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Kansas Weekly Herald (Newspaper) - October 20, 1854, Leavenworth, KansasIn his Poa Coful Saab Halloh sch Theu Kriks of Theta Alan Rife in trait a to Carolina Damocl Boone the illustrious Hunter had heard Finley n trader so memorable As the Pioneer describe a tract of land West of Virginia z3 the richest in North America or in the world.-,. In. May 1769, tearing his wife and offspring having. Emily As his Pilot and four others As his companions the Young Ina n of about three and Twenty wandered Forth throw orb the wilderness of America in quest of the country of Ken Tucky known to the Savages As the dark and bloody ground the Middle ground Between the subjects of the five nations and the a Long and. Fatiguing journey through Mountain n ranges the party found themselves in june on the red River a tributary to the Kentucky and from the top of an Eminence surveyed with Delight the Beautiful Plain that stretched to the North Wes t. Here they built Shel Ter and began Tor reconnoitre and to Hunt. All the kinds of wild beasts that were Nat ural to America the stately Elk the timid Deer the antlered Stag the Wildcat the Bear the Panther and the Wolf couched among the canes or roamed Over the Rich grasses which even beneath the thickest thades sprang luxuriantly out of the Gen Erous soil. The buffaloes cropped fearlessly the herbage or browsed on the leaves of the Reed and were More frequent than cattle in the settlements of Carolina herds men. Sometimes there were hundreds in a drove and round the Salt licks their num Fer was amazing. The summer in which for the first time a party of while men enjoyed the brilliancy of nature near and in the Valley of the blk Horn passed away in the occupations of exploring parties and the Chase. But one by one Boon s companions dropped off till he was left alone with John Stewart. They jointly found unceasing Delight in the won Ders of the Forest till one evening near Kentucky River they were taken prisoners by a band of indians wanderers like them selves. They escaped and were joined by Boone s brother so that when Stewart was soon after killed by Savages the first vie Tim among the hecatomb of Whitemen slain by them in their desperate battling for the Lovely Hunting ground. Boone still had his brother to share with him the dangers and attractions of the wilderness the building and occupying the first cottage in Kentucky. In the Spring of 1770, that brother re turned to the settlements for horses and supplies of ammunition leaving the renowned Hunter by himself without bread or Salt or sugar or even a horse or dog. The idea of a beloved wife anxious for his safety tinged his thoughts with a sad Ness but otherwise the cheerful meditative Man careless of wealth knowing the use of the Rifle not the plough of a Strong robust Frame in the vigorous health of Early manhood ignorant of books but versed in the Forest and Forest life Ever fond of tracking the Deer on foot away from men yet in his disposition humane generous and gentle was Happy in the uninterrupted succession of Sylvan one Calm summer s evening As he climbed a commanding Ridge and looked out up on the Remote venerable mountains and the nearer ample Plains and caught a glimpse in the distance of the Ohio which bounded the land of his affections with Majestic grandeur his heart exulted in the Region he had discovered. All things were not a Breeze so much As Shook a Leaf. He kindled a fire near a Fountain of Sweet water and feasted on the loin of a Buck. He was no More alone than a Bee among Flowers but communed familiarly with the whole universe of life. Nature was his intimate and As the roving woodsman leaned confiding by on her bosom she responded to his intelligence. For him the rocks and the fountains the Leaf and the Blades of grass had life the Cooling air Laden with the wild perfume came to him As a Friend the dewy morn ing wrapped him in its embrace the Trees stood up gloriously round about him As so Many myriads a f companions. All forms wore the character of design or peril. But Liow could he be afraid 1 triumphing Over danger he knew no fear. The perpetual howling of the wolves by night round his cottage or his bivouac in the Brake was his diversion y and by Day he had Joy in sur relying the various species of animals that surrounded him. He loved the Solitude bet Ter than the towered City or the hum of business. Near the end of july 1770, his faithful brother came Back to meet him at the old Camp. Shortly after he proceeded to cum Berland River giving names to the different Waters and he then returned to his wife and children fixed in his purpose at the risk of life and Fortune to bring them As soon As possible to live in Kentucky which he esteemed a second Paradise. The influences of Home. There Are few words in the English Lan Guage which sound sweeter than that of Home. It brings up before the mind s Eye the joyous Days of childhood awakens the Happy associations of our youth and innocence and warms the soul m the fire of Happy memories. Indeed it is a word which is blessed and. Sacred in every bosom. There is not a memory which is not stored with pleasant recollections