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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Apr 24 1886, Page 3

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - April 24, 1886, Bakersfield, California I preach at Cowart april Relk Ioos i d i i i f my i u 3l in to irrigation Kan Adobe already report the formation of but Cue Ira Palm Tho who of Tobii part of the in n the list of hot not signed the club con a unique j an Eit Rumely Val Noble and j pow i of very great popular interest is Alveus f Unfer Franl vol none of which is Jet Kyrel in and novel in at Bead Tinl and and at n Prico Low Cren compared with Aldons always Low u him or o a m May i Jive a Little i in will a Conj i oct the on All irly Kris 1 i b t in t it to Aki it he Ion f to the from j to 1 to publish k Tii thu of the county will be Well Are the dub list hourly the Brilliant will the of Tho oubs kindly Fiir nth in a list of their a Only arc tired the names of i in the is the Lul i a matchless inducements nothing like it Ever sketches of one j Irmi eleven prominent with cd a rate Fristic to stir writings j in keen county ban Beechy or several of the Black r Mitty Ink a c Ali if pm at a Jamili j Ril of in r Whit r r i i Elf Juli Hajt Illif a Auri b to of Tunlin will v i or i arriving or i i i that will j i it Ilyn terho thu r brii11 at in Rubyt m o us Kimbi it 4 Rit of cry Kil nil lib at of a n ii lit 1 it of urn will Mill i if b 1 i til j a Nilli appropriate Kat r h1 i in Thil i it 1 i the Ihrma i Piid the chair Wil i All Hicl wiil c t it ii u 11 l Idith h by Rhinot Why in Plain lit in the Iii Midi la i a Hall Fri Jii to Tai ii till i at 111 had Lorit no town Oil a tiny town tilt Bun Bifi Iii Funni hour Al ii tick in f ii a f at in Cash i Rico pail fur poultry nil l Ali ill late if i it re by Iii arli All his Impi Way Ilmon in a Lii i Cim Iii Ili Eill Pill i Are huh eve it a m t in am with i inform i i nil ohm u a f thirty tin in the Vicinity and win u o it it that they in Tanir a maid Titus fur pin april lob lid in civil Fullin i i d to their hotel rapidly to very Bokiy from Viil and of ire their Enli Inan who i Miili t do in tin most und ill All the h com site und u the Colony i if it i Iii Al in i of Leruth Nti i f a Al Ery at Oil Sale Antil riparian Raini in ii ill i irl us tit Nis by Friday Oviln Init in at r shop re two for itt Ineil i of ruin Nuil ill Neritic fur Lulu lit Llie 1ronh in thu in co Iyih thuly it ten aii Iule you Aru Luv Teit to Call nil fee out now Drumh Hill Lair Kim ii the a t has in ii in Illy by tin father of Mim Hallin that nhe i the miss in i new York ii it w Huv the Ili Spath in stat in Thill u miss of a Niece of John Wax ii bout to be Infirri Eil to the Ivrian miss Nellie Niji Lilly the right to any Mich it thu prop of Lovelett Eiri has Laen forever Al in ii Irei of the Loicl Lilik that the lit Lerk bul ii the who in Cane of May Ilene am Anil re Urivi them provi Ihil Ilavu not a non Ici Lieh Triy write in them they think with tin full that they cannot he puh i Lishing without their nor can they j in i Noli or of contrary to thu i j v h i j w k a ii u 1 h 1 i ii ii a t a a ii j Ilin i k or w 1 t c it ii i m Vav h ii ii a a ii c m m j c no i i 1 l Murrell 11 j a i no i t Edmonds i j k k a k ii i it s it w i m ii c w f o i w win v h ii j i1 n k a 1 w 1 a i a j k a t h o m c c j l a i i j m k a j o a ii a n it a 1 t n Van ii i ii Lull f m win i 1 Clarke i Mph Frank ii m John Jacob m m c a Jilm w a i o h k j j k c a j w i w a 1 j a k m m c lit h h f 11 f Owci k j j t w j 1 a w b a ii j w i i c j j a f pc o i t b j c i w j f Thrift nearly All Ages and Al nations in Tahiti and danish from the period 280 to the lilt airy and mechanical workmanship Are both of n i Fth the work is Nii int Aud instruction that will j j prove Well nigh the Price i Only 00 cents a makes its possible Uvon to nearly every school i the work ii published Alno in hurts i of i0 each at auj1 time for bound