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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - April 3, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern april 14 Sam Sou at it californian a Tuboly and a quaint town the Borders of Texas and our sister the average lawmaker gets from ten to fifty each tin a it irk them very funny mow of of of Corr and i of the National j i exempt per year l in Pouge Luijt i far All and it a Digger Lywan impressive funeral ceremony at the a an ill Tvr at m motor nor maj of an old All my Suun to am nil my the Refl Tii Tho i thir or by the their Hal a Visi to Fiji my of Tinin us a Nett Misplon Titi of thirty few Kiwitt Tunit Wrils that was in the a Mil utter Many Neil Uwar of the Van rail full of Horny am and Wai weapon Fri Cunil it with u of air Prim when i f Alrub burial Kroutill Neil Tho Monr Liik of icily i Vlf to i Jurci Lucil i Lubirl Iriri of Karl a Torii nil i Clink Tiu Iku Lirui Kyi Way to on Fie to Ltd la Jiuji of on of their iian morn Linn fifty tvs then nine Roll Terri no Fitlin in the i till old Thi san Antonio Rivir worthy i Curry mln1 by k to this Ternei when the padres had tin and to them the ways of this of la of which i Tivit arc several in fathered rotini them Trinity tin Ems of the Forest by for if in the Wil of tinny int edifices that Wir the of Eon of not tit a tories Ami wearing Tori lit ii Ulii castles than t Tuple of now most Are not in re Thev on the same consisting of n h Wilikin the of tin Siu Antonio River Iii Middle of tin City n Tii Fen vhf Iii mimic of them very average congressman gets Lifty letters Anil the would do any work upon the Newa and ordinal matter of the weekly National 18th Csc Lovely now Little Ujj Iii aii Ojiri the Hideo Are clothed prenting a mo3t Copti vat list c and Road Tig fronds out in mini in mid in old Lindeh thai n in Iii on Urc Otilit of arid but does hand i will 1 on no of tin impurity of tin water sup wern the Way us the in iliuts ing Thror Neil i to it of m ill i it i t v twin t Iii Lii hii1 inn tailor Wilh r with a liar it knit thir ill r i Thor i in fur h n ii worn it Stifil i in l my Mil k i will Lii ii i ii Humi i in n Liy tin Iilo i nil Lulf i ant tin climate is not even the win reminding Omi of that Peculiar condition known in Inte in the full in the North during the latter Parton the gum Eicr Vii Ilion Boromes i Pricil no and Iti it Riv rail to Thi Hist giving n feeling of which in hard to Holmke tin a Dusty and huge Ith every the i for a Minger Mii on nit t Lik armany who Coin from a in til tin old Hur iut Short d i in n i m Wen to in him i tin in u in Tun Tii Ai f Villi Himi a 1 or ill Bont tin poor Eren Luru to i arled it aha Prtrt Tatol liar hands Ilio of the head of the Outlin ing Ita grim at ii of Tho in s la fowl Ami out of in Tomii Tod Ami Rel Twink blown Liy an lil Man who ant with thick to do Mill fur thu runt of with her Hrul Onlin her Wuhl hair nearly covering her to round whom the Ull Man Kepi one a mar that group a Young of in Bulut Lac of the no Asho from the talk of lining up in in which ail inon the on tint run Petit of n in a Mutzl whip Tho null in Wak Only n a Liff unit 11 i in nah uni Htit he i worthy of Ami a full or hi1 i no f kept up Ali ill in Linx Tho up n the Tinl Tho Calif a guru in Ull woman lit n Illuv i Flor the arc tit with u of Druid Only paining to Ili Iii her with Talent of Waterm Ninny of Hir to Hunch the if old Tipu Cro nuut Tho waving Atli Hannu by nine a tier Witik principally u Sou my Elko Cronl with tin Aci Wiit a Harp inflection in to cosh Annuli or cry Phinit Cully Llyn the in tilth o Byoir it the u like a Liun the old Tornlof blown at the of if or the knit rot hit a tiny at or with her Opan at the Iii tent nil the Ami uproar wus at tin Tanyon to on i Spur of tin Mountain a Ain Iiller in the Router Toni of a fief the not an v i p Oil wit two i at hut it family Lalii this Tarumi of tvs Vii their Myu i so far and 7 Cali ii Way lick origin americana nine Liiri Owins the latter have a Strong Hohl upon tin ill their Peculiar in nil there Many Mani i in Anil a Rouill Valinh Liall strike it newcomer As Anil so they Ricilly the Ilo Nuy Luaui with tin Blank Ettril tin nil tin Humble pc Plo from the far of form Stjulien not to vhf of tint in Many Otlet plan sin Neil five to overt Hizik an interesting Nappi Arabi Tinkom Tynie Rii Levi men Aru now Sel loin