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Joplin Globe Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1982, Page 1

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Joplin Globe (Newspaper) - November 21, 1982, Joplin, Missouri Fonsec Winicar sooth salvadorans find Carthage to. A although it is not frontage news now the civil unrest in Al Salvador continues. Secret executions extortion and guerrilla warfare have spread a terror that has reached even Here. Five years ago the Middle daughter in the Marina family was an american Field service student in Carthage. Patricia graduated and returned to her native Al Salvador for two years. She returned to Carthage in 1979 to attend Missouri Southern state College where she is now in her third year working on a medical technician degree. This summer she married a Carthage Man she attended school with. On sept. 5, Patricia was reunited with her older sister Amanda and her younger sister Evelyn who had fled Al Salvador at their parents insistence. Their father was twice forced to make payments to a terrorist group under the threat that they would close Down his Small manufacturing Plant. The terrorists originally demanded $3,000, a demand Marina could not . Eventually the Sisters said their father borrowed some Money and so far has made two payments of $500 to the guerrillas. Besides the extortion demands the Sisters Tell of other scare tactics used by the guerrillas. A they would Stop buses and cars order the people out and set the vehicles on fire Amanda says. A tires would be piled in the Middle of the Street and burned to disrupt traffic and Many factories and Banks were closed or taken Over by the because a terrorists have connections in other countries a the Sisters asked that their real names not be used in this Story to protect their parents from reprisals. Evelyn the quiet younger one is particularly insistent on this Point. They also declined to have their photographs taken. Patricia is More relaxed about her identity but accedes to her Sisters wishes. A Patricia really does no to know what happened in our country a Amanda explains. While the situation has been tense since 1977, the conflict has worsened in the last three years she said. See salvadorans 2a a Juji sol plan Slarb vol. Xxxvii no. 110 copyright 1982 the Joplin Globe Joplin Missouri sunday november 21, 1982-one-Hundred pages suggest to Mici doily so sunday 50c the question of How and where to deploy the 71-foot-Long, 192,000-Pound missiles has been unanswered since the weapons were first proposed in 1973. More than 30 different Basing plans have been considered. The Pentagon sensitive to criticism has not announced where it wants to put the missiles although Sites in new Mexico and Wyoming Are believed to be the current favourites. President Carter proposed a a Shell games deployment method shuttling 200 missiles among 4,600 shelters in Utah and Nevada to foil watching soviet satellites. But that plan was politically unpopular in the West. Reagan discarded it in october 1981 and ordered a new round of Basing studies that eventually produced a dense even though the weapon system Nas no Home More than $4.5 billion already has been spent on research and development. The Pentagon has set the total program Cost at about $25 billion but critics say the final Price could be double in Carthage source the world almanac Nea Mark Gabrenya Nea illustration Reagan advocates Washington a president Reagan is hoping the latest plan for Basing my nuclear missiles will be Able to survive both a soviet attack and congressional scrutiny. Reagan is expected to announce monday that he bos approved an air Force recommendation that the 100 intercontinental weapons be clustered in underground shelters within a 14-Square-mile area White House and Pentagon officials say. The announcement was expected to come a few hours before Reagan gives a nationally televised address on arms control monday night. Reagan sex plan known variously As a closely spaced Basing and a dense pack a comes in response to a dec. 1 deadline set by Congress for proposing a Home for the missiles. Then Congress which begins a lame Duck session nov. 29, will have 30 legislative Days to veto the plan a vote that is expected to be close. Meantime it has forbidden the Pentagon to set aside Money for Basing the weapons. A dense pack my base supporters of the program say the weapon is needed because increasingly accurate soviet missiles have made the current . Force of 1,052 minuteman and Titan land based intercontinental missiles vulnerable to destruction in their silos. Each my or a missile experimental a will have 10 warheads and will be highly accurate. While the my is scheduled to go into production next year the a dense pack base wont be ready until 1986. In the interim Reagan proposed putting the first 40 missiles into existing minut Ernen silos but the idea was turned Down cold by Congress. Although the president could make some last minute change the version of a dense pack he is most Likely to approve would put All 100 missiles into an area about 14 Miles Long and a mile wide. A dense pack backers say the missiles would be saved by a fratricide a a theory which holds that incoming soviet missiles would Knock each other out leaving some my weapons Able to retaliate. Another option is to build More than 100 silos for the missiles leaving some of the shelters empty. That would make it More difficult for the soviets to target the missiles say my advocates. A dense pack has Many critics As have All the other Basing plans. One is Charles Townes a physicist and Nobel laureate who headed a defense science Board panel that studied the idea. Townes has reportedly questioned whether the missiles can be put into a super hardened a or blast proof silos quicker than the soviets can come up with better weapons. Other critics say my is a waste of Money because they argue improved guidance technology has made All land based missiles vulnerable. The United states they argue should build improved missiles for its Trident submarines. President seeks a open markets in world Trade Washington apr president Reagan called on americans trading partners saturday to work for open markets and reject protectionist policies that insulate their countries from world Competition. A free Trade serves the cause of economic Progress and it serves the cause of world peace a the president said in his weekly radio broadcast to the nation. A when governments get too involved in Trade economic costs increase and political disputes multiply. Peace