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Kalispell Daily Inter Lake Newspaper Archives Nov 29 1982, Page 3

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Kalispell Daily Inter Lake (Newspaper) - November 29, 1982, Kalispell, Montana The daily inter Lake Kalispell Montana monday november 29. 1982�?a-3 opportunists hell Bent on crime cause violent rampage Washington a District of Columbia police chief Maurice Turner blames a a misfits and a opportunists hell Bent on crime for a violent rampage that erupted in the heart of the nations capital after an abortive demonstration by the Kun flux klan. A it was Blind senseless rage which cannot be excused nor he said of the Rock throwing tear Gas tossing Melee saturday As several thousand anti klan demonstrators clashed with police. He said police and City officials would try to discover a what went wrong and Why it went wrong in the capitals worst outburst of unrest since the anti War protests of More than a decade ago. When the disturbances broke out police were already escorting out of town the 40 k klansmen who had held a Brief rally in Lafayette Park across from the White House. The klan a protesting legislation that would Grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in the United states a had planned to March in Washington for the first time since 1925. When 40,000 paraded without incident. But at the urging of police saturdays scheduled March Down Pennsylvania Avenue was cancelled police said one kor member dressed in Street clothes walked several blocks before getting in a car. While angered at the audacity of the klan to demonstrate in a City that is 70 percent Black several Community leaders had urged that Washington residents avoid Poten vhf it confrontation instead they endorsed activities such As a a jobs fair and Church efforts to provide meals for homeless and unemployed people. On saturday however this peaceful tone did not extend to anti klan protests which had been organized largely by Radical left Wing groups such As the Sparta Cist league a trotskyite organization and the pro palestinian november 29th coalition. After the kor members had held their 35-Mmute rally and departed a crowd of anti klan demonstrators a estimated by police at about 3,000 a rushed into Lafayette Park members of the crowd hurled hundreds of missiles toward police and bombarded nearby houses and offices windows in a Bank and several other buildings were smashed More than three hours after the klan March was scrubbed police battled demonstrators at another Park in the City s business District about to o blocks away windows were smashed at a cafeteria where people were inside eating and a nearby bicycle shop was Loo demonstrators occasionally pelted cars taxis and buses with rocks As the vehicles passed Down k Street the main downtown thoroughfare two cars were overturned a Block East of the White House. Eleven officers and an undetermined number of demonstrators were injured in the Melee. Police said 38 people were arrested on charges such As burglary disorderly conduct and destruction of property. 1982 2000 2025 2050 source census Bureau be a Moffitt Cecil Kauai gets electricity without help of nuclear sub population projected by the Middle of the next Century the . Population May have reached the a Zero growth Quot Point and the beginning of a downturn. Or it May already have passed its Peak followed by a decline to roughly today s level. Or it May still be growing. It depends on which current growth projection a a Middle Quot or a High Quot a is nearest the Mark. The projections Are based on anticipated changes in the birth and death rates and immigration Levels. Salvador conditional Aid hurts troop morale san Salvador Al Salvador a top military officials warned that . Aid might end because of unchecked brutality by rightist death squads say they worry the army cannot fight the nation s leftist rebels without . Help. A a we re at a moment when our will to fight has to be Ever greater to put an end to this As fast As possible an army colonel said. Quot at the very moment when we want to fight More vigorously our Best companion seems like its pulling out. It s a Little disillusioning a Well informed observer added a the High command is very concerned about an Aid Cut off. They re counting their the warning was conveyed to the salvadoran government in a speech oct. 29 by ambassador Deane Hinton. Hinton emphasized that . Military and economic Aid a $320 million this year and $260 million promised for 19&3 a is linked by Congress to improvements in human rights conditions in the Central american nation he warned that Congress was especially concerned about so called rightist death squads which human rights groups blame for most of an estimated 38.000 deaths in the 3-year-old civil War Hinton also stressed that Washington wants the tillers of six americans Here brought to trial. Suspects had been arrested but at that time. No trials had been ordered. News reports in Washington said Hinton was told to tone Down his Public criticism of the government. But Hinton s warning still stung salvadoran officials a a we be done everything we could to Clear things up a said one. Requesting anonymity. A but the moment a in haul ally like the United states conditions Aid it becomes difficult to keep up Good morale the army has reshuffled from its High command a handful of officers sympathetic to constituent Assembly