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Joplin Sunday Globe Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 2

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Joplin Globe (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Joplin, Missouri 2 a Joplin Globe sunday March 19, 1939. Fellowship dinner at p1cjer1esday plans under Way to entertain 160 business and professional women of District. Picher okla., March 18.-preparations Are being made to entertain 150 business and professional women of the Tri state District at an annual world Fellowship banquet and program sponsored by the y. W. C. A. Tuesday night at the High school auditorium. The dinner will be served at 7 o clock by the Junior senior High school . A. And the band mothers club of Picher. Members of the y. I c. A. And business and professional women from Joplin Carthage Baxter Springs Galena Columbus Miami Vinita and Picher Are expected to attend. What about economic democracy will be the topic for discussion of a program to be Given by the Picher club. Miss Thelma for Shee of Picher District president will preside. Officers will be elected. A program for the meeting was incomplete today. Former Joplin girl Dies. Information has been received by mrs. J. H. Cole of Joplin of the death thursday at Baldwin Park calif., of her Cousin miss Mary Gray 21 years old. Miss Gray who was born in Joplin was the daughter of or. And mrs. William Gray formerly of Joplin and Smithfield. The family moved to California several years ago. Funeral services were held this morning in California. Picher infant Dies. Picher okla., March 18.-an infant son of or. And mrs. Thelbert Kidd 803 South Picher Street died at 8 30 o clock this morning at the Home. A burial service was held at the grave at 10 o clock in g. A. R. Cemetery. Fistula sufferers face danger one of the tragic results of neglected fistula frequently is loss of Bowel control together with nervous diseases and general ill health caused by self poisoning. Thousands could save themselves from humiliation and serious illness by taking proper treatment in time. The Thornton & minor clinic oldest known rectal institution in the world offers a free Book which explains fistula and other rectal diseases tells How More than 50,000 persons have been benefited by their mild corrective institutional treatment a 1 thou Hospital confinement. Write for this free Book and reference list. Address Thorn Tori & minor clinic suite 540, 926 Mcgee St., Kansas City . Debate Over who controls american foreign policy grows warm in capital Washington March 18. Fl1 with the world swinging like a pendulum Between War and peace this question stirs the capital who controls the United states foreign policy the president or Congress As Congress appears overwhelmingly behind the huge defense program Many Are demanding to know what will be done with the Gigantic weapon and above All who is going to Point it. This is no new controversy. It has occurred time and again in United states history. But a new element appeared with the revival of the proposal for a popular referendum before declaring War other than to repel invasion. This in effect is adding to the president and Congress a third element the people. The framers of the Constitution were at great pains to dovetail the president and Congress in guiding foreign policy. Thus Congress was Given the right to declare War to raise and support armies and to provide and maintain a but the president shall be commander in chief of the army and the president was Given the Power to make treaties by and with the advice and consent of the Senate provided two third of the senators present Power to name ambassadors. He was also Given Power to appoint ambassadors again with the Senate s consent manifestly the Early fathers wanted american foreign policy under the supervision both of Congress and of the president but with the president carrying on the Overy Day conduct of foreign affairs. The president himself and not the Secretary of state reports to Congress on foreign relations. Congress relies chiefly on the administration for information about developments abroad. Each House has a committee on foreign relations but the committees must rely on the president or the state department for their information. If the Senate requests foreign information of the president the request is accompanied by the significant addition if not incompatible kith Public clashes Between presidents and congresses Over foreign affairs have been frequent and dramatic incidents in american history. Presidents Johnson and Grant impelled into adventures in Manifest destiny by their dynamic Secretary of state Seward had their toes painfully stepped on by the Senate. The treaty with Britain for settlement of the Alabama claims was Defeated by a vote of 54 to 1. Seward s Purchase of the Virgin islands from Denmark and Grant s annexation of the dominican Republic for a naval base were rejected by the Senate. The Senate would not act on a treaty Neon plated with Samoa in 1872, which would have Given the United states a first class naval base at Pago Pago. President Theodore Roosevelt according to some historians threatened France and Germany without authorization from Congress that the United states would enter the Russo Jap War on the Side of Japan if Germany and France should intervene in favor of Russia. After the world War Congress emphatically asserted its share in foreign politics. It refused to accept three commitments of president Wilson the treaty of peace with Germany