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Joplin Globe Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 2

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Joplin Globe (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Joplin, Missouri Joplin . Thi tryday september 23,1920 i mummies octopus is for a flail ois Pem a. M. C. A. Oil Vinci prices Fords delivered Here reduced from 7 to 27 per cent horse causes Jackson District i negro candidate a Lii 1>�� a a a a a Sill 1to 1>rnlpr, Len him ii in n i Ilii. = 4 Enlil l Alii Lili Elihli in Sirner Tivit in Lnu it i Lini Pinnt. Tl., 4i�t top n whip 1 in n Lvi. R a a a Lin for ��1 1.>ni,�. Thi a i.4 Flat a from to tip re ,1a0l a it i1 at re by 1 a morny. No. My a \ sri i lube a Ford air Arlios Tihoi id a it firday morning it Tho tto i Lin a Judy Quot till. To tag Uilk in by por Cruita. Fth Rod u Lions Flo u t to 27 t l r Deli Rod Hyrc Tulud a 11 in n or inn a re Vii = a ind i Ifni a a it fits Arm w \ in Tho t t i r it i Tiff Iropoli Avn it Imby lev ,1 to Myall Ann-��1�1 ��,1,1 . T Iii any v a a Day and a a a b �?1,�f� 1 in the a lib avs ,.f t1 a a Gnu a. It Avns Aid a a f4u� a that that a in balt t1k a a t. I . With the fit t Tim. A non i Rilke Libl a 1- a i and b on Oman Laird Lleota Nril l or prs. V Niam a by. In i it yet it r i a puny a. 1 a Turk b��1 1. It t t. 1,.f 11� in a Stan bit a a do in a t a Quot abut in a Pilot Klod Quot for to r a Ali ii b. Romov d to a 1 is on Ali Telny in n Fondo Orr r. I a a a a 1 to tue to i a a Quot . in ubit. It tars no �0,1 a i Sli .n.4 i i to so r Bionti no lion a it is d b a Nel it i us Quot mini. A i tight a no Sruv in t they Arrout off r Thoc also Fth had re sol Fonn b.b on the sir. Bottoni when.iiind and a Iii t a r i -. Is. W i. A a i i t a a v a it to t a a a i a. L.iumipi�, Al feb �.�., vial it 7\�?T ,. R a a a tilt Imi did Ira?-.d�ne, Quot a Trio a a let primp or do i. Tion this Dan. Hub the Terai or a "�,1��?~ a red nation is a a the d Rhash is. Fordson for t s Shoaa Hutu the a a Gaur it prior Nodi Irtira and a a a a a a a a or 11 to ii. Nil to nil a lbs. Org Atni i As orbit ions in this Vity Una a also Irda a a Bilas j a a Tei a. A111 a Mph 0� Iii no Aall i s Iskol to Al it 1 Boda. And b. T,.k. A a its a Tiiu to. A i , Sti d a ii Irir la tap t omillitf4�?T for he i nip it ii had is a �1f Dlos inn is 1 d i .1 in a u 1 s a i a to lib lit .�?T=miy1l a 5 to. By i 1. A it a ii Tho to pm no ii. I. R a i i Vit stir Iloa .11�?T t a4itribntoi \ u t 1. I to \ to tiring Rar with stat apr Ahiah prot us to most ulay �?�,1ld for �t11.i1. Now 1 or lord St a Hil 41. A i Era re to. Or in pit rom. Til Dnn which formerly sold for a 1.07. 1, Nosa prior Rel at a >t.sl. H Arrilu Tion $ in or la per Rilius Ilio �.1�1 it it a Tia for Tiro Avn pm Ltd fun to $ -20, or 7 per i t. Chr Pla Arst do i n a a it a d Tho i a no Vrh Irhn. 1 Rollo Avuis t to till Sho any the to 1 Priidu and Fhy pro i = now la Rio commotion outwits holds convention Dat atonement t talk Llanil. T ulif., in Roth Star a foil Sinell Flot a Iani Iotis a a it a �1�f san Ltd in �1��� Leal Road i Roxolo a a a in rain Rinir. d a fit his tiled i prs or Taa i la the a to stir on til in Spur Hnin i manic l or Trier liars my liipil.4 is Lar lds Kimly a in in ill to ii rom r ,\4s< in t uni. Ili d Lih Ipiniu in Lirty to Ninfo sort i h. In Sarnia Rivito. Falif., hopi. 22. Tolin w. Fowler Oakland Tiriro in put r i in Liis a a a a a a trip rats Quot Rand Ldawn for Ashi in Bly j Man from Chr 3hth distr let. Wild a j Stato prompt is slur Ron Antton All by on m Tirol in Honor l.