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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Aug 7 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - August 7, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern August am the Lifeboat in published every saturday publisher and year advertising Oiw lint a per for regular the a i Oteter my Theca Lotu taut of Flowre f will wet sum All i by to the depart other Folk in th4 meat of one of oar a Nitima payable Legal Ami firm or a Narn Kadi 111 to Uuk known by a Jurii in All local Nading Allgen Timas original Cowboy product of Bough in Borso As if he and air animal wait he near tit realizing the old thought of when they Flat thu he anus Fiat Tolx mounted human body we a order of one would not Hunt on the Pampa among the fan cos for the nor for a till it order of any quicker then it among Tho of toys of texan or Tho Gaucho u not in Umi except that Honrey Way Moru i in More of an for in usually Han jul or a per of Indian Timlen Limmy declared in he High Black and Ropwr or a rid ii Wilder and with either More or no no Willy compels or for Tenn to Needa Only a Clyl heavy Laneil with Jun which to Flat Hurnie and then lib lit also Guntly Dell Huni with Saddle and by Lulu in icily with to when night him and of Robt on the dried meat which in carries Iii ulcer Moru inv Oblu Circum n Aumill Cabin at Pooh Asir Horn he takes huh Tirui Pfosi on broiled in Koch flit the Loii Voitik he when he Boa in thu and in Tui at night to by fed in for months at n Almu to never tastes of or sometimes to bait a Little pulverized into which he Hla he draw Ilku n cod prom it Between Tho spaniard and the Pompon there in thu Brood in arrowed from then he Curn Over hta Hla Pine thin u Uio Kerment upon which Sci his Hiu trl u u Ilku n with lilt in the through which he and allows thu ends of the shawl to hang Down Over Whan bin Riim Aro us Lenneil ill full Luni Fth thu poncho ilk u Almal folded through the old flu und held up by Tho folded thu in often embroidered Molt elaborately and in coi Nih Tat own wearing Gar Lieut by Mil of the tem wit Anvi a Coli can poor Fellows on us with Tho thermometer nearly 100 in Tom wrapped in Onu of Tuuao to Nelly umbro Ulerid tier if in a turkish it Thoy would Novor to blink of putting them next in a prs n thu no Iulo la wont where Mun Wuner it Liko or of Long piece of folded one Corner fastened to Subt und Tho of earner brought up i tween thu and fastened to the Boll la Tho Lumbu worn to be loosely unscathed with Tho Cul Trepa May by vary com but in far from it when they Liko very Loose but when Thuy step it thu garment to to loosely folded Hud wrapped about Tho with Tom Bloh fold hanging Between their Lendur Tho the Rancho won n pair of Loam Wyllo Cotton Tims Kol the Krucho Diu the Turk to thu combination of thu spaniard nil thu in Delmi la mounted on Hla with Hon in Liu to his ill la a distinct product of South Marl to Asp u u not to Rogard him n Tho ilk fac in on nud enjoys both Iluigi Kyrm and he Hailu Hix veins Toiuo of the boat linux a of into thu hut in thu Panli Nulud thu by Ualdo which in rods Lut it port if re at Tho Grue Liik you ult All by Elk Billy and of no old Vuht Lilliin to will Olfer you n Nuat on Tho Skull of an he Ili Reful to Brlik t thu foul your Ikumi and moot Cou Lluy mud us Ercle your mint prudent Judi Keiit in dour Iii Ling How much Othu spun inh u meant Anil How much u to Bomi Down an pure it u Good Tiu Nuutt ill u Huang nil my ii ourm u it u Bason boo lab Kwh to Auppl his the a gauchos Ivo haul their Rop Rosciu the Lloldi where Liberty won nil they Havu also Lead their Lermit to Planco of thu tyrant won a few men Ever Cher cd Mil More Power in Thor tie Ida Thun dial he in of rivals mud u a phenomenon pm Lucid by and Krook amp oust but to Knox family to u worn my Amrum of a Tii Dictos in Pouoa executive Abell for Anil Wilh on u lint ibb uth capture All ibo 1 and a tick with pitch a my of each lint could Daro aunt bin mount a will never arum ill with a heavy run him la Utu him to by i by motion of Hia and then