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Kannapolis Daily Independent Newspaper Archives May 12 1957, Page 1

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Kannapolis Daily Independent (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, Kannapolis, North Carolina Temperature saturday 68-High, 63-Low sunday eat 79-High 62-Low a Lee a Only 3nbeuenbent weather considerable cloudiness and Little warmer with scattered so Vera. Monday considerable cloudiness and warm with scattered showers. Vol. 78�? no. 36 up ins up telephoto Kannapolis n. C., sunday morning May 12, 1957 50 pages four sections Kice daily so sunday 10c Flash floods inundate Central Texas in five hour Votino session elected Jaycees new slate for �?T57- Oft Man. 7. Fourth ballot a Sharpe. 13 Goose. 128 Sharpe needed 135 Voles to is in. Alter the third ballot dog Man released his delegates to cast there vote independently. Republicans court �?T58 Dixie vote by Tom t. Gray Louisville ky., May la up it Dixie republicans Jack Sharpe president of Jack Sharpe jr., 1102 South main Street is the new North Carolina Junior chamber of Commerce president. Me was elected on the fourth ballot during the group annual convention last night at Asheville i opponents John Googe of Winston Salem and Raleigh Dingman of High Point a lost after a voting session which lamed Mon a than five hour. Veteran Jaycee members said that it a the first time since 1947 that an election had gone to the fourth ballot Sharpe was installed As chief of Che state Jaycee at a banquet last night following the voting Edgar red Gurganus of Williamston. A past president of the n. Jaycee presided Over the installation Sharpe succeed Bob Cox of Chapel Hill. Tabulation of votes at the end of the various rounds last night showed the following results first ballot a Sharpe. 122 Googe j08, Dingman. 36 second ballot Sharpe 131, goof 128 Dingman. La third ballot a Sharpe a Googe. 128 Ding mail fraud Case May hit Beck Washington my Vii up a new York. May la up chairman John l or Tehan of me Rived Here today for the opening of his $900,000 crusade Charlotte Senate racked committee said to against crime and sin in the nation s largest City. He said he North Carolina National commit Day that teamster president expected to meet some opposition from a the gee worn an guv l Smith. Knox a i Bon t think Ever Felt More Jyle Tennessee state chairman inadequate and dependent on god a re Cynthia Zimmerman. Median in coming to new York National committe Ewo City a said the Rev or Graham Man from Virginia and h. J Quot i am Only a Channel through Porter Houston National commit which god can speak and work Quot Mertian from Texas Che most elaborate and expert in Ana of the South of a Ive of a Graham a crusade will Han to by in my in Fth Patt to open wed Homdan at Madison a Republican bul it s easier Jack Sharpe in new York City Graham team meets for costly crusade the Young businessman has. Rr�,j0nal conference served the Jaycee As vice pres Closen a Reg Mal Conier Enue ident of the District for two Here today by setting up a years National director for one Campaign organization aimed year and International director at capturing at least one sen vow ate seat Narf eight House seats a member of the local vow. I ions club and the first Presby now held by Southern demo Tenan Church he has been a crafts in the 1958 election. Five in the Kannapolis Jaycees gop National committee chair for the past six years. Man Meade Alcorn in outlining Sharpe is married to the for plans for a determined drive Conner Peggy Lambert and they Cen rated on the South said the have three children. Gop Hopes to have Between 85 five National directors for and 70 candidates in 1958 South next year Weie also elected pm congressional races where it they included Henry Bernhardt contested Only 49 in 19.58 of Salisbury tuck Gudger of this regional conference a Charlotte a formerly of Kan Nap called in View of the great recoil i Sandy Mcclamrock of up Avoir of Republican strength in Chapel Hill j b Smith of the South it is conc viable that Greenville and Stover done Han be could pile p More seats in of Rutherfordton. The Southern area than in any More than 900 person Reg other area of the nation a Alcorn is eted for the three Day Coneen said. Mon including 16 from Kan Nap add of gop expert to win at Lei t three of the seven a stake in the a South in he 1957 election. Corn Annoura. the appoint men of a five Man committee of Sti an de victim a shocked and bleeding. Edward Cenauri. 