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Kenosha Evening News Newspaper Archives May 19 1957, Page 1

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Kenosha Evening News (Newspaper) - May 19, 1957, Kenosha, Wisconsin The Weatherly i try Cloudy tonight t h to r s d a y. Chance of showers evening news vol. A Xiii no. 204 22 pages Kenosha Wisconsin wednesday june 19, 1957 22 pages Home edition Price five cents Ike hopeful Over latest red proposal Washington a up a president Eisenhower said today Russia s latest disarmament proposals Are a hopeful sign deserving the most Earnest and sympathetic study. Eisenhower told a news conference he is not suggesting that the United states should agree to any unlimited and unconditional suspension of atomic weapons tests. Both the United states and Quot Russia would have to know excl Gartly what was going on under la v i 110 a 1/ any suspension program risen Vij a i Lviv Bower said. A his remarks were a comment on the soviet unions recent Xhu Lac i i Iii Chi proposal for an internationally vill ii in i i cd 31 i supervised ban on atomic weapons tests. In if denies reprimand Immy 1/63 3 on the same subject Eisenhower said forcefully that har Brest France a in a an old e. Stassen his disarmament american and a greek tank adviser. Was not reprimanded or collided in heavy fog towing he returned from London Day in the Atlantic a grave talks briefly last week. Var j of ship5 it off the Brit. There was some feeling i Tany coast of France. Both Benhower said that Stassen had ships burned so fiercely that been Rushing ahead too fast smoke Rose 4.000 feet above the but he added he certainly does sea. Not feel Stassens usefulness radio reports said nine peril As been ruined. Sons were known dead a one disarmament is a very com on the 10.506-ton u. Tanker plex delicate matter Eisen Stony Point and eight on the Hovver said and it is necessary 0.345-ton greek ship Loannis. To Call negotiators Home some vessels from four nations times for consultation. Converged on the crash area. He added that was the Case when Stassen was asked to return from London. Would of suspension sen Bower said he w Ould be willing to have the United states enter into a temporary agreement for suspension of atomic tests while efforts Are continued to achieve a a a package disarmament pact covering much More ground. In fact he said he would be delighted if such a limited agreement could be reached pending achievement of a package pact. But Eisenhower said he did not mean to imply this country Ever would agree to an unlimited and unconditional Short term suspension of nuclear tests. This was Eisenhower s first news conference since he was stricken with a stomach upset june 9-10. He joked about the illness at one Point and appeared to be in the Best of spirits. The president also discussed Girard a without specific mention of a District court ruling tuesday barring the government from turning i William s. Girard Over to the japanese for trial Eisenhower said he would not care to discuss the Case at this time lest it cause some possible damage to Girard. Eisenhower had been told by a reporter that he understood there was some discussion of the Case last week at a White House breakfast with Republican House members. The reporter did not mention tuesdays court ruling. Rights Eisenhower said he has been sadly disappointed because some people feel the administrations civil rights program would disturb their own rights. He added he sees no cause for such concern. Late bulletins accept a package Quot Madison a Rny Wisconsin Senate republicans accepted in caucus today gov. Vernon w. Thomson so a package proposal to keep income taxes at present Levels for the next two years. After the caucus the joint finance committee reversed an earlier decision and recommended passage of Thomson a plan to pay for a 122 million Dollar increase in school aids out of income tax revenues before distribution is made to counties and local governments. A sustain veto Madison Ipp gov. Vernon w. Thomson a veto of a Bill to let taverns in resort areas stay open till 2 . Was upheld by a 26-5 vote in the Senate today. A quake recorded Sydney Australia a Iez a Strong earthquake was recorded today in the Pacific area about 1.300 Miles Northeast of Sydney the Riverview Observatory Here reported. Union head to answer charges Garraghty handed Down his de j Washington up Senate of Glt re visibility bad investigators summoned a x t r f this came in the form of a an american airman who president