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Kalispell Daily Inter Lake Newspaper Archives Apr 4 1990, Page 1

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Kalispell Daily Inter Lake (Newspaper) - April 4, 1990, Kalispell, Montana Weather partly Cloudy and mild today with Northeast winds 10-25 mph partly Cloudy and Cool tonight with local Northeast Canyon winds 10-20 mph. Especially in the Columbia Falls area mostly sunny thursday with local Northeast Ca non winds the daily Kalispell Montana wednesday april 4, 1990 35 cents Index Ann Landers classified. Comics Community crossword. Deaths markets Montana record sports weather. By bl-3 b4 a8 b4 a9 a10 a3 a9 All-12 a2 wilderness Bill offered by balt us its a Way of life for Dave Fern a carting children and groceries via his daughter Holly from school. Riding along in the rear Are Fern s sons. Bicycle the Whitefish resident was in route to pick up his oldest Jacob left. And Daniel while the family dog. Chad leads the Way. Tough clean air Bill sails through Senate Washington api the debate Over tougher air pollution controls shifts to the House with Senate approval of a sweeping clean air Bill imposing new emission curbs on automobiles factories and electric Power plants. The Senate voted 89-11 late tuesday to approve a far reaching Bill aimed at reducing Urban smog. Toxic Industrial chemical releases and acid rain pollution the House Energy and Commerce committee was working behind closed doors today on the House version of the Bill a final committee vote is expected by the end of the week sen Max Baucus. A Mont. Who led the floor fight for the Bill. Called it the most important legislation to pass Congress from a National standpoint in the last several he said the Bill was important for Montana and other Western states. A it s a Victory for Public interests Over special interests. It puts Western states Low Sulphur Coal on an equal playing Field with the Eastern producers who have been favored with current clean air Laws. A i estimate it will provide 1.500 additional jobs for Montana during the next decade. Baucus said president Bush called the Senate Washington a Here Are the key provisions of clean air legislation passed by the Senate Urban smog requires states and local authorities to develop pollution control plans to reduce Urban smog and bring air Quality in More than too cities within Federal health standards timetable for meeting the standards ranged from five to 15 years with los Angeles getting 20 years because of the severity of its problem smog Caus my pollutants or Ozone Are reduced through controls on automobiles and Industry with annual pollution improvements of 4 percent a year required Over first six years automobiles a tougher tailpipe emission requirements by 1995 cutting hydrocarbon releases by 22 percent and nitrogen oxide emissions by 66 percent. Cleaner fuels for All Automo Biles in nine cities with the worst pollution the nine cities Are los Angeles. Houston. New York. Milwaukee Baltimore. Philadelphia action a a historic vote that will a affect generations to come As we work to build a cleaner safer the last time either the Senate or House approved changes in Federal clean air Laws was 1977 despite growing concern in recent years about dirty air Senate majority Leader George Mitchell. A Maine. Who unsuccessfully sought Over the past decade to change Federal clean air Laws. Called the Senate Bill a a tremendous Victory and a significant improvement Over current air pollution requirements Quot we can no longer delay. The american people want action they demand Mitchell said the lopsided Senate voted capped weeks of jockeying among senators Over the legislation which was a Compromise with the White House. Senators from the Northeast and California sought to toughen Auto pollution controls but failed in narrow votes several attempts to Cushion the Midwest from the High Cost of acid rain controls also failed. As did an Effort to help Coal miners who could lose their jobs under new pollution requirements Many senators expressed concern Over the Bill s Cost. Estimated at about $21 billion a year when it takes full effect toward the end of the decade Hartford. Conn. San Diego and Chicago. A special canisters on Auto fuel systems to reduce emissions during refuelling Industrial sources a sources emitting too tons of smog causing pollutants must install new smog control technology although a waiver May be Given in some cases if pollution control costs exceed $5,000 per ton current Law requires controls on tailpipe emissions but curbs widely believed to be inadequate to meet air Quality standards amid growing number of cars on the Road despite Law. More than too cities fail to meet Federal air Quality standards toxic chemicals requires Industrial plants to install