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Joplin Sunday Globe Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 1

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Joplin Globe (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Joplin, Missouri The weather m1b80uri-generally or sunday and monday with turns my pts Tun. Kansas Fai bunday and monday warmer sunday continued mild monday. Arkansas fair sunday and monday warmer sunday. Oklahoma fair sunday and monday cooler in wait and myth portion monday. Full associated press reports vol. Xun. No. 191. Publication of Flo 111 East fourth Street Joplin Missouri sunday morning March 19, 1939.-thirty-two pages. Tribl thed every Horning except monday Price five cents. Two democracies seek russian Aid to Stop Germany France and England move to form triple front to resist nazi economic pressure on Rumania. Demands reported made on Bucharest Hitler said to have asked Access to resources Paris and London notes assail czech coup. By the associated press. London March 18.-Britain and France today sent bitter Denun Chatory notes to Germany for her seizure of Czechoslovakia and acted quickly to Block a reported nazi move against Rumania. Both nations it was said on High authority Are trying to persuade soviet Russia to join them in aiding Rumania to protect herself against a German threat to her Independent economic existence. Acting almost As a team the two democracies lost no time in moving to Cope with Germany s absorption of Czechoslovakia and the threat to Rumania. British Cabinet meets. Prime minister Chamberlain rushed Back from Birmingham and presided Over a momentous 2%-hour Cabinet session the first saturday session of the Cabinet since last year s september crisis. Premier Daladier won from his chamber of deputies approval of \ Liis plan to Rule France by unprecedented dictatorial Powers until november 30. He called a special Cabinet meeting for tomorrow at which it was expected specialists would be called up to join the powerful French army. No official announcement Fol j Lowed the British Cabinet meeting but it was stated authoritatively the session dealt with a request from Rumania for a statement of Britain s position on the German rumanian situation. Rumania was reported to have received and then rejected a virtual ultimatum from Germany to Grant the Reich sole Access to Rumania s Rich Oil Grain and other resources in Exchange for German Protection of rumanian territory. N the report met official denials in both Berlin and Bucharest but the press association British news Agency with excellent government sources carried a report the rumanian minister to London bad informed the foreign office of the demands and of the rejection. Rumania seeks Assurance. Rumania was understood to have asked Britain and France particularly How far they were prepared to go to protect her in any stand against Germany. The British and French ambassadors to Berlin who both Are to come Home to report but Are expected to remain Home for some time in diplomatic Rebuff to Germany were instructed to deliver formal notes to the German government describing Germany s military action in Czechoslovakia As being without Legal basis and a Complete repudiation of the Munich in Berlin these notes Drew a Curt rejection from the nazi government which simultaneously announced it had called Home its ambassador to London Downing Street was Back in a  crisis atmosphere tonight re mindful of the fearful Days of last fall. Cabinet ministers were instructed to remain within Quick Access of London although no further Cabinet meeting was called in Advance of the regular session next wednesday. Chamberlain however was expected to have a Long session with foreign Secretary Viscount Halifax tomorrow and perhaps Call a meet ing of the inner Cabinet. Crowds in Downing Street. In Downing Street. Where the prime minister s Home is located several Hundred people stood around in the cold waiting for a glimpse of the ministers As they appeared for the meeting. The atmosphere was. Tense. Even the foreign , which is -4isually vacated promptly and completely every saturday noon was brightly lit and Active late tonight informed quarters expected no spectacular move immediately on the part of Britain although British policy was expected to veer definitely toward Russia and away from Germany. There were conjectures among trained observers that Chamberlain might open his Cabinet to such dissident conservatives As former i foreign Secretary Anthony Eden and former first lord of the admiralty Alfred Duff Cooper who both resigned in protest against Chamberlain s now abandoned appeasement policy and Winston Churchill outspoken Veteran of Madrid is ready to discuss peace government informs nationalists in broadcast of willingness to