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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Apr 24 1886, Page 4

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - April 24, 1886, Bakersfield, California Preserve health As to cube cottage at a wifi our with to Iii Afija la Tuy wih inn w Fri if Uit Usif Bant Mill i 1 a Wiir from Alii i n r jars Fri feel ii Ilia cd milk 0 Ali it o purple o to unit Clumer in wit Timve in and Yot my Arnm 1 not you to my nor fix tint Rali Vinci Iii Titt i of l irn Luiis int n atom we Iii 1 in i to now of k of it tour City than i urn t to nil 11 wot lil re an if Gifu in now Lio Stori tvs it who Iii Ihl tin Patent i Atrit Annj Fiji re of it no to int of an tin tin exit n f it Anil in Illi any i him t no Nippy Cocks of unum Siml it fur looking picture frames a Linin i i i u for Norm in b in Rotor we if in a flip of the fair la i tin if i mid a Iii can Pur any or in addition or liar made it Vernl f i Hiir n ill Indrid or in idral Lif the in ii ii proliahli1 that each will Tylius to to it ton aii me jobbing and repairing Llanil Phoui til Metalic and Wood caskets All Ajili Oilra Alt in All by j i of i in Nimond to in Hui Horn fur purifying tin from Vii Triu Vav Alrh urn us n Koch in Kruml Fluur if who unt Iril to All an to which rail fill Uttin Tion h Kimiji Iii thu prism Tinl ii tonian for which Tii Numi j find Tho Gnu ii order i off i Lili in Rourl Anil the it May that it will fur Ltd purpose in fur us of Inelli Iriti r u him her of incl Inch nil Worts Ami Conilio to Iii of ill Muil i Iii Clarky nine no flirt Halir Dur having lilt it if Nelly in that thai for air than is making tic i Juil Hlf Ikin Kii Tukhik Art fur Artl tar is Iipp Miil us Iii Adit time for of politic ii lint Tho no tract Hon till by zilch u lift in Knieri Luis it i fur urdu let if Riboli Itlen to a Tunis for n Vul in Thi Moi Man to to fall Star Tolly so it Divit in Liu now Ifni inline Hon Iii Nylon of Feria Liiv it if Rocc till Anil of in Iii Cwiklik to in thpsi1 it in pith Ipin not in kind to that melt Monitor May not hi1 thu loss to not would in Kraal to than any that wot lil be Likely to no Cruz to thu from pm troth Ami lord lines nil kit for the Lui lit of ten Urbitt to Tho effect that Ilc Tirum which Norvus it Nii Lonh Xvi try urn in Trouit Teluch u mall keen Valley t intr Diirr and on pin Lipil of Lavini and him in n gooral banking ii Corinti ii i Yungr urns is Iii on Lith by m id or id in i Uku twin anti Rentt Lorl in new the int Trust Lurl in new York is prob ably Tho 0110 whom Tim ten in Tho other tiny miss of new loft for Yuan Only Slio has with Chest jilt Luul Lieen to Cavil a Lii much Nufi Ilion during her slip i Chen Tiftik a Tel Pulty unit 8 to fre Niue Ikon for n girl ill tin ten and tin litre it Whiteh she Inis Beon Tho Pochil photo is feminine Miil co under unit Pretoni Eccl no mini Ever a ovum such i clip lev pm tin inny uni Kiil Lul Librn i ii n ill Iii Anil h m 111 in Linin ill in to taif Lilii uru ill tin i f o a i in i inrrlmnii1 Mir snip uni Anil to turn out work Tikiun ail ii ill Al i Home the in i 111 Nelll Hillh poll ill to Lull in to tin Towt Liin in Toiv or Cound Linn Virtu Lulu ii tit in Rii in instantaneous Jal Lotf of Tho a nov it str aug Huw Fiatt amoral Sun Roll la Havo Rotl now of Launcr cur within Tho lust lofty yearn wolves Natl Lufty have entirely this it Peann from of of a Uuro in our of intern where duty woo Onci Tuii Nerotis As la Uurry him been n que jail Conn try for Uoo Yot in thu of Iho Lurk i of Temesvar two women Vuro recently attacked by n pack of Balvoa a Tel torn into shreds of n Hill in of Iho Tenet Var Church Kelly Mortve Lorje books Fos Rei Millioni Hirshfeld i alike Mimmi triv Nimr a the a