which Are Seiil j j for to cats every Reader of this notice to out least a i specs Nilmei wait for John j new York j Scribnor is the agent in and Maude for Paul gales ju8t a handsome line of Spring and summer goods for men i easter tomorrow being easter this ser of Tho Church will be of the Stu Cully Bright nud joyous i npprupriut3 to the the a baud of Loloi Vrh it ill Blosiu will in Blu the Church to celebrate thin great j occasion of Tho Christian with More i than thu usual Cit ulling Kigns of there will also be special Estur a Fiir nest invitation is to nil to be i present it the which will by held at lit 11 mud Quinner it i the pastor suggests that the t Metic my 1 on rings of the to Dej latest styles voted to one of the following objects Tho of the the placing of memorial windows in the Church and the i furnishing of the those spec Molly their contributions for any one j of Are requested to place 1 them in with a written inti uni Tion of their it has to i Seit a Sli Inid Glass window to the i memory of the Hitu Thomas the and the new catalogue of Hay i Jaicob of Shu us Pemintel Delit of the Price Hay press j ban sent their new of Liny j heed stacking i and writes us that copies will to i suit to any one making Applit Tiou for them by mail or the pamphlet is nicely gotten up Aud profusely i Tho Hay presses to notice one i called the self trumping Junior Monarch i which is claimed to have the extraordinary record of l tons in one 1 there also n new Doub Leender mounted for which even greater i Speed is Best goods have been brought the reach of the Irr Galien in another Puyu to from the san Frauen co a Wellco ii and Able Urt Clu on thu All engross ing question of we do to Bucauto Lliel therein stated the Only advice to arc you disturbed it night mid broken i of your rest by u Hick Iii he in during find i crying with pain of cutting Teeth if to i Send at once and get a Buttle of win slows soothing syrup for Chi Kiren its value in it will relieve the poor Little Bill veer imme depend upon it there is no mistake about in cures dysentery and regulates the stomach and cures wind softens the reduces and gives tone Ami Energy to the whole win slows soothing syrup for in very pleasant to the and is the proscription of the oldest and Best female Nurstes and physicians in the United and in for by bargains Straw the Best novelties of Mikado worthy that Cau i All druggists throughout the 1rice be urged against the doctrine of approx is5 Coutu u a uth 1 in the absence of Legal regu1 i it has been practice in this in refer to the tendency to it is Peri for Halo a thu Iii fire it the Sun of u Zutl 1hilx l Btian Here i Anvelt of thu Feu in Toi i Ilii Hilkial if cur to Baki in lilt it in Deputy Iuit Oil kit Xterm Marii nil Mellus of Hua la town the fore part of a Ltd taxi of u Chii Roh Hith nun la Iii in 000 Tim to be held in not will be of Tho Riatt importance to t relating to viticulture i is now Bodric Aslo suppression of my urious und the in j Nih Sion of tuxes on Brandy for the purpose i of fortifying weel in no Way can the bid ii whom and i Meas Irik will lie brought in1 As Well Sling n in which thy should k As by thu d very portion of the inter Tulud in i Votti cultic will be and every kind of wine in this country will Ariail i manlio Wilt in Machin new i and Bull on Tho in the French liquor store keeps of bund a Good Supply of i aided that they would own All the water i wines and do Mystic or they could have taken More than and will deliver goods ordered by the they allowed it to run to waste i gallon or Hole agent for and used their supposed ownership As a j John wetlands Philadelphia Beer of san la Tuuri of Opp Rossios on other settlers nud Whiteb is acknowledged through Lucuil us uru a Shoho appropriations were 1 out the Bute to be the Best Beer now in to remedy this evil wus one the for saloons Aud Call of the objects of a Bill before Tho it the House or drop your order in the turn last