of the Home of their Early years and there is no heart which Ever forgets the influences which there moulded and formed its affections and its impulses. From the wild forests of the West from the icy regions of the North from the sunny Plains of the South from every Quarter of the Globe the thoughts of millions and millions of human beings go Back with tearful pleasure of the quiet Hap piness and the contented enjoyment of then childhoods. Home. Those Homes May sow be deserted the fires which burned upon their hearths maybe dim the. Eyes which loved to watch our coming May have Long since ceased to smile a Welcome the voice which gladdened us Mav have Long since been silenced in death but for All that and the absence of years and the thousand cares of life and the Bustle and strife of business there Are times when we go Back upon the Chain of memory and .1 puce More live Over again me me of our childhood. All Over Fife s weary desert Are travellers who Hever forget the 5 Early impressions made upon their hearts in the bosom of Home and whose v thoughts go Back Over the waste of years i to the of d Homestead and to the kind lessons of a Mother and the Friendly counsels of k a from a Good Home it is not far to heaven is the thought a. Noble hearted swedish woman and the sentiments is full of great and Beautiful truth a Good Home a Home in which the father and the Mother performed their duty to their children is Roe Desi a Nooi upon Eann Yosmo Lul mind is Ever. Ope ii to instruction Aid can easily be moulded to the will of 1 Superior Intelli Fence the Youthful be is susceptible to impressions and lessons of truth and goodness imparted in the Early years of childhood never Tail to produce p. Lasting fireside is an institution far More important than the College or the Seminary. The lessons there Learned Are life s lessons. They Are never for gotten. The influences of Home and Early education direct the whole destiny. They Are the blessings or the curse of Mankind. The children of to Day Are he men and women of it should " never be forgotten that to 1 the child is father of the Man and that upon the influences which direct the childhood depend the character and Des tiny of after life. The habits then formed Are the habits which give form and color to the. Whole texture. Of existence. Lessons of truth and virtue then Learned Are never forgotten. They May seem to be erased from Roe tablets of memory an May appear to exert no influence upon the charac Ter and the life but it is never so. They Are As deep and lasting As the mind and the soul. They defy the rust of years and outlive All other lessons of maturer age. How important then that the. Influences of Home should be salutary influences. Tiow pm dormant that the impressions made upon the Youthful mind should be Goodim press ions. How important that the Char Acter then formed should be based upon the principles of truth and virtue. With such a character the path of Prosperity Honor and renown lies open to All. A Good character the basis of which has been Laid in childhood is the first great requisite to Success in life. A Young Man who is in Perinar upon life with a fair reputation feels that he possesses a treasure which is beyond All Price. Character has. Been Well compared to capital the More a person possesses of it the greater Are his facilities for adding to it or it is like an accumulating fund constantly increasing in value and daily acquiring to itself fresh accessions of stability and Worth. Augusta Home Gazette. Take care of your health. To a Young Man who asked Horace Mann to give his counsel towards Success. In the profession that extraordinary Mann replied tersely prompt and definitely. He opens with the following very common Sens e and important suggestion touching the necessity of health. First you need health. Hope cheats him with the belief that if he can study now without cessation he can always. Because he does not see the end of his strength he foolishly concludes there is no end. A per son who is a spendthrift of health is one of the most reprehensible of spendthrift. I am certain i could have performed full twice the labor both better and with greater ease to myself had i known As much of the Laws of health and life at Twenty one As i do now. In College i was taught every thing about the motions of the As much care As though the world would be in danger of getting off the track if had not known How to Trace their orbits but about my own organization and the conditions in dispensable to the healthful functions of my own body i was left in profound ignorance. Nothing could be More preposterous than to take such a coursed i ought to have begun at Home and taken the stars should have come their turn. The consequence of it was i broke Down at the beginning of my second College year and have never had a Well Day since. Whatever labor i have Ever since been Able to do i have it All upon credit instead of capital a most ruinous Way either in regard to health or Money. For the last Twenty five e years so far As it re Gards health i have been put from Day to Day on my Good behaviour and during the whole of this period As a hibernian would say it l had. Lived As