All Are Ami no in about Loa led blown with one of customs him cd Down from former in that of having tables Preiti in the Alamo Atnel military a fire where incan Intruini Teil to Pec Meim of in die Rhnee of Chile Fol tee Anil think rare most to the mexican pal the Iii Loren of the North Neil More Atnel in better the of in the mud attract 11 inane the tub i close to the City Are Ninny Market where All Kiln of Are i rails in in Ami Thero seems to Iki no Kix reason Why Man Kittil should not do Well Anil Hnott i of every i the Iii san ii pro in san 1eilro in a pleasant in the of Thi Eshou Cronl with and i containing Karl Tiki of pure in which j his re horse Solil away Lintl non fed by the the of i the Ninryo Callish almost exceeds Oil the enterprising tur Lea stand no Chance Ninon at the minion of about two Niilo from Tho in important action took place in intr the texan War of Independence or Wren the meal crts under cos and the texans under the inventor of the famous Bowie this nun on the 28th of the Hod Plhtte Tudor of the Church and Tho mexican Reki Lars endear ored to the Effort we nude in As the latter were driven Oil with a very considerable and Lowies reputation fur bravery was a cult lie was n Man of Crent Energy of character and Mit unil Leader of in walking in the Alamo Plaza one whether or not he in trending on the of David thu Creen trip or Junt uth of whose were buried in the together with of their companions who fell in of the the re Flection 1 not a pleasant an Tonto inter the Day r now Niarie every i is Lii shorthand who conies in Horning or aii Weri Allim Ami Ruti about the for my a bundle j of Sikut Twenty letters in his hint in i with he at Iii the Stelion Raphur hits and t the turfs up letter by amiss Taik reads Oft no to i Iii moribund Man Down Ai the fall from the Membern a Iri if hour find the let Terhune 11 what would have tint Einair four Hourn to do for h pm Hirrom polished in thirty minute thaid of his i May he at m Oclock in the i u to the and when in j a torus for dinner 5 Twenty j on the table ready for him to Sii he thin and his clerk mails Sime congressmen allow their clerks to write their Noten on the Type others must have them written by us letters on the typewriter j too Iii huh like printed Iii Wiit in nine out of ten Meu who receive tin letters will think the Congress men did All the writing a to a a Loui letter from a con Fessman is n bit tiling to the Courtl Tinl ill the bark he takes it around and shows it to then lays it away in the family and keeps it As reverently ii though i was his will and i in in in was yet had lots o Likely to drop off Nuy answer every letter no matter How trivial the or hmm Willy the others throw part of their correspond Etie nit tin and Sonu intr read letters at a great part of the of a con relates to Warden seeds and pub Lic an Ohio member Toni me tin other Day that ids constituents kept u better track of the government Publica than he did said he they wan Lithe papers and when any tiling Neil 1 my knowl can of in Many comes from re ques for the Penion letters form in her portion of to Ano says he letters from Essiy state in the Inion on petition mat a of letters have been com in Italy from an old Crank who comic ass in pension Phool teachers win have outlived this says the Kaveri Imant Lias million in of Idu Mousy in the and he thai ii kit to be devoid to thit a Kansas Man icon a letter tin other accompanied by a curious u Blacksmith Wautel him to Ket patented for and a other member 1 know just answered a Wiite of a Vii Lee who is Nix Loiis the president should Send him out West at the government vaccinate or of the Indianu in Cleveland obtained from the of agriculture i and other departments of the re Latoi i the Farrioe and planting an of Republican review Fenry Nelv Anit Hie of a Unglert and Oik National year in pm tace president and we bes Tarrant in tween c office and Tiu Ivy i desire to inform the Public that i have opened the a Iovu and will run it As a first Clang restaurant and Ovule i dec26tf hole8ale and retail healed in w pure Patent toilet window accurately office of Anil decl Arlington the koom9 Are Well charges per Day from 50 to firs class liquor cigars constantly on hand at the polite and obliging in Tveit Harding a Juno of Testini Alix Anil on All Klenita of work Funi instil on Short orders for jobbing and Olven prompt