Best available technology to control the release of about 200 hazardous chemicals linked to cancer nervous disorders and birth defects that affects a wide Range of industries including Oil refineries chemical plants smelters. Dry cleaners and paint shops the Epa now regulates Only Mitchell acknowledged the new emission controls would be expensive to Industry but he argued a the costs of inaction will be higher than the Cost of this health experts estimate air pollution May account for 50.000 premature deaths every year and add $40 billion a year to health care costs he said but to Many senators particularly from the Midwest the vote represented an agonizing Choice Between cleaner air and concern about the measure s Impact on employment and electric Bills a this Bill will absolutely decimate my state of Illinois a declared democratic sen Alan Dixon whose state has Utility plants that rely on High Fulfur Coal As Well As miners whose jobs would be jeopardized by new measures to combat acid rain Dixon was among the la senators who voted against the legislation four were from states that would be hard hit by stringent acid rain control provisions a i cannot vote for legislation that will destroy the livelihood of thousands of hard working men and women. That will bring economic ruin to communities throughout appalachian and midwestern states. Said sen Robert Byrd. D w who unsuccessfully sought financial help for Coal miners affected by the Bill seven chemicals. Acid rain requires annual Fulfur dioxide releases to be reduced by to million tons by 2000 roughly cutting such emissions in half. It allows utilities to buy and sell a pollution credits among themselves As Long As total reductions in emissions Are not affected extra allowances Are Given to Midwest utilities and some a clean plants to ease the Cost Burden and allow for future growth nitrogen oxide releases which also contribute to acid ram. Must be Cut by 2.7 million tons. It will affect 107 Coal fired elec Trie Power plants with Midwest utilities using High Fulfur Coal facing greatest pollution reduction Burden and Likely increases in electric rates current Law utilities must com ply with local air Quality requirements. But have avoided curbs on Fulfur dioxide emissions by building tall smokestacks that Send the Poilu Tion High into the atmosphere pollutants Are earned hundreds of Miles and fall As acid rain Sarah Vaughan Singer Sarah Vaughan 66, Dies of cancer los Angeles a jazz vocalist Sarah Vaughan known for her individualistic style and her extensive Range has died of lung cancer she was 66 Vaughan died at to 30 p a tuesday at her Home in the hidden Hills area of the West san Fernando Valley. Los Angeles county sheriffs sgt. De Rogner said Vaughan had been admitted March 31 to Cedars Sinai Hospital in los Angeles but was released earlier tuesday Hospital spokeswoman Paula Correia said los Angeles times jazz critic and longtime Friend Leonard Feather in his Book a encyclopedia of jazz in the sixties a described Vaughan As a the most important Singer to emerge from the Bop Vaughan s style was formed by her Early association with bebop. Singing with Billy Eckstine. Charlie Parker and dizzy Gillespie in the Earl Hines and Billy Eckstine bands in the 1940s during that time. With her deep. Sultry voice and dramatic colourings she was known As the most distinguished jazz Singer of the 40s bom in Newark. No on March 27, 1924. Vaughan studied piano from age 7 and was a Church choir member and organist by 12. Her father a Carpenter played guitar and her Mother Sang in the Church choir in 1942. She accepted a dare a trumpeter trombonist Jabbo Smith claimed it was his idea a and Sang a body and soul at an Apollo theater Amateur contest in Harlem Eckstine heard her and recommended her to Hines As second pianist and co vocalist with himself she made her debut with the Hines band in 1943 at the Apollo she went with Eckstine after he left Hines a year later to form his own big band then Sang with John Kirby s group by 1946 she had established herself As a Solo artist in 1949, she was paid $2 500 for a week at the Apollo Vaughan s voice Over which she had phenomenal control had Lovely tone was flexible and True continued on Page a2 by Bill Morgan the daily inter Lake As expected sen. Max Baucus. A Mont. Introduced his own version of a Montana wilderness Bill in the Senate writing yet another chapter in the state s potboiler Saga of land. Logging and lost time like the Bill introduced by sen Conrad Burns last month the measure is a partial solution to designation of Montana s 6 million acres of Road less land Baucus says. However that his is a balanced Bill capable of being passed by the Senate the Baucus Bill would protect about 870 000 acres of wild lands while releasing 3 2 million acres of Road less Forest lands for potential development and a multiple use management by the Forest service. About 1.7 million acres would remain in unresolved status and 325.000 acres would go into special management or study areas. On the Flathead Forest wilderness designations include 10.250 acres in additions to the Bob Marshall wilderness a jewel Basin Swan wilderness of 184.320 acres and a 960-acre wilderness area in the North missions in addition. 