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Kenosha News (Newspaper) - September 1, 1978, Kenosha, Wisconsin The news our area Kenosha news Friday sept. 1, 1978 3366th District candidates air school issues by Arlene Jensen staff writer paddock Lake they Are Young Bright and articulate. They Are All products of Western Kenosha county schools and they Are All running for a seat in the Wisconsin Assembly. The four candidates seeking election to the 66th District seat being vacated by state representative Russell Olson appeared thursday in a forum at Central High school to discuss school related issues of the Campaign. The candidates Are a Timothy Daley 28, an attorney and a resident of Union Grove. He is running As a Democrat. A Donald k. Gallagher 30, a Republican and also an attorney. Gallagher is a Silver Lake resident. A David r. Roettgen 23, a Republican from Union Grove who recently completed a tour of duty with the army. A Mary k. Wagner 29, a Democrat currently holding the office of Kenosha county clerk. She is a Salem resident. State mandated programs were the major source of concern from members of the audience Many of them school Board members. James Highland Union Grove High school administrator said a i am opposed to mandated programs. The state is shifting responsibility to local districts. How would you handle it a Wagner sympathized with school officials who find themselves a caught Between growing state mandates people who want tax Relief and the Challenge of providing Quality education. A i oppose additional mandated programs a she said a but the reason they came about is because legislators Felt it was necessary to provide the same Quality of education throughout the state. The problem comes in the financing of Wagner said the state average for educating a student for one year is $2,000 with 40 percent of the Money coming from the state and 60 percent raised locally. A i done to give a Hoot about uniformity of programs a said Gallagher. He described Public education As a a Monolith. When changes need to be made it s impossible if you have a uniform system. It does not respond to Roettgen suggested total funding by the state As an incentive to mandated programs. A without funding it is a Burden on local school boards. A he said new programs should be offered instead of mandated. Daley said a if the state does not put up the Money they should not be mandating he suggested More attention should be paid to a civics metrics and sex education. If they Are not mandated will All schools put these programs in on their own a Wisconsin has one of the highest teen age pregnancy rates in the country a said Daley a and sex education should concern All of John Schnurr Wilmot High school Board president asked candidates How they would react to state funding for gifted and talented children. He described it As the a most dangerous thing Ever talked about in Wisconsin Schnurr scoffed at the idea and said a we have 940 kids at Wilmot whose parents think they Are All gifted and a students really need help with basics a said Daley a and problems encountered by talented people can be alleviated through a better a they did no to have special programs when i went to school a said Gallagher. He said he would prefer guidance a along College prep Roettgen recalled being enrolled in a math correspondence course a to keep me a gifted education is a great idea and i love it a said Wagner a but i done to know if Wisconsin can afford Highland said a before Long the parents of a gifted child will bring us to court and Force the schools to provide for gifted programming. A concerns about teenage drinking were also aired by candidates and members of the audience. A Are you in favor of raising the drinking age a asked Judy Conrad. Gallagher replied a a in a not in favor of raising the drinking age but i could support some restructuring of the entire adulthood at 18 Law. The whole thing should be looked at Roettgen was More definite on the question. A i support raising the drinking age a he said. A get it out of the High schools Wagner described the problem As a we have to teach children to be responsible for their own action. The legislature does not answer All the questions a she said. Schnurr pleaded with the Assembly candidates for a less legislation. If you did nothing for a year we would be better my Side Illinois old Craft to suffice for labor Day Katzen fined for taking bribe Chicago up Stephen i. Katzen a former state auditor has been fined $1,000 and sentenced to 30 months probation for accepting a $5,000 bribe from a business firm. Katzen a former auditor for the Illinois department of Revenue pleaded guilty to the charges thursday in Cook county circuit court and said a i am truly sorry for what Katzen 32, said he was distraught about his pending divorce when he asked for a $10,000 bribe from the North Shore refrigeration co., Skokie. Katzen conducting a retailers occupational sales tax audit at the Skokie firm told North Shore president George Kaiser on april 24 the audit would reveal a serious tax liability. State investigators tipped that Katzen May be shaking Down businesses tape recorded the conversation in which Katzen said he would fix the audit to show no tax liability in Exchange for a $10,000 bribe. Assistant Cook county states attorney John Scotillo said Kaiser gave Katzen $5,000 in marked Bills and was supposed to give him the other $5,000 after the audit was completed. Katzen was later arrested in Possession of the marked Bills. Arson blamed for hangar fire Cahokia 111. Up arson has been found in a $5.5 million fire last month that destroyed a hangar and 21 aircraft at by state Parks Airport. William Buxton a state arson investigator said thursday that the fire was a deliberate and he said arson on an aircraft is a Federal offence and the Fri would be brought into the Case. Buxton said a switch on part of the electrical system of the hangar was pulled before the fire possibly so a device used to set the Blaze would not go off prematurely and the Cap was taken off of a can of volatile aviation fuel and a pipe inserted. In