of 2 a 4 Mirk urn Jthn m u n tar from a Wuu if i lira a by a vim rut r trill re la a a i b hta b Ilu Ceil o in f to to for far tar 1 u d r ibor or auror off Fucia a by ii a tit vhf of Kwh Chi td1 s amp Ltd the a by Mut of i old my Klimpl j Uller j bnd7 awol Tel me 1 3i Oft Tafb ult it or m a in a a Tutonu by us m t a Kottl by or tic Ollk j k r Pforr r of 1 Ihbe Ultimo by Lili i he Lac a til1 ii Lii Rai Mility i Lilii lit nto of the my ii i w Inry to i mint a Cir ill Jill Illi Blini in thai i of i Mininc Mii Liral per in i i Fiji Tilisi if la Lii ssi Ini opinion ii f a promo m of 1 inv Diirr in 1 i jul to s us the Institute it i i i 111 Iii Luini Ili i a Lugii Brull Lilit a Villa film la cml Only i in Iny 1 us i Ali Fiji i is 111 l avers Cherry pectoral Iii i Civ for Riili a Nic Dirir u the Limi of Thiril vrho into Minarc it was Lirt id in i in which i his Hanii in Lilii Hviid he Lias Cut Hrcan i hic nut n Ini it it ii Lrtil my Ilii oat n Infix Lilia of who he nut Listii ii Iii Avi irs in Hicri to i i Mii i if Rikli mid Chi n u f i Nii inv patient in Currier Multi of la a Lully he in is in Lold d in i Iii there air m Ihre is nothing m its ii kill y of croup Ami nil ii lain Sineti Rinik h i sold i 1e Evir Ayers Cherry by mayor by All Urenn Lenl a full Hoit of eur teen and full Alful and for lilo Trent mint of All chronic i our Field of in nil Throat Najid mid kidney Etli Oular do Oaken of Ali cuckoo mud work or it Tiu coins and in or h my ten no Nib in ramps for our guide which gives nil nor Vorih Impo nocturnal morbid Mii cd by Youthful Fol Orul clout L�ry no sited ump cured by our 10 in i u or null n b i wiil lilo without j cures r Iii look Cut for ten omit in Vii to Mohs Neil stoic Titues to Duteil under Kiuru too to Hook Piorun Aili roes 603 so non Trio treatment of Annj of cites of Peculiar to a Pago has imported from France parcel Iron Lorwn valued at which in Lodos about 70 per of All horses of blood by Ltd Lara corded in the Percheron stud Book of Finnoe Bookter pull ibid in that Ever imported to America took on baud imported Brood Mare 200 imported stallions old enough for 120 two years old ant i be Prin Ciple accepted by All breeder that Well bred in i null not recorded of j of Invin Iida hotel and i i 11 Imp ii inn 1ms of Fiir did Lur i Orpi Ticco in Lulu plug remedies their and pierces Ivorite prescription it Tho insult of this it is n tonic nut and Stycn Ortli to to and an if by or painful Nii Nuti Rihl or fall of Trio Beur Lim ii Ivy chronic Cofren and ulcer Buloti the pain and lit Lii Torjul n in foil lilo it Troini Tilv Relios Cal and cures Nani Ioa Hill of Illel Kab Ivy Troun mud in Chhor i it it m a attn i Mitnit t n Wen orc Mintu by thaw plot la mtg Fott Flat recorded Iii p a i 11 a it i 111 i i it i r 111 v Only h i will Mil a Iii Leal full u 1 Lull imported Stock at Grade or Lufti alien i cannot rur tit company 5o6 Battery Han Heil for full if Virtu or i or Export and no it n i Wotli Llma Wilmal Vei Tbod by French in no instr and record in Ibi spurt Hook of Loop Abb Illus Ani Mcneil u furl Cut unit her u of color to in other Orter Boon str pour meeting Las we fur Yeii in got Faith in Dat Pinr Ivl iut urinal or 1se not Ilc uttes1 turf Coy at my Bovine apr Emir an he Fao Stotik Low Las night Bery Good unit Vic for of Ilou ital a new input iffy Hax up for imps the ref new in this streets for calf skin Ami i Are o uni Are Xvi shed after the Ings and in Radu Are Rani Oettl they Arti Mau Tunc Jureit tin now Nyks of leather frames with Nutu arc Mada of such oot cover awl of Tho sugar crop last year waa larger by 15 Tau the aver Tor previous Ami was cult inuit Mil in a do Thiim to Kuho of to Lulu Prev Pausly con clip ago Nat hero is of in