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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Apr 24 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - April 24, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern april published every saturday publisher find advertising 10 for or Iron ii Law xxi Tri Tull Iii notion r matter enrol nil of the motion Iro Villono who in lamely n Lour of i kit Luh i Curt tire pm Iii arc log Louir nil unit tin nine i to run on my i a i or h kirov filed is end with n Hin arid a troop or tin it items of Linzil i Niox it tire is b powerful on tin vial tin in it arc lift Iii inn and Luji in coming into for Al love spoil i to Len arc Curli any a All Hie in in of to Iii into inc in Hapli Ivl com la Lin ii n an which Viry for Nahori d to ii i Ilo Zilik i limit Twenty whirl freely Uri Ifil re 11 very knit shh i re it neither Polo nor licit Leighl nil Hern is if Tut no for in Ilic Milliner in which the truck in fin cd Oil from tin tin Kinori Cut ii would u tin freight Irwin in n i by thu Torii Iii of locomotives run on three Ajmiri of lurid Luigi Utnicki in la Ltd i i ill Illi of Noil Llull of a Vita tre ulment o i us you will Huir Inori Liolich in 11 Lulion in limn on nil the n in in u i what the to the Man who i Hon the Cook of when to i prot Lent pro of the in jowl the pro Velletre of appointing of the that Nina Italy fitted up n the Fory of the Senate Wynn of the Iirilli Nutly Lix Toj and supplies with rent frit to the fortunate enough to obtain h was for him to it inn Cli Day u the i Vic without at of the july we of hearing that or to to by a Cater from culled on i Nin the of Nen Ali it or you run Tho Cusk shop dont you Wix Thi with n Low Bald what can i do for do you we intr 1 have to exp rom my Flint i Cau continue to the and any the Iii on you to Nind n pair Rind it Khali be sent to Yon Quick a without costing you a then to re cell out and looking the Man dire Fly in the said i writ you to feed when 1 do j will pay for i like other people lint listen Empl Ulitt has been made to me that you dont the Little fairly or they complain that they ont any Thlik to at expend Leo ii Nice for which Lime have to pay u Iii Riff Antt remember that to luvs Are our and you had better Over Harku who Are Able to i than Ali it Little chaps Olio want to All of their waives that they can for their you must be civil and kind t i these or ill Havo you moved out of your Cook shop and put in someone there who will trim Tho boys i the restaurateur promised that to would do and bowed his Way Wade Marie of the a Litjen from i time to unit found that Thoy were civilly and that lunches of reson Able Cost provided for icel by the faculty in Ulrch he firt j Jonii Netsch wus in Pusher Iii j Aid i Ryan who to the Force in he Ami i Wuu in go nto a res Aurant on and one and in another would drop in Ulm acc Banjo a few nid Ali e we were lunch he would i i k up if a Mcouinn of Irish a in o town i would Hiel him of the we cml a few about us events of the i ind Rich morning i worm loud in tic j or told j n the political which he intended and reported he Cru Iii his uni pc lie every Bod Utida d Nob Ummil out i he of every the Ilginis of socket pol utile plan of the Lea the of the i f the whole situation und the Norfi ins Jive a Leier idea i the convention to Whoso who had Taid Home than Many of its Artie Hud these were full of education to ii Mode growth by us sorption Peri were i u him out of while whatever i they could i it a com in Only i hat to seek re err from the i pub Licaisi did More Liam j i Iii Nail was Arl 3 due Deli to weaken the papers a Mission of it i was probably uru due to n Piso dial in Many ways a most Vio Iii Man Iio Lei always haled to admit that he had been in the Wrout lie did it not often in Viii life Bur in his paper lie or he Ion help it sad 1 Ali Illand