117,380 acres in the North Fork area would be placed in limbo until a future Bill is passed bums Bill designates 620.000 acres of wilderness releases 2 8 million acres and leaves 2.6 million Road less acres on hold. Though opponents and some Forest service officials said those areas also would be released for unrestricted management because of the language used in the Bill. Baucus said that he has received tens of thousands of letters on the wilderness question and listened to while Sens. Conrad bums and Max Baucus feel their separate wilderness Bills Are balanced Middle of the Road approaches to settling the controversial Road less lands Issue. Others Are less pleased with the measures a were not doing cartwheels Down the interstate on either Bill. Said Keith Olson executive director of the Montana logging association a their approach has been let s take the less controversial areas out of the debate. A that s not a bad philosophy a Olson added a but when pursued it s kind of Doublespeak to say that this is a Compromise everybody talks about seeking the Middle ground but what we hear montanans saying is a we want this Issue behind us neither Bill does that James Conner chairman of the Montana chapter of the Sierra club. Seemed equally displeased when interviewed today a they feel that placing these areas in limbo essentially freezes history and the wilderness debate until some future he said. A that false there will be no less controversy then than there is now a in fact. They claim to be putting hundreds of hours of hearings according to the release a one message comes through loud and Clear it s time to Settle the Issue in a balanced fashion and move Montana Baucus told the Senate when he introduced the measure. A times Are Tough in Montana we need he said a but we Don t want to lose the natural values that make Montana special. A it s time to Call a truce let s put narrow special interest aside and seek Middle ground. This struggle has at times escalator to a fight beyond the Bounds of reason a Baucus said 97 percent of the Road less land suitable for Timber harvesting would be released ii he Bill passes. He also said that area with groomed Snow Obi e trails and patented mining claims Are not included in wilderness designated areas in his Bill. Bums told the associated press tuesday that he was a sort of disappointed that Baucus introduced a Bill. Because he Felt it would slow the process of getting a Montana wilderness Bill passed he declined to comment specifically on the Bill tuesday and again today. A test of Baucus Bill will be whether the release language can pass Muster a while i will oppose any Radical attempt to change release language. The language included in this Bill represents a starting Point Quot Baucus told the Senate a i am willing to Amend my Bill to include revised release language however let s not pretend such changes will happen Baucus used release language continued on Page a2 the most controversial areas in Michael Scott regional representative of the wilderness society criticized Baucus Bill for what was not included. A you have to look beyond the acreage and see what areas Are not included that Are important to montanans Quot he told the associated press. A Many of the portions of areas that Many people have advocated for wilderness Aren t included Quot Connor and Olson both Felt election years Are not the Best when trying to resolve such issues. Quot it s terribly unfortunate that a major Issue like Public lands allocation is becoming a political Conner said Baucus said today that he expected criticism and having both sides find fault with his Bill is an indication that it is balanced a to me. That s the Best evidence that we Are somewhere in the Middle a he said a it s evidence this is evenhanded this Bill would not pass if taking either extreme approach. I have been personally criticized and am taking heat from both sides. A that a the Price of passing legislation in the Public Baucus added the original Kingston Trio april 30 May i 8 00 . Bigfork Center for the performing arts a tickets available now Kalispell Bigfork Whitefish Glacier electric ave. Picture gallery books this 752-4742 837-6072 862-5246 highlights of clean air Bill include provisions on smog cars acid rain neither Side especially pleased by Baucus Bill a

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