James g. Cross of Fonneal notice of Apical filed in flew an air Force amphibian he bakery workers Union District Cour Over the area said he had re today to answer charges that Girard., attorney and Cei Ved a report that a fall sur he used Goon squad tactics porters were jubilant at my visor so had been picked up but connived with an employer and j Garr Aghy a decision. The judge said he did not know How Many i misused Union funds. Ruled that t0 surrender the 21 Vivere involved. I the dark haired Well dressed year old Soldier to the japanese t Apt. Lowell Dibert of St. Union president promised the would violate his constitutional Louis Mich said visibility was Senate labor rackets commit rights. I1 Palm a uld Lee he would not a Nook a he the state and defense de u. to burning slips. Fifth amendment on any a per payments had decided Somei he said the smoke was rising to Nentz question in his test to an Altitude of 4,000 feet. Mony. The Stony Point owned by _., a a the u. Petroleum carriers a cured a do a t Tor inc., of new York and the Cross w As pictured in three greek Tanker collided shortly Days of previous testimony As before Midnight cd 14 Miles a a a dictator who borrowed West of missant Island a Rocky j Large sums from an employer speck of land jutting into the while his Union tried to keep turbulent Atlantic 15 Miles workers on substandard wages West of Brest. J who beat up opponents with the u. S., British French and Aid of a Goon squad and pistol a German ships rushed into the i packing vice president George ,1bln, a pay St Bong base will House 115 fighters bombers radio reports said they had picked up 64 of the 77 Crew members of the two vessels. Shipping reports said the Arner ican Tanker had a Crew of 41 in response to a question i and the greek ship 36. U. Moves to upset court ruling Washington a fit the government moved with All j Speed today in an Effort to i upset a court ruling barring u. Authorities from turning Over i William s. Girard to Japan for trial on manslaughter charges. All indications pointed to a direct Appeal to the supreme court with Hopes for a final decision before the court ends its present term next monday. The final decision on whether to go directly to the supreme i court rather than going through the u. Court of apr j peals Here rested with solicitor j general j. Lee Rankin. His decision is expected today. Notice filed Appeal machinery was set in motion within an hour after u. Dist. Judge Joseph c. My time ago that Girard a specialist third class from Ottawa. 111., should be tried by japanese courts on charges that he fatally shot a japanese woman who j was scavenging for scrap Metal on a firing Range in Japan. Girard who was guarding equipment on the Range has said the shooting was accidental. The woman mrs. Kaka a Ridge casing fired from a grenade launcher. Girard now is in army custody at Camp Whittington about 60 Miles from Tokyo. Proceed with plans at the Man said Pentagon a the defense spokes depart area Wheye the two badly Burn l. Stuart and who used Union ing ships continued to stay j funds for his personal pleasure afloat although their Crew s committee counsel Robert f. Jumped overboard immediately Kennedy told reporters he after the disaster. Would produce evidence today one radio report said Rescue hat Cross had borrowed $106,-operations had been a hampered too from Martin Philipsborn by the intense heat from both or. And his brother Herbert burning since 1948 a including $40,000 j ment will take no action while remain afloat last november after the Union the Case is being appealed. The another radio report the withdrew strike permission j state department refused Corn Only Means of communication rom 25 of its members who j in in t. The incident was blown into the disaster area in the worked for Zion industries j up into an International storm Chicago Job police today Early part of the Day said inc a bakery and Candy Fie-1 and the Case reached its latest sou8bt to determine if there there had been an explosion. Tory operated by Martin Philips stage As japanese prime min-1 Asar a connection Between but both vessels stayed afloat born or. Into the afternoon. Gave strike authority picture of things to come in late 1959 sights like these May he a right outside Keji Osha. In the upper photo an air Pon e b-47 medium Jet bomber the Aid of its 33 external rocket units. Forty five of these bombers Are expected to be at the Bong Field according to an announcement today from rep. Lawrence Smith Racine. In the lower photo a b-47 left is shown being refuelled in flight by a pc pm a Tanker plane. Twin capacity to of the tankers Are due to be stationed Here. Smith also revealed that 50 of the Brand new f-106h fighters will be based at the Kenosha county based bringing the total planes to 115. 