open negotiations. Madrid March 18. Up the Spanish Republican government broadcast to the nationalists tonight its readiness to negotiate immediately for an honorable peace to end Spain s 30-month old civil War. Minister of foreign affairs Julian Besteiro speaking from the Union radio station declared the moment has come to talk peace. He said he was using the radio As the fastest Means of communication with the nationalists. At Valencia the socialist newspaper Adelante reported general Segismundo Casado Republican defense minister had left Madrid for Paris apparently on a peace Mission. We do not think a fight to the end will be necessary the newspaper said. The fascists nationalists Well know the seriousness and technical capacity of the civil War fronts All remained quiet today. Ermany rejects protests against czech Conquest spokesman for Hitler denies Anglo French contentions absorption of territory is illegal. New neutrality legislation to be proposed by Pittman chairman of Senate foreign relations committee would prohibit Sale of american products to warring nations except on Cash and carry basis admits program would strengthen Britain s position in event . Nazi ambassador to London recalled All Europe anxiously watches Reich s expansion Hitler leaves. Vienna for secret place. Dictator Powers voted Daladier Premier plans to Call to colors specialists from military classes. Paris March 18. In the chamber of deputies voted Premier Daladier unprecedented dictatorial Powers tonight. The sweeping decree Powers Daladier demanded to enable France to move As fast As the dictatorships passed by a vote of 821 to 264 in tile chamber. Senate approval at tomorrow s session was considered a foregone conclusion. In another move to put the nation s defences in order the Premier called an emergency Cabinet session for tomorrow at which members of parliament said he would ask approval of decrees calling to the colors specialists from a number of military service classes. Carol would Stop Hitler f. French sources said meanwhile King Carol of Rumania had advised Britain and France of his willingness to resist Adolf Hitler s eastward drive if they could provide markets for rumanian exports of which Germany now is the greatest purchaser. The rumanian Monarch was said to have asked Paris and London for a reply within 48 hours on what support they could give against the nazi drive. Thereupon the two governments these sources said asked Moscow if the soviet Union would join them in buying from Rumania to Block Hitler. Foreign minister Georges Bonnet conferred in Quick succession with the rumanian ambassador former Premier George tatar Sci British ambassador sir Eric Phipps and Jacob suits soviet ambassador. The chamber s final vote of approval on the decree Powers which would give Daladier dictatorial Rule until november 30 was the fifth vote of Confidence received by the Premier in a single Day s session. He posed the question of Confidence for the fourth time when he asked the chamber to reject a leftist amendment to a Bill which would have prevented interference with Publio Liberty by decree. The amendment was rejected 321 votes to 261. Senate adoption seen. Senators of Daladier s own party which holds a majority in the Senate already have voted to approve the stringent decree Powers. With Senate adoption tomorrow a virtual certainty it appeared that by monday Daladier would be in a position to Wield More Power than any Post War Premier of France. By the terms of the Bill he could dissolve political parties ban Public meetings and newspapers prolong parliament s life or dissolve it or virtually put France in a state of mobilization without obtaining parliamentary approval. Daladier refused flatly to give the chamber any definite information on what he proposed to do with the decree Powers. He said they were military measures and could not be debated his ministers and through statements he made to deputies of the finance committee however this much of his program seemed certain 1. Reinforcement of France s armed forces by calling the specialists to the colors for the army continued on Page 10 a by the associated press Berlin March 18.