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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Apr 17 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - April 17, 1886, Bakersfield, California 21 Kern april 16 Bounty of californian pub Uihero every saturday publisher and the care of the 8li Tad Advertis fac in per f tit Fox tint inert in or Milnw Hilemn j Loral rifling 10 w i fair hands acquiring skill in the Art of 8elf Hayn on l to the Hon flu of a Liml Ahful cd often want if insanity better than u in much greater proportion of the in Hirw would to Carol for in own is a great Deal of hens elem i of so oftentimes a i non us Dornn Gemont is much i i by the put ont being forcibly i torn from Home and Token Nway to new and unfamiliar the prison a Pec t of our hospitals ban very Bod effect upon Many the fearful and the missing of familiar facts prix Lum some ill effects with which the Asylum holds out of u cure being Efler Tii in sex doubtless some Are cured who would not be if left at but Chr proportion very under the of n Good it Home nearly in Montiy would hut of course the worst cases can not in cured for at and the terrible necessity it taking them Lohna to in faced by their unfortunate that thaw to tallies should watch Over i d in one of his japanese romances Krneti Hurcey Bays or to tort Uick n Yjih Ashi a this May True of the tender list argument ought to taxi heard Lio Foru Woll an u dictum regarding feminine craze for Novelty a i Tho now athletic club Dono in your hip Irving club of has Xen Ned to Kvan an Neinl festival of the ourth to Usu generally in eluded except during the reign of innocent old mayor King who by proclamation for Bible anything of to and n feature of Haa the Auwin Bank of Bright faced who on the of the fulls festival was a me Nora bin Many of the known and null Young gentlemen in the Community put on the the wan a very entert nning the Young indies Evor in March of new caught it tha idea of learning teachers wer in not Leo demand before the ural Frost and the rate Uhuru since gone steadily a Young dentist of our slur tuned Hiso Allce hours under the pretext thai he had been appointed an incidental department of of the fuel is that he Given two Lex Nomof after Giuin in the of Rufien House pupils Are Young an the nature of his leaching is inn fld Ellul the Fei Ninlin ims Slon for u Strong guard Anil a prompt robs courier Likely to a Tkac Hakh having occasion to pass Purl of an after noon recently in the company of a professional teacher of thu heretofore exclusively Manly the writer asked him for some informal Ion regard uni the growth Tii Uong Lii Dlen of his Nncy fort to my in isl be premised by in that the teacher in ques Tion ban met the Best men of a in hits country and i Houglin never for Money or with Bare he is akan dilate of in Heleh in the sur rey Suhui in of Ami was Oral years n private Tutor in Onu m the preparatory schools of Ilii is n in his and loves tin Art of defense Many a Good american Doles on rowing or Llo admitted to me that he Uli Chenit several Hicks to hut frankly that to did not enjoy giving the we also he in constant fear of accidentally injuring his if course to dare not Intel cd any Pui Misli Jno it for and the girls Wero often so Intoc Unble that to lost patience coma with a inn Lenus with n Well padded was the usual the of so that Ihu la Mew can have full thy gloves were of the medium but always required lunch making into the lingers and thumb he inserts a Cantor it Wil Ono larger than that usually worn by Tho the kid lingers of the he Tutu off at the to hat the Kaslor Rovoredo lingers May tills the lady t4i close her Hng Eis thus retaining Ike Glove firmly on Bur this Altera Tion in gloves is rendered he by the Universal the Fem unix to thinking perpetrate n joke lie Crew and by bin manner re Bukad stud Kizu with you wild h is the most difficult Fhlug imaginable i Tiuch Udy to her Kven after you Thouk bile bus been warned of the danger will impulsively hinge at you with her open lingers str flight out and i lost one of my beat pupils Juat before Christmas in that she had Ukeus about thirty lessons and was very i thought 1 had broken her of the fault of thrusting