= i his Lviv 1 hot Psi Herr today Fis the Only a a twin tier Ite Iii Tiow to an pit Arnt till pm Enlo i son w a i Piall fird Pron Rassla a n. A Small i mrs Throat Ned a a a a a i Hochl Famh in Nark. But tns�.,y dish Irlar Al the a must pm i so in t in limn Wio utili/.,4 Lino lid a i i or or in nor a Railroad ,j,.,k nil Ili a Nic supp a a a in the i a fir turn and nos ten Frod by Mirhij in the poll inform . "h.irditiif, hint Ullh trl Pine Sulish be isl i d to or a rut. A it �1� fur Yoh tto iday Neftci i Risi 1 Short dista tirs a a a a per mtg a Lilly turn Nolc Nitim Chi a a North a i Olith afro t or Stredny a a in i or i r 1 for i Ord a hirers Dillum d poll re ii in n Short Elmr i pass turn a to Dur a a t s tier Idle six Woin nit in rpm in is in in i held a Oiin a trip ill than with Perl air starter. I t our with cd Tri status. Toui us car Riih i Batt a Al. Re r Troni Ine a a a. A it Pulsar. In about with Loti in s Art r. Hin about. Ror Tuii. ?. . K Irdis on tra a tur. .�?~4. Till 7<l.ll , 1 71.�o a a a a n r a a h i bib thl to i Radii . To "0 id1 40 1.1.1 1d 2 a 11.2 4 i 5 20.tit i i to 11 to invitation is Brit us a. A. Do iti7 is who i add Quot the. Bui mini fund to Deai irks wants t r or pm to a. Day 11�1�� Fok demo to i nil apr t r <1 apr 1a . 1 Diin d t Ratic Tampa Ken conf Laird Froid Pic a 1 t to ? = d a a fircht to St Iti a Fra Sibrir in a stir it 1 and t invite the Kiwata a1 by t Itiba. I Theta the thr.=f a n will by dlr in rotini it it alld till lip in a Bogia. J a a it . Dust Mission Avith the air i i Luuri to. T flu a a Zukle sir tip rip Tom a Lohn i it. To vat Erlb r to the Itina Book Large than the Bob Fumi he Tola inor Virti Hnin m 1 s Al ii a cum a not a a. T a 1., in Quot. A the it All in let a Alibi it. J or us 0 to a r it that the a Irr thu t us a Fon t nov build nor a. And b = n inst alb d. It will a Ini i to Siler a a it it a is to Rehova i Tiu sikh it night. For this i-, All ribs Ami l arh Vrh Diu a Lay Rall. A Freak a a Niimi d Effion a a a Al or Alai s motor Huleth a. I a it Utill it Ron Pitlor and it was to body is Romp . The arms a a a a about four indie in Diani Rorr next the body and a a flue Point. Kerh 9 a a a a i two rows the Kly St t a a a a Moi ii. A a a with aah hich the olt at its with a Virt shy Init , i exhibit in bad egg Case pc Imron or Stredny i it is Dent a a a should a aril Anit d Helms Quot for a Quoin int re Radii in militia ill Ohio a Ming the. Fox was i surd Herr today by log Iii or Fox Drizi Iti Ati nominee. to. To Surh Subi script on was Dir inc his in Spaith. Shown in the con Mitt record myi a As with senator �2 a it or Dor to a a Muny and now a Hariman a out t nor visited St. Lukes Hospital ported most nor a Huit All Villon the finance conic nifty to a a Totaran and address be definitely a ramrod. The National Committer. Ora a Nix Holch school pulls. Will Ouen Early ii. Lib ave the full membership the j the poor nor Hart an Enya Pompet until r b a cd by Ralty before n our Lar fit. J in .l�4iliii for Tii kilns .4 c Ity. I a resident flir Vicinity Only d 1, Chr shortly not r 2 8d Al. O cd i it d Iii Ortizt d Chr Poltri the it in i the to use Lmh a by it it in fast third in a til Ive for vhf n his Oak per a a Small to. A for Muford Fiir us him . A a -.11 to the a brought the information a or in a Dur Over the Road shout l o Dork Abandons a sri poly. Cleta fire a 4 i in ail n trip to the or car in a Roost Quot nothing Phr horse had or n no indoor a by his a a. Pm brr the t arty Anvi Down Chr track to bar the train in Caso the a a a a a roil a not or by fat or the Orrl vial. Off Larrs Ami fir rim ago Rord a in Tanir id tempt a to Reba is the , ave ii a was 1 Omell shr. A probe uni How the and Mil was to a h Solil a Rotert was solved Ahrn four the in Ryor or Morrs the it in try lifted him and a carried he i fro Mthr to stir Rte lord loll ii a t on a or a i inn ,sorvi�4 s Yomi Kip Piir la Tours so. La it the parents a Una spi a a urn tables Robt Dii Eil not la re ital a hts Rel Dokr Oil the i n 1 4 Urot ind that it a Tiara to the Giro Kollu Zimt the ill