president Roberto d Dubuisson an Ultra rightist former army intelligence officer d aubusson publicly has defended officers implicated in political murders and has been linked himself to rightist assassination groups Honolulu apr electricity has been partially restored on the Hurricane ravaged Island of Kuai freeing for sea duty a nuclear submarine that had been requested As an auxiliary Power source Navy officials say. The attack submarine Indianapolis was ordered into naw Iliili Harbor during the weekend to mate its nuclear powered Plant with the Island s electrical system. But three huge portable generators provided by the Navy have been installed at the Kauai electric major generating Plant to provide backup Power so the submarine won t be needed it. Cmdr. Terrence Forrester a spokesman for the . Pacific Fleet said sunday. The company a main generating Plant was restarted saturday night and most of Lihue the islands largest town had lights and Power by sunday officials said. Water and Telephone service was restored sunday to much of Kauai which was hardest hit of the major islands when Hurricane Iwa swept through the area last tuesday night with winds of up to 110 Mph. Iwa the worst Hurricane to hit Hawaii since the National weather service started keeping records caused almost $200 million in damage. There was no immediate estimate on when electrical service might completely be restored to the Island s population of 39,000. Officials said. Electrical service has been restored on most of Oahu. Hawaii s most populous Island but service to the Small coastal Community of Nana Kuli probably wont be available for at least two weeks. High winds and huge Waves whipped up by the storm damaged the Community s electrical transmission and distribution system so badly that it will be faster and cheaper to replace it said Kevin Doyle a spokesman for hawaiian electric co. President Reagan issued a disaster declaration saturday making Honolulu and Kauai counties eligible for disaster assistance Federal officials were expected to set up Aid centers in the next few Days to handle disaster loan applications. Publishes personal views Nakasone Japan should provide own defense Tokyo apr new prime minister Yasuhiro Nakasone wrote in a position paper for foreign governments that Japan should Amend its Constitution and the .-Japan Security pact to rebuild the military and provide its own defense. A a people that have become used to the Protection of another country soon lose the will to defend themselves a Nakasone wrote. Quot they degenerate into weak and selfish materialists who put the Pursuit of economic Prosperity above All the 82-Page document titled a my life in politics a was distributed to foreign governments through their Tokyo embassies after Nakasone s election As head of the conservative ruling party last week. His office said. The party vote led to his election As prime minister saturday. Nakasone a former defense Agency chief wrote that the paper was drafted a with the intention of briefly explaining my political career and policy position to my friends a government spokesman said today its contents express personal views and is not an official statement As prime minister. The 1947, -drafted Constitution contains an article renouncing a War As a Sovereign it restricts the japanese military to strictly self defense purposes. Scholar finds Early Hemingway article written for pravda anti War Issue Chicago apr Ernest Hemingway described the brutalities in the Spanish civil War 45 years ago for a special anti War Issue of the official soviet communist party newspaper pravda a Massachusetts scholar has discovered. The article by Hemingway the american novelist who died in 1961. Appeared aug. 1,1937, on the same Page As articles by . Novelist Upton Sinclair and by Mao tse Tung and Chou in Lai who were then leaders of China s communist insurrection. The article was discovered after William b. Watson a professor of history at Massachusetts Institute of technology found an original draft while doing research for a Book at the John f. Kennedy Library in Boston. The 1,500-word article with an accompanying account by Watson of his discovery was published today by the Chicago Tribune and distributed to other newspapers by Tribune company Syndicate. Inc. The copyright is held by the authors widow Mary Hemingway. Hemingway in the article distinguished Betws Een the killing of Cumo Ataio in War Ana what he took to be the intentional bombings and attacks on civilians by a fascist Hemingway told of bombings of workers quarters in Barcelona a from a height so great it is impossible for them to have any objective other than the blocks of apartments where the people Hemingway wrote the article Watson said. Because he was asked to by pravda a american correspondent . Olgin and because a the russians seemed then the Only european Power willing to confront fascism head the article. Watson said. A is an exciting discovery for any student of Hemingway s career because it shows a politically committed impassioned Hemingway deeply angered by the indiscriminate assault of the fascists on the civilian population of Spain a Hemingway reported on the Spanish civil War for the North american newspaper Alliance and his experience there provided background for several works including the novel a for whom the Bell British Diplomat gives secrets to Lover London apr Rhona Jane Ritchie a former Diplomat at the