ely u Abun Talaat in the under Rainy but the Only preparation that bsds stood the test of Ami proved worthy of the worlds b Ayers of aver i French i would respectfully inform the Public that i live Icah cil thin hotel and am of conducting it in better Hajle Liati any such i Iii Ever been done in thin county no Wren Undra Tanh the requirements of a hotel or this part of the country better tbsp i i have Rutlt cd it booms in Galtes everything first Board by Tho Day or week at reasonable Fine liquors and cigars at the Summit i am now pleased to announce to to Public that my hotel is completed and lied with net an j coif Ortrue and All modern give me a John Eveleth Bop of Walters 9th the building and Rubn Ituk of this hotel is entirely new throughout and in bettor accommodations can be had in this specs Tel Arran Gumont can by Mado for Loard Aud rooms for a curtain length of Arlington the rooms Are Well charges per any from is 50 10 pirs class liquor cigars Tonat Antly on hand at the poll to and attendants in a very Harding i Juno of mn30 meals 25 Beds 25 the City bakery a attached to the it no whore Renli Creart can Alwa Yii to had and will to delivered Ornu Comeru Ivory Central Thuc proprietor of the Central respectfully announces to nip Friend and Tho travelling that Trio Bonne will to conducted As a fiks class hotel n a manner to Aroet Tho approbation of All Reg Ilar and transient Tojo table will be Iii plied with All the Market and the single or in Are furnished in the Bent thai Homo Lias been remodelled and refurbished Jan emf French Jean we respectfully Call to the attention of the Public tint tide hotel Las been rent ted and is now pre pared to accommodate travellers and boarders Wittor than the table is Par we have engaged Tho Best French Cusk in the Southern part of the a Good bar sup Liedwith the Best of of Garsaud in a noted French and feud Yard connected with the James g now opened again and 18 the leading Bonne of Kern the table la supplied with All the delicacies of the sea and compares with the High priced of the a Bab la tonne Tod with the Whitro can u obtained the choicest liquors and Fine convenient Board and lodging per of booms per and 50r nov4tf Jordans museum of Anatomy a Artel Imrit and Teason How to sad How won private Bead Tor Puhy professional Bah w and Alvin Ney and Kern rotary Whetter ave Smith tto keys at Oppio Chester next door to Malison Mhoon it flour nov a Orneys at Montgomery san a ban offlco30a rooms 27 graduate in Medicine 4 a of Tho Queens irela society notices k or Ken of r impels at their Castle every wents Soolook ing Brothers in Good standing inv Tod to Jan Ltd Baker cd w every first and third to May Eylenf Iuone 1 and fief d a a tiled in outings on of each month tl10 of to Moon of aleut at their Hall us hip 8a urday visiting and sojourning prothow in Good tending Justice meets at their Hall monday evenings in each week of ame Isican legion of mis Tattoo Council moot the first Pmj once month at their Mil tit band of Hope band of Meuth at Tho e Clui Roh Ovitz fund so at 8 Oclock Mew Blacksmith and nineteenth Street opposite Adobe All of new work and impairing done on abort horseshoeing a prices the Lowen tand satisfaction give he a can learn the exact Cost of any proposed advertising m amencia papers by addres u 4
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