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Kalispell Daily Inter Lake Newspaper Archives May 19 1957, Page 1

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Daily Inter Lake, The (Newspaper) - May 19, 1957, Kalispell, MontanaRain mostly Cloudy today with occasional showers and Thunder showers cooler North today highs 5565 partly Cloudy tonight with few evening showers or Thunder showers cooler lows 3845 50th year i the inter Lake society Helen sk63666 Kalispell Montana sunday May 19 1957 26 pages 10 cents it you fail to receive your copy of the daily inter Lake from your Carrier any weekday evening Telephone sk63666 before pm sundays Cal sk63666 Between 9 a m and 11 a m in Whitefish dial un25504 Small arms Cut Egypt hints it has soviet backing sports car club visit by Walter Logan United presi staff correspondent Egypt hinted saturday it would have the solid backing of the so Viet Union and the soviet veto when the Security Council meets monday to consider prances de Mand that the entire Suez canal question be reopened Cairo dispatches said Egypt would fight Frances Effort to re open talks on the canal question but would be protected by the so Viet veto against ant egyptian movement in any Case sem confirmation came from Moscow where foreign minister there were hints during last Falls crisis that soviet and chinese communist volunteers might go to Egypt informed sources in Cairo said Egypt would fight the Security Council review of the canal on the ground that Egypt memorandum of april 24 was the final word on the subject the memorandum pledged Egypt to run the canal according to the 1888 constantinople convention guaranteeing free passage for of All nations Egypt said israeli shinning is excepted because the Andrei grow Miyko told Western Cori Are in a state of War respondents that nothing Good will come from the French move he said ships were using the Cana and the situation was Normal declines answer Gromyko in a talk with for eign correspondents at a norwegian embassy reception declined to answer a question on whether Israel had Freedom of passage through the canal and said is Rael is playing a very bad role in the mideastern situation the soviet press used stronger language and some papers said France was inciting Israel to pro Voke trouble by forcing the Issue of free passage now the stat controlled Cairo radio warned Israel that any attempt to Send a test ship rough the Suez canal would be regarded As aggression and that volunteers from All Over the world would Rush to Egypt Aid the radio did not mention so Viet volunteers by name but sunken sub report Dies London up the duty submarine Chaser reporte saturday it had made Contact wit a submerged object in the Nort sea but that reports a submarine might have sunk in the area appeared to be a false alarm the search vessel said signal from its Echo sounding apparatus were too vague to indicate sunken vessel the utrecht reported to Amsterdam it found an Anchor drum in the area where a Danisi ship Friday night reported seeing a buoy which flashed lights and gave off smoke like a submarines emergency Marker buoy the Captain of the danish freighter Mary North reported he could hear knocking from the submerged vessel he said it sounded like distress signals from a sunken sub the utrecht immediately headed for Home it radioed its find Ings to the British admiralty which served As emergency communications Center in Case a sub Marine was missing from one of the worlds navies no nato submarines were miss ing and there was speculation the vessel May have belonged to rus Sia or some Eastern european nation Johnson raps Ike again Washington up democratic Leader Lyndon i Johnson Texas further stocked u the budget controversy saturday with his second attack on the administration this week Johnson said he would like t know when we will have one part in control of the executive Branc of our government he said right now we seem to have two those who favor cutting the budget and those who argue tha doing so would endanger National Security he made the statement to report ers Friday night after president Eisenhower called for the election of a Republican Congress in 1958 Eisenhower said in a Telephone address to a gop rally in Cincinnati that political responsibility can be definitely fixed Only when one party controls both the White House and Congress Johnson last monday accused the administration of talking out of both sides of its Mouth on the budget question he called of Eisenhower to publicly Side with either the spending Wing or Economy Wing i Cairo radio said a test by is Rael would bring More disasters upon the aggressors than in the Case of the tripartite invasion and like Moscow it linked israeli plans with those of France France seeks reinstatement of a Security Council Resolution list ing six principles for operation of the canal including insulating the canal from politics egyptian sources accused France of Violat ing this on grounds Premier Guy Mollett is trying to reopen the Case to prevent a political crisis in Paris Israel while waiting for Security Council discussion of the Suez canal was paying More and More attention to a syrian complaint accusing it of violating the armis Tice by building a Bridge in a de militarized zone near Lake Hulen the complaint is to be heard May 23 blame Nasser israeli sources blamed egyptian resident Gamal Abdel Nasser for he protest and accused the by ians of trying to stir up trouble and arouse the entire Arab world against Israel in other Middle East develop ments Calgary sports car club president t w Walker right presents a White Western style hat