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Kalispell Daily Inter Lake (Newspaper) - November 21, 1982, Kalispell, Montana Of acc schedule students take your pick the Winter Quarter schedule of classes for Flathead Valley Community College is included in today a inter Lake in a special Section registration starts nov. 29. The daily a Falls cops divisional Columbia Falls wildcats won first place at the a divisional girls basketball tournament in Missoula. Kalispell Bravette took third. At the state a tourney in Whitefish the finished sixth sports on a9-13. Cents a o a 2 Winn o d a winners ii a g favorite re it 3 a their award 3 is a Are featured j a m starting on p q j o 3 o 3� he a a a a a a a or Foj x o Ann Lam my business of Classi fic crossword 3 editorial a a p Grain or n a obituaries record sports Valley lit weather three Kalispell Montana sunday november 21. 1982 35 weather colder weather is coming changing saturday s sleet and slush to Snow showers in the Valley and locally heavy Snow at higher elevations. Space shuttle Given nod new York a seven of to americans think the space shuttle program is a Good investment for the country according to a new associated press Abc news poll. A majority also said they think the government is spending the right amount or not enough on the space program a plurality said the main purpose of the space program should be scientific exploration rather than National defense and the 1,583 adults in the nationwide Telephone poll monday and tuesday were almost evenly divided Over whether they would travel in outer space themselves if they had a Chance. Men however were much More Likely than women to say they would take a space flight. Sixty nine percent said the space shuttle program is a Good investment for the country while 21 percent said it is a bad investment and to percent were not sure. When the same question was asked in an a Abc news poll a year ago. 59 percent said the shuttle program was a Good investment. The space shuttle Columbia the most visible result of the More than $6 billion a year being spent in the space program on tuesday completed its first commercial Mission and fifth Overall. In the poll 36 percent said they think the United states is spending about the right amount of Money on the space program seventeen percent said not enough is being spent while 38 percent said too much and 9 percent were not sure among All respondents. 43 percent said the emphasis of the . Space program should be primarily on scientific exploration thirty percent said the emphasis should be primarily on National defense while 17 said both and to percent were not sure. V a a a a amp amp a a a it a photo by Rick Crone a Tanker that rolled near West Glacier Friday was one of the accidents caused by icy Road conditions this weekend. Weather Slick roads trouble motorists near freezing rain and sleet continued to cause fender Bender accidents and vehicle -slide-in1-throughout the Valley this weekend. And with More Snow showers expected motorists should be prepared for More of the same two accidents along the Southern Border of Glacier National Park Friday delayed traffic Between East and West Glacier but resulted in no injuries the first involved a diesel Tanker which rolled Over on . 2 six Miles East of West Glacier at 9 45 a m. Some of the fuel was spilled but county Road workers said there was no significant spillage of the 9.000 Gallons of fuel carried by the Tanker the Driver. Gale Howell of Columbia Falls was trying to avoid hitting a pickup truck parked in the West bound Lane Highway patrolmen said. His evasive action on the icy Road caused the truck to overturn. A second Accident took place near the Goat lick Bridge where two vehicles collided trying to avoid a third which had stalled sideways across the Roadway. It was originally reported As an eight car pileup but investigating patrolmen said the others at the scene were stopped in the Road or alongside it to avoid further problems. In both cases a Lane of traffic was closed for a time. Wet conditions also caused a Roc slide that blocked half the Roadway on . 2 about six Miles East of West Glacier at 8 saturday before Road Crews could remove the debris. Slushy precipitation saturday afternoon turned to Snow and rain sickened roadways were icy by dark Flathead county sheriff s officers reported 12 slide ins and accidents Between 2 . And 9 . Saturday. Y on National defense while Jerst involved a diesel caused the truck to overturn. Wet conditions also caused a . Saturday. Kith and to percent were not Ergy planning forecasts As unpredictable As weather by Dan Black m j a Idle plants. Too few plants could result in shortages of the inter Lake staff analysis Mueller said the Region now has a surplus caused Largel to follow this by a sagging Economy. The Pacific Northwest alumni in by Dan Black of the inter Lake Taff try to follow this electricity in the Pacific Northwest is still cheap compared to the rest of the nation despite successive rate increases because it is cheap there has been heavy demand. Both residential and Industrial. Because of the heavy demand. The Region years Back began developing new sources of electric Power. Because the new sources a mostly nuclear plants a Are very expensive electricity rates Are going up because the rates Are going up customers Are Conse ving. Using less electricity. Because they Are using less. The utilities Aren t collecting enough Revenue and that is the basis for More rate increases. The higher rates Are jeopardizing some Industrial use. Particularly the aluminium Industry. If the aluminium Industry pulled out of the Northwest the regions existing Power surplus would be even greater the Revenue would be less and the rates would have to be higher to pay obligations on generating plants that must l paid for whether or not they generate Power. On the other hand if customers done to conserve if they use More Power the Region May not be Able to meet its Long term needs for electric Power and would have to develop new Power sources the Cost of new Power is mind boggling a Hundred times More expensive than Power from sources already in place. New Power would undoubtedly mean higher rates. Somewhere out of All that. The Northwest Power planning Council is supposed to develop a 20-year Energy plan for the Pacific Northwest. The Council must decide How much electricity is needed to meet future demand and which combination of conservation measures renewable resources and new Power plants will most efficiently meet that demand. The Council does not control electricity rates. However it will recommend Utility rate policies and suggest rate structures. The regions Energy future is Uncertain any earlier plan is now in disarray. The uncertainty results from Energy forecasts wide of the Mark huge Cost overruns on five Washington Public Power Supply