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Joplin Globe Newspaper Archives Nov 29 1982, Page 4

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Joplin Globe (Newspaper) - November 29, 1982, Joplin, Missouri Opinion the Joplin Globe monday november 29, 1982 4a natural Gas freeze Joplin and area residents Are certain to keep a concerned Eye on an Effort to freeze natural Gas prices during the lame Duck session of Congress beginning today. Missouri a sen. Tom Eagleton to his credit one of the few lawmakers who has Given proper priority to the Issue has said he will push for the Price freeze. I ast week he corresponded with congressional leaders requesting time for legislation he will introduce this week. So far the natural Gas problem has been largely ignored in Washington despite runaway prices which Eagleton accurately terms a Gigantic consumer rip off. Millions of americans have suffered financial hardship and thousands unable to pay rocketing Gas Bills have had their Gas shut off with Winter fast approaching. Everyone looks with trepidation on further increases scheduled during the current heating season. Eagleton will seek a freeze of wellhead prices paid to Gas producers who in recent years have been excused from Federal regulation. Natural Gas costs now have reached such Levels that actually a Price Rollback is needed almost As drastically As a halt to the ruinous upward spiral. However if slim Hope is held out for a Price freeze the Prospect of a Rollback is even less. As a measure of just How desperate the situation has become Kansas lawmakers announced intentions to try for a freeze. Hep. Dan Glick Man Wichita Democrat and Republican sen. Nancy Landon Kassebaum will introduce legis lation aimed at natural Gas Price Relief for Consumers. Glickman wants to void the controversial take or pay contracts under which Gas pipeline companies Are compelled to Purchase High priced Gas even when less expensive Gas is available. Kansas is a Gas producing state. But its relatively Low Cost product loses out in a Market where preference is shown higher priced Gas protected under take or pay contracts a a procedure heavily accountable for the natural Gas tragedy that has hit the Midwest especially hard. Those contracts also Are responsible for the fact that Gas prices continue to Rise in the face of abundant supplies. That has All the signs of excessive profit taking by producer companies amid spreading misery. In that connection a second part of the Eagleton Bill would require the general accounting office a congressional watchdog Agency to study the producer profit picture. Gas deregulation authorized by a 1978 Law was designed to encourage exploring and drilling operations by lifting Price ceilings. Higher costs to Consumers were anticipated but its obvious they have gotten out of hand and life itself is endangered. How Congress could Overlook such a tragic drama by not acting on a natural Gas freeze immediately would be unbelievable a and unforgivable. Taking care of no. 1 one of the More important tasks facing Congress in the lame Duck session will involve proving to the Public that the House and Senate Are not filled with insensitive opportunists whose Foremost concern is to take care of no. 1. For that clearly is the impression that Congress risks giving if it fails to derail the automatic pay increases going into effect dec. 17. Awarding themselves pay increases of $2,426 or $16,648, depending upon which formula is agreed upon will win no friends for senators and representatives among constituents suffering through the deepest recession in nearly a half Century. How does congressman Joe blow for instance Tell an unemployed worker with a family of four and whose jobless benefits Are running out that hell simply have to take a few More tucks in his Belt and at the same time defend a munificent raise for himself fortunately considerable opposition seems to be mounting on Capitol Hill. One congressman summed the mood of those opposing the raises a especially in this difficult economic period such a pay increase does no to make sense. We must set the tone for the nation and. Show our willingness to hold the line on personal As Well As government if Congress knocks out the pay boost plan which seems Likely at the moment Senate majority Leader Howard Baker r-tenn., and speaker of the House Thomas a a tips of Neill d-mass., have agreed to resist any attempts to slip a raise through in this special session. Supporters of the pay increase argue that most members of Congress could be earning considerably More annually than $60,652 if they were in private business. That is a possibility. But then no one held a gun to their Heads and forced them to run for office either. If Money is their prime concern and if they believe their earning potential is greater elsewhere they should try some other line of work. At a time when millions of americans Are unemployed and suffering personal hardships a pay increase for Congress would be reprehensible. Pork barrel spurs House feud rep. Dan Rostenkowski d-111., the big Bluff chairman of