addition Buxton reported doors to the hangar that had been open when checked by guards at Midnight were closed less than an hour later when the fire was reported. A the fire was set a Buxton said. A a there a no doubt in my mind about Edison seeks rate hike Chicago up a Commonwealth Edison co. Has told the Illinois Commerce commission it needs a 5.6 percent rate increase because of its degenerating financial condition. In closing arguments thursday before the inc Edison attorney Richard Ferguson said the Utility will earn Only an 8 percent rate of return this year rather than the 9.3 percent rate authorized last october by the inc. The commission at that time granted a 7.6 percent rate increase. Edison had asked for a 14.5 percent increase. The company is now requesting a rate hike of 5.6 percent or roughly $125 million. At thursdays hearing one Man wore a Gas mask and persons from consumer and senior citizen groups stood silently in protest of the request. Lab to undergo probe Northbrook 111. Up Industrial Bio test laboratories critic de by Federal agencies for tests it conducted on drugs and pesticides is being investigated by a Federal grand jury its Parent firm said thursday. The Parent company Balco environmental sciences inc., also of Northbrook said the investigation appears to be going into areas other than the original complaint by the food and drug administration. The Fra held hearings last Decem Ber on tests Industrial Bio test performed on an experimental arthritis drug Nap Rosyn for syntax laboratories inc. Of Palo Alto Calif. The h a said it found serious deficiencies in the tests performed with the drug on animals and accused the company of issuing false test reports. In other investigations government agencies also looked into the Validity of Industrial Bio tests Laboratory testing of foods food additives and pesticides. Sue to end prison deadlocks Chicago up a a class action Uit has been filed in Federal court seeking to end the deadlocks at state Ille and Pontiac state prisons where mates have been locked in their cells Ince a july 22 riot at Pontiac. The suit was filed thursday after a spokesman for the Illinois department of corrections said prison officials intended to maintain the deadlock for Ever a i weeks. According to the suit the inmates ire being denied their constitutional rights by being locked constantly in heir cells and having severe restrict ions or bans placed on visiting Iri Leges. A Small group of Chicago lawyers Vith clients at Pontiac filed the suit my the Case was assigned to . District judge John Powers Crowley he same group had filed a suit last month in which they successfully sought a court order allowing lawyers to visit Pontiac inmates. Three guards were killed in the Pontiac riot which caused several million dollars in damages. A the longer prison officials keep the inmates locked up the More explosive it will be when they come out a said Michael j. Mahoney executive director of the John Howard association a prison watchdog group. Prisoners at both institutions Are being questioned about the disturbances and discouraged from exercising their fifth amendment privilege against self incrimination by a threats of indictment and reminders of the death penalty and the elected chair if they do not cooperate a the Smit said. No new boat for Randall patrol by James Rohde staff writer Bassett a the town Board and approximately 30 townspeople went round and round in dry Dock thursday night debating the need for a new boat motor and trailer for the towns water patrol to use on Powers Lake. Prices of new boats were presented to the town Board a week ago by Zenon Walag water patrol chief but supervisors Gerald Graff and Mark Starzyk did not act on Walaga a recommendation during the absence of vacationing Ralph Behn town chairman. Behn called thursdays special meeting but was unable to persuade Graff and Starzyk to approve the new boat and motor for use during the labor Day weekend. Phyllis Kaskin town clerk said she was advised by the town attorney that purchases Over $2,500 had to be publican advertised for bids. Walag recommended the Purchase of a 16-foot Viking Tri Hull boat 115-hp motor and trailer at Jerry a outdoor sports Center in Burlington for $5,194 without a spare tire and wheel for the trailer or $5,245 with tire and wheel. The supervisors said the neighbouring Bloomfield town Board which pays 20 percent of Randall a water patrol Cost was never contacted about the Purchase. Walag told the Board that maintenance costs on the Powers Lake boat had exceeded $1,000 this year and added that the operating condition of the Craft was doubtful. He said he had worked on it monday and got it running. Walag said the motor needs a new starter estimated at $240, it has no idling Speed and is a a Gas the 1968 Sta Craft aluminium boat he said had no flotation which explains Why it sinks whenever it Rains hard. He said despite a welding Job last Bristol Man commended James Delwiche 64, route i Bristol was designated july Driver of the month for motor transport co. In Racine. Delwiche has 32 years driving experience for the firm and has driven a wide variety of equipment and every Type of run. He has a record of 27 years of Safe driving in traffic congested areas around Kenosha Racine and Milwaukee. He usually drives a tandem diesel tractor pulling a 40 or 45-foot trailer serving in a 35-mile radius of Racine. As hobbies Delwiche also enjoys horses and gardening he and his wife Norma reside in Woodworth and have four children. University to flunk out Chicago up Arch Bourque once an administrator at a genuine University has been ordered to close his Illinois diploma Mill. Bourque a one Man faculty and staff had been accused of issuing diplomas from his great lakes University without conducting classes and minus the approval of the state superintendent of education. Appearing wednesday before Cook county circuit judge Francis Delaney Bourque agreed to Stop Selling his diplomas to Stop advertising in Illinois and to return All fees paid to him in the future. Assistant attorney general Clifford Meacham said the