i leave orig org James is now opened again and in the leading House of Kern the if supplied with All the delicacies of the Osa Anil compare ii with the High priced of Tho a bar u connected with the where can obtained the choir Cut Lionora mid Fine convenient Board and and gang per 00 too Iii Pur and soc novl4tf French i would respectfully Inokai the Public that i have Lea Keti huh hotel and am now conducting it in better pc tale than any such Bax Neim hns Ever been done in Ihu county no person Muler Stanlyn the requirements of n hotel Tor part of the country by Tor Hun i i i have refitted it rooms in everything Board by the Day or week at reasonable professional a coun8eloratlaw a to Toney and Alvin attorney and counsel Hattaw Otar y com mi88ioner Fine liquors and cigars it the nia30 it jolyl8tf Home the j k located in ii id Ami inn Falln next door to tin int Vliem u Una Billie prepared than Ever to take Siuert Kun instantaneous new incandescent Klucz talc a new incandescent electric been invented by Frederick German of silk thread is employed in the and it found to lie As enduring and flex bilt Platinum the invention hat been patented and is in it is that there abundant Field for new invent Lonh in electric the Energy with which american inventors have Pur a tits subject u the old world can much from the sue Teiwes of american title an Awakening of if every poor mans child in America could be into an ivc in charge of a Well Well managed and High fouled and treated for five mail nobody expected anything hut a worthy manhood or womanhood in after there would be a revival of healthy Dis Content with Low an awaken ing of aspiration for better thin frs which would Tell in every Region of society from the unions to the White journal of Chris 99 a Lotf tech formerly with made and n t Kwh a the i do Alan in family and of canned cigars liquor put up eap scially for family Chester Smith a ttorney8 at office i Cutten next to tar to anal Sod Summit i am now pleased to announce to Tho Public that my hotel in completed and filled new and Confor Tatle and All modern give me a John Eveleth tehaci1ipa Walters 19th the Doil Mno and Linn iture of thin Hougil in entirely now thru Ignont and no better can to Lnu in thin special can he a kudu for Boarland mount for n us renin length of All orders loft Tho Calito Xian Offoot will Roc Iive duo juw7w Flournoy attorneys at Mcallister now City san a san France oct b02 met Gomry and Ano solicits my Lotf clip in tic new was fulfil tip Luvola to Italy Tii ii mind Over their Quail the poor cart Muturi Ivy ill her Golf to Naif Ali two Tine her Wilh a it Juire where notch of the few Ichini Lisis ears ii Ilie Toft is i my of with Tui Crown at last via Antt first to Luff up i of the then Anil the to wire the qty Timof reaching or the or More and Siiro faintly a Inlow in ducting current Wonit a Iii Tom Milf youd never think it Wim much of a Trilok to tort out scrap said a dealer in old he the mid dle of i heaped up with piles of Rusty Horn i of every without any no Parent order or hanging tip on the All Buiu and Othor pieces of while in one Corner n collection of mid k that we find of value in of unit Annie in her every play by thu remarked the or that can be used in the shape it is it tved u preserved from the Krap heaps and if they want a lot of pick fur never think of going to n hardware for but come direct to the where they Caw generally Lind Servic table articles of the nearly All of Cranks and Dju wheels will come Tutu in their Piv Avivit Shupe Otue i crop Iron Consu of Sny kind of Iron that will nerve the of but More tape Cully that of the malleable Francisco Illel Ned nit Tirc in an article on Thomas b human nature is wild u be the it in no less taif that human nature is always motives which in one Hajje Are languid and even unintelligible have been in another alive and to comprehend to take them up in hit to keep them present before him the key to what he is the chief difficulty and the chief duty of the student of two Yea Porth Hui Itu Iky Ivun it to cwt dutinc5 color o lh4kjr that the of in u if Circle of a radius thus Del can Kiil thrill or by nigh i the will in Irani tint Iii not Han a i pm in Law us i fur the Vale Law Aeh Itol has cwt the Only female student was Ever enter red m in Roll of membership her name Mitiu alien Aud Ahe have it member of Junior for thaw of school