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Kalispell Daily Inter Lake Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1991, Page 1

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Kalispell Daily Inter Lake (Newspaper) - February 27, 1991, Kalispell, Montana Weather becoming partly Cloudy this afternoon with widely scattered Snow showers Over the mountains. Mostly Cloudy tonight with Mountain Snow flurries. Turning colder thursday with scattered Snow and Gusty Northeast winds 20-30 Mph developing. The daily a i a a a s Csc 0 is Lato Civ. _ f c,0 0\ c vex la Montana wednesday february 27, 1991 35 cents Index Ann comics.b4 classified.b5-6 crossword.b4 local/state.a6 markets.a9 Montana .a5.b1 obituaries.a7 records.a7 sports.alo-11u.s. Rejects latest iraqi concessions by William m. Welch associated press writer Washington apr president Bush said today the liberation of Kuwait is a almost Complete a and aides dismissed a new iraqi offer to end the Gulf War. The White House said the overture rejects continuation of economic restrictions against Baghdad. A this is still a conditional offer a presidential spokesman Marlin Fitzwa ter said after an announcement by Baghdad radio. He added it a Falls far Short of what a necessary to end the fighting. Baghdad radio said Iraq would give up its claim to Kuwait once a cease fire is declared and the allies halt All land and sea operations against Iraq. The report also said Iraq was prepared to release All prisoners of War within a Short time under the supervision of the red Cross. It added the Prospect that Iraq would pay War reparations. At the United nations iraqis ambassador told the associated press his country would accept All 12 Security Council resolutions passed against Iraq since aug. 2 if the Council declares a cease fire. A we Are also ready to abide and implement All resolutions of the Security Council should the Security Council Issue a cease fire and All hostilities should be stopped a said ambassador Abdul Amir Al Anbari. He also said iraqis scud missile attacks on Israel and saudi Arabia would end at that Point. The most recent scud attack was monday. Defense Secretary Dick Cheney said bitingly that iraqi forces were conduct ing a the Mother of All he said Allied forces were on the verge of a Complete and total Victory in achieving its goal of freeing Kuwait and destroying Saddam Hussein a offensive military capability. Fitzwater said the United states has been notified of iraqis willingness to accept three . Resolutions a 660, 662 and 674 a demanding the immediate and unconditional withdrawal from Kuwait the voiding of iraqis annexation of Kuwait and consideration of War reparation payments by Baghdad. But he said Iraq had rejected three other resolutions a 661, 665 and 670 a All of which authorized an International Trade embargo against the Baghdad government. Said Bush a the War is almost see Bush Page a2 members of the . Army a 82nd airborne ride a Sher Dan a k Oast a Cut out iraqi tank in iraqis desert monday. A photo dentist makes a frontal attack on tooth decay by Chery Sabol the daily inter Lake Kalispell dentist Douglas Wood is worried about american troops in the Middle East actually he is worried about their Teeth and Gums. A in Vietnam it was a big problem a Wood said. A a lot of people would get out there and lose their Toothbrush or get it dirty a he said. A you done to just run Down to the pm in that the result was a military population who returned from Vietnam with periodontal disease he said. To prevent a repeat of that Wood is promoting a Campaign in Montana to Send toothbrushes to personnel in the Gulf. A special kind of travel Toothbrush that folds up is Best for soldiers on the move in the Gritty Sandy Middle East countries Wood said. The Brush can stay clean that Way and is compact enough to travel easily. Wood said he is looking for sponsors to finance Purchase of 2,000-4,000 brushes. They sell for $7.80 a dozen. The manufacturer Butler will ship orders to the local red Cross office which will then Send and distribute them in the Middle East Wood said. He said the idea came from his hygienist Cindy Viano. A new England dentist simultaneously launched a similar Campaign. Wood has made a statewide Appeal to other dentists to help in the Effort. Locally anyone who wants to donate to the Campaign can Contact Wood at his office. Even with iraqis announced withdrawal from Kuwait toothbrushes will still be needed Wood said noting a even if the plan is to get out of the Middle East we re going to have people there for a pm Sites probably wont be established for quite he added. Dentist Douglas Wood left and hygienist Cindy Viano Are spearheading a pro donations to buy toothpaste Jet to Send travel toothbrushes to soldiers in the Middle East. They Are soliciting Dona Are Welcome too he said. Tons from other dentists and the general Public. Inter