to mayor Clauda Walter of at the Corner on the for size mrs Walker looks on Walker said it was a gift from Calgary Mayo Rome egyptian delegates conferred with italian officials be fore beginning official Trade talks monday the chief egyptian Dele Gate insisted that italian ships must pay canal tolls in Cash Tel Aviv israeli sources predicted the Early publication of Sec ret correspondence Between pre Mier David be Gurion and u n Secretary general Dag Hammarskjold covering the period from now until just before the invasion dec delays tests third straight Day Las vegas Nev up the atomic Energy commission Satur Day for the third consecutive Day called off its scheduled opening atomic blast of the 1957 Spring Ummer series the postponement was announced barely five hours before a no Lear device with a violence equal o 10000 tons of int was to have Een exploded atop a 500foot Tow r at the Nevada atomic proving n rounds 75 Miles Northwest of dec scientists explained Ere the hat wind conditions would have resulted in radio Active fallout on he Small Southern Nevada farm Community of Alamo and the in abated area North of that town record floods hit Oklahoma by United Preu foul weather stormed across the Southwest again today reaping death and damage the worst Oklahoma history bloated by torrential Rains were the latest in a series of weather disasters that have claimed More than 30 lives since wednesday a United press count showed a total of 32 deaths since a deadly Tornado struck Silverton Texas wednesday night there were 22 fatalities in Texas eight in okla homa and four in Kansas the weather Bureau warned that tornadoes were Likely in parts of Texas Oklahoma and Texas again saturday twisters were sighted last night 55 Miles Southeast of Abilene Kan and North of Mineral Wells Texas plane shears off four Power lines St Ignatius up two Missoula men escaped injury when do Mckay the sports car club drove to Kalispell for the week about 20 members drove their cars Down main Street behind a police escort saturday afternoon stopping at the intersection Long enough for the presentation main Street spectators applauded the canadians As they stopped nation parades its armed might Washington up Ameri Cas armed might passed in review before millions at Home and abroad saturday with the forces proudly unveiling their newest Pushbutton weapons and proclaiming their ability to defeat any enemy guided missiles highlighted the annual Observance of armed forces Day with its Power for peace theme More than Ever be fore the people got their first ook at a flock of amazing new Birds designed to blast enemy bombers from the sky and Pulver ize ground targets political overtones too crept into the eighth annual Celebration dedicated to u s fighting men military speech makers warned an econom Bent Congress against de Xii in a ceremony delayed four years and four months by communist persecution Cardinal Wyszynski Siberia spiritual i inspect their Light plane sheared off four Power lines near Here causing to Tal sense budget slashes and went after Public support for higher pay for skilled men handling atomic age weapons urged by president Eisenhower to Honor their 2800000 men and women in uniform americans flocked to parades and jammed some 2800 Camps airports sea ports and other installations hold i ii Power shutdown m St aging open House Here and Over 111c pc 4ua Natius for most of the morning the Pilot Hal a Samsel and his brother Hoven Cut the lines at 100 Miles per hour when they at tempted to land Here in route to Missoula from Spokane the Speed was credited with making a Safe Landing possible the damsels said they did not see the lines in the Glare of the morning Sun seas in new York Deputy defense Secretary Donald a Quarles was chosen to review the fifth Avenue armed forces Day Parade Fea Turing the West Point Cadet corps the nations Premier exhibition of military strength was staged at nearby Andrews air Force base my where the army Navy and air Force had 16 types of missiles largest number Ever on display missiles removed from secrecy were the air forces Bomarc Long Range interceptor the army Nike Hercules antiaircraft Wea Pon with atomic warhead the air forces Rascal which Jet bomb ers can launch against Distant tar gets and the army Lacrosse for close support of infantry Siderius wins scholarship Missoula up full fee Wyszynski from detention seven scholarships from the Montana i months ago state University endowment fund the Vatican considered the Pri were awarded Here saturday to 15 mates release a Mere Glimmer of first step would test red motives Washington officials disclosed saturday the United states will agree Only to very Small disarmament cuts pending a test of russian Good Faith the question of an East West reduction of arms Man Power and military expenditures is under the closest top level scrutiny Here presidential adviser Harold probes plan full Check on Shefferman disarmament Harold e Stassen conferred for 2 hours Fri Day afternoon on disarm Al ment with top state defense atomic National Security and intelligence officials the lengthy meeting was held almost immediately after Stassen arrived Home for 10 Days of talks during a recess in the London Dis armament meeting twofold pressure Washington sen ate labor rackets Wyszynski gets cardinals hat Vatican City up polish primate Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski saturday received his symbolic Owers East West open skies red cardinals Fiat from Pope Pius i inspection plan be modified he pressure for disarmament is two fold fear of world destruction and desire to Cut the vast Cost of East