Anil lie in 1 with hit Koston to whom a Man come in with the your Aper says thai i and i want you to take it a the were not in the Haiti of but we will say thai the rope broke mid you tar j and fatten free front at the 25 t Jacobs the Lerman re cures fifty at Krol Alstn am tender in Cape Lvi ii illicit lie Lini Iroll h the Iii if trucks Nho n inti Irti of a Titan in Uil i Hli fin nip 1iifi the my elicit worked Liy him it to the nil in 11 Reull the Paieri m Wintler the a Nierli Iii the i i Riili unit am there nothing to Lilllie Iii of lilt i Umpire unit in u cosh Jim i nil n ill h in ill ruin i Lii i i l ll1 in Lluc nil v i one of n my ill i writ in e ill jul i Thil i Iii Mew villain if i h i a if ii i n 111 till in i Kiil Iii ii a i n if r Iii in to i i the i Llull ver Willil if hit Vii rein i Cratit no ii or o in Willllr ii will i ill or Ali Iii Jii us Ami in Awn in a Lili Iii works Are ill who Hail enough of one would to her Thi Prcin pm hons of could in upper 1 a Cal Milny to Call Numi n who toil me that the limes had Juit Irful the nil that up Iii i on 1 him h i Mali unit i nil 1 lurid la Kent Al u where u Nii Titucci came Anil la to Lutuicia that i a Dullni nil mis Anil sell nil my Ami in lip Juil Dou u i i Nonni u Wuhu Iii of fashion nay u Home Yoi int Kiil just Euterio the warm who fur her if slu1 Roii lil to int ii mum full Ami Noi lie afraid a in me a Luis we were link in of the love for u Imp in pm excels 1 Iliili not lint our in must our lie Dri Llly Tihoi lil it one of the i Luiks of tin Ninion to mus its Ai Hisiu Glade in in new York for of a until in in locality near the Hungness Cen Ter of the enc Teil 157 horse Iliin Esteil with them n Ami where Ladien and Ivien Cumins into town in Buh Nesh nun the nor Ami extra wraps Anil kit n Wilh the Lior Seh lire Lueil Imler cover Ami away f rum sex ten emits pays the Man who to nth Ynter when you out of Tho tics Ami rovers up your Neil Waters Ami Fri Iirth him to the door Nirun when another dime will kit him n feed of it is Worth nil nut Only As Protection and cure of the Lull also no a convenience to the and for Ladien it is u a Al Al irl Tico Oll Onil a Jilji Prince been pay Iii u Foliart visit to Many Christiana were in he would he convened to christianity Ere i left the Chris Tian Eily of the but 111 that they were instead of to and paying tie ver kers to talk Hoitt old Tomlin he to the theatres he mild Mure than thai he fell in love with a fair net runs and proposed in Riak to to his she infused he in Terreil As an Ini Itice Merit to kill Oft his other four wives As soon an he not hut Tho Amplo Saxon to Urette still re fished and to i went Hack to his princely Home u sad und lonely in Tho do appear to have lost any of their Faith in the Omle icy of vac i nut Iii for the they have just enacted a very Law on the sub i besides Ordinary vaccination in the Glrst year of it provides for at least two at intervals of from Levu to seven so by the time a child has reached its left month year it will have Heon vaccinated Tiret tinier during Opl Deinies of Small local authorities have when they deem it to order this vaccination of All the inhabitants of their of the vaccination Rei juiced by the a Nuli Gritl they were d i Sim i tiling in the Liuyu time a Bill to prevent Tho of for three m Vur Touti Sorth Tilv Auciel that there too Many h they should he in vote for Lwy worm eat nil Tho then up Irmo an mine Rauker with this valuable to natural Ivi lived in and for nil of which Fol Lorvil exc Opidi for Ivon Plumi 1 Ari Iain of tit id 1 Timve of carved hum there Tim Many thu Laird he them the milled to cd Texca who Ruvin Tho Nyi of Tiit i Roi Ioil by a warned in May any n of Luu danger which at one u to out Tor the earn Al look out fur thu to Al out for the engine Cna Iino look out fir Iho Tui la wamiug4 Tho utta i Contr Oyril Luu Thora u but