Lake photo by Karen Nichols Friendly fire from . Plane kills nine britons by Richard Pyle associated press writer Riyadh saudi Arabia apr an american anti tank plane mistakenly fired on two British infantry vehicles killing nine soldiers the British military said today. The incident occurred tuesday a in the heat of Battle a British army col. Barry Stevens said at a briefing. He offered few other details about the deaths which he said were a a matter of particular sadness both to ourselves and to the american Stevens also said Allied forces were continuing to take Large numbers of iraqi prisoners of War whom he described As a saudi military spokesman estimated the number of pos at Over 45,000. Stevens said the nine soldiers who died from Friendly fire were among 13 britons killed and to wounded in the ground assault on iraqi forces. The . Military has attributed to american deaths to Friendly fire All before the ground offensive. Stevens did say that the two a a Warrior infantry fighting vehicles struck by an american a to were clearly identified with painted on symbols As belonging to Allied forces. A we have gone to great lengths to try to avoid the sort of incident which i have just described a said Stevens who sounded angry and grew testy during questioning about the incident. A the cruel fact of War is that no matter How Many procedures you put in place this sort of incident does he described the vehicles As belonging to the 3rd battalion of the Royal regiment of Fusiliers but did not say where the unit was at the time. Pivotal tank Battle rages West of Basra by Susanne m. Schafer a military writer Washington apr eight Hundred american tanks and armoured vehicles were bearing Down on 250 to 300 iraqi tanks in a a a fierce Battle West of the military City of Basra Pentagon sources said today. The Core of the conflict involved hundreds of tanks from three . Armoured units of the Vii corps a the 1st and 3rd armoured divisions and the 2nd armoured cavalry regiment a against the Hamm Ravi division of the Republican guard Pentagon officials said. The Pivotal Battle was taking place some 50 Miles West of the key military Center of Basra said the officials speaking on condition of anonymity. A this is the largest tank Battle since world War ii a said col. Miguel Mon Tevere the Pentagon a director of defense information. Overall in Southeast Iraq More than 100,000 . Soldiers were attempting to Cut off and immobilize at least four Republican guard divisions a the last elements of the vaunted iraqi military machine. The so called quot pincer move a had the Vii corps closing in from the Southwest while the 18th airborne corps pressed in from the West said a senior Pentagon military official. A a they re blocked they can to get out a the senior military officer said of the Republican guard. He spoke on condition of anonymity. In All the official said the . Units were attempting to neutralize the remain ing three Republican guard infantry divisions and about one and a half armoured divisions in the conflict we so of Basra the official said. A a it a a fierce tank Battle a the source said. A we done to know Hie outcome the last major tank Battle involving . Forces occurred during the Battle of the bulge in december 1944 to january 1945, when the germans put 1,000 tanks against a thinly held Allied sector in the ardennes Region of Belgium and Luxembourg. The allies and . Army commit Ted several thousand tanks and armoured vehicles to the conflict. In the Basra Battle the three . Divisions have committed More than 470 top of the line m1a1 tanks As Well As 330 Bradley fighting vehicles which Are armoured troop transports with a top mounted gun. An iraqi armoured division such As the Hammurabi has Between 250 and 300 tanks Many of them the Tough soviet made t-72s, the Pentagon said. Word of the Pivotal tank Battle came As the Pentagon said it had rendered ineffective 26 iraqi divisions. But now that the . And Allied military forces have driven deep into the heart of Iraq officials feared a possible attack by two iraqi divisions stationed outside Baghdad. Another senior Pentagon official said the entire iraqi army is trapped by Allied forces. No substantial forces have escaped said the official speaking on condition of anonymity. A there Are some very genuine Armor Battles going on with the remaining iraqi divisions a said the official. Kuwaitis reclaim devastated capital by John King associated press writer Kuwait City apr ignoring radio warnings of mines and Booby traps ecstatic kuwaitis emerged today to Greet an Allied Vanguard with shouts of Joy and tales of iraqi atrocities. The coalition column that rolled into the City Center encountered a Metropolis ravaged looted and left virtually without Power by the iraqis who beat a Swift Retreat after nearly seven months of brutal occupation. . And saudi special forces first rolled