48, looks away from the body of mrs. Carolina Hawley 50, in the ripped open Sta Tion Wagon in which they had been Riding. Cenauri and Charles Palmer the Driver were seriously injured when the vehicle rammed a Bridge abutment. A up telephoto. Southern cop leaders to work l with the National committee on the Campaign and said a full time r Vional Field director for the South will be named within the next few weeks to ordinate the drive. Named to the committee were g Harold Alexander it. Myers. For communist infill Tatloy March made target Washington. Mav la 0j.p> by Maureen Goth Lin the communist party is making an All out attempt to in Irh of Waco new storms whip Rivers Over Banks Dallas. Tex. May la a new Flash floods built up by seven Inch cloudburst in two hours time struck Central Texas tonight. Creeks in the already saturated area swept out of their Hanks flooding out highways and leaving an undetermined number of persons marooned at two Small towns. The department of Public safety issued an urgent Call for boat with heavy motors for Rescue work. A helicopter was requested from i the army to Rescue three person who were swept away in their automobile but. Managed to grab and hold onto a tree the new crisis developed in Centra Texas a new and continuing cloudburst sent at least six Rivers charging to dangerous Heights earlier today washing out a Railroad track Between two approaching trains. At least one person was killed. She was mrs Monroe Miter 86. Of san Antonio. She was swept from the Highway along with five women in an automobile near Del Rio. On the Rio Grande the Flash floods tonight struck die same areas that had undergone Flash flooding on three previous occasions since an unparalleled seige of heavy weather a truck the state on april 19. The Creek that went out of the Banks tonight were the Bull hide and cow Bayou about 15 mile evangelist Billy Graham a Florida state gop chairman and filtrate a negro a March on Washington scheduled for next Friday it was revealed today. Austin the department of be of his Imo too crusade chairman of a he new committee. Leaders of the pilgrimage have vowed to keep the communists out. Public safety said that a woman Dave Beck Quot in a display of greed and May have violated the Federal mail fraud Law. The Ark Ama Democrat also predicted that Federal tax authorities. Who already have obtained an indictment against Beck for alleged income tax evasion will want to determine whether profit Rescue turned into macabre Dune of death the a a March was decided on at of i. A meeting of 97 churchmen and in Assacl la set t s Leader from a1 sections of the nation at new Orleans feb. 4 timed for the third anniversary of the supreme courts school integration ruling. Its aim is to commemorate the decision protest violence against negroes and pre for enactment of civil fires cheeked try Light rain scores Hided As colombians and a Man were clinging to a tree near i Wen of said to Highway patrolmen tried to Rescue the pair m a boat but the boat overturned and left patrolman Robert a. Knowle hanging to a Stop sign the other patrolman. John Dendy managed to climb squat Garden for a six week a Corn Bald run. He added that one of the Many Rostov May la up the tree. A finn Lino pm Iii of i m Aid the heaviest rain in right legislation f Usi f rps ulpts i toe area a at Mooreiv. 