divided that no degree could awarded to on account of her ao4 Ike it one Etolea Kattera it to i him in the senator fair ban named an Eminence in Iju Trel 11111 san proc Hoo senators five United Stutts sen Zatoris Are to be boric in the Bonen of Llort Zierick and men of Fame our fathers were have been under the Crest of the Hill a Long and a few ago the body of Given was then Sharon u to lie near senatorial and a fifth fair is to join them Chicago i to Tui in of the when nearly ready to and Seal up the end of thet talk with Kealii Rigwan wrap the and put in a tin Box perfectly air when the Burl is wanted to Cut Oft tinsel Lingway and immerse the in water to which a Little Saltpetre Luuri been i was very a optical a to the sue of tins plan when told at it i have trip n and nut ii Dou of text Lex a treats us till fabrics with it Alco Hohe of the Green tar of the Iii us he expect in Render them til Nuat to m Anua Tubek and Deal Ell in rooms z7 room new Bank attention riven to contest before u and Stato land ja28m the physicians and graduate in Medicine it born kit of All kinds of Carriage Tri Ilni 4 repairing a meals 2c Beds 25 the City bakery in attached to Trio a Lxiv where Fetuli or Iii can always to and Wilt by do Livure to ovary Central James t oath i Loyal ool Logout of phyllo Daub and Al cow of the medical aug 19tf drug Storc fold society k of ke11n of t Moon at their every Day even ingot sojourn ing Brotton in standing in Vaud june ref to Jakki w in Cote tuesday at their parlor in the town visiting Brothern purim 1 to a t in Jib Arlington keeps constantly of null sol thai Lowi hand Market re ten and Call and exp mind my and Bufore Hon Rinik Union Hon Ami eel 19th and Saddle animals cipro i give me a Maruf White labor skilled and unskilled male awl of All once by Hansen employment Geary san Francisco Ucli huge to Hoshev a Huyn ready for hire broke to Hay and Grain for Tho very prop Borgwardt Mccord 19lh data Ulm in he prop1iietor of the Central Rupee fully Friend Mill Tiu travelling that the Houyao will be Crudu Otid an a firs class hotel in a manner to meet the approbation of All Reg ulnar and Thi table will to supplied with All i Market and Iii Al or in Hrisi in Tho Bent Tho ii Riiho ban hid Rofach Mcd and i bunted meeting ii preccdin8 Kelt meet at mourning Broth orb in goodst Andisik in Ever ju8tjce meets their Hull monday evening ii in each at French Tulare Jacob Asher Teal Anil All of i a that St Ltd mate in All of life u better than u i the very essence of Job printing i of every description neatly and promptly the Oali fernian or Diirr Fatte Ruf on trouble Wii Ito t a ref salted Home made Bacon and and everything found in a Firat Clara Joe Daks museum of Anatomy Market of learn How to avoid and Bow wonderful Yoo Tiff private in Geary Uon of Vannood 4od fetid for this new building is cont Hunt j on the Hight approved Plaum fur Hulth and com fort it Bibb All tha Noil can Conven Luncan in their in fit ii prowl it ban Lin Talani for one Hundred the t ibo in Hupp led with the Bent thai ran in the Tho bout Anil attendant for Pumo Nii from the non lion part of the Hunting Tolaro this a the Iii Titi to the it in Tho Point from Winch Kok roads Radiator to All Purk of the offering by which it May be Bent and Mont the Public whose patronage in respectfully will find the can Rita Luau Unble and to mar22tf Jacob French of american of mib Council of con Tho first and of month their him tit o Bawd of Hope band of every hot Lurda at 2 Oclock at the of of k near the school Miaw Jean we Call to the attention of he Public thit thin hotel Baa been thoroughly refit Ltd and in now pre pared to accommodate and better than the table a Par we Bare engaged the beat Froeb Cusk in the part of the a Good Barap Plit with the beat of in proud French and feed Yard connected with the City has of recently tide Ivaone a Oak eral Rio Vasilou and adaption for he Mer the lager la of a letter anal qty than it own before and the in Nopp Llyd the oho Iobbi of Lionora and a invt 1 i n i Bowling Alley and shooti1tg which Are Kepi running Day and of igbo have Ahto been greatly improved id now the brewery in the Moat comfortable nod heat place of a cart in Beer Pat up exp Italy for ten Loolu and family and Liverty promptly do receipt of avg la and county maps toe Mips Foli Bale by
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