out but when 1 led for her ure Fiul she it topped me Seully enough and followed by what was intended for a Crim with her the caught me on the Cheek Bone with such Force to Knock two of her lingers completely out of that no tiled the pain was 8he throw off Tho gloves and Down to have n Rood 1 examined her hand and adv cd her to Call n surgeon the Hail a very bad All her courage has since prior to that event she would stand any amount of she generally prolonged her Khz our to forty and caught annl accidentally of course during her hut when injured herself the sport lost its Chari to her she will probably make her Agu it next the Horyu mawr Tennis and Archery Pluy but the vigor of her aroused Wotkun Home has you candidly re Kird the sport As a Prover Oik for yogini a Why not they Are taught to awing clout and at nearly every so Munry in the i regard purely i live looked ugh to it in any other 1 Jiava Par nil with ii but never for Dollar or a shilling i learn Etc much of the Arl f Ruth i might fruit Trio billiard in new to the real u like All of there u no tendency what Overto Aji Vur to Public that u a that doa not Basail in n family w hero to lure Are two Jor 1 not seac tibial Triau n Ftp Quant with the Kiwi cd it teaches Oue How to carry the body Ami u a feet never can it the nits cd n us Alu uhlers and Back As no them while in common people place them forsake it is known to the world but the dictate of hut the majority of in these retreats and the cruelly very pro managed institution invites inspect and should be Nib personally by evry person placing n Friend in of those who fear or resent in nothing further need in if there a position of Spori Sibilly under it in tie position of superintendent of one of these the Posu Ion should be made to that very Best minds in the medical profession would aspire to and when the proper Man ims been found the Posi Tion should be one of permanence and be hut heart us Well is Bend is demanded of a Good medical superintend Only n Man of Well known kindliness of Liepart and of naturally impulses should Ever be appointed to such journals i Fri lot mint care for Uny so non a not til a ii cars of run in he Union nil Are Hiram has Feu dying to Ali Hin correspondent for j Dimiam u will not give it u he is too it wants simply the Plain not Finif it spends n great Deal of Money in foreign for the Errlin ent the it gives him Sluch the of his he lives in Lar Trau keeps two in my a Reserve for Bra Hank ii Tina her unite for Nvvf he Hast expended a Petiny of whats the him trial is so great Tiit of Elleian Din Dis any of thu with Trie Vienna and Paris Cor they Brizie and left and Hanif Tindall mall Lianette now the artist Nimir Luis of any Jour Smith and son it Greenwood Wero formerly tin at the end of firemen Wohl Jim Relod with Titi Smittie and started the of he is a or spit editor Ami ii Vikt Rivil ton former Secretary of 1111 Irish Lorn Neil chomp to run for parliament Las Tav him the 1all id out and ran i on ent Lidy Lukl Glt As Alne Risjan As what is tin general rat of journalistic i take the pall mall with Wlinich i urn Best Green tin1 is editor i h of i writes any editorials lie Fults pay thy usual editorial rates i a How ure outside contributor a paid i at rate of Kuinca be i Sld is i lie editorial Coli Inin there is a Rol tar of Ghiare free from and Poitte at Tav aim Tuk Ciuelo Yoc Elbr Cheater 18th vat role Salk and retail dealer in pure Patent toilet window till Luablia pity at pkuuoi8th and t03kub Arlington the rooms Are Well charges per Day from is 50 to first lass liquor cigars constantly on hand at Tho Polito and obliging attendant in Harding a Juno of preset lotions accurately urn of what an termed occasional not n the whole tendency of the life in fur each of if the contrib Kuch in institution b to Burden the Wensl dior half u the journalist and in mini who not and Lias the salary in London in High and tender should he Hubi a of mini Iii mud who works ejected to her Donini for the daily 11 makes a lion a Man who can Ever to pity these u san Francisco must miserable of nil the worlds unfortunates in not a lit Man to have Chunc of he should lie an compassionate he feel fur them liken he a lamps