West arms race president Eisenhower said Only hat big cuts in the budget can Only come following a disarmament agreement administration officials feel that Ussia also would like a test Dis armament plan to Cut its military pending however As the administration asked disarmament behind closed oors there were initial warnings hat disarmament May run into in Congress Senate Republican Leader Wil am f Knowland noted in a Chi ago speech that suggestions had Een made that president Eisen the Pope since he arrived from Iva saw May 8 the Vatican kept the ceremony As private As possible apparently o As not to overstress the Victory von by the Church from the new Olish regime of Wladyslaw go Mulka which released Cardinal Montana High school seniors the seniors were among 25 finalists in the University worthy scholar program held in conjunct Light in a Poland still dominated by the communists and it apparently feared that emphasis on this Success might antagonize Poland Tion with the 51st interscholastic rulers who Are still diehard Corn meet this weekend recipients of the Grants valued at approximately a year were Mary Jane Borden and Thomas c Burton Butte Ivan Doig Valier Eddie Droge Belgrade Donald h Bubay Deer Lodge Karen Ferkin Anaconda Ken Neth Jarvi Sand Coulee Judith Lynne King Helena Richard w Peterson and Keith Yale living Ston Raymond e Siderius Kali spell Fred Terwilliger Don vatne Billings Hazel Wilson Harlem and Joan Zimmer wind i munits saturdays ceremony put the final touch on Wyszynski investiture As a Cardinal although Vati can sources pointed out it had Only a symbolic value Nam officers moved Washington up the air Force has transferred from the Pentagon two officers who allegedly leaked photographs of a re cent b52 flight around the world o life Magazine committee planned saturday to investigate soon deals Between mystery Man Nathan Shefferman and at least a couple of other unions besides his Friend Dave Becks teamsters committee counsel Robert f Ken Nedy told reporters the committee May be ready by about june 15 to dig deeper into the affairs of Shef Ferman a 70yearold Chicago la Bor relations consultant for 300odd business firms including some of the nations largest department stores the testimony of Shefferman and other witnesses has linked him in at least four deals with Beck pres Dent of the teamsters Union and he committees prime target to Date fresh troubles Beck also is reported facing fresh troubles within Bis own Union John t Obrien fourth teamsters vice president has said he will run against Beck for president on a cleanup ticket according to the Chicago daily news Obrien called Beck a damned fool to his face at a recent team sters executive Board meeting the news said he said he would accept the presidency if the executive Board can persuade Beck to resign or even if he has to be forced out it said an informed Union source said however that Obrien is not the Choice of the executive Board the source said sooner or later Beck has got to go but that Briens reported decision to run for the presidency is his own idea the executive boards Obrien could not win even if he tried the source said Gessert mum the committee wound up the present phase of the hearings Fri Day after fruitlessly questioning Sorman Gessert a Cousin of mrs Beck who has been linked in Testi Mony with Shefferman Gessert sought by the commit states position in the Light of Paritee for weeks before being served said Russia proposes that in Exchange for our air inspection Over allowed to All of the that it be Alaska and eader of 25 million polish Cath United states West of the missis is ended his seclusion in the i Sippi Moscow suggested the plan polish Convent of the nuns of the sacred family to go to the Vati can for his second meeting with on april 30 this Compromise proposal does not Appeal to me Knowland said it sounds too much like a communist recipe for Rabbit Stew of equal parts one horse to one Rabbit the administration is expected to propose to the soviets when the London talks resume after May 27 that a special Fairground inspection area be set up in Siberia alas a and Northern Canada there is no plan t oin elude the United states in a test agreement the state department after Fri Days meeting left no doubt that a new disarmament counteroffer is in the making Here the meeting was the beginning iof discussions which will Lead to formulation of the United rescuers reach 7yearold boy find him alive a t to ious pending proposals including the soviet proposals of april 30 a spokesman said watchword caution officials said caution would be the watchword in developing any first step approach toward East West disarmament they said any cuts in american forces and de sense expenditures under an agreement with the soviets would be very Small at first with a subpoena this week proved an even More reluctant witness than Beck Gessert refused to answer committee questions and invoked the fifth amendment 75 times in half an hour declining even to say if he knew Beck Manorville by death defying valor of Volunteer ment and which despite sifting Sand miraculously hovered Les rescuers a steady flow of oxygen i than an incl from his the indomitable courage of the victim and Luck were credited today with the Miracle Rescue of 7ycarold Benny Hooper from the Bottom of a Well Shaft where he was entombed for nearly 24 Livours suffering Only from exposure and Shock the slender Blueeye boy was reported resting com portably and in Good condition a say View Hospital in nearby Mas in Beach doctors who expressed amazement at the Childs survival n the Bottom of the 10inch pit Aid he was