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Kalispell Daily Inter Lake Newspaper Archives May 16 1990, Page 4

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Kalispell Daily Inter Lake (Newspaper) - May 16, 1990, Kalispell, Montana Letter yellow ribbon coalition Speaks for others As i sat with the wet pest Booth at Earth week i was asked a Why the yellow ribbons a the yellow ribbon coalition Speaks for those who cannot put their thoughts and feelings into fancy words that others would understand. It Speaks of our outrage As Well As our belief in a better future through continuing Good stewardship of our forests and communities. The yellow ribbon is silent but it radiates a Power for change a Power to save our Timber Industry our communities and our natural resource lifestyle. A lifestyle that embodies All of the values that have made our nation the greatest nation on Earth. When we pass a car or truck that is also flying yellow ribbons a Bond is formed that cannot be severed by the words or deeds of preservationist adversaries. Our Timber Industry our Homes our families and our communities Are at risk. We Are United. We Are building Solidarity from the ground up. It will not be easy but we can win. We Fly our yellow ribbons proudly for As Long As it takes. A Joyce Conklin Kalispell Japan is winning the War with Bucks not bullets i agree completely with the letter to the editor written by Roy Stanley in the May 13 Issue of the paper. Roy is right about the United states buying everything that Japan has to sell to our buying Public while the japanese Are on the other hand buying up most of our Banks As Well As a lot of our corporations of any size that Are in fair or Good financial shape. Lets put it this Way we taught them a bit of engineering but then what has happened we became unconscious to what was and is going on. As i see it Japan is no larger than the state of California and if we Don t or wont look out they will own the whole country . Totally. They have a very Good Start at present Japan is winning the War that was being fought in the Early part of the 1940s and without firing a shot so look out . Citizens Here they come and with no cannons or bombers. A line France Columbia a real Man to admit mistake be sorry with All this fighting and kicking and bucking lets give a Little thought to the fact that we have a real Man Here. Gary Franklin admitted he did wrong never hired a lawyer did no to need one just admitted that he made a mistake but said he was sorry. That s All we do to the lord when we Blunder. He forgives us Why not forgive him. Let s look at ourselves a bit. What kind of characters Are we thank god for Franklin and Chuck Rhodes. They Are trying to be honest considerate and Arentt hiring a lawyer to try to hide the consequences. A mrs. Leroy Goodsell Columbia tax will Cost More while you and i Are stuck Here year round to pay it. I sincerely urge any property owner with an income of less than $15,000 a year to take a moment to compare 4 cents out of every Dollar they spend in a year s time in Montana to what they pay in property taxes and i am quite sure they will be very rudely surprised. Years ago when sales tax was introduced in Washington state you were taxed at the rate of 1/20 of a cent per Dollar. Five aluminium tokens for a Penny and very few necessities were taxed. Now nearly everything is taxed and in Spokane it is 7.8 percent part of which is local tax. It won t be Long until the same thing happens Here so for your Sakes take a Long hard look at this rip off and sound out loud and Clear with a resounding no a Frank c. Gregg can county Burn when Public can tone year ago in april i was fined $1,000 for burning old newspapers a barrel. The judge informed me that it is illegal to Burn anything in a barrel in Flathead county. Although the judge suspended the Fine. He informed me that if i was caught burning in a barrel again he would Fine me $2,000. On april 28th of this year my son and several of his friends witnessed file county burning in barrels at die Conrad Complex. These barrels contained plastics and any other garbage that spectators disposed of during the previous week. I just done to understand How the county can outlaw burning in barrels and As a policy allow their employees to Burn in barrels themselves. I feel the county should abide by its own Laws. A Lois James Board must not rubber stamp plan i attended the planning Board meeting May 8 regarding the Lac proposed development for a Golf course hotel and housing development North of Kalispell Between Highway 93 and Whitefish stage. It seemed to me that the comments solicited by the Board were not at All appropriate for the decision before the Board. I am certainly in favor of a planning process As opposed to haphazard development i was very disturbed however to hear so Many Board members comment so favourably As to the Content of the neighbourhood plan submitted by Lac. I read the plan in detail and there is Only one Good thing about it a it is Well organized. The plan is vague ambiguous and incomplete. It appears to have been put together in an Effort to try and please All of the people All of the time. The Only trouble with that philosophy is that in trying to please everyone nothing of any substance is offered. I admit that i am not familiar with the planning process. I just Hope that the planning