36 mile a United press Check showed Scoufo of Waco. Which had 6 81 Light slni1 re David Belnap Haas rain were still traction of the Mas pilgrimage falling there. Opelika. Ala. May la Upit Graham told newsmen at a Vahe a Quot Quot a archaic Laws in rain Brou it rpm it today from their current no i objective the Bogota Colombia May 111 the weather Bureau issued it five textile workers descended pres conference following Hiar some Southern state which make a Mihi million Dollar outbreak of communist newspaper the daily up a colombian mobs beat. 125th severe weather forecast for Able deals described m the com ample file to their death in a Gas rival by train from Washington of Impo sub a to get a gop can Forest fires in new England. But worker has exhorted its readers choked kicked or burned to death the year today warning of the twee current hearing were filled pm today when a series of that 4 too counsellor had red Damp on the ballot a he spec off Ria. Earned that a drenching to it in 4t of to it mum to Lead scores of supporters of president Nossis bitty of tornadoes one Tor a Einred Quot a and taxes paid on Ricu a pts turned into a a revived no week. Of training in focal la a it Kmak George in this a h,.m�?z a sfver1 a a a pm rrus1av� Rojas pm Lla a final Quot a it to hid bit near Channing in the in it Cabre game of follow the Reader preparation for the new Ork Gopy downpour a need in to org an Mon a the party faithful to join hours of violence accompanying Northwest Comer of the Texas Ai Rimland to try polic Chat a Floyd h Mann a a Cru and let Ichha a d a rep Odvard t Miller or end to he threat. The his ouster and flight toward exile Panhandle knocking Down Power _ i a menu on in go a m or a a a known univ he marked by 1.500 churched tetto Nan of the gop s m f Reyuh ers patrol Organ ration of the pilgrimage. A spa a. It was Learned today. Line., m Situ nest an to Midian Bryan Jones or has a men Tel Armony that Beck. Trustee Ulvert of a special fund for the widow of he bes Friend made 15 500 telling mortgages to the Trust the senator did not elaborate to Jones had been Calico to repair ded a there is less religion or a he Quot an gains made Are dug and for a in to Bur pump to. My of Quot Lur in in �?zpl., in Nev. York than in he Quot Quot a a Quot a a my a a a a a a a a a the testimony in minded the text Biea Rhen and Dye sump of the average american City Quot i up. Onop Are fourth in a or in Sam Days dam of a hand written letter in Whiteb Pepperell manufacturing Plant Graham a asked about his to tem opinion arks lne a up alone a a timoted preserved0 from Thev a Rov Wilkins executive provincial capital of Cair tornadoes and floods that hav a that a is Secretary of the National Assoria. A the country 34 wept Texas i at sick xxx f it a advancement of col death Al re no a red. Old flood created by earlier 9i�>wu. \ i % in 2k n a i a a Bdrm of in sex n Nih. I. A u. I a w., ored people the Rev Martin la Urr Nuto me Beck urged the widow. Mrs Ray the pit usually is covered rom attitude toward roman Catholic fault it organizations heard rom although More than an Inch of Thor kln2 or Leader of the Mont Plant of newspapers. J Quot a it Quot Jiel tslemsai.1 in. And v j5�?� a a it it -w., a mood let Ehen a to go ahead with Pany official said but the Rover and other clergymen who have report before closing to ram had Falen Rte to a Gage Deal the Lete did had Lieen removed no Lone roil advised their is not to attend a r not Sav Beck would profit from it do his work the crusade a mobs in Cali also destroyed the rain bulged red River levee beset storms on Page 8-a the treatment he Beck a he dropped his glasses into the a have never had any of corded the widow of i Dearest Noie and climbed in to retrieve position from the Catholic Friend is. It seem typical of his them he cried for help and one Church Quot he said the Catholic characteristic of greed after another Donald Ingram. Church cannot be behind us of j and Avance a Mcclellan said Carter Ross b Cooper and finally hut have received a in Thapa re few i a . Jesse Thomas climbed into the quiet support from he added to the Cag Shoi each to veg to help the Man wherever go i his bleach of rut to the Deal he who had inn Al Collop a Graham a Baptist said there my with to uhen merc and died in the Hydrogen sulfite might even be some poo Mon toe possibility toat toe Leer he a emitted by the waste liquid to the crusade from the protest wrote Ber would come within the m the room he it ant Church clarified that to kc97 lost Crew saved a red Cloud-.