-mp Germany promptly rejected tonight British and French denunciation of her Conquest of Czechoslovakia declaring they lacked every political Legal and moral at the same time Chancellor Hitler called Home his ambassador to London Herbert von Dirksen to make a report reciprocating action taken by Britain yesterday in calling her Berlin envoy Back to London. France following Britain s Lead also called her Berlin ambassador Home to report the government announced its rejection of the British and French denunciations had been delivered to the British and French ambassadors who earlier in the Day had presented notes charging Germany s course in Czechoslovakia was illegal and a violation of the Munich agreement. Consternation caused. These developments occurred As reports of consternation came from european states within Arm s reach of the expanding nazi Empire. The foreign office watched the gathering. Cloud of criticism imperturbable. Tonight the returning British envoy sir Nevile Henderson took a train to London to report on developments in Central Europe in London it was said von Dirksen ambassador to Britain since last april 1, was expected to leave sunday. In addition to reporting on Britain s reaction to Germany s invasion of Czechoslovakia it was said the envoy prob ably would be asked to report on an incident involving mention of Hitler in the House of commons thursday. This incident was the description of Hitler by Alfred Duff Cooper former first lord of the admiralty As a  thrice perjured traitor and breaker of German circles in London resented the fact the speaker of the House made no objection to the remark. They expected the nazi government to protest against it while All Europe anxiously watched the lengthening Shadow of the Swastika Adolf Hitler Rode from Vienna Anvid tumultuous heels to a secret stopping place on his Way to Berlin. He left to lieutenants the task of imposing the nazi will on Bohemia Moravia and ironing out relations with Slovakia Germany s new protectorates. Reaches Berlin fuehrer was expected to make a triumphal entry into Berlin at 7 30 p. M., 12 30 p. A Central Standard time sunday. He named Baron Konstantin von Neurath former German foreign minister and president of the secret Cabinet Council As Reichs protector of Bohemia Moravia. Von Neurath responsible Only to the fuehrer will have supreme Power Over 7,-000,000 czechs who have become German subjects. Meanwhile Rumania feared for her Fertile wheat Fields and Oil Wells alarm was reported in Lithuania concern was. Shown in Poland suspicion grew of a coup d eat in Danzig and the possibility was mentioned of German aggression against Hungary. Helmuth Wohltat adviser to Field marshal Hermann Wilhelm Goering nazi economic dictator was in Bucharest apparently attempting to tighten Germany s economic Sway in Southeastern Europe. A government spokesman however described As arrant nonsense reports Rumania and Hungary were slated to follow Czechoslovakia in Hitler s Book of conquests. Denies ultimatum was sent a German spokesman denied there had been any ultimatum to Rumania. Of British and French charges the Munich Accord of last september 29 had been disregarded in German occupation of Bohemia Washington March 18.--senator Pittman Democrat. Nevada chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee proposed today revision of the neutrality legislation so As to prevent the Bale of any american products to warring nations except on a Cash and carry basis. He announced he would submit a Resolution monday to repeal existing neutrality legislation and substitute the new program. Pittman who often Speaks for the administration on foreign policy matters said he had not discussed his Resolution with president Roosevelt or the state department but that he thought it would be More acceptable to the president than other neutrality proposals which have been advanced. Would Aid Britain. In response to a question As to whether the legislation would strengthen great Britain s position in event of a european War Pittman replied any nation that controls the sea Wouldhave the advantage under this Resolution. Of course we cannot be sure who will control the sea in the foreign relations committee Treasury boosts Tariff on goods nazis sell u. S. Chairman said he had been working on the legislation for some time and that it was not an outgrowth of Germany s recent seizure of czechoslovakian provinces. He added the legislation was not intended As a part of any Stop Hitler program. Pittman b announcement coupled with president Roosevelt s statement yesterday that neutrality Law should be revised raised the Prospect that the attitude this country should take toward wars overseas would occupy Congress attention increasingly in the weeks to come. Referendum advocates Active. Spurred by american reaction to Chancellor Hitler s March into Czechoslovakia supporters of a War referendum amendment decided earlier today to seek speedy consideration of their proposal. In this move they won the backing of senator Borah Republican Idaho who said he favored bring ing into the Senate for debate a Resolution introduced by 12 senators. I m for the principle behind this Resolution Borah declared adding extra duty of 26 per cent added to Many products new rates Are effective april 23. Action is economic blow to Germany move recalls Roosevelt s statement about Means Short of dealing with aggressors. Continued