the House ways and Means committee was a protege of the late mayor Richard Daley and he plays politics in the hardball style of Chicago land. A a he a like a Bulldozer when it comes to bargaining a one Capitol Hill observer notes. But big Dan has apparently met his match in rep. James Howard d-n.j., the diminutive mild mannered chairman of the Public works committee. Howard a clout comes not from physical size or personality but from his position As custodian of the pork barrel. He can do a lot More favors for his colleagues than the head of the tax writing committee can. The two antagonists Are currently locked in Battle Over that perennial congressional question whose committee will have control Over the expenditure of Public funds in this particular Case the jurisdictional hassle is Over the Highway Trust fund which provides the Federal share of Highway and mass transit projects. The stakes will go even higher with the anticipated passage of a new gasoline tax to finance Public works programs As a Means of fighting unemployment. But the Rostenkowski Howard feud will have to be settled first. Rostenkowski a complaint a that Public works hands out the Money while ways and Means has to do the dirty work of raising it a makes a certain sense from his Point of View. A Public works can always report a very attractive Bill he has been heard to grouse a but when we have to pay for it i done to find anyone Rostenkowski saw his Chance for a Power grab last summer when Howard requested a one year Extension of the Trust fund. Ways and Means slipped in a provision giving it the authority to review expenditures from the fund. What a worse ways and Means did no to give Public works Advance notice of the Power play. When confronted by angry Public works staff aides the ways and Means staff disingenuously explained that they were Rushing the Bill through in response to Howard a request for Speed. Howard did no to buy this for a minute. Angrily accusing Rostenkowski of a trying to take my Power away a he said that giving ways and Means oversight of Highway spending a would mean we have nothing to As both chairmen tried to Man Euver their version of the Bill o in Jack Anderson onto the floor other members ran for cover. The House leadership Loath to see blood All Over the floor ordered Rostenkowski and Howard to work things out Between themselves. But by that time the two chairmen had stopped speaking to each other. Public works staffers even refused to return Calls from the ways and Means Bunch. A a it a like the . Corral around Here a one aide observed. When Congress adjourned last month Rostenkowski seemed to have Howard Over a barrel. The Highway fund would run out of Money in a matter of months without an Extension Bill leaving Howard with an empty pork barrel. But now the situation has changed. During the recess Howard began quietly calling in ious. His buddies in the transportation lobby kept ways and leans under constant siege. The leadership has also been putting pressure on Rostenkowski to Settle. Shortly before taking off on a Caribbean trip Rostenkowski called Howard and said he wants to talk. Howard told my associate Peter Grant he a willing to talk a but if negotiating Means How much of my jurisdiction am i to give away the answer health and human services departments inspector general. They concluded that the Ign a people might better be called us Eer sloths than super sleuths luring the 12-month period surveyed the has a junkyard dogs referred Only 41 health fraud cases to the Justice department. Of the Federal governments 11 in offices the has team ranked third from the Bottom in cases opened and next to last in the ratio of dollars recovered to dollars expended. A big part of the problem was that the departments investigative resources were fragmented. Now under constant prodding from sen. John Heinz r-pa., and with the cooperation of inspector general Richard Kusserow has has been consolidating its investigative units. Watch on waste there a some woolly reasoning going on in the agriculture department that a costing the taxpayers More than $5.5 million a year. Its called the a runs Horn Lamb program and it pays sheep ranchers for each Lamb they done to Shear. There a also a $40 million a year program to encourage production of Wool but that a another Story the reasoning behind the Unshon Lamb program was that it kept the a Wool pulling Industry in business. Wool pullers strip the pelts off dead lambs. Trouble is there Are almost no Wool pullers practising these Days so the program is a big waste of Money. United feature Syndicate postscripts. Reagan does no to Lack boldness where other leaders fear even to tiptoe Ronald Reagan jumps in with both feet. To Date however dire consequences have not fully materialized. Economic policy is the area in which the Reagan administration has taken the biggest risk. It has been Gung to in the fight against inflation and has criticized the tight Money policy Board of the Federal Reserve Only for not being Tough enough. The consequence of that policy has been a deep recession with postwar