other looks to Lor out a month i should have died in a fortnight. Health has a great Deal to do with what the world Calls Talent. Take a lawyer s life through and High health is at least equal to fifty per cent More of brain. Endurance cheerfulness wit eloquence attain a Force and splendor with health which they never can without it it often happens that the credit awarded to the intellect belongs to the digestion. Though i do not believe Erenius ande Pepsy Are convertible terms yet the lure or can never use to Lis lowest Heights unaided by the latter. Again a Wise Man with a great enter prise before him first looks round for Suita ble instruments wherewith to execute it and he thinks it to command these instruments before he commences his labor. Health is an indispensable instrument for the Best qualities and the highest finish of every work. Think of the immense advantage it would give you in a suit at court if after a week s or a fortnights investigation of facts you would come in for Roe closing argument on the last Day fresh and elastic which Only so much More of momentum and Fervour for the velocity and glow which you had acquired while your wilted opponent had but Little More vitality 4han a bag of n a of it Terr inn or Nulf it tai1iara ot1 ners suffer boxers and racers to be Wiser in their generations than them f selves.?". J Grabe right hand Man of. The King of Prussia s company first foot guards died at Potsdam in August. He was the tallest Soldier in Europe seven feet one Inch is that the tune the old cow died of asked an old englishman nettled at the Industry with which a new englander whist led Yankee Doodle. No beef replied Johnathan that Are s the tune old Bull died Herald. 4. . Fans As str Slitor or. We shall Issue on the loth of Sec Timber to Leavenworth Kansas territory the Kansas Herald a weekly journal devoted to miscellany literature agriculture general intelligence and the maintenance c democratic Brin idles Coram on the political Arena at a time when the Snoie country is convulsed with Tierce sectional Concis we Snail Lake on stand a. Me Start firmly z against the sweeping current of Public infatuation a d Plant ourselves in the platform of the strict construction democratic principles and measures of popular supremacy state sovereignty a uhf drive Eire adherence to the Constitution of the United states repro Seu Union frequency Al elections opposition. To class legislation it is the Success of these principles and measures that has elevated Bur beloved country with a rapidity unparalleled in the annals of nations. To a height. Of Prosperity and War Wuich Jusy entitle Nerio of me won r of the world though to assist materially in upholding the Success of Democrat Teitle our Best snorts shall be put och in Iho cause t and we Are determined that a want of sincerity and vigilance shall not be justly Laid to our charge. " is Eleving that a continuance or the factional disputes that agitate our territory Are prejudicial to its peace and Onward Progress we shall exert whatever influence we May possess. To heal dissensions the indulgence of which can not fail to do harm. I " the passage of the Nebraska Bill with its various provisions has drawn the attention of the whole Union towards Kansas with refer ence to the abrogation of the Missouri Compro Mise. Opinions differ widely on the subject. And we find equally Rood " men both for. And against the Bill. We doubt not the honesty of question whether slavery shall exist or be prohibited is to be decided the ballot to x. By the freemen of Kansas and it would be a Depar Ture irom Roe spirit Ana meaning of the Bill establishing the territory for a newspaper to at tempt to dictate to any faction we belong to no clique and shall advocate the people s Anguis Ana snap give our opinions freely an plainly in any emergency that May arise with out dictation from any source whatever. We shall set Forth the Issue such As it is nothing More or less and treat both sides with fairness without hesitation. We endorse the present National administration in Roe Wisdom purity and firmness of whose government and strict Fidelity to the Constitution we have the highest Confidence. Ours is peculiarly an agricultural stated and our encouragement will be Given to All efforts to promote. This Branch of Industry and for the development of agricultural science so important to the people of Kansas As a Grain growing Community. We have embarked in the enter prise of establishing a democratic journal that while it shall maintain and defend the Princi Ples of our political party in their strictness and purity shall at the same time present to the merchant and Man of business the Best and most rename medium by which they can reach the masses of Kansas and Western Missouri in a business Point of View and we doubt not the Success of our undertaking. It is conceded by All that Leavenworth will soon be the great commercial depot West of , for besides being the Capitol of Kansas territory we assume and located at the. Only 0w lung nil memo. La Varju win continue to be the nucleus of a great part of the Trade of n. Mexico Utah Oregon Washington Nebraska Western Iowa Western Missouri and Kansas and