Ana Thi Atquit u rail Wir Irno Imp to out for it the or Luu Tuo court Prulia uly to u in one style of notice Lookout for yourself Tuo vat la la Titi cruelly Sun i to look out for no for hid said n Little fifth Ward lugubrious by the other Day in he Laid Down a volume of biographical sketches of the 1 dont believe ill Ever be a i got the 1 in Iii up you have the Samb Chance that other Little ii ohm i 1 Wiuli born in a in nor i aint drove a Toni on the nor had to read thu Spollin Book by thu Luht of a nor had j to split nor no Thiu like Tho rest of the boys who not i Tell in handicapped on this presidential Busi j club Tinea which Toad Wool Itah Usu Nerbonn dead Ovid has now a population of Between and and is quite n filter but Pluto from what it was in Tho Early Days of its Tho migratory class of which was attracted thither by Tho discovery of Gold has mostly having Poi Mied further West to Idaho und the other now Hii Witik still our mining interest i no Minini int out unite Wool Chicago life with i a new York daily struck out u new u u writing tip col go life with Lopic Ting the rooms of Rich Thoy show tables covered with Cigar boxing French if the boys had Only known that thu artist win coming round they could have had six or eight lexicons and a Taw abstruse Scifert Lilc works la the fore a a a now member of Tho us leu states sen ate has Learned a i to to Ait in my when a senator writ in u net Leal who me Luening think i am i go out with the an old senator mid to me recently that i qua Groon to listen to Lone and that a new Nti Ullmn u o Thi in sum i the daily Educ no of n car Man Olla or is very and then is nothing whatever in it thu Ca i i not he overcome and and Only u j very few fail to do the Prepura Tiomi of written essays is one form of proves Jolial Sil Lily which knocks nil desire to drone in the the count to i Niieves that Hook study pro Iii results he can not inf a to him but he can every o kit in Liu Many with the assist mice of primers and in does that writing makes an exact Man mid mauls a full one is i whip h in the a Merit an army not to in this c at i certain Anil Irik Julih times in the essay uru Giomi out to first lieu and on a certain hypothesis fur Nislick Thuy arc expected to examine Opin ions Point out advantages and from a tactical Point of the Way in which certain j combats Weru and draw Eon i clips literary compositions Why Are to Hiir u Tim ate dts Tinat ii i in battalion who Iii Misici the and he is 1 to record his opinion at in Glt on the Nicori k of As Well As his own views on tin sub a i of which Irmo Wihs a part o the a id is fully for the colonel lakes n whack it lie in turn Mua criticise remarks of his Batalion c Imam liars As the essays of their write his own on Send the whoe Forward to subject Hini Kolf to the same unil so on up to the Era commanding an army who ii Oil ice is Tho destination of tue a sir Neil meal non 1ixtiil in c i they in pc no regular mail service Down in Lexi o the railroads Thoro receive nut a cent for currying the and no one in the Republic seems to have any knowledge of How mails no sent or re i think what Tho Star routers Are complaining about is this having system of their Tho mexicans Are trying to Miiko adv Atilano of ours by Send ing their mail around through Texas unit Buck again into i ome to this map und ill show you what 1 for is tin City of near the Texas if Thuiy want to Send mail matter to pie iras a town Way to the also in Mexico and on the Texas i their scheme is this mail will 1 be sent to an which far cast into the Interior of full blood Chester 18th and i1etail dealer in ure Patent toilet window proscriptions accurately of and dix1 Julik Hinahon at Tiik scrom that it Trues still but it the sumo Lime Back to the Westward to Poi lord also in Tux an thence Down a Little Road Back into and Ita cat Nalion ii cents