Board has its act together when the individual Steps of the plan Are reviewed for approval. It appeared to me that the planning Board was too eager to rubber stamp la cd a neighbourhood plan a ambiguous As it was. I am fearful that the rest of the Steps of the process will be rubber stamped also. A Vern Kulm Kalispell. My any changes in Hatch act would be a Hatchet Job by James j. Kilpatrick Washington a out in the hinterlands not much attention has been paid to a pending Bill to gut the Hatch act but in the rarefied atmosphere of Capitol Hill it is a matter of intense interest. Because the Bill affects 3 million Federal and postal employees from Here to Hawaii the current Senate debate merits a close look. This is what the Bill would do it would effectively destroy the Protection from political coercion that these workers have enjoyed for More than 50 years. It would convert Federal unions most notably the postal unions into virtual adjuncts of the democratic party. It would authorize partisan political activities that now Are wisely prohibited. There is no urgent compelling reason to adopt such curious the Bill should be Defeated. But it wont be Defeated. Majority Leader George Mitchell has the bit in his Teeth on this one. He is determined to throttle debate and to Railroad the Bill to immediate passage. He has the votes to do it the House passed an even More drastic Bill in april of last year by a vote of 297-90. We Are headed for a presidential veto. A vote to override will be close. My description of the Bill to be sure is not Mitchells description of the Bill. He sees the measure As an Effort to restore to Federal and postal workers a Many of the Basic rights of Freedom of expression and action enjoyed by millions of other american the same High minded considerations have moved 54 other democrats to support the supposed reforms. This is what the Bill would do. For the first time it would authorize the 3 million employees to take a a an Active part in Politi the Bill contains some safeguards but these Are paper safeguards. Cal management or in political Federal and postal workers could solicit contributions from fellow employees to a political action committee. They could hold office in a political party and while Quot off duty a they could distribute Campaign literature solicit votes for a Given candidate and organize political meetings. The Bill contains some safeguards but these Are paper safeguards. No employee could engage in such political activity while a a on duty or while wearing an official uniform Virginia a sen. Chuck Robb has added an amendment to provide a heavy Fine and a three year prison sentence for any worker who attempts politically to a coerce Quot a fellow worker. This too is dumb show. The Subtle political pressures that would be unleashed by this Bill cannot be contained by the Robb amendment it is immaterial whether a supervisor is a democratic or Republican partisan. Those who work under him know a they know without being told a How to Curry favor toward promotion. No overt acts of coercion Are required none could be proven in court a Wink a nod a nudge a glance a these would suffice the Bill poses a danger not Only to Federal employees it carries risks of Subtle corruption to the general Public also. Delaware a sen. Bill Roth has provided specific examples. Let us suppose that an auditor for the internal Revenue service is a Good Stout Republican. While off duty on a monday evening he takes advantage of his new rights. He takes a an Active part in the political management of a Republican Campaign. His picture is in the papers. He appears on to. And on tuesday morning he audits the income tax return of a prominent Democrat have another example. An assistant . Attorney is a Good Stout Democrat. On wednesday evening he makes a fiery partisan speech at a democratic rally. On thursday morning he goes to court to prosecute a Case of alleged Republican political corruption. Bad for the employees. Bad for the Public. And bad for the whole cause of a nonpartisan civil service. Mind you politics never can be wholly divorced from Public employment. There ought to be no divorce. The old spoils system had its merits in that it provided a degree of political accountability. But at the working career level of the civil service partisan Mitchell has properly pointed to certain absurdities that have developed Over 50 years of Hatch act regulations. There Are said to be 3,000 confusing rulings. If so the answer lies in Roth s proposal to direct the office of personnel management to overhaul the regulations. The Basic Hatch act has worked Well since its adoption in 1939. It ainu to broke. Done to try to fix it copyright 1990 Universal press Syndicate than property tax does How to write to your politicians Excel in Art of breaking Campaign promises regarding the proposed sales tax for Montana we Are told that if this tax is imposed there will be a reduction in property tax. It seems stupid to me to Start a new tax so that you can reduce another especially when the new sales tax will in a year s time very Likely Cost More than the reduction in your property tax. I know that in my Case nearly my entire pension is spent in Montana and a 4-percent sales tax will Cost me nearly three times what i pay in property tax so i and thousands of others on a fixed income Are really going to be Hurt while or. And mrs. Big Bucks who Are the people pushing the sales tax will again take a free ride on the backs of the Little Guy. We hear a by about nailing the tourists and letting them pay most of it. That sounds Good until one stops to think that the tourist will be Here Only a Short time congressmen sen. Max Baucus United state Senate Washington . 