--. I Insop. My. In Roth Rhood slime or port <al1 in gun in an All out Effort to k with gasoline and turned into Flam i More ran to four hard hit ares of wll Kia and n not a York that tog torches Massachusetts. Phat a prot rjrt1 in Lin Ter Ron Roi m be country remained divided a Cool air mass moving in from the chairmen and a no common Rodov Between jubilation at the the great lakes broke the month has been or will be invited Quot a Quot Row of Rojas and fury at Long drought that resulted in fires j0 participate either As a speaker. A up Portera but no new Sci which blackened thousands of a Singer a prayer Leader or a Denu major violence were reaches of Forest and destroyed about scripture Poi Ted 175 Home. N toe a get five Davs. He said the Catherine will he t1 Quot Man tin a Arv Junta reds charge aggression he said rhe gathering will he it of nvv.�?�\an. A Narv Junta the weather Bureau said ram a a Public open air Observance succeeded the president a Taipei Formosa. May la up. To. J Lages air Force base fell today from Massachusetts on government property Pfilf United state and the chinese communists today Federal statute of using the mails to Cooper and Ithoma were mean Okopov Tymn Tom fundament a it Rea May la up1�?a us. Air southward but it was Stajl a on the he added that the pilgrimage a or a on or diplomatic recon followed up the heaviest artillery to negroes Alist who think he i too Liberal. Porch kc97 Aerial Tanker loaded Light Side Quot there were scattered will be a a spiritual Assembly a �?~1>n, bombardment of nationalist off comment Toff Genera by on the company spokesman said the and some extreme Besa a who fue crashed and sex showers in upper new England inspired primarily by negro Der priests student and other civic 9hore islands this year with a de hearings on Beck which were rep to it Al a oppt a1 s fro a Hank he is too conservative plodded on Takeoff from this base new York had sufficient rainfall gumen and the a act Quot he cadets m Call broadcast an my enunciation of us guided missile som Weone Dav Mac Lucan said dual rom he bleaching and Dot a dressed in a dark Blue suit morning but All eight men to bring an easing of a ban on ail noted that communist a openly or a of bloodshed on Formosa As a aggression a and further hearings will show Ihas a process ii empties m o a and carrying a Bible under one aboard were saved camping and other recreation in avow their opposition to All Relig twee Reading civilian politic ans a threat to conquer the National a a. Wholly breached hts Norb it is Ream Arm Graham sad re it two portuguese firemen were Public and private Woodlands. Iou teaching a president Alberto Llera St troc Hoid despite the atomic to i Quot a teamster Norz Zilva and policemen and firemen were would seek an irrevocable Fontina the Hla a it was the weather forecasts held Hue King said the communists a have Camargo pros Penive president weapons. T pro in and Raed but fire chief g a Mitch fitment to Christ. He said that Quot jul f j1h a. A he 1., fad no a i in the planning of Guillermo i on Valencia and Al y forma piping foreign mini a trustee of the Union fund. He a a run in nip should to to do second Strain Tanker to be in Hope of bringing a permanent end my guv n in Prinn a m to it it Octroi of. Ormas i piping foreign Mai u n. Of is o Lefoie they arrived one meant people should go to Church ,. Major but non fatal to the fire threat la Tot rain Wah pro ver pilgrimage and they Varo Gomez on of ousted sex try announcement broadcast by Berk Mcclellan said. Was i More unidentified worker tried to every Day. Not just on sundays. Lvi a in vhf i if will definitely have no place on presided Laureano Gomez an Radlo Poldine Arki monitored loved 0 the few Timon to those he donned n Tau he Felt that of m a in As Manv Davs m of Tor cart toc a fwd a it la and a no Piave bounced their support for the Junta ?nlindtacs2dfh# ,. United state of a aggravating ten expected to be the soon a by deciding to base Mata a a u a i