Vou this roundabout Way in far quicker than any system they Gnu Iii Titi Burlil i n Thomas who is going around the world on a bicycle has got As far As the heart of in to is a persevering Ami if to gets Home in safety lie will be As big a trav Eler in his Way As Marco Iolo or Good Ricklis Lii Cert Tio the Yankee clock Stevens has no equipment outside of native Good sense and lie is entirely ignorant of Asiatic and but he luus a Knuck Al get tag Alo in with if he is not enthroned us n god or killed As a to will come out on the 1acitic coast of Hina in Good then trundle Bis Chine through Tucau Booth paths of and Complete the circuit by Steamer to ban old Chester for the Grade for the l a c k s m i t nineteenth Street opposite Adobe stable All kinds of new work mid in repairing Duno on Sli Orl horseshoeing a Kiricos tin Lowi Hinnd Salii Funsinn Una ranted if my a Chei Vioal fluid Pigiok Iskui Cei to per gallon Havivi written to for his views on the subject of to Nihil Alcuin for distinguished aug Ericus Luix Kus the following Chanie Ter Islic it Iovu neither the Inezi Otilio nor ability u the prop Osilio of a american i oct the Chita comets under ancient said there win u million but the contents of every chamber had been Gold for manure 1 asked Viiu if a single Bravo Hail been not Otic As it in the is and will Twenty my Liim of tin to Neil mixed with Eoli make it in ii prior to All Didiw Usu Lor kca11 in i re Niin in Eftie and in easily in ibid is applied in k cull Thaie unlike or other Pushon it of the Tim ii Alex the Tiloi Neil Nailiu to Trio Yolk it idl it in leu linux for Al most every Jin Turnbul and exl Ernul tha sheep Are subject Itell a ban the i lulls Ilace of Lle Holly is now open Luilie and in Austli in Iii tie Lineal place fur u Little Etc ratio in thu the Bowling Alley id of Nupen u of 111 latent an the shooting gallery is also wry the very Best of liquors and cigars imported and will Alwayn kept Llie und n Paiua n ill by tin nil la Picas my Fet tits the a la i trod Luo Frev a French Anil York Wituck to form a with from u to break Tho Hank at a locate t he u not but he has Viaje it life icon of sail ii itt Tual he the fungi nod win in a it Luo ii Duale 15 lie u to Harv a royally of Jar cent for Ali in to it i Iii in 1 have a postal card on which i have inscribed with an Ordinary Stool pen the mutter written of Lor cum to tried out by in the Sirut novel cd sphere and the eighth Luu Ranf i Cit Apler Down to the verse of this Donu with the naked tint Norw fee a 1 Cau do and the frat to Raj Quavc room for Worda of tub at North been honoured in j curd statute by Ann what Nev 7 7 the work u wild to Beono of the l detain Lambert is writing to the Timm in Fauvor of turning the in Mylish graveyards into re Ruma la Tuuu Laws held Gnu a or Caiiou the that to tire Are cat Arlington baebe8 Seoi Joe Bli Phuk a elect1u agent for Langbeins Spanish oct Loly Arlington the rooms Are Well charges per Day from 60 to firs class liquor a cigars constantly on hand at Tho polite and obliging attendants in Evcic James 8 now opened again and is Tite Iradi Tik i ouzo of Kern the table s supplied with All the delicacies of the sea and compared with thu High priced houses f the a Bah h connected with Tho where can to in Tineil the cynic rat liquors and Fine convenient per 25 and goo Long cd and to Iii per night Iov mtg in family i Atli and kinds of canned cigars liquors put up especially for family Arlington k keeps constantly on oils at the lowest Malliot rates hand and Caps Harding Juno of French i would respectfully inform the Public Tomt 1 have i Tenn hnti1 mid no n Condor Tiisik it in lift Ltd by Lii thin aunt Uii Ichii Iiah Ivor bin Dono in thin county no Noii tie of a hotel or this part of the country better than i i i Havo refilled it rooms in Galtes everything Board by the Day or week at reasonable