judge ordered Bourque a one time administrator at Seattle University to produce a list of Illinois residents who have purchased diplomas but said apparently no one had bought one. Bourque was accused of operating a similar diploma Mill a known As Pacific Northwestern University a in the Seattle area. Year the transom Back of boat has developed a crack decking needs to be recovered storage cabinets repaired steering column rebooted seats re fastened and the boat needs painting. He estimated the Cost at $1,000 to get it in shape for next year. Behn said the town receives up to 80 percent reimbursement of water patrol expenses from the state and the towns portion of the $5,200 Purchase Price would amount to approximately $1,000. He said pro rating it Over an eight year period the length of time the state uses in depreciating new equipment and considering Bloomfield a 20 percent reimburse it it would Cost the town approximately $100 per year for the new boat motor and trailer. Some townspeople questioned the need for a 115-hp motor for a Lake the size of Powers but Walag said it could save seconds in an emergency situation. With supervisors reluctant to buy without advertising for bids Walag suggested that requirement could be circumvented by purchasing the boat motor and trailer separately. Behn introduced a motion to Purchase the Craft recommended by Walag but later withdrew it when Graff said the total Price would exceed the $2,500 allowed before advertising for bids. Behn then made a motion to Purchase the 115-hp motor but the motion was Defeated. The town chairman then made a motion to Purchase the boat recommended by the chief but that too was Defeated. Starzyk made a motion that the town Board meet with the Bloomfield town Board to discuss the Purchase which was seconded by Graff and carried. Graff countered with a motion for the Board to advertise for bids on a new boat motor and trailer which Starzyk seconded and the action carried. That left the problem of what to do this weekend in the event the Powers Lake boat is inoperative. Behn suggested renting a Craft for the weekend which prompted a debate on How much Money to authorize for it. Walag asked if the Board would allow a $500 or $600 maximum. Four or five residents offered the use of their boats in the event of an emergency and the town Board dropped the subject of rental. When the meeting adjourned Walag was instructed to prepare specifications for the bid advertisement but no Date was set for the bid opening. That will depend on when the advertisements can be published. It Iii i United press International Mary frolics to birthday cake at Brookfield zoo cake captivates zoo Rhino Brookfield 111. Up Mary enjoyed her birthday cake so much it wound up smeared Over much of her head a but that was probably just As Well since she already weighs 3,000 pounds. Mary the oldest known Black Rhinoceros in the world celebrated her 45th birthday thursday with a cake made of vegetables fruit Yogurt and Alfalfa sprouts and a Banner Reading a Happy birthday Brookfield zoo officials said she sized up the sign then headed for the cake which wound up on her head. Mary and her mate Pharoah came to the zoo in 1935. Experts estimated then the animals were about 2 years old a a year older than the zoo. She had two calves and the first born in 1941, was the first Black Rhino born in Captivity. She now weighs about 3,000 pounds and stands 4-feet-tall at the shoulder. Chuck Pankow chief curator in the Brookfield zoos pachyderm House said Mary appears to be in Good spirits and Good condition. Zoo director George Rabb said Mary occupies a somewhat special place in the affection of zoo personnel. A she s a year older than the zoo and she s really a Central character ghost voice unveils killer Chicago up a voice that allegedly belonged to a woman dead for six months helped a homicide investigator find the woman a killer the investigator has testified Chicago police investigator Joseph Stachula testified wednesday a strange voice from the Mouth of re Ibias Chua identified itself As the voice of Teresita Basa a killed six Secretary wins lottery do Quoin in. Up Ada Lif a Secretary from Lockport thursday won $50,000 in the Illinois state lottery a Gold strike drawing. Mrs. Lif who would not give lottery officials her age yelled Over and Over a i done to believe it i done to believe James Frankiewicz 33, Brookfield won the $5,000 second prize. Months earlier a and told Stachula who killed her. A i am Teresita Basa a Stachula said the voice told him he said the voice then identified miss Basa s Slayer As Allen showery 32, a respiratory technician at Edgewater Hospital. Showery is accused of killing miss Basa 48, a fellow employee at the Hospital whose burned body was found in her North Side apartment on feb. 21, 1977. The chums and mis Basa were from the Philippines and within weeks after the Story of the arrest based on the ghost s voice was made Public the chums indicated they conceived the idea of the ghost s voice As a Means to Lead police to the killer. Stachula testified on aug. 5,1977, he went to the suburban Skokie Home of or. Jose Chua who a indicated that on several occasions his wife had been possessed by the spirit of the victim and that from his wife a body came certain information which. He detailed to Stachula said Chua told him his wife re Ibias was possessed on three occasions by the voice which named showery and pleaded with him Chua to Call police and provide details of the crime. A Strycula said after hearing the voice he and another officer questioned showery who first denied but later confessed to being in the Basa apartment on the flight of the slaying. After jewelry identified As having belonged to miss Basa was found in Possession of showery s common Law wife Stachula said showery told police he was a a responsible for miss Basa s slaying and a wished to Tell us what Stachula testified before Cook county circuit judge Frank w Barbara at a hearing to suppress evidence stolen jewelry and a confession in showery spending murder trial. \

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