through the City tuesday and american journalists arrived ahead of Allied regular troops tuesday night to find a dark very City deserted in Many areas. Streets were littered with bumped out cars As Well As tanks armoured vehicles weapons and helmets left behind by iraqi soldiers who pulled out in haste the Day before. A a it a like in a dreaming a said fahd waled Jassar 22, a member of the kuwaiti resistance. A Kuwait is ours kuwaitis at resistance Headquarters said several Hundred iraqis were hiding in the City but there was no organized attempt to prevent the allies from entering the capital. Some resistance fighters were holding iraqi prisoners. Early today some american and saudi special forces troops along with resistance fighters probed the City for signs of the iraqi forces. There was occasional gunfire though most was believed to come from celebrating troops and resistance fighters shooting into the air nearby fires from Oil Wells set alight sent Bright Orange flames into the sky which was Black with thick Clouds. Greasy and oily rain fell. Resistance fighters witnesses and kuwaiti officials recounted. Iraqi atrocities. A they were killing us just for no reason. They were chasing us a said Mahdi Al Khallaf who claimed he was a resistance fighter. A they were knocking on our doors and taking our kids our boys. They were taking our food. Just like monsters. They were killing us we done to know see Kuwait Page a2 poll montanans want Saddam assassinated Billings apr nearly half of montanans favor using a Battlefield nuclear weapons in the persian Gulf War and More than 60 percent think iraqi president Saddam Hussein should be assassinated according to a Survey released tuesday. The Survey conducted last week by students at Eastern Montana College also showed that about two thirds of montanans support the War and nearly 75 percent give president Bush a positive Job rating. The students under guidance from professors Craig Wilson and Joe Floyd interviewed 410 randomly selected adult montanans by Telephone from Friday to monday. The margin of error for the results is 5 percentage Points. Poll interviewers also asked questions about state and local issues but the results on the Gulf War were released Early because of their a topical nature a a report on the poll said. Although the poll showed Strong support among montanans for president Bush and the War it indicated that Bush is still lacking Strong support for his handling of Domestic issues. When asked to rate Bush solely on domes tic issues Only 52.5 percent gave him a favourable rating and the a a intensity of support was lower than it was for Bush a foreign policy performance. The poll showed that Bush a popularity had increased on All fronts since last july but his lukewarm support on the Domestic front a suggests that following the conclusion of the Gulf War concerns about Domestic issues May come to the forefront a the report said. The poll said 74 percent of montanans gave Bush a positive rating for his Overall performance while 79.3 percent said he was doing a Good Job on foreign affairs. On the question of nuclear weapons the poll asked whether they should be used by . Forces in the Gulf War a to limit . forty seven percent said yes 42 percent said no. The poll also asked whether the respondent would favor an attempt to assassinate Hussein 61.9 percent said yes and 33.3 percent said no. On other Points the Survey showed a about 71 percent said they supported . Involvement in the persian Gulf War 28.9 percent said they were opposed. When asked to rate their a a intensity of support on a scale of i to to the average level was 7.09. A nearly half said the amount of information on the War released by the military was a about rights Only 19.7 percent said too Little information was being released and 29.6 percent said too much was being made Public. A slightly More than half or 52 percent said the United states provides too much economic Aid for Israel. Only 3.8 percent said Aid to Israel was a too Little a while about 30 percent said the current level of Aid is about right a respondents were evenly split on whether the United states should use chemical weapons if Iraq uses them first. Forty seven percent said no and 45 percent said yes. A nearly 60 percent of respondents opposed the peace initiative worked out last week Between Iraq and the soviet Union while 24 percent supported it. Only 194 people were asked this question since Survey interview Ere stopped asking it saturday evening after the ground War 9 1/2% does no to mean anything to you maybe saving34,872 do.,refinance now while interest rates Are Low. For a no Cost interview Call us Doug Hayes Judy Stolck Whetham a say nos Basse on interns reduction. Cuban a p r. 10 058% til i Efferson National in Kalispell corporate Center mortgage company 406 756-9696

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