Knock the animal Down for he own until an Day begins to a longer look than Onil nary u taken thu Al flip and Adb Rumion of War i with the that a Jewwl u aground on Carifa Kami with a Henvy breaking Over out a nth tie men on to the one us hold of the Cord attached to the of Tho Bell an1 the other at perfect manner that one wonders Pace Down the and up i snore and More at the Talent of the Japan thou Liik and Hammer link at lit i artial who fashioned about an then out a hard to yearn ago a Mechanic by the name of of men from every door and j Bloch in made a couple of similar pieces i Roriie of f Hern with their j one of them the prop pulling on Uhuru no they i of the the other Ono of the i Antimi Mutik in Usu through the heavy both of these August in David but All making for one the handed them Down to Hia i no to the at the7 thus Poming on of heirlooms until their and boat then Damlo of Twentyfive Yean ago May be want a couple of pieces of work Manship of the most unique the ones referred to Bare quite a history j attached the patient care and accurate Handiwork of the Orient has no better example than there two pieces of which Bare go remarkably been worker out into representation of a lob Ster and a that Are reproduced in red Star under the teaches their a Ltd sea in a their twinkling the men Hla to an american merchant now in new since these piece were first any have been made inn from oui 25 Ink topic us Ilon nol their Ami Are making u line Hie Samlin for thu copy them Bat without is Nina Hong on the Beach in i when in salary Tanaka do the Winil in howling of Crow the Beach Japan am up thu bringing with it Clouds of Hijii until the Ulm almost solid with thu rail Tau ill lug nalu Are carried flown and Price in in the boat ready of and tie skid Inid Down ill Itne in int the which kept Tho bout was in three years ago he came across a very Clever and he had such Faith i Bis Talent that he employed him to make the pieces a now working steadily for three Yean he has made just Forward lobsters and two the film Tanaka sold in new Yorkton an even keel no taken away and Rej there for in turn sold jul Oil by Tho Bronil backs of thu sturdy them to it Boston merchant and con amid Shouta of hold her up Nous eur for they Are exact Duple the Hunting of Warp which u anchored j eates of Tho two now the peculiarity nut to u taken in Over the Pulley of Tho work a that it was All done in a in tin Nyrl Tho boat begins to move similar manner to the Yankee process of on her difference being that the a Shu Goth Over and clears Tho one Al material operated on u Iron in the one it sum u in caught up by the Side hand1 and Wood in the it should be by two in acumen and taken to Hei 11 and placet in line ready to pick Liet up again she comes steadily on Down thu then the men Tumble on Onnel and haul at the then urn remaining men keep her moving Over Bur so Lex until she Waslien her Bown into a mans of water just by Nakling and thundering on the Jacobs stated that they Are not Mere the joints Are perfectly with the result of making the work Moru life like and More Paul Plo i Neer pan picture of Hinato Ruml As i sit Here now it a curious to watch Tho actions of Rome of these Cal Mui shipping tons of it and giving bet a Hove her off into the up goes Tom Foresaid with a ran up Goa Tho mix and to Boot thro Shoa through Tho broken water overboard goes the haul Lugoff Warp and she 1s Clear of thu Beach Anil lighting her Way through Tho heavy Nea to thu wreck sea after sea Breaks Over her until they can sea nothing of that bout Only feel it under their hang Ilku grim death to thu red Gorovo and Lake u Treul when thu sea gives the i a Over the liar Ber Thuy then Over Tom Thoy Bavo to make a Long to pc Tali the and As they Ruso on a Wavu they can sometimes make her out dimly with seas spouting Over she is a Small and her men and two half starved looking boys and an equally wretched looking Mongrel Hud ill Tel together la thu weather shrouds of thu Tho Mazze wast has already Gono Over thu Tho Lifeboat fight her Way to then and lowering her