to them in the Placo of and he needs and tender Ness that Mure fin like than Tiik enjoy inc Iii try tale Enlil of a in n i Corner of the Southern visited an or of Beautiful after trading with the Trentle no by the visit of a Roii and harmful of Artill Rhyl Nuil manufacturer of liqueurs ure in tie Hii Haltof employing various ural Llyial in chemical Are hitch bodies ii any Lac Siuty propel la and cd acrylic the odor and the flavor the the the thu and thu Raspberry can thus he imitations not Only remove the for the line of thu natural fruits hut arc fur having n perfect similitude with give the appropriate flavor in n Moro accentuated fit Nunrie arid in Lols in pc sought to ascertain whether these artificially pre pared perfumes possess poisonous proper ties by injecting them under the skin of animals As Well introducing them into the dogs time Guinea Call Inge doses of nub when injected under the Hkin but these animals can he poisoned by suf Lac gently Nirgi and then the symptoms set in the must constant toxic symptom great which was followed in n variable time by these Phenomena were less marked in the dog than in the Guinea All the animals were troubled with Vio Lent Unsnle irritation and and distressed breathing was evidenced by Over action of the respiratory an excessive secretion of mucus from the Bron to Honl tubes was also Jot Ullh a tending the Gravity of the Tho majority of the animals Tho practical outcome of these experiments in Tumu tation the inc of infinitesimal do sett such in Are already employed fur Artil Ciul flavor aug of thu society in tie High binders Are n Bra Neji of the i trim society of this society is Insani inclination of remmuit8 of tin Piug o a Trike with the hand which w18 the j plot cry thirty years i Tho triad so Lucy in on plan of the nihilists in its oath is and Donth is the punishment for revealing the on entering n Man renounces the lit i of to far As they will conflict with Hla duty to the in China death u the punishment for belonging to in this country the membership la openly the six prisoners Are not triad self confessed murderer of Jiyong slug and so is they Are backed by the triad men in the the no secret society men would submit to blackmail on the part of the triad Tho haired exist ing Between the two the object of the society in China is to raise Money to collect troops and they Hope sometime to overthrow the present i ilium which is not the society in this country originally had the same object und Pur but after a few unscrupulous men Wero initiated they perceived the Opportunity of using it us a Strong Means of blackmailing nil who do not a Cuciuc to i and now Tho Branch of it which is in j America has it come an engine to make any week is the sum they have tried to extort from the hardworking Laundr Menin this As the chinamen have not paid it there i a Little enmity Between the two incisions Louis Whit and r full blood Norman l nod decl James French i would respectfully inform the e Public that 1 Smyc Lianou thin hotel and am now conducting it in hotter a tale than any such Nti finess has Evor non done in this county no Pomon Tho Reni Romulu of a hotel for this part of the country butter than i i i have re tilted it rooms in Galtes everything Board by Tho Day or week at reasonable Fino liquors and cigars at the professional a a tto Kney and codn8elobatlaw xxx Oak Alvin a to Tobey and coun8eloratlaw Kern com californian Smith a ttorney8 at Omot Chester next door to it Totoa i s now opened again and is the leading Houpo the table is supplied with All the delicacies of Tho Nea and Comparon with thu High priced ii Ouuor of Tho May 30 will stand the bea80n at the 1886 evidently a of Ranu after a mini him off very implored the Captain i to fire him a if lie had such n i tiling in his the Captain i deeply touched by the i in and Cocoa i nuts which the White exile had even i on him n ropy of the arabian j no fits overcome by the the exile burst into tears und tried von have spared my life and Piven me rank und on he i Shii wild Iofik uni have been while they were fattening me i or of then1 to Tell a i Chi the Silny of Little had tie child and the whole population were mail with they had j never