records set for unemployment bankruptcies and High interest rates. Despite hard times the administration persists in whittling Down the usual Cushion a government help through big spending. In part because it got tax Relief out of sync with budget cuts last year huge deficits loom for the years ahead. As a result the administration believes recovery has to be gradual a with unemployment probably staying above 9 percent for the next two years. American society nevertheless has taken the Strain in stride. Cities have not blown up. The banking system has avoided collapse. There has not even been the kind of sweeping political revolt that forces an about face in policy. On the contrary the Congress and most of the country support the presidents program of a gradual recession and High interest rates in this country Nave forced even harder times abroad. Unemployment is touching record highs in Europe and Canada. Even in Japan growth is Down to almost Zero. The developing countries have been hit even harder and those that borrowed heavily to grow rapidly now seem on the verge of bankruptcy. Joseph Kraft their pleas for help have found a dry response in Washington. The United states did not accede to the demands made by underdeveloped countries at the canc in meeting for a global neither did it Bow to european pleas for intervention in currency markets to ease interest rates. Still the International economic system remains intact. Despite protectionist pressures and the occasional intimation of default an administration policy of muddle through seems to be containing the global economic crisis. In the matter of National Security the president has also been bold. He has boasted of Buryin brought Back to life in Europe and this country by the Bellicose actions and statements of the Reagan administration. Under pressure the president has put Forward in arms control negotiations with Russia proposals to reduce intercontinental nuclear missiles and theater nuclear weapons based in Europe. But the proposals seem far More calculated to silence the peace marchers than to promote successful negotiations with Moscow. Even so the new soviet Leader Yuri Andropov shows keen interest in negotiating with the United states. The chinese keep inviting Washington to bid for their favor against Moscow. The europeans continue to look for an american Lead in the Alliance. Recent government changes in West Germany and Japan indeed favor More cooperation with the United states. It is typical that three Days before thanksgiving the president dropped on the world pro communism on the a Cash Heap o history and likened its leaders to murderers and cheats. He has initiated a massive arms buildup that promises to give this country a first strike capacity against the soviet Union. He has leaned heavily on soviet proteges in Central America and the Middle East and even sent american troops to Lebanon. While turning the screws on Moscow the president has shown a casual attitude toward this country a strategic partners. He let ties with Mainland China fray. He has outraged several friends in Western Europe by vainly trying to Block through economic sanctions a Gas pipeline Deal they had Cut with Russia. Peace movements have been Powals for placing a new missile the my which is now re baptized the a peace keeper in a new Basing Mode the a dense pack. The proposed Basing Mode would Cost billions has several unresolved technical problems and probably violates the a ratified Salt ii treaty with Russia. But there was no serious debate on the matter within the administration. Though a fight threatens in the Congress the president after announcing his decision went coolly off to a vacation in Santa Barbara As if nothing much had happened. Perhaps the president is right not to worry too much. Maybe whatever happens will yield to the resilience of the american people and the weight of this country in world affairs. Los Angeles times Syndicate economic mess greets Andropov of 0.�?��?T of Rostenkowski a attempted Power grab Howard said magnanimously a it must have been a fraud fighters a last december investigators for the Senate a special committee on aging took a highly critical look at the 1980 performance of the in this writers years of giving advice on Many subjects to unwilling supplicants it is now obvious that the advice would have been far More effective had i listened More and talked less. Hard work without Talent is a shame but Talent without hard work is a tragedy. Gene Brown Yuri Andropov inherits from Leonid Brezhnev a massive modern military machine that rests on an Economy that is quite literally a shambles. And the Success or failure of the former Kab chiefs Rule will depend largely on the degree to which he can alter the soviet unions economic Structure. Clearly the russian version of the military Industrial Complex will not allow Andropov either to slash the Kremlin a defense budget or to Call a halt to soviet adventurism abroad even if he wanted to do so. And there is no evidence to suggest he does. But Andropov is too intelligent and too Well informed one of the advantages of having spent the past 15 years running the worlds most ubiquitous secret Violice network not to see that fundamental reforms must be made in the economic Structure of the . If Russia is to Prosper. Indeed the very survival of marxist leninism May Well depend on its ability to adapt to economic realities. Leonid Brezhnev was far from a cipher. His 18-year tenure of Power saw the soviet Union achieve military Ascendancy Over the United states the expansion of communism around be world without except in Afghanistan a major deployment of russian troops and a significant increase of Moscow a political influence in the third world. 