Hunter to of an vast liar Lom Flat lilo water to Tiv Lviv of fhe of to lout Alv York Sun de Belitt Krulc we cd Ltd not inti for Kiv Llanto or cum Polnor founded on cd tested ton seven Veano Yustein Wool commission 10 California san Francisc Send ten cents in Stamps for Pierco treat lao of Uia nuts of la Lull worlds dispensary medical 008 main bilious Colim tips and Biho is promptly cured by ilor Cou 26 Yenta a by Tufts pills 28 years in tit Ort it Kedio Triumph of tto Ami symptoms of a torpid Lou Fapp Volmi Bow i Fain u the with Dull my Malm la Back pull Ander the poll nut after with Pineli nation to exertion of body or input Billr with neck med Wearl next before the the re Cut with at Al big blur coloured Tittus to Tush one does Effee snob a Ehan ii of byte do Ducal tutt8 hair d our him or who Ikuta banged to m a War Buzok by a single of Uio Pwu a natural sold by or cent by a Zaprean on receipt of 44 Murray i Tho liw live j h 1 him 1 1 on a Clear skin is Only a part of Beauty hut it is a every lady May have it at what books like Magnolia Palm both freshens and i 19th cd oking by Tjie my sup of Tab Inird Harab and x9su0 3 Bolc pet have life and Quick trial Send Tea Asp for Fie Olod Waro l oivk8 Protee direct o Eon Munoff of All to pc Nodal or Teun to and Rivca exact of Cerf Uyuk you 01 Tutvet inn books contain information Glia cd from the of of oort a i will mall u Cost woke any arts upon rom tip of 10 to a Cray exp exude of Montgomery Ward juut20lj notice of of mile Fah Meks canal Al of principal Vai Nick u Bat at a of Lavt Boal of dirty Init Lildon the 27tti of an 1 of int ill warm in in Iii of Paullo in in Unius Sturn pm to the St Rihm Niini Tiili cd and non which tins map purdent renin in in paid on tht4tli Day of will to and admit tied fur Enlil in nulls in Mont ii Nulo in nil Likiu on the 24th Day of to the Lof Othir with of mid of the by order of tin lion a of room Itira Halil Nim land notice of Vista Retno Leok in Wittum of principal of sen location of tin notice is in tint to a i lip 11innl of held no lie Irith Dav of in of in r Cliart was upon Tho capital Block of Ilif Immi in sold to Al the orca of Iho 828 Montgomery room 8m any Stock Nown which thin a Kismet shall remain in paid on the 20lh Day of will in and Tivi Tilstr for Sale at Ili Lilic aii Conid and m made will by hold on Trio Luth Day of to pay the Dulins Nunt to Gither Nith the Costa of advertising and sex it Noti of by Ordi r of Tho Jourd no 328 Montgom Niiya Kolin land at i March is Hueby Given that Tiik Hus Illel Nolue of ins Imin Tion to Nemko Dinul proof in of Liefl hint Tomt mild proof Nill pm hindi to Inni Hii ship crier judge of kith j hid office in i my pm Jax fur it no no and ski of of Mclinn town Chip a Kimii i in Fol Lewint to prove his Iii Ilinca and Naid Viz Frederick Tiki it Eyre Una and Ori All a raiding in Tho View mtg of Rilo ii it May Titino Al my Lily nor 1 i inf ii to my i inv a Fern did Angolin Jii until Tiitu of Ifo flu ii in unt Lioi to my land land i March Notke is ii Suehy Tomt the nun id Hitler Kiihr of blvd nution f ins intention to Init a Itil proof in support of incl ill mini proof will Lio Mailo the s lamp of William for Trio of of ne4 no Seii of Urc Tiou town thin Al Ruiika 32 he mimes Ihn full Wing witnesses to prove inn Civili Ninx i Hii Lenoe nil cultivation Snail Chsrles Mill ill of Rorn county nil Roi idling near Bald up Rio White labor skilled and unskilled male and of nil furnish lid at once by Hansen employment Geary san Francisco assessors to personal property Rene Law keqciue8 Tolfe ass soil Al 10 collect nil to Rhoid Hixi it time of us Lime of Hack ii by the follow Iii from Trio 1uliticul which will be us richly enforced a action i82d shirt