20510. Telephone 202 224-2651 or toll free 1-800-332-6106. Sen. Conrad Burns 415 n. Higgins ave., Missoula 59802. Telephone Washington ., 202 224-2644 or toll free 1-800-344-1513. Rep. Pat Williams United states House of representatives 2457 Rayburn House office building Washington . 20515. Telephone 202 225-3211 or toll free 1-800-332-6177. Rep Ron Marlenee United states House of representatives 409 Cannon House office building Washington . 20515. Telephone 202 255-1555 or toll free 1-800-332-5965. In Matin al Lorton ticket Vai by Walter r. Mears Washington of a Campaign promises Are not uttered under oath and president Bush will not Lack for company should he decide to renege on his vehement vow against new taxes. Ronald Reagan did it on the same subject at least a dozen times a and All without sacrificing the impression that he was an unyielding tax Cut Man. Bush of course has not undone his read my lips no new taxes refrain from the 1988 Campaign. All he has done is to ask congressional democrats to bargain on the budget without preconditions a process that is to begin today. Going in without preconditions does not mean that there will be an identifiable tax increase As part of the bargain coming out ifs a Good bet that in the end the Republican White House will just say no. The reasons have a by to do with the Sanctity of a 1988 Campaign pledge. With cold War and defense concerns ebbing the no tax stance May be the Best Issue the republicans have going for them. Furthermore for some conservatives it is More than an Issue a it is a policy by which they mean to starve the welfare state for funds. There is also the dilemma of a government that has run up massive deficits in Boom times facing the Prospect of a need for More taxes just when the Economy could be slipping. Campaign pledges Are another matter. They Are made by the dozens and they come with no vote Back guarantee dissatisfied voters can Only wait until the next election and by then the issues May have changed and bygone promises May be forgotten. That is As old As politics. Cicero wrote about electioneering in Rome and his guidelines still apply a fall men have a feeling that they would rather you told them a civil lie than give them a Point Blank refusal. If you make a Promise the thing is still Uncertain depends on a future Day and concerns but few people but if you refuse you alienate people to a certainty and at once and Many people the damage depends on the Issue. A Promise broken by Lyndon b. Johnson was the undoing of his presidency. Campaigning in 1964, Johnson said he was not a about to Send american boys 9,000 or 10,000 Miles away from Home to do what asian boys ought to be doing for but he did after winning landslide Electon and the Vietnam War was the Burden that led him to renounce candidacy four years later. Richard m. Nixon was wily enough to leave some room for Man Euver in his Campaign promises. In 1968, for example he sad he would end the War and win the peace although he did no to say How or when. It ended but not on those terms. The last americans withdrew from Saigon in 1975, and North Vietnam took Over. Nixon who had resigned the White House Over watergate by that time said Congress forced the defeat by restricting and then refusing funds for the War. Jimmy Carter promised in 1976 that he d balance the Federal budget in his first term. He come close Reagan upped that Ante saying he would balance it and Cut taxes. He got the tax Cut but deficits soared Reagan blamed it on a recession and on Congress. He made an Art form of raising taxes while presenting himself As the Arch foe of tax increases. As governor of California he said he would not tolerate a tax increase and declared his feet were planted in Cement on the matter. When he had to have a tax increase anyhow he said the sound people heard was the Cement cracking. As president he confounded the democrats by championing one giant tax Cut and then approving a series of increases. Sen. George Mitchell a Maine now the majority Leader says Reagan proposed or signed 13 tax increases Quot and in the process convinced the american people that he was against All of them backing off a Campaign pledge is As Mitchell said a a rather commonplace occurrence in am bean Nixon said last week that Bush can change his position with a no problem at All. He can say a i believed al the time but the situation has changed and in a dealing with it that s one Way to scrap a Promise. In a the Earl of Louisiana Quot a. Uehling recounts another the Story of a lobbyist who sought repeal of a state tax on movie tickets. He campaigned for Earl Long for governor on the strength of a Promise of repeal. But when Long won he recommended Extension of the tax. The fellow went to see him and he said a i told my clients that you said you wanted their support and you Block removal of the tax. What do i Tell them now a Quot you know what old Earl said Quot he said til Tell you what to Tell them Tell them i lied

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