Plisic Iii the water under i pout office which will receive prom Jet it Thi Hame system of Poareo control that exp Perie Jiuu has the Nec Eunity 1jth f and gradually perfected in other arid countries where the practice of irrigation is older than As the chronicle this is a i actor of no great lot it first be de Jesse Bonnet Al k cd jul Waclau 7i i Jisse Iii into was born Mareli i in Harris Iii on Mcliton of Tho 1oud Ami Couy ranch let Yevuta All Uli Noih Colony u to to an reliable i jury Chin Jih Vnye he Nevil no Only to carry Iii the Hunt of that thu Uro thu property of i hut to Hemre the Agency for Mich a Kiokh an thu and that their preferred use i Wal known Merit Ami Are popular is for when nil ods of regulating the they will Tho widest areas possible Kinert new discovery for Anil do Good to the greatest Nui Bur eur j will bt11 it on Iichi Tiu it will cure Toily be Doii aed and eur loud into in preferred use huh Kuo Wii Merit Uitti Aru Jupi Pinr Hij i Bluit thereby fax Tamuk the rept lion i Iii i in of and Ever Uko no that h living a curl the ii enc Lor the the Best assortment of goods Ever offered in Jountti can now be seen at my prices to correspond with the times Gall and see foe yourself i look before you buy elsewhere a Complete line of dents furnishing also a splendid assortment of ladies and childrens dress goods fancy a full and Complete Stock of House furnishing liquors and roasted Coffee ground to order by water it dont fail to Call and examine my All goods a Lgth Chester wagons wagons carts and and will be sold at Cost during tub All our floods must to every article is marked cheap in Plain you dont need to Noud your orders for goods to outside cities when you can Lunke your personally it Homo lit the Fiarino thus having the of exp Ossage mud trouble when you open your package und find that you lire not gutting exactly what you use tour own and remember that we pay spot Oiin for what we to get Largo our running Ope Khoii Are therefore to can hell our Good As Low As any House in Sun from Eico or cull and Sec our goods and Low our salesmen will to pleased to show you our Paul inch27tf Newt thirty s As i am going East in May for Tho purpose of purchasing Ami making Iii fits in Tho Eastern Market for shipping material and Honor than take the cd Nuseeb of Levi us thin in Nienho Stock of Veli Iolob and material in toy so Opal and paying heavy i have concluded to make this i now invite everybody to come to my Shofr Aud boo Tho wonderful bargains they can Gat in thin1 great clearance f i rashly masted and Tunt in Nuru 1uri Java ground to in a car loud o Philadelphia larger Beer or Tiofil of depot on thursday run Nigusu to t take your and family r Cipes to Drury store fiend test druk5 Aud the in front of Toio have nun Blockett the week Totth Luw and Liiko Aulich Uvohn audio Ticu at Tolu butt Over Railroad Hivo been pm bred for to in Munda of California and Oregon Joseph of Bubu of has loud a Bond with Chariti Harry Quinn Tho of thu i loud i Tho jewish Louii Aud lasts i Are in i ill a Boob of bushels to apples voted Ujdur the Luu thu Tim oui Rabbit Hutu in Tiline county recently it Toulios in kill having f Ligion in Early for several held a local i Xiuhe License re Ami for Kiili of the the Climax of Absurdity i it u Kii Kiriy j i la Laboured in him on this thirty Sis nearly Litte ii in i let Well was universally Roii sided by for Liis Chris Aud we not i Hind Hui an or one to speak of him Ilu ii widow und three girls mud Ono to mourn his but they is Hirt for we ii they a cup mourn not As Troiso without for Lime Are abundantly that to has i Guiou a not made with among the Many absurd made by j the Sacramento Litt on the a object of up plying the streams of the state to i Riga and Overy Liflie Tiu of mid i mid to Thow our Confidence we Iii Vite i you to Call Aud not a trial until Good results in every Whol Balu paper Chat that he Wau lion and removing All suspicion of Tho afflicted