a. Were rescued by a passing freight Morrow us nil Ora no of me candidate for Prest Dor guided atomic missiles on himself and his family and certain conscious when firemen pulled nation Quot he said millions of per a re Cuba Passmo Morrow. Said a Well fight Quot com Mnist at Dot it 10 elections the Pinta has Formosa it vowed again its a Sun frien that he de wed to favor a a him of of he Hole. Sons Are playing for new York a Francis Vav Sal gent. Massachi enhance at the pilgrimage he promised to hold next year he shareable determination a to a lib Coni Muttee coun i Rob it f. The firemen first blew fresh air a if Only one Man s life v Ere 1 Anker a pan of the 321setts commissioner of narnia. In Zajd communists just want to Mav backed also by the Liberal Erate Quot the islami. Kennedy told newsmen that Roy into the pit and then made prep permanently radically changed. A refuelling Squadron will Bead sources said at least two inches. Jet their names in the papers party traditional foe of the con artillery bombardment a Fruehauf. President of the Frue ration to enter with specially it would All be Worth he quarters Ai in Wyburne air Force of rain would be needed to end As being associated with the a Erva Tives. So ave re add cared moment Hauf trailer corp., and a m de it signed Gas masks Graham has a 35 Man he id base. Ohio the danger of Forest fires. The Quot i both Liberal and coaster Vattie an a 0 have been the signal to. ,. I ,. It need. I a it. T. _. A i u a1 ii a Tobii Liiri e f o it u 111 r at a 2 to in a. Ita Burke in charge loan department Al insurance . Win testify Mon in into the death pit and Mai Recny Coo of my a a Tor a ii out Luaao woo sur Tereo a broken a a a i. _. J ii Faiu Unn can exp mat ton forces garrisons were alerted for corp and am deigned Gas masks Graham has a 35 Man he i unit me danger of Tores tues. Me a acpt a j Soto Liberal and conservative warily to have he a the it la final to e of the mortgage Mitchell sent his own son. Ellis quarters Here to coordinate the the plane a commanded by Massachusetts legislature was a a at one communist parties announced their support 0pen an a it offensive against t for toe occident alone with fireman Kenneth Wool crusade it would double the 154 Cap Bruce Dondanville of Colum a ked Tor 3 million dollars in meet meeting urging participation in the or Valencia when Rojas began Prfu sad it Chiang Kal chek s will the try Mon in into the death pit and they record in to of 1450.000 for a ?2 bus Ohio who suffered a broken fore a i e expense. A bin re election Campaign that led Force Garrison were alerted for Day. Brought the Bodle out. Week appearance in in Mon to end blood Feld saudi Arabia Iraq Kings meet Crown Arch Hussein and Freisa Are Cou leg eyewitnesses said the huge Tanker suddenly veered off the runway and turned Turtle when an engine failed. The Jet fuel exploded after the crash and turned the runway info an inferno for More than an hour and a half. Others aboard the plane in Addi emergency continued in effect. Of Mother s Day eve see March no Page 8-a to his downfall. Proud Little lady Given a lift an invasion. Red coastal artillery opened fire on Little Quemoy Island Only mile from the Mainland port of Amoy and the islands of Tatang and Bertang which Are grouped near the larger Quemoy Southern Anchor of the offshore Chain which ends with Matsu in Jacksonville Fla. May i who had made her trip possible she bad Long kist Contact with North Mon to the Captain were 1st it up a thanks to a handsome James Wood ouse. 28. Field repro rhe 26 a Foster children Quot she said More than she1 rained on observers Here said that Iraq. J. W Wilson Pilot. 