we therefore offer to the business men Oft. Louis Boston new York and new Orleans facilities for advertising with the Assurance that Weir advertisements win de seen by circulation will extend to every state in the Union it May be found at the family fireside in Maine and in the wilds of Nebraska among the most cultivated people of the Southern and il.d3i.urii Oia ies Ana Arouna Roe Borders or Roe Vav Estern lakes. We shall keep up with this age of astonish my Progress and it is our purpose to Issue a Dairy As soon As we meet with sufficient encourage ment and patronage to justify the additional expense. To the friends of democracy particularly you w an generally no would encourage the Ain usion or us Etui knowledge and Correct info , we Wouita my our Appeal to Aid us in extending the circulation of the Herald. It willbe our highest ambition our great object and study to give them a paper worthy of our cause and the enlightened age and nation in which our lot has been cast. $2.00 Ner annul in Advance. All communications must be addressed to the editors Leavenworth Kansas territory. September 15th, 1834. Proposals for Wood. Tihe subscriber invites until 9 o clock a. Mil on uie Ropi october proposals for the delivery at fort Leavenworth of four Hundred cords of Wood. The Wood to be sound Hickory. Oak. Hackberry Ash of Pecan Cut full four feet Lone split to proper size and Well corded in the Wood Rard near the Garrison. The whole Quantity delivered on or before the 1st Day of March e. , assist. Quarter master. Assistant Quarter master s office fort Leavenworth. Sep. 15, 1854 Manny Weld & Drake tt7"h0lesale dealers in boots & v t shoes no. 154 main Street St. Louis Moare in receipt of their fall Stock of broods comprising a Complete assortment suitable for. The fall Trade. Purchasers visiting the City May Rev upon Nhaing our Stock equal in assortment Ana Quality to any in this Market and will be one red on Roe most favourable terms. Sep 15 it Mammoth Stock it ready made clothing. At the Cincinnati clothing store Weston to just received one of the largest Xao str splendid and pest selected stocks of ready made clothing Ever brought to this Market consisting of All sizes and varieties of to Supply the entire Trade and demand of Kansas territory and Platte county during the season the principle articles contained in the above Stock of goods consists in Fine clothing Cassi Mere Tweed fall and Winter Coats j very Fine silk Satin cloth and Cashmere vests land. Great variety of articles for cold weather an unparalleled variety of Pantaloon manufactured from every variety of suitable material for such articles beautifully hushed Linen. Shirts a. 70,000 Cigar regalia and principles on hand Tor said Low at wholesale and retail Call and no article you can mention in. The clothing Jine will wanting at prices to suit me most penurious. I. Charles Fries sept. 29,754. Re it Alfred cumvisgiia31, 1 Trouse and sign Painter. Lea1txx Worth k. To. Will carry on All branches of the above business in this place. I he will keep on hand an ample Stock of paints Oil varnishes and other articles used in his line of business. He guarantees All work to be done in Roe Best and most durable manner. Sept. 29, 54. " John Doniphan. A attorney at a Sunn in. An tines to practice his profession at Weston and will attend the adjacent courts in Kansas . T v. R ept. By j a trundle & Dixon and retail dealers in drugs medicines chemicals paints oils perfumery Dye stuff a window Glas s and Glass Ware also Patent medicines. Weston to sept. 15.flthe greatest of e med Worms Al Irani children. The most sate pleasant and effectual medicine5 Knoy Faff or the t removal of Worms from children Ris or. Easterly s Venn parents and guardians having thevarge of children l watch carefully the symptoms of Worms it their children and As Soons symptom s indicate their presence they should resort at once to the use of or 2astefy, term Foge. More children tue from Worms Roan a other diseases and a More miserable object can scarcely be. Imagined than a child suffering1 under the Ordinary symptoms of. Worms rpareflts7 Mark this will you not blame yourselves if your Chil Dren die that you did not use Drea Sterly s ver mix go Mumer. . Be Ruuge will remove every species of Worms fro the system in six or eight hours after taken j. r or Jerrice Ian cents per Pogue. C f in forsake at female Medicine store South East Corner of third and Chesnut via. Q sept. 15, 1854 in German bitters. Titor the4xri of liver complaint dyspepsia a jaundice by Mitra Ness. Loss of Adnette. Head acae diseases Aris ing from a disordered liver or digestion these bitters possess strengthen and. And restorative. None ties. Which give tone and vigor to the digestive or Gans Ana Mase Iguera Mai Wauie. Tor liver com plaint jaundice dyspepsia and All other diseases caused from a deranged state of the stomach. Bowels and. Liver which tend to. Devil state or weaken . ,.i r or. Hunters German bitters cannot b too highly recommended to persons . A disordered Uver or indigestion Losa of appetite nervous irritation headache habitual. Ostive Ness general debility and a variety of of plaints which it is impossible to describe. If