sir Pinic n hti4lur, a Nii Eton a a no to int aah to i re Lam Timmy a to j birr Shiv Luvirta Tho state All for the a s in int Tencher i for la that it is to Hin burst inter rats i. I a a til Quot Ahern 1 a n ����1��f Olfelt ors. Or. Immor a a. I a Hoszu Teui it i a Irmia who Anil /st1on tid or. My h Toni kens to a Iii by a. A tip by \ comm Tiec to a you to Tutlo ii nut t a la a a Aih nth Al. Tho Cion Mutoli i r. O. Joni a. A 11 Salmi. A. T 5.,ndr�. Viniam a. Kbhol., mrs v t our on mrs. A. Bavlnk Atid my p. The i Sapir. I t mar ont Wilt a Roro ind a it Oil Iii .4iil�l for 7 be o Stork Quot Tiiu to it in Iii yet a a Toi t. St Tho churl bulk any Ian a the or otitis aft Tor Day. the and Furtun a endorsed the inn a. Foa Aler. After Rall Tonii the convention to order the inno Del rite Luo Gerdrd to the appoint no it Soiu Mitt is the Kry Noti he och Timrod Nurr for Rdna in Irrl tid Praise,1 the run Dot it Tofini e mar aviary and a the Daunor Kafir Purta Quot to to the tarty Orpal a ton the a Hal Man the n Lohn a. Foal or is flir state Central commit try and adj air Ned. St or Nii Iii Ungui fonts. Tour a sept. 21 Tavo Lapanse live Ben no Ilten #�1 to trn year a to i Rel so no it on c no Felon an at to ii it to sell a Lori Ornt Strien form Chr a a a Konka in vol station to Knirr Iceni. A card Law to it no Nav paper Herr Tho theft tin Portnof documents to i tits Alth naval plan front lir trunk h Lucu tenant in the naval a Hoot Kunnary it a oko Uka is rep it try to in a Toyba Rel Spinti h july 1 ones Rike Friant it Klo Lily 23 Sald 1 that a naval lieutenant had co Milt avas i Mable to stand for Somr Tigirt a Oon Naclion. Accortt tn.l it avas Fri Trad that n Irp had j new snipers tilth the is him by a n. After a rest. Hgt Arr. The animal was lifted to its i fret placidly followed its so Oll l Archon. Oak nor. Avo Imd apr Arr in uie it a Offerson Cita. To. Rpt. 22.�? a. Intima. S0 1�� Ruer is imperilled re a . A Ulturale in ror lems Fantimi Itom a a a a 1.1 a Oil election was called for Middle Nieno a the state met in asking in ctr air Mrtin Immelt Craton a inc liars that this is Nec Saary to Supply labor and mods that Quot Chr Nirry fact that a Man cannot speak american does not mean or Viii not in a koo�1 the Statt Girnt los a with a plea that the farm Llfra to to overcome the trn Doncy Farmer boys to flock to cities. Quot the Homo life on the farm must Oyabu bet n paid in witness told flair Man a Tiyon a m Oken at a Inston and a 11, it i Paa a the full Mcm Barship the and submitted Hafk Book \ a Rescott for a Ali eater s to have. A Lyon in a a a a Holbrook. That a not Lorna Cam tuition fun a Vul route to . $15.�z�z�z.�z�z�� to nil Shock Uhlie a besides the league nations to a Nevin Tony Cri Nick sons Cirner and inst the or fruit his Bordi r stale Campai pus the to ���1 Jer nor was expected to discuss the at Tony he denied Knowles or any Quot sin i situation labor conserva. A inns Cleamo. Sep. Ister influences at work to Al a the and Milns sub Krisnick pro Eraa As in police court carpal pit fund. It Quot to Fez to Nam this morning after been a j a id expressed the opinion kans is site Alo. Sept. 22.�?tlir rested by Lee Nelson food inspector $2.000,000 should be an ample child As Quot the Ideal being the on a Selling a Antiq untre a Campaign fund a r any race Quot was discussed to Ian. Children a party and added that he worm be the annual new i Quot is there anyone Here a judge thankful to pet or Quot even thought Alliance Congress in session Good and bad reps Ludge a on 0.�?� included in the list Here All speakers were members j m comes asked aft a hearing demo ratio contributors or the faculty the in atty school 1 nerd Averre several with sums Quot s Unity school discusses child 45 Ideal race jets. Ili3 Arizona Effort Dean cratic leaders said avas expected to Aid in the Cam palp senator Marcus a. Smith Democrat for re election. It o menting on or. Taft a recent pre i air Tilc a hich Saul that governor Quot Indish oblation to Evnin Taniai Flirl Init ton a out i 1 1,4. Fell lung ton. To. To it ept. 22.