with a voc Colin a limit common Law of riparian rights from the let fill system of the which the Coqui Illse of Tho state irrigation convolution is we think the Climax of Absurdity is reached in the following them Many Zirri Salors who Lake War from the streams by virtue of their riparian to abolish such rights would be ruin to we have lived in Whoso parts of state on his tried Many remedies i Timur Iii us Inducil to try Kiunya new discovery for did no and qua Outi Ruly Curneil by of a few Hume then inn it in Hin family for All coi Iisha and Colitt with Beitl this Johtlie experience of lives have been eur cd by thu Wuu Darful getting the horsemen Aud farriers Are Gilt Iii fix id Over Ilia National Hunti Thia the grape Salid Catelle Tab ont St of Tho area j a to Muruko 230 eternal id thu i i were deposited in their isl res Liti i in it Ruvil Jaoui Muity in thu bust is a heal pc tale Lillund to aborts a and vow Kjof in n1 4 Gloherty it tin thu of Chen Tor no 111 Tutu where urination practice about Clirtie Irett ded lock Avo and have vet to see u Uii i who Tjw bail near ii i r f v1 u1iu Watro Curt after being Given up by the be Utica Baler f a Stream by virtue of j o ouf wid the next his riparian to Well knew that dullard will not but will knew that i those riparian cherishes so remains Nave him no such and he Uio before gave them up nud Boe line unas such ranking himself among the Aud with throwing his riparian rights to the Wuriu mud curing not How soon Thov Are it is perfectly Serene us to the matter of appropriation of water Beouy Renji thud by his brother Zirri i Tirc will Tiol buy my i will never the Nali Uzial Luigi Keiit in my i not Luiere h a curits lilith Ilii Ideiil Hal the in i Oil Lun Tiit will Mil of of for hip to Law Eti cuu Lynt Lois of Mark Bis ill big that Evory Luly can his Toni in can he knows a Duyol Iki attic Llew of Thol South thu in k Ujj Oduj up Init i fin Lime Liuji the Nowr Aud is chinch ill Roux us Rcv the r of court notes Lett Ign from Judi in Imti it a tinny i t Point on Tuler of my in th1 be front i he us s ii Tum if Wii i or Vitinu Pii n the of wedding the residence of was the tsp a very j Dru april Liz Berry win unit vat in Murri Ingu to Thuu Nib very Promise it Tuut mini of to i arc the Bride in a Hund Sourjo costume of Rich i Brown the Hup few Tai Tii the farm tie Bride Imil or tin handsome Valu Abu Viiu Trouit Silver Pickle ii Ilver cruet lined set of Iii Vir and Ait of a bet of other Pirkle Sil Tvr by Tei Bulur Stibr a Takui it Cut lust it important to Tho of Alln Lalii mid us the state of Cali forum have Annii lived ill the wonder Ful car alive to War of or Kirin tree All thru Al and lung a preparation called Tho limn the rapidly old All Over our and Hiu Only Cui for a Nhuo Piug will not Yon Nick us the Ritoli Urich in Viola ii Hooli Iii to Ami All Lur till i in Una a to the the Bukera Fjeld drug it Llanos old now opened for a full Stock of Chet Nicula and will to kept on bund it All times together with a Good Lino of fancy und toilet liquor and everything Umi ally to he found in a iirstclubi1 drug a competent drug Gist will sleep in Tho who will it tend to All Calls in the give to a Call and see what i can co for per Chiron hundreds of stallions arc now annually imported from France into the United the Jiuu Monho wealth they Are to the nation will by better under stood from Tho estimate that the first Cross of a Ier Choron Btu Liou with a native Mure Doug lab the Selling value of Tho Colt when the of Tjho grand Chulu a Routly due to Tho Energy of Ono to whom Tho american people arc greatly he having imported mud distributed to ii most every state nud territory nearly 1erchoron a visit to dunhams Oaklawn at will give now ideas of Tho magnitude of Tho Homo improvement f the i found u a sure i have been troubled with Cut Urshul Deane he for seven or eight with 11 roaring noise in my i bought Medicine Iii thirteen but nothing did me Good till 1 