1st of haul Veteran who reminded her of her sedative of a Detroit Carburettor she had helped raise before com a a. By tha nationalist member of the anti comm unto j claim navigator . H r Long dead son a proud Little lady firm and an air Force Veteran my South tops were Well dug Home to a Are suffered no casualties. It by of Morris greeted by Feisal and Baghdad. Iraq May la up Armra Abdu Lah wearing Field san. The Kings of saudi Arabia and marshal uniforms at Baghdad air a Iraq met today to end a blood port. A glided pact and saudi Arabia. Golden flight Engineer s sgt Rode North on a deluxe train on Farber this week mrs Lambert she wanted to so a feud and ally their Oil Rich lands 22-Vear-old Feisal warmly which subscribes to the Eiser How j Fehribach. Radio operator Mother Day eve instead of in wheeled her Way 50 Miles North South Windham. It. After her a a Laviest Bomba mme it of More closely with the West in the Nitri ,. Roper doctrine might forge a new de t sort t p Brothers and air a wheelchair on the Highway. In toe chair to which she was husbands death but a too Quot a a an Quot 1 a a fit face of egg plan and Over Kos alignment against com Man 2c h l. Anderson Mainton clutching a Corsage from her confined Aith multiple Scle Rous pro Quot to Tell her friends Here p or a fave Nav a Aua m years no senior. Mun Tom which indirectly would he Anre specialist All Are from the Benefactor Quot the first Corsage i but Wood ouse spied her on the had no Money for train fare ski mines. Have had in All my 59 years Quot a Highway and insisted that she re then she decided on the wheel mrs. Eva Lambert boarded toe turn Here in his car. He put her chair trip. Atlantic coast line Railroad s up in a Motel and bought her Toen she arrived at the Sta Tures to Russia. Rom. A a a . Of a a a Amene a and a Are atom tip dain1arra opposed to the leftist Brand of Columbus Ohio area Lorn at. Predicted rhe meeting Hor a Arab neutrality fostered by Egypt would Herald a Quot Palace through streets jammed Mimka c.,. A shift of Middle p3 30�?T through us eels Jain and s f a a. Atlantic t Oast line Nan Oao s up in a Motel Ann Noum net when sue armed at toe stars now or into a new alignment a the cheering iraqis and bedecked x spoke mar for Saud said at la Llull s Havana special for the trip to train ticket a suitcase and her Mon with woo House today her Kins 7s.u�?o a a Vogt and spurt the us port the. S ult i has he vet mini Cor. A a Index a retinue of 80 flew to Baghdad flags. For conferences with iraqi King Saud a expected to Feisal aboard three special planes three or four Days Bere in close in Damascus the Tnp was the first by a saudi conference with Fen a i and his switched from in Monarch to Iraq and symbolized Premier nurses said. On their my of foe israeli is toe end of a bitter quarrel that Rual position As Oil Rich countries a Arah state. One purpose and that is to gather a f spend ai1 arabs into one a Long he in he. Unity today. Vermont three Days ago. Syria Cha or Ith her pets and sparse shattered carnations on Ber toe animals in a crate stemmed from the fact that Saud s in toe turbulent Middle East. One remaining door of her Auto Rev played its departure to minutes so him. He a just like my son a in Cairo the egyptian govern bile somewhat shakily yesterday she could get aboard and get set she said. Lowed by this correspondent carrying mrs. Lambert s new father ousted Feisal s Grandfather there were reports that Jordan sment opened the trial of four Bra afford a Canadian National rail tied. Her two dog and a cat mrs. Lambert who sold news White leather suitcase. From Arabia after world War i. 22-Vear-old King Hussein fresh ton a yugoslav army colonel and ways train diced the Yehiel in went to the baggage car. Papers on a Corner Here lost her a get Herat both monarchs made a Cere from beating off a leftist and pro 11 egyptians on ground of spying half Ani left the Back port. god bless you i can husband also a news la Mons of heir electing Saud. In syrian attempt to overthrow him against Egypt during last aum strewed along the tracks bile As _ thank you or. Lombel. Said a h i be v is t a go her a son am Ert me it flowing Hite Arab Robes was might join the other two Mon Mere a crisis. Not injured. On the inside Page classified. 11-12b comics. 13b crossword Puzzle or pea in. In editorials. 2b movies. Ign profiles. 12a sports. We to Gud. 2b women s pages. 3-9b i with misty Eye to the stranger both had died some years ago and Ray wife and daughter. I a

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