-�?iwtcv to Hanksworth. 1.1 years old. Son Xoy Ember 2. The a Lato the or so a e Given added it a ays dental election to fill the Varna by in the state Senate Raused by the death Clark b. Avid lint 1er, 1 a ome the lure the Clov the .vtr., l�z�?T7, i�&Quot., from in stx�o.4h Ort i. Uio a at the nil a in this a.�.�.�. I Bov e ���1�. Evening a a a had Bren 111 or Vernl a a a a a Gart set the Date boy a ram. Quot there must be More Aimi t Niento More recreation and Over a Hli h farm . I. Parent and a brother Hir aph Lal election today and survive. Fun ral sri vice will by held at the Carl jute Hon Baptist a Huri h at 2 a a a clock Friday afternoon. Burial Avill be in Carl tune a Tion cemetery. Hazed a n Sli Inan improves. Pm Pola Kan. Sept. 22.�?no further investigation Avill he made a frigg an still suffers reign terror by guards i continued from Page 1. Berlin communists hold Mammoth demonstration a Aall 11 Llu ill by for Tho ,i�.1a h i la tip Iii Triplin till h Iii a. It mini r Itol ,4. A . A i Iroil Holly the. , Auhll. H do t Liik a a l lib it hm at the t Iii Plo to i nit ill by a ill r4a-t �41, s it nah Start 4tl or Ike a ii Al 1ll�-. In a it .-��11111. taif a a a a a a Loik til sol. Inn rat in a i onion it 1.1 toe in tour it aah Atli an n. A at Ali Ruid was a ii ten ii i Iii relm. An l j furn i Yrtti. R Nir Tiu. To la a,.\v flip Lari or tar dec a Fimi a Mynol Mil opera i i la to , the a . Kit theirer till in ment pm n a eur Emiluy. The net. ��lel.i., a Ion a ill Fau. Plai o Rel Liripio or Mai stay in a a a a a a a tin ii a t Thi. Iti meet in a a. Avelli be Toehl to to triple. Feast is on sunday. The Ihu 1-�?T. It a. Tab. Nia Lri fati pm Iii Shiy a Aen Lii. Sit i ibo a 3��th Siml Moi Nln heir Mytr s7ttl. Ami Polit lie for a it a Iha ,. I he fir it Istl lust Day Ltd Fth a fill Yaldeh a More a mrs Thant Titian to a Lii Tei a a nonet to Nir Nehm the to to holy in a s on ave sch App min int. R-1. E me he d Irth. Mise .irshlp. As t Thi Eli. Nio Illel the. Feil Tel a ital i that Iha Quail it a Hall ski it in Fin fit to Day the. Lung Quot the Rolf the try a. The by m. He i the lir ii is tide a 1.-n\r�t tree and a. Ihn l Inola. All r. Jolce tie for Thi Ervi to Hrlic Irinyi Elgrim finite in Ali , myrth mul Walt re into la i Hod a. A Hort. To the Hook o a a he tn1 4h pm is. A a a ,.. De =. he Iii in Ali Dell in in Iii in <h.-, a. ing pistil a. The h Dulani 1 in a nth Ltd Quot be r a Fhy no a Lvi r Al Ithal. Lib or two Lin a attn for a orly a Man y info he pop e a 1 a a Dill to a tin. A it. A Alt a for a a to Saint. Ind a 1, India Hmil. It it the liar i a. Feet i time the Enrille to Tymn Kassu nor flt at fee a r Aahil h the a a a a 1 l in to link Yuri a Lair a ii a fashion a i in , in Fen ii Rry re huts or Booth still o. Served a i Imit a a Litis a a. .1 a. I. on. To twin Lurt Tho Isrin Tito the i. Nenei tors in the a hut it it him 1 ii Mil h &Quot.11 life line it mini. Hanged by . To Ole er\,1 roof 1�� /. A a a a m tit ims a a omitry it hon�<i1 to in t <���.� condition. The Fruita tin Fth Iii Are Bro ight int i <1-i�rs Hohrei a ddn Thaviu Nln a did Noti a the a. Me a i.,� ill a or the poor the ii. In Nir Iii our a rations the Ceni Rai a a a a a a Tom i Noaa i tin Ehl Wilren a a Haryy t ter Vic. A a a a song and think Sta to r ,4l by tit i huh Len tin Lillous a shool. It 1 the Rustom the a Fri fat to sign Ait Quot a a the cios the holy Day Earla Milf Man Sitison Liy h flt Shulty Thui i Ghl be Rny trisiei1 our Rel Schui. Kno in a inn hath Haj Oleong in Tia i a the last b red on the Day. 1 Fouraa a by the ring i Anee a tors in the