lugs veers Down to the poor half drowned and their poor hauls Buck to Tho thou up till and away to thu where to runt of thu company is Awalt lug in glib illustrated what poet Ora 8ay of the a what coated Tongue indicates febrile disturbance u Brown moist Tongue Indi Cates disordered do Guston or overloaded Prigun n Brown dry Tongue depressed an in typhoid conditions and a Rud moist Tongue As from exhausting do charges a red dry Tongue or any fever a mtr Newburry Tongue with prominent Pupil la1 ill centum Scarlet fever or Rothlen a red go ipod Tongue indicates with want of assimilative Inver of digestion a Hubby Tongue Lipil Lontos delirium in protruding Tho ind Leatoa concussion of the brain protrusion Louus leu incl cats paralysis of Tinmu Soloa of that thu professors Ayr Lon and the ens Luli Havu decl dentally of a tired thai on or coating with a Nils so if Ono Lilu Only a Plato of j and i Havu Butsh of Colum thay imagine that May by thu primary cause of the of thu japanese magic Mir which hat coat on Tho Back a pattern that in inv lbs on Tho polished yet in Materi oily duty not la Tho Patch of Light Rul Lecul by thu Mirror upon n amalgamation would effect to thinner Peru ii ado by Tho Utt Tern More than the rest of Tho giving Tho Mirror Tho imperceptible use Veunes that becomes plainly apparent in to reflected Markau wow this As an ear Henry Payne in picking his Teeth with hut and As i look in i note that another who has been performing the same operation upon his has taken the Blade out of his Teeth and is cleaning his Finger nails with Tho Knafo u often used As a toothpick by and a half hour rarely passes when one or More May not be seen touching their truth with thu cold steel of the when he looks very much Liko Tho american Eagle on a Broad i have noted that senator Hoar reads a great Deal in Senate and that Tho books often cover several different Joe of Situ very and Ono of Bia gestures is stroking his Long White of is always and Logan now and then seems to grow a Little nervous and at such times he keeps his Hancu or feet and often Wulkau out into the cloak of no i has a Way of putting his thumbs in his Vest pockets when he about i the and Van is continuously moving Here and now gesturing und always ready to Tonako u speech whoa to sees the government in in Cleveland who hets Nubia a for the Gainsborough hat is again coming into some four or five yours ago it was quite Bat was driven out of Vouge by Tho ridicule of Tho press and sarcasm of it disappeared from Street and parquet for a but has become again the the other Day during a Brief interval of Sunshine lady wearing a Gainsborough nearly three feet in diameter walked on Tho West Side of state from Lake to she was stared at by curious and was the object of remarks rang ing from sarcasm to Sho did not seem to a Ilund but strolled leisurely along with her parasol at an Angle of 45 and hummed an air from the she was in no but stopped at every other shop window and gazed Sho had not walked i Block before Tho in Vonwil com ment was thu Are com ing in and so they Are if that lady 1s a Good an advertisement a she has been in the Sho is under salary from a millinery firm on Wabash Ceen her walk More than Oisiu article of Hood dress into popularity in thu germ an re i 1 b a iffy Rel i Alii i a Hill at and to4jkuh Consumers beware Thuro Aro imitation of Tho celebrated and old reliable Pace Tho Jenuino Haa to full on the tin tie Tor 18tb Tyno Lesalean retail dealer in pure Patent and toilet window prescriptions accurately voice of and Doc dont to thu Lui Lulu you arc Irani Xuc upon if Are not on the tin ni22gm Job printing of every dec Ripton neatly and promptly executed at the Oali Romian dealer in family Axl All kinds of canned cigars Llenora put up especially for family in the Arlington keep constantly on hand and Holla at the Logout Market rata Arlington t 1he Koob Are Well charges per Day from co to firs class liquor a cigars constantly on band St Tho polite and obliging attendants in a void Harding Juuel of French i would respectfully inform