3 squadrons of bombers due Here when completed the Bong air base outside Kenosha is expected to House 115 planes. This was revealed today by rep. Lawrence Smith t Racine in a report on future plans for the big base due to a be ready late in 1959 congressman Smith said i these planes would be stationed at the new Field two squadrons �>0 planes of f 10611 Jet fighter interred tors. Three squadrons 45 planes of b-47 medium Jet bombers and Twenty pc 97 refuelling a Tanker Quot planes. Up until today it had not been announced exactly what Type of planes would be stationed at the Bong base. Originally the government had said there would he 50 Jet fighters transferred from o Hare Field near Chicago but rep. Smith Learned March. 22 that bombers too w Ould occupy the Field. This confirmed a possibility raised by the Kenosha evening news in january 1956. Rep. Smith said today that the commander of the base quite Likely would be a Mem Ber of the strategic air command. The Sac operates Long Range bombers. Its new head named a few weeks ago is it. Gen. Thomas s. Power. He replaced it. Gen. Curtis e. Lemay. Sac Headquarters Are in Lincoln neb. The Boeing b-47 Strat Jet Bonnier is the Standard medium bomber on Sac bases around the world. It has six Turbojet air Forte photos. Engines which push it along at common thing i better than 600 Miles an hour takes off with i Matching the Speed of most based i operational fighter planes. The swept Wing plane has a bomb exceeding 20,000 link sought in killings the tiny German freighter _ Erik Reckmann who radioed Peter Carbonara Secretary the first news of the collision treasurer of local i Chicago stood up close to the treader testis de tuesday that Cross Ous coast to pick up survivors. I gave strike authority to the ister Nobusuke Rishi was head-1 be gang style slayings of two ing for a series of talks with i Chicago area men whose bodies High u. Officials in washing j were found nea1�?T Here iou. Rishi arrived Here today. The body of Russell Mcdan in san Francisco Rishi would Jiei 40 Riverdale was disco not comment on Mcgarraghy sered tuesday night sprawled decision. But in Tokyo Japan s a Patch of weeds East of it radioed it had 26 survivors workers at Zion Iii., last octo j attorney general said Japan i Michigan City ind 1 will go ahead with plans to try Girard. �?4-------, locate Marine bomber shot Down in 1945 a Marine from the Loannis and 25 from i Ber after they had voted Over the Stony Point when mingle to walk out when another German ship the negotiations failed to improve1,710-ton. Coaster Kei Tum re their subs Landard contract. I he administration Bill passed i ported it had 13 survivors but but be said list Stuart who t tuesday by the House was de-1 did not say which ship they Bas since quit Bis Union Post signed with the thought of con came from. Under fire suddenly withdrew filiation and moderation not desperate Calls went out for i lie strike permit. This meant How Fri a Ihn 0f anyone Eisen medical supplies. The big liner if the workers walked out they to that was a pow table motive for the slaying Flower sad. America with a Hospital aboard would not be eligible for 20 corp. 0, t Eph Hines authorities said Mcdaniel had his remarks were prompted hurried into the area. A week strike benefits Grum l. N s a lengthy to and helicopters from no new poll a a covered a vol an expected Senate filibuster getting in close. 1957 total is still la been told. Bruno Luberta of de Pere Madison a of a the state1 brother of the Marine radio Nick Paulos 36, Gary a Gambler who worked in Streator and Calumet City was found dead tuesday in Grant Park South of Chicago. Chicago police today questioned Mcdaniel a Bride of six weeks in an Effort to learn a police record of arrests for larceny Possession of burglary tools and carrying a the weather a Chance of a few Light showers thursday marred an otherwise pleasant forecast from the weather Bureau today. Tonight and thursday will be partly Cloudy with a Low near 50 and a High of 70-75. Noon temperatures today were 70 at the sewage treat ment Plant 73 downtown and 74 at american motors. Yesterdays High was 85 and the Low Early this morning was 56. The Sun Rose at 5 16 a in. Today and will set at 8 28 . Form group for Knowles by i