Fine liquors and cigars at the may30 Summit am now pleased to announce to Tho Public that Ziy hotel in completed and filled with new and coif Ottalle and All Modem give me a John Eveleth the Hachita county Cal All orders left Tho Caffo Milijan Laue duo to blow Flournoy attorneys at 120 h Moalli Slor new City san a in Medicine Asu Kokll f the Qiric Riih and of the Ito jul concurs of arts Rieur men Iron British medical r drug fold to Rob Walters 19th Nill Lind and furniture of Al i Ottil in Tui tingly new Torii Ignont und no by Tor can to loud in this Cun to made for Huiard mud re Uius for curtain length of meals 25 Beds 28 the City bakery Fott Clud to Tho where Fruth bread Cun Tel Way he and will to delivered to aunt omani ovary cipro Anil give me a in Arllof Union liver Ani Eek 19th Central James of the Centra ennui ices to the travelling that Tojo House will to conducted an a firs class hotel in a manner to meet Tho approbation of All Rog ular and transient table will by hip paid with All Market and the kingly or in Are furl Slid in the Hest the Lio inc Imp Boon Reni Odelund Aru refurbish cd Jan Lute b car111aoe8 and Saddle horses always ready for animals broke to Hay and Grain for the very Benl Boeg Wardt Moo Ord 19th Dealejo is veal and All kinds of salted by inter Uny Anien Cun Council and resolved to adopt Panu Looma in on article of Job printing of Refery deity Riplon neatly and promptly executed at the Cal Forman Home made Bacon and and everything found in a Kiru clan Jordans museum of Anatomy Market and leaks How to vat avoid and but won Der fail Are private 11 Geary Cou Tolu of lost Auu Bod and All Dis Beith for 6cpl31y French Tulare Jacob Asker t1 new building in ooh Tuut de on the Init approved pm ainu fur Halll and it has All thu Modem ton Vun Icin Cim in Thor Iii but improved it has us Tulaus accommodations for on Hundred Tho l in Auppl lid with the Best that can be obtained in the the Best Cook and for per Houn from Tho Southorn part of tin Vitting thin in tin or purr ii lace to Iovu ukr it in the Poi ii from which Good Roada Radiator to fell parts o Tho ofor Ririe routes by it May Bement and Moit Public Whoie Pairis Muti is will find the charges reasonable Ani Jacob mar22tf French we Kerpec fully Call to the attention of Public that thin hot been it fitted and it now pre pared to accommodate and Boarder letter ban the table is Par Lause Hunold we have engaged the bunt Penoli Cusk in thu Southern part of the a Good bar sap plied with the Best of cigars and imported Preloh and feed Yard connoted with the professional a a tto Kney and Alvon a attorney and Kirn rotary Public Ari Smith a ttorney8 at Omen next door to m son Montgomery it physicians and society k of Ken of in Wmk at their cnally every Widnes sojourn ing Brothers in Rood Stein Dong invited1 to nth Balkh o w Meuth usury tue any their town it r via thib and Bakersfield 224 b1 Hutor Meir Plum of if Kevin meet at their Hall urday a lilting Una Jour Niue Broth orb in Good standing Justice meets their Hull monday evenings in each Trtek of ame1ucan legion of t too Council moots the fret band of Hope band of 188 t Moiten every a Turda at 2 Oclock at the Rob Idune of of k Street near thu school Mlih City has recently under gone a it for Elul Reiou Vatious and adapt Loli for the bum Mer the lager b6ert is of a it str no atty before nud Tho supplied the in to choicest of liquors and Bowling Alley shooting which Are kept running Day ind night Bave also been really improved and brewery is the Uriost and Best place of resort in the Beer Pat exp reply for a loons and funnily Nee and Liv tred promptly on receipt of dec6 advertisers cart learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in american i papers by addressing Rowell newspaper advertising 10 Spruce mow Louft a
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