heard n Krom Tunit i Day 1 Lier me a treat and honoured u Hen they Hull a National festival i sat i on top of u and thousands i while some elderly relative was being cooked for a feast at the cruel in Etui of the As caused by the wicked i had with me a volume of fairy and i soon to u Price on my keel hiding food in rather worn i Only get a Hundred Cocoa nuts for her now but Cinderella is still for four plus and a and old Chester for the Grade for the fish k in connected with the where can be obtained the choicest liquors and Fine convenient Board and loaf King per Day 00 booms per night 25 and 50c to vhf dealer in family Summit i am now pleased to announce to the Public that my hotel in completed and filled with new an Comfort Alile and All modern give me a John Eveleth by pot All orders left the Salifo Bumm will receive due Floii Noy attorneys at 220h Mcalli Clor new pity Hojic ban according to tie hut with the arabian nights i shall be Able to go on accumulating pork to the end of my condition of i Erizian Turin our Consul til has made some interesting statements in his report to the department of state relative to the condition of German farm the Persun of which might prove Profita ble to Many of our Young tillers of the soil who Are discontented with their the hit upon to he can indulge in few us he but Tii in Cash for his years Alenides this he is allowed Twenty four bushels of three bushels pens and 14 bushels of with free lodging and fuel and it is customary to Kraut ills family the use of 100 Simar rods of land for raising his wife is compelled to work in the receiving from twelve to fourteen cents n Day in summer and ten to twelve cents in Blacksmith nineteenth Street opposite Adobe All kinds of new work mid repairing done on Short horseshoeing a prices Tho Loveat and satisfaction priv of give me a and All Kimith of canned liquor put upend scially for family Walters Jav san Montgomery i toot 27 and physicians and graduate in Medicine a 8dhgeky v3t t f Tho ii Khizh Natl of the Royal ool Lugea of dim thir of the medical drug fell nug intr society usually lives the year round j the estate whore he is chemical fluid p11ice heuuce1 to per gallon Twenty Rall nth of Tho fluid mixed with cold Whitcr will make Dpi Wiur to All Dill and for Kcal in is certain m effect Iii in whily mixed in applied in h cull or other the but Little j the know in of do mini and though occasionally indulges i h the Neil greatly Adilah to Tho in ii pipe of a manufactured he is it dam Roytio it in fur Al spoiling of the increased of the typewriter Kiwi Given shirt Ling Groin Wuence to the Hail Sincl Rugby Thow who use there is ii blurring Over with the a word you cant in order to obviate this Silti Cully it is becoming the Huttt in the society to exit the wont a the top of let typewritten this gives the person using the typewriter All the of having a private Ami if there is any had a Pelling in the letter it u put Down by the receiver As w ing the fault of the too in Augustus Sula makes Uny Luh readers of his letters from Melbourne by declaring Thol leu in Australia earn Eig it n Days work of cat t Linen a Day Aud Church to super dirt or stale in Rones to encouraged to work in Harvest time by being treated to it has been estimated that n family consisting of hut band and wife with five cell ten can live on a when we consider in connection with this the unforced military service Thero can to no wonder it the great influx of Teutons into our whore Tho condition of the agricultural though nut nil that May be de is far Superior to any they could Hope to attain at ii Ulm rut Iclin i we believe it is the distinguishing trait of and tiie one that preserved lir Eminence All these that with All lid and nil the temptation and nil the example in other european it has scrupulously held Back tint list either by Way of pict ure or into the realm of those Between the boxes from Wlinich the even the Teri Izui prints draw of their and is Xiluo to something deeper and belter in Tiuliu the Well hypocrisy and i Iii described in Hull Anil his it from i tic same innate delicacy in this i Grants women More immunity i from Ceria a tilings than Tivey enjoy any where else in the