British embassy in Tel Aviv was Given a nine month suspended jail term today for passing to her egyptian Diplomat Lover confidential telegrams from Britain s foreign Secretary to the . Secretary of state. In passing sentence judge sir David Croom Johnson said a it has been said someone in your position should be the eyes and ears of the diplomatic service but that does not mean you were also its miss Ritchie whispered a thank you when sentence was passed and she escaped a jail term. Miss Ritchie her Short dark hair streaked with Gray left the court As she had arrived a in a taxi with her parents without speaking to reporters. Miss Ritchie s Lover. First Secretary Refaat Al Ansary. Was transferred to Vienna about two months ago after his involvement in Tel Aviv with miss Ritchie gained publicity diplomatic sources in Cairo said. Miss Ritchie. 30. A former first Secretary admitted to one count of wrongfully communicating information to an unauthorized person British newspapers headlined reports today of another spy Case in which British military secrets May have been passed through the soviet embassy to Argentina. Holiday deaths fall Short of estimates by the associated press traffic fatalities Over the thanksgiving holidays fell far Short of estimates. With the number of people killed just half that of the worst year 1969 during the four Day Observance that ended at Midnight sunday 379 traffic deaths were reported substantially fewer than would have been expected during a non Holiday period of the same length at this time of the year before the Long weekend began at 6 p m wednesday the National safety Council had estimated that Between 420 and 520 people might be killed. During a four Day non Holiday period 480 deaths could be expected Council statisticians said. Were killed in traffic Over last year 413 people the thanksgiving holidays stamp collecting the world s most popular Hobby every wednesday from 2-4 p m. Your postal service will be operating a philatelic Booth in the lobby of the main office wildlife mint $3.50 1982 commemorative mint $6.50 fifty state Bird amp Flower mint $11.00 Many new stamp collecting kits will be a available. 248 1st ave. W. Annual Holiday special free 6th week with the Purchase of a 5 week program Good food 5 plus daily support from a Counselor who cares \0 Oil in a l Lei in i enter re 94 5th ave w n. Plea phone for appointment 257-8746 trim n v i in the 1951 .-Japan Security treaty the government agreed to deployment of . Troops in Exchange for United states Protection. There Are 45.000 . Troops stationed in Japan in his first news conference As prime minister saturday Nakasone denied opposition charges that he favors a military build up and altering the Security treaty. He said Japan must a try harder to carry its Load in defense. But he said he would a do my utmost to respect Quot the current defense spending ceiling of i percent of Gross National product. Rev. Moon appeals for peace Philadelphia apr a the Rev Sun Mung Moon. A korean born evangelist convicted of income tax evasion last summer concluded a conference of More than 800 scientists and educators with an Appeal for world peace. Moon. The founder of the 3-million member unification Church said he hoped that the efforts of the Lith International conference on the Unity of the sciences would help solve the problems of Mankind. A for some this May seem like an impossible Moon said sunday night at the end of the three Day conference. A but for one who has absolute Faith in the almighty it is not an impossible dream a Moon. Who stood in front of a line of flags from 91 nations said the United states a is now capable of creating a physical and technological Paradise on Earth however without an understanding of absolute value this external capability could become a curse instead of a Moon is free on bail pending an Appeal of his july conviction in . District court in new York for income tax evasion convert your All savers into High insured tax free interest Quot insured municipal income Trust Imp a my Edward d Jones amp co. Representative showed me a Good Way to continue earning High tax free interest even though my All savers certificate has matured. In addition to High interest ii receive a a insured investment a aaa rating a convenience of no clipping coupons or bookkeeping a monthly quarterly or Semi annual interest a ease can. Or Stop by my office for More information Donald a Rich lit amp main building Kalispell it 59901 755-8280 Edward d. Jonas or co. A mor it Sci pc Max a Skwe Ftp Quot a try a a a a Clarc Nwe a a to try inf t air to if pore re a is on in or. 000$ a of a to rho cd inc Quot of Kim of int a of of a pot 10, in a. To 00s pc o a a a a a Quot a int t of int Art to a it a a a of a "w.re. Of Quot by a to v1, com it a to. Cos pc is Vor be m x a a i to my so Quot i Corr a to. Cd a a a a a j a a a a a a �"r., of Ottil pre. M a in a r a a ire pre a a Quot a. I Apt or j pot Csc copy of we Cic a a a. Near it is a Donald a Rich a s a in so a no a logic Wick it cps to to Sruti of it Puna t�0�.r _. Is a a it or it by int tax oct Ltd inc 0<y r moms a in scr it. My tot0 Oil Picas Send Quot be a ire in it prospectus free. state pc Here pre re Bas Quot Ess to be a Omic Ico Quot r of cd to. Ices or Scot in it tuna a Cuoq a. A re it Quot a a tit up Quot Cor a a a it of 6�, a to you re sgt a projected population in millions

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