Al Ldes no it to re. -11 to his Nimlin till. I u Chest Lanty. I no one responded. Nelsons Tood 55 Dward 1�. Dehrny. Ordet by use the militia is Avell it any today that his hosiery factory the inside which the hazing a which led to the injury i a As completely ruined was proof Allen to Coy. M Ichita freshman i paring today to return to England student at the College Emporia. F. A. Lewis president the Roll mgr said this morning. who Quot proper training a child is not Over the Ludgey a dr. toying Avith total $r.rion. The the question imparting truth to one i snip s eggs. A group included h. M. , the child but retaining the truth i guess wed better give Alix Amirr. Joseph e. That is in the mrs. the Ben fit the it i out to and a Illario and August Belmont. Newman said. Judge. He avas interrupted by a loud Pop.�?� Nelson had dropped the miss Imelda Octavia Shanklin. Sneaking on the ideals parents said the Hest Way for parents to egg. Teach id Alt to children is to live the j a you re fined $2. Ideals the can would inculcate. 1 judge. Quot my nose More St toss on gone ration would to Point i it Gnu re it Iise Ltd it cd. The sharpest dash the session came during the testimony kno Avn to local Union haters and explains popularity Avith them a was a sprain the Sarro Ilia a joint not paralysis is the col governor Cox made the follow ing j authorities announced or Star state Merit a a Heap 1�<�����1�.&Quot Dan and that he probably will regain the use his legs. Shouted the Colt mel.oyce Thompson. Intended to he chairman the and Means Flection a mature committee the Depuhl Lynn Nat on Al a Ommittee assertions that in a it has been apparent bail lots take from Bank time that judge a Detroit. Aflch., St it. 22, armed Liand ifs held a Branch the first state Bank at mount Al political propaganda. He ought to be ashamed himself for the state eliminate the necessity for so much j a a a oaf is Natl off a charges a rept Allran a slush Quot fund talk regeneration. Mrs Myric a a a a a in France All a a Bunro aroused , Fillmore a d Pouti it Reed. During he interchange maintained in Ohio. T Woid Quot the child should to free from a that big Busl instances the freling that it a Cleveland. Sept. 22.�?franklin As represented by a a All Street world trouble mrs. Bill Mote National commander the financial were More behind Jere i did not. Amer inn to Gion. Today took charge governor Cox than senator Hariting a Challenge him to cite the open arrangemrnt.4 and activities declared Cox himself avas not single member the i connection Avith the second Anual a a stranger to Wall Street a a a a Netlon the legion Here Quot what about it Quot chairman Ken rent Ember 27. 2s and 29. I Yon asked while senator Edge in berlins it it. 22. Fifteen Zhouk find held a Demontra a Hon in the Lustgarden Loda the. A speakers violently attacking the in i . Dependent socialists for Deli Iulg to take part in the activities the demonstrators a to marched to the office the Freheit to Rawerts and tag Oblatt and shouted at the editorial staffs those news to said it would be impossible to rebuild the Plant. He said that although Many creameries which and pappus been Community property and been j various other Berlin suburbs re destroyed in Ireland he believed the burning the hosiery factory to i the first instance a deliberate attack on an Industrial works. tar inn Deil out work. In this factory about 400 pm sure Relief ported similar som them accompanied by the use explosive. The police threw a Strong cordon around the Moabite Jill when a report circulated that a party communists marching on the have been thrown out off son to liberate Friend confined j Llott and Mack avenues Here today and with an amount Eshe Dpi Oyez or a to a work. the other factory had been destroyed virtually the entire working population