civilized in its Tumi in Wotila inbound have in u line of fair play and a of of any i boots u of Guniy Sineat i Imti the Ami by the Iii Actton of Piini invt r j through a in i Iii i incl ads thai the from the w air will Ciftci Tauy Jay of inert Init Tel and fat Erizil thut by Iii arc Diljeet hell ice Tim 19th Rue building and ii Liture of i huh Listul Jyh entirely new throughout and no better cuu to Hud in thin spec jul Urmi Gomont can he made for Board and rooms for a Curtiis lung to of meals 25 Beds 25 in Tuk Arlington keep constantly on hand tells at the lowest Market rates and the City bakery la attached to the Elmo where fresh bread Cun Rev nyx to Aud will by Dolivo red to Riih Tours every Central k of Kern of me Elm at their wait in Ever Weil Dii Day Csc Ninga 7t80 sojourn ing Brot vib in Good Ita Odling in rigid to Jan Ltd Baker moots every tues ii at Thor parlor in Tho town visiting invited u a tank r and bakeh8field hta Tod on Thun Day Xor next Prue Eding the full of the Moon of each Kern meet at their Hall sat urday i biting and no Joanning Brothers in Good standing a delightful Lack of he Boht in now up Rii Lottie and in n Iii it tin for u Lillqu Ruiru Amii in Ihu the Bowling Alley in Maile of Duplx and is of the Aud the shooting gallery ii also very very baht of liquors and cigars Lvi Wirthl Ami will not Van be Hupt at tin sir Anil no pm Iii will la to Platte lit Inisi Glim aa4 give me a my Ruth Nul ii liver ail feel 19th cakkiage8 and Saddle horses Ruady for animate Roke to Hay and Grain for Tho very boil Ellb pro Illeth of the Central Ekpe Skully Nuno Nikicth to his Frinda nil the travelling that the Bongo will by conducted an a fies class hotel in a manner to meet the approbation of All Reg ular and Tim table will be hip plod with All thu a Yurkut and the single or in Aro Furui Eliud in the Utu thu House Bab been rein Odelon and Jau Lotf feb of the cur Dairy the Bonanou will put in of wheat next Llo Mist a by Situu of wheat in Issi flip Turmell Trie your is the in i to the year of utter try Arlo Fagton Barber shop he by Lihcit a Elk Tito Tan Beins Spanish agent for tras Agio Attoh a Crux for Avlik in Beu Acu Clung to Alico to us ahoy have cab Oil Boe Awaldt cooed 19th Deal Enid veal and All Kiuda of salted Home made Bacon and Oij everything found in Justice meets their Hull monday evening in etch week of american legion of my the Toni Onu Noll meets the Flani Anil third Tuo nday each month at Hall at band of Hope band of Mouth every Hiil urdu at 2 Oclock at the Vui Deuce of of k near the school Mma French Tulare Jacob Asher Tiibi new jjuild1no is con8thuct of on thu Muni approved claim fur Liu Ullh and it Iyub All thu Uio Clern Condon Iocca in their Imit Ini Provod it Ipoh for one mindred thu t in Blip plied will the baht thai can be obtained in the Bent Cooke and attic Blanth for pump ii from the a outliers Purt of Tho visit Iii Tulare Liis in the proper Diluco to Ilavu Tho it in the Point from Wlinich Road Radinto to All Purl of the of Furini Routa by Winch it May to Helit Nini Iii out conveniently thu Public whom a Tringe in will i Luck Tho charge Roulo Nubelo and iuarr2u Jacob City Tab be gently under gone a obit Jyz Cral renovation nod adaption for Bim French the lager in of a boiler no atty than u by Ever before und Tho Bur in supplied with the very choir Cut of la quoth and the Bowling Alley and shooting Lii us Aro kept running Day Naff it duo been mostly improved Tod now brewery the Placo of 1pnort in Tho put no Kepr Ukly for Hindoo us and family Oil receipt of Dols Jordans museum of Anatomy Market Flo and learn How to vat avoid and How wonderful you Are 1rivuto 211 Geary of Nulta of Lou to Taubold 4ud nil do Eura bed fur Jean we ue8pectfolly Call to the attention of the Public Ulitt hotel hah Boon thoroughly refitted and in now pre pared to accommodate travellers and boil Deru better than the table in Par have the boat Crouch in the Honghern part of Trio a Good Bur hip plied with the Bent of iia ported Frugoli Aud food Yard cookie old with the cure thai Whilt All test f in f Fekn dby advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing newspaper find
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