there Are 8unerers in Eston they Are advised to Taice these bitters. I Price 50 cts. Per bottle. Or Jii bottles $2 50 1. For Sale at. Or Easterly s. Family Medicine store Corner of third and Chesnut streets St. Louis to. Or. Cook s magic hair. Oil. Tutor the preservation Beauty growth and restoration or Roe hair it a Slong been unruly hair to procure an article which would at once Render the hair soft Lively and Beautiful Ine most perfect and admirable. Article Ever Dis covered for that purpose is k in. Cook s magic haib. Oil penetrates the minutest pores giving the dry withering bulbs new life and vigor capillaries softens preserves beautifies and strengthens the hair prevents it from falling Ofle remove the Dandruff and turns afire de hair into that which is smooth Glossy and Wavy. It is admitted by All to be the greatest invention or Roe age Tor beautifying the hair and venue Rinju it Peman enu ,. Or. Cook s magic hair Oil. Is a Superb article and should be found on the toilet of every lady who values the Glossy an Beautiful appearance of the flowing ringlets Ana uie i veiling , 50 cents per bottle. For Sale at or. Easterly family Meirin store Corner of third and Chesnut streets Saint a Violus. Or. Easterly s compound extract of iodine an Sarsaparilla for the removal and permanent cure of diseases arising from an impure state of the blood or habit of the system Viz scr Fula or King s evil obstinate cutaneous eruptions pimples on the face blotches " Biles chronic sore eyes ring Wor m or tet Ter scald head Salt Rheum pains in the Bones and joints old sores and ulcers rheumatism swelling of the glands syphilitic Dis eases Erysipelas Lumbago diseases of the kidneys coughs colds asthma bronchitis consumption dropsy dyspepsia liver com plaint nervous affections general debility White by Elings diseases arising from an injudicious use of. Mercury exposure of imprudence in life female irregularities also. Chronic constitutional diseases. This valuable Medicine combines the most salutary and efficacious articles in the vegetable kingdom. It is Meny composed or Roe torn Poun extract of Sarsaparilla yellow Dock and the by Iodate of potassium All of which Are known to the medical faculty to be. Highly efficacious in the removal of diseases and to have a Specic action upon the Haiungs liver Ilid Neys Tsi Ood lands and urinary organs restoring them to a healthy action enabling them to perform the functions which nature de signed. It is now confidently believed that or Easterly s iodine and Sarsaparilla is the Besl alterative and blood purifying Medicine Ever one red to the Public. It is cheaper pleasanter Ana. Warranted Superior to any sold. For scr Fula or. Easterly s iodine and Sarsaparilla is recommended As the most efficacious Medicine that can possibly be used. Not one instance of its failure has Ever occurred when faithfully used. For. Survey boils blotches tutors White swellings ulcers cancers enlarged glands fever sores mercurial diseases syp Mikuc symptoms leprosy Erysipelas Tetter Salt Rheum and All cutaneous diseases. Or. Easterly s iodine and Sarsaparilla cannot be too highly extolled. It searches out the very Root of the diseases destroys the germ by purifying the blood and Dri ving out ail impure or diseased fluids of the body and by removing the e cause renders the cure certain Ana permanent. Indigestion or dyspepsia. " no Medicine perhaps has Ever been discovered which gives so much tone to the stomach and causes the secretion of healthy gastric juice to digest the food As or Easterly s iodine and Sarsaparilla. Xvi Nehas used it for such com plaints without Benefit. Rheumatism. Or. Easterly s iodine and Sarsaparilla is used with the greatest Success tin rheumatic com plaints especially such As Are chronic. It cures by driving. Out All impurities and Phi. Humours which have accumulated in the system which Are the cause of rheumatism gout and swelling i Luc Julius Uius Icin Culici Fuju Eulues give temporary Relief this entirely eradicates the uis Case Luiu Pic Barb Cui. For mercurial and vex serial diseases. Affecting the blood glands cords " joints Jird Bones. Or Easterly s iodine and Sarsaparilla is the Best Ever invented this Medicine is offered to the Public not As Mere purifier of the blood but a powerful Eradicator of the most virulent Poi sons occasioned by mercurial faints which resist the action of All other Rem Edies. It will cure the worst kind of mercurial diseases no matter How deeply it May have eaten into Theu Frame and vital organs. It will cure the worst cases of secondary syphilis or venereal diseases to matter How Long it May have existed How bad or How deeply seated in the system it will annihilate and expel the virus and restore the system to a state of perfect health and purity. For ulcers in the Mouth and Throat enlargement of the glands goitre or tutors in the Throat nodes pains in the Bones and joints it is the Only Safe and sure remedy. Young persons who have reason to suspect any impurity in their blood either " hereditary or the result of imprudence ought to purify and destroy the virus before entering in the marriage state As. They May thereby not Only protect themselves against the dangers