the league of nations and a joint agreement with great Britain to come to the defense of France if attacked by Germany. Since those fateful Days presidents have kept Congress fairly Well informed of developments in foreign politics knowing Congress consent was vital. President Hoover consulted congressional leaders of both parties before he announced the Hoover moratorium on War debt and reparations payments. But the Senate again exercised its prerogative in 1935 by rejecting United states adherence to the world court at the Hague the protocols for which had been negotiated by Secretary of state Stimson in 1929. It also rejected the treaty with Canada for a great lakes St Lawrence deep waterway. The most recent instance of congressional action in foreign affairs was the House s rejection of Harbor improvements at Guam having in mind the possibility that it might endanger our relations with Japan. Right now the administration is in difficulties with two nations because of the Senate s reluctance to ratify treaties with Argentina Over the sanitary convention permitting import of Argentine meat into the United states and with Panama Over questions of jurisdiction in Panama and the canal zone. In recent years Congress has moved in a new direction seeking to Lay out a definite pattern within which the executive would have to act in certain cases. This it did through a series of neutrality acts and the joint resolutions imposing an embargo on shipment of arms to Spain. Congress frankly fearing brusque actions of the dictators in various parts of the world might threaten our peace sought to Force the executive to travel along a Well marked path. President Roosevelt is restive under the neutrality Law. He says . ? s 3 my 5 i i s 5 s s ? 3 a  s3 ? a double feature11 that everyone likes Mccool service and Joplin s freshest drugs this Friendly drug store has Long been noted for the cheerful service Given its patrons. In fact after we opened in our new location at fourth and Joplin subsequent to the recent fire a Friend told us we should use this slogan everything new except the old Mccool it is of course of prime importance to every family with a prescription to fill that Mccool s new Stock of drugs is the freshest in Joplin. For fresh drugs mean prescriptions of unquestioned efficiency. That s Why we say Mccool service plus the town s freshest drugs Are an unbeatable combination a double feature that everyone likes countess sex mate is Nowa Butler j. W. Wadsworth recalls Days when he had string of horses and Rode to the hounds. Joplin s Friendly drug store Joplin s freshest Stock of drugs s Reading pa., March 18.-op time was when James William Wadsworth mingled with the British upper crust As the husband of a countess. Now he s an american Butler. If life is relatively humdrum he finds it quite to his liking. Baggy tweeds and a Stirrup and but Collar pin serve As reminders of the Days when he had strings of horses and Rode to the hounds with the landed Gentry. And his name is still in Burke s peerage. Some 80 years ago Wadsworth married the countess of Ravens Worth in fashionable St George s Church London. They parted after a Romance that was both Bright and Brief. Memories stirred. Ghosts of a Long Distant part arose to stir memories when he Learned of her death a few weeks ago. Tall and spare still handsome in his fifties Wadsworth relaxed a habitual Reserve to recall his scenario like Rise from gentleman s gentleman to lord of the Manor. I had been the Earl of Ravens Croft s Valet he said. After the old Earl died i became a sort of major Domo for the household and travelling companion for the countess. She was charming and Beautiful we were very fond of each Romance blossomed and they married. There followed action packed years Hunts in Ireland the Riviera races in the continent. Wadsworth was in his twenties. The countess was More than twice his age. But he said we were quite Happy it was a romantic marriage. I had my own racing horses and Hunters and shooting marriage went on rocks. Desiring to please her Young bridegroom the countess offered to buy him a peerage he said adding r i declined it. I did t want a title. But because of the marriage of course i m in Burke s the marriage went on the Shoals soon after they moved to the United states. The countess sons persisted in their objections to me As a commoner he explained. Finally we agreed to separate. She went one evening to London. She never came Wadsworth had developed a great fondness for horses and be made the training of them his vocation. He took Over the stables of the late Daniel j. Driscoll millionaire steel operator.  they were grand horses he recalled proudly. He was married a second time to the former Bertha Hoyer of Reading. They have two grown sons. Naturally my family knows All about my marriage to the countess Wadsworth said. But we rarely talk about it. We consider it a thing of the past and let it go at that fourth and Joplin Connelly s old location  3 b it does not contribute to the cause of peace on the contrary in certain cases is conducive to War and he maintains the action of the government would have been stronger if the neutrality act had not existed. He has not said however whether he wants no neutrality legislation or would accept changes in the present Law. The debate Over who controls american foreign policy grows apace with the Rise of apparent danger to world peace from the totalitarian states of Europe and Asia. With a president at the Helm noted for his dynamic tradition shattering actions in internal affairs one group wants him free to translate his dynamism into International affairs the other fears to let his ebullience go unshackled. And now comes a third group which thinks Congress itself is not a Strong enough Check on the executive. It wants every Man and woman in the United states to have a voice in determining whether this nation shall declare War when not actually attacked. Charles if. Cooper 71, Dies at Galena Galena kan., March 18.