is Reagan a address comes four Days in Advance of a meeting of free world trading ministers in Geneva Switzerland. Declaring that the International trading system is at a Crossroads Reagan said a either free world countries go Forward and sustain the drive toward More open markets or they risk sliding Back toward the mistakes of the 1930s and succumbing to the evils of More and More government inter invention and this is really no Choice at he said the United states a will reject protectionist and defeatist proposals and a will set new goals and Lay out a program for limiting government intervention in world a we will Lead with a Clear sense of our own commercial interests and a quiet determination to defend these interests a said Reagan. A let no one misunderstand us a he added. A a we re generous and far sighted in our goals and we intend to use our full Power to achieve these goals. A we seek to plug the holes in the boat of free markets and free Trade and get it moving again in the direction of Prosperity a Reagan said. A and no one should mistake our determination to use our full Power and influence to prevent others from destroying the boat and sinking us All. Giving the democratic response to Reagan rep. James l. Oberstar of Minnesota contended that a the presidents message is an unrealistic Hope see Trade 2a tit tax a Psi i area 8,260 so Miles Massachusetts 8,257 population 4,810,000 a Missouri. 4 917 444 per capita income $639 $8.612 hang in there Washington apr take heart recession weary America Here comes the recovery. Again. Unfazed by a year of wrong guesses most private and government forecasters Are saying the Economy will begin pulling out of the recession in the next month or so. Many were almost As optimistic last Winter and Spring. New government figures released Friday said the National Economy was absolutely Flat in the july september Quarter a no growth no decline just sitting there. Until it starts moving upward unemployment is unlikely to recede much from the highest level in 42 years a 10.4 percent in october. But analysts say the fact that interest rates have been falling Over the past few months Means better times Are almost surely coming. David Cross a senior economist at Chase Econometrics in Bala Cynwyd pa., talks of a a snowballing at first lower rates make it cheaper for americans to buy expensive items ranging from refrigerators on up to houses. And they make it cheaper for businesses to finance storage of inventory stockpiles lessening their risk in increasing production. The Way the snowball is supposed to Roll lower rates a coupled with this years tax rate Cut and the Prospect of recovery predicted again next years a encourage con Sumers to buy More goods giving producers an incentive to make More thus requiring them to hire Back Laid off workers who then have Money to buy More goods giving producers an incentive to make even More and hire even More. And on and on. Of course the effect works in reverse too As apparently happened with the record High interest rates that preceded the recession. High rates can push Consumers to Cut spending and prod producers to Cut output and Lay off workers. But few expect rates to surge upward again soon. The Federal Reserve Board concerned about the Long recession has been easing its formerly tight grip on the nations Supply of Money and credit and financial markets have reacted by lowering their rates. On Friday it lowered its so called a a discount rate a the rate at which it lends Money to Banks and other financial institutions a from 9.5 percent to 9 percent. Cynics might expect administration officials to Saint Rosy economic pictures. But private analysts avens to exactly distinguished themselves. For example economists for the business Council a group representing some of the biggest companies in America have been steadfastly predicting Quick recovery every few months since mid-1981 a that is from the Days just before the recession began through the worst of the downturn. Inside the weather partly Cloudy skies and moderate temperatures sunday and sunday night. Highs in the 60s overnight Low in the 40s. Page 2a economical going to a punch card ballot method could save Jasper county a considerable sum of Money during elections by cutting the number of workers required in each of the county a 82 precincts. Page 4a other features Call the editor.3a Capitol commentary 10a sports.1b-9b Economy.10b-11b people .1c-4c archives 5c consumer review .5c school lunch menus .6c farm news .2d movies restaurants .8d-11d deaths.12d classifieds.1e-11e Juk death still linked to lingering questions a Lone visitor views Juk memorial in Dallas Dealy Plaza where assassination occurred a Lasa photo Dallas apr Nineteen years after president Kennedy was felled by a snipers Bullet As his motorcade wound through Dallas the memory of that tragic Day is being kept alive a and so Are dozens of theories about who murdered him and Why. On the anniversary monday the democratic party of Dallas county will sponsor a Brief prayer service at the John f. Kennedy memorial a Block from the downtown shooting site said Randy read assistant to county judge Garry Weber. In Brookline mass., a spokesman at the Kennedy Birthplace said attendance has increased steadily this month. A we have had More people come Here versus the beginning of the month a said Darlene Chickosky a National Park service Ranger. A so maybe it is in the Back of some Peoples despite the Warren commissions conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing Kennedy conspiracy and coverup theories have persisted a in part because Oswald was slain before he could be brought to trial. Last year after Long court Battles Oswald a body was exhumed dispelling the notion that his grave was empty or instead held the body of a soviet spy. But John e. Sissom a historian and former owner of a Kennedy museum Here said he believes conspiracy theories probably will always flourish because a fall the evidence was the John f. Kennedy museum which Sissom owned and managed for 13 years closed after last years anniversary of the presidents death. It was East of the Texas school Book depository where the Warren commission said Oswald shot Kennedy with a Bolt action Rifle. Oswald smother Marguerite Claverie Oswald believed that members of the . Government plotted Kennedy a assassination and that her son was framed because he informed the Fri of thou plans. Mrs. Oswald died in january 1981 and was buried next to her am in a fort Worth cemetery

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