on Page 10 a roads to Rumania tree trunks and barbed wire barricades Are thrown up at Border. Tivadar car Patho Ukraine on the rumanian Frontier March 18. Up hungarian troops completed occupation of Eastern car Patho Ukraine facing Rumania tonight and began blocking roads into the main Road in the easternmost Section seized by a column under colonel Baron Unger was blocked with tree trunks and barbed wire to a depth of a mile from the Border. Troops dug deep ditches on either Side of the Road. An estimated 200,000 hungarian troops were in Eastern Ruthenia alone for an undisclosed purpose. Blocked to Stop traffic. Excellently uniformed and equipped they were pouring into the Eastern area where Concrete roads facilitate Progress even by the heaviest trucks. The roads were being blocked it was said to Stop All traffic with Rumania. The Frontier Between car Patho Ukraine Ruthenia and Rumania has no fortifications and the highways built by Czechoslovakia had been meant for use of rumanian reinforcements if Czechoslovakia needed support. Now Hungary benefits by this system of highways and excellent railway lines. Car Patho Ukraine has been almost completely cleared of czech troops by the fast moving hungarian units but ukrainian irregular bands hiding in Mountain recesses still were holding out. The vast number of hungarian troops had orders to Speed the pacification of car Patho Ukraine. This was interpreted As a sign they would be urgently needed on the rumanian Frontier. Large patrols of hungarian infantrymen were scouring the rumanian Border. It was Learned Hungary recently had received More than 5,000 trucks from Germany and Italy. She is Short of motor vehicles. Thousands of packhorse have been requisitioned from farms and numbers of peasant carts Are moving up to the Frontier. U. S. Speeds up plane production nation wide recruiting Campaign launched for military pilots. Continued on Page 10 a orders drawn up for Relief Roll Cut Call for 400,000 reduction on april 1-probably will be sent out in few Days. Washington March 18.- in a spa official said tonight orders for a 400,000 reduction in work Relief Rolls on april 1 were being prepared and probably would be sent out in a few Days. President Roosevelt and colonel f. C. Harrington works Progress administrator have insisted such a Cut in the Rolls would be necessary unless Congress appropriated an additional $150,000,000 to replace the sum lopped off on the president s original request for $875,000,000 to meet Relief needs to july 1 the april reduction would be the first of three contemplated. The Rolls would be Cut 600,000 in May and 200,000 taxi june under the Moravia a foreign office spokes j program outlined by Harrington Man declared we can Only say before a House appropriations sub ten killed when air plane crashes on test flight Washington March 18.-vp the government disclosed today it was stepping up to almost War time Speed its production of planes and training of pilots. The air corps announced it was beginning an intensive nationwide Recci Tirgg lamp Alan intended to double the army s output of military pilots without waiting for the Start of another program in september to give primary training to 20,000 College students annually to Speed up tests. The War department announced simultaneously tests would be seeded to permit a Quick Start on mass production of attack bombers. The $552,000,000 arms program already approved by Senate and House includes funds to build the planes reputed to have speeds at least approaching six Miles a minute. The works Progress administration reported it had expended More than $112,000,000 in Relief Roll wages for construction of aviation facilities usable in event . In announcing the Pilot recruiting Campaign officials estimated about 4,000 flying cadets would be put through intensified training in the next two years. Five groups of officers were designated to visit universities and colleges in almost All states to recruit prospective june graduates. Other youths will be enrolled in the meantime if they can meet strict physical requirements and educational tests. Reduction of the army s Pilot training course from 12 to nine months also was ordered. Plane helps capture seven escaped convicts Montgomery ala., March 18.- in an air plane flying Low Over a dense swamp aided bloodhounds and scores of officers in retrieving seven of eight desperate Kilby prison convicts who fled in a Hail of buc shot today. Of the seven captured one bore wounds from the gunfire. None was Hurt seriously. When the first alarm was spread w. Marks manager of the municipal Airport joined the search dipping his plane at the slinking prisoners to guide land pursuers. Kilby wardens credited Marks with finding three men. Hourly temperatures that it was done legally committee this week. Temperatures moderated Here yesterday rising to a High of 57 degrees at 5 o clock in the afternoon from a Low of 27 recorded Early in the morning. A year ago yesterday the maximum was 78 and the minimum 58. Hourly temperatures 1 a. Ra.281 1 p. M.49 2 a. M.281 2 p. M.51 3 a. M.281 3 p. M.52 4 a. M.271 4 p. M.85 5 a. M.271 a p. Ra.57 8 a. M.271 6 p. M.56 7 a. Ra.281 7 p. M.63 8 a. M.291 a p. M.52 9 a. M.331 9 p. Ra.51 10 a. M.381110 a m.60 11 a. Ro.43111 p. M.49 noon .45imidnlght .48 sunday. 