3lje Joplin a lobe the District newspaper since 1896 Al re Horri on Rogy of 19101920 Horry on c Rogon 1923-1946. Cloy Cowgill Stair 1923-11 Richard p Barker. Pro Sid ant and publisher Fred Hughes chairman of the Board h. Lang Rogers vice presiden Ond Sec Utica editor Gregory h. Taylor. General Mangar James r Ellis editor Timothy f. Robinson. Controller Robert g Cooper editorial Page editor James r. Lane. Retail advertising manager Thomas p Murray managing editor John i Lima. Classified advertising Manover Michael stir. City editor Dave Dejarnette. Production director j.,10 5ompoiqf Foreman Michael e Mccory. Press Foreman Wes Killian Camero plate Foreman Jerry e. Pence. Distribution Foreman published by the Joplin Globe publishing co., division of Ottoway newspapers inc. Through the Helsinki conference he gained the worlds imprimatur on russians world War ii conquests in Eastern Europe. But Brezhnev was an economic disaster. The soviet Union s Economy was primitive but debt free and relatively robust when he took Over from Nikita Khrushchev. Today Russia can no longer feed itself. Industrial production including Oil and steel Are Down. Alcoholism absenteeism and corruption Are rampant and these Are firm indices of a loss of Hope on the part of the much abused soviet consumer. In Hungary where he served As ambassador Andropov has Smith Hempstone seen for himself both the limits of oppression and the possibilities of economic Reform. Hungary the least marxist of the soviet satellites in its economic planning is the most successful. In a free election Hun Sarian communist party Boss Anos Kadar probably would poll a sizable minority of the popular vote and that a High Praise indeed for any marxist Leader. The formula for Success based on the yugoslav and hungarian experiments is reasonably Clear people will not produce More unless they have an incentive to do so. This Means decentralizing economic planning. It Means making production responsive to Market realities. It Means allowing a degree of private Enterprise. It implies allowing a degree of Freedom of speech if not of political action. It implies permitting a Little Freedom of travel hungarians Are willing to put up with a lot because they know they can count on enough hard currency every two or three years to visit the West. The trick of the thing is not to talk too much about what you re doing which is admitting that while communism May be an excellent system for seizing and maintaining Power it is As George Bush might put it voodoo economics it simply does no to work. Reform somehow has to be cloaked in marxist Leninist rhetoric. And there is the danger from the Point of View of a Kadar that your enemies will use your economic heresy against you in a political sense and that the consequences for you May be extremely unpleasant. This is where Andropov a ties with the army and the Kab come in if he has or can win the cofidence of the military and to secret police in what he is Doin the reformer can succeed wit out such support he is doom to failure. There is of course an e trenched bureaucracy that has vested interest in maintainer the present system despite i obvious and alarming failure change at Best is a matter it two Steps Forward and one bad unlike Brezhnev Andropov r longer can rely on Wester Bankers and Western technology to bail him out. He is going i have to find russian solutions i russian problems. It is tar too Early to gues whether Andropov will succeed or even if he will risk trying but he far better than any it his predecessors knows Thi russians economic sickness must be cured if the social an political maladies that a rooted in it Are to be contained. Which is not to say he is mor Liberal than his predecessor he is simply better informer More sophisticated and on sue evidence As we have More intelligent. Naming the baby for girls says onomastics is few Flower names seem to Pei Sist so Cross off Saguaro co Bane Yucca Yarrow and Salt wort from your baby list. A Les Moore scripture for today but Jesus called them to Hir and said a you know that the rulers of the gentiles lord i Over them and their great Mei exercise authority Over them. I shall not be so among you by whoever would be great among you must be your servant an it whoever would be first Amoni you must be your slave even a the son of Man came not to but it to serve and to Gilt is a Ransom for a Matthew 20 25-28

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