Oullet tile on nil Peini Nul property when in Liin Mii i me nut u Liin upon veil pro Pelty in Heijiro Trio any Inonu of the sin ruin Ihu i Hij Prev filed fur in in at in niiiuin1 Llie or no time in Fure the Iii Mun any Iii tin Niny Cul Teut thu Liy Niido Liny property i y the per Dii Ali Iii the Lux in tie Renfre hitch Taxon yarn Sleime to pre prod to lint he Iii to me or my Deputy til he Lime he Aises Anent it snarl Ltd land Ija Kii Opok i m Urolia notice is Uei Ieuv Given that the following Minnied pvt Tler filed notice of inn intention to Mako final proof in support of Hix find that Haiti proof will to be Fure the judge of Kern county i office in on april Peter d application for Trio n of of of of township 20 Range v lev a Niiha Hie following with Ennis to prove k Culini Oiin Ishii Lonco and Oul Tiva Tion of Willmm Daniul Ziurko and William Ull of Peru and Ronding near Khz Jalc banter land land March complaint having been entered in office by Cinnlt Brady against Wil Lium Tor Fri lure to comply with Law us t to Nilor a Liuro enl in dated a gust Nim Hie of Ecot Lun Louii Kilip is Rusiko if with a View to Tincu Iii Lention no kind Conte laut lit Tiisik ilium kid Willi Iun Hai Nerer planted ill Ollivi itch my portion of Mill to Pertics Aro hereby my noned to no pour it of Lico on the 26th Day out 10 ocl Uek to respond unit inn Iiah testimony concerning Enid ill aged the largest of Iii or of Kun v As Falt a Al the of fruit Petita into the Erin nth lion Peru Onn Purcha inc fruit Thieu Are not to be opt Hii Oll Trueb in ii Uny Naihe Oyrunn or Mich or agent e Rei to Fichte of from the oui Miv Louis in order of lie Reward Ian 1jewa1id Foit i Iii Tiu hint will Lucid to Thi conviction of buy Pur Titu Kili Init or stealing Uny of Niy Cjon aug re arts Kuti much and on nil Iii do of work uru Blied in Shuit Ordra for jobbing and Given prompt leave order lit Wheeler jnlyl8tt arc afle Resl Amirant Between fare it in h exp Reuh and the Vuht to into Ltd the Public thu 11 live opened the Ulione and will run it he a mud ont i i in shiite to inform the Public unit i ii Vul made Trio very bunt Ineith for this Nerinon that can Poani Bly he Livili with the Tineke ice company and Tho for the Price and of mid urn now prepared to deliver it no the following rate Large cents per Small cents per 1 keep at Fiir Nittine Baturo Eon it lot for Hpe Ciul and All Hidirs left at that place will receive prompt iob20tf a f a n u Catarrh dec2ctf is the National Republican except Jer year in postage the weekly National devoted to general Hen and in attn i burned Foru the Dipert mint of Ayri Pulluru and other the re stink to the Lur Nink and planting an of review no Eurl ohly and onily the Iziu of id the Katie ill per year in postage president and Wool commission agent for coolers step Lippi the Cli Espeut and Raoul effective Jure Tot cab Ever 405 Montgomery san notice 18 hereby Given that m Ellen ban left my bed nod Board without us us or Provo Allon that j will not pay toy Bifid of w canine Tion after bin tool 4t Cream Balm cleanses the allays heals restores the senses of hearing i and a positive Cream Balm a gained an oot Labott displacing 1 other a article ii applied in i Yueh nostril to path ukr Bablu to Price by mail or at Bend for by Oil Fly agents wanted for the Missouri steam i i Murf up n it we Luff heft Lewt Ulyir my Ouhl Luck us hour Usu m no put m it ibo Prill Ike 0 swum or if i will trial a in Juull melt but Wurr in world Tiff Lohm i Patent been your Liniai Ara where Yon put i wider liormn1 sold 12 Dot in 1 i one Devil or told 0 in 15 ial6 m did you sup pose Mustang liniment Only Good for horses it is for inflammation of All
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