ruled pre a senators for Knowles club Slon has opposed trolling with was formed tuesday with 13 a Motorboat. Wisconsin is one Molinaro Bill Defeated Madison a Dpi a backers of a Bill to permit trolling from motorboats and sailboats on Wisconsin lakes admitted defeat today. Assemblyman George Moll Narod Kenosha received permission to have a Bill returned to him that would require the conservation commission to into the bombers by Means of a conduct trolling experiments on 1 telescopic swivelling Boom five lakes. The f-106h fighter reported Molinaro and two other demo is a Brand new interceptor and j crafts introduce the Bill. No information was imm Diate voice vote i available on it. A the Assembly today passed a simple Resolution on a voice vote leaving it up to the conservation commission to Fondue the test on five lakes if it sees fit and to report to the 1959 legislature. Rockford Iii. A in a authorise conservation commis los sought a motive today for a Booby trap bombing which ripped in and leg off a pounds. It is armed with a re Mote control gun Turret in the Tail. The b 47 was the air forces first All Jet bomber the first one roared off on its initial Mission dec. 17, 1947. Several months later it set a new transcontinental Speed record for All types of planes. The three Man Crew consists of a Pilot co Pilot and a triple threat Quot Man who serves As navigator Bombardier and radar operator. The k.c-97 tankers prov Ide longer legs for the b-47 bombers. Using the a flying Boom technique of air to air refuelling. Fuel is pumped at High Speed seek Rockford bombing motive against the civil rights measure. He replied he had not discussed that matter with the re open Suez concealed weapon but he had state gof senators supporting never been imprisoned. 1 his candidacy for u. Senator a dangerous business a in the july a primary election of a handful of states that still Rockford Alderman a wife prohibits such trolling critically injured was sirs. Suez Egypt of a traffic was i Board of health said today that Man said he has been advised said that w Hile he normally resumed in the Suez canal to no polio cases were reported to i by the Marine corps Day after a 12-hour stoppage j it in the week ending june 8. Bodies of the crewmen will be caused when a British Tanker Sens. Jess Miller Richland his Bride the former Theresa i be ate a and William Trinke Holt 22, Eagle River wis., said Lake Geneva Are co chairmen opponents of the Molinaro j Alma Anderson. 61, wife of Bill have argued that the legis Alderman Erie a. Anderson a does not comment on such matters he did want to make it Clear that he thinks the administrations civil rights program is moderate. That Mcdaniel never mentioned his of the group. A statement is lature should not interfere wit Hirt Al estate the Rule making authority of the conservation commission and insurance Man the in a set right now for a command performance phone of 7-5121 to command what you wish me to do for you and i guarantee a Stellar performance. O. Howie hustlers the name. In a a Kenosha news classified and and the rave notices i be received would fill volumes this left the reported eases j returned to the u. And buried ran aground 25 Miles North of i for 1957 at la compared with 33 i together at it. Logan National Suez. J in the same period of 1956. Cemetery at Denver. Trinke wins fight to kill Bill by legion on subversives Madison a Ifju the wisc on Quot thinking legionnaires Don t go ing taught in school a in an Seishin Senate voted 19-12 tuesday along with Demic to kill a Bill or High would have Trinke claimed that the Bill be said that the Law prevents Aii Kcal a a prevented communists or sub was aimed at the University of the wearing of religious garb in Southside tweet Quot Here they significant Issue in the com ver Sives from using Public Wisconsin and said its backers Public school buildings but it said the car wag used in he j my special election nil i in Doc in. I Jan a t i 4 a a t 1 it i n w i f a i a in i k. To. A. Ii A occupation but once mentioned he was a engaged in a dangerous the attractive bewildered girl said she met Mcdaniel More than a year ago in Florida. She said they had corresponded after that and were married in Lafayette ga., on april 30. Mcdaniel had been beaten i about the head and shot three times. His body was discovered wheat Farmers vote sued by the senators said they a believe that his Long record of Public service entitles him to consideration for election to the High office of United states a Northland