regaining his color and was Well on the Road to recovery but they said in such cases Here was a danger of pneumonia etting in oxygen tube a tube which pumped life re Erving oxygen into the chill dark Haft throughout Benny entrap believed by doctors to have Kep the boy alive in what even the mos optimistic feared had become Sandy grave another Fortune of Chance the billowing of Benny jacket Ashi became wedged in the darkened Well Shaft also helped save the life of the Sand haired second grader doctors said miraculously the jacket worn because of an unseasonable Chil had created an air pocket catching the potentially death dealing landslides that occurred sporadically during 23 hours o frantic Rescue operations the Rescue was climaxed at last night when a 29yearold negro construction worker braved a Cavern 25 feet below the surface and freed the half conscious boy his trap the boys 33yearoidl father who had dug the Shaft that was to in bomb his son in an Accident and ouch off a Daylong drama stood it the up of an emergency Crater i staring straight ahead in an apparent trance other relatives sobbed softly As did Many spectators Benny Mother unaware that her son had been reached remained inside the family ranch Type Home Only 300 feet away then from the pit of the Emer gency Crater came the cry of or tragedy while at work As a individual reflex actions phone operator beaming with Joy she embrace the Blanke wrapped form of the son she had All but Given up of dead then As the boy was place in an ambulance mrs Hooper sob Bing aloud embraced her weeping husband both then climbed into the ambulance along with Kris j h Kris the Hooper family accompany the faintly smiling physician the boys alive Hes alive As the joyous words reached Hose clustered at the lip of the Crater the fathers lean face grim visage and worn for 24 hours broke into a faint smile then he whirled turned to the crowd of spectators and shouted Hes alive do you hear Hes opened his eyes Hes alive Hes Ilive Mother learns As the two workmen gently lift d Benny from the Crater his tears streaming Down her Ace ran from the House where she and been under a physicians care or Shock since learning of the boy to the Hospital Kris the first one to determine Young Benny was still alive said that when the boy was carried to safety he was Frozen stiff the doctor said the youngsters jaw was clenched so tightly that he was unable to open it at first placed on a strict liquid diet Young Benny was Given Tea and later Ginger ale but no solids rays were to be taken later in the Day his failure to panic in the dark ened pit was viewed with amaze ment by medical men and others any attempt to claw his Way through the soft Sandy soil they said probably would have been Atal Basing Benny composure on doctor said he must be a great boy who takes things As they come few if any of the rescuers or spectators believed that the boy was alive when word reached the surface that Sam Woodson a wiry construction worker had gotten to the Point where Benny had been wedged for 23 hours followed by a second worker Woodson the father of an 11year old girl climaxed 22 hours of dig Ging by human hands shovels and a huge bucket Crane when he crawled the final few feet of a lateral Tunnel and crumbled the Wall of the Well pit vein comes suddenly what rescuers feared most a Cavern occurred it was then that i saw the boys Oats Woodson said i grabbed in Little hit hard he looked at be and started to cry i didst ave a Chance to talk to him i was talking to god when it appeared the Cavern Ambo 38 grabbed woodsons Ankles and pulled him out rambo said we knew the boy was alive at least 10 minutes be fore we got him out just As we got to the Well Shaft Wall Sam turned to me and said the boy is alive there was no Sand in his Routh rambo said Benny father had just finished digging the Shaft with a neighbor Evhen the boy toppled in a scream pierced the Early evening air then subsided to crying and finally muffled sobs and then hours of silence frantically the father tried to Ould entrap Woodson and the by the second rescuer John a dig Down to his entombed son be Ore being restrained by neighbors Ivi thin minutes the sparsely set led Section of this Long Island Community 65 Miles from new York was swarming with police fire and Volunteer rescuers searchlights quickly were improvised on Trees an ambulance stood by hundreds of the curious clustered in the Hooper Yard tramp Ling Flowers in and Bushes in their anxiety to get a glimpse of the trapped child Idaho stresses airline needs great Falls director of the Idaho state depart ment of aeronautics has told a cab hearing Here that air transportation is a primary rather than supplemental Means of transportation for Idaho director Chester Moulton said hat the Northern and Southern portions of Idaho would be virtually isolated from one another if i were not for air transportation several Idaho communities testified Friday to a Strong Community of interest with Salt Lake City Utah and Central and Western Montana a Long list of 75 witnesses Froid nearly 50 communities concluded a weeks testimony in the Montane local service Case before the Cai examiner Merritt Ruhlen we know the Jet age will necessarily pass us by As distance Between trunk line terminals in crease with larger and fast equipment Moulton said but w dont care As Long As adequate local service exists with Good connections at Gateway cities he added that Idaho has a hedge podge of air service with a difficult interchange of traffic destined to Montana Utah and other of the Pacific North West

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