of impotence and other misfortunes but secure the certainty of a pure and healthy offspring. It can be used by persons of either sex with the most perfect safety. " s. C a coughs colds and v diseases of the lungs " " or. Easterly iodine. And Sarsaparilla is particularly recommended. Bronchitis spit Ting of blood asthma night sweats pain in the Side &c.,t have been cured by its t is mild and Safe hut certain and. Efficacious in its operation and cannot possibly injure the most delicate constitutions j we earnestly recommend those afflicted Totive it a trial. In All disorders of the did news Blad Der Andi binary organs for pro Ray liver come Lalyk. T dry Flo Dale and Afa Parilla. Is the Best an d cd nov extract Fiat ought to be sed.7i Uiese complaints Unis Meu Cui. A Puu Uwi inst astonishing cures j p c ,.- a " no language can convey an adequate idea of the Rinh mediate and Ali nest Renira Cuspud change which is produced by the us of or Easterly s iodine and Farsi Parilla on the diseased de by i tales and. Shattered nervous so Stem whether broke Down by 6xcess? weak by Naurer and relaxed organization is a Tope revived and built up in Case of neuralgia nervous headache loss of in Emory general proof ration nervousness ver Tigo pain m the nerves or the inc and Roe various train of nervous affections it will produce Cuero a astonishing Short period of time the effect of this Medicine is to give permanent Relief to the sufferer and to restore we scatter eur Ana consult upon to its Pristine health and visor. J t to the ladies. Ladles of Pale complexion a and consumptive habits and such a s Are debilitated from any of the obstructions incident to the sex such As obstructed or painful menstruation flour Albus by Whites Green sickness also excessive flow of the menses barrenness a can he restored by the use of two by three bottles of or. Easterly s iodine and Sarsaparilla to and Vig or. It is far the Best remedy Ever discovered for weakly children and such As have had he mors demo pleasant Urey Rea Uii xae in it immediately restores the appetite strength and color. Nothing can be More surprising than it s invigorating reflects upon the human Frame. Persons All weakness and lassitude be fore taxing air. Easterly a iodine and Sarapa Rizia at once become robust Ana Iii of Energy under its influence. It immediately contracts the nerveless Ness of the female Frame of Blu xastbxt7s iodine and 8arsapabilla 19 a us pc Elfiea of the blood. It is very pleasant to the taste and is More concentrated being stronger better and cheaper than any other Medicine in use families who have used this article Are never willing to be without it taken in the Early stages it is a sure preventive of almost any specie ses of disease. A word to the afflict up ? if there Are individuals in Weston any disease above named they Are r ear Nestly advised to make a trial of or. Easterly s iodine and. Sarsaparilla. This Medicine has cured and will cure the most desperate cases. Ask for or. Easterly s iodine and. Sarsaparilla and Tate nothing else.,.Price $1 per bottle or six bottles for $5. A Liberal discount made to wholesale Purchase ers. For Sale at or. Easterly s family medi Cine store Southeast Corner of third and Ches nut streets just. Louis Jolo a so a by All the druggists in Weston and by All the principal dealers in Medicine in every town in me Western states kept. 10, 1004 div Easterly s fever and ague killer is warranted Toad fever dumb ague chills and fever intermittent and remit tent fevers and All the various forms of fevers incident to the Westr this popular remedy has now been before the people two years and during that time about Twenty five e thousand bottles have been sold and in no instance has it failed to effect a permanent cure As far As heard from or to give entire satisfaction to the purchaser it is warranted to cure All cases or the Money will be refunded let no Man woman or child Suner with the distressing disease when a sure remedy is at the. Testimony from John Miller & to Evansville i1l, oct. 20, 1853. Or. Easterly sir we take pleasure in Sta Ting that we have purchased three dozen bottles of your fever and ague killer and have sold the same to our patrons and that it has effected a permanent cure in every Case. We have sold nearly All the various popular medicines for ague and fever but none has Given such entire satisfaction As your fever and ague killer. We believe it i3 the Best Medicine now before the Public. Respectfully John Miller & co read the letter from John s. Crump grand Saline Arkansas Cherokee nation bearing Date August 1u, 1soj. Or. Easterly dear Bir when i was in yur City in March last i purchased one Doz bottles of your fever and ague killer Witch Yoi warranted to me. I have sold Sevet of the do zen bottles which i also. Warranted. Your Medicine has Given entire Satin action so far it having effected several cur s it the chills and fever. One Case particular y a lady who had been afflicted since the latter part of last sum Mer and had tried a great Many remedies be sides having a physician part of the time All of which failed. She bought a bottle of your Medicine and before she had used one third of it she was entirely