Knowles for senator club was formed for the lieutenant governor in Ashland Ament marketing controls tuesday with Eugene Balker Washburn As president in other political develop who was pot at Home at time of the blast tuesday. The explosion hurled bits of mrs. Anderson flesh and pieces of burning cloth 40 feet Washington up a wheat farm through the air. It smashed i s in 36 states vote thursday Concrete Steps in the Breeze in a National referendum to de i Way of the Anderson Home Termini whether their i958lwhere the bomb exploded and crop shall be under rigid gov rocked other Homes in the immediate area. By Harvey Witcher Lakeland Menta tuesday democratic ind., As he drove through the candidate William Proxmire Michigan City suburb charged state Republican chair Chicago police said they found i an Philip Kuehn with making Mcdaniel a car parked on a the a sales tax an indirect but late tavern hour vetoed by Thomson buildings. The Bill had been introduced at the request of the american legion and the opposition to the measure was led by sen. Trinker Lake Geneva who is a former state legion commander. Trinke told the Senate that it raised the ugly head of i Toler permits communists to use the tining. Mcdaniel apparently be said the Republican party Ance and thought control and buildings. He then asked Trinke jihad Peen it jumped from the car Bas moved steadily toward a tried to foist it on the univer whether he would support a sity. Measure to allow a sectarian i a this Bill is unworkable in teaching in Public schools. American unconstitutional Quot he Quot religion is a private not said. Public affair a Trinke an the chief supporter of the swered. A religion has nothing measure during the Senate de to do with Only a Short time before his body was found authorities said Paulose body was found badly 1 swing the because there will he decomposed in the trunk of a a St Ong tendency for voters car which was abandoned four Aba a St a Sale tax to vote Days before he was last seen. Democratic. A the aug 27 general election consults Stassen will a show whether the re pub sales tax since the election last areas to stay open till 2 a in november. This has Given the during the summer democratic party a additional Madison a of a gov. Vernon thirds majority would be Newerl a Thomson tuesday vetoed a cd to pass it Over the governor in Bill to permit taverns in resort veto. The Bill would have allo wed Hie governing body of any town City or Village outside Milwaukee to extend tavern closing time from i . To i . If the tourist and Redrea Thomson said he feared the later closing in the months of june july August and september would increase traffic deaths i was not easy for him to oppose Quot ass Ltd o Geb fars Quot n a son Adly in said a an organisation which i helped of re kit i candidate for the Lorge was mutating the very in. Senate. People he claims he is attack the British prime election after its state chairman he said that those who soon communists ate my minister Harold Macmillan has publicly told the party censored the Bill were a Well mean ii country another opponent sen. Hen tailed in u. Disarmament mention that it should write a inc and misguided a u the j us or Milwaukee said the Bill Delegate Harold e. Stassen for Promise to enact a sales Jax Quot speech. He denied that the Bill is a test a whether democracy personal consultations today into its next platform and after he accused a Small group in was aimed at the University of is big or Strong enough to con amid reports of a major Anglo leading Republican candidates the legion of trying to subvert Wisconsin and said it would not Tarn the various a isms which american difference Over halt for the Senate have advocated and said that prevent communism from be tend to fester within i ing nuclear tests. I a Wisconsin sales tax. A j the governor said a i would the Constitution i Tion a Industry is the principal source of income in the area Thomson said Wisconsin s natural beauties would provide a greater inducement to tourists than later tavern hours. At the same time Thomson announced he had signed another Bill limiting credit for the Purchase of liquor by retailers 1 houses by a voice vote. A two. To 30 Das s. Bean party can win a statewide ind it hard to justify approval j of this measure while at the same time i am trying to focus Public interest and the cooperation of Law enforcement agencies in reducing the death rate on the highways of the Bill was passed in both

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