Balbriggan Avold Hae been rendered Idle. In unil Lllan a no Al will Elk us a a boxy with seized the Cash and 1 a Ory say they will be unable to find escaped in an automobile. Gardner Coal probe in Missouri by state in a All Street has or. Do Olio has just completed a term erred Jefferson City sept. 22�?governor months trip covering All parts the country and has gathered he a first hand ideas and impressions Quot that fellow got his millions from thousands legion members. I too Quot colonel Thompson answered. Quot at least 80 per cent the legion a Quot and got nest them Down around members favor the four fold Bonus Wall or. Do Olier Reed demanded Gardner today asked the attorney general and the state Public service t Mission to investigate tie Coal situation in the state a we Holch the governor said had reached Quot a the governor said that he had received information on the Coal situation from aah. G. Busby chairman the a Uhlly service and expected to hear soon from the attorney general. Busby suggested that the governor recommend to the next general a Sembly the establishment a Coal comm Sion for Missouri. Compensate a the c04t association reassures preme court Ohio no matter what might in. In Supit to his absurd accusation. I hive no objections to judge tafts becoming a aah Ater Carrier around the old guard political Camp. A great Many people however in our state who have respected him throughout the years cannot but look with regret upon the a Ith a which reactionary politicians still make use said. Quot members in Only two knew Quot a crooked Dollar arrangements were made to have stat is i visited opposed it. Governor Cox had made and Thomp governor and party taken Quot there is among legion men son answered a from Here to n. A a. Throughout the country a wonder i l Onnet a on Himor. A where he was to speak tomorrow fill spirit tolerance and reason-1 the senator demanded to Knox night by a different route leaving , a desire for fair play and the intended to infer that -,p,.p 9.30. M. And travelling on for Progress without going Cox had been Quot in any Way ent singled the Arizona Eastern line to Deming to extremes either Randi Calison or with Wall Street interests a Andux. �o., the change caused Canella reaction. Thompson finally said his statements Tion engagements tomorrow in Quot after this convention the Ameri Avert founded on Quot Eom Nion report j several Arizona and new mexican rumours and . The governor Wotus due at Al Mariner at Ith vitally Killel. Great Bend Kan., a ept. 22.�?john it Harp a Young Farmer living fourteen mile. Here a Eccl Den ally a hot and instantly killed last night according to word reaching Hern today by i Uncle. Aah. O. Free Man. Who a Demon a to rating the Iii canes the Arm draw with a gun. The two no n were i a it ant. There. In Lichtenberg. veral thousand unemployed broke into a factory and forced the workers to leave. 6 Bell ans hot wafer sure Relief Bap Tiline it prevents. Bell ans i re a indigestion twin handling a gun by a movie actor and whether it is quicker to draw from the hip or Arm Holster. Jobs elsewhere in their particular line an Ork in Ireland. The raiding party it is said dissuaded from burning the second factory Only when informed by the local Constable and the town Phi Siculan that a government official owned it. The Quot Black and tans a Are encamped at Germantown three Miles their threats to return to a Sonvi a Horn to or. And or. Tame no in on Hamilton. No. 517 at fourth to to. Monday. The hav named the baby Janios Kelson. Or. Balbriggan and Complete the destruction the town Are keeping the be Piile at a High pitch expectancy and a majority the inhabitants Are preparing to spend their third night in the open. I can legion will be understood More rumours am Elearly than Ever before As a real Quot to have cl/if�xhw�ai3uactor in affairs. The legion today whatever Factor is an Washington sept. 22.