cured and has enjoyed Good health Ever since. In no Case has it failed to of Jet a permanent cure. Respectfully year s. John s. Crump. P. S.1 will be in your place again shortly and will buy More largely. A b. Ask for or. Easterley s fever and ague killer and take no other and you Are Safe. A Liberal discount made to wholesale dealers. Price $1 per bottle or six bottles for $5. For Sale at or. Easterly s family Medicine store South East Corner of third and Chesnut streets St. Louis to. ,. Sold by All the druggists in Weston and by All the principal dealers in Medicine in every town in the Western states. Sept. 15, 1854. Or. Carter s cough Balsam. The cure of coughs colds asthma. Consumption bronchitis spitting of blood pain in the Side and breast pleurisy whooping cough and All diseases of the lungs and Chest. Among All the celebrated remedies of diseases of the lungs and Chest none seems to be meet ing with such Success and to give such entire satisfaction to All As " or. Cough Balsam. This valuable remedy is purely vegetable in its ingredient Sand perfectly harmless in All its qualities. It is very soothing and Healing to the lungs and is everywhere acknowledged by druggists physicians and All who have used it to be the most effectual curative consumption. No disease incident to our climate is so univer bal and at the same time Sof Atalas pulmonary consumption. This awful malady sweeps Over the land As a destroying Angel laying Low the strongest and fairest of our race. Millions of the Young and old Are annually hurried to the Tomb by this dread National disease. Consumptive Reader beware of Mere palliative medicines. The object of nearly All the medicines now offered for diseases of the lungs is to relieve and not to cure. Such is not the Case with or. Carter s cough Balsam. In colds Aud coughs which Are the first symptoms of con sumption it is the most pleasant and efficacious remedy that can possibly be used in confirmed consumption it has been used with perfect and triumphant Success when the most eminent physicians hat Given up All Hope As vain. So confident is the proprietor of its Power to cure tuberculous consumption that he solicits a trial in the worst of eases. ,. 7 " t. Spitting. Of blood. This frightful symptom of consumption is speedily checked and prevented by the use of or. Carter s cough Balsam heals the affected membrane removes the incipient tuber cles and restores those vital organs the lungs to a sound and healthy condition. " or. Carter s cough Balsam is a great expectorant. It dissolves the morbid and diseased matter in the air passages changes it from. A thick Glutinous substance to. A thin harmless fluid and throws it off with the great est possible ease and Comfort to the patient. There is no Hetter Medicine in the world if its expectorant qualities alone be considered. Pain in. The Side this distressing symptom of consumption arises from inflammation of the lungs or Mem Brane called the Pleura or Fiona Banc Hill affections of . Inf either cast it. But Gering Piui cauda of disease. A prevents full and Froe breathy Gand wears away i11v. Kaiui time Sugiu i Ine Mojave in. Aide cause of Thi symptom should be removed at once and nothing can possibly effect that object so Spee Liyana Nappy As a r. Cartels cough Balsam which is always Safe and salutary in its effects on the Constitution. Liver cases of consumption the liver is always More or less affected and also the spleen Pleura and Small intestines. The effect of or. Cartel cough Balsam m diseases of the liver especially of it be of an ulcer us nature is direct and powerful. Simple disease of the liver unattended by coh3umptipn its use. Winter cough. The harsh dry Winter cough which afflicts of j people and invalids in a lows Tat of health can be effectually cured by the use or or. Quarter s cough Balsam. It warms moisten and stimulates the. Whole breathing apparatus purifies Ahja animates the bloody improves the secretive Power of the liver spleen another Large glands and the e digestive organs and imparts new life to. Uie wan Ana emaciated system. Brest chitin. Bronchitis1, difficulty of breathing harsh cough a Slimy expectoration with All othes symptoms caused by an affection of the air tuber leading trom the Throat to Roe lungs Are directly and specifically affected and cured by the use of or. Carter s cough Balsam r this is a very Paini i wearing Ana injurious complaint Ana always has a powerful tendency to inflame and soften the lungs and thereby induce the worst forms of pulmonary disease. Be named in time be afflicted and employ this valuable remedy. -. Expectoration. Free expectoration is the most important object to be attained in All attempts to cure diseases of the Chest and lungs. The cough which is so distressing is simply the result of a desire to expect rate and As Long As foul matter exists in the air passages it will continue to irritate the membrane. An provoke a cough. Cough ing is an attempt to Pirow on 11113 matter Ana expectoration gives great Relief inability to sex Pector ate in the latter stages of consumption is the cause of death. Spasmodic asthma v for simple or spasmodic asthma there is no better remedy than or. Carter s cough Balsam. This distressing disease which resists almost every thing else yields to the All powerful influence of this great remedy As readily As any other form of pectoral disease. Every family should be supplied with or. Carter s cough Balsam to use in the Early stages of coughs colds spitting of blood pain in the Side and Chest bronchitis difficulty of breathing night sweats asthma influenza whooping cough and croup and thereby counteract the consumptive tendency which is produced by our Ever Chang ing climate. Price. Trial bottles. 