system nuclear plants abandonment of at least two of those plants that Are already under construction. And abandonment of at least two private Utility nuclear plants on which construction had started in Kalispell last week the Council held the last of five workshops in Western Montana dealing with three key issues in electric Power planning How much electric Power is enough0 How can conservation of electricity Best be achieved How should electricity be priced0 Gerald Mueller Council member from Montana said the 20-year plan Hopes to assure adequate Power neither building too Many plants nor building too few to handle the regions electricity demands too Many plants would add to the Power surplus and would mean rate payers would have to pay More to cover the costs of the Idle plants too few plants could result in shortages Mueller said the Region now has a surplus caused largely by a sagging Economy. The Pacific Northwest aluminium Industry the largest Industrial user in the Region is currently operating at about 50-60 percent of capacity. A private Utility told Mueller it has experienced a 28-percent reduction in Industrial use. To even out future shortages and surpluses the Council is considering out of Region Sale of Power in the Case of a surplus contracts to Purchase Power from outside the Region shortages Cost efficient standby plants that could be operated for Short periods and Low Cost ways to adapt to times of shortages. The Council is considering a Range of incentives and regulations that would encourage or require conservation of electricity. Already Public and private utilities encourage conservation by offering such incentives As Low or no interest Loans for Home weatherization rising rates fur electric Power Mueller said. Are already an incentive for conservation among residential commercial and Industrial ratepayers he said there is still excellent potential for further conservation among All users one suggestion that won favor at thursday s workshop session would establish a Quot lifeline rate to protect those on fixed incomes from continuing rate increases for minimum electrical needs. The Council solicits recommendations they should be addressed to the Council at Capitol station. Helena it 59620 violence talks continue in Lebanon Beirut Lebanon a a fiery explosion ravaged a building in israeli occupied Sidon saturday and lebanese leaders told . Envoy Philip c. Habib they rejected Tough new israeli conditions for a pullout. The Christian voice of Lebanon radio reported the broadcast said an explosive charge touched off the fire in a seven Story building in Sidon. 25 Miles South of Beirut. There were no reports of casualties. Tenants were evacuated from the building by firemen according to the radio reports which said the building was next to the offices of the state run electricity company and the civil defense Headquarters. A spokesman for the israeli army in suburban Beirut told the associated press the building was privately owned and no major israeli positions were near the scene of the fire. Gunmen killed one israeli Soldier and wounded three others in Sidon Friday and responsibility was claimed by a Wing of an extremist group that said it set off a car bomb that destroyed the israeli military Headquarters in southernmost Tyre last week killing 75 israelis. Gemayel Christian phalanges paring schedule week nov 21-27 n were shot to death saturday by druse leftists of the socialist progressive party in the Village of Zainab. Nine Miles South of Beirut israeli officials in Tel Aviv said their troops intervened saturday in fighting Between druse and Christian militiamen in the Village of Ain Zanoub. Eight Miles South of Beirut the Village is next to Zainab Israel invaded Lebanon june 6 to smash the Palestine liberation organization and still has an estimated 35 too troops in the country. The Plo has about 10.000 fighters deployed in Northern and Eastern Lebanon behind some 35.000 syrian troops who entered the country six years ago to police the armistice that ended the 1975-76 moslem Chris Tian civil War. Habib held four hours of talks saturday with lebanese president Amin Gemayel and prime minister Shafik Wazzan the voice of Lebanon the radio of Gemayel phalanges said the lebanese conveyed to Habib their rejections of a All the israeli conditions that infringe on Lebanon a sovereignty the radio said Israel was deman Ding a permanent military watch Post atop the Barouk Mountain in Lebanon scentral Mountain Range with a 25-Rmle Access corridor from the lebanese coastal City of Damour 12.5 Miles South of Beirut the Barouk Mountain overlooks Eastern Lebanon s Bekaan Valley. Where Syria stations the bulk of its Fortes. The Phala Gist radio said Israel also demanded tree Trade and quasi diplomatic missions in Lebanon and the right to patrol Lebanon s air space and territorial Waters Grain fun a f urn us. O o o ios a any Large pizza when 1.14 in you mention this and Cut double wrapped we make it you bake it made As you wait or Call Frozen ahead a 100% real cheese smitty s beef Carlos Palace one Call does it All n in Beautiful pizza downtown Evergreen phone orders. You bet. 257-0914 food Stamps accepted 3 or 6 months financing. 1282 Highway 2 e 1282 Hwy 2 East a 755-9696 inside smitty t beef Palace coalition tests its strength Missoula apr an Urban coalition composed mostly of City and county officials from Missoula Butte Billings Bozeman and Helena will ask the 1983 legislature to lend a financial hand to governments of the states More populous cities and counties the coalition will claim selected legislation court decisions and administrative moves since Early 1981 have Cost those governments $12 6 million said Howard Schwartz. Missoula county a executive officer and coalition member the group will seek funding to Lessen the Reliance of populous area governments on property taxes he said adding the group s members will also try to get the state to cover costs forced on them by state Laws they will request a greater state Assumption of District court and welfare costs a full state funding of retirement programs for Public safety workers such As firemen and police sharing of state revenues through Block Grants a repay ment to cities and counties for their costs of providing services to state institutions a establishment of an a All purpose Levy system to allow local governments to Transfer taxes raised from one fund to another. A permission for cities and counties to tax hotel and Motel use we re relying More and More on the property Schwartz said Quot it s there less and less he said the strength of the coalition will be tested before those influential conservative legislators from Rural area open today 12-4 special buy comforters assorted print twin full Queen 9 00-5 30 Friday til 8 pm sunday 12-4

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