1 a. M.60 2 a. M.60 weekly weather Outlook. Upper Mississippi and lower Missouri valleys not much precipitation indicated temperatures mostly near or above Normal. Washington March 18.-up on the heels of the state department s strongly worded denunciation of Germany s absorption of Czechoslovakia the Treasury ordered an extra 25 per cent Tariff today on Many products the Reich sends to this country. A Treasury spokesman who announced the action said it \ taken with the state department s knowledge but refused comment when asked if it was related to Germany s seizure of the czech Republic. The action he said Speaks for there seemed Little doubt however this economic blow to Germany could be interpreted in any other Light than As a forceful expression of this country s extreme displeasure at what Sumner Welles acting Secretary of state yesterday called the Wanton lawlessness of the occupation of Czechoslovakia. President s statement recalled. It recalled too that president Roosevelt said in his message to Congress last january there were Means Short but stronger and More effective than Mere words of bringing Home to aggressor nations the aggregate sentiments of our own the Treasury ordered the extra Tariff by imposing what Are known As countervailing duties effective april 23. The Tariff act of 1930 provides such duties shall be levied in addition to regular tariffs on any foreign products subsidized in manufacture or Export by the government of the country of origin the Treasury acted after attorney general Murphy ruled German goods imported under barter arrangements should be subject to extra duties. Officials said the Treasury could not say at this time what goods would be affected. It was said however a substantial part of imports from Germany would feel the extra duty. The principal imports have been chemicals toys Medicine paper and China. Imports declined in 1938. Imports from Germany declined in 1938 to $64,537,000, compared with $92,468,000 the previous year. Private Trade experts estimated at least $30,000,000 of the 1938 Trade was carried on by barter. United states exports to Germany totalled $107,588,000 in 1938. Cotton and other products which Germany cannot readily obtain elsewhere have constituted the milk of Reich imports from this country. The Treasury also ruled today goods produced in Ruthenia car Patho Ukraine should be treated As hungarian made goods. They will be entitled however to the benefits of the Trade agreement with Czechoslovakia. Under this government s most favored nation policy Hungary received the benefits of the czech Trade treaty. In View of Welles expression yesterday diplomats Here were convinced this country would not recognize the nazi absorption of Czechoslovakia. The administration also authoritative sources said will give com plete moral backing to the determined fight by Vladimir s. Hurban the czech minister to prevent his dismembered country s legation Here from falling into German hands. No assistance for embassy. The state department it was said will lend the German embassy no assistance whatever in obtaining Possession of the legation. Hurban said he would not turn Over the legation until the czechoslovak National Assembly by a three fifths majority approved the merger with Germany. Since the National Assembly no longer exists it appears the Doughty czech May continue to hold on for some years to come perhaps coming to preside Over the Only bit of Independent czech territory in the world. Germany s Only recourse would be to sue before the United states supreme court which by the Constitution is Given original jurisdiction in cases involving ambassadors Public ministers and consuls. At the state department today Sumner Welles acting Secretary said the United states was preparing an answer to Germany s formal notification of the developments in Central Europe. Dead Pilot former Pittsburg resident Julius Barr killed in Washington crash son of faculty member at teachers College. Pittsburg kan., March 18. Then the Pilot appeared to be Able to flatten it out and i thought it would land on one of nay Fields. But it seemed to Circle land gilds downward and bit in a Small strove of Woods. Part of Jone of the Wing continued on Page 10 a 6531 81

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