25 cents per bottle$1 per bottle or six bottles for $5. Or Sale at or. Easterly s family Medicine store South East Corner of third and Chestnut streets St. Louis. " or. Easterly s pain killer. For the cure of bruises sprains wounds ache Colic Gramps or spasms cholera dysentery rheumatism pains in the stomach and bowels and wherever there is pain it is a speedy and certain cure. This Medicine has More control Over All pains than any other Ever invented. It is used both internally and externally and its soothing effects Are instantly Felt by the sufferer Allevia Ting the most excruciating pains in a few min utes. In a word it is a pain killer. No human family or physician should be with out it. It has been used by thousands of the most intelligent and respectable families in St. Louis and All pronounce it the most speedy and effectual curative they have Ever used. Or. Easterly s pain killer is beyond All doubt the most certain remedy Ever discovered for pains in the stomach pains in the Side breast Back and limbs. It is also an infallible remedy for Colic diarrhoea cholera Moribus painters Colic wind in the stomach and. Bowels dyspepsia sore Throat headache a. Caution to the Public beware of imitations and counterfeits. The Only Gennine and real pain killer is pre pared exclusively by or. Easterly. The sole proprietor. There Are counterfeits and imitations abroad. Therefore be sure to ask for or. Easterly s pain killer and take no other and you Are Safe. Price 25 cents per bottle five bottles for is. For Sale at or. Easterly s family medicines store Southeast Corner of third and Chesnut streets St. Louis. Or. Baker s specific. A Safe and certain cure for Gleet strictures seminal weakness and All diseases of the genital organs. This popular and specific Rem Edy is now offered to the afflicted and warranted to cure All cases of gonorrhoea Gleet strictures seminal weakness and All diseases of the Geni Tal organs in a few Days. This infallible remedy has saved thousands upon thousands from the hands of merciless quacks if not from a Prema Ture grave. In Case of infection or. Baker s specific is the Only Safe and sure remedy. It is very agreeable to the taste creates no perceptible odor and May be used by persons of either sex with entire secrecy without regard to diet hindrance from business or medical adviser As Plain directions for use accompany the medi have you a private disease do not neglect it. Delay is dangerous. With or. Baked s specific you can cure yourself and thus prevent All exposure. This Medicine will Speed ily and effectually cure the most virulent Case of secret disease no eradicate every particle of infectious matter prom the system and restore the patient to a perfect state of health and up lit a. Price is 50 per bottle. For Sale at or. Easterly s family Medicine store Southeast Corner of third and Chesnut streets St. Louis to. Or. Easterly s american Oil i Ini 111cut. This valuable liniment combines the most articles known for All the various forms of disease requiring an external application. One of its principal Active ingredients a the american Oil or Petroleum which 4s universally known to possess rare Healing and curative properties. This Oil when combined with other valuable remedial agents of known and established Efficacy forms a Safe and. Sure remedy for rheumatism bruises sprains cuts wounds Burns scolds old sores and ulcers scald head Tetter ring worm Erysipelas piles cancers stiff joints caked breasts paralysis contracted tendons or cords &.c, and also for strains Spavin scratches chafes sad dle and Collar galls sores wounds fistula Sweeny and pole evil in horses. This liniment has a direct and powerful action upon the Secre tory and absorbent vessels stimulating them to a healthy action thus enabling them to throw off the morbid or diseased matter which obstructs the circulation thu3 removing All Dis ease or injuries of Bones Muscles Cartilages nerves and skin. ". One bottle will convince the most sceptical of its wonderful. Efficacy in curing brushes up Rains rheumatism pains soreness and stiff Ness of the joints a. Or. Easterly s american Oil liniment is without exception the e most valuable remedy Ever compounded for All diseases of Man or beast requiring an external 25 cents per bottle or five bottles fori. R ,. ,. A Liberal discount made to wholesale Pur chasers who buy to sell again. For Sale at or. Easterly s family Medicine store Southeast Corner of third and Chesnut streets Smo. Clarles , 91. D. Leavenworth k. T. Office on the levee m the first tent North of the big Elm tree. Sep 22, 1s54

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