procured a bottle of july a Cream in four Days i could Hoar As Well As i am cured of Catarrh a i consider Klysh Cream Jii ilm the Best Medicine Nervo ifs debilitated men vim Aru allowed trial of thirty Dayt if the of dyes celebrated Voltaic Kelt i with electric Buh Phimory for the Relief and cure of Nerv Nim Lonu of and und Ull j i mirth for Many other Complete to Vilor uni Nikiti Ilioyd no Riuli in with full free by Widdi Enning Voltaic physicians have found out that a contaminating and Furtun Ole mint itt he developed by the onus f thin hut Len upon Tho us Cutic Riib covering of the muh Oles and Lotf Dioutt of the Cau Xiii you taut and in mud Abr coating an u Hilky Clep Imit we Ipoh prude sea stiffness and Lizul ortion of the no a huh exper Euce Imu Dumont Ralpd in regard to Hoate tort stomach Imu Trenyer evidence to Lort than Bluit thin Medicine of Yiben clock a twin Farrar Dunlo and Trout due nor la it Point Lovely Etab that it in Are Lerable to the often Imd to Uit Ewt Nince Tho Medicine of Zulua Only Hidu tary it in also a Truedy for mul Arlitz kidney and Blunder debility my other Hue that you get tue a natural sick headache and dyspepsia cure the Eryk tallied As extracted from and a Tuitt wonderful product Iroku a wild Cherry and Tuluii have it in your Boies and i body known Tho Vertuca of wild Cherry n n i weary or worn and Tai in a Rebuf and cure for any it i of thu to lint Aud Soiu bipod with that the is Turly always Bowel coup lamp i two arc a big Upolu Rouin Tow liver to a Hon Liliy Coutur Dith in the of Lloita Kofi Coull Raci thu nos ecu o impure wain1 Ami Ihu x and Luif Beruo making it nil the Ari Clu you a Unive of alcoholic prevents die always Lave in the fur i absorption of malaria Ami to thu Nyu i thu want of sound Irepa Rcd by Tho London few r Tho Organ Jiuu Hakaru called lli4t such is the Ooms is a Nam Eulitia the Sioui Ach heu Elthy and tiie whole Bokiy will Ali Lara and couple spent a j in in thu of of l in the and Hii Ulley or mid Groom were havens cure secures thin desirable slut of Sion such and Sam Lotveit Troat arvo drug croup arid 1riit us Celb iia Inglen Kulil by grand Rush for National Chi Iuli syrup at m our town thu new future la w f1 v the in Dean Man Stuerm a limn can 3 j9w Blue turn i Mother Carey d Eye the Din a Ivury Lor of the Trice at i will in agent for the Liiri the and meat Deli Buhl 1 Ever Iasi Iitto a Iilva not draw lilt 1 Utler in and 1ilc j 26 at Druly if you want Uny Winil of Call a Felt it Riili y ii chop id in Nalin Block that the Wuhr Zurko uru in time of peace prepare for ecu rely any Douht Chis in in Tho Midi of Chou till men a Oil Tho appearance of cholera u this country i Mither thu extent1 and virulence of the do Seiko will depend entirely ipod thu Iii Kiniry condition of thu country and to physic us Coli icon of the in Una u a healthy condition have Little to1 ear from us Koch of in i recent writings upon the under Ord mry the in Rod cud by Tho Are Dexl Royed in the but Given a Doraus clout of this Organ Lue to errors of diet or other and in Eim bled to escape Tho to tin of the acid Uii Horii juice and to Ritach the alkaline in by Tittl where it up Zirri diarrhoea and nil the typical of choleric havens ure in u remedy thai supplies the Aciu thut in wanting i thu juices of a Sample Holt Lou free at Drury Whon baby waa to Cavo her thu Wim a Sho cried for c Iii thu lid Cumo to i lieu hid Alio gave Tiu in cafe Titu hello whats this the anti him Homo and n Guiod the Iii it Drury in ii Ell ing Hiack of and Ull unite in Miv Bik it in rti0 Best Inrig in in of dict try cure for Pill Hare frequently preceded by a of in loin lower pan of hid ill font to Kup Piid he Linn of at of Ulii whish of the Fuini a a very Iti thik War to Are Iio Zinmon l Chinu i l i once to the upon the Irik Ulni tin inn and Rishi hit in jilt giving Way to All the Nuiji ul1 i Juilu Anil n lie ins in Jii Iown Hue i
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