the Public that i have leaned this hotel and am now conducting it in hotter than any such business has Ever Boon done in this county no person understand Uio of a hotel for this part of the country better than i i i have refitted it rooms in Galtes everything Board by the Day or week at reasonable Pine liquors and cigars at the Alvin i tto Kney and Counselor Law Kern rotary of Alifornia Chester Smith l attorneys at Oppio be Bleb a next door to Mattson Mayso Summit i a now pleased to announce to the Public that my hotel a completed and oiled with new an Cufo tame and All modern give me a John Eveleth of pct san Montgomery Toomi j7 physicians and cipro Adi give me a stir vhf Walters 19th the Bui Ujiki Teliin hotel a entirely now throughout and no bettor can to had in thin can be made for Board and room for a certain length of so Beds 25 Farmers eau Only the California Hnud fun Ilund attention l Puiul sack Needles with Cutter in Tho etch Needle Irico 50 Auk your dealer for or orbit from Tho Mami will 8 i 8 Market St of irl Vula for French Kiench lion tvs share with Kings Tho Prev Luigu of having priv to phys runs a u oven when they Aro in Thero Aro ten at Tach Vil to he of Modlo fourteen to tin without counting several for Tho latter Elf he to Tho gym and Kronen doctors Aru very i fond of Uit Huunh they often Lioko tin at them they Are to Vertilly men of who dont care about being laughed tit on Tho on they know they will Siivo the off the toothpick and the the toothpick is an important instrument in taking proper care of the it should be brought into requisition after each and a thorough iwo made of it in removing All particles of food or other foreign which May be lodged Between Tho took Plok yet in vented a a Quill from the Wing of a sharpened Boas to readily pass Between each tooth and its the vigilant and thorough use of Thih simple Little instrument would almost insure an average set of Teeth from the ravages of too much importance has been Laid upon tooth powders and washes moot of them Are harmless and some Beu facial pro Cpl Tato Chalk in the principal ingredient 01 nearly All the powders and tablets in the la in this Bounly a a Wlliet inn Uio fuming Shuton Qto it Blou lot ii Pui Upah Lutto thu Llroy Tours returned Ami All Tho Winou i of void Vitul Are lecturing in their i Ivy in Anyulin to unlike City o in to upper is Milf Nia Jetle Toimi were repeatedly mistaken for Krs letter in i and our native chief loot Occa Alon to them from to hts literally into u fur Tho Uver the Ike Tel Uip Tuo a limited number of Hia v t you Tuuri hat out us by i Thoy who uru Billows or Rheu by Tuo i Vnuck can be had in Motul Terv Stouch the tur 3 w Lake in Tow Ami Tho collectors Well of All a Complete of american from the Dirtat Aid Irum rational Cherry and Mudi Iitto u and at Tho a rows virtue of wild Cherry Awe tittl1 a Ihu roughly div if Tore or any aft Altonn Rived int Eublio Cuil ibo Tunuto Wii ii King in Western journal cure for Are frequently preceded by a Aniio of weight in the Loiza and lower part of Tuu causing the a Lieut to sup pow Hohu Amu afle Elion of the Al Dureya or neighbouring at am Stoma of Indolfi Eaton Are of the a Liko producing a very do agreeable after Kelt Luk warm in Aco Oikion bleeding Anil itching yield at onco i the application of Llo Mukola file which rets directly upon the Parta absorbing the Tuu Orv allaying Tea infuse and effecting a Manet Price so Tho Doduko Medicine buld by b hard Whilo Money in in gab and Price to Trio Oil be Cui Down in every Kotuc to Roomy the watch word for Bead off doctor by always keeping in Tiu of bos Koa cough Aud lung flops a of orb Roli Aven con Cuil croup and paid uie ult Evi in one nig Tii is just the remedy for hard 1rioe so and samples Sowby ten and and to by crop and Boldaj a i Eibink Palm u the Tuuu rented fur Catarrh i Ever i never took anything thai relieve d us an and i have Felt at Well for a Long i aged lube troubled wit lir Adarita or Tim Lime j Bat Sii Ioa uting Oulu bad that very Light Zooi Nurul with Foj Nurl Siil Clary Inonia or in it nil