�?ah wants j Coal Consumers big and Little will be adequately met before a inter sets in. The National Coal association declared tonight in a re new the Oal situation throughout the. Country. A householders need not feel it Necess a Ary to fill their bins with the entire Winters Supply at this time a declared the statement by the association. Quot by taking enough Coal now to tide them Over december 1. The entire situation will work out with no Groat Pula action to any the movement More the in a million tons weekly by Way the great in Akes is required unto Derek Lier the declared adding that a was soon As the Northwest program is cleared ample Coal will tie the balance the insurance policy for the nothing against it for. Cox. Colonel Thompson said Sav he is a clean Fine y. 1�. C. 4. Campaign plans Are deferred Bei Iuppo inclement i Ather a Nti Niber members the a. W. C. A. Ca Jialin executive committee failed to attend a Meltln a at association a cad a a voters yester Lav afternoon with the rest Jet that t o Rietl note action Towall comic Letang for the drive were made. Another in Petluk will be called a a Ltd in the next few a Lay when plans for activities will be mapped out. The lamp Alan 1� scheduled to open Octoba 4 and team and their Captai a have teen selected. The has been set at $15,000. Min a a Blank Harriett Beai h and mrs. Ellzabeth Hunter All Anim the in tonal Earp sign sen in Bureau at new York it Ltd Are Here to direct the drive. Buque que late tomorrow a afternoon. The governor was Able to continue t Avold say he is a clean Fine use his private oar and also one i the compartment ears for other Quot thank you for replied j members the party. The other senator Reed. Quot nobody is throwing compartment car however avas too any rocks at or. Harding Here and badly a wrecked to proceed. Former German emperor is gala week sponsor stringent Oriental restrictions favored i want to say he is a very Sale mild. Fine american citizen. Both them or. Barnes on taking the stand explained that publication the Book a a repute Lii Anisef in 1920,�?� developed out a contract made the journal comp Finy for cold Days with a tar. I with a a a a a in Laulile Roex r a Oung be w York <1�?�~�>��o , a it a it >av4�?~s time Ami it Len it .s.s. Gallon can cling peaches 7.>, Job. Fail Best syrup.�5e 4 la. Pail Good j 2 Large cans milk. A Hole she Doc can in pineapple. 40e Large can a Ltd doom Liam Hohenzollern former German emperor promises to be the Central figure the gala a Eek which began today m City and in Amerongen which for More than a year was the Home the former Monarch. He has Given one thousand to the committee in charge the National Orange Celebration at Amerongen where the streets have been in coated with the proceeds Bis gift. The Climax the Celebration will be the formal turning Over by Avil that asiatics shall be forever barred Lian to the president the order i from american citizenship an he knights St. John a Hospital at Amerongen which avas built and furnished by the former emperor As a Man into his stay there. This will be followed in a few Days by the aved Long Elizabeth von Bentinck daughter fount von Bentinck. W to avas aah Illiams Host at Ameron Gen to Captain Losemann. Preparations Are under Way for the reception Prince Henry Prussia Avaio will arrive Here soon to spend ten cd yes Aith his brother. Was soliciting a special editions for and similar enterprises. I he said he was not in control the journal at the time and declared the Jiro Jeet was purely a commercial one no Dolhar the Money coming from it going to the Republican National committee. Prof Neil two contracts he produced two forms Eon Large can peaches. Tracts furnished him. He said try or. Rest