-Charles m. Cooper 71 years old died suddenly at 10 80 o clock last night at his Home 1618 Joplin Street. He had suffered from angina Rectoris several years. Or. Cooper had lived in Galena Many years. He was a Carpenter and plumber by Trade but in recent years he had engaged in the real estate business. Surviving Are his widow mrs. Josie Cooper a son Chester Cooper of Sparta Mich. Two daughters mrs. Clarence Spauld ing of Sparta Mich., and mrs. M. J. Younger of Galena five Sisters mrs. Dolly Hopper mrs. Stella Miles mrs. Lucy Miles and mrs. Effle nerdier All of Hutchinson kan., and mrs Annie Martin of Galena and one brother Clyde Cooper of Hutchinson. B. And p. W. Club to meet plans for attending the state convention of the Missouri federation of business and professional women s clubs in Moberly next month and the biennial convention of the International federation in Kansas City in june will be discussed by the Joplin business and professional women s club at a dinner at the Roberts tearoom monday night Earl Brown will speak on the Joplin club will invite the state federation to meet Here in 1940. Mrs. Anna Wingo is chairman of the program. Miss Jeanette Martin will Lead Pep singing. Bob Lank Ford will give a dramatic Reading of the Soliloquy from Hamlet night club operator arrested. Cardin okla., March 18.-Jimmle Long proprietor of a night club in Cardin was arrested last night following a raid on his establishment by sheriffs officers who said they seized 13 half pint bottles of government tax paid liquor. Long was arraigned this afternoon before county judge John h. Venable at Miami pleaded innocent and was released under Bond. Officers making the raid were Deputy sheriffs Louis Walker Sam Laswell and Clarence Fisher. A h a a e Lave the candies and get a fresh shipment of them direct from her factory of Ach week Many different assortments and size packages priced from 7jc a Pound. Garbo s Friend 15 in Philadelphia but Leopold Stokowski win not remain in City that gave him Fame. Philadelphia March 18. 04" Leopold Stokowski is Back. But he s not going to stay. For Philadelphia no longer is Home. Tho City that gave him Fame As an orchestra conductor now is Only a Way station in his life. Just a Siop plug off place Between Hollywood and Europe. The two spots incidentally where Greta Garbo of the films is most Likely to be. Visited film capital. The Bushy haired Maestro whose fits of temperament and musical Genius made him one of the world s outstanding conductors during his 25 years with the Philadelphia orchestra has just returned from the film capital. There his name has been mentioned in the same breath with Garbo s for nearly two years. The series of eight concerts in which he now is conducting the Philadelphia orchestra brought the Doughty Leopold Back to the Quaker City. His final concert Here is april 6. Then hell sail for Europe. Hell act As guest conductor this summer with orchestras in London Denmark Sweden Hungary and possibly Berlin. That it seems represents the fulfilment of a dream that first came to the Blond Muslo master during his boyhood in London the City where he was born in 1882 of russian parents. I love Europe and i be always wanted to conduct there said he but i be waited until i have reached the stage of Mastery i desired. I think i be reached it Stokowski was a visitor to Europe last summer. He was a guest for a while then in the Home of miss Garbo in Stockholm. The uncommunicative actress accompanied him in his automobile on a journey through several countries.  will she slip away from Holly Wood la a few weeks to return again to Europe with him Stokowski shrugged. I never discuss personal before he leaves Philadelphia the Blue eyed conductor has a Job to do. He and the Philadelphia orchestra will make the recordings for a full length Walt Disney picture. The recording apparatus already has been set up in Philadelphia s Academy of Muslo. Stokowski would say nothing about the forthcoming movie except that it will not be a cartoon although Stokowski has stepped Down from the local conductors stand in favor of Eugene Ormandy he still expects to return occasion-1 ally to conduct the Philadelphia a orchestra at least once a year. Delivered at Pontiac Michigan prices subject to change without notice. Transportation stale and local taxes if an optional equipment and accessories extra. And Only great engineering makes possible the Price prices reduced As much As b e Low last year Pom Tom or Cen eral motors second lowest priced car d. Miller Motok co. 702 Wall St. Phone 715 120 West fourth where smart women find the smartest clothes rams a y s Quality singe 1890 and in t it grand to feel the Caress of soft warm Sunshine. S. To hear a solitary Robin attempting to drown out a Perky Wren and the caustic Jay and in t it grand to have the thrill of clothes that adorn your person. Gay Young and exciting Are these frivolous fashions of Spring. Our collections Are As fresh and Crisp As Spring itself. Let us help you make this your Paris in the Spring

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