Gilliu Iii Vii follow til by of Trio nil ill Whiteb til Isoli Iho ivs Illk Arr Kiivit Siou of Annii Iii and ill of known under one Inrid la hairy ii Salui i11 s Tuit Iii Tinati from Piror Silinis lain in in a Kiis May Rel Iii to cd tit a Ilmic Iann not to the in r of a Kilbri i Wei Lilia if Tom Mil aided Liy i lies Virfil purifying a Kiis know hint Hie thru Imant of Llmer my Lilily u tha More Uil Skult of cure it Ayers pills never fail to relieve the Mil idiot their unil ref Pihir and huh Iun Liall Calives nil Ilo tin Laiful net Ivriy into which hied Mounch if spurn to by Aliu Holly in inti ably fill Lowid by reaction i hut the Ort an we air Tolian India rail v liable of in Tiuliu Liru Milr Ollu Nln my n tin in Luu Blu i Kiili Iii my i won induced to try Avrekh tills n Iii Only fur unit from or Holcli i in a my i Moinul to Iii action urea ill Ulicy have unroll ii me muru Ihan All thu Var a fms Las state Lwy Tow Anil my ski nil tit Ummi eff Calvo and 1 have Ever one Raff will my Ami a from liver duh awl neuralgia for thu Lui twerly Lutu a Neinl Inu Inmaru Ilu i any it Lido i Itic for Day Penta Twy Union liver Anil feel 19th ca111uaoeh and Saddle Horihen new Usu ready for aug Ulalh broke to Hay and Grain for the very Bonf City has recent la under one a Jen Elul adaption for Tho bum the lager in of k bolter Quality than it Haa Ever been Buduru and Tho liar in supplied with Tho very Cho Cunt of tiie Bowling Alley and shooting Shioli Aro kept running Day and night have Ulso been greatly improved and Dow to lir Cory in the nut comfortable and Bent Piacun of run Ort in Tho boor put up for Solodun and family Nizio and live red promptly Oil receipt of 1 of the City bakery a attached to the above where fresh bread can always to and will by delivered to customers every Central a plate Lilloll Lieth of tiie Oen thai Al Capoot fully announces to Hii Frio Adriand Tho travelling that thu House will be conducted Al firs class hotel in a manner to meet the approbation of All Reg ular and transient Tho tulu will by supplied with All thu Market and the single or in Aro Fum shod in Tho Best Tho House has been rom doled ant Rofa Rhuben Jau Lotf Borgwardt Mccord 19th veal and All Kinda of salted Home made Bacon and i and Frioud in u fint Clau French Jean we respectfully Call to the attention of Tho Public tint Tula ban been thoroughly refitted and a now pro pared to accommodate travel Era and Boarder better than the table in Par Ono Ellone we have engaged the Best French Nook in to Southern part of the a Good bar Imp plied with to Best of cigars and 1m ported French and food Yard connected with the James now opened again and 18 Thyl loading Houshi of Kern tee table Saup plod with All the Dolic Doieg of the sea and compares with the High priced of avers pills Ajmer sold by All t11u i Ouier Viutti the Only aaa in Uta world it Bab u connected with the where can be obtained he choir but and Fine convenient Board and lodging per Day Booma per night 25 and 50 nov uhf museum of Anatomy Marfat go std learn How t avoid and Bow Woi do Siul you Are Priva Sill Gaary lion of i amt manhood for by professional k to Tobeya bad w and All Ortra loft at Tho Coaliron Nizic of few Llly receive duo Mhoon flour nov attorneys at month Olehy san society k of Ken of p meets at their Lastlo every wed Nae 2y Boj Oura to baked o w moots every first and third tuesday even inic of vory visiting brother invited8 to and bake11bfield boat of meetings on thursday of b Moon of moot at tic or Ball sat urday Vii plug and so our aug Brothers in Goodstat Iyub u8tjoe meets at Hoir Hall Alondus Tuvou Iuga in each Wook of american legion of of Council monju the first and each month at Ball at band of Hope band of Ureth at Tiu e Church Over sunday Mich at 3 Oclock Blacksmith nineteenth Burcet Opp Quito Adobe All kudu of now work and Bop iring done on Short horseshoeing a to Lowca Itald Bali faction upr2stf give me a advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in a papers by addressing to sprugo 6ma Tor
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