Cream cheese a Oung Newyl Ork whose business High Grade to Peanut butter. any agreement to Quot underwriter the Jargo Sunbright Cleanser Book for political purposes by the �4 bars a Hite soap. No at Territt to "ron-1, Salmon. Real Campaign contributions Wasja a Choice boiling beef. Involved in the Timbl Catlon he in in or porterhouse Steak la. A Quot Sotar ileo.1 Asly. her Quot a a i v in. Tons both which adjourned pm a not a third contract form z a,.y/. Who h men had subscribed As High compound Hain 11as $2,500 Quot for circulation this j 24 lbs. Best h. A. Muiir. As a Campaign document Barnes said he would not produce j Esan Scott a the Suhr Ripton lists ordered v to to so by the committee declaring the. Is Iuva a Filici a that it was beyond the Power the a West Milih Eliom 02 committee in his Pinion to go into Deans private business transact j an argument followed As to i whether exhibits showing such subscriptions had not already been to it resented and he committee adjourned w without action on the Point by the witness As to its Powers silk Sacramento cab. Sept. 22.�?reso-, lotions looking towards More Strin Suhsen riders. Holland sept. 22.�?avil-i gent restrictions upon Oriental immigration into the United states Avert outstanding features the Republican find democratic slate Conven Early today. A Resolution adopted by the Republican convention placed the gathering on record As favouring Quot cancellation the a gentlemen a agreement with Japan exclusion a picture brides rigorous exclusion japanese immigrants and confirmation and legalization the policy .081. 28c. 1 so. 2.&Quot c. Soc. toc. 20 $lfi5 Sale on hosiery j.69 100. Entertainments for $125.00 5000 entertainments for $125.00 which do you choose course anyone Avold rather hear 100 a Ood entertainments for $125 than 5,000,000 poor ones for the Price but these 5,000 which we Are speaking Are the Best Talent in the world. Regular $2.50, $3 and $3.50 values die i Roiti cholera. Tokio sept. 21.�?fiftem Hundred new cholera have Licen lbs covered in Korea according to an official statement at Seoul. This makes the total number victim the disease More Han 20,00.1 whom More than �,000 have died. Anic Ridot it to Hie Federal Constitution providing that no child born in the to United states alien parents shall be considered an american citizen Rioth parents Are a race eligible to american c4s� against Edwards dismissed by court a Wildurr to proof cute Phi sued in til a Chark assault a Atli intent to 1 111 j. F. Edwards. A Creary the j. F. A Clai i mining Roni Pany Joplin Evhen u tvs Callol for Prelli Lumry i earing fore Justice Frank Armstrong. Cd Waits inns arrester follow Nir an argument Avith o. E. Phelps Minnear it our. At inti. In front the Connor hotel on the n get september 4. Phelps la a dlr Otoi in the mining company in role snip Ito . Aah Ashington. Sept. 22.�? i Vestiga i Hon the naval government the Pacific Island Samoa ordered j today by the Navy department. To will be conducted by a court inquiry at the head which will a Quot Hea almiral Charles. Hughes. A Rcpt a tic Agre Cincent. Des . La. Sept. 22.�?deci.sion to accept a wage agreement made Between operators and miners com i Init tees about two weeks a go Wasi reached today by the representatives the men in Siton Here. A special lot women a silk Phoenix and Eiffel brands All first Grade no seconds Hose come Early Lay in a Supply Safe milk for infants amp braids no cooking a nutritious diet for All Ages Quick lunch at Home or office avoid imitations and sub Stittes now which do you choose have us demonstrate the Victor Victoria music is essential cd ii. H. Mon Uii be mgr. I 254 411 main Brecks Boot shop 527 main on track today Carload fancy Michigan Elberta peaches $4 .25 Bushel Basket

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